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The school is back and remodled! Once agian, it is like Hogwarts from Harry Potters. Here you can create your own magical being with your own magical abilities and magical pets/weapons. This time around I gave up on dorms so you can just go to any room you want/ I couldn't keep up with all the dorms last time so this time you don't have to put it! I do ask you to send me your info so then I will post it on the Characters thing.

Please read the rules before applying and posting

1. No cussing
2. Be nice
3. No spamming/Bumping
4. Please refrain from requoting. If it seems to be too big, please make a new post instead of repeating the last quotes
5. no internet speak - u, 4, lol.. etc
6. Keep romances under PG-13
7. Please keep abilities and weapons under uberness - Meaning no "Immortality" or "Control of the Universe" etc.
8. Use (( )) quotes around non-rp talk, " " around rp speak, and no * or anything else for actions. See examples of others.
9. Have fun!

Post the following things for application, then you can start rping right away.

Age [15-18]:
Magical Race:
Magical Abilities:
Magical Pet Description/Appearance:[Additional]*

*Magical pets and weapons are not required. Magic are preferable since you wouldn't want someone to throw a fireball at your butt sweatdrop . And no weird powers that makes no sense and No weird weapons.

Well I hope you guys come and join in!
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~*~*~*~Returning Students~*~*~*~

Name: Shinara Nezumi
Age: 18
Race: High Ranked Demon
Appearance: Demon Form, Human Form
Personality: somewhat outgoing, be a pain in the butt, can be nice when she wants to be.
Magical Abilities: controls fire
Weapons: Sword
Magical Pet Description/Appearance: Black Owl named Shadow. He is really stubborn and likes to run off.

Name: F'lar F'nor
Age: 18
Race: Human
Appearance: [X]
Personality: friendly, odd, protective of friends nevers runs from a fight
Magical Abilities: Necromancer
Weapons: Magic Pistol, never ending cloak
Magical Pet Description/Appearance:[Additional]* Pet dragon Mnementh, he currently lives in the lake near the school.

Name: Dante
Dorm: 5
Age: 17
Appearance: Dante's wings rarly ever come out, left arm is burned
Personality: Random, odd and sometimes a slacker. Laid back but knows when to stop and is a natural born leader.
Dorm: 5
Race: Demon
Magical Abilities: Telekineses, able to produce fire and manipulate it.
Weapons: fists and magic.

Name: Alewen
Age [15-18]:
Magical Race: Which
Appearance: Alewen
Personality: Nice, stubborn, kind, can be evil
Magical Abilities: Can create things with her mind, and controls water.
Weapons: Two twin katana swords.
Magical Pet Description/Appearance:[Additional]*
Magical talking cat named Destiny
Cat form
girl form

She can talk, and is a shapeshifter though she doesn't change into a girl often.

Name: Alexandria Mai (Alex)
Age [15-18]: 16
Magical Race: Shapeshifter/ Telepath
Appearance: Mai
Personality: She is very sweet but clever. She doesnt let her guard down to anyone.
Magical Abilities: Telepathy (mind reading) and changing her form
Weapons: Her Telepathic powers and a set of throwing blades. The blades are round silver disks a bit smaller than a CD.

Name: Hikari natasuma
Age [15-18]: 17
Magical Race: forest demon/ neko
Appearance: *same as before
Personality: shy at times, she is very kind to those who are kind to her, but she has changed, now she doesnt take anything from anyone if you start it she will finish it
Magical Abilities: control plants and talk to animals
Weapons: none
Magical Pet Description/Appearance:[Additional]* :

black panther named mystic.

~*~*~*~New Students~*~*~*~

Name: Danica May West (played by Buttonsavenger)
Age [15-18]: 17
Magical Race: Animal Shifter
Appearance:Danica May West
Personality: sarcastic, a bit stuck up and a bit clumsy but once she mad...I wouldn't want to get in her way.
Magical Abilities:Change shape into any animal
Weapons: the sword in the picture.
Magical Pet Description/Appearance:Marowa(shifter without a human form. this is his favorite form.)

Name: Osaka
Age [15-18]: 17
Magical Race: wolf demon
Appearance: Human form wolfdemon form
Personality: Shes happy and playfull and never backs down.
Magical Abilities: speed,stranth
Weapons: dubble bladed katana
Magical Pet Description/Appearance:none

Name: Cascandra clark
Age : 18
Magical Race:hafe white lighter((angel))/Hafe dark lighter((Demon))
Appearance: dark lighter from, White lighter form
Personality: Funny,Easy going Strong
Magical Abilities: control all elements.Orb into places((fly)),Blow things up with mind
Weapons: Mind,Hand
Magical Pet Description/Appearance:wind

Name: Hitome
Age: 15
Magical Race: elf
Appearance: Hitome
Personality: kind, outgoing, dosn't like to dissapoint people, likes people to be happy
Magical Abilities: telepathy and telekinesis
Weapons: telekinesis and a bow and arrow
Magical Pet Description/Appearance: Kioshi

Name: Johnathan Shepherd
Age: 18
Magical Race: Human/Fire Demon
Appearance: John
Personality: Nice, Is alway willing to make new friends, he is a bit shy at first but he's very open once you get to know him.
Magical Abilities: Can Manipulate/Create Fire. Also for short periods of time Fire harms him very little, but over time can even kill him.
Weapons: A whip made of fire, that ignites only when he wants it to and can reach for up to 8 feet long.
Magical Pet Description/Appearance: Nothing

Name: Casey Riddler
Age [15-18]: 17
Magical Race: Part human, part angel
Appearance: Casey
Personality: He is shy in the presence of one he likes, but is usually friendly and outgoing. Has a mixed personality, as well as multiple personalities. It varies with the situation. He makes friends easily and gets good grades.
Magical Abilities: He can fly and is telepathic.
Weapons: Nothing special
Magical Pet Description/Appearance:[Additional]* User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. He keeps Adie (Ay-dee, male) with him all the time. He's a cute little kitten, but if he gets VERY angry, he will turn into a lion! Otherwise, he's very nice, though mostly shy and afraid. He doesn't show his lion...ness.

Name: Hikari Nezumi
Age [15-18]: 16
Magical Race: Hell Demon
Appearance: Demon Form, Human Form
Personality: Calm, opposite of his sister and doesn't like to talk to most people he doesn't know ((that is why he has no friends ~~))
Magical Abilities: Black fire, tranformation, mind reader ((shinara can't hide anything from him ~~))
Weapons: Demonic sword
Magical Pet Description/Appearance: Yuuri is a black worlf this white tip tail and ears. Has a blue eye and a red eye.

Name: Vonex
Age [15-18]: 17
Magical Race: Demon
Appearance: Vonex
Personality: Quiet, kind, trusting/// other side:/// evil, dark,
Magical Abilities: Controls anything around her
Weapons: none
Magical Pet Description/Appearance:[Additional]* A normal dog

Name: Satoshi Hirosaka
Age [15-18]: 17
Magical Race: Fallen Angel
Appearance: Satoshi
Personality: loves things peaceful, hates fighting, shy at first but talks after you get to know him....
Magical Abilities: controls water and light
Weapons: none
Magical Pet Description/Appearance:Tezuka

Name: Jester
Age [15-18]: 17
Magical Race: Humanesque
Appearance: User Image
Personality: With a deathly ability of logic, Jester enjoys to play with his victims before actually killing them. He has mastered optical illusions, trickery, and the human anatomy enough to preform physical happenings of ubelievable magnitudes. To him, death is a 5 act play, so let the curtains be raised...
Magical Abilities: Dimensional Manipulation (commonly related to telekenisis, though he harnesses no inter-neurological powers)
Weapons: Cards, knives, pins, fire, and a collection of entertainer's props in a messenger bag he carries around.

Magical Pet Description/Appearance:a small thumb sized faerie who travels with him named Xiue
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

Name: Nola

Age: Sixeteen

Magical Race: Snow Spirit

Personality: Nola is very sweet and constantly curious about everything. She usually will only change moods if she is reprimanded or told a bit of information that is different that she believed. She's prone to crying easily. If someone cares for her, she cares for them equally, if not more.

Magical Abilities: Nola can create any form of snow by her own hands. She's a sort of Midas, only with winter instead of gold.

Weapons: She has none, unless icicles count.

Magical Pet: Aniki- A very mischeivious, affectionate fox kit.

Name: Matt Onley (Project: HO29)
Age [15-18]: 18
Magical Race: Homunculus
Appearance: Matt
Personality: Curious, Can be Niave, Likes to get to know people, Doesn't like people to get to know him
Magical Abilities: Extrodinary strength, speed, endurance, quick learner, can sense others emotions
Weapons: Katana
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*Beauty Contest (coming soon)
*Student of the week (coming soon)
*Clubs (coming soon)
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Shinara walked down the halls of the new school. "Hopefully this year won't have as much problems..." She sighed.
Danica opened the front door of Sapphire School and looked around the hall. Marowa trotted beside her as she began to walk. She was dressed in full armor, a statement of her class and species. Her golden blond hair and violet eyes where also indications of her stature. In case anyone didn't quite get the message a pair of large white dove wings, a sign of peace, fluttered behind her. the whole affect was very striking.
"you look stupid Dan." The winged wolf beside Danica pointed out.
"Shut up." Danica glared and crossing her arms. Continuing down the hall She noticed the lack of people.
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Shinara heard voices, "New people already?" She wen tot see where they were coming form.
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Lonely Phantom

Osaka walk up to the school and looked at it "heehee" she said opening the doors "whao cool" she said looking around with her head still standing in the doorway.
Marowa paused and sniffed.
"People. A wolf and a Demon i think" Marowa tensed. He had a some bad run-ins with Demons when he had been human, but that was a long time ago.
"Calm down Mar." Danica smirked, " "I'm sure there really nice." To Marowa's dismay Danica slowed, looking back and forth for the other students.
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Shinara saw a blonde girl and some kind of animal she had never seen beofre. "Um...are you guys new here?"
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Lonely Phantom

Osaka giggled and walked in more "coool" she walked around slowly looking at every little thing that was around.
Danica turned, seeing a girl with long black hair.
"Hello. Yes where both new." Marowa eyed the girl nervously. "I'm Danica, this is Marowa. where both Shifter."
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Shinara smiled, "It is nice to meet you two! My name is Shinara."
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Cascandra orbed into one of the hall ways where she saw a group of people standing she looked at them and smiled " Hi im cascandra" she looked around the hall way and back at them
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Lonely Phantom

Osaka turned around and said "Hi im Osaka?" looking for the person that was talking.

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