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Gabriel Lukas Korbinian
~ Medium

I tried to find the answers
in my fears

But what was found
was lost again

Gabriel continued to paint the primer over the canvas fabric. Slowly, but surely, all the tan pieces of fabric were being covered by the white of the primer. In the process, the fabric appeared to be more tight and firm, keeping the fabric from dipping down towards the floor. However, as he started to work on the last touches, Gabriel knew that he would have to let the primer dry. Otherwise, the acrylic paints would mix with the primer. While that might have been interesting if he was going for abstract, Gabriel was a bit more traditional in his art style. He worked with simply capturing the reality around him within a painting for all to see. The artist rarely, if ever, broke free from the confines of both art and reality to try and express the inexpressible. He usually left that for others to do.

But, what art form he took didn’t really matter at present. What mattered was making sure the canvas turned out correctly, and would be able to be used later. Though, in his concentration, Gabriel had become oblivious to the world around him. Thus, Gabriel had not noticed a male entering the art room. He hadn’t even heard the footsteps as Gabriel let his mind immerse itself in the image it wanted to recreate. His eyes glanced across the primed canvas, as if trying to draw out the picture with his eyes. When the artist had noticed a spot he had missed with the primer, Gabriel picked the paintbrush back up and started to work over that section. However, he barely kept himself from dropping the paintbrush onto the canvas at the sound of someone speaking.

His muscles became tense as he whirled his head to the side. Gabriel didn’t recognize the person at all, or if he should have recognized them, his memory was not working at its best at the moment. Though, the artist’s eyes blinked at the words that finally registered in his mind. Clouds and fluffy? Gabriel hadn’t heard that comparison before! For that reason, his eyes slowly drifted down towards the primed canvas back up towards the pink haired male. His eyebrows furrowed while his muscles slowly relaxed, as if actually pondering the validity of the comparison. “I suppose the color could remind one of clouds…well…not extremely fluffy clouds anyway…” Gabriel blinked more at the question of his like for fluffiness. He would have lightly tapped his chin, if he wasn’t using his hands to keep him from falling into the primed canvas.

Though, even without the obvious action of thinking, his furrowed eyebrows did their best to show he was thinking. “I…suppose? I…never thought if I liked fluffy or not…” He supposed he might since he did prefer cats with more fur than less fur, and soft pillows to hard pillows. But, Gabriel wasn’t sure that was exactly what the pink haired male meant by fluffy. However, before the artist could ask the male to clarify, his eyes met with the pink haired male’s. Normally, a gaze would have no power over him. A gaze was just a gaze after all. But, it was not every day that Gabriel encountered someone with that shade of eye color, and his artistic side couldn’t help but be fascinated! For the male’s eyes almost appeared neon in color, or maybe a bright mixture of yellow and green.

Either way, Gabriel found himself wanting to draw those eyes, if only to capture the oddity! Though, when Gabriel reminded himself he had never met this person before, he flushed faintly and looked down at the primed canvas. Luckily, it didn’t seem the male had noticed his staring as the male mentioned…squirrels? The artist tentatively looked back at the pink haired male, who he realized was still kind of close to him. He wasn’t sure if the person noticed the closeness, or if the male naturally liked to be that close to people. With his attention more on the squirrel subject though, Gabriel pushed down the thoughts of wanting to create space between them. “….I….do?” He blinked slightly before he tilted his head. “I don’t think I would be…then again…I never have stayed around squirrels for very long…so…I can’t be for sure on that…”

He allowed himself to lift one hand and tug at one of his brownish locks. Was it because of his hair being a similar color to a squirrel that gave the male that impression, or was it something Gabriel was missing? Gabriel’s lips twitched faintly downwards, stopping itself at fully forming a pout. After all, if he possibly did have an affinity with squirrels, he would like to know why! However, his mind was distracted by the male introducing himself as Justin. A plain name Gabriel supposed, even if he couldn’t say he heard it often. But, what was this about everything? He raised a slight eyebrow at that. Gabriel didn’t think he would be everything if he had no name. But, he wasn’t about to disrespect Justin’s beliefs. For there might be something true to those words, and Gabriel wasn’t able to see that truth just yet.

“Gabriel Korbinian…nice to meet you.” The last bit tumbled from his lips in an almost rushed manner. Lucky for him though, Gabriel had kept the words from mushing together. He looked back down at the slowly drying canvas to ease his nerves. However, Gabriel had a feeling he could remain somewhat tense while he was physically close to someone he just met. “Though um….was there something you needed? Or….did you simply wish to come in here?” He did leave the door open so others could come in and use the art room as they pleased. He had no reason to hog it after all! Though, the artist supposed he hadn’t actually expected anyone to show up. Now that someone had, Gabriel wasn’t sure what to do other than hope he didn’t make a complete fool of himself.

I'm breaking
I can't do this on my own

Can you hear me
screaming out

Am I all alone?

Where can I be found: Teras Academy: Art Room
Who am I speaking with: Justin
Who do I love: No one
What items are on my person: Art supplies


User Image

                              There was nothing more hot than a girl who knew she was.

                              A bigger smirk curved upon Ren's lips as Melanie sashayed her way towards him. He couldn't stop his eyes from traveling all over and around Melanie's outfit, no matter how hard he tried. She just looked so... So.... Good. So good that he wouldn't mind spending a night in her dorm room, taking them all off seeing what other cute outfits she brought in her suitcase. But come on; it was the beginning of the year. He might actually try to control himself and actually try to behave... Might.

                              "Well, I've been doing a bit of yoga over the summer; helps with flexibility."

                              Ren was totally distracted. He found himself staring at her soft, glossy lips the entire time she spoke, trying his best to remember what they tasted like... After she finished speaking, he rewound what she said in his head and fished for the first word that came to mind. "Yoga," he repeated with a cool tone. "Maybe after school, you could show me those moves you've been working on." Boy, would he beat up a whole class of freshmen just to see that. He could picture it now. Montois, slowly bending and twisting her body into so many sexy positions, Kama Sutra would have to stop and take notes.

                              "You certainly look good."

                              The compliment immediately stopped his imagination. One of the fastest ways anyone could butter him up was through complimenting. He could already feel his ego blowing up like a balloon. His facial expressions showed it too, even though he tried to hide it. "Oh yeah?"

                              "Have you been working out?"

                              The vampire could feel his knees buckling below him as the female casually took her finger and traced it along his bicep. The corners of his lips couldn't help but quiver into a dorky smile as a light blush entered his cheeks; the affect girls (ESPECIALLY this one) had on him was terrible. One moment he'd be all 'badass delinquent' and the next, he'd be a blushing goofball; lame. Regardless, Ren soaked up all the attention Melanie gave him and even played along with it. "Damn straight I've been working out, cutie. Check it," he said as he flexed out his arm for her to show his muscles. No, they weren't bulging like some steroid-induced freak... But they were there, and just the right size. "A summer long of lifting heavy s**t? Easy. 'Guess being a bloodsucker has it's perks."

                              Speaking of "bloodsucker," it'd been day or two since he'd last eaten... You know... Eaten. As in "drinking blood" eaten. He'd have to make a stop at the nurse's office and pick up one of those [********, disgusting-as-s**t, cold-as-hell blood packets he'd been dreading to return to... But he didn't have much of a choice. He could already feel the hunger setting in. "Say, Melanie," Ren started before glancing back to the inside of the school. "Ran into any of those other lame-o's from our class yet? Bet you ten bucks Scott's surrounded by a crowd of girls." He didn't even want to get started on that guy and his large-enough female fan-base... But he did wonder where he was. It was a love-hate relationship they had; not close enough to be friends, not mean enough to be enemies. "C'mon, let's go see who we can find." He'd even kill two birds with one stone and make a quick trip to the nurse's office. Without waiting for an answer, Ren made his way back inside, motioning for Melanie to follow behind him if she wasn't too busy sitting her fine behind on those benches.

[o.o.c. : hurr hurr. Melanie's purty emotion_kirakira ]
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I'm stuck in your head-lock

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Melanie Clarisse Montois


                                                    Of course, Ren would go to comment on the yoga bit she threw in. Melanie smirked ever so slightly. "Maybe I will then. If you're lucky~" It was no fun to just hand herself over. Honestly, where's the excitement in that! Toying with him was much more enjoyable. Plus he flirted back, so it was interesting to say the least. He absorbed compliments like a sponge. Every guy and girl had something that made them become putty in your hands. For some, it was cooking. Others, it was intelligence. The quickest way to Ren was through compliments and good looks. Melanie had both.

                                                    Despite what he seemed like, Ren was all in all a little dorky on the inside. She certainly took notice of how his little bad boy facade faded at her touch. As if he'd never had a girl before (which Melanie was pretty certain he had more than a few). It was rather cute, the softer side of Ren. She didn't see it too often, as it was quickly cast over as he flexed for her. "That's really impressive. Especially since it was so easy for you." Aaand the old Ren was back again, as promised.

                                                    Ren began talking about the other people in the senior class,namely Scott. Though a junior, Melanie knew the seniors well through sports. Scott was alright. Pretty good looking. An athlete too. The girls that fawned over him... Well, Melanie wasn't close to a lot of them. They didn't like her too much. It wasn't like she was a full out slut or anything. Come on. She had standards. Flirting didn't make one a slut. But obsessing over some guy they'll ever get may as well be just as bad as accepting sluthood. Melanie shook her head. Before long, Ren started off to look around, Melanie walking along side him. "Just don't go to the cafeteria. Bishop is there lecturing some girl." As long as she didn't have to run into him, Melanie would be fine. Of course, Ren would probably deal with him if need be. But less of Bishop was a good thing. They could probably go in and save said girl, but frankly, Melanie didn't care enough to try. She should know better than to be in a 10 foot radius anyway. Unless it was a freshman... She looked familiar, but either way, she was learning her lesson the hard way.


                                                    Location: Walking xx Company: Ren xx Outfit: Lovely~

Can't - Can't Stop - Stop Won't - Won't Quit - Quit
Making me feign, give it to me
I want it all - You know what I mean
Your love is a dose of ectasy
User Image
Elizabeth Anne NightRoad
~ Witch

She grew up
on the side of the road

Where the church bells ring
and strong love grows

Elizabeth raised a slight eyebrow at the girl’s behavior. The witch could almost feel the ill-mood oozing off the person. At least, if the roll of her eyes and the frown were any indication. However, she wasn’t about to get all worry-wort over it. It wasn’t her fault that the girl wasn’t paying attention, and it wasn’t her fault that the timing of said interruption may have been unwelcomed. The only times she could be blamed for such was if she had somehow purposefully made it happen via a spell. However, Elizabeth wasn’t advanced enough to mess with reality just yet. Though, she hoped she would be someday! But, everyone had to start from somewhere. Thinking about her hopeful progression wasn’t going to get her anywhere at the moment. Thus, she snapped herself out of her thoughts when the girl spoke.

“I see.” Elizabeth didn’t have much else she could say. She could have added on how, by the girl’s response, that maybe the dog not being owned by her was a good thing. But, that would have been a bit over presumptuous on her part. However, the witch did notice that the girl didn’t acknowledge her questioning. Likely for the best considering she was more speaking to herself than the orange haired girl. But, the female did seem to pay attention to the fact that the dog had a piece of paper in its mouth. The witch watched as the female appeared to…growl at the dog? She raised a slight eyebrow again at that before observing the girl take the paper from the dog. Elizabeth couldn’t help the slight flitch at the idea of having to rewrite something.

After all, the witch knew how annoying that could be, especially when she was forced to write the same thing over and over again. Though, at least it did help imprint spells onto her mind. It didn’t make it any less annoying at times. But, all the girl’s frustrations were received with was a bark. She shook her head slightly. She was unsure if she should find that funny, or just shrug it off as another part of life. “I am not sure chiding the dog is going to get us anywhere. Unless you can make a dog speak English.” However, her attention was soon drawn to the dog. Her eyes blinked a bit as the dog appeared to whimper and its tail appeared to droop. She tilted her head while starting to wonder if it was somehow…injured? The witch didn’t see any physical wounds.

Nether the less, Elizabeth felt compelled at least to take a closer look. For while she didn’t care much for dogs, she didn’t want to be considered a dog killer. Thus, she turned the dog to face towards her and brought it just a bit closer to her. She tilted the dog slightly from side to side before huffing. “I don’t see anything…yet you act like you are…injured…” Before Elizabeth could do anything more though, she heard someone introducing himself. She stopped herself from jumping. However, Elizabeth, without realizing it, instinctively drew the dog close to her and wrapped her arms around the dog, keeping it secure against her chest. “I’m Elizabeth.” The witch only felt it proper to give a name back as Alex seemed to focus on the blue dog now.

She could feel her body tense at how easily Alex had guessed her race. She gripped the blue dog just a bit tighter, not enough to squeeze it too tightly, but just enough to ease her nerves. After all, Elizabeth was so used to hiding her race, and being quite good at it. However, Elizabeth thought that maybe here, hiding things wouldn’t be as easy. “Yes…I’m a witch….but this isn’t my familiar...” She closed her eyes briefly and focused her energy nearby Alex’s leg. Slowly, but surely, a black cat appeared and stretched itself as if waking from a long nap. “The black cat beside you now is my familiar….the dog in my arms just happened to wonder in here…and I’m just trying to figure out where it came from… and…I guess if the dog is fine with it…”

The witch observed Alex petting the dog, while taking note of the fact her familiar was rubbing against Alex’s legs and then the orange haired girl’s legs. She couldn’t’ exactly say that her familiar wasn’t affectionate. “Yes. I’m a freshman, and a…vampire?” Elizabeth had heard about them. However, the witch had never met one in person. Unfortunately, that meant she had no idea if vampires naturally had issues with magic users or not. “It’s alright….sorry about…you encountering a vampire with magic issues?” She wasn’t sure if that was the best thing to say. But, at least she tried as she turned her heads towards the orange haired girl. “I’m not sure if she is new here though…are you?” Elizabeth decided to ask simply for clarification. Otherwise, Elizabeth could have cared less as her familiar now rested against her leg.

She grew up good
She grew up slow

Like American

Where can I be found: Teras Academy: Library with a girl(Sophie), a blue puppy(Caleb), and Alex
Love: No one
Current Status of Familiar: Out and about
Items on person: Dorm Keys

f r o y o__ DEUX



User Image

                              Memories of his previous years at Teras flew into Ren's head as he and Melanie walked down its hallways: Skipping classes to hang out with his friends, flirting with cute girls in the staircases, getting detention after school because of the pranks he pulled... The rebel smiled a bittersweet smile. If he didn't ******** anything up this semester, this would be his last year at the academy. He remembered when he couldn't wait to graduate Junior year... But now-

                              "Just don't go to the cafeteria."

                              Ren's crimson eyes glanced down at Melanie, who took his offer to follow him inside minutes before. Their "makeout sessions" were some of the best times he had at the school to date. If he played his cards right, maybe there'd be some more. "-Why not?"

                              "Bishop is there lecturing some girl."

                              He shouldn't have asked. Not even the first class yet, and that guy was already ruining some girl's life. Maurice, a.k.a. Sergeant Buzzkill, was a member of the student council and held the worst position there; enforcer. That was saying a lot, considering the fact Ren hated the majority of the Student Council's guts. He even had a few run-ins with Maurice last year for reasons you could probably think of. The guy was an annoying, cold, anti-social weirdo. Ren secretly hoped something terrible happened to that enforcer over summer break, anything that would keep him from coming back to school and ruining his fun... Guess he didn't hope hard enough. "Tch," he hissed before looking away from the blonde, upset. "Better her than me."

                              Once he made a turn at the corner of the hall, Ren made his way towards the nurse's office. "Give me a second," he said before leaving his female friend's side. "I want breakfast-" As you already know, Ren was a vampire. Being a vampire, he had to drink blood to survive. He could drink other things too, like water or alcohol, but he couldn't successfully eat any kind of solid without painfully puking it all up later. He learned that the hard way.

                              After stepping into the office, the nurse behind her desk glanced up from a pile of papers and gave him a kind smile. "Mr. Kimura, welcome back. It's been a while. You look different. How was your summer?" She was totally trying to engage him in some long conversation Ren was not interested in. She always did that whenever he came in, so he knew when to cut her off before she got started. "Fine, now look-" he started before pointing to a closed door in the back of the room. "You mind getting me something to eat back there? I'm starved." It was obvious that she was upset that he didn't want to talk, but the nurse got up anyway and and went to the back room, bringing its key with her. "Two, alright?" he called out. 'One for now, one for later.'

                              A few minutes later, the nurse returned with two packets of blood, and Ren left. "Finally..." He couldn't open the packet fast enough. It was still designed to look like some foreign brand of tomato juice, so it wouldn't freak out students who saw him drinking from it. After twisting off the cap on top. Ren stuck it in his mouth and took the biggest gulp he could. Once he swallowed, his face twisted into a sour expression. It was cold. But he was so hungry, he quickly got over it.

                              Ren walked over to Melanie, holding the packet by his mouth as he shoved the other into his pocket. "Mrr mm mmny mnn?" he asked, realized she probably didn't understand a goddamn word he said, then removed it from his mouth before continuing their walk. "Let's get out of here."

[o.o.c. : I was gonna have them go over to the pool area, but it'd be even more paragraphs I'd have to type and you'd have to read. D': Do you mind doing it, DJ? Scott, Amaya, and Misora are there, I believe. ]
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                                              Scott Bené White

                                                      l o c a t i o n ;; pool
                                                      c o m p a n y ;; misora & amaya
                                                      t h o u g h t s ;; ...

                                              Scott had to stifle his laughter. It appeared that the little mermaid was better at this 'game' than he gave her credit for. Though, he wasn't entirely certain that she understood his jokes. But it wasn't something he was going to let bother him.

                                              Being called strange urged another chuckle from the sea serpent. Well now. Perhaps he'd need not worry about his siblings' hatred for him this year. There seemed to be plenty of interesting people at the academy. Just enough that could keep him preoccupied. When he wasn't being forced to do work for the council that is. How did he get stuck in that job again? Oh, right. It seemed the only way to avoid getting in trouble and the only way to bump into Sophie without being attacked by Saxton. If only there wasn't work involved!

                                              A light threat from the Kitsune brought Scott out of his thoughts. Ah ha! His assumptions were correct. Both of the girls before him were indeed interesting. He silently thanked fate for leading him to the pool. To have missed this opportunity would have been such a loss.

                                              Misora mentioned summers and Scott managed to hide his irritation at the question. What had he done all summer? Avoid being murdered by a frustrating younger brother. That was the basics. Sure, he went to the ocean and hung with old friends but a majority of his time was spent avoiding death. And lawsuits.

                                              Sigh. Scott decided that it would be wise not to mention his troubling siblings. Instead he offered a grin and plopped down on the side of the pool. While he wasn't about to be rude and dive in, his desire to be in the water was getting annoying. His solution was to stick his feet in as he continued the conversation. Not missing a beat he shrugged. "Nothing special to be fair. Spent time at the beach, with friends, family get togethers… I can't say it was anything out of the normal. To be fair it was rather boring. School is so much more interesting. Especially with such cute schoolmates." Another wink in the girls' direction.

                                              o o c ;; got distracted by photoshop today. I'll post as skylar and sophie tomorrow. =w=b


                                              petite oiseau __ aristina
User Image
the little mermaid

                      hihoo listened carefully to the two as they told her their (normal) adventures of their summer break. It was interesting at least to her. After all, she spent her time at her uncles and aunt's place for a few weeks to a month because of her failure to attend the last day of examinations. Because of that mishap, for this little mermaid, she would be sitting again the entire semester as a freshman. Not that she really cared, the child never had a single care in the world for such a feet. But her mother did feel upset, so she'll make sure she passes this time. However, she was allowed to attend again, since she passed her make-up exams with flying colors. When she was asked she simply gave a much shorter explanation of her summer.

                      "My family made me stay with my aunt and uncle because I failed to take the exam." Her voice didn't change, and neither did her expression, but her tone was a bit lighter, as if she had a bit of pride in this. As mentioned before, she didn't mind repeating the grade again, but her family did, so she'd try harder ... she supposed. "After I did, One of the teachers said they'd talk to the headmistress to see if I can go ahead and move into sophomore year next semester. Also my mom told me to join another club so I can be more girly. Last I checked, you're captain of the cheer club, correct, Kitsune-san? Please look after me, as I will have no idea what I am doing or if I'm even doing it correctly," she asked politely. On terms of the cheer club, she probably was going to be that outcast most likely. However, her mother's words are law, so she'll have to suck it up ... Yippee.

                      When she had looked over to Serpenty, she noticed a brief moment of irritation, but once she blinked, he gave a grin. Allowing it to pass, she listened to his reply back to her question with listening ears. "Ahno, sounds a little dreadful if you asked me, but so long as you had fun, I guess it's fine." As mentioned before, she dislikes waters, especially large bodies of it like the ocean or beaches in general). Hmm ... what else was there to talk about? She knew they were both in student council as well as captains of teams she was joining/returning to. So what should she bring about this time. She had a slight feeling that summer might continue to be a taboo and if it wasn't for the fact that she kinda knew their relationship JUST through soccer, the summer might not have been as rosy as he portrayed. However this was only her speculation of course. "So what about these new events they have planned this year?" she finally settled on. She had heard that there was going to be a huge session of Sex Ed soon. Not saying she doesn't know exactly what they're talking about, but she really doesn't.

                      Very serious here.

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mood - teasingxxx location - pool
status - yay attention. xxx company - serpy - senpai ( scott ) && female senpai ( amaya )

ooc :: halfway through i started pulling sentences out of my a** >.>;


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          User Image

                                              xx' r r C h a r l o t t e r r

                                              xxx'xx Haughty ɹnɐʇuǝɔ and
                                              xxxxx difficult to please

                                              xx ______________________________________

                                              A stout man wheezed along a dirtied forest road, his stumpy legs hopping to keep the weight of the enormous luggage cases on his back. Lit up with sunlight glancing off of his sweaty brow, the man's laced outfit of drab leathers and silk embroidery was also spoiled by sweat, darkened and moist with effort. His thick stature also squeezed past through clothing under the immense weight, thin pink slits of skin and thick, silvered hairs disappearing into fold other and reappearing from his shirt; between his buttons; under his socks; even through his wondrous, bushed mustache! His tired black eyes winced through his thick rimmed spectacles, as a sloppy hand pushed them back up as they struggled on his nose - there was often a time he cursed that there were no glasses to properly fit such a proud, large nose, but now he had other pressing matters. Was the academy to the left? Or the right? Had they passed it days ago, or was it just ahead of them now, hiding behind the third shrub to the left. It would have been a little easier too, if his traveling companion gave him a little bit of peace. "You mustn't...mustn't talk about the Baron of Ibis like that~!', the man gasped, grumbling as he readjusted weight on his back.

                                              "Whilst I call the man 'Daddy', I shall think what I like, ", his companion Charlotte smirked, though her soft ochre eyes thinned with annoyance as the image of the proud centaur lingered each time she now closed her eyes. She looked down to her hand-servant with disdain, although it didn't last as her eyes fell upon his face, and his proud, pig-like nose - it made him look so adorable! Never had she thought that the facade of the academy in the distance would be so pleasing to someone, but after so long traveling and carrying his master's baggage, the manservant could hardly wait to get to the school now. Only giving a squealing oink of delight, he raced ahead of his master. Not wanting to be second place in spotting the academy, Charlotte quickly gasped, "There it is, Hamlet~!" and tore off after him, powerfully kicking off and racing the old pig to the gates.

                                              "Now quick, put my stuff where it belongs, and make yourself hidden. I'll let you know when I must call on you again...", Charlotte murmured, after collecting her school satchel and lazily placing it over her shoulder. A thin, sharp crack carried itself on the cool autumn breeze, followed by a grating scratch to a certain girl's displeasure. The ground here was nowhere near as springy and slight to her touch as they were at home, her feet told her. All four of her hooves, really, were giving the same response the tough ground of Teras Academy, the leading and distinguished school dedicated to the supernatural kind. She had realized that things would be different on the ferry ride over to a seaside town of this new country, leaving her home's slight country air for the environment the Academy used to make all of their students into up-standing citizens. Charlotte was sure her nanny was doing a perfect job of raising her to be a good girl - giving her all of her treats, dressing her in splendid dresses and letting her know what a wonderful young princess she'd be. Lost in her self-complimenting, she almost took up the entire gateway with her impressive centaur build, whilst her manservant tumbled and snorted his way into the school grounds, hoping to find the dorms soon and get a well deserved rest, at the same time

                                              xxxxxxxx ╰☆ alone 【 at the school gates 】

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                                              Sophie Buné White

                                                      l o c a t i o n ;; library
                                                      c o m p a n y ;; elizabeth & caleb & alexander
                                                      t h o u g h t s ;; interesting way to meet someone new, i'll give him that...

                                              Perhaps this year wasn't about to turn out any better than last. Sigh. What Sophie wouldn't give to be in peace and quiet somewhere else… Not only was the noise grating on her nerves, the increasing number of people made it that much worse. Of course, if the yuxa had gotten enough sleep before hand she might very well smile and laugh with the rest of them. But luck wasn't on her side and she was feeling more than just a little fatigued. Something she couldn't help but make fairly apparent. Well, the bad mood part that is. Sighing she pushed the glasses back up on the bridge of her nose, noting that they had slipped after her light collision. Feeling at least the slightest bit put together the orange haired female tuned into the conversation happening.

                                              Sophie had apparently missed more than she had thought. While she had been able to catch the other girl's name she had apparently missed the rest of the conversation that had happened for there was suddenly another male in their little group who was engrossed in a rather… in-depth conversation with Elizabeth. This was such a waste of her time. But formalities couldn't be avoided at school so she sucked it up and straitened her shirt. "Sophie Buné White. I don't respond well to nicknames so please just call me Sophie. As for being a new student… This is far from my first year here. I was the orchestrator of the student council last year and I am this year." Suddenly something clicked in her mind.

                                              ignoring the others standing, and being held, right by her she dug into her pocket and produced her palmpilet. The only thing on the planet that had seen her cry, laugh, rage, and every other emotion under the sun. Quickly she scrolled through it. When she found what she was looking for her eyes shone with light satisfaction and a satisfied smile tugged at her lips. Clearing her throat she looked to the puppy Elizabeth had pulled to her chest. "Elizabeth Nightroad, Alexander Calloway, it's a pleasure to meet you. As for our little… friend here." God she was thankful that the staff gave the student council more power than they really should. It had taken her longer than she liked but the blue puppy had seemed familiar. "It appears you're holding a Mr. Caleb Young in your arms, Elizabeth." There, she had behaved herself and given into the social pleasantries she so very much detested. Could they move away now? She had so much work to finish.

                                              o o c ;; otl this took me too long to post



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Melanie Clarisse Montois


                                                    Took the words out of Melanie's mouth: Better her than me. Nobody wanted to deal with Bishop. Melanie was pretty certain the student council he was on didn't even like him. Nobody wanted to deal with him. Not even humans probably. Sadly, that poor girl had to. But in all honesty, she was taking one for the team. (The team being literally every other student in the school) That good karma would come around in due time, so she's set.

                                                    Melanie waited outside as Ren claimed some blood packets from the nurse. She couldn't help but shudder as he gulped down what looked like tomato juice. The fact it looked like regular tomato juice was the weirdest part. If it looked like actual blood, it wouldn't be so odd. No matter how it looked, Melanie cringed as she usually did when she witnessed him feeding. Thankfully, it wasn't that often of an occurrence.

                                                    The two walked around the buildings, a bit of sightseeing really. By the look of things, this would be a great year, but it was too early to say. She hadn't been in one single class yet. As they walked, Melanie peered into the pool room and smiled. "Look who it is," Melanie quietly said to Ren before walking on in. "Hey, Amaya~" Not only was she the president, but also the captain of the cheer squad (Which frankly mattered more to Melanie than some council) "And Scott, of course. Lovely to see you both." At the same time, there was a girl Melanie recognized. Played some kind of sport or went to a rally or... Damn. She didn't know. Either way, Melanie smiled to her.


                                                    Location: Pool Area xx Company: Ren, Misora, Scott, Amaya xx Outfit: Lovely~

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                                          Oblivious as usual when it came to his mannerisms, the pinkette didn’t think twice about his sudden appearance startling someone. After all, he wasn’t startled by seeing the male painting away the primer, so why would the sitting male be? It made sense….to him anyway, just as much as Templars and squirrels being mortal enemies. Looking towards the brunette, he merely smiled at the male when he noticed aquamarine eyes settled on him. You know….his eyes kind of reminded him of fruit….you know? Possibly not sense that logic seemed rather…strange, but thankfully Justin didn’t go on a weird roundabout way of explaining “why”. Instead his mind went from fruit….to clouds, and the male who was the only soul besides him in here. What an ironic phrase….considering unbeknown to him the male’s ability. As the male spoke Justin merely smiled more as he eyed the blank canvas with a gentle look. It was just in his nature to give off such vibes, he was far too mellow and relaxed that at times he’d been accused of doing “drugs”. Sure….he’d done drugs, life was a drug…and he lived life….or did one stay in life? Maybe they kept life, and lost it and thus death happened? “Oh…. one sounds nice the color…makes me wanna trace out the what the sky’s trying to say….” The male stated simply. “Wonder what two is reminded of….or three” and yes….he really did say that out loud. “What reminds you of extremely fluffy? It’s yellow isn’t it?” His bizarre outlook made him faintly chuckle.

                                          After all, yellow was a color of jubilance….so it made sense to him, you see….Justin wasn’t ruled by logic at times. He went with his emotions, how things made him feel and used those feelings to describe things. Since he went that route many people didn’t understand because it was simple….people didn’t understand Justin’s feelings….and how could one when Justin was a naturally indecisive person? This made his logic very hard to follow for anyone that actually bothered to give him the time of day. It wasn’t like he was an empathic, who was ruled by their emotions or simply was sensitive to it, Justin just….viewed things in his own feeling based way. Yellow to him was warm, and thus he actually thought this male found the color more fluffy than white. It was rather headache inducing really to figure out this enigma, but that’s probably what made the male “unique” and a novelty. “Really?” back on track Justin seemed, surprised by the male’s uncertainty. “You seem like you’d like fluffy…maybe you just need to be reintroduced…” the male mused more so to himself as he found aquamarine hues staring into his neon hues. ….Or maybe they were blue? Green maybe or red….polka doted? As much as he stared, the windows to the soul weren’t about to reflect what he lacked….and that was a reflection. Justin in all his years had never once seen his face, never knew what colors made him up even. His cotton candy esque hair, his bright neon hues, his pale skin….they were all foreign to him. About the only thing he knew was the clothes he put on himself and with how bright and flashy they were? They made him see…and seeing was nice when you were blind.

                                          But that was fine, because Justin appreciated colors for this little problem; they allowed him to express himself just fine. He didn’t know the stigma of appearance but he did know that he liked seeing color, and so…others must’ve. For that reason he was content experiencing the oddity and beauties many people down turned, for him everything held a meaning, everything held a reflection even if it never showed for himself. He’d stopped questioning that type of fate awhile ago, because the worst thing…to him? Would’ve been the gift of color, taken from him…and all those feelings? Most likely would be reduced to a gray scale of monotone and eventually his simple…disappearance. He didn’t like that thought very much though. But when he looked down towards the male and noticed his gaze once more fixated on the blank canvas, Justin had no idea how he also had been fixated on a gaze that was very different from others. Because now when he looked back up Justin was focused on the male who was rather close, due to his own negligence of understanding “personal space”. If anything Justin was more focused on how the male appeared to give a “squirrelly vibe”. Nodding at his question as Justin chuckled absent mindedly “You are….you just gotta meet em’ and then maybe you could show me what I’m doing wrong….” The pink haired male offered. For as much as he tried squirrels weren’t always that welcoming of him.

                                          …He blamed the Templars, as he blinked at the male tugging at his own hair. Maybe it was on too tight? Raising a hand to his own pinked out locks; Justin faintly tugged at his own strands in silent mimicry. As the male’s lips seemed to move though, Justin furrowed his brows wondering why….maybe it was uncomfortable to have hair on so tight. But oh….he did have to say his name though right? He made sure to do so, and reassured the male if he didn’t have a name it made him everything. It made sense…..things without names weren’t branded, had no labels, and were free….it was actually a nice thought to have such a luxury! But soon he learned everything was something, as Justin tilted his head at how fast the named spilled from his lips. “Gabriel Korbinian that’s rather long….and its nice like….fruit” Justin compared for whatever reason. “Like your eyes….they're like fruit “Justin hummed as he faintly grinned. There were lots of things he needed! But…..which one was it….oh! “Colors for my cans….I ran out of some” Justin started off normally. “ See….I was searching for something but the templars hid it….and the squirrels didn’t know….and my suitcase was pretending to sleep…” why Justin was summarizing the past events one may never know. “ But….I dunno if I wished it….if I did….that’s nice that it came true, did you wish to come here?” Justin tilted his head slightly, before he found himself tugging slightly at Gabriel’s hair “….I’ll wish for looser hair though….” he commented as he finally stopped and drew back his hand. “……But maybe you want here to be the canvas? I don’t blame you….it’s be nice in a canvas….also kinda sad….” He couldn’t help but think especially if the canvas was without color.

                                          Location: Teras Academy // Art Room
                                          Currently With: Gabriel Korbinian
                                          Mimicked Power // Skill: N // A
                                          Love Interest: Interest I love? Well....which one do you want to know?

                                          THE DOOPLEGANGER

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                                    Hihoo’s break didn’t seem to be any more colorful than her own. Then again, she was a mermaid and perhaps her aunt lived underwater? Now wouldn’t that be cool. No pun intended. The Kitsune was happy that the freshman continued onto another subject, whenever it pertained to summer she seemed to never have anything to say. She was surprised, so the little brunette was supposed to be a sophomore but she pushed the emotion away. “That’s good news. Your classes should be a breeze this semester.” She grinned.

                                    Her eyes had begun to drift towards the ceiling until she heard mention of the cheer club. Her attention immediately snapped towards to the girl. A wide smile graced her lips at the mention of another member. Amaya had been absent during the cheer club ‘tryouts’ so she had almost no knowledge on new members. “I’ll try my best. I’m sure I won’t have to worry; if you can hit Scott with a soccerball I’m sure you have what it takes to be a flyer and remember to be sharp with your movements. You have a small physique as well…” She had to sort the flyers, bases, spotters and tumblers.

                                    Amaya laced her fingers together, closing her eyes as she did so, while listening to her companions. The sound someone getting into the pool prompted her to focus her orbs onto the culprit. It was just the sea serpent sinking his feet into the water. In a way, Amaya and Hihoo had interrupted his morning swim. Just before he spoke, there was a brief moment where he slipped out of his usual mellow persona, but quickly caught himself. The young woman noted this but said nothing, letting their other female friend speak instead. His summer seemed to be as bland as hers, bland as in normal. She had to agree with Scott. After a whole year at Teras going back and doing boring ‘normal’ things was such a letdown. Sure, she could finally sleep to her heart’s content after a long night but summer was just so painfully slow. She dismissed the wink he sent in their direction, just another one of Scott’s flirty quirks. “Well, Teras is always quite the refresher.” There was a short silence before Teras’ own little mermaid asked a question.

                                    She was about to answer until a familiar voice pierced through the room calling her name. The nine tailed fox knew who it was as soon as the clicks of heels reverberated on the linoleum tiles. And it wasn’t a surprise that the padding of sneakers came along with it. Probably another one of her beaus. Previous grin still intact she turned her attention towards the voice. Blonde, beautiful, confident Melanie and was that… Ren? There was no mistaking it pale, ebony locks and crimson eyes. Her eyes twinkled with amusement at the sight of him. She’d let him have the first word though and spoke directly to Melanie instead. “What brings your wonderful self here, Mel?” Amaya was familiar with the femme fatale, having met her during sophomore year tryouts. Even if the blonde wasn’t she would probably still would have been able to maintain he same picture perfect figure. It was a femme fatale trait.

                                          () LOCATION The pool.
                                          () COMPANY Scottie boy, this adorable brunette (Hihoo), Blondie (Melanie) and Ren.
                                          () MOODContent.

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                                        This announcement is for everyone regarding deleted characters and dorm rooms!

                                        Unfortunately we've had a few people drop out. A total of 7 characters have been removed from the role-play. But because it is difficult to fill slots and find dedicated role-players I will not be reopening all those slots. Instead I have removed one dorm from the males only, females only, and co-ed. So we only need 1 male to make things even. Due to this shift I have reassigned dorm rooms. Please check to see if your character has been moved / has a new roommate.

                                        Although I had intended to wait to do a time skip until we hit page 10 I might be forced to do one earlier as to free up those talking to deleted characters. If you think a time skip would be a good thing please vote in the poll in this thread. Same goes for if you think we should wait.

                                        Other than that, I hope everyone is having an okay time with school / RL. <3

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