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Centuries of violence, blood everywhere,
Satisfies a need I have and I'm not sure I care,

Louie could feel himself blushing now, and it only made him blush more. He hadn't felt this giddy for quite a long time... probably before he fused with Israphel, when he was still a normal human. Then again, he had never been this close to an actual music star before. His actions were completely justified in his mind. He got even more excited when she told him that she would be the school's music teacher. "Oh, is that right?" he said, rocking back and forth on his heels. "So... That means you and I may be working together." His smile grew wider, thinking of the possibility of teaching alongside the world-famous Hearty.

Again, he shook himself of his fantasy, snapping back to reality and looked back at his female acquaintance. "Ahem... Uh, how does that sound? Pretty groovy, right?" he asked, rubbing the back of his head again. He then noticed a group of people heading towards a certain building, then turned back to Hearty. "Well, I guess we should be headin' that way." Louie then walked over to his belongings to collect them, and he offered a hand to Hearty. "Can I be blessed enough to escort such a beauty as yourself?" He smiled and, without waiting for her to answer, took her hand in his own, and proceeded down towards the Assembly Hall. "Damn, you're beautiful...."

The past is the past, and the future will be,
I can't walk back again...

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Mood: Anxious.
Thoughts: Holy s**t she's gorgeous~ / *gags*
State: Standing and waiting.
Location: Outside the Science building.
Company: Hearty.
OOC: owo
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- Mathematics teacher -

'I hear your voice on the wind,
And I hear you call out my name.
"Listen, My Child," you say to me...'

Celia stood at the head of the ship watching with excitement and interest. The ship was already in sight of the island and she studied it was great interest. The dock was big enough for several ships as she could well see. One boat, empty of its passengers, was making its way back to whatever city it had come from. She assumed that some would stay though. The island couldn’t be left without it’s own transportation.
Celia smiled and breathed in the salty air. It was nice to be around people again. Not that she had lived in complete seclusion; she often stopped by the nearest towns to hang out. But it was refreshing to not have people stare at her like frightened deer… or to be stared at in other, more uncomfortable, ways.
Anyway, she studied the island eagerly, impatient to be there. Her purple hair blew behind her, always in constant motion. She moved a strand out of her face, tucking it behind her ear as she contemplated what to do next. Being at sea was enjoyable; she’d watched the water and sky as they traveled. However transportation wise it was lacking in speed. Speed…. Celia perked up. Perhaps she should just go there now. She could wait but she had the urge to stretch her legs and feel the wind whipping wildly through her hair….

I wondered when you try it again. Why did you take the boat anyway? Suicune commented in that calm tone of hers.
‘Cause I don’t think I can cover that whole distance on foot, she replied amused. You might have been, but our new body can’t cover that much yet, she added, though she doubted Suicune could really go that far. Celia felt Suicune was slightly annoyed that she doubted her, but she neither confirmed nor denied the comment. Sometimes that drove Celia crazy. Always withholding information she wanted to know the most. She didn’t know if she did it on purpose or not. Knowing Suicune, she probably just thought it was unimportant.
They made their way down the deck to the side of the ship and climbed over the railing. Celia look around to make sure noone was watching. She didn’t want to panic anyone unnecessarily. Hoping off the side, she held the skirt of her dress around her as fell deftly onto the ocean’s surface. She didn’t want anyone to see her with her underwear showing. The water rippled slightly, but not much as the ocean’s waves quickly dissipated them. She grinned. This was one things she loved doing, even after a whole year of doing it. She was walking on water. Who else alive could even say that?
Celia stood a moment to gain balance on the constantly shifting waters. The ship was moving past her, but not for long. She pushed off, running full-speed across the surface. She laughed at the exhilaration such speed gave her. She caught up with the moving boat quickly and passed, making steady progress toward land. She reveled in the simple feet of running, the way her feet barely even made the water splash, and the feeling of freedom this always gave her. She looked graceful as she bounded steadily forward. She only lost her balance once or twice(running on the ocean is hard when it’s constantly moving). She made it to land in a matter of minutes, passing a few surprised people as she did. She wasn’t until she reached the front doors of the academy that she finally stopped.
Celia smoothed out her dress, barely panting and thoroughly pleased with herself. She started to enter, but to her surprise someone was already there, and quickly smashed one of the doors in with a loud bang and an equally loud greeting to someone named ‘Larson’. The name was familiar and a picture flashed to mind. She’d seen the man’s face several places recently.

Ah, yes. The Headmaster, she remembered.
She looked at great bulky man incredulously(as did several passersby) and stepped past him to the incredibly tall man who could only be Larson Hearse.

“Ah, so your Headmaster Larson. Pleasure to meet you,” she greeted, sticking of her hand. “I’m Celia O’Sullivan. I believe we talked on the phone?”
When she’s called to get a job here Celia had talked with several people. However it was only until she was able to talk to Larson that she finally got the job. For that she was grateful. She did NOT want to be forced to enroll as a student or a moocher. She would have if she’d been denied the position, but it wasn’t a pleasant thought. Re-learning what she already knew was boring and being here as a guest with nothing in particular to do is even worse. She was very happy with her new position. It would be interesting to be the one to torture students rather than teachers. The thought made her chuckle.

' "I am the voice of your history,
Be not afriad; come follow me,
Answer my call and I'll set you... free." '

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Mood: Thrilled
Thoughts: “So glad to finally be here!” “….”
Location: Main Hall
Company: Larson and others
State: Standing with outstretched hand
OOC: “Finally I posted! And my longest one yet!”

-format created by AlyKitt_RyukaI, as a gift for Queen Aryana-
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j e s s i c a"HEARTY" h e a r t

Mood Shocked
Location Next to a tree near the science building
Company Louie
Thoughts Is surprised that the people in Sinnoh know about her

                                                              Hearty smiled, Louie was a nice a funny person, she was glad that she wouldn’t be alone when teaching her class. She could just picture it, ether her fans would bombard her with questions and she’d be hiding under her desk. Or the students would do what they want and she’d be hiding under her desk. Her spirits lifted a bit when Louie spoke of them working together, he was much braver than she was and she thought he was also sweet with all these comments he gave her about being beautiful. Not many people said that to her, they only called her cute because of the way she is.

                                                              Hearty looked up at her new working buddy when he mentioned going where a crowd of people were heading as asked to escort her there. He took her hand which made Hearty give out a squeak; she stumbled forward, but caught herself by using her wings to lift her up. Her eyes widened were they heading to a meeting or something, there were going to be tons of people there staring at her, in this stripper looking outfit. She let out another squeak and flew close to Louie trying to hide her smaller self behind his taller body.

                                                              “W-Where are we g-going?”
                                                              Her feet finally touched the ground and she began to walk close behind him making sure not to trip the both of them. She began to tremble again, but this time it wasn’t from the cold. What if someone recognized her, what if she got separated from Louie and ended up alone with perverts, she could be kidnapped or worst. It had happened before in her past, some crazy fan kidnapped her and wanted to keep her all to himself, it was a good thing Mika was with her, she confused both the man and his Gliscor. It was enough for Hearty to get away….and then chased by fans once she was outside that was a very scary day.

                                                              ‘Calm down Jessica, did you forget that we are on an island? How far can a person go dragging you along? Plus don’t forget I taught you how to fight how do you think you survived all that time on your own?’
                                                              Mika spoke to her and Hearty nodded, Mika was right but she was still afraid. She clung closer to Louie as they walked toward the assembly hall.
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- G.E.R.M. member, and gijinka supporter -

'Usube ni midarete
Manatsu no yo no yume yume
Tobitatsu kagerou

"It's been far too long for either of our tastes, Steven." Sabrina couldn't help the small chuckle that escaped from her throat; Alakazam simply let out a soft, barely-audible 'hnh' sound. "At the very lest, we should try to make time to catch up with each other while we're here, yes?" She nodded to herself slightly, almost as if to confirm her own statement.

As her faithful Psi Pokemon nodded in greeting to the silver(?)-haired man, a soft smile graced Sabrina's lips as Steven recounted the 'leisure' activities of his father.
"That father of yours certainly knows how to keep on hi--" Her sentence was cut off as a crashing sound echoed throughout the assembly hall, a Terrakion gijinka making his - memorable, to say the least - entrance. "..." She blinked bemusedly for a moment or two, before shaking her head. "Well, Larson." She cast a stray glance in the Headmaster's direction, before returning her - curious... - gaze to the Terrakion gijinka. "I suppose a--" A small cough. "--lively staff is better than a bunch of emotionless ones, hm?"

'Pale pink and tangled, in a dream,
a midsummer night’s dream;
a mayfly takes off, yearning for love...'

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Mood: curious
Thinking: 'Can't blame the gentleman for being energetic, I suppose...'
Location: the assembly hall
Company: whoever's in the assembly hall XD;;;
State: talking to Larson/Steven/Joseph
OOC: bah! got A post up...
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𝔇𝔬𝔠𝔱𝔬𝔯 𝔇𝔢𝔵𝔱𝔢𝔯 Λ𝔯ҝ𝔥𝔞𝔪 ѡ𝔞𝔯𝔡
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Just a heads up; we're gonna have a superconductor turned up full blast and pointed at you for the duration of this next test. I'll be honest - we're throwing science at the wall here to see what sticks. No idea what it'll do. Probably nothing. Best case scenario, you might get a diverse set of super powers. Worst case...some tumors, which we'll cut out.

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A figure disembarked from a small vessel onto the docks of the island, several cases of luggage hovering in the air around him. Peering about casually, the relatively short gentleman started along the path towards the main campus. The journey had been entirely forgettable, to be perfectly honest. Dexter Arkham Ward never seemed content to travel with others - he had hired a private yacht to carry him to the island where he was meant to begin his new job as Professor of Fusion Studies. This...Sanctuary Academy seemed a peculiar endeavor, and he wasn't sure yet if he felt it was a good idea. Ever since this Cataclysm business, every back alley gang, underhanded syndicate and crime family was out to catch any Gijinka they could get their black-market, baby-Spheal-skin gloved hands on. So placing a wide variety of them on a single island seemed...risky, at best. However, this was an unprecedented opportunity to study the effects of the Cataclysm up close, without having to send out flyers requesting volunteers for 'scientific research'. While the Doctor knew it was only a matter of time before some ne'er-do-wells arrived to try and take these gifted individuals to use for their own nefarious ends, he considered it his obligation to take full advantage of this chance to examine and test them in a controlled environment, for what brief time he may have available to do so. Smirking slightly under his high collar, he turned down the path leading to the building designated for Science classes. The cases hovering around him trembled slightly as a voice made itself known in his head...

You're really just gonna sidle right in, then? No going to greet your employers, no bursting in on your students in a flash of technological wonderment? Seems a bit lackluster.

"I'll have plenty of time for meet-and-greets during the school year! For now, we must ensure everything is ready for my teaching environment. We cannot work under the minimalist conditions of our last station...or have you already forgotten?"

Of course I haven't. I mean, really, only half a dozen Tesla coils...it was like they didn't even care. It just seems like a bit of a faux pas to take the job and arrive at the campus only to disappear for nigh a week.

"My friend, they knew the risks involved with hiring us when they dialed our number. You mustn't forget, Paracelsus; we're the best in our fields, bar none. The staff will await our return, because we could be the only people on the globe who can properly operate this class! Now, prepare yourself, sir. For soon, we begin...SCIENCE!"

With a sudden alacrity that made it clear the man had no qualms about speaking out loud to himself, he burst into a full run. Using their Psychic powers to open the door of the Science building, the Doctor and the Reuniclus fused to him charged inside, followed closely by their luggage, before slamming it shut behind them...

• • • •

It was much to the pair's surprise - and, admittedly, with a degree of disappointment - that they found the lab stocked with far more than their previous stations. It definitely needed some adjustments, but certainly not as severely as they had believed. Dexter's shoulders drooped slightly as he realized he now had no excuse to avoid meeting all of those people. The two had genuinely hoped they could avoid the bulk of the students and staff, dealing only with those whom they had to.
"Curses...it seems, Paracelsus, that we've no choice but to shed our reclusive ways and go...mingle..." The man shuddered as he spoke, the thought of attempting to socialize with people he was certain they would find horribly mundane and vacuous. However, it couldn't be helped. Placing the luggage containing his lab equipment on the ground, he turned and trudged his way back outside, heading for the main hall. He and Paracelsus could only hope there would be a single person amidst their - well, he supposed they were considered their 'colleagues' now - who would prove possessing of a challenging intellect.

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Science isn't about 'why'! It's about 'why not'! Why is so much of our science dangerous? Why not marry safe science if you love it so much?! In fact, why not invent a special 'safety door' that won't hit you on the butt on the way out, because you receive a failing grade!

Thoughts : Oh, dear Arceus, no... -- Hey, there's nothing wrong with meeting new people, no matter how vapid they may be.
Moods : Distraught -- Hopeful
Location : On our way to the Main Hall, I guess...
With : Just us.
Condition : Blech... -- Oh, stop it, we're both fine.

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*Anemone Hartford*


Anne sat watching person after person walk in. It was the most interesting thing to do at the moment. Seeing so many gijinka’s in one place almost made her head whirl. There were Grass-Type like herself; Fire-Types, Dark-Type, and the list went on and on. She couldn’t even name all the ones that came in. Bulbasaur knew more than she did and she was grateful for her clarifications. After awhile they started to play a game. They would pick out a gijinka and make up an outlandish adventure that they did. They had been putting out together for an interesting pair that had walked in soaking wet.
… And as the sea monster held the girl above his mouth, the guy… Anne continued. They were currently saying that the two had been pulled off the boat by a hungry sea monster and had to fight for their lives to get here. The guy had been battling the monster and now he was trying to strike the final blow before it ate the girl.
…This sounds familiar… we both know how this ends.
Yeah I know, so he kills the monster and saves the girl and that's why there here.
You didn’t embellish it.
But neither of us wanted to….
They both giggled. So who’s next? Anne asked.
How about that guy? Bulba suggested, directing her eye to a young man with mischief written all over him. His blue hair was spike upward in an interesting way and there was a confident grin on his whiskered face. He had entered the Hall a few minutes ago and Anne had only just now noticed him.
So what will he be? she asked.
Thief. They said at the same time.
You know, why don’t you just go talk to him instead of making things up about him. You can’t keep to yourself forever.
I can’t do that.
Bubla disagreed, but didn’t say anything more. Her emotions said enough. Anne studied the guy. She didn’t want to make a fool of herself by going up to him. Her mind always went blank when she tried to start a conversation with strangers. Plus, he seemed the type to embarrass her further for fun.
You don’t know till you try. We need more friends! I get bored.
Shut up. Anne retorted with a mixture of embarrassment and fondness.


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Mood: Nervous, embarrased, bored.
Thoughts: "I can't..." "But you should!"
Location: Assemble.
Company: The crowd.
State: Sitting and thinking.
OOC: I posted. Might not be the greatest, but posted.
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☁✌ σє єℓιиδα-яισи ✌☁
- Drama teacher -

'This endless mercy mile,
We're crawling side by side...'

"Well if this whole 'Cataclysm' business is anything to go by, Kyogre--" Since Abram was still in control(see prev. Zoe post), he was the one who brushed a few strands of vibrant green hair over (her)his shoulder. "--it wouldn't really surprise me if Groudon showed up sooner or later, much less any other legendary pokemon that have been encountered by...adventurous humans." (S)He chuckled, remembering back to when a (younger)Zoe first encountered him, all the way up at the summit of Hoenn's Sky Pillar.

"My soul partner, Miss Zoe here--" (S)He gestured as (her)his appearance for a moment before continuing. "--is a member of the teaching staff here; the Headmaster, who - curiously enough - is a Lugia gijinka, he asked her to serve as something called a Drama teacher." (S)He frowned slightly, then shook (her)his head. "I'm not quite sure what this 'Drama' thing is that humans are so fascinated by, but I'm sure our answers will be received in due time."(S)He waved a hand dismissively, then awaited (Qing's)Kyogre's response.

'With hell freezing over in our eyes
gods kneel before our crime...'

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Mood: a bit wary
Thoughts: 'Now explain to me this fascination with 'Drama' that you have...' 'Just wait an' see, Abram.'
Location: the assembly hall
Company: Qing/Kyogre, Larson, Sabrina, Joseph, etc.
State: talking to Qing/Kyogre
OOC: boom! posted!
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XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX My name? I'm Samantha Evans!

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Samantha stood on the ship, impatiently tapping her foot as she clutched her ball tightly. Her bags, a total count of 4, rested on the ground behind her. The ship crawled forward, a pace that dissatisfied the grey haired girl. Oh come on! It's a freakin boat for goodness sake! It can go faster than this. I can walk faster than this! Letting loose a dramatic sigh, Samantha took to studying the other passengers. Each of them wore clothes that symbolized a specific Pokemon or had ears, tails, and other Pokemon body parts to show their fusion. Lucky for me all I'm really stuck with are these ears. The rest of the changes aren't as big and I can make them work easily. The ears were harder to match stuff with though. At least I was able to come up with this... Glancing down, Samantha examined herself. The outfit she was wearing was the best she could find that portrayed Spoink correctly. High, over the knee pink socks, small black dress shoes, plain white t-shirt, a multi-shaded dress of grey, and a little beaded hairband that was, of course, pink. The coloring and design matched up good enough for her own liking, and the outfit as a whole pleased Spoink. After her little check to make sure she was in order, Samantha once again began looking over the others. Ages varied, it seemed, to people her age, older teenagers or young adults, and even little kids. From this small observation, it was easy to tell that everyone had been affected. No one had been spared from the 'Cataclysm,' as she had heard it been called. This is just awful. To think something like that got both the upper and lower classes. It's sickening! I'll be in a somewhat public school surrounded by a bunch of Grade-A idiots! The idea makes me sick to my stomach. I'll be amongst.... common folk. Samantha gave a little shudder at the thought. Too caught up in her little mental 'rant,' she had completely stopped keeping track of the ship's progress. She was snapped out of her little state of disgust by a tiny, fragile voice in her head. ...Samantha. The boat... it's... we're here. The boat stopped... Oh. Thanks Spoink. I guess I got a little carried away. I wasn't paying any attention. Well, I'll guess we'll have to make the best of things here. We should be leaving now. But still... poor people? Average citizens? Why me?! I didn't do anything to deserve this. It was my idea to come though. I should have thought things through better... It... it won't be that bad.. You can do this... Samantha laughed at Spoink's comment. She knew she could do it. She was, after all, Samantha Evans. If she could persuade her father into giving her everything she wanted and could wrap anyone around her finger at any and all social events with just a smile and a wave, she could deal with 'public school.' She turned to her bags and gave a little snap. They rose slightly, as if on cue. Snapping, as she had found, turned out to be a good signal that helped her to control and use her powers. Of course, everyone did things differently and snapping was most likely not the only way to do things. Walking, she twisted her head around to check on her bags. They were following close behind, just as they should. Nodding in approval, she faced forward and continued on her way. Walking at a relatively brisk pace, Samantha ignored all others around her. She didn't want to talk to anyone unless they caught her attention as someone who could hold a conversation with her. One with a topic that actually interested her. She reached the building rather quickly and entered. While it was quite chilly outside, it was the same in here. Seriously? No heat? A school like this should have some heat! Really, what is with this?! Huge building, nice architecture, fine interior. No heat. This offically sucks. I..... I kind of like it. Things aren't so bad... The cold won't hurt us... Oh? Well, I guess everyone has their own preferences. I dislike freezing though and like to be able to feel my arms. Chattering teeth and shivering? Not my idea of fun things to do. Her distaste was plastered plainly on her face by her frown of disapproval. Following several signs along the hallways, Samantha made her way to the Assembly Hall. They mentioned a meet-and-greet. It seemed to be the most logical place to go right then. Maybe then she would find the headmaster and be able to place a complaint about the chill in the air. Upon arriving, she stood, eyeing several individuals. One, however, caught her eye. A man clad in an icy blue with wings protruding from his shoulders. After examining him and his features, Samantha concluded that he was an Articuno, the legendary ice bird. I bet he's the reason it's so cold in here. Ice-types really should be able to control themselves. Not everyone likes ice forming on their skin. This is ridiculous. I'll deal with him later, now that I know what the problem is. For now I'll go sit. Walking up here was a tad bit tiring and I need to rest. Walking into the room, Samantha made her way to an area that wasn't crowded. After finding a seat, she sat down. I'll stay here for now until something happens. That or if someone approaches me. Then, if they have a nice personality and can hold a conversation of some intellect or an interesting topic, I'll let them sit with me. If not I'll just turn them away. ...S-Samantha? Can... can you try and be nice? We need friends here... Hm? Of course I'll be nice. To those who deserve my kindness anyways. If anything, I'll let the people down politely. With her mind focused on other things, Samantha didn't her the tiny sigh that escaped Spoink in her mind. Crossing her ankles and folding her hands neatly over her ball in her lap, she sat and waited. The bags that had been dutifully following her lowered themselves and rested on the ground behind her chair.


"I like it how I like, when I like it and that's how it is."

Mood: Annoyed but Calm
Thoughts: "Common people..... Cold school.... I don't know how much more of this I can take!" "I hope she doesn't scare everyone away..."
Location: the Assembly Hall
Company: Everyone in the room but no one in particular
State: Sitting
OOC: My first Samantha post. Had computor problems so sorry about it not being done when it was first posted.
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Held by the cross, I look up at the sky
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoR e p e n t ! R e p e n t!
Erase the voices of prayer
If you call this love black magic then light the flames of Hatred
Like this red, burning flame
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoR e p e n t ! R e p e n t!
Don't forget the reason for your bitter tears

                                                            Qing Yuan we agreed. Groudon's sudden appearance would not be surprising, and it would only be slightly irksome. As long as he treated her respectfully, they would have no problems. Though their eternal struggle of land and sea would never end, with the Orbs under Qing Yuan's protection, and Qing Yuan's ability to subdue Kyogre when needed, things would go swimmingly. Kyogre was only vaguely upset that Groudon would show up, but Qing Yuan was at least a comfort to her. Kyogre would never have to speak with him, she could retreat back into the depths of their shared mind and let Qing Yuan handle him.

                                                            So her name was Zoe, but was Rayquaza going to go by his human's name? It only seemed odd to Qing Yuan since they had different genders, though... technically speaking Rayquaza nor Kyogre had genders. They simply affiliated with different genders. It was interesting then, that Rayquaza and this Zoe were to be teaching... drama. Neither Qing Yuan nor Kyogre were well acquainted with this... drama. However, so long as their relationship remained in this tenuous respect she would attend their class to satisfy her curiosity.

                                                            "We did not know that drama had become a subject of serious study. We are curious to the events of this class will be." Qing Yuan nodded, glancing over to Tai Yang who nodded in affirmation as if he would be attending the classes as well. And he would. Tai Yang never left Qing Yuan's side unless specifically directed to, and in the past year there had not been a single time she needed him to leave.

                                                            A loud bang caught Qing Yuan's attention and made poor little Tai bark in surprise before nearly falling off her shoulder. Her watery eyes glanced over to become Joseph screaming and making a mess out of things. How very undignified. She turned her glance back to Rayquaza, proceeding to ignore the lesser Gijinka. So many seemed to be rowdy with no respect for others. Was this what the world had come to in a century? Where no one respected one another? What ever happened to formality? After all, the legendary pokemon were not simply just another average pokemon. They were stronger, better, faster! They were Gods and Goddess! Worshiped by humans for centuries and then...

                                                            Qing Yuan sighed softly and reached over carefully to lift up Tai Yang and hug him softly across her chest. The little vulpix looked up at her curiously before snuggling into his new position. The vulpix was always warm and served as a nice little mobile heater when it was cold and she felt like being warm. Like now for instance. The cold empty hallways felt like ice in her bones. It was nearly colder inside than it was outside. The passing flash of pink caught Qing Yuan's eye for a moment as she watched the newcomer walk through the crowd with dignity and grace before taking a seat in the. Curious, Qing Yuan had not seen someone with that much grace since her awakening over a year ago. She was compelled to go speak with her by some bizarre urge. Qing Yuan glanced back to Rayquaza and bowed carefully.

                                                            "It was a pleasure speaking with you once more Rayquaza. We wish you luck in your endeavors and we will see you in class no doubt. Farewell." Qing Yuan straightened herself before walking gracefully along the cold tile before standing just off to the right of the pink woman she had seen earlier. Yes, this was the visage of someone who had respect for themselves and dignity in their life. She was quite pretty in a way that Qing Yuan had not expected either, not your typical beauty queen but still beautiful. Qing Yuan gave a traditional respectful bow to her before straightening once more.

                                                            "Good Day. We are Qing Yuan. We could not help but notice you as you passed us, and you struck our eye. Would you grace us with your name?" Both Kyogre and Qing Yuan held a strict policy of politeness and courtesy to all they spoke to. Those who did not uphold the policy were quickly disregarded and ignored. Tai Yang shifted in her arms, the vulpix pawing at his puff of hair to get it to lay properly.

                                                            Mood Content.
                                                            Thoughts Who is this young woman?
                                                            Location The Assembly Hall
                                                            Company Samantha & Tai Yang(Vulpix)! And Everyone else in the Assembly Hall
                                                            Clothing My Traveling Clothing
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I click my tongue slightly as Kamit jokes about me being boring; that must be some sort of running gag, or the joke could be in the irony, because how can I be boring? Heavy metal Lugia guy with feathers growing out of his eyes, four sets of fingers, a room filled with bass guitars, and enough weapons to make the armies of Johtonian myth jealous! And I mean all the armies of Johtonian myth. And that's a real ********! I bite my upper lip slightly, (before letting it go when I remember about my severely sharpened teeth and almost cause the fesh to tear off,) when she winks my way. I don't know what sort of wink that was, but I don't really wanna, in a way. Is that... weird? I dunno. I look over to the doors as a pair of figures walk in, the psychic energy in the room instantly tripling from the amount I was just exuding by myself, which really does cause me to reach to the back of my head and squint my eyes for a second; it's like the pressure change on a airplane, I find. After a few moments, maybe blowing your nose, the pain goes away. Still, Sabrina and her Alakazam pack a ******** of telepathic energy when in such a confined space. I would not like to be in a small cell with her; not for her personality or anything, she seems like great company, but the headache would probably kill me! When she addresses me by my surname, I cringe, making an audible moan of disapproval. "Please, no titles or surnames! Just call me Larson. Or Lars. Or 'that cool dude with the silver eyes.' ...Matter of fact, probably best not to call me that last one; Kammy would kill you." I send my own wink back at Kamit; revenge is sweet! 'She calls you boring; you call her homocidal and insanely jealous. Is that fair?' 'Put it into perspective, Lugia; there's about as much chance of me being boring as there is of Kamit being a homocidal maniac with a clinginess problem.' 'Touché, not.' I open my mouth to speak again, before hearing the unmistakable sound of angry, booted footsteps walking on pine floors, (it's very distinguishable, y'know.) I look over, watching as the Swampert Gijinka, (Olive by my recollection, but I may be wrong,) charges up to me and starts yelling at me. Before I can even raise my eyebrows, I watch Kamit drag her off to the office. Blinking twice, I look to Steven, the spot where Noctus used to be, (he is a ninja!) and Sabrina and her Alakazam. "Y-you all just saw what happened there, right? That-that wasn't just me goin' insane for a moment, was it?" I ask, watching as the pair leave. I shake away these thoughts that seem quite unnecessary as several other Gijinka start to enter the hall and take their seats. I don't bother to tell them to take a seat, seeing as they seem perfectly able to do so already.

I look back to the pair of G.E.R.M. members standing in front of me, before standing up to nmy full 8-foot 2 glory and clicking a few joints in a small stretch. "You guys got here surprisingly early," I say, quite contradictory to what Sabrina had assumed. "The Triumvir has yet to arrive, so you're actually ahead of the boss." I smile at them, before looking over to the group of students and guests that have accumulated in the room. "Just hold tight, everyone," I say, rather loudly. "This little gathering should begin in a few minutes; I just need to wait for a few more people to arrive and then we'll begin." I look over to the doorway, before seeing something that makes my stomach almost turn, but not of my own accord. 'What did I tell you about turning my stomach like that?!' I yell at Lugia in my head. 'Well, so-rry! But, it is Rayquaza that's arrived. Oy, of all the Pokémon in the world to be fused, why did it have to be one of the only few above me?!' 'Think of it this way; I'm her boss, so now I have power over her. And, since human bodies are not bound by the same rules as you lot, the hierarchy means far less, especially to those within such close proximity as the Weather Trio and you.' 'As long as that b*****d Kyogre doesn't show up, I can deal with-- s**t.' I look over, spotting the student, about 19, name... something Hoennite, who I remember to be fused with the big man himself, walks in and stops Lugia dead in her tracks, before getting chatty with the Rayquaza Gijinka, (Zoe, I think.) 'Hey, look. Kyogre showed up.' There's a solitary moment of silence in my head, almost as if she's decided not to say anything. Some hope. After a few seconds, I start to wonder what she's doing; she was just making a big song and dance about Kyogre arriving, so she must be thinking someth--

'LET ME AT HIM!!!!!!!!'

I grab my head in my hands after only a few milliseconds of pain, as Lugia starts shouting invective after invective in my head, my new fingernails almost digging chucks of my brain out as I try to halt the agony. My knees knock a little bit as she yells, with me almost crying in pain from her going super-mega-b***h in my mind!!! "Shut up!" I tell her, not realising that I shouted that out loud. "Shutupshutupshutupshutupbeforeyoumakemyheadexplode!!!!!!" Eventually, Lugia does quiet down a little so that I don't feel like I'm being put in a headlock and given a noogie by a Machamp on anabolic steroids. 'What the ******** was fpr?!' I demand, rubbing my temples and groaning while yelling back her, grateful that I managed to do it silently this time. 'Let me take control, please! I'm gonna kill the lazy b*****d! He makes the sea and then buggers off?! Then I have to take his job?!?! I wasted 20,000 years of my life doing his work for him, so let me kill him now!!!' 'He's immortal, remember?!' 'Don't care! Let me at him!!!' Grunting, I mentally push Lugia's spirit aside in my mind, barricading her away from taking control of our body; it's happened before. And, as extra measures, I mentally build soundproof walls around her so that she can yell in peace. Almost instantly, the pain subsides, and I find myself able to open my eyes and stand up straight again, blushing almost like a silver tomato at the G.E.R.M. members, as well as the many students and teachers around me. "Sorry; technical difficulties," I say, shrugging awkwardly. I suddenly look over, realising that Joe has just appeared nearby, as well as that Articuno Gijinka, Alex, (Lugia must be yelling a bunch more stuff now she's seen him,) and the Suicune lady that I hired to be the math teacher, (and probably even more now.) I only ever saw Joe once before, and that was some months ago, but his build was what made him the obvious choice for security head here. Of course, all the staff will play a role in defending the school from attack; he's just the bouncer of the island, too. Wiping a tear away from the hairs on my cheek, I wheeze "Sorry; hi, Joe; Alex; Celia. Did I miss something? I was in terrible pain, so you must excuse my rudeness." Yep. I can never be boring.

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“So far away,”
“We wait for the day;”
“For all the lives so wasted and gone!”

"We feel the pain of a lifetime,”
“Lost in a thousand days;”
Through the Fire and the Flames,”
“We carry on!”

M O O D : embarrassed
P O N D E R A N C E S : “I am so dead.” “-CENSORED-”
L O C A T I O N : the assembly hall
C O M P A N Y : loooooooots of people
S T A T E : standing, blushing heavily at my actions.
O O C : massive lol.

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Questionable Prophet

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX My name? I'm Samantha Evans!

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Oh looky. A person. Graceful bow, Polite, Confident appearance. I suppose she'll work. Samantha smiled up at the girl who had introduced herself as Qing Yuan. When she spoke, two voices twisted together to form one beautiful, melodic sound. "Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you Qing. I'm Samantha. Samantha Evans. Please, do have a seat." Gesturing to the empty seat beside her, she smiled as Qing sat(if she sat?). Glancing briefly a the girl, she took notice of the red vien-like patterns that adorned her flesh. Her arms ended in long, fin-like hands. Add in the blue hair and the girl's fusion was very apparent. Her Pokemon was Kyogre, the legendary creator of the oceans. Wow. Last I knew Kyogre was still sleeping. Was he awoken when the Cataclysm occured? Was he already awake? Or was a human simply close to him when the entire event happened and so fusing him while he was still deep in slumber? This is great! Finally a stroke of luck. Someone who should have the mental capacity and knowledge to hold a conversation, or in the least, a small friendly banter. "I must say, it is quite the honor to meet Kyogre, or at least the human 'vessel' that now contains him. It seems as if several legendaries have been fused with the occurance of the Cataclysm. Such a shame. Not too many humans, those of the lower-class anyways, respect those who are clearly higher than them in status. I can only imagine the direspect and humiliation you've endured this past year, upon awakening to find a whole new world." Hugging her ball to her chest, Samantha looked at Qing. It struck her then that it might seem odd to Qing that she had a ball. Someone who was clearly smart and knew propor etiquette, her age nontheless, holding tightly to such a thing. The realization amused her and she stifled a laugh before it could pass her lips. Smiling, Samantha began to speak. "I believe an explanation is in order here. About this." Pausing briefly, she gestured at the small pink orb perched in her lap. "The Pokemon I'm fused with is Spoink. Spoink, as a Pokemon, has a Clamperl's pearl atop it's head which it balances there to enhance it's psychic abilities. When the Cataclysm occured and I awoke, this ball was there. It seems as if it's an equivalent for the pearl except this doesn't enhance my abilities. However, I've began greatly attached to this and can't imagine being without it. An instinct I inherited from Spoink. Nontheless, this ball goes everywhere with me." After her explantion, Samantha let a deep breath out and inhaled. She was still a bit tired from walking here from the docks. Spoink had always tired easily and it seemed that now so did she. A loud yelling grabbed her attention. Screaming was more like it. The rather loud, obnoxious sound was coming from a large feathered man. A Lugia gijinka by the looks of it. I'm glad I payed attention during my classes about Pokemon, the legendaries in particular. There are quite a few here, and I've only just arrived. It seems even more people are to come and join us as well. It really is sad that the top-ranked Pokemon and humans were fused along with the lowly ones. In some ways, it just wasn't fair. To be grouped so quickly as an equal with someone you knew you're better than. I wonder whose idea that was anyway. I have a bone to pick with them... Being equal is nice... That way... that way no one can be mean to others.... that weren't as well off as them before this. Is that what you really think? If so, you're wrong Spoink. Even now, people will be stronger and more popular than others. It's just natural for people to want to be the best, to be above everyone else. If everyone were truly equal, things wouldn't work out well. You've seen people. What if everyone was as smart, or stupid, as some of them? What if everyone were ugly or pretty? Strong or weak? Without one, there really isn't anything to compare it to and it's normal. Everyone would be the same and things would be rather dull. ...I...I guess so. But... it would still be nice if everyone was even. People would be nicer... The man ceased his agonising, pain-filled yelling. Soon after he apologized to the room as a whole for it. "That was strange. What could have caused his outburst? He was yelling at someone, perhaps his Pokemon fusion, Lugia? What are your thoughts on the matter?" Samantha looked curiously at Qing. There was a kind of wisdom, old and ancient, that seemed to pour from this girl. Wise beyond her years, or what she looks suggested. Kyogre was indeed way older than the human girl he was now a part of. Qing's opinions and thoughts would help for Samantha to confirm her own ideas or disprove them. The only thing there was to do was to sit and wait for a responce, so she did just that.


"I like it how I like, when I like it and that's how it is."

Mood: Relieved, Calm Worried
Thoughts: "Another person with some sort of an intellect. I'm saved!" "...Is that man ok?.... Does Samantha even really care?...
Location: the Assembly Hall
Company: Qing as well as everyone else in the area
State: Sitting, Waiting on Qing's responce
OOC: There! I got it up.
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Magic Cat

User Image
                                                      N A O M I

                                                      User Image

                                                      You are the pain in my throat
                                                      When you are near me, I choke
                                                      Everything round me screaming ‘Stop don’t do it!’
                                                      You are the hurt in my heart
                                                      Every time I try to start
                                                      Everything round me screaming ‘Stop or lose it!’

                                                      I try to win but I lose
                                                      There’s no real end I can choose
                                                      To be let free without suicide.

                                                      You are the cramp in my side
                                                      You jab at me like a knife
                                                      Everything round me screaming ‘Stop don’t do it!’
                                                      Mymind’s made up with a choice
                                                      For once I’m using my voice
                                                      Everything round me praising ‘Please keep with it!’

                                                      I try to run but I don’t
                                                      I try to hide on my own
                                                      I really do try to die but I’m scared
                                                      To ruin your life and mine
                                                      Hit two birds in one straight line
                                                      I really do try to die somewhere.

                                                      So now I’m just gonna do
                                                      What I can try to get through
                                                      It’s now the start of a life long ride.

                                                      User Image

                's**t.' was the first thing that ran though her head, but she never gave way to her mask. Instead she gave kenshin a questioning look before she ventured forth with her cover up. ”It’s nice to meet you Kenshin.” She said ’And there’s your first lie. Glaceon interjected as Naomi smiled at the guy ignoring the icy creature’s annoting words. ”Actually yes, i am fused with a glaceon. Was never much of a trainer, she was more like my friend slash pet. her smile faltered lightly hearing the snort from Glaceon but she quickly used it to let her smile dim down at her next response. ”What, are you talking about? Strange energy? She gave a small chuckle to help fuel the act. ”Stop being silly.” She smiled again before glancing around the now nearly empty shore. ”I think we should start going to the assembly now, i think there was an announcement about it, come on.” Naomi said linking her icy arm with his and practically towing him down the path.
                ”Great way to change the subject, just drag the guy around why don’t you. You have no people skills what so ever, do you? Well of course you don’t I’ve known you practicly your whole life, and not once make a Human friend, nope, rather spend time with me, but hey, who wouldn’t, i Am pretty amazing. can’t really say the same for you, now can we?” rant, rant, rantity, rant. It was like Glaceon was never going to shut up, but she did have one thing kind of right. Why the heck was Naomi dragging this guy around, god he probably thought she was crazy. They were about half way down the trail before she let him go. Quickly Naomi turned to him, plastering on an apologetic face. It wasn’t hard to make this mask, this one she felt like giving all the time. Naomi would much rather be giving that translucent look , rather be able to say sorry all the time, instead of that smile. But normal people smiled, and it wouldn’t due to have others know how guilty she was. Saying sorry a thousand times would make others suspicious, or question why her. ”Why are you so down? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” And the most important one. ”What are you hiding?”
                That was the prize winner of questions. And she couldn’t answer it, to anyone, not her fellow hunters, not the gijinka’s not the humans or teachers or nonexistent friends. Not to anyone. So , No, she wouldn’t be apologising from the heart. She couldn’t, not even to those that truly deserved the words. ”Umm..kinda got ahead of myself, dragging you around. Hope you don’t mind, i just hate being late for things and it looks like we might be.” Was her excuse offering that blasted smile once more before starting to walk on word to the building fallowing the signs. They had so dang many of them too, it was like they expected the kids to b retards. But then again most people where, so why would they all be any different. Naomi kept her face from showing her thoughts and kept walking only pausing to see if Kenshin was going to come.

                Mood: Fakeing happy, Holding in anger
                Thoughts: ”Ignore her, Ignore her, Ignore her.””oh come on, you know, the parents that you brutaly-”
                Location: Shore of the island
                Company: Kenshin
                State: Offering hand
                OOC: :3 first post

                User ImageXXXUser ImageXXXUser Image
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Dapper Lunatic

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I'm not Mr. Friendly,
If you tempt me my tank is on empty...

No patience is in me and if you offend me
I'm liftin you 10 feet in the air

I don't care who is there and who saw me just jaw you…
I don't mean to be mean but that's all I can be is just me


Oh joy, finally here. Bout damn time. I hate this freakin' boat.
Hee hee Paulie is seasick...
No... Just hate boats. Too cramped for my tastes. God I wish everyone would hurry up!
Don't lie to me! Lying is bad...and we have the same tummy. And our tummy is all whooshy and flippy.
Whooshy and flippy, huh?
The little pidgey in his head always amused him. So adorable and sure of the world. Almost makes him miss the days he spent as a kid. So far behind him... Pidge wasn't paying attention to where he was going as he pressed forward against the group of students, and ran into a girl with a green backpack, or at least that's what he thought it was, who seemed to be daydreaming and staring at the school. He didn't see what the big deal was. It was just a school.

"Watch it!"

Pretty sky...wish I learned how to fly before we got squished together.

He groaned.

God does noone pay attention to where they are going? Didn't she notice anyone behind her?

He continued on and walked into the auditorium, passing two people on the beach along the way, staring at eachother and making googly eyes and talking. The girl looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn't place where he knew her from...
Eugh... aren't they "adorable"...stupid kids need to get moving...
Paulie is just jealous cuz the girl doesn't wanna hold his hand...
No it's just annoying!
Hee hee you just want a girl to like you. I know. I see your brain! Wooooo!
He ignored pidgey, though he had a chuckle at the ghost voice it used, and kept walking.

Like he needed anyone. He had done fine all his life on his own... There was that one girl, though, who got stuck "playing" Rocket like he did... he wondered if she was ok, and if they would ever see each other again. He hated having to knock her out when he "checked out" of the Team, but he didn't want her getting in the middle of the fighting and getting hurt...

He arrived in the entrance hall, and sat down away from other people, and kicked his feet up on one table, using his wind powers to float some pens in the air above him. He looked around, watching the others.

"We need some damn heat up here..." He said to noone in particular.

Oooh you said another bad word. You should quit that!

Pidge groaned. It was hard sharing a mind with a two year old.


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Mood: Exasperated with Pidgey.
Thoughts: Need some damn heat. Too cold...
Location:Main hall.
Company: Noone near him, but many people in the hall
State: Sitting
OOC: Wooopwoop pidge is up!
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Held by the cross, I look up at the sky
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoR e p e n t ! R e p e n t!
Erase the voices of prayer
If you call this love black magic then light the flames of Hatred
Like this red, burning flame
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoR e p e n t ! R e p e n t!
Don't forget the reason for your bitter tears

                                                            Sa-man-tha..? Ev-vans? What a strange name. Oh how the world changed in all those years asleep! Traditional Hoenn names like Qing Yuan had been all but abandoned. Still, Qing Yuan would never give up her name. It grounded her in her history and her memories. It was the name her mother had graced her with, and despite the events that happened at their final meeting, Qing Yuan would had never disgraced her mother by changing the name she was bestowed with. Qing Yuan thought that perhaps... her mother would have understood things after Kyogre's sudden rescue. If Qing Yuan had been returned to her mother's side, that things would have been better. Alas, there was no way to know now.

                                                            Qing Yuan gracefully swept past Samantha and sat herself down in the chair. She set Tai Yang into her lap, moving a hand to carefully sweep his bangs into place. It was difficult to move her hands gracefully, and yet somehow the Kyogre Gijinka managed to still look graceful with such bulky fin-like hands. Her watery eyes met the pink eyes of her new aquantinace as the other spoke. An astute observation of the young woman. Many pokemon of legend had long accepted the fact that as the years passed they had been reduced to simply... rare pokemon to be captured and used like the rest. The respect and honor that was once held for them seemingly gone without a trace. It was... nice that this girl respected her formally.

                                                            Qing Yuan listened silently to her explanation of the pink ball that had been sitting in her lap. Though she had not needed the explanation, for Qing Yuan did not judge the apperance of others so hastily, she was plesantly surprised that someone would share the story with her so easily. Of course, she was distracted momentarily by the screeching and cursing of none other than the headmaster. Ah, Lugia, her lesser. Kyogre had created the oceans and had once been the guardian. However, due to the feud between land and sea that threated to tear the world apart both Kyogre and Groudon had been forced into a deep slumber and their minds tied to the blue and red orbs respectively. Lugia had been created shortly thereafter to be the guardian of the seas whilst Kyogre lay dormant. Kyogre's power of the sea was obviously vastly greater than her guardian couterpart, for Lugia was merely the guardian rather than the creator.

                                                            The Kyogre Gijinka glanced over when her opinion was asked on the matter of the abrupt outburst. She held her tongue for a moment, thinking it over with Kyogre.

                                                            "We are not entirely sure what his outburst was for, but we do not share any great interest in it either." She replied calmly, running a hand down Tai Yang's back and stroking him soothlying as the sudden outburst had frightened him badly. "It is no doubt a disagreement between human and pokemon. We understand that not all Gijinka have formed the bond that we share. For over one hundred years our minds have been linked whilst our bodies slept under the seas. We awoke a year ago when our bodies abruptly merged and forced us through a painful transformation." Qing Yuan paused for a moment, setting her hands neatly in her lap next to Tai Yang. "But perhaps we should explain ourselves fully, as this no doubt confuses you?"

                                                            Making her up mind to tell the story in full, Kyogre slipped back from Qing Yuan's mind for a moment to let her explain it. "I am Qing Yuan." Her voice was changed, as only a single voice rang out. "I was born one hundred and twenty four years ago into the Guardian Family. For years our family protected the red and blue orbs enshrined in Hoenn's Mt. Pyre. When I was nineteen, Kyogre saved me from certain death and protected my body by encasing it in ice deep under the water in the Cave of Origin. There we spent over a hundred years asleep, our consciousnesses linked by our spiritual connection." Qing Yuan paused again, letting Kyogre slip back into her mind completely. "We awoke as one both Guardian and Goddess precisely one year ago to date. We, Qing Yuan, have drifted across the lands searching for a place to properly enshrine and guard the Red and Blue orbs that control us and Groudon." She motioned to the orbs that she wore around her neck. "We have come to Sanctuary Academy as a student, for we have lost touch with the world after centuries of slumber. As a Guardian and Goddess, we now wish to reconcile our differences with our others and once more take control of our seas. This was, perhaps a long winded explanation. We hope we have not bored you much with it." Qing Yuan apologized lightly, sitting back in her chair and glancing down at Tai Yang. Which reminded her. "This is Tai Yang. He keeps away the rain that we bring so we will not flood the Academy."

                                                            Mood Content.
                                                            Thoughts Did we say too much?
                                                            Location The Assembly Hall
                                                            Company Samantha & Tai Yang(Vulpix)! And Everyone else in the Assembly Hall
                                                            Clothing My Traveling Clothing
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User Image

☠"I feel it deep within,”☠
☠“Just beneath the skin,”☠
☠“I must confess that I feel like a monster!”☠

☠“I hate what I've become,”☠
☠“The nightmare's just begun;”☠
☠“I must confess that I feel like a monster!”☠

User Image

Kenshin started to walk with Naomi. He was sensing saddness from her. As if there was something she was hiding Its the dog sense kid. You know how dogs are said to be able to tell when your sad. Well it goes beyond that we can sense if anything is wroung and now you can to (just be careful kid she looks like one of those people we met down in Shinno) Kenshin thouht back to that time.
It was after the caytulam and Kenshin was in the Shinno region after his faimly had died. He was looking for a place to stay when he had come across a group of cloaked people. When he aproched they turned to him let down their hoods and greeted him warmly. They allowed him to stay with them for awhile. Later that night they were about to kill him in his sleep when he sunddenly awoke. Inukiba was in control. 'Lets play a little game' he had told them. They agreed and thought that he had not noticed them trying to kill him. Inukiba pulled out his deck of Yu-Gi-Ho-Oh cards. he offered them the challage of draw a card more powerful then his. If they did they would win if they didn't he would win. Yet there was a catch only the person with the strongest monster would go agaist the card inukiba drawed the others would be considered in the grave yard. They drew cards until the strongest of the cards drawn was a monster with 5000 attack. Inukiba just smiled and then drew a monster with an amazing abbilty. It could gain the power of all the monsters in the graveyard combined. This allowed Inukiba to win. The people didn't know that losing this game ment losing more. Their eyes, thounge, and ears dissappered so they would have to reley on smell and wander the world like blind and death dogs. Only one had not been affected. Then one that had not played was one that didn't seem to be honest with its self. It just ran off.
Kenshin stopped rememebering long egough to noticed that they had made it to the asmbely. he turned to Naomi. What I ment by strange energy was that it seems like there is darkness within you. You shouldn't worry about it to much. Then he open the door for her.

User Image

M O O D : cheerful
P O N D E R A N C E S : “” I wonder if she knows the one that got away
L O C A T I O N : asmebly hall
C O M P A N Y : Naomi and who ever else is in the asmebly hall
S T A T E : opening the door for her
O O C :
I want some leather pants

“Kenshin; it means 'Heavenly Blade.' Look it up.”

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show." . ☼ . "User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show." . ☼ . "User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Fancy format made by Larson Morbidity Hearse, as a gift for Geo780

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