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Grace looked at Soul and smiled. Maybe... Cass started chewing on Graces shirt.
Soul smiled. "But be careful, darling, Cass might eat all of your shirts. hey, that might be what makes him diffrent. Eats shirts."
Grace looked at Cass frowning. Or maybe mom should feed him. Angel smiled, grabbing him and feeding him. Jack appeared in the kitchen and walked to his room shutting his door behind him quietly. Grace felt his sadness and looked at Angel alarmed. What's wrong with my brother? Where did you send him? He had a taste of reality. He'll be fine... Eventually...
Soul smirked some. "After years of theropy." he mumbled to himself.
Grace sighed. I think you should go talk to him... Angel smiled. I will... Just not tonight.
Soul looked at Angel. "My only question is, why did you tell him to go to his room, but then tell him once he was done seeing those things, he was to go to Nightmare's kids house. isnt that a bit confusing on where to go??"
Angel sighed. Me telling him to go to their house canceled out me tell him to go to his room. Well he left... So he probably came back to get some clothes. Cass yawned and closed his eyes. Angel cuddled him and stood up, taking him to the triplets room and putting him in his crib.
Soul smiled and picked up Serenity and Serena, putting one on each shoulder under his hair so their faces and arms were showing, and he ran around going "Weee!!!"
Serenity and Selena squealed and giggled. Grace yawned watching them.
Soul stopped and looked at Grace, frowning some. "Do you wanna ride dad's shoulder's hair too?? Your sisters seem to be in love with my long hair."
Grace laughed and shook her head. No.... I'm not as fascinated with your hair as they are...
Soul made a puppy dog face at her. "Aaw...But its all warm...fussy....fluffy and nice. Isnt that right girls?" he said looking at the two on either shoulder.
"um im not sure. my mom said that they will find us" Alex said looking around. Something was moving around them
Serenity and Selena both giggled in agreement. Grace sighed, tired and a little irritated about the girls. Nope. Not interested.

Sin sighed. I feel them....
Soul sat down next to Grace, frowning a bit. "Whats wrong, Gracy-poo. You know you can tell me anything."

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