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Things had finally changed. Another year was starting and this time it felt like something new. If only Golash had known how things would change then he'd never have wished it. Instead of ending the year in the arms of his love he found himself trapped in the most nightmarish of places while those damned students destroyed any hope he had of being happy.

He opened his eyes to the sun in his face as he sat up in the courtyard of the school. His return hadn't been revealed to anyone just yet, but he did find out that Allison Hamada had taken his role as Principal for this year. She deserved it, even if she took part in his entrapment and the destruction of her own sister. That had to be so painful; killing a sister that you thought was dead already and only a few hours after realizing that she was alive.

His face fell into his palm as flashes of Sheryl's barely remembered smile brought tears to his eyes. She had been everything to him, and his entire life had been spent trying to bring her back. He'd prepared back-up plans and was so careful only to be outdone by the selfish act of the student whose memorial sat not ten feet away.

He wanted to destroy every last person who had something to do with his downfall. He wanted to see them bleed. He wanted to have them watch as he ensured their destruction. Every ounce of his being wanted them to suffer a thousand times over for what they did to him, but there was no point. His anger wouldn't return Sheryl back to life. She was gone and he had nothing to live for.

That was something that he'd tried to fix many times, but he still had his abilities which turned his greatest benefit into torture. Life was his prison. On top of that he knew that so many people hated him for what he'd done. He was the villain of the story and so many lives had been lost because of his dedication; so many students who had a lot to live for were trampled in his mad vision. All he had left was revenge and sadness. He was broken.

Karen. Karen was the one that gave the final push. All he needed was to pull himself back through the rift, but she destroyed the bodies of the priests which was used to keep the rift open. If she hadn't done that then he'd been able to save Sheryl and if they hadn't destroyed Sheryl's pet monster then they'd probably all have been dead.

He hated Slythor for that. A creature of rage and hatred destroyed by music no less. An unstoppable beast tamed by Sly's melodies. Without the hatred and anger it faded away, finally went back to being a story told by parents to keep their children in line. Things were going so well then everything fell apart.

His fist hit the ground. Now he was back, and his memory from within the rift was sketchy at best. Flashes of creatures that made his skin crawl and garbled words that he presumed was their way of communicating. He could only make out a few words before they forced the rift open again and threw him out.

"The sickness is coming. Warn them."

Now he had to decide whether he felt like saving this filthy Sheryl-less world. He had to decide whether it was worth rescuing. Right now all he wanted to do was hide away and wait for his years to slowly dwindle. What did he care if the entire world was destroyed; it had taken everything from him. Everything.

He pushed himself to his feet. He wasn't just going to sit around and do nothing while he waited. He had people to see and a pointless revenge to plan. He wasn't going to be the principal, but there was definitely some classes that needed a teacher. He'd applied under a fake name, but when Allison saw him again her face would be priceless.

But he wouldn't see her surprise. He wouldn't see her anger, her hatred, or the fear that would come with it. All he'd see was the resemblance. She was the only thing left that could remind him of Sheryl and he'd been waiting a long time for the chance to remember that face.

((OOC: Welcome newcomers and old! This is hopefully going to be a very interesting year. smile ))
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Eagle Cardwell

"Not too bad looking for a high school," he stood calmly before the front lawn, "Pretty fancy looking, really. ...The teachers better be able to actually do their damn jobs if I don't get anything else interesting out of this place though."

His face remained neutral as he stared for a few more seconds before finally moving forward. An older person was outside but he gave no care for him. Instead he approached the monument that was in place, observing the details. He read the plaque attached to the piece, revealing its purpose to him. He simply stood there in wonder.

Is this why they closed the school down? All because of one student dying? That makes no sense. Let's face it, even if it were a school shooting or bombing, it wouldn't have closed down for as long as it did. And it's not like they would have covered it up, either. News cameras would be all over that. It wouldn't stand a chance of remaining so discreet. There just has to be more behind the reasoning for all of this.

The student gripped at the handle of his bag and turned to the front doors. Before taking a step he slipped on a simple smile, his eyes bright and shining to match. With a quick, relieved sigh he made his way to the doors, a tune escaping his now curled lips as he did so. A hand reached for the handle and pulled at it, holding the door open as he let two girls go in first. An inner smirk twisted the imaginative corners of his mouth as he looked their bodies over with a glance. On the outside he kept on whistling a happy, simple tune as he followed the girls into the school.
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Adachi & Toshiro Yamada

"Another year, another school." Adachi shakes his head slowly as he watches Toshiro bounding up ahead. "Slow down Toshi. What are you in such a hurry for? It's just gonna be the same thing every day for the next year."

Toshiro comes to a stop, frowning a little. "C'mon Bro, we don't want to be late on our first day, we only get one of those! Besides, Mom said that there are some brownies in it if we keep our attendance record clean."

"Well, she certainly knows our carrot."

With no regard for the memorial, the twins approach the school just in time to see Eagle holding the door open.

Good to see a gentleman in action.
After some tail, I see. Wont be holding that door for us. Keep on those girls pretty boy, or else they get away.

The twins fall to discussing matters of clubs as they enter and explore the building before first period.
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Eagle Cardwell

After a short, pleasant conversation with the two freshmen girls, the student decided to take a look around. Groups of other students were scattered throughout the halls, their voices echoing within the walls of the place. While he would have gladly feigned a sincere smile and excite his fellow 'peers' about the school year, he had better things to do than make himself out to be highly sociable. For starters, he was curious about locations in general. He would rather know where he was going than to take a wild guess while walking from class to class.

He started within the general entrance of the school, making mental notes of what was what. To his minor surprise though, a pair of boys seemed to be doing the same. Upon further inspection he realized that their facial structures held a strong resemblance. He let a smile, a true smile, curve in the corner of his mouth.

Twins? Here? You know, I've always wanted to get to know a pair of those. See what makes them tick. Heh. Here's my chance, then.

Within an instant a sense of calm settled in him, a friendly face masking an eager one. He neared the two boys, walked along by their sides at a small distance, and cocked his right brow ever so slightly, "Hey. You two new to this school as well?"

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~{ Allison Hamada }~

The Auditorium in Sekai No Mon High was fairly busy, though not with students. Teachers that were available were taking turns asking her questions and making their way to the center of the stage where Allison stood. At least they seemed to have the motivation to make sure this went well. For the moment, it was closed off until these preparations were complete for the welcoming speeches and such. During this time, Allison and a few other teachers hours previous had set up flyers and directions for the students to pick up their keys and fill out any necessary paperwork by the receptionist office if they hadn't done so yet already. Allison had asked Rhoda Vance to take care of the task, and trusts the task is in capable hands. Though, hopefully she won't give any student a hard time with her borderline perfectionist ways. It was a surprise in itself, really; to see so many returning teachers after the school had suddenly closed for a whole year. Was it a good thing? So many of them must have been scarred in some way with what happened, especially those who were there for the worst of the events that had taken place.

Allison met any interaction with the teachers and staff with a small smile, like it was a bad habit, or it felt like one. She had never felt so fake in her life. A year had already passed, and her mind was always buzzing with constant reminders of the event like it had happened yesterday. She assisted in the death of her own sister, whom she'd thought was dead a long time ago already. Allison had only known for a few hours that she was alive, only for the cruel reality to break into pieces again. Seeing her in such a state, and the severity of the situation as a whole as it involved her sister. How could I do such a thing. Such a thought would pop up periodically, but then again she tried to reassure herself, too. That Allison had to do it because it was her sister. Even Golash was 'sealed away', as the most accurate way to word it. The rift was under this school the whole time, and seeing it take someone away like that... it's frightening. But the whole year she had been coming back to come to this decision, to open the school up again, there were no more strange occurrences of any kind. Everything was... normal. Yet, after this whole year, she felt... numb, almost. It was difficult to explain. All Allison knew was, she was far from getting over that event. Was she really qualified to run this place in such a state? Being called 'boss' or even 'Principal Hamada' sounded off, as it seemed the staff tried to adjust to the change too. Then again, putting herself back to work to keep her preoccupied may keep her from breaking, or at the very least, showing it on the outside.

The oldest teacher that still remained loyal to the school, Carlton Tiller, approached, and gave her a progress report on how things were going along. It took Allison a moment to register it, as if she wasn't fully 'there', and nodded, with the now habitual small smile. When he asked about the welcome speech she was going to give, she went blank. Welcome speech? Did she remember to write one? Or did she think she could dedicate to memory? Whether it was one of those options or she tried both, she couldn't remember doing either! I'm letting myself slip already! Keep it together, keep it... together... why can't I..? Carlton looked to her curiously as he awaited for more of a response, and Allison smiled nervously. "I... I may have left it in my office, so I will go and take a look. Everything should be finished soon, by what you told me. So could you stay here and make sure things remain on track? Please don't overexert yourself though." With what, Allison quickly walked er way out of the Auditorium and down the halls towards her office. The welcome speeches never felt like such a big deal, yet Allison was completely anxious. Her mind felt blank, even though it never rested anymore.

Even though she tried to stay focused on the tasks going on now, it kept bringing back the terrible events from a year ago. Her sister, all that chaos, and the student who had to be the final sacrifice after all to even begin to fix things. The memorial outside would certainly never help to ease the memories, but she felt it was right. A simple childish thought entered her mind as she turned the corner to last hallway that her office was on. It made a small, more honest smirk appear on her face at such a silly thought as a reaction to everything and having trouble coping. Her gaze was focused on the floor, and she stopped a few feet away from the door while she retrieved her key. When she looked up again, her grip instantly loosened on the key, and resulted with them shortly falling to the floor. Her gaze was met with a familiar face, one she thought she'd never see: David Golash. Former principal, murderer of students for 'sacrifices', and mentally unstable enough to do so to resurrect Allison's 'monster' of a sister, and more. Standing there near the door to the office. It felt like there was a lump in her throat and she'd just start choking if she tried to say anything. Her stomach instantly became rather unhappy with her, and the strength she tried to keep up almost daily to keep from crying was almost destroyed in an instant. She just stood there silently, staring in his direction for a few moments.

"H-how... why... what..." As expected, she couldn't get the words out properly. She obviously sounded.. frightened, or intimidated, and confused. How did he get back here? Why did he bother to return here? There's no reason for him to. She took a quick breath through her nose and cleared her throat before picking up her keys, and mustering up a stern look in his direction, as if she were trying to show her authority now. "What... are you doing here?"
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Gray Allbridge

The usual stoic image held firm on Grays face as he entered the school grounds.In the back of his mind chanted a voice very familiar to him it was the voice of the part of him that loved everything about school and the only thing he was living for. "I think I should give Gram and Lilly a call to tell them I arrived safely." he mumbled to himself as he walked forward.

Taking the rather fancy cellphone out of his left pocket it was the one that Lilly had gotten for him as a going away present, placing his thumb on the first name that appeared was it was Grams. Knowing the two of them they were hanging out right now. As the phone was put to his ear Lilly's voice erupted from the speaker.

"Hey, I didn't think you would be calling so soon after getting there." Her charming voice always seemed to instill a better mood in him.

"Yeah I just got to the school, it is pretty nice... I don't think I have much time to talk as it is school and the first day is important. Tell Gram I say hello and that I will try and call later."

"It's good that you like it so far... We both miss you and I will tell him you said hi...He is asleep right now."

With that he hung up his end of the phone and preceded to the entrance doors two boys who looked strangely alike and a rather charming looking blond guy stood close to them. "Do any of you know the way to the auditorium?"


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Eagle Cardwell

Before receiving an answer from the two boys, another male joined them. The charmer came to a stop, taking a good look at the questioning boy. His figure was lean and his face was soft yet hard to the student. He didn't seem all too interesting if he had to judge by looks, but only time would tell as to whether or not he was wrong about that.

With additional sincerity he addessed the other boy, "Auditorium? I was trying to figure out the location to such places for myself, so I'm of no help to you. Maybe these two know by chance."

It was then that a flyer caught his eye. Reading it over quickly, he was informed of his own lack of details. He had yet to receive his room key, and he knew there was paperwork waiting to be filled out by his hand. He also had yet to obtain his schedule.

"Excuse me guys, but I have to go tend to business elsewhere."

Without leaving a name he stepped away, the location of the receptionist office being ingrained to his memory. Before long he reached the office, that same practiced smile tracing along his invisible neutral lips, "Hello, I'm Eagle Cardwell. I'm here to receive my room key, as well as some paperwork. Perhaps a schedule as well?"

The receptionist smiled at him, retrieving all the essentials he requested. He gave a playful smirk to her before grabbing a pen, looking over the information presented to him. A few moments later it was completed. He was now the 'proud' new owner of his own dorm room, as well as a schedule for the school year. Satisfied with his completion of the 'mission', he left the office.

He stood in the middle of the hall, now wondering why the auditorium was important to find. If there was a memo about going there on the first day, he surely missed it. Regardless, it seemed it was important enough to try and track down. After all, hearing the other students about it only made it all the more clear that the student population was to attend 'the speech'. With a new 'mission' in mind, he made his way down the halls once more.

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§ Karen Hart §

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The big black beast of a motorcycle rumbled up to the school grounds, for the start of a third year here. Karen killed the motor once she pulled into her parking spot, shooting the kickstand down and removing her helmet with one fluid motion. Hooking the chin straps over the handlebar, she sat on her bike, staring at the large building, her heart pounding painfully in her chest. She wasn't sure; she doubted herself like she had at no other time in her life. Could she really do this? Come back to this hellish building? Sure, the nightmare was over, but the memories were here, stronger now than they had been for the last year.

She sighed, allowing her head to drop down into her hands. She didn't cry, she didn't sob - she just stared at her palms, allowing the images from the year before to ride through her mind, one wave after another. She felt her chest constrict, a momentary pang of pain as she thought about him, about Roger. She lifted her head out of her hands and swung her leg off of her motorcycle.

Strife had graduated the year before; at least, he was supposed to. Karen was pretty damn sure that she was the only one from last year who had decided to come back, other than Ms. Hamada, who had taken over Mr. Golash's place as principle. The constricting feeling of pain was replaced quickly by a flash of white-hot anger as she thought of that monster. Her hands clenched at her side.

She shook her head, forcing her anger to dissipate. 'No use in being angry; it's over, and he's gone. I made sure of that last year.' She unstrapped and grabbed her rather large duffel bag from the back of her bike, sliding her helmet off of the handlebar and under her arm as she moved away from her vehicle. Hell, with Strife being gone, she wasn't sure if Mr. Heart had decided to stay, either. With all the s**t that Mr. Starr had been put through, the whole werewolf thing and all, she wouldn't be surprised if he didn't show up, either.

'Before I do anything,' she thought, 'before the entrance ceremony, if that's happening this year, before picking out my dorm or setting my stuff up... I need to go...' Her feet carried her quickly to the memorial, his memorial. Roger Colts. The only boy who, in all of her then seventeen, now eighteen, years of life had ever managed to crawl under her skin, fascinate her as others rarely did. She had such a hard time reading that boy. His anger and flat-out dislike of others, his jaded view of the world... those were things that she typically couldn't stand in a person. But when combined with all that is... was Roger Colts, it made him bearable, more than, to her.

She stopped in front of his memorial, getting chills up her spine. Why, she wasn't sure. Maybe it was looking at a memorial of one who'd given up his life for others, one that she'd actually admit (to herself, anyways) that she had loved. She moved down, sitting with her shins tucked under her thighs and stared at the stone. This year was going to be hard for her, but damnit, she would graduate. She would not let down the memory of Roger. She smiled, a bit, chuckling to herself. He'd laugh at her for thinking as such. He had no belief in any form of a higher being. That was fine; he didn't need to. She did, and that was enough for her.

After a few more minutes, she moved herself up, and moved quickly towards the reception office for her key and school schedule. The faculty member in charge, Ms. Vance, remembered Karen and handed her her schedule and dorm key, not needing the girl's name. Karen gave a flash of a nervous smile in thanks, and made her way to dorm 416. 'Ironic. It's the same dorm room from last year.' She thought a bit sourly.

She dropped her stuff on her bed, closed her door, and made her way back to the auditorium. She moved quickly, her feet ever sure of where she was going. She passed the cafeteria and felt her stomach churn, remembering what had happened to Erik right there.

She'd lost quite a bit of weight since the year before, and though she wasn't as gaunt in the face as she had been six months ago, it showed how much pain she'd been through. Slowly, she was regaining her appetite, and she was gaining her weight back, pound by slow and painful pound. As much horror as she'd been through, and as much as this place still haunted her, she was stronger for it, even though she didn't realize it quite yet.

She was lost in thought, looking at her feet when she bumped into a boy. Tall, kind of lean, blackish brown hair with narrow green eyes. His expression, to Karen, as obviously fake as a thick plastic cup pretending to be glass. "I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." She gave him a once over, deciding that his was the expression of someone looking for something. "You look lost. Do you need help finding something?"

((OoC: So, as is typical of me, my first post is stupidly long. Forgive that. Anyways... Hello all! Welcome back to Sekai, Stell!))
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Toshiro & Adachi

Toshiro looks happy being approached by the gentleman from before. Another stranger coming along is nice too, but he quickly looks out of temper when they all seem to come across the flyer at once. "Adachi, We forgot the keys!"

Adachi, wary of the prettyboy, doesn't respond. His expression unchanged until Toshiro bolts for the room they had passed by. There had to be keys, paperwork, and other nuisances waiting to happen. "Toshi, we have time! there's no need to run." Why did mom insist they board at the school too? It can't be more than a 15 minute drive.

"Oh, and the auditorium is that way!" Not breaking stride Toshiro waves his arm and points in the general direction of the school auditorium. "And I'm Toshi by the way, nice to meet you!"

Paperwork filled out in advance they collect their keys, IDs, and schedules at a brisk pace. Toshiro, looking forward to meeting new friends and, hopefully, being able to start a sojutsu club, and Adachi, dreading another year of assholes and long dull tasks.

At least I came out with the same schedule and room as Toshi.

At a pace set by the enthusiastic 'younger' brother, they make it to the auditorium.

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Eagle Cardwell

The tall teenager looked down at the girl now before him, a brow cocked up on its own doing. He figured for anyone to bump into him, their mind had to be elsewhere. He straightened up though, adjusted the olive green tie he wore, and pulled on a smoother appearance in the face.

"Oh, that's fine. It happens," his voice came out smoothly as he studied her face."You have some lovely features there," his eyes followed down the rest of her body, "Fine figure, too." A small, sincere grin flashed up as he sent a wink her way, fingers of his right hand snapping and forming into a pointing gesture.

"Heh," he placed his hands in the pockets of his dress pants, "I really do mean that as a compliment, though. Someone should be drawing a fine beauty like yourself, or at the very least capturing you on film."

"As for being lost? Admittedly," he let his eyebrows rise to convey a small form of defeat, "That, I am. I'm here for my senior year, and I keep hearing about an auditorium to attend to. Maybe a lovely lady such as yourself could assist me? I promise I'll be able to find it after a one time escort."

A look of confidence shown through his eyes while his face held a look of appreciation. If anything he took actual pride in, it was his way with words with the ladies. Most women ate it right on up, while others were far too smart to fall for it. Inwardly he wondered which type of woman the raven-haired girl would be.

Totally forgiven on my end, angel. I actually like the detailing ye put in. And thanks! It's good to be back~.

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