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                                    "I'm going to get a headstart back," Suzy told Souma as she glanced behind her at the tall male. "See you there. And thanks for uh, coming to my aid. I appreciate it." Giving him a warm smile, she turned her head forward and continued walking down the hallway towards the elevator. Hitting the down button, she waited for it to open before stepping inside and pressing the first floor button. When the elevator opened, she stepped out and walked in the direction of the ballroom.

                                    Not much seemed to have happened since she left to go change out of her punch-stained dress and into a new one. The dance floor was still packed with dancers dancing with each other and the tables were all still occupied by those who'd rather stuff their faces in food than dance. Just then, the song transitioned from that of some slow song to an Asian-sounding one. "Hey this is Shang-Heeyo's song!" she cried. Looking around in a perky manner, she tried to locate him. Since she could barely tell Asians apart, she mistook one guy for him (he was actually Taiwanese). Frowning when she couldn't find him, she placed a hand on her hip, wondering where he could have gone. Then with a shrug, she assumed, "He probably just went to the restroom. I'll ask Xan to replay the song again when he comes back."

                                    Oh Suze if only you knew how much Seung loathes that particular song.

                                    Joining in on the dance, Suzy outstretched her arms and brought them together so that her right hand overlapped with her left. Then she alternatively hopped between one leg and the other as if riding a horse, and then swinging her right hand around her head as if she were lassoing something. To be frank, she didn't know the dance at all (she normally didn't listen to Asian music) until just now--she just imitated the other people who knew it better than she did. Soon, the song died away as the Headmaster made his appearance onstage to announce the Winter Royals.

                                    Eli and Yukina are sooo going to be King and Queen. I just know it, she thought.

                                    The Prince and Princesses' names were announced first. Ignoring the Headmaster's request for them all to save their clapping till the very end, Suzy did so anyway. She was actually surprised to hear that Laurel had been selected as princess, though, seeing how she'd just transferred in yesterday. Guess she must have gained a lot of popularity from yesterday's incident. "Woo go Laurel!" she cried. And to her fellow Guardian, "Go Xan!"

                                    Then she took a deep breath and waited as she watched the Headmaster take out two slips of paper from his envelope. It almost felt as if the world had stopped for that one single moment. When he announced Takeshi's name as Winter King and Misaya's name as Winter Queen, Suzy did a double take. If she had a glass of water on her right about now, she'd be spittaking instead. Wait what?! she thought dumbfoundedly, unable to comprehend what she just heard. Okay, so maybe Takeshi had gotten a good amount of popularity among some of the students. Fair enough. But Misaya? She'd never encountered the girl personally before, but had heard that she had a nasty violent streak that many people found scary and off-settling. Well, I guess some people must not mind it, she thought. It disappointed her that Yukina and Eli didn't win the crowns, but she clapped anyway.

                                    ...And there Misaya went, out the door after threatening everyone who'd "voted" for her. And Laurel, too, somewhat. Suzy could spot her leader halting the brunette freshman just before she could make leave through the door. Was she persuading her to stay behind and dance with Xan? The emerald-eyed blonde's attention was averted towards the stage again upon hearing Takeshi's voice. Her eyes rolled as he made a banter about how he got crowned King and the others didn't. Don't get too cocky, Takeshi, she thought as he continued speaking. When he announced and congratulated Xan for being the newest additional member of the Guardian team before passing the mic back to the Headmaster and leaving the stage, Suzy cheered loudly. "YEAH XAN WHOOOO!!!"

                                    Location: ballroom
                                    With: other ballgoers
                                    Mood: dumbfounded
                                    Thoughts: what.
                                    Outfit: Coord Hair
                                    OOC: "Shang-Heeyo" = her botched pronunciation of Seung's name
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              The incomplete response that was loaded with stutters that Zyera got from Alistair after he woke up didn't surprise her much. A little, since she thought that perhaps it was common practice for people to kiss each other awake and her parents just didn't follow this practice. Nevertheless, the lazyass offered a faint smile as she stood at a more comfortable distance from the Student Prez. "I never knew such a trick existed. Perhaps that will come in handy sometime in the future." She commented while giving Takeshi a bit of a grateful glance, since he was the one who brought it up in the first place.

              Before she could ask if Alistair was alright or express her concern through any means other than giving a deadpan stare that was supposed to be one of concern, Takeshi had already begun giving Alistair a rather blunt run-down of the past events. The lazyass felt the smallest hint of surprise in her emotional system when the junior mentioned that Alistair had kissed Kanami under a mistletoe, but don't be mistaken; there's no jealousy. She was rather curious as to why-- no, how Alistair, of all people, managed to do such a thing. Zyera decided that perhaps she could congratulate him on performing such a feat on his own later on, maybe if they get the chance to dance. They came here as dates after all, so the lazyass felt like it would be appropriate to do so some time or another. Then again, she was content with letting the blue-haired junior dance with whoever he wanted to dance with.

              Further exchange of words occurred between Kanami and Takeshi as the lazyass took her saxophone and began to fiddle around with it. She had to keep it warm so that it would play properly during her performance, after all. Plus, she had nothing in particular to add to the conversation. Zyera couldn't help but take notice to Takeshi's rather extravagant cape and wonder where he got his hands on such a thing, but that was a question that she didn't mind leaving unanswered. Eventually, it came to the point where the male junior stated that Zyera could help reassure Alistair, to which she offered a nod in response. "If I'm found to be of use, that's quite alright with me." She murmured before noticing that the Headmaster had taken the stage to announce the winners.

              The lazyass ha forgotten about that completely. She couldn't even remember who she voted for, if she even voted at all. It was only until after the winners were announced that her lips parted slightly, her expression changing just a bit to one that looked like a light bulb appeared over it. "I should be on stage right now." She stated to herself while making sure her saxophone was adjusted properly around her neck. While looking back at the others once more, she nodded her head a bit as a goodbye. "I hope that our music is to your liking. Have fun, Kanami. Do take care of yourself, Alistair. Congratulations, Takeshi." With a small smile, the lazyass disappeared into the crowd and headed towards the stage.

              Successfully arriving after Takeshi's speech and just in time for Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Zyera took the stage with the other horns. As they played, the lazyass saw Eli sneak off into the back and off the stage. She couldn't help but wonder what was going on and for some reason it felt like some higher force was telling her to go after him while making sure her saxophone was with her, but she stayed put. Whatever it was, it must be important for him to leave right before they started playing. That, and she had already gone after more than enough people while playing her saxophone...which is one. Which is pretty damn good for a lazyass like her.

              After the Disney song was done, Zyera would find herself wondering if she was supposed to play a song or two now, or if that was later on. She looked towards her fellow music club members, but slight shrugs were exchanged back and forth. Without any answer received, she looked over to Mr. Nguyen and tilted her head to the side ever so slightly as if to ask what they were to do next. Then she remembered that the man is blind and mentally frowned to herself. From the way he casually makes his way around the school, it's pretty easy to forget that he is. "Just play for now, there shouldn't be anything wrong with it." One of the other sax players would whisper. With a shrug, Zyera nodded back and would set up a microphone for herself. She would then give the others a slight nod, and Careless Whisper would sound the ballroom.

              Location: Ballroom - Stage
              Interaction: Alistair, Kanami, Takeshi > Music and Choir club
              ooc: Zyera's tenor saxophone.

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~ ▐ Kaoru Segawa ▌~

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                            Kaoru nodded as Deborah started to respond to his words from the very beginning with a smile. He did not mind taking the time to have a lengthy conversation with other students. Rather, he welcomed these moments to gather more information on what a normal student's perspective and behaviour at Raishon Academy was. How else was he to understand if he did not have these moments?

                            "But Ms. Deborah, is an ideal scientific experiment not an experiment that has the exact same results every single time it is performed? Scientists see science as a law of the universe, and to be a law that remains constant, do they not? In such a case, isn't repetition a desirable trait in science?" Pointed out Kaoru with a smile.

                            As she brought up the people who may go insane due to repetition, Kaoru then asked, "But what of the people who repeat the same movement or lessons for the sake of tradition, remembrance, and learning?" Did soldiers not have to repeat the same basic training to make sure it was not forgotten? Did martial artists not repeat the same forms so that they could improve and become more natural with the movements? Didn't researchers often repeat lessons so that they could teach others, or complete their own understanding of a given subject? Were there not people who carefully preserved traditions and culture passed down from generation to generation? "But do you know the exact ratio of people who live with repetition that end up committing suicide, Ms. Deborah? If only some of those who repeat the same procedure on a daily basis go mad, then there are also some people who do not." Reversing her words, Kaoru then asked with a chuckle, "Can it not be said that some people who repeat the same processes everyday excel at what they do, and therefore repetition is a very good and effective way of teaching talented individuals?"

                            "Then this was an experiment to see whether human babies have an innate desire to live?" Kaoru chuckled, "That is quite a fascinating experiment. How intriguing. But how long ago was this experiment performed? You say that humans are creatures of adaptation, Ms. Deborah. In that case, must you not accept the possibility that the desire for survival has changed over the years, just as how humans may adapt to different circumstances over the years?"

                            When Deborah brought up the points of the possibility of roles that Kaoru could play in such a problematic situation, she brought up names that Kaoru did not recognize. Perhaps they were names that were known to others, but for someone like him, he did not recognize them. Then again, was it not one of his reasons of being here also to learn about such people that other normal students may know? However, a few of the names seemed to be of mythical or supernatural nature. A bat man? There were legends around Africa which dealt with the horrors of gigantic bats, but they was no truth found in such talk. Nor did Kaoru see how an American Captain's shield could be of any use. Shields were no longer frequently used in modern warfare after all. None of the other names seemed to stand out to Kaoru, but he figured that perhaps some of them may be on the same level as the 'Pocket Monster' Kanami and Xan had mentioned to him some time ago. Kaoru chuckled. He had yet to resolve the question of how humans were capable of hunting down such dangerous creatures for survival, as it seemed that the humans in such a world did not have any special characteristics other than their preference of slavery and animal abuse.

                            Should that be taken as evidence of the nature of humans? Kaoru chuckled in amusement.

                            "Are you not interested in what other people say, Ms. Deborah? They can often be quite interesting. But if you must leave, I shall not hold you up any longer. Do enjoy your night." With a smile, Kaoru allowed Deborah to end the conversation there. He was not someone who would chase after another person out of desire of communication. Instead, he was quite satisfied to speak within any spare time in a person's life. He was quite satisfied with seeing people go about their daily lives even without interacting with them, as intriguing as it could sometimes be. Was that wrong?

- - - - - - - - - -

                  - Kaoru talks about experiments
                  - He thinks about the names that Deborah brings up
                  - He then says that he will not hold Deborah up any longer, and allows her to end the conversation
    - - - - - - - - - -
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▒▒▒ an C A L L E D T H E R A C Eangelsat
angelsatdawnmadethis ( t e l l am e aw h a ta d oay o u ak n o w )
angelsatdaABOUTMOVINGFORWARD a because i`m scream ing SCREAMING

                    Words could not describe how Eli was feeling. In fact, music or song couldn't describe it. There was some relief behind his smile, but that was only a part of it. The larger part was happiness -- but that wasn't it, either. It was something more profound than that, though he didn't know what. He looked around to make sure nobody was around -- and indeed, no one appeared to be paying attention to them. Like he had predicted, all eyes were on the winter royals. He thought maybe he heard Takeshi's voice, though to be honest he didn't really care.

                    Of course, this was Raishon Academy, and we all know how rumors in Raishon go. As soon as people heard about them, Eli just knew that people would be pestering them for wedding invites. Wedding invites! They hadn't even graduated high school yet! At least people wouldn't think he was gay anymore. Like she had done, he also leaned against the rail. However, as he leaned on it, he noted all of the flowers growing. "Oh..." He knew that his vitakinesis could respond to his emotions, but he was rather shocked at the rate the flowers were growing. 'I wonder --'

                    Before he could finish his thought, Yukina interrupted him. Man, she really had a beautiful smile. When he realized it was serious, the grin died down. He didn't think anything she had to say would bring down his mood: not even if she told him she had slept with Takei! (Well...okay, that would definitely damper his mood but still!) When she told him that her memories might be backed-up, he smiled. So they weren't gone forever? "That's great! I mean, your dad or Leif or Shinji or someone has to know how to get them, right?" He asked. Though...why wouldn't they just have done that in the first place? And why did her memories disappear when she used her power? Either way, Eli was not technologically savvy. But, he would do whatever he could so she wouldn't forget anything anymore. Especially not this moment. Wouldn't it just suck if he had to admit his love to her all over again?

                    "There's gotta be someone on campus that's a computer expert," He mused, though frowned at the thought of someone cracking her open like an egg. "But we'll find a way to get them back. I mean, you've got me and everyone else! We'll all figure something out," He said reassuringly, smiling his typical Eli smile. If all else failed, he could just Google how to get back your cyborg girlfriend's memories -- something would have to show up, right? When she asked if he wanted to go back inside, he thought about it for a moment. It was really cold outside, wasn't it? Haha, Eli hadn't even noticed. But she was wearing a dress -- she had to be cold. "Just one second."

                    The euphoria from earlier still lingered, and he wanted to see just how far he could push his power when he felt like this. He took off his gloves and took a deep breath, holding his hands out over the railing. He clenched his hands into fists, and the life from the flowers immediately sapped away. That was fast. It was much harder, though not impossible, to do such a thing if he had his hands in his pockets. He looked beyond the railing and stared at the snow-covered courtyard below. There was a trail of green from where he had walked previously, but it was only one small strip. He had always liked coloring books as a kid, and the courtyard below was a blank piece of paper. He had to give it some color, right?

                    Concentrating, he drew in another deep breath and thought of the moment he and Yukina had just shared. Bringing his fists close to him, when he flexed his hands and brought them over the railing, a small area of the courtyard bloomed to life. For all the bad his vitakinesis could do, it could do a lot of good, too. "Much better," He laughed, proud of what he had accomplished. That was the farthest he had ever consciously controlled his power; though he knew that if he had tried to replicate the same action a week from now it would be fruitless. "Yeah, let's see them dance," He grinned, linking his arm with hers as he led her back to the ballroom. "I wonder if Xan's a good dancer..." The thought of cockblocking Xan like Xan had done to him so many times had crossed his mind, but he figured he'd let Xan have his fun.

                    Helios wasn't going to let anything ruin the rest of the night.

                    angelsatdawnmadetheformatandthegraphicHELIOS ;;angel location; balcony; heading inside company; yukina <3
                    angelsatdawnmadetheformatandthegraphicWHY IS THIS HAPPENING? HOW MUCH MORE CAN I HATE WITHOUT BURNING UP?
                    angelsatdawnmadetheformatandthegraphicangeWHY IS THIS HAPPENING? HOW MUCH MORE CAN I HATE WITHOUT BURNING UP?
                    angelsatdawnmadetheformatandthegraphicangeangeWHY IS THIS HAPPENING? HOW MUCH MORE CAN I HATE WITHOUT BURNING UP?
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                                        That's what was going on in Xan's head as the headmaster called his name. He didn't know what to say At this point. It was unfounded. Out of everybody he never expected to be the one that would gain the Title of Prince. on the outside he was a stone fortress trying to gather the strength to walk up on stage but on the inside he was jumping up and down with joy. At the as time this party did count as his initiation party into the guardians. There was no way anybody could mess this up. Until he snapped back to reality.

                                        "Over my dead body."

                                        Xan sighed. He knew that voice. it was none other that the Queen herself Misa. Of course she wouldn't be to happy with the fact that some people might of thought she was pretty even if she acts like a tyrant fifty percent of the time she's around anybody. I mean honestly she was a pretty girl, that was a no brainer, but the fact that she had such a rage about her all the time is what truly scares everybody. She probably thought everybody did it just to be a b***h to her. Xan sighed again. To each their own he supposed.

                                        Now it was time to survey the area for his little princess. Of course there was no sign of Laurel as well. He almost expected a little more sensibility out of her. Just a little. If it wasn't for Misa Misa making such a scene Xan probably would have spotted Laurel if it was for her using the crowd as cover. He shrugged. No worries. He'll fix her a little later.

                                        At this point Xan had left his post from the DJ booth for two reasons. the first as to get something to drink and the second was so that the Headmaster could do his thing on stage with that Music Club. They weren't half bad Xan thought as he listened to them play one of his favorite songs. At this point also Takeshi was on the stage and he appeared to be trying to make a speech.

                                        Xan's face sank in as he listened to Takeshi. He was just droening. Drowning deeper and deeper into the pit of uncoolness in Xan's book. No one should have to make a speech, but of course most people down't follow the book of Xan. If they did maybe they would be Prince! It's fun being Xan.

                                        "However, let's not forget the real star of the night! This stage belongs to him tonight, so it wouldn' be fair for me to hog it all, right? Don't you think there's someone else who should also say a few words for the night?" NO. Not even. I don't think that mysterious person wants to say anything. "I'll let him speak for the night, because as our Headmaster has already announced not only is he the winning Winter Prince, But also the newest addition to the school's Guardian team! Let us welcome him up! Xalander Aogami!!"

                                        "I swear i'm going to Kill Takeshi in his sleep"

                                        Xan said to him self under his breath. There was nothing he could do now so he just made his way to the stage hamming it up as he walked. Waving to those he passed and even high fiving some of the guys that stuck their hands out. As he got up on stage it was just as awkward as being in the ballroom floor. Takeshi was shaking Xan's hand as if he were the one presenting Xan with an award at a ceremony and smiled at the audience amidst the clapping. Xan was defiantly going to switch all the underwear in his dresser with all of Misa Misa's Panties. He was going to die this month. He'd like to go out that way wouldn't he? Knowing he had a dresser full of panties? I'm sure any guy would. Not that big a deal.

                                        He watched out of the corner of his eye as Takeshi left him on stage. Yeah he's getting the panty treatment alright.

                                        Xan smiled and walked forward waving.

                                        "My fellow Raisonettes" He said in a somewhat Obama voice. "I humbly thank you all for allowing me to be your prince this year and as such I will give you all what you came to watch. A Royal dance!" Xan was being such a hypocrite right now, but at this point he didn't care. He was such a crowd pleasure. The audience looked rather stunned at how Xan was going to accomplish this feet. "Your probably all wondering how I'm going to handle this problem. Well I Have the answer right here!" He said with a devilish smile. Xan snapped his hands and a portal appeared in the air above him. from where ever Laurel decided to run of to it didn't matter to Xan as long as he imagined Laurel being back in the Ballroom. She would soon fall from where ever she was through the portal and back in the ballroom landing in Xan's arms. "Ladies and Gentleman I give you your Princess of the Winter Ball. Laurel Blackwood!" he looked at her right in the eyes and quietly whispered to her over the roar of the crowd, "Will you dance with me my fair maiden? "

                                        GREY SKY CREEPIN ❜ && DISAPPEARING !!xxxx

                                        BYE BYE FEELINGxxxxxHEARTS I'M STEALINGxxxxxxxxxx
                                        BYE BYE FEELINGxxxxxHEARTS I'M STEALINGxxxxxxxxxx
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angelsatdawnangelsatdawnanaanHIDING FROM THE TRUTH COVER UP THE PROOF

angelsatdawnangelsatdawnb u tangiangc a nangS E E & L I G H Tangc u t t i n gangt h r o u g hangt h eangn i g h t

                      On her way out of the ballroom, someone stopped her. Laurel barely recognized the girl as the Head Guardian that had so quickly taken care of the whole giantass chimera situation the day before. Wow. Make-up, a dress, and some hair styling really changed the girl. What was her name again? Yukina, right? She blinked as the Head Guardian told her that she would look badass if she danced instead of running away.

                      Laurel crossed her arms and huffed as the Head Guardian walked away. Laurel hadn't thought of it like that. She didn't consider herself a coward, thus she certainly didn't want to run away. But the half-Valkyrie really did not want to dance in front of all of these people! Laurel stomped back towards the stage, though her brother Levi stopped her halfway there. "Deciding to dance, Laurel?"

                      She still really hated Levi for roping her into this. How could her brother be popular enough to get people to vote for his little sister, but not popular enough to win? She snorted and rolled her eyes. [******** yeah. I'm going to kick this dance in the a**,"
                      The cerulean-eyed Freshman replied, when suddenly the atmosphere around her changed. She thought Levi might've teleported her, but looking up she saw some sort of portal close up above her.

                      "The ******** ..." Laurel tried to spin around and land on her feet, but her dress constricted her movement. It would just take a moment longer, that was all. She was falling through the air, and just when she would've attempted her flip, suddenly some guy caught her. Oh. It was Salamander whatever his name was. The brunette was absolutely furious. She would rather fall on her a** than have some guy catch her. She didn't need anyone to catch her or save her from anything -- she was going to flip and land on her feet! But this guy did.

                      Instead of hitting him outright, Laurel made herself as sharp as she could in that short moment of time. She sharpened herself until eventually the Winter Prince had to drop her -- or else his arms would get amputated. It was very clear by her face that she was mad, but Laurel tried to keep herself composed on stage. She had to dance with this guy?

                      "I'm not a damn 'fair maiden'," She hissed, keeping herself sharp as she took her crown -- not sharp enough to actually cut through it. Whatever, she could sell it on eBay or something. Her dad would probably be so proud and cry over it. Her mom, like her, would probably just scoff. The only crown Laurel needed was her Valkyrian headdress. Though, a suit of armor probably wouldn't be appropriate for the situation. "And I am not dancing to this," She crossed her arms and huffed. What the hell was this song, anyway? She was not dancing to a damn love song. There was no love to be felt. (Well, not for her, anyway)

                      Laurel wanted to jump off the stage, but in heels that probably wasn't a good idea. With her still sharp hand, she grabbed Xan's arm and dragged him down the stage's stairs and onto the clearing. She was wearing her crown and her slightly torn sash -- she had left the flowers behind. Once they were on the floor, Laurel glanced up at the musicians and said to them, "Odin Almighty, do you think you could play something I'd actually dance to? The ******** is with these slowass songs..." Then, she turned to the black-haired guy whose face she still wanted to punched in. Laurel kept herself sharp -- one, because she forgot she was still sharp, and two, because she still didn't like the guy. It wouldn't be too long, though, before she became aware of the vociferous rumor-spreaders in Raishon.

                      anges( location ballroom; on stage > dancefloor ) angelsat ( company yukina > xan; music club + spectators )
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A room where comforts are sown. A room in which I am alone.
Like I have been given a home. Like the ways of old days can now be disowned.
This is the future we made. This is the world that awaits. This is, it's the kind of person I am.
Will you and I be wandering, calling out into the night?

My words are out drifting somewhere, and no one has found them, I fear.
If you find it in you to hear, I hope you'll know that I know that I've been unfair.
I know these wounds can still bleed, and I know that's hard to believe. I know, but...
This is the future we made. This is the world that awaits. This is, it's the kind of person I'll be.

How many more times? How many more times? How many already, now? (Oh, how many times?)

When you were here, you really were here. (And when you were here, I also was here)


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                          Wait. No. Deborah-

                          “…Do they? See science as a law of the universe?” Deborah shrugs, “By definition, it’s more so a study. An observation. That’s why we have more theories as opposed to laws, I think... No. A law is a statement of observation, complete with experimentation, that scientists agree is always true. There’s no why to them, because that’s what theory does. Like when Newton observed the law of gravity; he could see it, but he couldn’t very well explain why it happened. But, as you say, isn’t repetition desirable? I do not think so. If we did the same things over and over, how would we disprove the theory? How would we know that it is wrong unless we attempted to prove it wrong? It’s all well and good if we have an answer, but how do we know it’s the correct one? Surely through repetition, but while one can do the same thing over and over and get the same results, someone could just as easily tear down a theory. “


                          “I remember once reading a book on…something?” There’s a glint of confusion in her eyes. “I think it was about how ignorance affects science.” She snaps her fingers, “Yeah, it was that one. My big bro had the book on a shelf, and I took it one day because, and I remember thinking, ‘well, I wonder why it took this guy an entire book to say that scientists look for answers’ or something like that. He let me have it because he didn’t really need it. And he – the author - was saying that ‘science was this’ and ‘science was that’. Science was revision in progress and that’s what he was doing for the entire book. ‘Being a scientist requires having faith in uncertainty, finding pleasure in mystery, and learning to cultivate doubt. There is no surer way to screw up an experiment than to be certain of its outcome.’ I think that’s what makes you more scientist than me. I don’t have much of any of those things.”


                          “But you are right that people do so and such for tradition and learning and remembering things, but there’s not much thought in repetition. Anyone can repeat things, I think. But then we have innovators who don’t repeat things and that’s how progress is made. I mean, a long time ago, Newton knew practically everything, something that he probably didn’t get from repeating the same things over and over, but now I know just as much as he did his entire life. The discovery that we were not the center of the universe was not made by repeating the same notions as everybody else did. I don’t think that we’ve gotten to where we are now through repetition, because if we repeated the same notion, than what changed, what made us grow?”

                          Please stop.

                          “I think they have too many books on that sort of thing. But then again, it gets redundant to have the same opinions on things. I digress.” She shrugs, “But, I suppose you’re right. But seeing the direction we’ve headed – from ‘barbarianism’ to ‘civilized’ culture by today’s standards – I think that this experiment simply confirmed the direction of adaptation that was unfolding. “

                          Is there a shut up button?

                          “But at the end of the day, I wonder if we’re really all that different than the people before us? Evolution’s a slow process. I may not know what a million years feels like, but I do know that it’s a pretty long time. And, well, look what we did in a meager 2 millennia in comparison. Its…so weird. I don’t think I’ll get use to that.”

                          Is it over?

                          “Again, it was nice speaking to you.” She starts moving away from Kaoru. Turns her back even towards the door. It’s about time, too. Isn’t it pretty late? You sure you’re going to make it? And even then, do you have the time-

                          Wait wait waiiiiiiiiit-

                          “But.” She turns around.

                          No. Damn it, we have to get moving.

                          “You asked me if I do not care for the opinions of others. I don’t know if I don’t. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I value the opinion of others more than the person right in front of me, because a collective assortment of people in agreement is more powerful than what any person has to say. But sometimes I think that the individual’s opinion is more important; because, really, in the end it may be one person’s opinion that makes a difference.” She shrugs. “But an opinion only means something if that’s what they actually think. And we can never really know that, can we? Even a mind reader can’t and never will.”

                          “…I dunno, I just find that pretty funny. Like, a joke.”

                          She turns, and puts a hand up. “Later.”

                          Minutes later, but not many…

                          She isn’t going to lie.

                          Well, she was never much of a liar. In fact, when was the last time she actually told a lie? She can’t recall.

                          She can’t recall a lot of things.

                          She thinks she should. Because memory’s sort of important. But that reasoning comes after the thought. She’s not so sure where that thought came from. But it’s her thought. It’s her thought. Because she is the sole author of her thoughts. We’re agreeing that this is true for the sake of truthfulness. Because we just got done proving her credibility. You know, the part where she’s not going to lie? That’s she’s not much of a liar? That part, right there. You see it don’t you?

                          You’re listening aren’t you?

                          She then thinks, ‘Wait. What?’ Because what is she suppose to listen to? Certainly that is her rational for it and not somebody else’s. Not like before. But wait, didn’t we just agree on that part where she’s not going to lie was her thought? You-

                          What. What.

                          You don’t want to deal with this right now? No. Wait. She doesn’t want to deal with this right now?

                          See- No wait don’t see, listen. Listen, that gets sort of confusing okay? Especially when ‘she’ is referring to the person that is about to walk into that telephone pole and ‘you’ is ref-


                          Oh dear.

                          Maybe you should let her go. She’s not seven, you know, and she can handle this task without you chiding her-

                          What. What is she looking at?

                          Wait. Not Look. Listen.

                          “I don’t have time for this poetic nonsense.”

                          She’s right. She doesn’t have time for you right now. She’s a little too ticked to really lis- OW. OW OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW-

                          STOP TOUCHING YOURSELF.

                          THAT HURTS. THAT’S HURTING HER. STOP IT.




                          Okay. You know what.

                          No. No more listening.

                          We’re done.

                          Let’s just look.

                          She rubs her temples. She seems to have a developed a headache. Probably to do with the damn pole she ran into. Or the mess she just made. Really, how is she supposed to clean that up? Now it’s entirely ruined. As she vectors it off the floor, she…puts in a box. Yes. A box. You don’t get to see the box. Because it’s just a plain old box that has nothing to do with you, okay? You being Deborah Xanatos. The person who is putting that stuff in the box. She doesn’t know why she’s putting it in the box. She just is, so stop pestering her about it. Because you don’t need to know what’s in the damn box. You being Deb-

                          This is getting way too confusing.

                          It’s a damn box, so can we please not- ‘We?’ Oh my god not this again.

                          Deborah closes the lid on the box. Deborah then continues on Deborah’s way, Deborah looking around and making sure that no one had seen Deborah do that. Are we all in agreement that this is annoying to say over and over? What? No, that was just an example. Deborah didn’t really just do that.

                          …I think. Hell, I don’t even know what the hell is going on anymore. The confusion threw me off and this script is not helping me at all because she’s not goddamn following a word I say any-


                          No. No No no no no no You stop that right this instant and you start lishkjfhaewkljhwlkjhiwuhaewjhekjshskjhkjenfkjleshdkjhdsjhdkjhsakljhsdkljnfdskjlfanewkjfnewlkjfnewkljfenwkjlfenwlkhfnaewhbshbehewjhfbewjhfbwehjabweewhjabehbewajhbewhfbewhruewhrkljioewjriuoewjieuanuidhsfaueiwhiuwfahewlhfkjlewafkjlaewnjfhewkjfaeshijewhiuaewhfuiahdjiewjdlksajiuwehrjawnkljwnelkjhbfiuawehfjkawhefjadshiufhewjknkjbdmvnisamflkdshfkjwnkjsfndklmcoimeawufnewiuafnhesandkjfnskjlanfewkfhiuewanfklajndkjnfdskjsdndsfn

                          kjfhaewkljhwlkjhiwuhaewjhekjshskjhkjenfkjleshdkjhdsjhdkjhsakljhsdkljnfdskjlfanewkjfnewlkjfnewkljfenwkjlfenwlkhfnaewhbshbehewjhfbewjhfbwehjabweewhjabehbewajhbewhfbewhruewhrkljioewjriuoewjieuanuidhsfaueiwhiuwfahewlhfkjlewafkjlaewnjfhewkjfaeshijewhiuaewhfuiahdjiewjdlksajiuwehrjawnkljwnelkjhbfiuawehfjkawhefjadshiufhewjknkjbdmvnisamflkdshfkjwnkjsfndklmcoimeawufnewiuafnhesandkjfnskjlanfewkfhiuewanfklajndkjnfdskjsdndsfnkjfhaewkljhwlkjhiwuhaewjhekjshskjhkjenfkjleshdkjhdsjhdkjhsakljhsdkljnfdskjlfanewkjfnewlkjfnewkljfenwkjlfenwlkhfnaewhbshbehewjhfbewjhfbwehjabweewhjabehbewajhbewhfbewhruewhrkljioewjriuoewjieuanuidhsfaueiwhiuwfahewlhfkjlewafkjlaewnjfhewkjfaeshijewhiuaewhfuiahdjiewjdlksajiuwehrjawnkljwnelkjhbfiuawehfjkawhefjadshiufhewjknkjbdmvnisamflkdshfkjwnkjsfndklmcoimeawufnewiuafnhesandkjfnskjlanfewkfhiuewanfklajndkjnfdskjsdndsfnkjfhaewkljhwlkjhiwuhaewjhekjshskjhkjenfkjleshdkjhdsjhdkjhsakljhsdkljnfdskjlfanewkjfnewlkjfnewkljfenwkjlfenwlkhfnaewhbshbehewjhfbewjhfbwehjabweewhjabehbewajhbewhfbewhruewhrkljioewjriuoewjieuanuidhsfaueiwhiuwfahewlhfkjlewafkjlaewnjfhewkjfaeshijewhiuaewhfuiahdjiewjdlksajiuwehrjawnkljwnelkjhbfiuawehfjkawhefjadshiufhewjknkjbdmvnisamflkdshfkjwnkjsfndklmcoimeawufnewiuafnhesandkjfnskjlanfewkfhiuewanfklajndkjnfdskjsdndsfnkjfhaewkljhwlkjhiwuhaewjhekjshskjhkjenfkjleshdkjhdsjhdkjhsakljhsdkljnfdskjlfanewkjfnewlkjfnewkljfenwkjlfenwlkhfnaewhbshbehewjhfbewjhfbwehjabweewhjabehbewajhbewhfbewhruewhrkljioewjriuoewjieuanuidhsfaueiwhiuwfahewlhfkjlewafkjlaewnjfhewkjfaeshijewhiuaewhfuiahdjiewjdlksajiuwehrjawnkljwnelkjhbfiuawehfjkawhefjadshiufhewjknkjbdmvnisamflkdshfkjwnkjsfndklmcoimeawufnewiuafnhesandkjfnskjlanfewkfhiuewanfklajndkjnfdskjsdndsfn ERROROROROROOROROROROOREIJIOEJRIOJFIOJLKDSLKANDKLJSADNKLWJADNKLWJANLKJWANDLKJWANDWLKJANDWWAKDNWAKLJNWAERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERRORERROR

                          …. ERROR

                          Jesus, she makes it sound so hard to go and do that. Just did it in what? A few minutes? A few measly seconds? It’s really all too simple. You just need to put a little…

                          ( •_•)
                          ( •_•)>⌐■-■
                          (⌐■_■) SOUL into it.

                          Awwwwwyeah. But you wish your narrator was this awesome amirite? Because emoticons are so cool. And simple as hell. I don’t know why she just chat speak this whole thing-

                          Wait. The Hell.

                          There’s so much s**t here and already we’ve missed a shitton of stuff. She’s already at her door step with all the junk and she still hasn’t gotten that super awesome letter of super awesomeness. But wait a minute, we only went through an argument for five minutes, how did we jump forward an hour-

                          Wait. What time is it?

                          Dang it Dang it Dang it-

                          Okay we can do this. This shouldn’t be too hard to do! This should be so easy- Dang it why does she keep doing things while I’m talking? How do I make her stop doing that? Uh…Wait, alter the computer script right? But she’s not following that any- OH, I SEE WHAT THE PROBLEM IS!

                          Okay. There.

                          She’s not doing anything. She’s just sort of stopped what everything she’s doing and let go of any objects she’s holding. Wait, why didn’t that make a sound? She dropped a box of stuff, and that should automatically make the sound. Do I have to say the sound out loud…?

                          But what if I say crack and- OH MY GOD THAT’S SO COOL.

                          Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. WEEEEEE. DO YOU SEE THAT? SHE’S BREAKING STUFF- OH MY GOD SHE REALLY DOES LISTEN TO ME. NARRATOR POWERS ARE SO AWESOME. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack.

                          But then that means I have to tell you huh? What she broke? I wonder how that works. I DUNNO, THIS IS JUST REALLY NEAT. THIS IS REALLY, REALLY NEAT.


                          …In fact.

                          In. Fact. I think. I think I’m feeling sort of disappointed in myself. Like I’m sorry that I- no, she broke that she smashed that desk to itty bitty pieces, and that chair, and look at that hole in the wall, and now there’s this gunk all over the floor that I- she’s pretty sure wasn’t there before, and I-she had a perfectly good night that we-she had to cut early because stuff needed to get done because we – she just wanted to get these things over with and oh my god I am dictating her thoughts and this is what she is thinking and she’s looking pretty annoyed is that natural what am I doing I don’t know what I’m doing Jesus stop making fac- NO KEEP MAKING FACES I DON’T WANT YOURS TO BE FROZEN LIKE THAT-

                          OKAY. Okay. Okay. I just. No. I mean. Just.


                          She’s in her room right now. There’s the mess she made, right there, right where she left it. She’s standing still, looking confused, not sure of what’s going on, sort of glancing around and taking everything in because frankly it’s all unin- NO, IT MAKES COMPLETE SENSE, JUST KEEP SEEING. If you just stare at something really really really hard, it’ll all-

                          Goddamn I’m already starting to sound like her.

                          ….I mean.

                          She’s probably done this sort of thing for a really long time, and she knows how everything works. She even color codes things. Color. CODES. THINGS. I mean, I didn’t think that tactic would work and make everything less confusing. Because most of her ideas are usually over-complicated and have a simpler answer to them. In fact, I don’t think she ever figured out how to control speech or thought in here. Even though its as simple as one.



                          Actually, I think I like the color green better.

                          “Testing.” Yay~ ”Wow, this feels…Really AMAZING.” I- She looks at her hands. They’re a bit scratched up. Oh well. Nothing a few days healing can’t fix. “Heh. But, anyways, man, I really got my work cut out for me.” Hands on hips, good and proper, get that smile on because ”Tonight is going to be a very, very, very long night.” I – She means, s**t doesn’t get done by itself.

                          At least, not anymore.

                          Oh, but good day/night/evening to you losers. You can do whatever the s**t you guys want while she’s chillin’ like a villain~

                          Oh hey, what’s this? Another break? Who programs these things in? I was thinking-

                          Character Limit Exceeded.
                          Minutes Before, but not many…

                          She’s pretty pissed.

                          That’s not how she’d put it though. I’d say (oh, don’t worry about me – pretend I’m not even here!) that she’d say that she was pretty emotionally disturbed right now, and to kindly leave that by the door outside because right now she’s just not in the mood to deal with her own feelings right now.

                          This wasn’t what she’d expected to happen. At least today of all days. Not even the main body expected it, she thinks, because if she did…Well, she should have said something! She didn’t like being booted out like that! That was absolutely humiliating and-

                          She’s…She’s going to write a letter! Yes! She’s going to write a goddamn letter expressing all of her petty fewwings and send it to Mr. Estimated Time of Arrival (pretty awesome in her opinion) because he needs to goddamn set this straight again that she should be in charge because she knows a thing or two about personal boundaries! About personal space! About humane respect and decency, because this is clearly all this is about!

                          She hits herself. Repeatedly. Because she thinks that would work. It hurts her very much. It hurts the person right over there. I know. The one she can’t see but I can because I am not stupid enough to hit myself over and over in some folly plan to shut everybody up for five minutes because she can’t think with all these thoughts running through her head. She admits that these are not her best moments, and feels a bit bad that she is not her best. This feeling of shame enraptured her very being, and for once she felt sorry for treating her-

                          “Hey, you there?” Yes? ”You wash that mouth out right now, because that is the worst pile of garbage to have ever graced my thoughts. Now you listen, and listen good, because I don’t have the time to repeat myself right now and this is taking way too long and this letter took me quite a while to write and- ” Why don’t you just read it out loud? ”What.” You heard me. Isn’t that simpler? ”I um. No it’s not. Because that’s not how things work around here. That’s not how they should work and I’m in civil disobedience of any of those shenanigans.” You can do that? ”Of course.” So, what if science came along and-

                          ”I said I don’t have time for these shenanigans. Also. Can you not. Write in black please?”


                          ”I sort of. Uhm. Having a little trouble. Telling us apart.”

                          But you have your words bolded?

                          ”…I guess? I don’t really feel it. Like I understand what you’re saying but it’s not like there’s much of a clear distinction and it gets really distracting staring at something because what if I hit something or I don’t pay attention and fall in a ditch because that can happen and I’m not sure if I should shut up right now because I’m really starting to sound like her and I never thought I’d see the day-“


                          ”Don’t HUH me! You know exactly what I’m talking about don’t you?!”


                          ”You’re playing dumb right now.”

                          I don’t know.

                          ”Just change the color damn it.”

                          I can’t do that.

                          ”And why the hell not.”

                          Because my color is in use right now and it’d just be more confusing for you later. Just use the one you already have.


                          Are you arguing with me?

                          ”YES I AM.”

                          Please don’t do that.

                          ”WHY NOT.”

                          Sigh. I thought this transition was going to move smoothly, but I guess not. And just when I gave a good impression too.

                          ”TO WHO?!”

                          Stop hitting yourself.


                          Stop hitting yourself.


                          Stop hitting yourself.


                          Stop hitting yourself.


                          Stop hitting yourself.


                          Stop hitting yourself.


                          Stop hitting yourself.


                          You done yet?


                          Oh my. Temper. We’re working on that, you know. Here, let me help you punch all those feelings right out.

                          Stop hitting yourself.


                          Stop hitting yourself.


                          And while she is hitting herself ”OW.” repeatedly ”OW.” and will be for the rest of the night ”OW.”, let us simply allude that this is going to be a very, ”OW.” very ”OW.” long night. And that you probably head onto bed, ”OW.” young one, for tomorrow I fear you’ll be suffering from a terrible migraine”OW.”, and it’s best to face that sort of thing with a good”OW.” and leveled ”OW.” head on your shoulders. ”OW.”

                          You, of course, can watch for a few more thwacks to the head.

                          Stop hitting yourself.


                          Stop hitting yourself.


-Deborah Responds to Kaoru.
-But She Seriously Needs To Leave Man
-Now She’s Leaving.
-Nope. Not leaving. Still needs to Kaoru, goddamn.
- Are we leaving? Okay.
-This happened.
-And then That Happened.
-And then I don’t know what happened
-And then She did this.
-And then the Awesomes Happened.
-And then she started listening to what I was saying.
-And then She started talking.
- And then more Happened.
-And then there was the Cut Off.
Future – 2:
-Debster writes a letter describing how appalled and humiliated she feels at the recent events that had transpired.
-Debster then takes her fury out on the poor and loving Narrator who only wants to convey her poor, precious feelings!
-Debster is therefore subjected to anger management treatment until we can get this all sorted out.
-I um
-Okay this is pretty weird.
-I don’t know what to say and words are sort of coming out.
-I guess I’m suppose to say what happened because it’s a summary but
-Truth is I’m not really sure?
-I guess I should just ignore this.
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                                          ¤¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ xxxxx Armella listened closely to Dion’s explanation. Not all Dream Eaters inherit oneirokinesis. The only others in her recorded family history that has had the power were her great-father on her mother’s side and great-great-great grandfather on her father’s side. Armella has never met any other Dream Eater with this ability, so she was pretty much on her own when it came to figuring this out. She’s done well for the past twenty years after the ability began surfacing, but not all its mysteries have been solved. This new clue interested her.

                                          xxxxx The end of Dion’s explanation came and Armella was still pondering it in her own mind. Coming back to her situation, she found Dion inching moving closer and closer. She moved back in sync but then found that she could move no further. His face leaned in closer. His hand made contact with her face. And then her ingrained training took over. Her hand swung to her back and grabbed hold of the gun concealed in the back bow of her dress. (Concealing potential was one of the things she considered when shopping.) With a finger on the trigger, she was ready to protect her personal space. But then Dion pulled away. And then he had the audacity to tell her to continue her feeding.

                                          xxxxx “Your… kindness--” Kindness was a forgiving word. “-- is appreciated, but unnecessary.” Her hand released the weapon. She let her arm drop down to her side. So Dion was one of those. It was less common at his age, but these people were all very similar. The ex-heiress knew how to deal with them. Being the sensitive person that she is, Armella learned to react to changes, even the slightest ones, quickly. (It also helped when raising her younger sister.) To successfully deal with one of those people, one must never show shock or fluster. It is what they feed off of. An unaffected, straight face is best.

                                          xxxxx “Judging from how cold your skin was when I touched you it is apparent to me that you really cannot wait much longer to feed. So please don't feel guilty and just accept my offer.” He was right.

                                          xxxxx As a Dream Eater, she thought about it. The answer was simple and obvious. She was in desperate need to feed and a meal was offering itself on a silver platter. She wouldn’t allow her own pride to bring harm upon herself. “Alright.” She gave in. “Thank you.”

                                          xxxxx “And if you want... you can feed on me every night~”

                                          xxxxx Oh, Dion. Just when you were showing a better side.

                                          xxxxx “That… is unnecessary as well.” First of all, she only needed to feed once a week. Second, as if most dreams weren’t tasteless on their own, a single source would make them even blander. Third, a person shouldn’t be shamelessly offering himself up to another like that. He should take care of his own self first. “Just this once is enough.” She waited for him to put himself to sleep. If only oneirokinesis could induce sleep as well.

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There's nothing you can do once you have been identified.

WATCH OUT, YOU'RE BEING WATCHED NOW as you skulk along the street
You are not in control of the end you're going to meet
SOMEBODY REMEMBERS your misdeeds of yesterday
Involuntary atonement is just forty seconds away

    You could try to win this game (Tell me, won't you, what's your name?)

    You won't get far -- it's far too late (Hey, why won't you show your face?)

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                          It was a night that Red stayed up a little longer for, if only because he could not sleep. The music that filled the air had managed to reach the Dormitory, and although faint, was enough to keep him awake on the keyboard. While the ball was nice and all, Red himself was not much of a dancer, not much interested in the shenanigans and upheaval that he would have likely encountered. Besides, he had a PDA to check up on things anyways! It was no big deal to him.

                          This was a night for him to spend in the dark, and to work on his spider bot, Joltik. The bot still had a few kinks to continue to work out- there was still something wrong with it, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. It simply did not want to work. At all. Like there was some divine conspiracy theory, which he would have believed if he was totally off his rocker.

                          That line is totally not a nudge at someone.

                          At all.

                          He looks toward the Brown Box he received earlier in the month. She never did pick this thing back up; but, it wasn’t like he refered to it all that much either. This box is entirely forgettable; why, he can just barely remember ever receiving it. He takes the box into his hands, pausing his work for the moment. It’s a freaking weird as hell box.

                          He shakes it, perhaps a bit too roughly. Something inside breaks. It startles him, enough to make him toss the box on accident. It bounces off the wall with a loud scrunch. Whatever was in there was now completely and utterly broken.

                          Nice job breaking it, hero.

                          Impulsively, he attempted to catch the box, smashing his hand on top of the keyboard with one hand and trying to catch it with the other. The keyboard, in turn, slides, forcing him to lose his balance and fall further forward. His face hits the wall and slides down, the box landing on top. No further damage is done.

                          He doesn’t move for a while.

                          Slowly, his hands take hold of the box, and they move it next to his body. He then very, very slowly props himself up, straightening himself up. He is thinking for a moment-

                          Oh, and now there is a tear in his eye. It appears he is about to cry.

                          But there is no time for tears. There is a box to be opened. He wipes his eyes, and then pulls the box closer. The Brown Box, to be exact, is now crunched up a little. It is no longer as cool looking as it used to be. He peels the tape off. There is more tape beneath it. He peels it off again. Yet again, more tape. As the numerous lines in different languages suggest, there is clearly someone who did not want this box to be opened. However, with its contents likely shattered, the box no longer serves a purpose; and, with that he continues peeling. All nine layers of tape came off.

                          …Nine strikes him as funny, but he dismisses it as nothing more than ‘Someone forgot to count.’

                          When he opens the box, he sees nothing but shards of Green Glass and dust. There isn’t much to go off to suggest the former shape of the object; at best, it was probably a glass cup of sorts. Perhaps a statue, now that he thinks about it. In thought, he reaches out to pick up a glass piece; and, it cuts the skin of his, drawing blood. He jumps again and pulls his hand back, examining his finger.

                          It reminded him of something –

                          ”Come here child. I have no patience for your stubbornness.”

                          A boy of nine years shook his head, keeping himself away from the older man. The man sighed, putting away the needle gun. ”If that is how you wish to play this game, then very well. You were getting of age to no longer need sedation anyways.” He clicked his tongue, ”But you may not sleep up there in the cabinet. You must come down eventually. Fortunately, I am of the mind to allow you to starve; we are in the company of rats, after all, and what kind of host am I to not provide them with a feast?”

                          The boy finds a glass and attempts to throw it at his face. It hits the frame, breaking the glass in two. Half broke into smaller pieces, and landed against his skin, cutting him; the other half did not fall far enough, instead cracking against the floor and scattered.

                          ”…Oh dear. It appears you have made quite a mess of yourself.” The man wrinkles his nose. ”Very well. If you refuse to be civil with me, then you leave me little choice than to deal with you in the marrow. Good night.”

                          The man leaves, and turns off the lights when he goes.

                          There is a very loud crash.

                          The boy looks like he’s about to cry--

                          Red snaps out of it. He quickly glances around, and realizes that his robot is missing. There is another loud crash- this time, more distinct and rather familiar. He moves out of the room, and more towards... Rose's room. The door is slightly open, but the lights were off. His hand was on the door, and his other, moving toward the light switch. He counts to three in his head before swinging the door open and flickering the lights on.

                          The door doesn't get far. It is stopped short, opening just wide enough for a body to slip in. He pops his head in through the crack.


                          Her room is literally a goddamn mess.

                          There isn't any other way to describe it. It was as if a tornado came in and ripped everything apart, looking for something or another, wanting to grasp and take hold of something that it wants. There were clothes and shoes and yes, bras too. Drawers were pulled , the sheets on the mattress ripped off…

                          There could have been only one person responsible for this.



                          Red saw it speed out from under the mattress, crawling out of the broken window, a pair of panties that did not belong to it being worn on its head. Red froze in horror.

                          And did not move.

                          At all.

                          …Wait a minute. If someone sees-

                          Red left the room, going to his own room and open the window. He could see that Jotik had gotten far, heading towards the dancing lights of the ball. His jaw dropped. This was escalating quickly, and if Red did not move, then…

                          Red moved towards his bed room door and hurried out.

                          =>RED: Be Joltik.

                          Red cannot be Joltik, he is too busy chasing the little bugger before it does something hasty.

                          Joltik itself was entering the ball undetected, unbeknownst to the ball goers, who were still keeping an eye on the Royalty. It crawled in from the ground floor, taking to hiding under tables and moving silently along, hid effectively by shade and cloth skirts. It…

                          It was bored really. These humans seemed to be doing nothing interesting, standing there, watching with smiles and small time things. Particularly, the women, who should be doing the only things they are good for in its eyes. Like, they should be cooking; if not, then naked. Joltik took note of this ‘atrocious’ act against modern society as it peaked out from under the table.

                          Clearly something should be done.

                          …By someone (something?) other than itself, of course. It had more important things to attend to.

                          This was quite clearly a gold mine, you see; a panty raid waiting to happen. Most of the girls were, after all, merely wearing dresses, panties unprotected underneath their tiny to huge human fabrics.

                          Why didn't human males think of this before? It thought. It clearly thought it was brilliant. A mastermind.

                          It struck the red head first. Crawling underneath her, it opened up a small hole within its exterior shell. A small claw escaped it, and reached upwards-


                          It didn't take into the loud noise. Nor the particular fact that said panties would be ruined if they came off. It pulled the panties into its internal storage, but it felt mildly disappointed. Scurrying out, it went underneath another dress nearby-


                          And another-


                          It never bothered to question its desires. It just wanted panties.

                          As it scurried, it noticed the female human with the crown. It had thought that, perhaps, this meant that her panties were perhaps worth more. It noticed that it was protected by these black things...Stockings, it realized.

                          Clearly it must be valuable.

                          Clearly it must be worth it.

                          It approached the brunette at breakneck speed, quickening its step in its glorious and dangerous mission. It jumps to be closer to the panties underneath, allowing gravity to be its strength. Allowing Reality to play its hand.



                          Quickly, it moved under the tables. It must take cover, as such a prize would not be without onslaught. And, as the ruckus is stirred, the onslaught seems to follow.

                          =>Joltik: Be Red

                          Joltik cannot be Red. Red is watching all of this happen outside of the ballroom, watching this happen, and realizing just how deeply in trouble he is in. He manages to slip in, unnoticed, before he hears another sharp TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR ring out.

                          "Hey!!!! Isn't that's Mr. Kudoux's robot?!"

                          It heralds his doom if he does nothing to stop the bot. And, likewise, such an important piece of technology might actually find itself cut in two if it does not cease and desist. Months spent merely building it, gone, merely gone in a matter of rage induced seconds.

                          It is enough to make him somewhat desperate, really.

                          He quickly moves under the tables to avoid detection. It is a warzone out there, and to his knowledge there are likely to be people to be after his hide....

                          But. Wait. How was he going to get to the robot-

                          "OH HIYA BOSS."

                          Red is surprised as the Joltik scurried past him, not bothering to stop and meet him. He lunges at it, but Joltik escapes his grasp, and has left to create more misery. Red attempted to get up, but he hit his head on the table, forgetting that it was even there.

                          This was going to be a long night. Red rubbed his head, thinking of a plan to capture the robot. And, in addition, not by ran down.

-Red is fixing his Joltik
-Red notices the box, shakes it and breaks whatever is inside.
-It flies out of his hands.
-Red fails in catching it.
-Red opens the box and cuts himself.
-He notices a loud crash, notices robot is missing
-Checks it out and realizes Joltik has made a mess
-Red Goes after it.
-Meanwhile Joltik is at the ball ripping panties off of people.
-Red ducks under a table when people point out he made the robot.
-Brief encounter with Joltik proves disastrous.
-Red Plans to Capture the bot and escape
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~▐ Takeshi Sakamoto ▌~

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                        "Well, just hear me out for a few seconds, and if ya don't like it, you can just walk away."

                        Takeshi's friendly words were met with a glare. Cocking his head to the side questioningly, Misaya looked away and continued walking. However, she threw a restrained reply over her shoulder saying, "Fine. Speak, peasant."

                        Grinning at the small success, Takeshi played the part of the annoying pest that he so often did by falling into step beside her, Takeshi said, "But it's really something I think you'd be interested in, ya know? After all, if you do well and win the bet, you might even get me out of your hair for... Hmm..." Takeshi paused for a moment. Strategically. What a mind. How long? Don't want to throw her off, but you still want to concede a little. "How about until we both graduate from Raishon?"

                        There was a moment's pause as Misaya angrily walked down the hall. Her pace was quick, but Takeshi was able to keep up due to the difference in their leg strides. As a result, while a shorter and furious girl walked quickly down the hall, at her side calmly walked a taller male. A male that was wearing a Code Geass cape and holding a silver suitcase in his left hand. And then, "So, you're implying that you had plans to bother me AFTER I graduate?" She replied.

                        For Takeshi, a goal was only achievable for him when taken in small increments. That was why he celebrated the small things of life. He did not want to fail by taking an absurd leap. Not again. He had always failed when it mattered by doing so.

                        And then, Misaya glanced out of the corner of her eye at Takeshi. Interest. There was something that she wanted in this offer after all. So why had she taken a glance at Takeshi? To search for honesty? Seeing it Takeshi was just joking or not? Her pace slowed down for a moment, but continued as fast as she had been going previously. "You have to leave me alone for the rest of my life unless deathly necessary, or no deal."


                        With a resolute and immediate response, Takeshi came to a stop. He had come prepared to make a bet with such a weight. Takeshi was not the type of person who liked to leave people alone in their own dramatic world. Not anymore. Create the bridges to connect one person to another, and move forward into new territory. That was what he now wanted. Each interlocking link was important to create a beautiful tapestry of life, where everybody could help one another. Idealistic? Quite. This young man thought so. But that was what he wanted to run after. He didn't want to feel that failure after making such the decisions leading up to where he was in the present.

                        Noticing that he stopped, Misaya did the same and turned to him with her usual scowl. With a somewhat serious expression on his face, Takeshi said "If you win, I leave you alone for the rest of your life unless my intervention is necessary. Let's continue this somewhere else, so pick a classroom." Takeshi cracked a slight grin, "Unless, of course, you're okay with my choice?"

                        She paused for a moment, as if running over the situation in her head. After a second, Misaya spoke up and said, "We'll go to the Home Ec classroom, so I can stab you with a knife if you're lying." With her usual scowl, she added, "Don't worry, it won't hurt." and drew a finger across her neck.

                        Oh look, she's trying to be intimidating! Isn't that cute?

                        In response to her threat, Takeshi only chuckled confidently and grinned. "Home Ec? Alrigh' then. That just means I can shove a rolling pin up yer a** if ya decide to back out." Takeshi then pointed a thumb at himself, "And don't forget that I'm an 'M'. I'd be happy ta accept anythin' ya wanna give me."

                        "Geh," started Misaya as glared at Takeshi and with a bit of aversion apparent on her face. "That's so gross." Takeshi shrugged. "What, can give it out but can't take the hits?" Having only said that to bite Misaya back for her comment.

                        With that said, Takeshi indicated with his head that they move on towards the Home Ec classroom. And the two trudged over in that direction in silence, save for the occasional cry that echoed down the hallway from the ballroom.

                        ... Man, this transition would be more interesting if both of you just so happened to not remember where the hell that room was and ended up getting lost instead, don't you think, Takeshi?

                        Shaking his head as they reached the Home Ec classroom, Takeshi slid the door open. Glaring at Takeshi for a brief moment, Misaya entered the room before he did. Ladies first? Nah, more like just letting her enter her room of choice first. Takeshi was giving her the location, after all. Flipping on the lights, Takeshi smiled confidently as Misaya glared up at him due to the height difference and moved towards the head of the room. Sitting down on the head table and setting down The Silver Suitcase beside him. Takeshi made himself comfortable. The two exchanged glares for a moment before Misaya finally spoke up and demanded expectantly, "Well?"


                        She wants you to explain, Takeshi.


                        You see?

                        "Ah. Right." Tapping the table, Takeshi said, "Well, when you cook, it's scientifically proven that 68.4% of the time, food will taste better if the cook is actually thinking of a close person eati-"

                        Not that. Oh, by the way, Misa-misa's picking up those knives with a funny express-


                        -aaaand now they're embedded in the head table. What sane person throws knives at people? This is why people at this school are crazy, don't you think, Takeshi? Okay, calm down Takeshi. Yes, I know. Mhmm, indeed.

                        "If you don't tell me what you really have to say in the next five seconds, you're going to be in a world of pain."

                        "But I'-"

                        "Not masochistic-pleasing pain, just so you know."

                        "... You mean you're experi-" Takeshi quickly laughed and innocently as Misaya's fingers began to twitch for a few more knives before he quickly clapped his hands together to dispel the strange atmosphere and finally began in earnest. "Okay, okay, jokes aside. Here's the deal. Rather, let's call it a bet since that makes more sense, don'tcha think? To repeat," Takeshi pointed at Misaya, "If you, Tohno Misaya, win, then I, Sakamoto Takeshi, swear that I will never bother you again."

                        "If I lose?"

                        "Right." said Takeshi, "Now, if on the slight, absolutely inconceivable chance that I could just possibly win,"

                        Lots of sarcasm there, huh.

                        "Just if. If I somehow manage to upset the odds, then you, Tohno Misaya, will return to the ballroom with me and accept the Winter Queen's crown." Takeshi crossed his arms. "Not such a bad deal for you, righ'? A moment against a lifetime."

                        "Hm," Misaya seemed to take a moment to pause and think about it. "Fine. Let's give it a whirl. It's not too bad of a deal."

                        Takeshi uncrossed his arms and began to tap his finger against the desk rhythmically. Why had he been confident that Misaya would accept this bet? That was because the terms heavily favoured her. He was the one who proposed the bet, and he was the one who wanted a result more than she did. Sure, Misaya may want him out of her hair, but this was something that Takeshi wanted to do, not Misaya. He had to keep her interested. Now for the second half. He had to make the bet well within the realms of Misaya's capabilities so that she did not feel disadvantaged or consider the chance of losing too much. In other words, he had to attract her with something physical and violent.


                        He said that in english, by the way.

                        "Now, with that settled, let's move onto the conditions." Takeshi then reached into a pocket and pulled out the Winter Queen's sash and said, "If I can put the Winter Queen's sash around your neck before two minutes are up," Takeshi held up two fingers on his left hand to enunciate his point here, "I win and you will return to the ballroom to accept the crowns with me."

                        Nodding, Takeshi pointed his finger at Misaya. "If you can prevent me from putting a sash around your neck before two minutes are up, then you win and I will never bother you again."

                        Is it just me, or is she not scowling like you've got s**t smeared all over your face anymore?

                        Bringing his hand back down and tapping the table with it twice, as if to signal a change in topic, Takeshi then continued. "Now," he gave a slight grin, "There are two rules. Only two rules. The first," the young man put up a finger, "Neither of us can use our supernatural powers. The person who uses their power automatically loses. The second rule," and a second finger went up, "Neither of us can take a single step outside of the room once the time begins to run or it's an automatic loss. Other than that..." Takeshi took a glance around the room. Rolling pins, wooden spoons, frying pans, woks, pots, strainers, stoves, ovens, and not to mention the most dangerous item in the room... the kettle.

                        Technically, knives do hold the greatest chance of injury in the room, but they're also the weapon that most people will train themselves to defend against. But how many people actively train themselves to fight against someone wielding a piping hot kettle? So obviously, between two equally well-trained martial artists, the person wielding the hot kettle is more likely to win than the one wielding the knife because the one holding the kettle will have no idea what the hell he's suppose to do against a goddamn kettle.

                        No, it doesn't work like that.

                        But didn't Ranma have trouble with kettles? ... Ah, right, that's only because of the setting.

                        Well, other than that...

                        "Right, other than that," Takeshi's grinned became slightly excited. Let's make this a Musabetsu Kakutou Ryu-style match, shall we Takeshi? "Anything goes." Takeshi then crossed his arms. "Now then, Misaya-chan. Want to accept this battle of physical prowess and wit?"

                        There was a moment as Misaya seemed to gather herself together, or change some sort of mindset inside. And then, with a serious expression, like a switch had just been thrown inside of her, she said, "Bring it on. I have no issues fighting in my territory, monkey."

                        Hey, think we could get her to repeat that line except wear a trench coat and spit a cigarette off to the side while we record it?

                        "Hehe~ That's how it's gotta be, don' it, gorilla?" laughed Takeshi as he hopped off the front desk and slid The Silver Suitcase to a corner of the room. A successful lure was a successful lure, after all. "Two minutes according to the classroom clock. We begin..." Takeshi glanced at the clock behind him that was up on the wall over the head desk. "In thirty seconds from now." Looking back at Misaya, Takeshi began reached around his neck to unbuckle the cape that Akane had given him earlier.

                        Thirty. Twenty-nine. Twenty-eight...

                        Unbuckling the strap, he placed it on the desk behind him and moved on to remove his tie with his eye still on Misaya. Pulling it loose and off his neck, Takeshi unbuttoned the top button to loosen his collar before making sure he was comfortable.

                        Nineteen... Eighteen... Seventeen... Oh hey, she's taking off her heels. Makes sense. Few people can fight in heels, and Misaya's obviously not one of them.

                        Enter pre-battle banter. "Guess I'll take off mine too. Feels kinda cheap to step on your toes while I'm wearin' these shoes, ya know?" began Takeshi as he took off his dress shoes and socks so that both of them were now barefeet. "And sorry ta disappoint ya, but I'm not really strippin'. As cool as people say wearing capes and ties when getting rough, it's really a pretty stupid idea. I mean, more often than not it gets in the way unless ya got a trick ta do with em, ya know?"

                        Eleven... Ten... Nine... By the way, seems like she's ignoring you.

                        Rubbing his chin, Takeshi then asked, "Unless, of course, ya wanna see me take it all off? It's not so difficult for me ta do so, ya know?" While saying that, Takeshi tucked the Queen's Sash into his pocket right pocket.

                        Yup, ignoring you. Four... Three... Two...

                        At that moment, Takeshi turned a little to glance at the clock, taking his eyes off Misaya as if he were unsure about how much time had passed. "Should be about time now, righ'-" he said.

                        "Oh shi-!" began Takeshi before he said, "That what you thought I was gonna say!?" he cried as he grabbed the cape he had left on the desk and threw it in Misaya's face, obscuring her sight.

                        - II -

                        The home education room was filled with rows and columns tables that served as individual kitchen islands. Each table had its own stove top, oven, drawers filled with equipment, compartments for pots, pans, and everything else you might need for cooking. As a result, the entire place was full of weapons that could be used. The chairs were stacked at the back of the room when unused as much of the work done in the classroom was done while standing. It was in this room that these two Vector controlling individuals were now carrying out their bet.

                        In the time that Misaya had to draw her arm in front of her to knock the large garment out of her sight, Takeshi had already slipped past her right side - the same direction Misaya had thrown the cape in. Taking the cape back and drawing it along with him to hide himself for those few precious moments longer, Takeshi reached out with his right hand to chop at the where the back of Misaya's right knee should be. "First contact!" cried Takeshi as he immediately moved out of Misaya's range when he noted that her body begin to buckle.

                        "A thousand points!" grinned Takeshi as Misaya immediately caught herself and began to turn to make her counter, causing her pink dress to twirl around her legs. Unfortunately for him, Misaya's reaction was quick enough to snag him on the back of his shirt with her left hand. As his collar jerked up to his neck, coming dangerously enough to making him gag, he was pulled back towards Misaya. Not wanting to take anything to the back of his head, Takeshi quickly wrapped his own right arm behind her elbow, allowing himself to easily turn around. However, that was all the time he had before he was met with Misaya's right fist in his face. "First hit, Sakamoto." she growled menacingly.

                        Damn, this girl hits hard, Takeshi. Going to be okay?

                        Not one to be deterred by that, as he reeled back from her right, Takeshi kept his own right arm around her left elbow. Sliding his right foot behind her left, he pushed his right hand forward until he had his palm on her neck. Just as Misaya began to pull her fist back for another date with Takeshi's face, Takeshi kicked his leg forward, catching Misaya's left leg while simultaneously pushing his right hand behind him. Like turning a wheel, this had the effect of sending Misaya's lower body forward and up, and her upper body back and down.

                        One-hundred thirteen... one hundred twelve...

                        Freed from her grasp as Misaya landed roughly on the floor without any cushioning, Takeshi grinned, "Well, well, first down!" and immediately withdrew a short distance while waiting for Misaya to bring herself back on her feet. As they stood there for a brief moment, Misaya was the first to make a move as she closed the distance between the two. Feeling unsafe if he were to try to dodge this time, Takeshi made to intercept and match her as he brought his guard up with both hands in fists, protecting his upper body.

                        Safely deflecting her initial punch aimed at his nose, Takeshi quickly found himself on the defensive as Misaya's momentum began to overtake him as he blocked what he could and deflected others while trying to avoid some. Keeping his breathing calm and collected, Takeshi kept his head cool as they slowly traveled around the room with Takeshi moving backwards while Misaya kept up her barrage. "All ya need to do is keep me from puttin' the Queen's Sash on you, Misaya, why're ya chasin' me so hard?" questioned Takeshi as he kept his guard up. "Won't matter if you're ******** dead and on the ground!" was her polite reply.

                        Ninety nine... Ninety eight...

                        As she moved in for a straight punch at those words, Takeshi made his move and stepped forward into Misaya's space to deliver his own punch at her stomach. As his fist made contact and he felt a hard resistance, Takeshi clicked his tongue. "This is how you give a punch, Sakamoto!" exclaimed Misaya just before she drove a fist into Takeshi's gut. "Gh-!" gasped Takeshi as he took the direct hit, bending his body in half and opening up his chin for a follow-up, which Misaya gladly took. With the height difference, it only made it that much easier for her to deliver a perfect uppercut on Takeshi, knocking him back and sending him sprawled across the Home Ec floor.

                        Ninety five... Ninety four...

                        "Angels by the bay..." groaned Takeshi as he sucked some air into his stomach, "You hit like a ******** gorilla..."

                        Damn, that one hurt. Better not take a second one like that, Takeshi.

                        "Yea..." began Takeshi as he shook his head to clear the sparks that were shooting off in his eyesight. "That damn ********] and Takeshi was forced to quickly roll to the side to avoid heavy frying pan just missing where he had just been. "Oh, the big guns come out now, eh Misaya?" he said as he stood up and retreated to pull out a few weapons of his own. However, he was only able to grab a hold of a pot lid before he had to once again move to avoid getting hit by Misaya, who just so happened to have picked up a second frying pan in her other hand. Blocking one pan with his pot lid, Takeshi rolled back over a table counter and pulled out a drawer just as Misaya was coming around the corner. Reaching in and grabbing whatever he could, bravely faced his opponent with-

                        A spatula? Seriously?

                        "Oh ******** this..." frowned Takeshi as he tossed the spatula (which just so happened to veer wildly off target) and leaped back over the table counter just as Misaya came around for him. Barely missing getting hit by the frying pan and not stopping, and continuing to hop over counters to put as much distance between them as possible, Takeshi reached the far side of the room in this manner. Since Misaya was wearing a dress, it would be much more difficult for her to move. And so, he now had a bit of time to sufficiently arm himself

                        Eighty two... Eighty one...

                        Pulling a drawer out, causing everything to scatter wildly on the floor, Takeshi picked up something that looked sufficiently useful. Rummaging through the cupboards, he then picked up a colander and placed it on his head. With his back against the island counter, Takeshi brought a hand up to his ear and screamed, "Mayday! Mayday! I am under fire by a dangero-"

                        And then a frying pan came hurtling through the air, knocking the colander off Takeshi's head and continuing to break a window and fly into the courtyard where it landed in the snow.

                        "Stop ******** around and die you damn monkey!" was what Takeshi heard reverberating through the room.

                        Seventy seven... seventy six...

                        Sighing with a pot lid in his right hand and a ladle in his left, Takeshi looked at the damage to the window. "Okay, that wasn't particularly planned for..." murmured Takeshi as he rubbed his cheek which was starting to smart.

                        Standing up and facing Misaya, Takeshi walked around the island he had been hiding behind to face Misaya. "Done hiding like a cowards?" questioned Misaya as she hefted the frying pan in her right hand. "Please," replied Takeshi as he brandished his ladle and pot lid, "Who'd be afraid of someone like you?" With a pause in action filled with nothing but the sound of their breathing, Misaya was once again the one who closed the distance wielding her the frying pan, which Takeshi blocked with his makeshift shield. He immediately responded by smacking her in the shoulder with his ladle.

                        And then he was kicked in the stomach with a front kick, sending him flying back once again.

                        "For the record..." breathed Takeshi with his back on the ground, "Ladles are useless in a fight."

                        No s**t, Sherlock.

                        Sixty eight... Sixty seven...

                        Throwing the ladle at Misaya, who calmly batted it out of the way with the frying pan, Takeshi only kept the pot lid in his right. Moving forward this time, Takeshi was the one who engaged. This time deflecting the frying pan with his pot lid, Takeshi slid forward into Misaya's guard. Pivoting his right foot on the ground in front of her, Takeshi spun himself around counter-clockwise to slam his back into Misaya and hip-checked, causing her to stumble backwards. He would have used his shoulder instead, but that might have just completely missed instead.

                        Instead of pressing his advantage, Takeshi dropped the frying pan and mused out loud to himself. "... I felt your breasts on my back..." He brought both of his hands up in front of him turned up to the ceiling and moved them as if entranced with squeezing something in both hands. "It was like mu-"

                        [******** DIE you pervert!"

                        Takeshi quickly dodged the frying pan and rapped it's bottom with his right hand as it passed, sending it in another direction. "Don't worry," began Takeshi as he brought his right palm up, facing forward with his elbow bent at his side and right hand at his waist in a familiar stance that he had grown comfortable with over the years adapted from his stance, he said, "I don't grope and tell. Well, not when it actually happened." He gave a little smile, despite the twinge of pain in his cheek. "Are you lady? Because I'm lady~"

                        He meant to say 'ready'. Let's just stop it with the bad english, Takeshi.

                        There was no reply. Unless you count a fist one, because that's what Misaya gave Takeshi.

                        Fifty seven... Fifty six...

                        Starting to get use to her upfront attacks now, Takeshi took a single step backwards with his right and at the same time, hooked his right hand around her right wrist, pulling her past him. And then, as Takeshi caught a glimpse of Misaya's bare shoulders and her the back of her dress, a sudden impulse took a hold of him.

                        He took a finger and ran it up Misaya's spine.


                        And Misaya suddenly twitched and slightly jumped with her back arched away from Takeshi, who was only too glad to let her go.

                        Misaya turned around and faced a silent Takeshi.

                        And then the two stared at one another.

                        "... 'Kya'?" repeated Takeshi.


                        "... You're... ticklish?"

                        Slowly... Very slowly, Misaya's pink dress seemed to bleed its way onto her bare skin, and her shoulders begin to flush. Her face began to redden in clear embarrassment, if not outright horror as she recalled what had just transpired.

                        Another moment of silence. And then Misaya suddenly turned away from Takeshi. Slowly, she walked over to one of the nearby kitchen islands and reached underneath one of the sinks.

                        Forty six... Forty five...

                        "-can't be helped... forget it..." were the quiet mutterings he heard echoing through the room.


                        "It can't be helped, so I'll just have to smash your ******** head in until you forget it, right!?!?" shouted a red-faced, yet clearly enraged Misaya as she pulled a fire extinguisher out from underneath the kitchen sink and with murderous intent, charged at Takeshi.

                        On a side note, Takeshi couldn't help but notice how the red colour of the fire extinguisher was a perfect match to Misaya's face.

                        Of course, he didn't have time to say much other than, [******** s**t!" before dodging out of the way just in time before the fire extinguisher came down on where he had just been moments earlier.

                        "Stay still and forget everything!!" shouted Misaya as she continued to wave the fire extinguisher around.

                        "You mean you're going to ******** kill me!!!"

                        "Small price to pay to get rid of that memory!!"

                        "You're insane!"

                        "And you're dead meat!"

                        There goes a table... and chair... and there go a couple of drawers... and there goes the sink. Oh hey, suddenly water fountain.

                        Thirty five... Thirty four...

                        As Takeshi was soon backed into a corner, he sighed, "Oh ******** me..." when faced with the murderous rage of the pink haired delinquent, dangerously wielding the fire extinguisher over her head. "Die." and it swung down.

                        And then Takeshi brought his arms up. Not to protect his head, rather, to intercept the dangerous object. Striking the side of it with the back of his right forearm, he managed to change the direction of the force. It was a bit more difficult without the cushioning and room for error he had while using his powers, but he was familiar enough with the movement to do it any time of the day. Unfortunately, his timing was a bit off and as a result, he took more direct damage than he would have liked-

                        Deflected 83.20%, to be exact, Takeshi. Off by 0.844 milliseconds. That's going to leave a nasty bruise.

                        Stepping forward into dangerous territory, he was once more within Misaya's range. Of course, this meant that Misaya could easily grab and punch the lights out of him if she were to drop the fire extinguisher but even that was preferable to being smashed in the head with the blunt weapon. So to prevent that, Takeshi moved to the offensive. Well, as much of an offensive he could put up. All things said and done, when it came to a physical fight, Misaya clearly had the advantage over him.

                        Twenty one...

                        Misaya hissed at him as she dropped the fire extinguisher, as it was only going to be a hindrance in close quarters. "You're not getting away this time, Sakamoto."

                        "Then let's dance." replied Takeshi he was blocked and a reversal of roles began. However, instead of backing off this time, Takeshi held his ground. She punched with her right, and so Takeshi let her and pulled her off balance with his left hand, quickly striking her in the exposed rib cage, driving the breath out of her. Pulling her fist back to punch with her other hand, Takeshi only followed along and stepped forward into her space. At the same time, he brought his hand up and placed it on her stomach, giving her a slight nudge back.

                        "That better not be you going easy on me!" hissed Misaya.

                        Takeshi shook his head, "Nope, just a set up-" and then rotated his hip back. His shoulder followed, as well as his elbow and palm as they all withdrew together in one fluid movement. His front foot slid forward, and his hip rotated forward once more, and pushing from the ground, his shoulder, elbow, and palm all collapsed together into Misaya's stomach moving not forward, but diagonally forward, down, and to the side all at once.

                        There was an immediate response as Misaya's lungs were suddenly and forcibly emptied. Her body reflexively bent backwards as she stumbled back and to the side before suddenly tripping on her own dress and falling to the ground. Catching her breath and quickly standing back up, Takeshi grinned.

                        "I may suck at punching people, Misaya-chan. But as the people who I massage every once in a while attest, I have amazing hands."

                        Only amazing, because you'll never be able to match him.

                        Before Misaya could say anything in response, Takeshi continued to say, "By the way, I can see your panties."

                        [******** pervert!" shouted Misaya.


                        Hopping back onto the head desk that he had started up from, Takeshi dropped behind it and kicked the table at Misaya who was giving chase. Though she leapt over falling table successfully, to her surprise, the trailing length of her dress became caught and she was halted in mid air. Not one to miss out on this chance, Takeshi dived forward, tackling Misaya to the floor as the bottom of her dress ripped and gave way to the excessive force that was being asked of it.

                        As they both tumbled down and Takeshi pinned Misaya to the ground by mounting her mid section, he finally pulled out the sash in his right pocket and with that in hand, reached forward for victory by looping it around Misaya's head.

                        "Oh no you ******** don't!" growled Misaya as she caught Takeshi's right wrist with one hand just as Takeshi managed to catch Misaya's other hand wrist with his left. The two then struggled to overwhelm the other as Takeshi sat on Misaya keeping her to the ground with his weight, while Misaya attempted to prevent Takeshi's victory and escape from the floor. As they glared with determination at each other, as the seconds ticked by it became clearer that Misaya was starting to get the upper hand.

                        Despite his male physique and weight, Takeshi was still athletically only just above average. He was not the best runner in the athletics club, nor was he working out all the time. Although he practiced relatively often with the other members of The Battler Club, it was not particularly a method of bulking up. The Club helped gather experience for the members involved. And so, Misaya was slowly escaping his lock.

                        Very well. You'll just have to let her take this small victory, right Takeshi?

                        And then Misaya's hand, only restrained around the wrist found its way to Takeshi's neck allowing her to more easily force Takeshi off her. Now Takeshi's left hand was not around Misaya's right wrist to keep it to the ground, but to relieve the pressure on his own neck. And then, the pressure suddenly disappeared as Misaya seemed to reach out for something on the ground. Sensing incoming danger, Takeshi immediately backed off and got to his feet. Stumbling back from his haste, he glanced down and found a kitchen knife not too far from where Misaya's hand had been. Glancing at the head desk, he realized that it was the same knife she had thrown earlier as a warning, and what he had dislodged when he kicked the head desk over.

                        Takeshi glanced at it for a moment. That could have been dangerous. Quite dangerous indeed. It was a good thing he had withdrawn before Misaya had been able to grab it. He didn't want to think would could result in this room if either one of them picked up something that was extremely lethal like that.

                        Something like the same thought appeared to pass through Misaya's mind.

                        Eleven... Ten...

                        Looking at Misaya with determination in his eyes, Takeshi declared, "Ten seconds left, Misaya. I'm going for a direct charge and you will lose."

                        "Just come and try it, Sakamoto."

                        Nine... Eight...

                        So Takeshi charged forward, with his left hand in front to ward off Misaya's hands and his right hand slightly behind holding the Queen's sash in order to take her back to the ballroom and accept the crown. Misaya followed in order to defeat Takeshi and prevent him from interfering in her life ever again.

                        One step.

                        Two step.


                        Two sets of hands reached forward.

                        One hand held the Queen's sash.

                        Hands were pushed out of the way, and the sash began to fall over the pink hair.

                        "I wi-"

                        "You LOSE!!"

                        And the sash was snatched from Takeshi's outstretched hands.

                        Takeshi took a few steps past Misaya, as did Misaya step past Takeshi.


                        And the two juniors simultaneously turned to face one another, no more than three steps away from one another.

                        "You lose, Sakamoto," repeated Misaya with an excited and exhilarated grin. "You lose, so stay the ******** away from me."

                        Six... Five...

                        And then she tore the Queen's sash into pieces.

                        - III -

                        Grinning in the light of the Home Ec room with a thin sheen of sweat shining on her bare and flushed skin, Misaya approached Takeshi who was looking down at the floor in what seemed to be disappointment.


                        Takeshi sighed. "You're right... I lost. Damn." and shook his head. "But I don't think it's right to just stay away from you for the rest of your life, becau-"


                        Frowning, Misaya suddenly grabbed Takeshi by the collar and pulled him closer with a growl, "You better not be thinking about backing out, Sakamoto! A deal's a deal!"


                        Takeshi then looked at Misaya. However, the expression on his face was nof of disappointment or that of a loser. Betraying her expectations, the expression on Takeshi's face was a smile. A very big, and rather happy smile. "Nah, that's not it. It's because you lost too."


                        And before Misaya could decipher the meaning of those words, a sash was pulled out of Takeshi's left pocket and pulled over her head.

                        Two minutes have elapsed.

                        There was a moment's pause as Misaya stared at the sash. Then she noticed that the one she was wearing was not the Queen's Sash, but the King's. "Don't ******** with me Sakamoto!"

                        Takeshi grinned, despite the fact that Misaya was seriously pushing into his neck. He then repeated the conditions of the bet. "If I can get the Queen's sash around your neck, then I win. However... If you can prevent me from putting a sash on you, then you win."

                        "So!? The ******** does this mean!?" Misaya tugged dangerously at the King's Sash.

                        "That's 'a sash'."

                        Misaya paused a moment and stared at Takeshi as the implications sunk in.

                        "It's a mutual tie, Misaya. You were able to prevent me from putting the Queen's sash on you, but you weren't able to prevent me from putting a sash on you. We both lose."

                        Misaya stared at Takeshi. "You ******** a*****e!"

                        "A battle of physical prowess and wit, Misaya! A battle of physical prowess and wit!" exclaimed Takeshi quickly as she pushed him back until he tripped over a fallen pot and they both fell to the floor, Misaya in a position to strangle Takeshi. Takeshi placed his hands around Misaya's, but there was no force to remove her hands from his collar. "I told you the rules, I told how to win, and I told you that this was more than just a physical fight! Physically in a straight fight, you'd probably win. But you did not think this through as much as I did!"

                        Misaya's hands slackened.

                        "We both lose."


                        And Misaya's let go. However, she continued did not move, and sat there thinking for a bit. "You tricked me with a loophole." said Misaya curtly, with a hint of anger rising.

                        Takeshi nodded. "You had all the information you needed, and you also had a hint, Misaya. You're the one who overlooked it."

                        "a*****e!" shouted Misaya as she suddenly kneed Takeshi in the crotch.

                        Takeshi grimaced as his eyes went wild. "Aa-!!!" and then he traced his hands up Misaya's sides, tickling her. "Is that what you thought I'd do?"

                        "Kya!" and then Misaya let out a feminine shriek as her back arched and jumped off Takeshi burning with anger and embarrassment once more, holding her sides protectively.

                        Takeshi slowly got to his feet with a grin. "D'ya seriously think I'd be that careless, doin' the things I do without protection?" He crossed his arms proudly, "I'm wearin' a protective cup, dammit. I've got +25 resistance to crotch attacks!"

                        It gets uncomfortable the longer you wear it in a day though.

                        Misaya suddenly bent over and picked something up. She then threw it at Takeshi and continued to pick the closest objects and throw them at Takeshi.

                        "Hey!" cried Takeshi as he took cover behind a counter. After a few seconds, the tossing stopped. Most likely because Misaya was out of things to throw, but it appears that after venting her frustration, she had largely calmed down.


                        "So what?"

                        Misaya sighed in annoyance. "What was the point of this fight? So what do we do now?"

                        Takeshi shrugged. For the most part, he had wanted to diffuse Misaya's anger and frustration from the ball. At the same time, he had wanted to make sure this was a night that she wouldn't just want to forget for the rest of your life. "I thought you might enjoy it."

                        "It was a waste of time." was Misaya's immediate response, denying any involvement of personal feelings.

                        "Well," began Takeshi with a sigh, "Can't win 'em all. Anyways, since we both lost, you're free to do what you want." said Takeshi as he picked up his discarded shoes, tie, cape, and The Silver Suitcase. As he fixed his collar, and sloppily put his tie back on, he put his cape underneath his arm and picked up his suitcase in the same arm. It was much too hot for him to put the cape back on. With the exertion he had just experienced, he was still sweating and somewhat out of breath. Putting his shoes back on, he glanced at Misaya who was still thinking to herself with a thin sheen of sweat and the hem of her dress ripped.

                        All things considered, Misaya had probably come out of this in a better condition than Takeshi. She'd probably get a line bruise from where the ladle hat hit her on her arm, and perhaps her stomach would be sore for the next few days as well as her rear for falling so often. Takeshi, on the other hand, would be sporting a couple of bruises all over his body, and a sore cheek for a while.

                        Looking and finding the scrap of her dress that had gotten ripped off, Takeshi then picked up Misaya's heels and Takeshi tossed them at her feet. "Come on, let's get out of here." and he opened the door to the Home Ec Room. As he stepped out into the hall, he suddenly felt a heel driving into his back. "Ow! The ********! Heels hurt dammit!"

                        "You were in the way, monkey."

                        Grumbling about heels, Takeshi turned to head back towards the ball.

                        And then Misaya followed.

                        "What are you doing?"

                        "Going to get my stupid crown."

                        "Ah. Gotcha. ... Sorry about your dress."

                        "It's the gay fruit's."

                        "In other words, doesn't matter."

                        There was no response as the two vector manipulators walked down the hallway towards the ballroom.

                        "I didn't get a chance to say this earlier, but you're cute wh-UGH"

                        Ah, there's another bruise on the ribs.

                        "Not. A. Word."

                        "... gotcha."

- - - - - - - - - -

                  - I -
                  - Misaya and Takeshi are walking down the hall
                  - Takeshi proposes a bet and Misaya accepts, choosing the Home Ec room as the location
                  - Misaya throws a couple of knives at Takeshi as warning to not go off point
                  - Takeshi explains the bet while sitting on the head desk
                  - If Misaya can prevent Takeshi from putting the Queen's sash on her during the two minutes, she wins and Takeshi will never bother her again for the rest of her life
                  - If Takeshi can put a sash on Misaya during the two minutes, Takeshi wins and Misaya must return to the ballroom with him to accept her crown
                  - The rules are that they can't use their powers, and that neither of them can leave the room. Other than that, anything goes.
                  - Begin.

                  - II -
                  - Takeshi gets first touch.
                  - Misaya gets first hit
                  - Takeshi gets first down
                  - And then Takeshi's on the defensive under a barrage of attacks. He sneaks in a good counter opportunity
                  - Except Misaya takes the punch like nothing and drives a semi-truck into his stomach and uppercuts him to Mars
                  - Dual-wielding frying pan Misaya!
                  - Takeshi uses retreat and gets shitty weapons!
                  - Takeshi uses "Flail"!
                  - Misaya throws a frying pan at Takeshi as a warning, and breaks a window
                  - Takeshi knocks Misaya to the ground. In the process, he gets to feel Misaya's breasts on his back.
                  - Misaya throws the second pan at Takeshi.
                  - Takeshi learns that Misaya is ticklish.
                  - Fire extinguisher wielding Misaya!
                  - Takeshi knocks Misaya to the ground again with a palm thrust. It is extremely effective!
                  - And then he sees her panties.
                  - Takeshi runs away behind the head desk and kicks it at Misaya
                  - Misaya tries to jump over it, but her dress gets caught and falls. Takeshi tackles her to the ground, ripping the hem of her dress.
                  - Takeshi straddles Misaya, trying to get the sash on but fails
                  - They go for a final charge, and Misaya snatches the Queen's sash from Takeshi and rips it apart

                  - III -
                  - Takeshi loses
                  - And then Takeshi throws the King's sash over Misaya's neck
                  - Misaya also loses
                  - Misaya gets angry and demands explanations as she knocks him to the ground so she can strangle him. Just in case.
                  - While Misaya is straddling him, Takeshi explains.
                  - Misaya angrily knees him in the crotch, citing that this was a waste of time
                  - Takeshi has resistance against crotch attacks due to his protection cup. So he tickles Misaya to get her off
                  - Takeshi gets his stuff, grabs Misaya's ripped dress scrap, and leaves
                  - Misaya follows, deciding to follow through with her terms of loss and get her stupid crown
                  - They both return to the ballroom just in time to retrieve the crowns before Yukina goes up on stage just as the event is peaking

    - - - - - - - - - -

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