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Sin shrugged. Because we are angels, we heal fast. We could physically tell that she was attacked and she never told us exactly what happened. She never wanted to talk about it. Maybe she would tell you if you asked but I don't think she forgave us for any of it.
Snow.kissed him. I'm glad to know that.

Angel smiled. Well... It seems like noone will get sleep, except for maybe jack and grim. Jack opened up his door. I don't even want my name in your mouth! You're dead to me! Angel looked in his direction. Jack? I want you to see me in the kitchen for a second. No. It wasn't a option. I'm telling you to. I don't want to. Jack Night Reaper! In the kitchen, now! Angel said and got up off the floor. Jack stomped into the kitchen and angel walked in behind him. Jack opened his mouth to say something but Angel put her hand up. I don't want to here your voice right now. It's my turn to talk. He opened up his mouth again and she shook her head. No, really. Shut up. I'm done jack. I was going to wait it out and let you be angry at me but I can't do it. This is ridiculous. I am your mother and you don't have to agree with my decisions but you I as sure as hell expect you to respect me. So here is what's going to happen, I'm going to send you through all the different senairios that could have happened had I not have done what I have done and then afterwards you can go to your room and stay there. I don't want you talking to me, I don't want you to fast anything to anyone. In fact, I want you to stay with sin, layla and kyle for the next three days thinking about this. When you have done that, then you can come home and we can talk about it. She said then made him disappear to a realm so he could see what would happen. Angel walked back into the livingroom and sat down.
Alex nods "ok next time i see her i'll ask her" he said looking at Sin
Sin sighed. Good luck. We're here.... He said as the scenery changed.
Soul smiled at Angel, putting an arm around her. "Your so meen to the twins. I understand why, but it's goin to chase it away."
Angel frowned at him. I am not mean to them. They are the oldest, I expect more of them. Besides, what I just did hardly qualifies as mean. I'm just showing him what would've happened. Selena crawled out of Angel's lap and onto the floor. Angel looked at her. Do you hate mommy too? Selena looked at her and smiled.

"ok" Alex said as he looked around. The forest was dark and had a lingering sense of death in the air "this is my first time here and i already dont like it" Alex said shaking a bit
Sin looked around and shrugged. You'll get used to it. What are we supposed to be looking for?
Soul chuckled some. "And that would be a no." he said, kissing Angel's neck some. "The triplets are just happy your back." he said watching the triplets crawl around.
Angel smiled. They are so adorable. Cassius crawled on top of Grace and kissedher. Grace giggled. Hi Cass.
Soul laughed some. "And they love their older sister too."
Grace giggled. We have our favorites. Cass is mines. Serenity is Grims. And Selena of course is Jacks.
Soul smiled. "I never knew you guys took favorites."
Grace sighed. We had to. Selena chose Jack and Grim and I can't share anything... Angel nodded. That sounds... Logical.... What made you choose Cassius?Grace looked down at Cass and mumbled. Something Jack said... She looked at Angel. Besides, Cass is way cute.
"Now, why did I have a feelig that was the reason for you picking him all together." he said smiling.

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