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Feline Prophet

You were invited to join a advanced boarding school for models, singers, actors, and so on. How you did in your jobs was your grade, no actual studies and only one class, homebase. Auditions were announced and if you got accetpted then you got credit for it and how you did during the job was your grade.
There was a down side though, one that was never released, once you enter the school, you never leave.
Guards were posted all around the gates and fence to make sure no one tried to leave and if you had to go for your job them you were escorted by your personal guard that you get assigned to on your first day.
Visits home were highly rare and only for students who got straight A grades.
How your treated in the school depends on your performance and you get a certain rank from it.

-Students who audition but RARELY get jobs
-Can only get the cheapest lunch sets
-They get only $100 dollars for a monthly allowance
-Get 1 star rooms

-Get some jobs
-Can get up to the medium lunch sets and below
-get $200 dollars for their monthly allowance
-Get 2 star rooms

-Get a good amount of jobs
-Can have medium and below lunches
-get $250 dollars for their monthly allowance
-get 3 star rooms

-Get a lot of jobs
-Can have extavagent lunches and below
-get $400 dollars for their monthly allowance
-Have a manager who creates their schedules
-Get their own clothe designer
-get 4 star rooms

-Get A LOT of job offers and most of the jobs they auditon for
-VCan get the extravegent lunches and below
-get $600 dollars for their monthly allowance
-Get a manager for their schedules
-A clothe designer
-A hair stylist
-Their own magazine
-Get 5 star rooms

Zeros-not many students end up being Zeros
Beginners-Quite a few students are in the Beginner rank
Lessers-Most of the students are in this rank
Masters-Few students get to be Masters
Raritys-As the rank is the students who get this rank are very rareand are hardly seen within the school because they are usually kept busy
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Feline Prophet


Kaoru Fukushima
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Fuu Koume
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Spirit Night
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Lyra McDowell
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Fuyumi Koume
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Theo DresVan
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Kaylee Abigael Brown
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Alice Blizzaldia
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Allister Dehlor
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Celestia Rose Summers
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[b]Bio:[/b] (optional)
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Feline Prophet


1. Have fun
2. Minimize cussing
3. No text talk
4. Give enough details for the other person to reply to
5. I don't care how many characters you have as long as you can handle them and make it clear who you are posting
6. PM me profiles and title it what rank you want your character to be, also known as their profession
7. I'm sure you can see but I accept real and anime pics! I prefer anime but real are good too!


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Feline Prophet

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Feline Prophet

Alice walked into the school, she had asked permission to have free time the entire day from her entirely busy life. She went to the classroom quietly and sat down in the usually empty seat that belonged to her.
bxxi t ' sbxxl i k ebxxs h e l t e r


Yeah it's freakin' boring [Thereisnothing togetrolling]

Can't stop zoning out [Allgoin'same oldblahblah]

          even though in here we've got everything
          but no freedom, give me more freedom

User Image

                          RAWKHeechul was wandering across the dewgrass fields that covered the schools campus between the class buildings. Skinny ruddy-red fingers pressed into the light pale hoodie he wore to fight away the chill that slunk up out of the earth in such early morning hours as he was wont to spend on the streets.

                          He had never been much of a sleeper, and having guards posted at the entrances of the school only drove him stir crazy in the years he had spent here learning the tricks of the trade in the culinary world.

                          The late nights awake were spent pacing dirt roads around the perimeter of the campus, and waiting for the sun to peak over its fences and for the class bells to ring between shifts at the restaurant he worked at off campus in the nearest city. Shivering and shaking his thin arms he stepped inside the hallways, where it was always the perfect temperature. and started walking in the direction of his classroom.

d r e a m i n gbxxi nbxxt h i sbxxs m a l lbxxk i n g d o mbxx


Freaking creepyxx[P L A YxxM A K I N GxxM ExxC R A Z YxxD I Z Z Y]

feeling like a doll in a shop window I am not here

I don't ******** belong here

I don't ******** belong here

I don't ******** belong here.
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Feline Prophet

Fuyumi was in the exercising part of her schedule so she was running around the school track with her manager sitting idly looking from the schedule to her watch then at Fuyumi. Everything was basically quiet, besides the chirping of birds and Fuyumi's heavy breathes speaking she had been exercising before she started running as well.
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Feline Prophet

Spirit heard her alarm blare over the sound of the school bell. She hurried to her closet and changed dashing from the dormitory to the school with only one half of her hair brushed, the brush in one hand to complete brushing her hair, and her shoes on the wrong feet. She stumbled a few times due to her shoes and she finally arrived at the classroom and saw Alice sitting there in her seat by the window and hurried to her seat in the back corner on the side of the door.
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Feline Prophet

Fuu was already in the classroom going unnoticed as she sat on the window sill with her legs hanging out the window, the chilly air slightly moved the hem of her skirt. She turned her head to see the rest of the class walk into the room that were coming today. She was mildly surprised to see Alice since her schedule usually kept her busy. She could see Fuyumi running the track and Fuyumi's manager sitting on the cold wet grass checking the time and schedule boredly.
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Feline Prophet

Alice sat in her desk writing a song she was thinking about.One that she would be able to sing the following day when her normally busy schedule returned. She didn't notice anything around her at the moment, being wrapped up in her song writing.


Come along
Follow me
Into the darkness of the world
Tears of crimson start to fall

Hesitating with every step
Something lurking
Within my shadow
Undetected it goes on

I start to fear
I turn to you
Then I realize
That you left me on the border
Of the world

I never really thought of it
A world on which your not here with me
I try to ignore it
The pain in my heart

It doesn't stop
All I want
Is you with me
Walking down this path
Shrouded by the darkness
I see a light
I see the end
I start to run

I trip upon my own shadow
The lurking beast
Is my heart
If I go
Into the light
Everything might disappear

Forever trapped
Within my world
Held captive by my shadow
I scream your name
Though you never show
You left me forever

My throat runs dry
No longer can I scream
I silently
Wish for you
I watch my shadow
The eyes of my monster pierce through me

I try to scream once more
No sound comes
I'm trapped
In the dark
Without a voice
Without you
I no longer exist to you

I wake up crying
My voice run dry
Shrouded in darkness
Left forever
Forgotten by time

My lifeless soul
No longer speaks
I can't even see anymore
Blinded by tears
All I see is darkness
I hear a voice
I try to see
Though I'm blinded by my tears

I think its you
I hope for you
Thinking you will save me
All it is
Is a pitiful soul
No monster lurking
Within their shadow

One thing I see
The light at the end
A light that I can't reach
I point to the light
The traveler leaves
I hear his fading steps
Left alone once more

I'm not sure
What I did
I tried to change
It all caught up
I nearly brought you along
Nearly pulled you under
Your happy right now
I hope

I can no longer see your face
Or hear your voice
Your warmth no longer exists to me

The darkness begins to creep
Into my dreams
Blocking out everything
The last of you

What was your name again?
I know that I loved you
So long ago
But your gone
I'm still here
A pitiful existance
No longer needed
Within the light
Of course I'm hidden
In the dark
In my cage

With one last scream
I call your name


Alice shoved the paper onto the floor "I can't sing that... What would my fans think? Its horrible! My rank will drop and I'll be a failure!" She sighed clutching her head in her hands. She closed her eyes "I'm such a horrible song writer!"
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx l o c a t i o n : classroomxxxxx c o m p a n y : I believe her name is.... Alice?xxxxx f e e l i n g : indifferent

                          Allister wandered through the campus carrying a beaten script muttering lines to himself. His "manager" had given him the script a few days ago when Allister was supposed to returned to the academy, apparently he had gotten a small role in a musical and apparently that was what his "manager" considered as a break.

                          " Do you hear the people sing? The song of angry men...." he sang up until he reached the door of a classroom. Pushing the door open slowly he saw another Rarity holding her head and some scattered papers on the floor. Silently he moved over and picked up one of the sheets.

                          " Excuse me? Alice... was it? Did you write this? he asked handing the sheet to her with a faint smile.
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Feline Prophet

"Yes, but its probably the worst song I could write\" she sighed and looked at him "your name is Allister, right? Another rarity around here. I thought I'd be the only rarity in the classroom today" she said smiling.

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User Image
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After slipping into a desk near the rarities, Theo began to absentmindedly doodle in her notebook. Occasionally she would look up to see other students walk in. She was slightly surprised when one of the rarities greeted her. "Hi!" She said while waving back. If she remembered correctly, he was Allistar. She had never really ever talked to him, but had heard that he was one of the friendlier rarities.
User Image

I am wearing: this
I am with: A couple rarities and some other students
I am in: The classroom
I am listening to: Hello

((OOC: Sorry about the shortness of the post))

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