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                                                          The slight bite in the air felt God sent, especially when coupled with the rolled down window, in drive car, and the teen’s head poking out said window. “CALEB! For heaven’s sake get your head back in this car before it rolls all the way back home without your help getting it there!” the disgruntled older male’s voice caused a slight frown to tug on Caleb’s face. “Me thinks you might get a kick outta that “playfully jesting, the long blue hair he cherished masked the priceless expression of anger his father might be having. “In about five seconds you’ll get a kick alright! “The subtle threat only earned an immature snicker from the immature male. Exasperated, the middle aged man at least was to the point where he could pull over the car, at least preventing his tumbling adopted son from having less of a head. Mean…as much as he loved the boy, he was always a handful ever since he was just a mere tot. As the adopted agency had explained to the single father, Caleb wasn’t “normal”. But maybe what they should’ve said was Caleb wasn’t “human”. With a shake of his head, the male went to go turn only to notice with a raised brow, a small dark blue pup in place of his son. “…..Well isn’t that just precious” the brown haired male murmured as the dog wagged its tail in silent agreement.

                                                          …I’m sure even the animal shelter would agre---“before he could finish the male watched in amusement as the pup whined and in a blur was replaced with his pouting son. “Aw come on! That’s below the belt old man!” the teen huffed at the father chuckled. “ All’s fair in fatherhood son, now would you get out? You stall any more and I might the impression you might miss me or something” Caleb’s father teased as the inhuman teen frowned slightly and got out, getting his luggage from the back. “Yeah well…I linger any longer and you may never get hitched, and then you’ll call me all the time telling me what fluffy the cat did today” Caleb smirked at the male lightly glared. “….I didn’t know that, that was supposed to be a cat…..” oh…what a low blow as Caleb gaped. “….you….are a cruel man…” Caleb commented seeing his dad grin slightly. As dysfunctional as they appeared they really did love each other like family, and Caleb always looked up to him as his father. Human or non-human it hadn’t mattered to either of the two, as they soon exchanged good byes after making sure, his luggage, room key, and all the other items he needed were on his person.

                                                          As his father pulled away, the teen mock saluted before gazing up at the school. Before long, a mischievous little grin weaseled on his face. “So….we meet again~” he chuckled, as he started towards the school. Just another year at being at this academy, where things he never knew before existed, stood side by side. ….Like when they had to stand in line for the bathroom for example, as the male looked down at a paper in hand. Let’s see room nine….nine….golden irises flickered about before settling on the desire room. “ Ah ha~ “ he smirked triumphantly before taking out his key and opening the door. “ Lucy I’m home~” he chuckled before quirking a brow. Stepping in he noticed luggage already placed down. Now….either his dad thought he was a dumbass (which might be true he wouldn’t past him) and sent some luggage here or….he had a room mate. At the idea of that he couldn’t help but want to see them, you know see if they were teasing material and all. Teasing was his specialty after all, as he started to place down his luggage. When he was down, and figured he’d just go about the task of unpacking later, aa twisted little idea surfaced in his head. “ Cat huh? ….I bet cha I’m a cute little pup that the girls fawn over and refuse to put down” with ever the little arrogance he possessed he decided why the hell not? In a flash of blue once more, in Caleb’s place, sat a small pomeranian pup. Which while normally that wasn’t too strange, Caleb’s fur was a dark blue hue, something not natural. Then again his own hair was blue naturally it just seemed he retained that quality in shape shifting….well….more like puppy shifting. Stupidly it seemed he hadn’t quite mastered shape shifting yet…if anything he had only this form down pack. Other forms usually had him retain animal like qualities of said animal or…amusingly just turn him back into said pup. But whatever he was cute! And as they said cute equaled girls and girls equaled fawning.

                                                          Wagging his tail at the prospect of attention and hi jinks, the small dog trotted forth from the left ajar door, soon pawing at the door to close it. He secretly wondered with a snickering thought how many people would think he was a student or a simple stray. Hey….you knock it but sometimes people tried to smuggle weird animals in here. He…wasn’t sure why as he kept up his exploration, getting occasional stares and awes much to his tail’s constant wagging. Music to his ears really, as he paused and wondered who would be a good target…..something new….something…..a new student! Oh if he could find one! But it wasn’t like they’d wear a huge sticker saying “Here I am Caleb” even if he’d appreciate that. Whinning faintly, ears soon perked when he looked up books surrounding him. ….When was the last time he was here? …..Not against his will that was for sure, maybe throwing snowballs as he soon tilted his head at faint talking. Ever the curious shape shifter he was he started forth, soon coming across a scene, of an auburn haired girl colliding with another girl? Brown locks, and….what a get up! But hey could he complain look at them both! Adorable! And hey so was he as moved closer, and sat himself comfortably down, making it a point to carefully walk over to a dropped paper, and snatch it in mouth. Sitting on his hind legs he let out a faint whine staring up at both girls. Let the awing and fawning begin, or so he thought. Mean….who could resist a puppy!? Evil people…that’s who.

                                                          Location: Teras Academy // Library
                                                          Currently With: Crash Course cutie (( Sophie )) and Collision cutie (( Elizabeth ))
                                                          Items: Piece of....Paper?
                                                          Love Interest: Teasing's way too damn fun!
                                                          Current Form: Human / Dog

                                                          THE IJIRAQ
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                                                              Simple curiosity? A rather peculiar reason to intrude upon the personal space of another. She didn't seem to be one for manners either. Maurice refrained from a rude statement. Someone had to be the more mature of the two. Curiosity killed the cat. Why did she bother? It was just weird. On top of that, he could've been getting better at this. The blonde across from him was holding him up, as good as her intentions may be. Were her intentions even good? Maurice really couldn't tell.

                                                              Without any kind of warning, the girl snatched the bottle from his hand. "I never said you--" She began talking again, stating he was an elemental. Maurice took his water back. "Yes," he replied, looking to the aqua in the bottle. "I'm an elemental." He was nowhere near a holy race. Nothing of angels or the likes. It'd be interesting, to have wings, but really strong and/or lightweight elementals could propel themselves with air. Maurice couldn't. Not for long at least. Took a lot of energy to go short distances. It was no means of travel.

                                                              "Now what about you?" Maurice inquired, looking back up at the girl. From one side of the glasses, Maurice adjusted their position on his face. "I don't believe you've said much about yourself." Since when was this some interview? What was with all her curiosity anyway. Had she never seen someone use the elements before? Seemed pretty common to him.

                                                              Location;; Cafeteria xxxxxx Company;; Blonde Girl (Skylar) xxxxxx Outfit;; To comexxxxxx
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                      A banshee

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Location;;Path to fountainxxxxFeeling;; ContentxxxxWith;; AlonexxxxWearing;;Dress Shoes Headdress Umbrella

The air was so stiff inside the black car. No one dared to speak. The only noise heard was the fearsome looking man’s heavy breathing playing a duet with the air conditioner. Every now and then the young woman beside him would give a high squeak of a sneeze that would seem to belong with a mouse. Every day was like this; few words ever passed when the girl in the back seat was around- the girl who was the “dear child” of the couple sitting up front.

Ever since that gruesome day three years ago the family bonds had been severed. There was little love for their daughter. Love was replaced with fear. Three years ago their daughter had become a banshee- a monster that only brought misfortune. In their eyes she was dead, as she should have been after that night. This girl in the backseat was simply a ghost to them. A ghost who they would not talk to or even acknowledge her being other than the time she would head back to the boarding school each year. The boarding school for those like her.

While others would dread to return to school, it was a time the banshee looked forward to every year. Here she was able to be herself around those who actually thought of her as a living being. Oddly, she doesn’t tend to hang around those who treat her well thanks to her detestable nature. She tends to push away anyone who didn’t seem to have a snappy side. Anyone who treated her with respect was boring. They didn’t provide any of the needs she longed for.

“Alena.” The man driving broke the silence of the car, but that didn’t change the uneasiness in the air coming from the parents. “We are almost there. Grab your stuff. Here is your schedule and dorm key.” His voice was an annoying monotone. These two parents did not provided any fun for the pale pink haired girl titled Alena. Alena didn’t even bother responding knowing that they would give a bland response. The two didn’t even yell at her when she did something wrong. No fun at all for this banshee.

It didn’t take long for Alena to make her way to the dorm; being here for the third year meant she was well accustomed to where things were. Carrying all of her luggage around was what really slowed her down. It made the ten minute trip into a thirty minute trip. Part of that was her fault for outfit choice, though. Wearing a black frilly lolita dress with rocking horse shoes was definitely not the wisest choice she had ever made. Not to mention she had to hold up an umbrella to keep the sun of her skin. What? She burned easily. Of all the pain she liked, having her skin burned was not among that list. But that was mainly because she hated how charred skin looked. Not cute at all.

With everything all unpacked in the door, it was time for Alena to make her rounds to the fountain. Of all the places in the school, the fountain was her absolute favorite. Watching the water flowing blissfully in the same cycle was rather calming. It provided her with a happiness that didn’t come from being harmed. It was rather hypnotizing. Even when it was raining she would make her way to the fountain.

Before going on her walk, Alena opened up the umbrella to protect her from the rays of the sun. Her pace was slow as she examined all the other students, looking for the types of people she wished to befriend later on.
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                                              Skylar Biné White

                                                      l o c a t i o n ;; cafeteria
                                                      c o m p a n y ;; maurice
                                                      t h o u g h t s ;; perhaps earth...

                                              Soph took in the seemingly defeated look that flashed across the male's face. Must not be all that proud of his race. Odd. It never made sense for her when people were ashamed of what they were. No one could change what they were so what was the point in hating it? Might as well find some joy in it. Oh well. He must have had his reasons.

                                              She ignored his question.

                                              Instead she mimicked the movements she had seen him practicing early. Part of her wondered if a snake being could learn to control water. It would make swim meets more enjoyable. Of that she was sure. At the thought a light smile stretched across her lips. "Make the visitors swim loops... never making it to the end." She snorted at the thought.

                                              Finally she bothered to acknowledge the question he posed.

                                              "Seps. A sort of snake," she said with a shrug. It wasn't anything fancy. To her it always seemed like a glorified naga. But while she wasn't overly impressed with it she wasn't ashamed. Talking about herself was... not her forte. It was hard to try and describe herself; she had such a biased view. Asking Sophie or Saxton would be a better way to learn about her. Not that she mentioned it. A simple shrug and she repositioned the glasses she wore. "So, water's not your strong suit. What is?" It was the only time that she was happy her sister was in the student council. Sophie had been sure to teach her all about the various races that were attending the school. Everything but how to distinguish them that it.

                                              o o c ;; =w=
                                              DJ Double B

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                                            l o c a t i o n ;;Field|| c o m p a n y ;; noone|| t h o u g h t s ;; "What a peaceful place."

                                            Alex was sitting in the passenger seat of his mother’s car as they headed towards the new school. He was a little nervous about attending this school but his mother assured him it would be for the best. His parents were both magic users and wanted him to be in a place where he wouldn’t hide his talents, His mother being a witch while his father was a Mage like himsel., He wondered if there were other magic users at the school he was going to. Alex turned his attention back to the letter he was sent form the headmistress. He read it over a dozen times, yet it was just sinking in that he was going to go to a school where he wouldn't have to hide who he was. He would secretly practice spells he learned with his parents although he strayed away from using lightning or the fire elements since those spells always backfired on him.

                                            The young mage had got his dorm assignment and keys ahead of time so all he had to do was just unpack. Alex had brought his spell book with him which contained spells he learned about. He was good at defensive spells and the wind and earth element although lightning and fire spells were tough for him to use. His mother looked at him with a warm gaze. “You should be fine. The school will help you feel more comfortable. There are people there who have skills like you and form what I hear they will help you better control your powers. “She said in a reassuring tone. He gave her a curt nod. “I know I am just nervous. I don't know anyone here but I will do my best to control my powers. “He told her before putting the letter back in his pocket.

                                            They then arrived at the academy. He got out and his mother popped the trunk. I will miss you honey. Be safe and make sure to make lots of friends. Oh and please learn to use your fire spells more wisely. I really don’t want you to burn the school down. She said in a concerned tone. The male then gave a light sigh. “I won’t burn it down. I will try to make friends. I am sure they are all nice here. “He said to her before giving her a hug. She asked if he needed help with his things and he refused. He was on his own now and he could do it himself. After he took out his bags he waved at her and watched her drive off. Alex looked at the bags and sighed. It was heavy but he did not want to burden his mother. Alex picked up his things and headed to the dorm.

                                            After the seemingly endless walk he finally made it to his dorm. He unlocked the door and saw his roommate had not arrived yet. He went ahead and started putting up his things. When he was done he picked up his spell book and walked outside locking the door behind him. He decided to look over the spells he learned so far and study them. Alex decided to head to the field. When he made it to the bridge he tripped and dropped his spell book. The male sighed before picking his spell book up and walking over the bridge. Alex was a rather clumsy individual. When he arrived at the field he crossed his legs and levitated slightly as he read over the spells.

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                                                Hannah had just touched the first bag when a voice stopped her. She looked around for the source, but saw no one. She noticed she would be at the front of the line if not for the mysterious bag owner. As she opened her mouth to speak however, the girl simply appeared in front of her. Had she used some sort of invisibility charm on herself? Or was she one of those spooky ghosties that could only be seen when she wanted to be? Either way, this was an exciting discovery for Hannah. And such a pretty girl, too!

                                                “Hello!” she said with glee, tiny spurts of fire bursting like small fireworks around her. “Hannah Delacroix, at your service.” Holding out her hand, she continued to beam at the stranger. Perhaps they could be friends. “As for your bags I simply didn’t want someone to take them, so I thought I could check for an I.D. or something like that. I had a bag of mine stolen my first year here… it was awful! Thankfully a well-timed little fire burst taught that thief a lesson.” Hannah winked, giggling at her little story.

                                                She waited patiently while the lady behind the desk found Olive’s key, handing it to her with a small sheet to sign to record that she’d picked it up. Other names were listed above and plenty of spaces were still left below. It seemed like Hannah hadn’t arrived quite as late as she thought. Which came to her as a huge relief, not having to worry about losing time to catch up with old friends.

                                                “So what was that anyway? Are you one of those people who is always invisible or was it a charm? If it was a charm I’d love it if you could teach me, even though my flames would probably give me away pretty quickly,” Hannah said. She giggled again, even though nothing she said was particularly funny. More tiny flames spurted just centimeters away from her hands. Today was just too exciting, she was probably going to be bursting with fire all day. Luckily it was mostly small, harmless little flames. They wouldn't spread too far out or hurt anyone. They were a gentler orange flame, too. You didn't want to be anywhere close to Hannah when she was giving off blue flames.

                                                User Image
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                        SICK TO THE BONEON THE STEPS TO MY HOME
                        xxxxxxxxthe moon shined through the drapery of leaves

                                      "B-But, Missus McClaine...."

                                      The older woman smiled warmly down at the rather petite freshman, patting her cheek. Kamra pouted a bit, holding onto the woman's hand like a lifeline. She was scared to leave. She had never had friends, not outside the hospital anyways. She glanced upward at the woman's face, careful not to catch her eye, and smiled weakly. The woman shushed her lightly, and brought her in for a hug. After a few moments, the woman released the girl, kissed her head, and disappeared into the black car behind her. Kamra watched her drive away, struggling to keep her tears in check.

                                      Quickly, the little golden eyed girl turned and wiped at her eyes. Kamra knelt down and grabbed her few bags, ones that surely outweighed the poor girl. She looked around the school's gate and hesitated a bit, the walls were massive and the architecture rather scary. She chewed at her lip lightly before finally stepping foot inside the school's walls. She walked as quickly as her little feet could take her, heading towards the main building. Mrs. McClaine's notes of information told her that the large blue roofed building would be her first destination. Kamra figured she could make friends later, if at all. When she looked up, she found herself slowing down to join a line. The Houri hesitated, a small frown wavering her mouth. She set her bags down carefully and folded her arms at her waist, looking around at all the different children. She wished that they hadn't been so late, but she had stayed over helping the doctor's with a fracture. She couldn't just leave.

                                      After quite a bit, Kamra finally made it through the line and managed to grab her key and instructions without incident. She shuffled out of the way and headed deeper into the school grounds, glancing around at the different buildings. After a moment she sighed, set her things down, and opened up one of the smaller bags. She took out a folded piece of paper and opened it up with a frown, wrong one. She did this again with a few more before finally finding what she needed, the school map. She glanced at it quickly, seeing that she had been going the wrong way the whole time. Typical for Kamra, if anyone should ask. She sighed lightly and placed the map in her mouth, gathered her possessions, and looked around. She would never find her classes at this rate.

                                      Finally, she had found her dorm room. She opened the door and sniffed, a frown gracing her cherubic face. She had been placed with something strange in her room, a demon of sorts? Not caring to unpack at this moment, she wondered to the window and looked around. Eventually, she pulled out her map and looked at it carefully, studying the different areas she should get comfortable with. Her stomach rumbled lightly, and she wondered if maybe the cafeteria would have some sort of snack or something. It was still early, but she had forgotten to eat. She stuffed the map in her pocket and headed out the door.

                                      Kamra, like always, had managed to get lost. Like some silly girl, she had the map upsidedown, as to where she went right instead of left. She turned the map around, looking rather frustrated as she did so. The cafeteria was a lost cause for now. Where was she? Eventually she turned the map around and realized her mistake. Ugh, she must have bad genes. She was now near the lounge, and figuring it was no worse than anywhere else, headed inside. She looked around and plopped down on a couch, kneading her hands on her lap. She had hoped for a vending machine, she had a few coins to use. Not much, seventy-six cents, but that could buy her a candy bar or something. She sighed lightly and wrapped her arms around her knees, laying her head down on them carefully. This wasn't turning out to be a very good first day.


                                            ( lounge, first floor )
                                            ( null )
                                            ( day one )
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just like you said...

(♔ ♔ ♔)_it's all been done before . . .
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                                    A cool breeze blew across the field and she shifted, turning so that her back faced the unwelcome intrusion. However, her efforts were futile, the wind would stop for no one. Golden feline-like eyes fluttered open in annoyance only to meet the bright azure sky. She got up with a start, all nine of her tails following after her. Oh shi- She had fallen asleep in the field again. Amaya had to admit throughout her three years of school this happened quite a lot. Luckily she had enough wits to shift into her fox form before dozing off. She got up onto all fours and stretched out her sleek frame. Without further delay she trotted in the direction of the academy.

                                    Thank god I had my luggage sent to my dorm. After all she knew first day mornings were better used for catching up with friends rather than the tedious task of unpacking and putting everything in it’s correct place. The nine tailed fox passed a boy she had never seen before as she made her way to the bridge. Freshmeat. And from that book magic based. She mused quietly to herself. Individuals with a range of magical abilities always intrigued her. Well a lot of people that went to Teras interested her, being such a diverse school with special faculty members.

                                    Once on the bridge she shifted to her human form and walked her way onto the courtyard. Amaya smiled and waved to students she recognized, which there were quite a few. Excluding the freshmen of course. She kept most conversations short. After the lovely camping trip she had the night before in the field she was itching for a dip in the pool. She did feel a little dirty and just a tad bit too warm being in her furry state so long. That was funny, too warm, for a nine tailed fox with pyrokinesis.

                                    The young woman pushed open the large glass double doors, spying a familiar redhead by the edge of the pool. That was unusual, sure water was Scott’s prefered element but swimming instead of socializing on the first day? Perhaps something went wrong, to her knowledge all of his siblings attended the academy now.

                                    Amaya shrugged it off and strode in, noticing his shirtless form and the discarded t-shirt nearby. She smiled before wolf whistling in a joking manner while making her way to the water. She kicked off her flip flops and dipped her legs in. “You might want to keep your shirt on before you make some unsuspecting freshmen blush.

                                          () LOCATION The pool.
                                          () COMPANY Scott.
                                          () MOODCalm.

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                                        This announcement is for everyone!

                                        We've been 'open' for a little bit now but I've noticed something rather important. While long posts are perfectly fine they are not mandatory. If inspirations strikes I encourage you to go with it. But if you can't seem to figure out what to include to make a post long please don't fret or be reluctant to post. Please! This roleplay was created in the hopes of being stress free, fun, and relaxed posting. For anyone who is afraid of being dropped because their post was too short please listen close! One liners are pretty much the only thing I won't allow. I will not be kicking people out of this rp for short posts or long ones. So long as you can give your partner something to work with you are perfectly fine!

                                        In case someone is still unsure here's about the length of a reply that should suffice;;
                                                Saxton sunk in his seat. Sex ed day was the worst idea the staff had thought of; ever. Not only was it uncomfortable to be jammed into a small confined space with the rest of the school, being seated boy - girl - boy - girl was worse. All it did was add to the awkwardness and embarrassment. He silently wondered how long he'd be able to take it before his sanity was drained.

                                                "Drowning would be less uncomfortable," he muttered to himself and those sitting next to him.

                                                The presentor's speech ended and a small hope arose in Saxton's heart. God he hoped it was over. But when said presentor pulled out dolls... Saxton's face turned red and he sunk even farther into his seat; hiding his face in his hands. "I'll never ask for anything ever again. Just please make this be over."

                                        The reason this length is acceptable is because there are actions and speech. Both give your partner something to react to and include in their response. Especially since they should also be including something about their own character's mentality. If that makes sense.

                                        Now the other thing I'd like to mention is about posting. I am not going to be a stickler for posting; as I already mentioned in the rules. While I'd prefer people to post once a week I am not going to be keeping a list and checking roleplayers off as they post. That's more work than I plan on doing. Besides, I am not your babysitter. But I really don't want this rp to die! My hope is that because it is lax and without a huge, over-bearing plot, people will be more inclined to post when they have time. That said, this will be the only time that I list those who have posted and those who still need to. Merely because this is the introduction posts and what not. Please, if something comes up let me know so that I can alert partners!

                                        Posted for ;;
                                                xxxxx f r o y o__ DEUX ; sophie white & skylar white & saxton white & scott white
                                                xxxxx DJ Double B ; olive innerot & maurice bishop
                                                xxxxx Cheyah ; selena piper
                                                xxxxx theramblinggirl ; alexander kaspin & hannah delacroix
                                                xxxxx x-EternalAlice-x ; gabriel korbinian & elizabeth nightroad
                                                xxxxx SilentMischief ; caleb young
                                                xxxxx -Sweetest Serenade- ; alena elba
                                                xxxxx iiCrimsonR0se ; alexander calloway
                                                xxxxx Sugoi Butt Prince ; kamra aitheria
                                                xxxxx Californie ; amaya emori

                                        Need to post ;;
                                                xxxxx welian ; emmet slater
                                                xxxxx SilentMischief ; justin cruz
                                                xxxxx Cheyah ; aspen hemmingway
                                                xxxxx The Great Tabby cat ; dylan mitchel
                                                xxxxx Growlee ; ren kimura
                                                xxxxx petite oiseau __ aristina ; misora hihoo
                                                xxxxx kiyomi player ; kevin hwang

                                        Please post when you get the chance! But! Remember that schedules must be posted before IC posts. You do not have to get my approval on your schedule. Just post it. I will check when I am alerted of posts and edit the clubs as needed. Luckily there are only 2 characters that do not have schedules yet. Please post them when you get the chance!
                                        xxxxx Growlee ; ren kimura
                                        xxxxx kiyomi player ; kevin hwang

                                        The last thing I want to announce is that I don't think I will be opening up more slots after the last ones listed are filled. It has nothing to do with wanting to be mean but more to do with the chaos that comes from too many characters and roleplayers. If someone drops I will reopen slots but I think we'll end up sticking with 30 characters total! <3
                                        Expanding off of that I want to let everyone know that there are currently 2 male and 5 female slots still open. And there are two remaining positions on the student council as well. If you wish to have a character on the council please PM me with the name and position you'd like!

                                        And a big thanks to everyone who has joined! I am very excited to roleplay with you all! It seems as though the events listed on the front page will be a blast because of all the wonderful people and diverse characters!





                                        DJ Double B



                                        The Great Tabby cat

                                        -Sweetest Serenade-

                                        sugoi butt prince



                                        petite oiseau __ aristina

                                        kiyomi player

                                        EDIT: Since we are going to end up with 30 characters I advise everyone to quote their partner. It helps make sure posts aren't missed by accident and is a helpful reminder to post. <3

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              xxxxxxxxMore than ever - hour after hour ! xx
              xxxxxxxxxxWorkxx is xx neverxx over

                                                              The girl wasn't one for answering his questions either. Seps. She seemed to just shrug off her race. Had she no confidence in who she was? Not like she could change it... Well whatever. Maurice wasn't going to pry into it. Wasn't his job to get her to like herself. He twisted the cap back on his bottle, pushing it aside for now. It didn't seem as though he'd be getting anything done, which kind of sucked. He'd have to try again tomorrow or something. Maybe later tonight in his dorm, assuming his roommate never shows up, which is rather unlikely. Maybe he could go to the bridge, work by the stream before he had to be in bed.

                                                              His strong suit? "Earth." He had just said he was good with Earth. This girl was beyond strange. "A bit of air as well." Maurice's facial expressions seldom changed. Even here, talking about earth and air, he carried the same expression he always had. Earth had always been what he was best at by far. The next best was air, and sometimes, it came pretty close. Far behind were water and fire. Perhaps it's a personality thing. Those best with fire are usually more reckless. Water was a bit more of 'going with the flow' so to speak. Made sense with elementals he knew, but Maurice was still unsure about that. "So, why are you asking all these questions?" Made little logical sense to Maurice why she would keep asking meaningless things.

                                                              Location;; Cafeteria xxxxxx Company;; Blonde Girl (Skylar) xxxxxx Outfit;; To comexxxxxx
f r o y o__ DEUX's avatar

Dapper Informer

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


                                              Saxton Bané White

                                                      l o c a t i o n ;; lounge 1
                                                      c o m p a n y ;; kamra
                                                      t h o u g h t s ;; where'd she come from?

                                              Saxton hadn't heard the girl enter the lounge. Even after she plopped down onto the couch he didn't notice her. It was when he felt his phone buzz and awoke to see her high above him that he realized the lounge wasn't his anymore. Sitting up, after having fallen asleep on the fuzzy green rug, Saxton pulled his phone out and rolled his eyes at the text from his 'father'. Funny. He could have sworn that he told the man he was no father of his. Guess the silent treatment would have to fill in the old b*****d in.

                                              Shoving the phone back in his pocket he looked up at the girl. "Yo." Pulling his legs under himself he stood up and stretched. Sure, the rug was soft. But it was not a good place to fall asleep. Much to his dismay. But he shrugged it off.

                                              Without asking he sat down beside the girl who was folded in on herself. Raising a curious eyebrow he jerked his head upwards. "What's got you so worried?" At least he thought she seemed worried. Her posture sure gave that feel. But he wasn't exactly a pro at reading people. He'd never openly admit it but that was more his brother's jurisdiction.

                                              o o c ;; haha... otl

                                              Sugoi Butt Prince
f r o y o__ DEUX's avatar

Dapper Informer

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                                              Skylar Biné White

                                                      l o c a t i o n ;; cafeteria
                                                      c o m p a n y ;; maurice
                                                      t h o u g h t s ;; huh...

                                              Earth. Huh. Skylar found that peculiar. It was the same thing she was able to mess with. Not well, of course, but well enough. All of this intrigued the orange haired female. While she had been attending the academy for more than a year she hadn't encountered an elemental before. Not that she knew of. She wasn't usually one to inquire about personal things such as race or orientation.

                                              It was Saxton and Sophie that had managed to instill the curiosity in her this year.

                                              Leaning down on the table she made swirly patterns on the table with her finger. "Why not?" She didn't see the problem with asking a few questions. What was his issue with them anyhow? If he didn't want to answer all he had to do was say so. "Do you have friends?" Everything about the male just screamed 'go away'. It was odd. Skylar couldn't seem to fathom him being close to anyone. Why else would he be so rigid at her presence?

                                              o o c ;; hehe... awkward children
                                              DJ Double B

User Image
the little mermaid

                      So here she was again, except the only thing different was nothing. It wasn't exactly intentional, but
                      in a sense, it was no accident either. This cheeky brat who often says more than she should, who
                      tends to insult more than compliment ... had got stuck in another year of being a freshman. She
                      didn't mind being stuck as a freshman again, but hearing her mother and father and sisters tell
                      her off that they didn't let her on the surface city to goof around, she told herself
                      she needed to get serious. She didn't wanna be back in the ocean water again, it was a rather
                      dull thing. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, as she did live on land, but it was always near
                      the ocean. She didn't like that. Unlike her mother and father and siblings, she was the oddball
                      who, despite her race, hated water. There were always dangerous creatures everywhere, she
                      says (but she can control them to not have them attack her right away) and it was rather dull

                      BUT. Going to this place was great. Even if she doesn't show it well, she was quite excited her
                      first year, seeing many other types of people 'like' her in a sense. But they were also different,
                      too. Much more fascinating than the merfolk she was forced to live around in her childhood. Last
                      year, she had the pleasure of becoming a nurse's aide, the only thing she actually gave the
                      most attention to. She liked learning how 'normal people' would bandage others up as well as
                      learning how to mend other magical wounds too. She disliked playing with the inventory, but
                      managed to trick herself into having fun anyway. Still, being back here again, even as a freshman
                      once more, she figured she might as well have fun again as much as she can.

                      That being said, after dropping off her items, she went to go and explore around the building.
                      There was nothing to really do, but to just explore, the first day always being the most boring
                      most of the time. She seldom made herself go out due to laziness, but she figured, it's been
                      quite a while since she last swam, seeing as she was kicked out for a while by her parents until
                      she advanced to the next grade and refused a home with her parent's friends. She probably needs
                      to go and make sure she's not rusty, or she'll be the first mermaid to actually drown. ( She's
                      kidding, but a swim wouldn't hurt. ) However, she stopped in her footsteps to see as she entered
                      a few familiar face(s?) The male, swimming shirtless, she recognized immediately as Scott,
                      the captain of the soccer team she helps out with. She kinda liked him ( bugging him anyway )
                      and she thinks he was okay with her. Either way, never really stopped her from it. When she
                      heard the female spoke (she vaguely recognized her), she put her hands up to her face in a
                      calling out position and, from the door, yelled out, " Kyan! ~ A senpai is shirtless, how vulgar! "
                      while keeping her face straight with no real excitement

User Image
mood - bored > teasingxxx location - hallways > pool
status - senpai is not socializing. wut? xxx company - snakey - senpai ( scott ) && female senpai ( amaya )

ooc :: i am so sorry, i tried. it's not so bad, but it's not good either?
f r o y o__ DEUX's avatar

Dapper Informer

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                                              Scott Bené White

                                                      l o c a t i o n ;; pool
                                                      c o m p a n y ;; misora & amaya
                                                      t h o u g h t s ;; well well

                                              How long was Saxton going to blame Scott for their parents' situation? It was getting a bit ridiculous. Especially since this morning's argument had ended with Sophie intervening. He knew Saxton hated him, he knew Skylar wouldn't speak to him, but Sophie was the only one who didn't seem to hate his guts. For things to get bad enough for her to step in though... Saxton had really stretched her nerves. Groan. Hopefully a quick dip would help clear his mind.

                                              He had socializing to do.

                                              Running a hand through his hair he smiled at his reflection in the water before pulling his shirt over his head. He missed the water. More than he cared to admit. But his joy was short lived. The sound of a female's voice echoing in the pool house made him turn around. He smirked. It was the sight of the female standing in the door that brought back his good mood. "Now, why would I deprive my underclassmen from such a fantastic view?" A laugh left his lungs and he put his hands in his pockets.

                                              Another female spoke.

                                              Yet again he laughed. It seemed as though he truly was a chick magnet. He liked it. "Aw, don't act like you aren't enjoying the view," he cooed. Holding a hand out he smiled at both girls. "Care to join me in a swim."

                                              o o c ;; haha, poor scott... ;D


                                              petite oiseau __ aristina
DJ Double B's avatar

Learned Cultist

Olive Elysia Innerot

              User Image xxxxxxxxx Well here we are again.
              xxxxxx ▏It's xx always xx such xx a xx pleasure ~
              xxxxxxxx Remember when you tried to
              xxxxxxxxxxxx Kill xxx Me xxx Twice xx? xxxx
              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
              xxxxxxxxOh, how we laughed and laughed ! xx
              xxxxxxxxxxExcept xx I xx wasn't xx laughing.

                                                              Turns out, the chick was friendly. Extremely friendly. And just watching over her bag. Theft kinda sucked. The ghost grabbed her key and schedule, signing for both. Olive smiled, moving out of the line so the next person could get up there. "Oh, well thanks!" Olive said to the girl known as Hannah. "I'm Olive. Olive Innerot." She shook her hand with a smile before stretching and fading back into invisibility again. It was a bit of work to keep that up. And being seen wasn't always fun. It was easier to skip class and walk around when you were constantly invisible. And then scaring people~ Ah, how Olive loved it! Of course, the few people she really wanted to frighten were able to see her at all times. That damn medium.

                                                              Speaking of invisibility, Hannah began asking of it, flames spurting from her hands. . . . Was there something wrong with her or does she just always do that? "Always invisible!" Olive replied. "Even then, I don't know any charms for it. Never bothered learning it." What was the point? Become more invisible? That was just a waste of time. She needed to have more endurance. Maintain what she could do. Hence she signed up for power maintenance. She didn't need power. "What's up with your hands?" Olive inquired, gesturing to the flames. Of course, she wouldn't see the gesture, but Olive didn't think much on that.

                                                              Location;; Main Office xxxxxx Company;; Hannah xxxxxx Outfit;; Day Onexxxxxx

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