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"The reality warping rift was dangerous, so the priests had to close it. They built a temple of white marble on it, adorned it with all the proper herbs, sealed it with spells, covered it with runes, and made sure it would never open again.

2000 years later and the defenses still hold, even if the temple is long gone; buried beneath mountains of dirt and forgotten. The city Hoffnungsvale has grown where it once stood. A city filled with normal people, doing normal things. Above where the temple rested now sits a high school; Sekai No Mon High, known for being the most average school in the country.
However, things are about to change, for a crack has been made in the defenses of the rift and now . . . it's leaking.

Currently: The world has fallen into chaos as a sickness ravages the world turning ordinary people into incredibly strong, fast, and smart shadow beasts with a taste for blood. The school is one of the few places left that hasn't been overrun; not that it hasn't had it's brush with the creatures. People from outside the school are starting to travel there in hopes that they can find a safe place to stay.

(Any characters submitted from this point on are Refugees from the outside world.)

Welcome back to Sekai No Mon High!

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Last Year Recap

When students began developing strange abilities a few discovered the presence of a rift whose leaking energy was causing their change. Designated as protectors of this rift they return to school to find the Principal kidnapped by a group of murderous and misguided students whose need for revenge pushed them to unspeakable heights. After some digging they found that the Principal had been killing students over the years to keep a god-like love of his, Sheryl Hamada, from being resurrected and destroying the world. When the rouge group of students were finally stopped it was discovered that Golash's really intended to revive his love whether it meant risking the world or not.

Sheryl was revived and began systematically murdering any student she saw. Seemingly unstoppable and searching for her lost love, Sheryl's anger began to eat at the integrity of the rift making the entire world feel the effects of it's power. With Golash ready to defend her to the death, and the incomparable power she controlled, things seemed lost for everyone; until they found the answer.

Last year ended early when the combined efforts of the student body sent Mr. Golash hurtling into the depths of the dimensional rift while the sacrifice of Roger Colts put an end to the rampage of Sheryl Hamada. After the rift closed, the special abilities the students and teachers displayed vanished completely and suddenly; being unable to be sustained without the power of the rift. Everyone involved, at the request of a grief-ridden Allison Hamada decided it was best to close the school and keep the real story to themselves.

Now a year has past and the gates of the school have opened once again. Students and Teachers new and old return to the halls with their sights on the future, but only the older students know about the schools dark past; a past that was a reality for them. They enter this year with hope that things will be different. With a new principal and the new Roger Colts memorial in the courtyard it's looking like it might be, but the arrival of a familiar face and the return of their unusual abilities may just grind all their hopes to a halt.


Setting updates and Private messages: Setting updates affect all the people in the RP and Private messages are used when I have to send information to a single person or give them an update separate to them alone.

Leveling up: If I find that you've done something neat, stayed in character, been posting a lot, or have gone out of your way to help the RP flourish then you could level up. I hand out about four of these after every event. Leveling up adds something to the character, but exactly what shall remain a mystery until then.

Quotes: When interacting with someone else, use an empty quote directed towards who you're interacting with during your post. You can even hide it in a spoiler! surprised

Would look like:
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1. Follow Gaia's TOS. 3nodding

1. Thread is controlled completely by YouDontKnowThisGuy. His word is undeniable and his vengeance fierce. burning_eyes

3. Well written posts only. I don't care about a few mistakes, I'm not an English teacher but if I see text speak or confusing posts, be prepared to be told to change it or delete it. gonk

4. Yes, I do know that there's two number one rules. Problems? neutral

5. I want to be able to read the posts without going through complicated coding, small text and hard-to-read text colors. Some is fine to much is a one way ticket to the ban-bin. eek

2. NO GOD MODDING. You will be smote without a second glance so be warned. twisted

6. Cookies anyone? biggrin

7. It's okay to voice your concerns but there is a point when I'll just get annoyed and swing the Banhammer. dramallama

8. This rule is almost as pointless as number 4. wink

9. Length of a post matters, but there are exceptions. I don't want to read a chapter but I do want it to make sense and accurately display it's intent. heart

11. If you're leaving the RP or taking a break then message me. Do NOT post it in the thread. I will not be happy if you do.

12. I reserve the right to kill off characters that leave the RP.

13. DO NOT make stuff up that involves the plot. If you have a question or are curious then PLEASE ask me.

A small side note: This RP has plot, so any attempt at ruining the fun for others will get you banned completely as well as a complaint made to the site itself.

A small side note 2: Try to keep the OOC to a minimum. It pulls away from the RP.
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Profiles. . . And Stuff
Profiles are kept here

~{Submit your profiles to either YouDontKnowThisGuy.}~

~{If you're accepted then your profile will appear here. You will also be messaged telling you if you've been accepted. You may start as soon as your profile appears there.}~

~{Characters are to be HUMAN ONLY and can have NOTHING MAGICAL OR SUPERNATURAL about them.}~

[You can have up to 3 characters accepted. Just be sure to put the name of the character you're using in your posts.]

{ { If you have any questions, feel free to PM YouDontKnowThisGuy } }

{}Please set PMs to 'everyone' so I can send any additional info if needed, and we generally respond back concerning acceptance as well.{}

Character Sheet:

[b]Appearance:[/b] (Pic here.)
[b]Name[/b]: (Name of course)
[b]Teacher and subject or Student[/b]: (More likely to be accepted as a student)
[b]Age[/b]: (14 to 50)
[b]Sex[/b]: (Male or female)
[b]Sexuality[/b]: (Yep this.)
[b]Location[/b]: (Where does your character live. Made up places are okay as long as they aren't unrealistic or too crazy.)

[b]Bad Trait 1[/b]: (A bad thing)
[b]Bad Trait 2[/b]: (Another bad thing)

[b]Bio[/b]: (More about their past. Be creative but don't overdo it.)

[b]Personality[/b]: (Think about how their Bad Traits and issues define who they are while writing this.)

[b]Special Trait[/b]: (DO NOT fill this in. I will be releasing the abilities your characters have as you're accepted.)

[b]Username[/b]: (Y'know. Your username.)
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Active events will be in red, future events will be black, and past events will have a strike. Blue events are considered topics of discussion and generally have to do with the world outside of the school.
School Events

1. The Skyreach Ball: In only 5 days we'll be holding the Skyreach ball. It's couples only so be sure to bring a friend.

The Billy Trommle Bonfire: The long standing tradition reignites this year! Teachers will be there as chaperones and to hand out beverages and food while the students can mingle and get to know one another! Last had a bit of a hitch, but I swear this time there will be no disappearing students. You have my word. Sorta.

Rift Events


Everyone sees things in different shades of brown today. This wears off after 4th period.

Suddenly everyone has a craving for Watermelon or anything green. Anything else tastes like cardboard. This wears off after Watermelon is eaten.

You know those special traits you've got? You suddenly lose control of them due to the rift shifting. This can only affect those whose powers are not always on. If you haven't already, use this time to use your abilities. Your power craziness can last two to four posts and should be very evident and visible to others. This marks the activation of your powers. Have fun!

Other Events

News Today: Nothing but static.
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Characters in this list are run by the creators of the thread unless otherwise stated.

Todd McRoni

((The characters below can be run by anyone at any time during the RP, even if someone else is already using them. Blame the reality warping of the rift. The school has never been cleaner.))

Janitor: Alfred Werdy
Nurse: Marie Amile (Usually in the nurse's office)
Guidance Counselor: Adolf Getzilhiemer (controlled by Hedleeman)
Investigator: Gordon Mulkahey
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~Introducing the teachers~

Rhoda Vance - 34 - She's extremely strict and precise about everything. Enjoys order and neatness above everything else, and when met with disorder she can tend to get pretty angry. She's a very caring person but her dislike of disorder makes her come off as mean.

Carlton Tiller - 63 - Has been teaching at Sekai No Mon High for the last 37 years. He's a gentle giant, standing seven feet tall and always meeting people with a smile. He's very observant and keeps an eye on the happenings at the school. Has a bad heart condition that keeps him from being very active, but he tries to ignore it. He's only working until someone else can fill his place as the English teacher.

Lucinda Salindas - 28 - Very relaxed and has a "feather in the wind" attitude. This can make her come off as uncaring and even unprofessional, but she's gone to some of the best art schools in the world and even has a few pieces of her art in famous museums. Her classes are very free form and sometimes don't even have a point.

Maxwell Yo - 35 - Born with Kallman's syndrome which keeps him looking young when really he's 35 years old. Had a serious accident when he was younger that paralyzed him from the waist down. Because of these issues he's spent most of his life working on his mind. He's probably the most well rounded person in the school when it comes to subjects of study. Very quiet unless disrespected and thoroughly enjoys teaching students with the most fun methods around. Views teaching as one of the most important things.

Kurt Fellows - 27 - A very angry person with a heavy distrust for anyone that isn't computer oriented. When teaching he completely ignores the needs of the student and uses big words that if questioned about, he'll tell them to look it up and learn for once. The only time he loses his angry attitude is when he's eating Spaghetti O's in the cafeteria, it's then that most students find a conversation with him to be wonderful and entertaining.
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L = Leader
O = Offensive
OE = Offensive Enhancement
D = Defensive
DE = Defensive Enhancement
TA = Tactical Advantage
??? = Unknown Advantage

Gray- L; D; TA
Eagle- TA - Deceased.
Bee- O; D; TA
Kare- OE; D; TA
Amanda- O; OE; D; DE; TA
Camilla- D; DE; TA - Deceased.
Techmaster- TA; ???

Toshi- L; O; TA
Killian- TA; OE
Rae- TA
Karen; O; D; TA; ???
Dan- O; D
Tara- OE; DE; TA
Adachi- D; DE
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