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Was this how it was really going to be....Second semester of the year and was he happy to be
back here? Well if he said he was he would be lying if he said he was. hopefully there wouldn't
be a bag search. That was something he was counting on but then again the teachers never
really had time for something like that so he was most likely home free. Surprisingly his parents
were both Caucasian rather than Asian and they were both women. Yeah he was adopted but he
didn't have any sucky sob story about how his parents died. Nope they had gone back to Asia
Due to his antics they had disowned him. ******** assholes and he had been left with two
women. Yeah he had a mother and a mother now. Slipping out of the car at the entrance he let
out a growl as one of them slipped out of the car to give him a hug. "Yeah are you done?" he
questioned lightly rolling his eyes. Glancing towards the begs the other woman had left on the
side of the road. Yeah it wasn't like he didn't need help with them. It wasn't too long before they
drove off once again leaving him in this hell hole.

Not that he really cared too much about school rules but he tended to keep his tattoos covered
to avoid stupid questions about them. That was one thing he usually couldn't take it was
annoying but then again it usually wasn't hard to get this hot head a little warm under the collar.
A couple of large bags swung over his shoulders he headed towards the dorms. Room four well
he knew who his room mate was and he wasn't all that bad if he was he would have been
sleeping out in the damn hall. As for who was one side of him there was a loud d**k and a lazy
p***k the other side.....Well he didn't really hear much from there. So that wasn't his problem. It
wasn't too long before he slipped into his room dropping his stuff on one of the beds claiming it
for himself. Since he usually had the same bed every year. That was when he decided to unpack
or rather unpack the essentials. Alcohol was hidden under and between his clothing three bottles
maybe. It was all he could get over the holiday.

Once that was done he made his way back out of his room to see who he could find. Hopefully
someone who would be interesting and wouldn't be annoying as hell. Even better if they were
hot. Oliver almost felt himself smirk as he stepped back outside the breeze definitely felt nice.
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"Was ist mit dir in die Hölle gehen? Versuchen Sie, mich erneut zu
analysieren Ich schwöre es wird das letzte, was du verdammt tun."
The dark haired male
growled at his mother as she was trying her crazy psycho analyst episode. His eyes narrowed
slightly. He knew he was most likely going to be late but he was beyond caring about that at this
point. Grabbing his bag he pushed himself to his feet. "We aren't finished." His mother
complained only to get the worst death glare he could muster making the woman flinch slightly.
"Vell I zink ve are." he replied his thick German accent seeming to just roll off
of his tongue effortlessly. It was then that he made his way to his front door pushing it open and
making his way towards his car hopping in it wasn't long before he was on his way to school.

Why exactly did he have to go to this s**t hole? Well because no other school would accept him
with his record of physical and mental torment. Staying away from home and with a room mate
was certainly problematic. Lets hope the one he had this year wasn't annoying or he might just
get his throat slit in his damn sleep. Lets just hope it didn't come to that but then again it would
make the year a little more......Interesting.

At least he didn't have to worry about his stuff since it had been brought yesterday. It was time
to say goodbye to freedom now he guessed. This place was kind of like a prison at times. It just
needed the cells and bars on the windows. The thought almost made him chuckle. Slipping a
small box out of his pocket he put it up to his lips as he sat in his car in the car park using his
lips to pull a cigarette out then came the lighter lighting it it took a relieving drag opening his
window a crack to let the smoke escape.

He should really go on a search for someone who could amuse him. Jericho didn't really do well
at all especially when he was alone and bored. Much like now. It tended to make him.....restless
and that was never a good thing at least he had a cig for now but he still needed to take his
medication it stopped him from getting too uncontrollable and that was certainly a bad thing.
Usually he was calm and collected if anything slightly.....intimidating but without them he was
prone to various accounts of violence. Glove box that was what he wanted leaning over he pulled
it open pulling out a small tube of pills and slipping them into his pocket.

((OOC: Bleh another sucky starting post. I always hate them

Was ist mit dir in die Hölle gehen? Versuchen Sie, mich erneut zu analysieren Ich schwöre es wird das letzte, was du verdammt tun. - How about you go to hell? Try to analyse me again I swear it will be the last thing you ******** do.))

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                                                      Flynn had to admit he was slightly surprised by Kiki's reaction as he just dug his hands into his
                                                      pocket. He felt her slide er arms around him pulling him into a hug, the dark haired male's eyes
                                                      narrowed slightly did she have to do this? Well most likely not but then again he was pretty sure
                                                      it was....normal right especially after not seeing someone in a while. He only struggled for a
                                                      moment until he realized she wasn't going to be letting him go until she was done squeezing the
                                                      life out of him. "Kiki your crushing me." he commented It wasn't until she started puling his head
                                                      from side to side that one of his hands moved out of one of his pocket to try and bat her hands
                                                      off his face. He didn't like being pulled and tugged around like that. "Kiki let go." he complained in the bored sounding tone she was most likely so used to. At least she hadn't started to
                                                      sexually harass him yet right?

                                                      Flynn, I missed you! How was your break, was it good? What did you do? Oh and look at my new tattoo!

                                                      She missed him. The dark haired male gave her a shrug. "There wasn't much to miss." He
                                                      replied raising one of his hands to lightly toy with the tips of her faded blue locks. "Are you going
                                                      to let them fade?"
                                                      he questioned almost trying to change the subject of them missing each
                                                      other. He kind of did miss her as much as he wouldn't admit it. It seemed as though she had
                                                      already done that though how was his break. Giving her a small shrug. "it was okay I went back
                                                      to Ireland to visit my grandparents."
                                                      Now he was sure that might be something that the blonde
                                                      wouldn't know about him. That he was Irish. It really did seem like a thousand questions didn't it
                                                      lightly he shook his head she seemed to realize that and promptly shut up. "Yeah it looks good."

                                                      Lightly rubbing the back of his head for a moment it was then that he leaned in slightly giving the
                                                      blonde a small peck on her cheek they were at that stage right? They knew each other well
                                                      enough. Well it had been one semester that they had properly been talking unless you counted
                                                      him trying to avoid her before that. When he found her painfully annoying. He was definately
                                                      surprised when she gave him a bag....or a couple of bags.

                                                      So, uh the blue one is from me and the green is from Sher. We can go and check on her and that way we could open everything together.

                                                      He peeked into one and then the other it sort of put what he had gotten them to shame hadn't it?
                                                      jewellery, Watch Clothing and a knife from both Kiki and Sheridan....Him he had gotten them a
                                                      pin.....He almost felt embarrassed that it was all he had gotten them. he guessed that some of
                                                      the gift cards he had gotten could make that up right? "I ugh.....Thank...you." he replied almost
                                                      hoping she didn't ask him what he had gotten her. There was then the suggestion of going to see
                                                      Sheridan. "Yeah that sounds good I'm worried about her." he said unsure of what else to say
                                                      about it. He was pretty sure that the red head wouldn't want Kiki knowing hell she most likely
                                                      wouldn't want him knowing what she had been doing over the winter break......That just made it
                                                      that much worse. Just as he span around motioning for Kiki to go first that was when he noticed
                                                      a woman he hadn't seen before. Well that was interesting. She looked like she was heading in
                                                      about the same direction as they were.
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Location « outside of school Thoughts « Where the flip is my lighter? Feeling « Pissed off Wearing « Clothes

With one more stick of tape against the wall, the last of her posters were hung up. It was pretty funny scene to see if anyone looked into the dorm room. Have of the room was covered with posters of bands, pictures of her and her friends, tattoo designs that she drawn on multiple canvases. There was even a couple of pictures of herself in pin-up. Journey smiled when she saw her handy work. She was quite proud of what she got done in such a short time. Her bags were unpacked and placed in a storage closet, her clothes were folded neatly and in drawers, her mattress set, a orange and blue striped, was covering her bed. For someone that looked all dark and seemed all dark, she was in love with bright colors.

She sat on the bed for a few minutes, thinking that her roommate was going to show up. Well...she never did. Getting pretty bored with just sitting there, she felt like she needed a smoke. Her small fingers reached into the small whole she cut into the mattress, manuevering around the springs, she found her pack of cigerettes she hid. Journey felt like this school was a joke if they didn't even check bags of a whole bunch of delinquents. She stood up, stretched her arms, and then placed the pack of cigarettes down in her leather knee length skirt, settling it in the red lacy thong she was wearing underneath.

Didn't take her long to get outside, find a bench close to the parking lot, and pulled out the carton. Her orange sparkly lighter usually sat nicely in the carton, yet was no where to be seen. "Son of a b***h, I'm going to kill that ********!" The person she was referring to was her best friend, Leslie. The last person to borrow a smoke from Journey, and obviously stole Journey's favorite lighter. Journey instantly grew pissed and sat back against the bench, feeling defeated. All she wanted was a calming dip in nicotine pool. Now all she had was a unlit cig in her mouth and feeling dumb.

That is until she saw a small puff of smoke coming from a parked car in the parking lot. Smoke equals cigerette which equals lighter. Her feet instantly hit the sidewalk and she half walked, half run to Jericho's car. When Journey looked in throught the window, she noticed a handsome boy reaching into the glove box, pulling out what seemed like a medicine tube you get at pharmacy. She didn't really care what he was doing, her mind was settled on the lighter he had. Her hand curled up into a fist and she lightly knocked on the window, placing a flirtacious smile on her face."Hey...I was wondering if I could borrow your lighter." Journey lifted her cig up to the window to show him why she wanted the lighter. She kept her eyes on him, checking him out from head to toe, not doing anything to hide that she was.

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"Hey...I was wondering if I could borrow your lighter."

There was a knock on his window. Someone coming to bother him so early in the morning. Well
weren't they lucky he already taken his medication before he arrived at school. Letting his eyes
slowly trail towards the window he let out a small smirk. Oh well wasn't this interesting and the
smile she was giving him. So she wanted a lighter. He held it up although the gap in the window
was a little too small for her to get her hand in. hell he was pretty sure she would only be able to
get her fingers in. She was someone that he hadn't seen last term. He would have remembered
those piercing green eyes. Wasn't that a shame. Cocking his head to the side he motioned to
the passengers seat. Might as well give her somewhere to relax a little right?

"And what do I get in exchange for the lighter?" he questioned raising an eyebrow. Jericho wasn't
really one for doing favors and something told him that this woman would be a good fun. There
was just one problem......Kali she didn't play well with others. She didn't like to share. He was
surprised she hadn't seen her yet. But he would have to deal with that when it came this was
way more fun that sitting in his car alone after all. It seemed like he was one of the few people
who actually had their own transport but then again it wasn't like his mother could stop him
right? She might be a psychiatrist but Jer wasn't very compliant to her at least. "So I don't think I
have seen you before. Its surprising."
With that the dark haired male's eyes narrowed slightly.
Maybe surprising wasn't the most accurate word to describe it people tended to stay away from
him. He was unpredictable for the most part even more so when he hadn't had his medication.

Physical punishment it wasn't really his thing but it didn't mean he couldn't deal it out. He was
more of a mental punishment that left more scars after all. he couldn't help but notice that she
was checking him out though she was being maybe a little too obvious for his liking. Almost
taking that as an invitation he let his eyes trail down her body. At least what he could see of it,
Leather quite a lot of leather. The dark haired male couldn't help but lick his lips. She certainly
looked like she could be an amusing toy. "What got you sent here?" he asked raising an
eyebrow as he waited for her to take his invitation of his passengers seat.

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Johnny found he didnt mind the food for what it was, and grabbed a bowl of soup, some salad, some mystery meat, a bit of mash potatoes, a bit ofthis a bit of that and went over to an empty spot at the table and began munching down. while eating thoughts ran through his head that made himself shiver. he looked around to make sure no one was trying to come over and threaten him, or try to make fun of his size. he smiled and continued happily with his meal he liked being alone, no one got hurt. he wondered if he could make peace offerings with his room mate as well. he had more than enough snacks and drinks, though he frowned most likly most of these kids are into all sorts of bad habbits. he corrected himself when he noticed he was talking to himself and reacting too much so he finished up his meal and went for a bit of ice-cream.

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Location « Jericho's car Thoughts « What a handsome man... Feeling « Happy and grateful Wearing « Clothes

When the boy held up the lighter, she was instantly happy. She will be soon tasting the sweet taste of nicotine. She tried to place her hand through the window's crack, yet didn't get that far with how small the crack is. Her face covered in a grimace, thinking he was messing around with her, yet she had another fantastic smile for him when she saw him c**k his head towards the passenger seat. Without a word, she walked over to the passenger door, opened it, and slid into the car. She was about to grab the lighter when he spoke.

"And what do I get in exchange for the lighter?"

So...he wanted to play like that. Journey was well known back home for being the town flirt. Even the town slut, which she didn't really have a care what people called her. She loves sex and she didn't care who knew that about her. She crossed her legs, as best as she could in the car and licked her bright red lips at him before smiling sweetly."For you handsome boy, whatever you please." Journey leaned over and got really close to Jericho. Only an inch seperated them, yet she grabbed the lighter from his hand, and pulled back, settling into her seat, lighting the cig, and taking a puff. Ahh sweet nicotine. Her mood instantly became better and a smile stayed plastered on her face.

"So I don't think I have seen you before. Its surprising."

Journey took another puff of the cigarette before letting out the smoke and answering."Well I would be surprised if you ever have seen me before. It's my first year year. Even my first time in Cali." She glanced at him, noticing the narrowing of his eyes and looked back out at the school entrance. Journey sat back and laid her head on the head rest, closing her eyes. For years people told her that she was a little to comfortable with strangers. Already she got in a car with one, is flirting with one, and now letting her eyes off of one. People would call her reckless, Journey just says shes very trusting. Plus she always had a small knife hidden between her breasts. Breasts. Woman's on person safe.

"What got you sent here?"

For a second, Journey just sat there, really thinking if she should tell this guy why the reason she was sent here. Going back to the memory of being bare a** naked, laying on the math teacher's desk, legs sprawled wide, and seeing the principal behind the math teacher wasn't a really great memory. She decided she would just do it and see how this guy takes it."Principal of my last school caught me having sex with the math teacher. The teacher lost his job, I was sent here. Along with a weed accident and burning the school garden down. But teacher reason is number one reason I'm here." Journey opened one eye of hers and looked at the guy, taking another puff. "Journey. Thats my name by the way."

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Kali Aleydis Beckett_______________
_______________"It's not about fitting in - it's about sticking out."

And you,
you're addicted to the drug of lust.
De-toxing the cold sweat of shame.
And I love your pain.

User ImageYuck. As much as Kali hated home, she hated school too. The whole 'do this, do that' no matter where she was, it was wasted on her. People often complained that if she'd spent more time following the rules rather than bending them, she wouldn't be in so much trouble. She didn't understand what the problem was - why should she conform to what other people wanted her to be. Why couldn't she do what made her happy?

What wasn't making her happy was this damn car journey - the mere thought of being trapped within a four-wheeled monstrocity was enough to make her feel nausious, never mind actually being in one. It seemed her brother, who was driving, was taking full advantage of the situation, going the bumpiest route possible, teeth clenched each time gravity was being defied. Hands balled into fists, this a*****e was going to get it when the car stopped. But of course, she couldn't show any sign of weakness. Not to anyone. Taking a deep break, a smirk formed on those lips of hers, lips coated in her favourite purple lipstick. I am Kali Aleydis Beckett, and I am unshakeable. Hell, if it wasn't for the fact that both adored their mother, this a*****e would be back in hospital already. Possibly the morgue.

Soon the car stopped, Kali feeling relieved as she jumped out the car, grabbing her stuff. She'd chosen a rather casual outfit for the first day - nothing overly quirky or mindblowing. Still, she managed to catch the sneer of her brother, his eyes scanning over her before being all bitchy, "You look like a whore." he'd said, Kali's immediate reaction being to roll her eyes. Okay, so yes her shirt exposed her stomach just a little, but who really gave a ********? She didn't. "Really? The first words you've said to me all day, and they just happen to be a put-down? Aren't you just ******** Fabulous?" Kali spat back, the use of his name appearing to piss off the boy to no end, which in turn amused Kali to no end. Their parents simply had the belief that a strong name can make a strong person. She was just lucky in comparison to her siblings. There was no doubt in either of their minds that he was waiting on Kali exploding at him, just so he can carry on the cherade that he was such a nice person, that she was just evil. Kali wasn't going to fall for it that easily - he could throw whatever s**t he wanted in her direction since the simple fact was that she'd end up taking it all out on Jericho anyways. "Funny... because I can say that you make me sick, and mean it." Kali rolled her eyes at the insult. How weak. This was going on too long. "You know what? I've had enough of your bullshit. Last time, I made you sick. Next time, you probably wont be so lucky. Got it?" and with that, she walked away, dragging her stuff with her.

So of course, things weren't going to go down well when she spotted Jericho's car, some little b***h eying him up, and it wasn't like he was innocent - he was doing the same thing! If he honestly thought he could get away with that, he was sadly mistaken. The sad little fact was that Jericho was her toy and she didn't like sharing her toys, they always ended up dirty afterwards and Kali simply wasn't going to allow that. Ugh, it seemed that she was right on time as that girl was now climbing into his car. On the warpath, Kali went over to the car and swung the driver's door open, a look of fury written all over her features. "Get your lighter back, then give it to me." she demanded as she shuffled around on his lap, having a little dig around to see if she could find anything even remotely sharp. Oh boo hoo if she ruined the moment. They were just lucky that she hadn't ruined their faces... yet. "Give me your lighter, so I can burn the b***h. And don't think you're getting off easy, Jer. Traitor." she'd hissed, sharply elbowing him, an additional thought popping into her head as the thought that she was going to be doing way worse things than elbowing him. No doubt that he knew that, too. "Oh, and you're staying with me tonight. I don't have another room mate yet." she'd added, a smirk passing over her features as she remembered just how she'd drove the past one away. "Besides, it's an insult to allow you to stay in the boys dorms anyways. You aren't like them..." she'd muttered with a shrug. It had sounded like a fairly okay thing... until she finished. "...You just don't have the balls that they do."

_____________________________OOC: Outfit in picture.
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Jericho couldn't help but chuckle as he watched Journey trying to get her hand though the small
gap of the open window. She didn't look happy at all until of course he offered her his passengers
seat. She almost made a bee line for it pulling the door open and sliding into the car next to him.
At least he was getting a better look now....Hmmm short skirt and those boots they were
amazing. She seemed to like showing her legs or at least form what he could see at the
moment. He wondered what her reaction would be to his question though. Watching her legs
cross his eyes trailed from her legs back up to her plump red lips as she licked them then up to
meet her gaze again.

"For you handsome boy, whatever you please."

Whatever her pleased? Hmmm wasn't that fun. He thought for a moment his attention being
brought back to the dark haired woman as she leaned in giving him a nice opportunity to let his
arm slide past her his hand moving to rest comfortably on her butt. Her lips dangerously close to
his before she stole the lighter off of him pulling herself back. Well wasn't she a little tease.
Jericho gave her butt a light squeeze as he pulled it back moving it to roughly grip onto her chin.
"Whatever I please?" He repeated mainly to confirm that she had really said that. "Well what are
you offering?"
he continued a devious gleam shining in his eyes, it was then he let go of her
leaning back giving her a little space to think about it. It would be interesting to see what she
came up with. At least she was smoking now she seemed a little eager when she was trying to
put her hand though the window. Hmmm maybe he would make her work for the lighter next time
she needed it that would be amusing.

"Well I would be surprised if you ever have seen me before. It's my first year year. Even my first time in Cali."

Hmm Well that made sense. He was pretty surprised she hadn't commented on his accent it
was rather strong usually his W's came out as V's and his Th's came out as Z's. At times it was
rather hard to understand him. She seemed to get maybe a little too comfortable with him rather
quickly that was surprising. "You know most people wouldn't trust someone like me as quickly
as you seemed to."
he said raising an eyebrow mainly to see what she would say to that but
now it was a case of finding out how she got here....She looked way too cute to be a fighter but
then again looks could be deceiving.

"Principal of my last school caught me having sex with the math teacher. The teacher lost his job, I was sent here. Along with a weed accident and burning the school garden down. But teacher reason is number one reason I'm here."

"Journey. Thats my name by the way."

Hmm a reason and her name. he must be on a roll there. "Jericho." he replied although he was
trying to take in what she had just told him. It was unusual to hear usually it was fights that
people were sent here for. Him on the other hand it was a rather nice mix of both physical and
mental torture. The door seemed to fly open and before any words even came out of the person's
mouth he knew that it was Kali. He couldn't help but smirk slightly. maybe he shouldn't find it
amusing to piss her off but he kind of did.

"Get your lighter back, then give it to me."

He pryed his eyes away from the dark haired woman a grin spreading across his features.
"Shouldn't you be asking......Journey for the lighter?" he questioned since she
hadn't given it back to him. he was slightly surprised when she climbed into his car to sit on his
lap. He couldn't help but think this was a territorial display but how would journey take it he
wondered if she would back down. "You seem to be looking for something Kali Did you leave
something in there? Well if you did its most likely in the trash by now."

"Give me your lighter, so I can burn the b***h. And don't think you're getting off easy, Jer. Traitor."

Oh now if that wasn't crying punishment he didn't know what was. "Burning people isn't nice you
should really learn to be a little nicer. Maybe you would have more friends."
You know what they
say you could catch more idiots with honey. Kali didn't seem to be finished though she forced
her elbow back into his gut. Making him lean forward slightly his chest pressing up against her
back. Wincing slightly he quickly regained himself

"Oh, and you're staying with me tonight. I don't have another room mate yet."

"Besides, it's an insult to allow you to stay in the boys dorms anyways. You aren't like them..."

"...You just don't have the balls that they do."

Oh and here came the insults. He slowly leaned up letting his lips lay next to Kali's ear even if
she made him slightly weak he was still pretty competent He had been in the army, "Kali do you
really want to test me so early in the morning."
he questioned pretty sure that her suggestion of
him staying in her room was more to do with what he was doing with Journey. She was going to
punish him wasn't she?

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Location « Jericho's car and around Thoughts « This chick has issues Feeling « confident Wearing « Clothes

Journey just finished telling This guy why she was at the school when a purple haired girl came over, flinging open doors, and cursing every which way. Journey dealt with jealous bitches before. It was nothing new to her. Even being called a b***h by this stranger didn't set Journey off. Actually she was pretty amused at how defensive this chick is getting over what seemed to obviously be her toy. Journey could tell they weren't in a real relationship for two reasons. 1. The chick was elbowing him and 2. Earlier the guy obviously checked her out.

Journey just watched Kali acting like a fool. She actually had a smile on her face, smoking calmly, watching her. When she figured she could get Kali's attention, Journey cleared her throat."Well now. The b***h your referring to is named Journey. Nice to meet you whatsyourface. And I have the lighter so, here. Have it and try to burn me." Journey handed over the lighter and then reached between her breast. Soon the click of the knife flipping open and Journey pointed it at Kali with amusement."Though I have to say, you might leave this car with a few new scars."

Her cigarette was done with so she flicked it at Kali and then smiled at Jericho."Well this was fun and all. But your little girltoy is a downer. Thanks for the lighter." Journey leaned forward and placed her lips against Jericho's ear and whispers."You know Jericho, If your foreign handsome self gets bored with this sad sack...my dorm is dorm room 2 and my number is ***-***-****" She let a perfectly manicured finger slide down the side of his neck while she pulled away, smiling once again at Kali."Nice meeting you....not." Journey opened her door and slid out easily, making sure to flash Jericho a little red flash of her thong before closing the door.

She smiled at herself thinking that she was actually pretty cool in that situation. She walked away not looking back once. Jericho. Cute name. foreign. And Journey was a sucker for accents. Just as she was walking she saw a cute asian man with long hair. As she walked passed him, she couldn't help but wink at him, smile and then sway her hips as she walked past.

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        User Image

                    User Image
                    XXXA HATE-CAGE WE CAN'T ESCAPE
                    Death awaits you! I'll soon overtake you!

                    Nothing will stand between us anymoreXX XX

                    Turn and face me! Repent for your envy! XXXXXXX

                    My vengeance runs cold, this is


                    "How bad can it be?.." Clyde's polar orbs scanned the premisis once over, taking in the sight of the barless prison. With a grunt, he forced himself to drag his heavy boots across the concrete steps leading towards the high school. It was more of a boarding school, to be honest. There were dorms assigned, and luckily Clyde hadn't been informed of any roommate yet. From what he'd heard, the school in itself wasn't bad at all, aside from it's ridiculous rules. But it housed deliquents of all shapes and sizes, each with their own ******** up stories, none that he cared for. He probably wouldn't be the only new attendee at the school, but the unfamiliar environment and faces were enough to put him on edge. [********' emo fags.."
                    The words were sharp, harsh and muttered under his breath as he passed multiple cliques of thin, pale, make-up wearing teens with different coloring in their hair. The style was overrated and overused, but nonetheless, he had to admit some of the girls could pull it off very well. A few of the females actually received a double-take and a wink here and there. Seven was completely comfortable with his masculinity and his own skin. He knew he had great looks and great style, he just didn't care to flaunt it so much. Only when there were females around did he use his physical manly powers. For now, they weren't needed.

                    With a less than large enough backpack slung over one shoulder, his hair in the perfect mess, and jacket open, Clyde strolled into the main hallway and began heading towards the dormitory area. The hallways were slightly bare, only a figure or two passing by. Classes must've been in session already. "Late on my first day? Nice, Seven." Nearing close to the locker-lined walls, Clyde drummed his knuckles across them in time to Megadeth's 'Sweating Bullets'. His headbanging was in perfect synch, tousling his hair further. 'Let's see here..Dorm 1? That should be easy to find.' Seven's eyes were wide, the sliver of sunlight shining through the hall windows accentuated the icy coldness of his deep blue eyes as they searched the hallway. "Ah, that's the one." With a smirk, Seven pushed the door open and dropped his backpack onto the bed. His luggage had been brought in earlier that week to avoid the hassle of traveling the halls with suitcases. Everyone who had attended the school prior, had little to no worries about bringing stuff back. It wasn't a big deal, but lately he wanted to avoid any encounters that involved beating the living ******** out of people. Grabbing a pack of Camel cigarettes and his lighter, Clyde stood straight up, taking a look at the surroundings. The room was decent enough with fairly enough space for two. It was sure as hell bigger than his old room. [********' hell..." With slow dragging strides, the dark-haired male made his way over to his window. "Daaaamn." Blowing a deep breath out, Clyde lifted a hand to his face to push down the Aviators over his eyes. As before mentioned, there were few girls who could pull off the 'scene/emo' look, and this raven-haired beaut was one of them. Of course, she was hitting off pretty well with another chum. No barrier to Clyde, not in the least. But, without a doubt, the girl would be forgotten quickly. It seemed the school had a nice array of females.

                    After smoking two cigs after the other in his small dormitory, Clyde had locked up and bounded down the stairs in search of excitement. The nicotine had put him in a well enough mood to interact with the other students attending. Judgment was passed in mere milliseconds. Each clique or person passed was cast away from his mind, each having some sort of disappointment of their own. "Now, that's an interesting head of hair." His hands dropped at his sides in surprise. The pink-haired female seemed to be making her way to the car housing the pair he'd previously spotted. Leaning back against the school's brick wall, Clyde shoved his hands into his pockets and locked his eyes on the scene. From their viewpoint, it looked as if he were staring out to the sky and past the trio. He was just in a good enough range for hearing distance, but their words were distorted and muffled almost. He cared little for the conversation. By the animalistic and territorial expression on the pink-haired barbie's face, there was a slight possibility a cat fight would break out. Judging from her structure, he'd put 5 bucks on her for a win. His headphones blared music, the sound minimized and static to an outsider. Only one bud was worn.

                    Before anything could happen, the black haired woman slid out of the car, her sway and stride were confident, a bit much for her but it was there. With a smirk, Clyde lifted the other headphone up and rested it in his ear. It seemed the watching had only brought disappointment. There was to be no fight. Other than the girl flicking out her pitiful switchblade, there was nothing exciting about the encounter between the three. Sliding down to the ground, Clyde rested his legs out across the ground and his back against the wall. "It's gonna be a long ********' day..."


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Oliver was about to pull out a cigarette until of course a pretty little thing caught his attention.
She seemed to be approaching him leaving a car that looked like Jericho's and she didn't look
too pleased or maybe she was. It was someone he didn't recognize or maybe he did if she was
here last semester he wouldn't forget a face that pretty. He couldn't' help but throw her a smile
as she winked at his his head immediately turning as the dark haired woman past him. Oh how
she was tempting him with the little swing of her hips. Her butt swinging lightly with them. Lightly
the dark haired Asian licked his lips. he couldn't' help himself he just had to follow after her. He
liked a chase after all. He just hoped she would provide a little challenge for him.

Quickening his pace slightly until he caught up Oliver couldn't help but let his hand give her butt
a nice slap. Letting it rest in place he walked at the side of the dark haired beauty now. "Well
aren't you absolutely perfect darling."
he teased his hand sliding across her butt getting a nice
feel until it was laying on her opposite hip. "So do I get your name or are you going to make me
work for it?"
he questioned a small smirk painted across his features. his fingers extended out
just a little letting the tips of his index finger and middle finger lightly brush against her palm as it
laid at the side of her body.

Now he had to admit he was liking what he was seeing. Hypnotizing green eyes killer body from
the feel of it she had a perfect a**. Hmmm He wouldn't mind getting a more personal view of her.
The question was would she make this a challenge. She seemed like a flirt. The more he thought
about it the more he kind of wanted to make a bet but maybe wait until he knew a little more
about her. That sounded like a good idea to him.
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Location « outside of school Thoughts « A little touchy feely this one...me likey. Feeling « like a teaseWearing « Clothes

After the scene with Jericho and the pink/purple haired girl, she was slightly upset, yet still confident she showed off to Jericho nicely. She didn't even know how Jericho could even see anything in a girl like that. Yet the whole thing was thrown from her mind when she felt a hand slap her a** and then saw the asian man by her side. He was forward. flirty. A thing she liked in a man. But it would be a cold day in hell if she ever let a man know that.

Journey let the man walk by her side and even let his hand rest on her a** and hip. She had to admit. She liked the feeling. Yet then she nonchalantly grabbed his fingers and let them drop off her hip. She turned towards him and smiled. "Well now. Is that how you treat a lady? All touchy feely. I don't recall us ever meeting before. I tend to go out on a date with a man before i let him touch me. I mean you wouldn't want me just copping a feel now would you?" Her hand moved and got close to his pants. She made it seem like she was going to cop a feel, yet she moved her fingers just slightly at the last minute, grabbing lint off the guys shirt, rubbing her fingers together so it drop onto the ground.

"As for my name...If you apologize for being ungentleman like, I probably give you my name in oh....three or four days. A set back you set on yourself." Journey smiled and connected her eyes with his. "Inless you want to take me out on a date." Journey didn't believe in dates. Hell if the man said yes, she probably end up sleeping with him anyways by the end of the date. Journey hasn't really had any serious relationships. She might have had one yet that ended badly when she gave her ex her all, being 100 percent faithful, to have him cheat on her. Since then she never can really trust men. She has had a few relationships since then, yet the minute she thinks its getting way to serious, she breaks up with them.

((Ooc:Having a little writer's block))

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Johnny Andrew Christian
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Company Clyde

John was finally full and got up from his table. he headed to his dorm ignoring most things around him preferring to keep to his thoughts. he figured if he could keep his head down and his mouth shut he would not get into any more trouble. maybe after a couple of semesters of good behavior he might be able to go back to his old school with people who he did not feel he had to watch out for. he went to his dorm to discover that his room mate Clyde had finally arrived. He looked nervous to the new guy, he seemed so small in comparison to John's large bulky size but he put on a smile and waved his hand simply saying "good afternoon theres drinks in the fridge if you want them"

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