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Dear ________,
You have been asked to join Nezrian Boarding school. While you are here, you will get an amazing experience of a life-time and will hopefully come back as a changed person. It is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, and only certain students can get in.
We hope to hear from you soon.

Nezrian boarding School.

A few years ago the government realized the existence of Vampires living among humans. They set up this school to help the younger ones resist the urge to drink human blood and blend in. All vampires were required to look over the age of 16 and under the age of 26. They were also required to only have 5 years or less in experience as a vampire. Years later Many other types of creatures were discovered and require to go as well.

Though the school was mainly needed for these mythical creatures, Human's were also encouraged to join and hopefully help them adjust along the way.


The school stayed open for around 5 years before problems began to rise with the humans and the creatures. Blood was shed and the school was shut down for a year. Now it has reoppened. In order to assure that no incidents would happen the humans were treated as Royalty among them.



{Let Me Know if You Need a Place to Jump in.}

The School
Date/Weather/Bulletine Board
About the characters
Profile Skeletons


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The Setting will take place in Nezrian. This place was unknown to all humans until recently. It was discovered by a scientist obsessed with discovering the existence of Aliens. In his journey he discovered this different world, along with the many creatures that live among us.

The forests inside the Island are amazing.. The water sparkles as if it has crystals in it, and the flowers are always blooming. But there are many dangers that rest in this place, dangerous to any human who ventures out without the right protection.

Fore more information on Nezrian Click Here

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The School is pretty good sized. It is in the center of Latania, a city in Nezrian, and is the only building that has been built since the war.

Inside The school..
There are several areas inside the school including:

1st Floor
The Cafe
The Class Rooms
The Training facility
The Restraint Room/Detention

2nd Floor
Area designated as dorm rooms and The Bathrooms
The Lounging area
The Library

3rd Floor
The Third Floor has many different uses including a not limited to:
Assembly Area
Showcase Room (For talent shows or other shows)

T.H.E. S.C.H.O.O.L

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*** NOTE:
Even though the setting was based on a school-like enviroment, The RP is more about the bonds and relationships of the students rather than the classes.

Literature: Studying Of famous Poetry and Stories from various Authors.
Basic Math: Basic stuff you need to know.
Science & Magic 101: The study of Biology, Chemistry and Various potions and spells.
History/Geography of Nezrian: The History/Geography of Nezrian.
Art/Photography: Self-Explanatory
Language: English, French, Japanese.
Music: Choir, Guitar, band.
Humanities: Cooking class.
Film: For Acting and Editing movies.
Study Hall: Time to do Homework.


6:00am - 7:00am - Breakfast
7:00 am - 8:00 am - Class 1
8:05 am - 9:05 am - Class 2
9:10 am - 10:10 am - Class 3
10:15 am - 11:15 am - Class 4
11:15 am - 12:00 pm - Lunch
12:05 pm - 1:05 pm - Class 6
1:05pm - 2:05pm - Class 7
Classes End at 2:05pm~

Optional Classes Held on Saturdays
* Hunting Class [Held In The Western Area of The Front Entrance]
* Flying Class [Held In the Eastern Area Of The Front Entrance]
* Magic Class [Held In The Western Area of The Front Entrance]
* Morphing Class [Held In the Eastern Area Of The Front Entrance]

-- Classes will be taught by the most advanced students in each area. Events will be held to put students in charge of teaching the optional classes.

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User Image

** The Restraint room and Training room are just large empty rooms.

** During studyhall, weekends, and holidays students are allowed to leave the dorms and look around the Kingdom.

* Boys uniform will be the same except with a pants.


User Image

*Each Dorm contains 2 small stories, [3 stair steps lead up to the second story].

*The First Story contains 2 beds with matching dressers and nightstands, as well as a desk.

*The Second story Contains 3 other beds with dressers and nightstands, and two large windows.

*The walls are made out of wood, and the floors are covered in soft fluffy carpet.

*You can decorate your area of the dorm any way you'd like.

User Image

*The Lounge Room is Located in the far back room
in the hallways of the dorms

Dorm Room One
* Bed 1-
* Bed 2-
* Bed 3-
* Bed 4-
* Bed 5-

Dorm Room Two
* Bed 1-
* Bed 2- Harada N. Creatia
* Bed 3-
* Bed 4-
* Bed 5-

Dorm Room Three
* Bed 1-
* Bed 2-
* Bed 3- Kasumi Isabel Oniada
* Bed 4-
* Bed 5-

Dorm Room Four
* Bed 1-
* Bed 2- Dante R. Darya
* Bed 3- Allyson Marie McDowell
* Bed 4-
* Bed 5- Nickel R Soma

Dorm Room Five
* Bed 1-
* Bed 2-
* Bed 3-
* Bed 4-
* Bed 5-

Dorm Room Six
* Bed 1-
* Bed 2-
* Bed 3-
* Bed 4-
* Bed 5-

Next to each of the Dorms are the bathrooms.
One for guys, and One for Girls.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

The bathrooms contain:
1 Jacuzzi bathtub
3 showers
2 sinks
A large mirror


User Image


| Sun | Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri | Sat|
| 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 |
| 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 |
| 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 |
| 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 |
| 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 |

Before School/During School/After School/No School

Time of Day
| Early Morning | Morning | Late Morning | Noon | Afternoon | Evening | Night | Midnight |

// Sunny // Scattered Clouds // Partially Cloudy // Mostly Cloudy // Overcast // Storm Clouds //
// No wind // Light Breezes // Breezy // Fair Winds // Strong Winds // Dangerous Winds //
// Foggy // Light Sprinkle // Scattered Showers // Heavy Showers // Heavy Downpour //
// Hail // Light Flurries // Snow // Blizzard //

** There Will Be Alot of Time Skips/Warps **





• After being closed for several year due to faculty issues and needed improvements, the school has finally opened again.

❤❤❤ = Couple
❥ = One sided Crush
❤ = Crushing on each other
✤ = Sister/Brother
✥ = Blood Relative
✣ = Best Friends
✘ = Enemies



Can not go into the sun without extreme protection.
They gorgeous beyond comprehension.
Have the same pale colored skintone, and dark circles under their eyes.
They can sleep, and they do NOT need coffins to do it.
They are very strong, and very fast.


They can appear amongst humans with or without wings at their own discretion.
All angels are stronger than humans.
Abnormal sense of sight and hearing.
Controls one element, which there weapon directly reflects in appearence and strength.

Only men can die from the singing of the siren.
Sirens grow wings and fly, they do not grow tails and swim.
Very strong, think less than vampire, more than human.
Easy to hurt, not to kill.
A sirens singing/talking is too beautiful to imagine.
Men Sirens are very rare.
Small control over water element.
Can walk on water.
Very talented swimmers.
Siren hair is flawless, but often odd.

If scratched or biten by a werewolf you can turn into one.
If they're new, they won't be able to resist the change under the full moon.
Although more expireinced ones can resist it.
If they get too angry, excited, or alot of other emotions, they change on accident.
They eat human food.

Faeries Skin is always flawless.
They are always beautiful/Youthful and don't grow old, past the age of 18.
They have control Some sort of Magical ability.
They have wings, which are extremely sensitive.

If scratched or bitten by one, you can turn into one.
If they're new, they won't be able to resist the change under the new moon.
Although more expireinced ones can resist it.
If they get too angry, excited, or alot of other emotions, they change on accident.

~If your race is not already up here, Or If you would like to give me more information on A certain Race, PM me with the information~

The Teachers, Waiters/Waitresses, Librarians, Principal, etc.. Are All Robots specially created for this school.


Robot 57 - The Principal [This Robot is in charge of everything]
Robot 154 - Fieldtrip Leader [This Robot Leads the students on their Fieldtrips]
Robot 132 - Secretary [In charge of things at the office]
Robot 248 - Teacher [This Robot teaches the classes]
Robot 333 - Chef [This robot Cooks the food in the Cafeteria]
Robot 426 - Waitress [This Robot Works in the Cafeteria]
Robot 542 - The Librarian [This Robot Works in the Library]


User Image

- It is against the rules to bite/Scratch/poison a human!

- All Creatures must stay in human form at all times.
[no animal forms allowed unless instructed so during the optional classes]

- Humans are meant to be treated with extreme respect. They are in higher positions than you.

- Blood is a crucial element for vampires; if not THE crucial element..
But we want to teach vampires how to survive on animal blood, not human blood.

- No Flying allowed.
[Unless Instructed so, During the Optional classes]

- Hunting Animals in the island is not allowed.
[Unless instructed during the optional classes]

- No Leaving The School Grounds After 8:00pm

- You are not allowed to contact anyone off the island.

- Do not taunt the other creatures.

- No Leaving the School grounds after 8:00pm.

** If a Mortal is Bitten/Scratched/Poisened in any way by a Mythical creature He/She will turn into that creature.

** You Can be a Rebel And Break The Rules, But IF you get caught You will get in trouble.

In General [THE RP RULES]
This is a Semi-Literate Thread, Meaning:
*Spell out your words
*Use punctuation
* More than one sentence posts.


Use OOC or [[]] when speaking out of character.

Keep posts Pg-13, Follow Gaia TOS.

Cursing is okay, just don't over-do it.

No Godmodding Or Auto-Hitting.

Stay Active.
Tell me if you want to quit or won't be posting for a while

Follow The Character Rules

Pm Me your Profiles~ Title Subject as "Resist Yourself"

It's okay to change your characters picture/Appearance during the RP.

* If you have any suggestions for the RP just send me a message :]
I'll take all ideas into consideration.



NAME: [first middle initial and last]
AGE: [How old do you look & How old are you really]
----& [All Students must look between the ages of 16-26]
RACE: [Vampire, Werewolf, etc]
APPEARANCE: [Anime pic please.. i just prefer them in RP's >.<;]
PERSONALITY:[What he/she likes to do in his/her free time, his/her quirks, is he/she stubborn or gullable? Weak minded or strong? What are his/her likes and dislikes?]
TALENTS:[Does your character play an instrument well.. or is he/she good at fighting? Tell me his/her talents here]
BIOGRAPHY:[His/her life before coming to this school. Be detailed. was he or she special?]

[b]DORM ROOM AND #:[/b]


NAME: [First middle initial and last]
AGE: [How old are you?]
----& [all students must be between the ages of 16-26]
RACE: [Human]
APPEARANCE: [Anime pic please.. I just prefer them in my RP's]
PERSONALITY: [His/her quirks, is he/she stubborn or gullable? Weak minded or strong? What are his/her likes and dislikes?]
TALENTS: [Does your character play an instrument well.. or is he/she good at fighting? Tell me his/her talents here]
BIOGRAPHY: [His/her life before coming to this school. Be detailed. Was he or she special?

[b]DORM ROOM AND #:[/b]


The Island is filled with beauty.

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OOC Thread

Accepted Students

Year 1 - Carnival Event [Closed]

Year 3 - Masquerade Ball Event [Closed]

Year 4 - Bonfire Event [Closed]

[If you have a roleplay and you want me to put it here just let me know.]
First Post`

For Students just Arriving to the Island:
Your first post should have your student packing and saying goodbye to their family, and then Arriving to the school either by Plane, Boat, Helicopter, Ect.

Have them go to the Office and get their Uniform & & School supplies bag & Dorm Key and then have then go to class or get settled in.

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