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School for the Demonically Gifted
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"Welcome to the School for the Demonically Gifted, a home and learning center to anyone who shows great, and extraordinary potential. A place hidden away in a far away land with creatures of the supernatural, celestial, and even of the normal kind."

Thread Rules
If anyone tries to break these rules, the Triad have full rights to god mod to stop it as they deem fit.

1.] One classic rule is no godmodding. That includes autohitting, taking control of someone else, and making posts that changes someone's own biography.

2.] Killing is prohibited without our permission, and the person being killed.

3.] PG-13 Keep the nasty stuff away from public view.

4.] Everything goes through the Triad.

5.] Respect everyone, including the Triad. What they say goes.

6.] Rules are subject to change, be added or reduced.

7.] All OOC goes in the OOC thread.

8.] No trolling.

9.] Rping rules are simple. Basic literacy.
That means no *actions*. It isn't that hard to make a simple sentence.

10.] Post your profile in the profile thread before you start to post in-character. There is no need to get approval before you post.

11.] Casual fights/sparring is allowed, but all formal fights are to be done by Dice Dueling.
If you cannot spar nicely, and resort to bickering, you will be only allowed to spar by Dice Dueling.
Casual fights are a privilege.

12.] Technology is little here. There are fridges and televisions.But cellphones and modern weapons are not. If it is more modern, it is not allowed.

13.] Do not overuse profanity. There are other words in the English Language to express yourself.

14.] 3 quote tower limit. More than that can get messy.

15.] There are temporary rules for the thread, and permanent rules. Certain things can be confusing at early stages of a thread. We may change these rules as the thread gets bigger.

Temp Rule A) No Multi-posting. That means your character can't be in two places at the same time.

Temp Rule B) Two characters per account allowed. No more than that.

The School Building

The Courtyard


The courtyard is the primary hang out spot. At any given time one can find any activity from a friendly spar to a hostile game of chess. Roughly 13,000 square yards, the courtyard is about the size of two adjacent football fields. Most school-sponsored events will take place here, whether it be a scavenger hunt, tournament, or an outdoor dance. Although entirely surrounded by the school, the staff still manages to freely place and remove anything too large to fit through the doors. In the past, weddings were also held here. In one corner of the courtyard sits an old-fashioned lamp post. On a nearby bench sits a statue of the school's original owner, Jetlash. Just as he often did when he ran the school, the statue sits reading a book. At times people have claimed to have seen the statue turn a page in the book.

The Roof


It's the roof. Not much else to say other than it has never been on fire. One can spot the lake, the main gate, and miles of the forest canopy depending on where he or she stands. In the school's golden days it was often off-limits to all but the most trusted individuals. Now access will usually be granted when requested.

The Library


The library houses one of the most expansive collections of tomes, scrolls, books, and manuscripts in the world. Higher up on the walls sit beautiful stained glass windows. The books seem to appear and disappear as they please. If you can't find the book you're looking for today, it might be on the shelves tomorrow. Likewise, if you see a book you want, check it out quickly or else you may not see it again. In the far corner sits the Restricted Section, accessible to students only with a teacher’s accompaniment or explicit permission.

The Hallways


The hallways connect the various parts of the school. Though they seem to be static, occasionally one will find themselves in a different part of the school than they intended or right back where they came from. The hallways are somewhat winding, though they become easier to navigate the more you use them. When commercially available, electric lighting was added to some wings while others are still lit by magic torches. Nonetheless, every room is lit just as well as if it were outside on a sunny day.

Student Lounges


In the dorm common rooms, as well as scattered throughout the school, are a set of social lounges. Here students are encouraged to sit around during their idle hours, do homework, or have idle chat. During the winter months it is common to see students keeping warm by the fireplaces.

Teacher's Lounge


Being a teacher has its perks. On the northern side of the school is the Teacher's Lounge. Here the teachers are allowed to spend their break periods in peace. The liquor cabinet is usually fully stocked and a couple pool tables sit in the upper balcony near the fireplace.

The Infirmary


No matter how safe the school is, there is always someone who will get hurt for some reason. The school has normal healers available around the clock with highly-skilled healers a short notice away. The infirmary has a unique set of beds for those whose bodies resist treatments. The beds can completely block one's abilities, leaving the patient essentially human.

The Dormitories


Being in such an isolated location, students need to have a place to reside. Each room comes with a bed, desk, and chest of drawers. Arrangements can be made for those who need other accommodations. Students' dorm rooms are respected with privacy and will not be searched without reasonable cause. The men's dormitories are located on the west wing of the school while the women's dormitories are on the east wing. Overnight guests of the opposite gender are not permitted.

The Dining Hall


Pretty self-explanatory. The cafeteria is open all hours of the day with a wide array of food to please even the pickiest of eaters.

The Ballroom

On the ground floor of the school sits the ballroom. It remains in good upkeep despite its general lack of usage. The ballroom is large enough to accommodate two students for each of its dorm rooms. The school has the capabilities to hold balls for charity, and even fancy dress. But when they're held for pleasure, they're the balls that we like best.

The Gym and Training Rooms

The school has a fully-equipped gym. Treadmills, weight sets, punching bags, fighting rings, you name it. A series of private training rooms, similar in size to racquetball courts, branch off the back of the gym. They can be used if a student doesn't feel comfortable training around others or if the main gym is simply too crowded.

The School's Surroundings

The Forest


The school sits in the middle of a great forest. The forest is a place of mystery and adventure. One never knows where a path may lead them or what they may find on it. Some paths open up to a cliff while others may open up to a small clearing. Some people have traversed the forests to find themselves among a company of elves, while others find themselves hunted by a pack of wolves. Circled around the school are twenty unusual trees. These trees, called Elderwoods, form a protective barrier around the school. They absorb malign magic and use the energy to magically fortify the school buildings, making them extremely resilient to even the strongest kinetic forces. These Elderwood trees are probably the oldest things near the school, taking a millennium to mature and ten more to die.

The Lake


The lake was formed by the pooled runoff from the nearby mountains into a meteorite crater. Many underwater caverns exist from passages formed by underwater rivers connected by the meteorite’s impact. Many students enjoy taking a swim as a break from their studies. The majority of the lake's surface freezes over during the winter months allowing ice skating. Reports have been made in previous years of a lake monster dwelling in the depths of the lake. After thorough exploration, this rumor has been declared false.

The Fort


Deep in the woods to the southwest of the school sits a ruined wooden fort. Comparable in size to the courtyard, the fort once housed a small community. Not much is known about the fate of its occupants, although broken spear and arrow heads have been found in the ruins. The artifacts range from stone to early versions of steel, suggesting that the occupants were desperate to obtain any kind of weapon possible.

The Hot Springs


In the forest to the north of the school lies a set of underground springs heated by the nearby mountains' fiery cores. Though they haven’t always existed, Rachel formed them using her elemental magic in order to have a relaxing place to, well, relax. A wall has been erected to separate the springs into a men's half and a women's half. Students caught sneaking peaks into the other gender's springs will be punished at the teacher's discretion.

The Chapel


A short walk east into the forest sits the chapel. Here we encourage our students to pray to whichever god or gods they worship, if they so choose. Weddings, as our school has seen its share of, can be booked here as long as the staff is given at least one week's notice

The Catacombs


The catacombs are an expansive network of underground tunnels originally found upon the installation of running water. They out date the school by many eons and thus have not been completely discovered. The foul magics, sheer darkness, potent monsters, and winding tunnels have claimed even the most gifted students and teachers. Due to its danger, all known entrances have been sealed off for the safety of the students. One entry point remains accessible, though only the Council and the most trusted faculty members know where it is or even how to open it. Should any student stumble across a previously unknown entrance, report it to the nearest faculty member immediately. DO NOT, under any circumstances, attempt to explore the catacombs or a painful and violent death will be the least of your problems.
In Character Rules and Information

School Charter:

These things are absolutely not allowed within the school grounds at any time, and will carry heavy consequences. You will be caught!

1. Never under any cirmcumstances enter the catacombs of the school, either by an entrance shown to you by a teacher, or if you happen to find one somewhere on the grounds by yourself and without a teacher or other staff member.
2. The restricted section of the library is for reserach into dangerous and forbidden magics and rituals. It should only be used under the supervision of a teacher and for good reason. These books contain knowledge that if used improperly, or even correctly, can cause massive harm to yourself and others.
3. Never damage any of the school's property, this includes but is not limited to: The school building itself, the surrounding forest, or any buildings or objects on school grounds.
Disobeying or breaking any of these rules will result in serious punishment by the school staff, and possibly even by the Triad themselves. Repeat offenders may find themselves out on the streets before long.

These are rules that will result in punishment at the discretion of the staff:

1. No peeking in the opposite hot spring, either by a male or female.
2. No guests of the opposite gender are allowed in the personal dorms after lights out.
3. The use of powers, magics, or rituals of any kind are not allowed in the dorm rooms after, during, or before school hours.
4. The use of the roof is a privilege, do not abuse it by rough housing, attacking, or holding spars on the roof. This can cause damage to the school, or worse yourself.
5. Students aren't allowed inside of the teacher's lounge without permission or accompaniment of a teacher.



1] All profiles are to be filled out via the coded format and you will post them in the Profile Thread.
2] Teacher applications are to be sent in a PM to one of the triad. This PM should include the desired class to be taught and a roleplaying sample showing your ability to teach the class.
3] More rules can be added.

Post Format
Example: This is how it should look.

Username: Bacae Strife
Name: Bacae Strife
Age: Years beyond counting...
Race: Hell spawn Devil Class Demon.
Basic Powers: Manipulation of the elements, the dark fire, aura bending, summoning, and weapon abilities.


[b]Basic Powers:[/b] [/size]

In Character Rules and Information

The Council

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Bacae Strife

Bacae was once just an aimless wanderer, and a demon hunter. He cursed himself and his power, and swore to use it to protect others. Since coming to the school he now uses his power and knowledge to protect and guide the young minds who will go out into the world and help defend it. He can often be found lounging about by the lake, where he will often sleep when it isn't raining, or admiring the view from the roof of the school. He's a friendly sort to those who wish to meet him, but he tends to ramble and give out advice even if it wasn't asked for at times. As a rule, never try to touch the sword he wears at his hip for any reason.

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Liu Hiro
Hiro stumbled across the school as he wandered the countryside. He pitched a tent in the forest and hasn’t left since. He’s since moved to a room in the school, but some people still claim to stumble upon his tent in the forest. Hiro often wanders around while not on-duty, though he is more frequently seen on the roof, by the lake, or in the courtyard. He is always seen with his jian on one hip and a mijiu jug on the other. Hiro is always available to talk and give advice. Though his words can sometimes be confusing, if you can decipher what they mean his advice can prove invaluable.

User Image
Rachel Maylau

Born to royalty on a far away planet, Rachel wasn't much of a warrior. Her family was disgraced by such, and sent her to the School for the Demonically Gifted, where she stayed and made her home. Rachel is known for her temper, but is also known for her caring personality. In the past, she was known as a mother of sorts to the people of the school, always trying to be their protector and friend. She can be seen carrying Tellandris, her sword, on her back almost every day. Rachel only takes it off for formal events or when in her room.

Rachel also likes her rum, so as a rule of thumb, don't drink it. She'll cut off your fingers.

Information for Teachers and Guardians


Guardians oversee the school while the triad is away, and have proven their dedication to the school. These being are chosen by the triad, and are treated with the utmost respect.


A school’s value is judged by the abilities of its teachers. At the SDG we do our best to hire the best available teachers for each subject. Teachers enjoy a private study and an upgraded room complete with private bathroom. Teachers also have access to the Teacher’s Lounge, Restricted Section of the library, and may be instructed on the only remaining entrance to the catacombs known.

All teachers are expected to hold classes at least once a month. The exact date and time of the class is up to the individual teacher. Teachers are also expected to serve as a good example for the students and uphold the rules of the school. Teachers who prove themselves worthy may be given the honorary title of Guardian.

We have a shortage of teachers at the moment so apply now if you think you are teaching material. After submitting your intent to teach to a member of the Triad, a meeting for an interview will be arranged at the Triad member’s earliest convenience. As is expected teachers must be knowledgeable in the subject they desire to teach and must be able to demonstrate their power before obtaining the position.

OOC Rules for Teachers and Guardian

Teachers are expected to follow and enforce both thread and school rules. Teachers act as moderators of the tread and report to the Triad members. Teachers have an added bonus in dice battles, as indicated in the dice battle section.

Guardians are teachers who have proven their dedication to the school. Guardians oversee the teachers, though almost entirely in an OC fashion. Being a guardian has no IC perks other than an added dice battle bonus. Guardians will be chosen and promoted purely by the decision of the Triad. Asking to become a guardian will only hurt your chances of actually obtaining the title. The best way to become a guardian is to pretend the rank doesn’t exist until you are given it.

Classes and Information

Darkness :





Onewomanrevolution -Rachel Maylau

Fydan Ushebufan -Fydan Ushebufan (Temp)

Hiromaniac -Liu Hiro


Martial Arts:

Basic Combat:


Madame Lee -Lee
Dice Battle!
User Image

Dice battle is to be used when normal battling is not working, or people cannot decide how a fight should go. Posts with dice rolls should go in the main forum with the clarification of which round the roll is for. After both parties have posted rolls, the posts with the dice rolls can be edited to reflect the outcome.

Students: 2 100 sided dice, and 1000 life points
Teachers: 4 100 sided dice, and 2000 life points
Guardians: 5 100 sided dice, and 3500 life points
Triad: 6 100 sided dice, and 6000 life points

The first half of the dice are attack, the second half are defense. So if their second number is higher then your first, you do no damage. If their first number is higher then your second, you take damage.

If one has an odd number of dice, they can put the middle dice into either attack or defense as they see fit.

A dice battle goes like this:
Round one
Player A: Rolls 2 dice, gets 50, and 70
Player B: Rolls 2 dice, gets 40, and 90

Player A takes no damage as his second number is higher then the first number of player B
Player B takes no damage, as his second number is higher then the first number of player A

Round two
Player A: Rolls 2 dice, gets 70, and 10
Player B: Rolls 2 dice, gets 50 and 20
Player A takes 40 damage, as his second number was lower then Player B's first
Player B takes 50 damage, as his second number was lower then player A's first

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