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                                                                          youcanfindmehere: some random lounge
                                                                          whatiwillbethinking: this is what the omen was for
                                                                          inthepresenceof: arch enemy, surprisingly alive girl

                                                                          Zayne hurried in the dorm building, escaping from the torrential rain. Talk about a bad omen, he thought darkly, as he shook off water droplets from his umbrella and stowed it away in his suitcase. Inspecting his dry clothes and running his fingers through his blond hair, a smirk of satisfaction pulled at the corner of his mouth as it was now obvious that he'd got to his destination virtually unscathed.

                                                                          After consulting the map in his hands and surveying his surroundings, he headed out one of the doorways in the lobby, in the direction of the dorms. At least that's where he hoped they were. As he walked on, Zayne failed to see anyone wandering the halls. Everyone is probably tucked inside of their rooms, he thought with exasperation, as he lowered his eyes to the map once more. Let's see...I think I'm heading the right way...

                                                                          Looking back up, Zayne had just enough time to stop himself from colliding with a girl holding a small stack of papers, heading the opposite direction. In almost no time at all, the startled and disoriented new student morphed into a charming and playful prince. He was taller than her, enough that his eyes easily got their fill without him obviously scanning her up and down. Meeting her blue eyes, he grinned. Almost a shame we didn't collide into each other.

                                                                          "It's a relief to see one shining ray on such a dark and miserable day, though you have to excuse me," Zayne remarked, gesturing at his bag, and slowly started walking away, throwing a wink at her. "I'm sure we'll bump into each other again. You're too pretty to meet just once."

                                                                          Zayne was fully aware he laid it on thick and that he was walking away from the girl he just put effort into buttering, but it was one of his more well-known moves. Make yourself unforgettable and mysterious--they'll come crawling. Zayne knew how much power being interesting was--it made people want more and more. It was the very thing the girls he had been with lacked and something he always pretended to be, secretly afraid of how boring the real him was.

                                                                          With a sigh, he turned a corner, glaring at the useless map in his hands. There was something Zayne disliked more than being lost: being alone. Looking at the empty hall around him with extreme displeasure, he thought he heard a familiar voice. His eyes widened and the hairs on the back of his neck rose. It can't be.

                                                                          Quickly following the sound, Zayne opened one of the doors, his frantic disbelief overpowering his manners. Luckily, a momentary glimpse made it obvious that where he just stormed in wasn't a dorm, but a rec room of sorts. Zayne dropped his bag at the sight of the redhead only a handful feet away from him. "Ter?!" His shock soon turned into disgust as he closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I never thought I'd be stuck going to the same school as the infamous scarlet demon."

                                                                          Almost as if his playboy senses were tingling, he opened his eyes, his gaze falling on a girl beside his life-long next door neighbor. Bewildered, he looked at Terrance, wondering why a female was in this menace's midst and seemingly unharmed. Feeling confusion and a slight fear for her safety, he stepped closer to the pair, keeping a careful watch on the ill-tempered teenager. "Terror, you didn't plan harming this poor girl, did you?" Zayne glanced at her and at the sight of her pretty face, he silently cursed Terrance. He prided himself on being able to maintain his composure regardless of the situation and abhorred this unfamiliar tinge of embarrassment. This guy has always brought out the worst in me.
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__________________________________ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇

______________________________________________________________________________d e s tr u c t i v e & s w e e t
__________________________________________________________________________________________________ am I what you call a 'junior' ?


                                                                Terrance had his feet raised onto the couch, knees tucked between his wrapped arms which raised the magazine above his face. His wide eyes scanned the bright and bold pictures with enthusiasm and utter disbelief. He eventually came across a section within the magazine which held the latest fashion statements for both young men and women. Terrance's eyes widened at the various outfits presented to him, completely blown out of the water by the numerous tips presented on how appear "hip and fit". His nose scrunched at a young golden haired fellow with a brazen face, lanky build, and clothes that were finely tailored to his body. It wasn't the man he was thinking of, but the uncaring gaze that he held was all too familiar to the red-head. Such fine decor and luxuries granted to the model in the magazine were also given to the boy who lived next door in his younger years. Having been booted out of school for a violent streak, Terrance hadn't seen the boy since those days.

                                                                When Amaya called Terrance over, he peeked over his shoulder to find her sitting in front of a computer monitor. He paused, a little cautious of the machine as though it were a ticking time bomb. He rarely used computers and didn't have a clue on how to manipulate them to his advantage. Terrance tossed his magazine aside before joining Amaya at a computer, bending over her head to peek at a window that she had opened. The logo from his magazine stood at the corner of the window, with two empty bars requesting for an email and password. Amaya continued to explain.

                                                                "Social...networking?" He repeated, turning to Amaya with wide, bewildered eyes. She continued to explain its purpose, indicating that it was a way for friends to interact with one another over the internet. Although she explained that it was amazing, Terrance curled back disappointingly. "For friends, huh?" He sighed, glancing out the window to spot a few clusters of students rushing from building to building in the rain.

                                                                "It's useless then," he said beneath his breath.

                                                                Distracted by his conversation with Amaya, Terrance hadn't noticed that the door was open, allowing entrance to a notable figure in his life. His name was called, surprise and shock rising out of the tone. Terrance spun on his foot, ready to attack the intruder but was startled to see a familiar face in the doorway.

                                                                "...Zayne?" He called, his eyes immediately lighting up as a cheeky smile pulled at the corners of his lips. "You came to this school too? This is perfect!"

                                                                Ignorant to the boy's disgust, he cheerfully laughed in response to the name he had been referred to. "Aw, don't call me that!" He laughed.

                                                                When Zayne directed their attention to Amaya, Terrance shook his head. "Oh, her?" He asked, when questioned if he was planning on hurting her. "No, not any more. I told her I was going to snap her neck, but I don't think that'll happen anymore, I guess," he chirped, bouncing onto the couch eagerly as he cocked his head to the side, staring up at Zayne.

                                                                "Her name is Amaya. She's my roommate! Can you believe it?" He chuckled giddily.

                                                                          C M P A N Y _____ MY BEST FRIEND ROOMMATE, MY BEST FRIEND

                                                                          T H N K I N G _____ HEY IT'S ZAYNE! SOMEONE I FINALLY KNOW!

                                                                          W H E R A B U T S _____ DORM LOUNGE
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Imasu got up from the floor and grabbed his bags. He entered the room shivering. It was hard to believe that someone would go out of their way to place a trap like that in to someone's room, but Imasu sould find them and then confront them about it when the time was right. They'd come to him eventually. That's what bullies always did. Attempt to haunt their next victim. The only thing he would have to watch for was violence. Some bullies took things just a little too far at times unnecessarily.

The boy put his semi wet bags on the bed and went to close the door and lock it. If he had a room mate only they would be able to get in. He went to his bag and opened it, pulling out a pair of dry clothes. Imasu went to the bathroom to get a towel and when he had it he went back to his suitcase and began to undress. Imasu's muscle's showed without him flexing. Once naked he dried off, including his hair in the process, and then began to put on his clothes. Once done he replaced his pendant and was greeted by Ukina. "Ura-kun, you look nice." He smiled, closed his suitcase, and set it on the floor by the bed. "Now I can do some more exploring," He said.

Imasu went to his room door after brushing his long hair. He opened it and stepped out and looked around to see if anyone was in the hallway. He saw a few students but chose not to speak to any. Instead, before running off and getting lost in this big place, he looked at the door and tried to figure out how his bullies had managed to set the trap up. He knew he wasn't capable of that.

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♫♬´¯`♪xxx“Music speaks what cannot be expressd,
♫♬´¯`♪xxxsoothes the mind and gives it rest,

Lilly frowned down at the map that was in the stack of papers she had. Most of them were her now crinkled music sheets. With water marks on then which, she would have to fix sooner or later. Hopefully, she could maybe fix them as she was eating. Oh well, not like it hasn’t happened before. But, what was confusing was the school map which was most likely just going to get her even more lost than she already was. Sighing, she shook her head not sure where she was at the moment. But, her ears happened to pick up the sound of footsteps.

Lifting her head up to look to the sound, her blue eyes meeting that of a golden eyed boy. It surprised her to say the least because, she had almost ran into him. Smiling a little, at the boy because he seemed kind of friendly at least. Of course, that was until he opened his mouth. Then again she figured most girls would enjoy hearing those words from a boy’s mouth but, to Lilly she wasn’t the smartest when it came to flirting. So, she was completely lost with what he meant besides the part about her being pretty. Lilly just kind of stood there a little confused and all these thoughts went through her mind. One, she was flattered. Two, angry for not understanding why she was like the sun. She didn’t shine, that was impossible for any human to do.

Then, she couldn’t even introduce herself! He walked away as soon as he spoke to her and it left her dumbfound. Which, was something she didn’t enjoy. Turning to watch him leave down the hall, heading the way she had come from. Wait, maybe he knew where he was going and could at least point her to the cafeteria. So, with no other ideas she hurried after him. “W-Wait hold on..” Lilly called out as she turned the corner following him.

Seeing him enter a room just ahead she as well entered the room but, she stopped upon looking in the room. It was a rec room I looked like, kind of a lounge. Though, what caught her attention the most though was Caveman. “Ugh…really..” She mumbled with a sigh but, at least Amaya was here. The girl seemed nice at least, in fact as the boys were distracted Lilly tried to keep out of Cavemans vision. Along with his friend which, already knocked him down on her list of nice people. Approaching Amaya, with a smile and she spoke softly. “Hey Amaya, nice seeing you again. Uhh..I was looking for some food but how about we..go out and shop and grab a bite somewhere? I will pay; I kind of could use some shopping not sure about you.” Lilly said with a soft laugh, sounding very sweet having a light musical tone to it.

♫♬´¯`♪xxx heals the heart and makes it whole,
xxxxxxxxxx♫♬´¯`♪xxxflows from heaven to the soul.”

With Caveman Boy,Amaya, Golden Boy.
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Located Dorm Lounge
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                                                    WITHterrance, liliana, this handsome blond

                                                    THINKINGshe asked me out! wait...

                                                    AT dorm lounge

                                                    Amaya was glad that she was sitting down, because what was happening before her eyes would've made her pass out. Before she could go to the dashing stranger's rescue, Terrance's behavior, once again, shocked her to the point she was sure that brain damage wouldn't be too far away. In spite of all his insults and disgusted remarks, Terrance lit up like a Christmas tree.

                                                    She was relieved, surprised, and puzzled, as to be expected. But the girl felt something else gnaw away at her empty stomach--jealousy. Amaya was envious of the both of them, Ter's obliviousness and this guy's ability to make someone else that happy just by walking in the room.

                                                    Shutting down the computer, she stood up, and was about to introduce herself to the newcomer, when Ter started yapping away basically the entire course of their short relationship. His talk about "possibly" not snapping her neck after all cued an eye roll.

                                                    "How sweet of you," She mumbled, wondering how in the world this guy had even one friend. But it's still more than what I have...maybe I should start threatening people too? In fear that the intensity for that particular eye roll would strike her blind, she resisted, and instead looked at the male in front of her. The mix of worry and confusion etched across his face made Amaya slightly flushed. Back to doing Terry damage control.

                                                    "Uhh, yeah, co-ed dorms, and as long as I'm not...annoying, my neck should be fine," She smiled at him reassuringly with a slight shrug. Her fear of Ter seemed to have dissipated, but the look on this guy's face made her think she might want to reconsider.

                                                    Just then, she saw a familiar and slightly flustered face hovering near the door. "Liliana?" The head turned to face her and Amaya saw a smile break on her face. She's...happy to see me? As the young woman approached her, further inviting her out to shopping and lunch, Amaya looked back into her stunning blue eyes with utter and complete disbelief. Brain do not fail me now.

                                                    After a few mental kicks to herself, she nodded excitedly. "Ye-yeah! That would be great! Just let me grab my..." She looked around for any of her belongings and realized the only thing she had come here with was Ter. Amaya glanced at him as she walked with Liliana to the door. "Ter, we're going to go shopping and eat...probably will be a lot of girly stuff, so." Shifting uncomfortably she looked back at the stranger giving him a small apologetic smile. Amaya knew it was probably rude to leave just like this, but she wasn't going to let another one of Liliana's invitations slip through her fingers.
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                                              αlίcε mαdεlίηε ʀείd

                                              With a light sigh, Alice pressed the top of her head against the taxi window as she stared at the raindrops falling from the sky. Her bottom lip puckered in a slight frown, what a lovely day to forget an umbrella. She lifted her head and shifted through the contents of her purse to see if she could find something that could at least cover her head. Though, it was to no avail. Chapstick, the key to her dorm, the map that was mailed to her, nor her cell phone would be any help to her in this situation. Oh well, a little water never hurt anymore before.

                                              After several more minutes of being jostled around in the back seat of the cab, it seemed that she had finally reached her destination. As she stepped out of the cab, conveniently she plopped right into a large puddle. She just shook her head as she walked over to the trunk and the cab driver was kind enough to pull her suitcase out and placed it on the pavement. After paying her dues, she took her first steps on the campus. “Well.. this is much larger than the map had depicted..” She thought to herself as she rushed to the nearest building. It seemed best to take cover and figure out where she should go rather than wandering aimlessly in the rain. She found herself a nice wall to lean against as she set her suitcase to her side and she pulled the now damp map from her purse.
                                              Alice had already taken the time to highlight where her classes were, and she even colour coordinated the best routes she should take to get to those classes. Frowning slightly, it seemed as though she had come into the wrong building and the dormitories were two buildings over. Looks like she had no other choice but to travel through the rain once again.
                                              As she finally stepped inside dormitory lobby, a small shiver went down her back. Now she was completely soaked. Alice lifted a hand and rustled it through her long blonde hair and a couple rouge rain drops fell to the ground. Stepping out of the way of anyone that wanted to come through the doors, she plucked the map once more. With ease she found where her room was located and she replaced the map with the small key to open her door. “Dorm number seven, dorm number seven.” She thought to herself as she stepped down a narrow hall and rounded a corner. Her adventure continued as she walked to the end of the hall until she reached the staircase that led her to the next floor. After passing a door; there her new living quarters were, staring her right in the face. She set her suitcase back on its wheels as she placed the key in the hole, turned the knob and stepped through the door.
                                              Alice couldn’t help but to grin as she glanced around the room, it was so much bigger than what she was expecting. She closed the door behind her, let her suitcase fall over on its side, and took a nose-dive into the nearest bed. A light giggle escaped her mouth; she had never had such a big bed before. At her house she was doomed with a twin. It was so comfortable too! Already she could imagine herself being perfectly happy attending is school. She stretched her arms out above her head as she glanced to her side in the direction of the other bed. For a moment she let her mind wander about who her roommate was going to be. She had never shared a room with anyone before; all she could hope was that whoever she would be sharing a room with would be nice. With a content sigh she stretched once more. She really shouldn’t be lying on the bed with her clothes drenched, but she was far too comfortable to move. Alice closed her big brown eyes as she sucked in a deep breath, she would get up after a small, well-deserved nap.

                                              With: No one.
                                              Thinking: "Mmmmm.. sleepppp."
                                              Location: Dorm number 2
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                                                                          youcanfindmehere: outside dorm lounge
                                                                          whatiwillbethinking: ooh, ménage à trois
                                                                          inthepresenceof: mmm, two beautiful girls

                                                                          So it is true, they really are roommates. Zayne was irritated with the mixture of good and bad news. Co-ed dorms was certainly a plus, but everything else, specifically Terrance-related, stripped him from any joy. Now that it was obvious that Ter was actually a student and hadn't just wandered in here (wouldn't have been too uncharacteristic of him), Zayne's distant hopes of a redhead-menace-free future died.

                                                                          Reassuring words accompanied by smile from Amaya interrupted his bitter thoughts. Oh, sweetheart, he thought tiredly. I should be the one comforting you. Zayne was more than familiar with Ter's temper and how it knew no boundaries, including women.

                                                                          Before he could give her any kind of warning or advice, she spoke, her eyes looking past him. Liliana? Just then, his own gaze zeroed in on the girl walking past him, the same one from the hallway. His eyebrows rose in surprise. Were my moves that effective? Shaking his head with a grin, he ran his fingers through his hair. I'm so damn irresistible.

                                                                          His self-flattery came to an abrupt halt as he heard what Liliana was saying to Amaya. She's asking her on a date? Zayne stumbled back with the most incredulous expression, thinking he must be imagining things. What's going on? She's...supposed to be chasing me!

                                                                          The two began to walk away and before Zayne could get in one word, Amaya called to Ter, explaining what was going on. He slapped his hand against his forehead at his own misunderstanding. Man, has it really been that long? He sighed, looking back at the girls, longing for all sorts of company, when he noticed the air immediately shift. Perplexed, he glanced at the redhead, and slightly jumped at the expression on his face. It looks like he's going to pounce on them.

                                                                          With wide eyes, Zayne rushed over to the departing girls, slipping both of his arms around their shoulders, and leaning forward with a wicked grin. "Hey ladies, my name is Zayne and I'm feeling a bit peckish myself. I heard you're going shopping too? I've always been told I have excellent taste." He threw a warning look back at Ter as he escorted them out the doorway before letting his arms fall back at his sides. There will be none of your kind of pouncing.
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______________________________________________________________________________d e s tr u c t i v e & s w e e t
__________________________________________________________________________________________________ am I what you call a 'junior' ?


                                                                After introduced Amaya to his long-term neighbour, he overheard the girl mutter a few things to herself that he couldn't catch quite clearly. He beamed cheekily, flashing his teeth proudly at Zayne, as though showing off a prize that he had won to rub into his face. Although he seemed pleasant at the moment, it was merely to express how delighted he was that he had come to find a friend on his very own! Even better, to be sharing a room with her! The sun couldn't have been shining any brighter in Terrance's life, and he did not need more than what was given to him that day.

                                                                From the corner of his eye, he spotted someone else enter the room, exasperated from a jog apparently. His eyes narrowed, brows furrowing with frustration that it had been the girl from earlier. "You again!" He snarled, cocking his head to the side as he scowled at the irritable girl. "You're getting on my last nerve, princess," he whispered lowly, massaging his cracking knuckles into his palm as he glowered from afar. It seemed like her attention was taken by Amaya, whom she planned on kidnapping from Terrance.

                                                                Almost certain she was going to turn her down, he was startled to when his roommate agreed. "Wha--wait, Amaya!" He called, stretching out his hand to snatch her arm, but he just narrowly missed and grazed his fingers across the hem of her shirt. "A...Amaya!" He repeated, only to feel the wind blow right by him as Zayne swept in for his usual move.

                                                                The more socially-adept of the two boys draped his shoulders around the women, introducing himself with words that he couldn't comprehend. "Hey, Zayne!" Terrance called, suddenly irritated by the new arrival. He took several long strides forward, squeezing between him and Amaya. "Lay off before I rip you apart," he said lightly, despite the menacing glow in his eyes. "And you know I don't joke about that, do I?"

                                                                There was a slight seriousness in his voice, one that could not be overlooked.

                                                                Without dwelling for too long on the issue, he spun to face Amaya with a peeved expression. "You can't take too long-- no, wait, I'll come with you. I'll make sure no one looks at you funny or does anything stupid!" Terrance explained, suddenly craning his neck to scan the surrounding area for any suspicious figures.

                                                                "We have to move fast! Very. Fast."

                                                                          C M P A N Y _____ AMAYA!!! .......AND ZAYNE AND THAT PRINCESS

                                                                          T H N K I N G _____ NO ONE CAN TOUCH MY FRIEND

                                                                          W H E R A B U T S _____ HEADING OUT OF DORMITORY
`♩.¸¸.♪´´¯`♫♬.¸¸.♪´´¯`♬´Ⓛιℓιαиα xⓌץαтт`♩.¸¸.♪´´¯`♫♬.¸¸.♪´´¯`♬´

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♫♬´¯`♪xxx“Music speaks what cannot be expressd,
♫♬´¯`♪xxxsoothes the mind and gives it rest,

Everything happened rather fast for Lilly but, what stood out first was Amaya who actually agreed! Yes! Her first outing and so far she was beginning to like Amaya. Even if she was caveman’s friend, she seemed a little uncertain of him still. To Lilly, that was a plus because maybe Amaya could see that caveman was not a good friend to have. For heaven sakes, he was already threatening Lilly! When she wasn’t even talking to him or, instigating even!

Biting her lower lip she held back her retort knowing that she was being the better person, trying to remember her lessons in manners. “Just ignore him and he will go away..” Lilly thought with a deep breath. Because, if she spoke he would just have fuel to use against her. So, instead she focused on Amaya who got up and walked with her to the door ready to leave! Lilly was excited actually, and her mind went over what she wanted to go do first. Shopping then eating would be best right? Because after a full day of shopping, eating was the best to do after.

Though, she was startled when she felt this arm wrap over her shoulder causing her to jump a little and jerked her head to look at what happened. At first, she was thinking it was going to be caveman because he seemed desperate for Amaya not to go. Practically begging her to not go, and it was a little humors. It wasn’t caveman actually; it was golden boy who proceeded to introduce himself. “Greattt..” Lilly relaxed some, as she listened to him and shook her head some. “Well at least it wasn’t caveman.” She thought to herself and began to introduce herself and kindly tell him they didn’t need his opinion on shopping.

Again, she couldn’t get a word in edge wise because caveman barged in and practically shoved himself between Zayne and Amaya. Blinking dumbly at this and she frowned a little but, she shook her head and was able to finally speak. “Well, you two can tag along I guess…but I am not treating either of you! In fact, if I am correct it should be the gentlemen who treat the girls. Then again, I meet one caveman already. Might have another one on our hands.” Keeping her stack of papers in her arms, as she walked to the doors leading out of the dorm.

Clearing her throat, she wasn’t sure what to talk about but the only one she felt comfortable with was Amaya. Maybe, it was because she wasn’t trying to kill her or, get in her pants. “So umm..Amaya, what do you like to do for fun? Any uhh..hobbies?” Lilly wasn’t sure if this was something to be talking about but, it felt right. “I hope I don’t sound stupid…” To add to the day, it seemed to be still raining outside. "Does it ever stop raining.." Lilly mumbled a little bit seeming displeased with the weather.

♫♬´¯`♪xxx heals the heart and makes it whole,
xxxxxxxxxx♫♬´¯`♪xxxflows from heaven to the soul.”

With Caveman Boy,Amaya, Golden Boy.
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Located Dorm Lounge
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                                                    WITHterrance, liliana, zayne

                                                    THINKINGplease succumb to a mall pretzel

                                                    AT dorm lobby

                                                    Amaya's cheeks were stained pink even after Zayne's arm fell off her shoulders. The color got only redder when Terrance shoved himself in between the two of them, spouting out threats at the same guy he had greeted so warmly just a few minutes prior. Was he so happy...just to show me off? Furrowing her brow in confusion, she watched Ter urgently invite himself along.

                                                    Liliana had walked further up ahead and Amaya squeezed past Ter, walking in front of him and next to her, unsure if her cavemen comment reached his ears, and attempted to drown it out with her reply. "Oh, hobbies? I...read a lot," Her voiced betrayed her distraction, but that was the least of her worries. It was hard enough to maintain the peace with just Terrance and Liliana for just a minute, now there seemed to be a third party member that rattled both of them.

                                                    Amaya huffed, wondering why she got stuck with such a tricky balancing act. I want to have fun, damn it. With that burst of determination, she sped up in front of them, stopped, and turned around, holding both of her arms out. It took all her strength to not pound down an imaginary staff and quote Gandalf.

                                                    "Look, I don't know how...any of you know each other, if at all, but what I do know is that we all have first names, okay? Amaya, Liliana, Terrance, and Zayne. So no more princess, caveman, or Terror, at least not out loud, please. Makes...people angry." She shot a pleading look to both Liliana and Zayne, hoping they'd read between the lines. "Now, uh, I can tell you guys are new here, but I'm not," The junior pointed out, pulling her cell phone out of her pocket. "I'll lead the way after I make this call..."

                                                    Searching through her contacts, she quickly found the number she was looking for, and selected it. "Oh, hi, I'm a student at Rosendale--" She paused and smiled. "Yes, the rain is really coming down hard today, isn't it? If you could pick us up in front of the dorms, I'd be more than willing to tip...no, thank you! See you soon."

                                                    After hanging up the phone, she started walking down the hall, beckoning them forth. "That was a cab--that particular company has a deal with the school, giving students here discounted prices as long as any other chauffeur company is banned on this campus and in return, the cab drivers don't drive Rosendale students to sketchy places that might ruin the school's rep." Amaya slowed down, the unfamiliarity of leading catching up with her, and fell next to Liliana's side, in front of Ter. "Uh, there's a mall near here, I figured that would be a good place..."

                                                    They reached the lobby, stopping near the glass doors, waiting for the driver. Amaya was a bit embarrassed at her own behavior, hoping she hadn't offended them. I just want...no, need this. As she imagined walking around the mall with them, her thoughts began to dance around images filled with laughter, smiles, food, and...Ter beating up some guy that accidentally bumped into her. "Ter!" She turned and faced him, pointing her finger at him, and putting it on his chest, as if to illustrate how serious she was being. "After paying the cab driver, I'll have just enough money to get you a warm, soft, yummy big pretzel as long as you promise me to not threaten or hit anyone at the mall...deal?"
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                                                                          youcanfindmehere: dorm lobby
                                                                          whatiwillbethinking: c'mon, i'm adorable
                                                                          inthepresenceof: liliana, amaya, terrance

                                                                          Zayne stumbled backward at Terrance's unexpected shove, barely keeping himself from falling into Liliana. His eyes widened at the threat, though it wasn't from fear, but genuine surprise. It vaguely reminded him of the times when they were kids, when the red-haired menace would vehemently refuse to share his toys. What if I want play with her too?

                                                                          The sixteen-year-old narrowed his eyes, as Ter turned around, inviting himself along to Amaya. More importantly, it wasn't like Ter to take a role as a protector, no, he was more of the opposite. He looked over Terror's shoulder at the girl, as if to find answers. Before he could get a good look, she had scurried off a couple feet in front of them, falling in step with Liliana. He sighed in irritation of the missed opportunity and shoved his hands in his pockets, as Liliana asked about her hobbies, cuing one of his eye rolls. At least they both look good from behind...

                                                                          At that moment, the mysterious girl had run up front, and turned around, holding her arms out like she was nailed to a cross. Distracted by the view, it took him a minute to understand the words she was saying. Immediately he arched an eyebrow and was slightly taken aback by the look she shot at both him and Liliana, understanding her order was more of a desperate request, that virtually went unnoticed by Terrance.

                                                                          To say he was impressed would be putting it mildly. Smart girl, he couldn't help but think as she made a call and explained the situation. Still, he was disgruntled, not being the one leading or taking control of the situation. He followed social norms, but not people.

                                                                          They reached the lobby in no time at all with her direction, wavered near the door, waiting for driver. As he heard Amaya bribe Terrance with food, a chuckle escape from his lips. His eyes met Liliana's and winked. "I think she's secretly a lion tamer," He said and lowered his voice. "I've...known him for years since we're unfortunately neighbors--kid has always been like an irate cat, hissing at any potential friends."

                                                                          Zayne shrugged and smiled at the girl. "Anyway, I'm not sure if I'd go so far as to call myself a gentleman, but I'd be more than willing to buy you a dress or two, so long as you promise to let me see."
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                  ...so ends the signal.

                  forThe peaceful nap would only last for so long. The green haired girl opened her eyes, but laid in her place. The damp cloth of her clothes stuck to her skin, still drying from the rain. Bonnibel slowly stood up while rubbing her eyes. Her tiresome body trudged up the stairs to the second floor. Dorm room six greeted her as she approached the end of the stairs. She retrieved her key from her jacket pocket and unlocked her dorm.

                  Bonnibel scanned the room around her. It was of an average size, two beds, dresser and a view of the courtyard and the pouring rain. She never thought much about it as the bed closest to the door beckoned her to the plush elegance of its sheets. Bonnibel tossed her bags onto the floor and crawled onto the bed. The soft sheets hugged her as if she was lying in a bed of sheep hair. The thought of taking her nap here was ideal, but she wasn’t able to shut her eyes without opening her eyes a second later. She sat up from her bed while managing to hop off the soft creation.

                  Bonnibel dug through her bags and began to unpack what little she had, which contained mainly clothes. Since she wasn’t wealthy, she didn’t possess much besides clothes. She also brought her headphones and mp3 which she had paid with saved money, reeds, a tuner and other sundries. She was able to only fill up two drawers by bundling her clothes together. Once she was done she kicked her bags under her bed, now she was fully settled in.

                  Bonnibel approached the window to the courtyard, watching as the streams of water race each other down the window. There isn’t much to do when it’s raining outside. The only entertainment she could sustain would have to be inside. But what could she do inside? She could always practice but she didn’t want to practice if there were other people were in the music room too. She could read, but she didn’t bring any books so she would have to visit the library.

                  A sigh escaped her lips as she turned away from the window and headed out of her dorm room. She pulled out the map and began to memorize the way to the library building as she headed to the stairs.

                  So far, Bonnibel hasn’t seen anyone around. Was it a good thing? Perhaps it was. The building felt so silent with the exception of the rain pounding on the roof. Silence was one of the things she’s craved since she left her house, and now that she has it, she feels slightly at peace.

                  As Bonnibel walked down one of the halls, she heard a commotion coming from the lobby. So much for silence. Bonnibel didn’t want to be involved in such teenage antics they were engaging in so she just kept walking down the hall until she made it to the library building.
                  Entering, the library was rather large in space. Rows of bookcases took over a majority of the room while tables to study took the other. Bonnibel had the whole library to explore all to herself.

                  forl o c a t i o n :: Library
                  fort h o u g h t s :: It's really quiet
                  for c o m p a n y :: Nobody.

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