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the little mermaid

                      A part of her wanted to pretend she was blushing, but the other part wanted to make fun of him
                      still. So she listened to that part instead. Standing in the same position as she was before, she
                      called out again. " But serpy - senpai is such a pervert! ~ My innocent eyes cannot take it! ~ "
                      She, of course, was lying, but she was striving to play the 'innocent freshman' once more. Well,
                      not really. But deep down, she was having some fun. Some kind of it anyway. Walking from her
                      position, she came to join the two. As she drew closer to the female, she looked up to her. She
                      was a rather pretty woman, not that she said anything. Females, for some reason, she was
                      more cautious with her tongue, knowing herself enough that insults tend to spill out more often
                      than compliments.

                      She crossed her arms into a big X and shook her head. " No thank you Serpy - senpai, I don't
                      like getting wet unless it's sweat! "
                      She found it absolutely fascinating that human sweat was
                      the only thing that doesn't turn her back into a fish. Besides, she was telling the truth, and
                      maybe it was because he hasn't seen her for a while, but she thought he knew she hated water.
                      Ahn, either way, she would often have to remind others about her hatred because she was what
                      she was: a mermaid.

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mood - teasingxxx location - pool
status - he seems a little better, pretty woman ... xxx company - serpy - senpai ( scott ) && female senpai ( amaya )

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                Summer: the time of sun, surf, and sand.

                What was that? During the break, you went to the beach everyday? How nice. Oh, and you traveled around the world on a hot-air balloon? That's cute. Ren didn't do much over the break, except spend time with stupid whore of a mother. And boy was he mad about wasting his vacation on that nonsense. He'd rather spend a year at Teras than a day with her... But enough about that b***h.

                It had been a couple of hours already, and there was no sign of his school. Annoyed, Ren slumped his back into the seat and kicked his feet up on the car seat in front of him, opposite of the cab driver. "Yo, Jeeves. He asked, rudely referring to the cabby. His name wasn't even Jeeves. "-We there yet or what?" The driver sighed. It was the fifth time he'd asked since they left.

                "We're almost there... Just give us ten minutes, and we'll be-"

                "You said "ten minutes" ten minutes ago, pal. If we're lost, just say so. I'll walk to school myself."

                "....Ten minutes, please."

                "Ugghhhh," he groaned. This guy was starting to get on his nerves, but he didn't have much of a choice. "Ten minutes to kill," Ren muttered before taking his finger and pressing the button on his side, which lowered and raised the glass window... Over and over again. Afterward, he took his hands and beat them hard on the back of the driver's seat. Then he leaned forward and adjusted the rear-view mirror, just to grind the cabbie's gears. After all, "grinding gears" is was he did best.

                Half an hour later (see? "ten minutes" his a** ), the car pulled up to the school, and the teen stepped out. When the driver got out after, he looked up at the boy with a shocked look on his face. He looked... Strange. His dark, messy hair... The shiny piercings that hung from his slightly pointed ears... And those eyes. Those crimson-colored eyes. Ren grabbed his belongings and made his way towards the school, forgetting to pay. If the driver wasn't so darn scared of his appearence, he would've said something.

                There was nothing better than hearing gasps of returning students who watched in horror as he made his way over the school's bridge and towards the field. Just in case you couldn't tell already, Ren wasn't the nicest guy. Whether he picked on, argued, or even fought with students, everyone knew who he was... Except freshmen, of course. They'd learn soon enough. The vampire's eyes scanned the field area, looking to see who he remembered and who he didn't, but it was pretty difficult to. The sun was shining and bothering his eyes so much that he had no choice but to squint hard. So hard, that he didn't even notice the person (Alexander) he accidentally walked straight into. The collision surprised him so much that he accidentally dropped his large, black suitcase on the ground and took a step back. "Oi-!" He hissed, his eyes widening before quickly squinting them like before. "Watch where you're going, loser."

[o.o.c. : sorry I took so long. emotion_facepalm First posts are such a ho. ]

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                                            x - - illusion shade❝ ⊹。 DANCE TO THE BEATWAVE
                                            x - - illusion shade x - - illYOUR HANDS TOGETHER illusion COME FEEL THE HEAT
                                            x - - illusion◞ ☆ ` ∥Forever and forever
                                            x - - illusion shaLISTEN AND LEARN IT IS TIME FOR PRANCING
                                            x - - illusNow we are here
                                            x - - illusWE’RE CARAMELL DANCING
                                            x - - illusion s:: oo-oo-owa-owa oo-oo-owa-owa

                                            l o c a t i o n ;;Field|| c o m p a n y ;; Ren|| t h o u g h t s ;; " Wow a real vampire. If he bites me would I turn into a vampire too?

                                            Alex saw a fox walk past him that had nine tails. He would have pet it but he figured it was probably another student and it would be a bit awkward to do so. Alexander continued levitating as he read over the learned spells. He looked over the fire spells and wondered what he was doing wrong. He had done what the spell called for then again fire was a difficult element to control since it was very volatile. Alex had a good control of the earth element and his defensive skills were great. Alex saw someone in the distance and returned his attention back to the book.

                                            The male was so engrossed in his book he did not notice the vampire headed straight towards him. Alex fell to the ground from the collision and dropped his spell book in the process. The guy appeared to be different. He had red eyes pointy teeth and ears. Alex figured he was a vampire. He never saw one in real life. He just heard about it form stories and such. The vampire seemed to have a bit of an attitude. He understood why since he guessed it pained vampires to be in the sun. “Sorry I should have moved out of the way. I was so focused on this book. “He said in a cheerful tone.

                                            Alex saw his bag on the floor and picked it up for him. “Are you alright? I guess the sun does tend to make vampires weak. I never seen one in real life just knows what I read in books. Let me help. “He said before stepping back. His hands started to glow and after a few seconds he created half of a dome of earth to block the sun from around the vampire. Alex walked closer to him and grinned." There we go. That should block out the sun. I am Alexander Calloway although you can just call me Alex. “He said in a calm tone.. “I am new here. So did you want to get lunch later or something?" he asked. He wasn't sure if vampires could eat regular food although if he opted to drink blood he hoped he wouldn’t try to drink his although it was weird.

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Elizabeth Anne NightRoad
~ Witch

She grew up
on the side of the road

Where the church bells ring
and strong love grows

As Elizabeth continued her search, she thought she heard the girl nearby say something. However, when she looked over her shoulder, Elizabeth didn’t see the girl’s mouth moving. She shrugged at her hearing playing tricks on her. Her eyes focused back on the books in front of her. She pulled out a book carefully and flipped it open. The witch could tell she was getting closer to finding something on witchcraft, for the book contained a history of the Salem Witch trials. Though, Elizabeth found herself frowning at what her mother had told her about those trials. Those poor witches! But, those trials, along with many other incidents, simply proved that witches had to keep themselves hidden. The need to keep one’s identity a secret was something she had been taught early on. Though now, it was an instinct she wasn’t sure she could easily ignore.

Before her mind could any further on what the book reminded her about, she felt someone bump into her. She staggered slightly while her arms kept a tight grip on the book. Luckily, Elizabeth kept herself from falling over, and kept the book from slipping from her hands. A good thing too considering the witch had no idea if the book, or any books in here, had a curse on them. Her head turned in the direction she had been bumped into and noticed it was the orange haired girl. “Was I standing in your way?” Elizabeth kept her voice calm. After all, while a faint part of her felt annoyed, she wasn’t about to let that show. Not when she had no idea what race this person might be, let alone if they were dangerous.

Her eyes looked down and noticed a paper on the ground. She put the book up and started to crouch down when she noticed…a blue puppy doing? Elizabeth blinked slightly as she watched the blue dog stand on its hind legs with the paper in its mouth. She supposed the dog was trying to act cute. But, with Elizabeth being raised around cats, she found herself not liking their opposite. Thus, when the dog whined faintly, she shook her head. “Is the dog yours?” The witch tilted her head slightly as she decided to pick up the blue haired dog. After all, she wanted to make sure she was actually seeing this and wasn’t somehow hallucinating on her first day here. The witch made sure to keep the dog’s face aimed towards the orange haired girl since the dog had likely a paper of hers in its mouth.

She had to admit that the fur felt soft against her fingers. That was something she hadn’t expected from a dog. Though, the fact she could feel the fur proved that color was all too real. However, Elizabeth did one final testing by parting the hair on the spine of the dog. When she noticed the blue went all the way down to the skin, she shrugged slightly. “I must say though. I never have seen a blue dog before…is it a familiar?” Elizabeth posed the question out loud. But, if the girl didn’t answer her, the witch wouldn’t really care. “Or are blue dogs a common sight around here?” She looked towards the orange haired girl at that and looked back at the dog. “Would be convenient if you could actually speak.” Then, Elizabeth would surely have her answers.

However, life was rarely so simple. Answers rarely fell down into one’s lap, and they usually required much effort to find them. Just because Elizabeth knew that though didn’t mean she liked that fact. For now though, all Elizabeth could do was continue to hold the dog and examine the dog with her eyes. She hoped that by doing so, that maybe she could gain some kind of clue as to what made the dog so…blue.

She grew up good
She grew up slow

Like American

Where can I be found: Teras Academy: Library with (Sophie) and a blue puppy(Caleb)
Love: No one
Current Status of Familiar: Not out
Items on person: Dorm Keys

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just like you said...

(♔ ♔ ♔)_it's all been done before . . .
      User Image________________________________________________________________I don't have to talk P R E T T Y
      _____________________________________________________for them no more !

                                    An airy laugh passed her lips in reply to the male’s narcissistic claims. The familiarity of his tone calmed her, he looked a bit troubled at first but it was apparent that his usual mood laidback mood was restored.

                                    A feminine voice rang through the room.

                                    An amused grin plastered onto her lips at the statement. Her expression showed no enthusiasm but it was still hilarious in her opinion. Now Scott, with all the confidence that had him elected as vice president exuding from him obviously denied what she said and even invited them to swim.

                                    However the little brunette wasn’t finished, she yelled out her next thought loud and clear. She was absolutely adorable. Amaya wanted to just get up on pat her on the back to show her approval. She settled on commending her verbally. Although by this point the nine tailed fox was chortling so it took her some time to get the words out. The young woman glanced at the sea serpent quickly before turning her attention to the underclassman. She set her hand on the freshman’s shoulder, she was basing the assumption on her pretty, innocent features. “You, my dear, are quite special. I like you.” She bluntly stated while grinning broadly.

                                    Sweat? Must be another race quirk. At first the statement struck her as unusual but it wasn’t the first time she’d meet someone with a tendency to avoid certain elements. She finally turned to face Scott, contemplating his offer. Sure she had initially come for just that reason but wouldn’t the, bah Amaya didn’t even know her name, but wouldn’t the freshman feel uncomfortable? “I’ll have to pass, Scottie. I’d rather not return to the dorm a sopping mess. Perhaps later.” She replied using the nickname she gave him a year or so prior. “Will you introduce me to your charming friend here?” She gestured to the grey eyed girl beside her in the most polite manner she could.

                                          () LOCATION The pool.
                                          () COMPANY Scott this adorable brunette.
                                          () MOODCalm.

                                    f r o y o__ DEUX

                                    petite oiseau __ aristina
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Learned Cultist

Maurice Samuel Bishop

              User Image xxxxxxxxx Work xxx it xxx H.A.R.D.E.R
              xxxxxx ▏Make xxxx it xxxx B.E.T.T.E.R
              xxxxxxxx Do xxxxx it xxxxx F.A.S.T.E.R
              xxxxxxxxxxxx Makes xxx Us xxx S.T.R.O.N.G.E.Rxxxx → ↺
              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
              xxxxxxxxMore than ever - hour after hour ! xx
              xxxxxxxxxxWorkxx is xx neverxx over

                                                              Maurice should've expected to be answered with a question. Was she so uncomfortable about herself that her go-to was to ask questions of others? Maurice unscrewed the cap again, beginning to mess with the water once more. It didn't seem like this conversation was going anywhere. In fact, it wasn't at all. Maurice brought his attention now to the bottle. It did have more priority after all. He managed to raise a blob up onto his hand. Instead of slowly turning his hand up, Maurice quickly flipped it up and the water stayed in his hand. He couldn't help a small smile. One small step right there.

                                                              "Do you have friends?"

                                                              His concentration entirely snapped, the blob immediately falling into his palm. Maurice glared daggers at the girl, though his expression slowly faded neutral as he thought on that inquiry. Did he have friends? Well, a few humans in his town. Humans who were probably wondering how he was doing at private school. He talked to them now and then with skype, played a few online games together, but would they still be friends with him if they knew what he was? Where he as really studying at?

                                                              Then there was Teras academy. He enforced the rules laid down by the school. He was chosen for the job, so he took it. This made him feared and hated. More feared than anything. Some days, he doubted that the student council even remotely liked him. All for doing the job he was given. Someone had up uphold the rules. It was a necessary job. Footsteps echoed from the cafeteria entrance. Maurice looked over at the girl who entered. He recognized her. She certainly remembered him. The girl stopped, turned on her heel, and quickly scurried out of the cafeteria. Maurice kept at his monotone face while that went down in silence. He looked then to the blonde. "Do you?" If she was going to play that game, he would too.

                                                              Location;; Cafeteria xxxxxx Company;; Blonde Girl (Skylar) xxxxxx Outfit;; To comexxxxxx
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Dapper Informer

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                                              Sophie Buné White

                                                      l o c a t i o n ;; library
                                                      c o m p a n y ;; elizabeth & caleb
                                                      t h o u g h t s ;; damn dog...

                                              It was pure luck that neither girl fell. Sighing Sophie shook her head at the girl's question. Great. Just what she needed. A freak run in with another student in the midst of her work. It seemed like she had no choice but to act civil and participate in trivial chit-chat. Sophie raised her arm to introduce herself but was cut short. Sitting before them was a tiny blue dog.

                                              "A dog?" She had seen some odd things here before but this one had to take the cake. Especially since she wasn't exactly fond of dogs. But no matter. Before she could say a single thing about it the girl she had collided with scooped the animal up and began a string of questions. Sophie rolled her eyes. With a light scowl on her face she folded her arms across her chest. "No. He's not mine. Where he came from is beyond me." Just as she was about to return to her work she realized the dog was holding her paper in its mouth.

                                              She couldn't help the low growl that started in her chest. Quickly she snatched the paper back only to almost drop it again. "Great. Guess I get to rewrite all of this again." There was a scowl on her face as she turned her new frustrations towards the little dog. "You slobbered all over my work." Great. This was just getting better and better.

                                              o o c ;; she's such a party pooper...



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Dapper Informer

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                                              Scott Bené White

                                                      l o c a t i o n ;; pool
                                                      c o m p a n y ;; misora & amaya
                                                      t h o u g h t s ;; ah, so the rumors were true

                                              Back to his old self. At last, at last. The grin that spread across Scott's face dripped with humor and a sort of danger. "I can think of a few ways sweat can be involved." Laughter. The longer that these two girls stood nearby the faster his mood brightened and the faster all thoughts of his siblings disappeared.

                                              He had missed this. Summer had been rather boring without such pretty girls around.

                                              Laughter fell from his lungs as he listened to Amaya turn him down. "Aw, you hurt me to my core, my dear kitsune." His hand flew to his chest as if she had shot him in the heart. But it was all in good fun. "If that is your only concern perhaps I can quell those fears. We are in the pool room! There are towels a plenty." As if to prove his point he picked up his own and gently waved it as if to taunt her. "Should that not suffice... I'd dry you myself." He winked.

                                              Of course, he hadn't forgotten about the younger female.

                                              "If memory serves, my charming friend is Misora, Hihoo. Resident mermaid." Ah, now he remembered. He had heard rumors of her dislike of water. Though he had believed them just rumors. How could a mermaid dislike her own element? Then again... "You don't have to get wet but you can still stick around and keep us company, Ms. Misora," he cooed.

                                              o o c ;; ...


                                              petite oiseau __ aristina
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Dapper Informer

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                                              Skylar Biné White

                                                      l o c a t i o n ;; cafeteria
                                                      c o m p a n y ;; maurice
                                                      t h o u g h t s ;; maybe he knows...

                                              Out of the blue she laughed.

                                              There was something about the way he had chosen to return a question that intrigued her. Most students would have thought nothing of her question and answered it flat out. Or they would have raised hell about her crude way of asking. But for him to question her back? Now that was unusual. She liked it.

                                              It was silent for a moment.

                                              Skylar pondered his question. It might not have been something that needed such an extensive thought process, such as a police interrogation, but it was something worth pondering. Did her siblings count as friends? She was closest to Saxton and Sophie since they were triplets. Of course, Saxton and her were two peas in a pod. They could have a conversation without words. Something that could go on for hours. But did he really count as a friend? She wasn't sure. Most students refused to hang with siblings for fear of rumors or gossip. And most didn't count sibling relations as friendships. If Saxton didn't count as a friend then she was certain that Sophie didn't.

                                              As for other students? She knew none. Skylar wasn't a social butterfly. Going out of her way to speak to other students wasn't something she did; ever. Hence why her current situation was so odd. "No," she shrugged. While she didn't have friends she didn't see a problem with it. She had her siblings. What more did she need? Relationships weren't her thing either so that wasn't a loss. "But I've been told siblings don't count." Perhaps this male could shed light on the situation. It had always puzzled her.

                                              o o c ;; oh skylar... you poor awkward child you
                                              DJ Double B

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Dapper Informer

User Image


                                              Tira'allara ;; a.k.a. Tia

                                                      l o c a t i o n ;; path to the fountain
                                                      c o m p a n y ;; unknown girl ( alena )
                                                      t h o u g h t s ;; too good to be true...

                                              Her heart ached. To be forced to watch as their only daughter slipped into the backseat of a cab knowing she would be all alone in a new environment had caused her parents to shed tears. And there wasn't anything Tira'allara could do to quell their fears. All she could do was offer a weak smile as the car drove away. Watching from the backseat she tried to wave goodbye but at the sight of her mother's face buried in her father's chest... she sunk back into the seat and tried not to worry. They'd be fine.

                                              She hoped.

                                              The drive wasn't long for she was lucky enough to live in the area, but it was quiet and awkward. "So, what year are you in?" Her driver tried to start up idle chit chat. She cringed. Of all the things that could happen it was the only thing that she wished hadn't. If only the man could detest children to the point of wanting nothing to do with them. To sit the entire ride in silence, looking forward to the moment she'd leave and he'd be free. But that wasn't the case. "Hello? Miss?" She frowned and pulled her legs into herself. Silence.

                                              "Look, if you don't want to talk just tell me." The irony. Oh the irony. Normally it was something she could appreciate and find humor in, but not this time. Right now... it made it hard not to cry. As her driver's body stiffened in anger she reached into the sole bag she had and pulled out a pad of paper. Quickly she scribbled down the phrase 'はなしません.' only to cross it out and try again. She struggled with what to tell this man she didn't know. Eventually she settled on a single word; 'mute'. Handing the paper to the man she waited for his surprised gasp before unfolding her legs and looking out the window.

                                              Thankfully he allowed her to spend the rest of the ride without a single word. Filling it with stories about his own family and daughter. A girl about Tira'allara's age. But one who never stopped talking. She didn't let him see her lightly hurt expression at the thought for it was nice to hear him drone on and on. It kept her from dwelling on the parents she had left behind.

                                              Soon enough they made it to her new school and she filed out of the backseat. Her only thought was to grab her bags and leave but a sudden hug from the older man stopped her. At first she stood rigid but soon relaxed and hugged him back. Letting go first she picked up her things but waited until he had started the car and headed down the road before starting towards the school.

                                              In little time she had placed her things into her room.

                                              Not wanting to be around large groups of people Tira'allara headed for the fountain. It was the only place she remembered to be quiet and peaceful. The perfect place to draw and not worry about being questioned about her inability to talk. A gentle smile played on her lips but it disappeared when she noted another female on the same path. Perhaps the girl wouldn't take notice of the silent elf. She could only hope.

                                              o o c ;; oh man. this is going to be interesting to try and do...

                                              -Sweetest Serenade-
User Image

                When Ren met someone, he never forgot them. He was like an elephant when it came to memory; a blood-sucking elephant. The teen lifted his hand over his eyes to get a good look at the idiot who he knocked over onto the ground.

                “Sorry, I should have moved out of the way. I was so focused on this book.“

                Ren completely ignored his apology. He didn't recognize this guy. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was someone he'd never met before. It was one of those 'I'll hate you before you hate me' kind of things. If he didn't know someone, he automatically didn't like them... Yes, that goes for you too, random roleplayer reading this right now. "Damn right you should've. What, you think I'd do it for you?" he hissed before snatching his suitcase from him. He didn't even bother say 'thank you'.

                "Are you alright?"

                "-Huh?" What was he blabbering about now?

                "I guess the sun does tend to make vampires weak."

                Ren's eyebrow twitched. "....What you say?" Now he'd done it. Ren glared at the student before grinding his fangs together in an attempt to keep himself calm. It didn't work. With a swift movement, Ren grabbed at the boy's collar and pulled him closer to him, a pissed expression completely taking over his face. "Care to repeat that?" This guy was digging himself an early grave, and school didn't even start yet. If there weren't so many witnesses, Re would've immediately kicked the s**t out of him, but the boy's next move stopped him from doing so.

                With his glowing hands, the student manipulated earth to hover over Ren's head, instantly giving him shade. Though he hated to admit it.... The sun was getting to him. Whatever anger he felt towards the boy slowly fizzled away and made him to let go of his shirt, but, being stubborn, tried to stay angry anyway. He didn't like being protected by anyone, no matter how much he needed it... But in this case, it did kinda help. Damn magic-users.

                "I am Alexander Calloway, although you can just call me Alex. I am new here."

                He definitely didn't meet this guy before. "So... You're a new guy, huh? Figures. You totally act like one. I bet you're even a freshmen." He couldn't imagine this kid being in any other grade with the way he acted and spoke, besides kindergarten. It was too nice. He'd give him a couple of weeks, give or take, before that 'I'm such a nice guy. Life is swell. Let me help everybody, herp derp derp' demeanor faded away. Teachers, homework, and the morons who lived there did that to you.

                "So, did you want to get lunch later or something?"

                Did he hear him right? Lunch? "LUNCH?" He repeated as the sides of his lips quivered, trying hard to fight back a laugh, but it failed. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA-" Ren laughed so hard that he clutched his stomach. No one ever asked him if they wanted to get lunch, probably because he couldn't eat. No chance in hell he was planning on hanging with this guy anytime soon. Even talking to him made him feel like he was getting cavities. Once his laugh-attack calmed down, he continued. "Aaaah... No offense, junior, but I don't hang with guys like you," he said as he swatted at Alex's earth-dome in an attempt to make it go away. "Just watch where you're going next time, and we won't have another problem." With those words, Ren stomped away from Alex and his dome of dirt, gripping onto his items and pulling them along with him as he made his way toward the academy. The only thing he was looking forward to was the shade. 'Lunch... Pfft-'

[o.o.c. : Decided to cut their meeting short so we can interact with other peoples. Hope you don't mind~ ]

User Image
the little mermaid

                      She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up. This woman was really beautiful. Hihoo had a bit
                      of a fascination of beautiful people, she supposed. It's one of the reasons she liked ( in a
                      platonic way) her male senpai. These "monsters" or "demons" often took form of beautiful people,
                      she found. But that's just her mind reeling off as usual. " Ahno thank you, kitsune-senpai, " she
                      said with a little bit of gratitude in her voice. Some might think she was being
                      cheeky, but hopefully, she can tell she was being nice. Of course, she won't get her hopes
                      up that easily.

                      " In any case, Senpai, those ways better involve running across the field cause if it's not ... "
                      Hihoo raised up her arms into a position commonly used in soccer. " You'll find the ball headed
                      to your head faster than anything else. "
                      It was a meek threat, as she had neither the strength
                      to actually hurt him, nor the ability. She just didn't like the strange face he made beforehand
                      when he said it. She knew he was joking cause he laughed but still. She (sort of but not always)
                      knew a dirty joke when she hears it (sometimes). " Senpai, that last statement was just
                      strange. "
                      commented the freshman repeat as she stared vacantly at him when he winked at
                      the girl.

                      " I suppose I can. First day's normally slow. " she leaned back
                      and placed her hands behind her head. " So how was your summers? " prompting
                      the two a question.

User Image
mood - teasingxxx location - pool
status - yay attention. xxx company - serpy - senpai ( scott ) && female senpai ( amaya )

ooc :: = w=; if any of you find me rambling, I hope you realize this is SERIOUSLY me being in her character xD


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                      A banshee

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Location;;Path to fountainxxxxFeeling;; CuriousxxxxWith;; An elf girl...?xxxxWearing;;Dress Shoes Headdress Umbrella

Not long after getting completely away from the groups of students, a faint presence of someone behind Alena began to make her paranoid. There were no footsteps, so she didn’t bother to glance behind her shoulder. Was it a ghost?


Ghosts holding grudges often came to her. It confused her as to why. After all she is a bringer of misfortune (at least that is what her parents said at first before completely shunning her), and rumors even warned that banshees could bring your soul to hell. Though, that was an ability only known by the ugly old wrinkly red eyed women that have lived for centuries. It was the ones who looked like they had been rotting in the bottom of a lake for centuries that people needed to avoid, not the younger ones who still had their beautiful youth. All the younger ones could do was scream bloody murder when someone was about to die.

Eventually Alena gave in to looking behind her to catch a glimpse of the ghost, but what she saw was not what she expected. Instead of a ghost, there was a young girl standing in its place. It was a girl who looked to be an elf judging by the shape of her ears. This made Alena interesting. Elves were either extremely interesting, or a huge drag. Which was she?

”Oh dear. I had thought you were a nasty ghost following me.”
The banshee spoke to the stranger, adding a slightly innocent chuckle into the mix. ”You were just so quiet. Or maybe my hearing is going bad already!” Moments of awkward silence passed before Alena tried to speak to her more. ”I’m Alena Diane Elba. Who might you be?” A hand was extended towards the girl for a polite hand shake.

Oh, how she hoped this girl would be fun.
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Dapper Informer

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                                              Tira'allara ;; a.k.a. Tia

                                                      l o c a t i o n ;; path to the fountain
                                                      c o m p a n y ;; alena
                                                      t h o u g h t s ;; ...

                                              Tira'allara felt at ease in the midst of the shrubs and grass. Even the n** in the air was a welcome feeling. It all reminded her of the home she had had to leave. And the parents that were terrified for their little girl. They loved her; that was obvious. But they weren't worried about her physical well-being. Her mother and father both knew she was more than a capable fighter; the best of her race. Instead, they were worried about her mental well-being. Tira'allara was undefeated at hand-to-hand combat; she was in her prime.

                                              Mentally? Not so much.

                                              Hence the reason she was enrolled at Teras Academy. She had no control over the more magical powers she held. Everyone agreed that it was about damn time that she figured them out. Being mute was horrible enough as is, but coming from a family that specialized in telepathy? It was horrible. She could barely handle using her powers for ten minutes let alone long enough to hold a decent conversation with someone or make friends.

                                              An unfamiliar voice pulled her out of her thoughts.

                                              A ghost? Tira'allara couldn't understand how she could be mistaken for a ghost. Surely she held some form of presence? Then again... she hadn't spoken to anyone outside her family before so she couldn't say for certain. Her purple eyes took in the sight before her. The girl seemed chipper and upbeat but with a poisonous aura. Perhaps a form of poltergeist. Or ghost.

                                              Suddenly the stranger thrust a hand at her.

                                              Sigh. It appeared as though she was about to start the long year off on one hell of a bumpy start. Not saying a word the elf took the girl's hand and gently shook it. After she let go of the girl's hand she pointed to her throat before shaking her head. Quickly she pulled out her phone, a parting gift from her parents, and typed for a moment. Once satisfied with her message she held out the screen to the girl before her.

                                              Please to meet you. Call me Tia; no one can pronounce my full name.

                                              As if to prove she wasn't someone to be scared off Tira'allara offered a small smile.

                                              o o c ;; otl

                                              -Sweetest Serenade-
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                                                It was nice having someone to talk to while she waited for her key. The woman behind the desk was kind, too, being very patient while Hannah spelled out her last name. She turned back to Olive as the woman scurried away, finding her key in the storeroom. “You’ve got a lovely name,” Hannah commented, leaning back on the desk. She watched Olive slide back into being invisible, only keeping track of her presence by where her things and her voice were.

                                                “I bet you could be like a ninja. Maybe even sneak some extra cookies at lunch!” Hannah said. Invisibility would certainly come in handy. Being the sort who was usually very visible and drawing lots of attention with her fire made the opposite seem like the better option at times. “That makes sense, I suppose,” she said in response to Olive’s comment on charms. “No reason to make yourself even more invisible than you already are.”

                                                When the subject was on her, she brightened again, displaying a small fireball at the tip of her finger and holding it there. Her flames were her pride and joy. Though going unnoticed could be nice, when someone admired her fire, it put Hannah at her happiest. “I’m a fire elemental. A phoenix, actually. The flames naturally respond to my emotion, though I can also control them, of course.” Hannah casually did a flashy little trick, swirling a flame around her arm, across her back, and down the other arm to the tip of her finger on her left hand.

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