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This is Mystery High.
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Where nothing is what it seems.
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Mystery High is a school for kids and teachers who are very different than regular humans. All staff, and students in this school have some kind of gift or power, or even more than one. Some of them actually aren't even human. Many people know of this school though, and some wish that it didn't exist. The only question is: Are you in or out?

Now open.
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Rules To Follow.

1. No god mode characters for you. I won't even have a god mode character.
2. If you want to kill someone, or fight with them, you must first notify the person, and me about it. Its good measure to know whats going on with your character, and in my case, my rp.
3. Follow gaia rules and regulations. Although, i will allow minimal romance like kissing, and making out, but anything else is "behind closed doors."
4. I will accept cussing, but request that you be careful with it, and don't go overboard.
5. Please notify me that you want to join, and send me a profile filled out completely.

6. There is a requirement of five sentences per post. It's not that bad.

Rules may be added, or changed.
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Profile Skelletons
Gaia name:
Character name:
Character power(s), race(s), and student or teacher: (List in order 1., 2., ...)
How you were accepted to the school:
Character Pic: (Anime please)

Please align to center. Thank you.

Teachers and faculty:
Principal: Telzin (MasterLynx1)
V.P.: Alexandrea Black (inuka-sama)
Counselor(s): (Can accept 3 - have 1)
Nurse(s): (Female please, but i won't judge, want 3 - have 1)
Teachers: (I want at least 3, at most 6 - have 3)
Students: (I will accept up to 15, have 10)
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Finished and accepted profiles.

Gaia name: Scar002
Character name: Vexus Cain
Character power(s), race(s), and student or teacher:
1. Manipulate shadows
2. Transform
3. Become a shadow (Limited time)
4. Sorcery
1. Elf 1/2
2. Human 1/4
3. Vampire 1/4
How you were accepted to the school: I was accepted to this school by being caught catching a lion in a spell, and taking blood from it. The principal had to collect me from a psyco ward.
Character Pic: User Image

Gaia name: Shino-Chann
Character name: Aiko Haruki
Character power(s), race(s), and student or teacher: (List in order 1., 2., ...)
1 Telekinesis
2. Transportation
3. Power sensing
Race: 3/4 human
1/4 Neko (she gets her traits from that side)
How you were accepted to the school: I was accepted in the school because of my stupid act to want to move a box with my mind in public. I was sent to a mental ward, but one of the teachers found me and enrolled me.
Character Pic: http://i1261.photobucket.com/albums/ii589/Shino_Hyama/Photos for Gaia Online/484872800824965.jpg

Gaia name: blood boy 13
Character name: Marie
Character power: Powerful and precise psychokinesis (able to lift a truck, or to tear apart someone at the cellular level. however feats like that require intense focus, or extreme rage, and her power limiter to be off of her.)
Race: Diclonius
Student or teacher: Student
How you were accepted to the school: After several incidents in which she lost control of her powers, from an intense rage caused by severe emotional trauma, he adoptive father placed her on medication to control her emotions, and had a special necklace called a 'power limiter' to help her control her powers. He then sent her away to be in an environment free of judgement where she can grow and learn to use them, without fear of reprisal
Character Pic: http://i1084.photobucket.com/albums/j405/EternalChronicler/Requests/Nyuuwithponytail.jpg

Gaia name: The Wilting Iris
Character name: Errin Warchester
Character power: Errin has visions of the future. While vague in nature they are usually accurate. She can also use the moons energy to launch powerful attacks and she is stronger at night then during the day. Her powers are underdeveloped but she shows much promise.
race: Sorcress/mystic
student or teacher: Student
How you were accepted to the school: Errin was discovered after making a prediction of a horrible incedent back home earning her fear from her peers. She was then invited to attend the school.
Pic: http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h103/NytsLineage/Characters/Unused and Unnamed/Animemeatschool.jpg

Gaia name:iLuvAnmie
Character name:Elizabeth Knight
Character power(s), race(s), and student or teacher:
1.Has claws that can hide and eject along with black blood.
1. vampire
How you were accepted to the school: Dad is close to the principal and I was very smart and athletic enough to get in.
Character Pic: http://i951.photobucket.com/albums/ad351/GirSaysRawr/neko_girl_by_xxlimpychanxx-d35jmwj.jpg

Gaia name:I Am Miss Darkness
Character name: Felicity Anna Marie
Character power(s), race(s), and student or teacher:
-1/2 vampire, 1/2 werewolf
-aura: can sense most kind of auras of others near by if they are not very well hidden
-regeneration: quick healing from most any kind of injury, this is sped up and made more powerful by blood.
-Blood whip: can use any kind of blood and form a strange liquid type whip with it to use as a weapon. this can be either heated to burn or frozen to cut.
-heightened senses
-transformation (can turn into a large werewolf type with claws and canines, looks almost like a cross between a wolf and a lion but resembles more wolf.)
How you were accepted to the school: Felicity searched for a place to be able to hide and be able to prevent attention from being drawn to her self. once she found this school she went straight to the man running the place and requested permission to be accepted into the place. she was allowed to join and tends to keep to her self.
Character Pic: http://i965.photobucket.com/albums/ae139/naruto1231235/anime girls/0d9b3858a2_54294791_o2.jpg

Gaia name: Neurotic Compound
Character name: Riven Shadowfist
Character power(s), race(s), and student or teacher:
1. Nurse
2. Powers: Riven can blend perfectly into any environment , Manipulation of poison and poisonous elements which can also create anti-venom, Her blood is highly acidic.
3. Race: Half-Poison witch Half-camilion demon
How you were accepted to the school: Riven was at the school as an assassin but ended up turning herself in due to the fact she just ended up loving the place. Instead of killing her they took advantage of her knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of most races and made her the nurse.
Character Pic: http://www.gaiaonline.com/gaia/redirect.php?r=http://th04.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2011/357/1/3/akali___league_of_legends_by_candyswirl_loli-d4k1dg2.png

Gaia name: Lunarshinobi
Character name: Elowyn "Riptide" Raileen
Character power(s), race(s), and student or teacher:
Eloywn is a student.
She is a phoenix.
Her powers include control of fire, control of water, flight, and transformation into a bird form.
How you were accepted to the school:
The phoenix are a 'higher than thou' race that lives in a lush city above the clouds. They don't like other species, or anything out of the norm. Elowyn was born to a higher ranking family, but when they discovered she was born with a rare ability to control water, she was rejected from the city. Literally tossed overboard, she was rescued by merpeople and sent to this school in hopes that being in a grand mixture of other species would help her recover from the trauma of being thrown off the edge of a sky city.
Character Pic: http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f391/Lunar_Shinobi/Rp pics/tumblr_lg4pzjAfLy1qz6aq7o1_500.jpg

Gaia name: Lunarshinobi
Character name: Genevieve Gray
Character power(s), race(s), and student or teacher:
Genevieve is a counselor.
She is a Star-Gazer Elf, a mainly nocturnal species.
Her powers include ice manipulation, hypnosis, and telepathy.
How you were accepted to the school: Most star-gazer elves run night clubs, diners, or any service that runs late into the night. They're a nocturnal species that doesn't do well during the day. Genevieve was hired for her hypnosis and telepathic abilities, the both of which enabled her to aid students that had difficulty expressing their problems. She's extremely sleepy and slow on the uptake during the day, but she comes to live after nightfall.
Character Pic: http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f391/Lunar_Shinobi/Rp pics/07d292ae6fcf962b227e1021ffd510c30c07a89a.jpg

Gaia name: Lunarshinobi
Character name: Loreli and Lilac Morrow
Character power(s), race(s), and student or teacher:
They both have the profession of teacher.
They are Triad Fae, named for the fae's heavy believe in the triad light, darkness, and death. The entire species is born as twins and only twins.
Loreli is the twin that represents light. Her powers are magical barriers and control of light.
Lilac is the twin that represents darkness. Her powers are Illusions and control of darkness.

When they are together, the twins gain the power of Necromancy.

How you were accepted to the school:

Triad Fae are generally good teachers. Lilac and Loreli are no different. Despite their connection with death, they can easily connect with students. Lilac is the art teacher, whereas Loreli is the acting teacher. Putting them together is, quite the performance.

Character Pic: http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f391/Lunar_Shinobi/Rp pics/White__Black_52836_1218x945theAnime.jpg

Gaia name:I Awesome Rawrz
Character name: Kenturo Murasame
Character power(s),
1.Can Go invisible(5.min effect
2.Has Razor sharp fangs (only when needed )
and student or teacher: Teacher
How you were accepted to the school:I damaged the school ,so i had to pay off my debt by becoming a teacher
Character Pic: http://www.google.ca/imgres?q=anime+vampire&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=1366&bih=667&tbm=isch&tbnid=Okc3eMuwTV6K0M:&imgrefurl=http://onepiecefanon.wikia.com/wiki/File:Anime-

Gaia name:the_street_fighter1
Character name: Zero
Character power(s): Can summon and manipulate weapons
race: Human, Elf
How you were accepted to the school: The principal found me in a circus and told me about this wounderfull school were i would be accepted.

Gaia name: dog11797
Character name: Cerberus
Character power(s), race(s), and student or teacher:

1. has complete control of shadows
-can morph shadows to will
-travels by shadows (to do so, Cerberus steps into a shadow)
-interact with shadows, ex- can hold em
-has a talent for Black Magic, EX: hexes, curse, potions, voodoo, summonings
-changes shape on certains events

Race: Unidentified
-is a Student

How you were accepted to the school: followed a mortal who i chose to be my next meal, hacked into a the schools mainfram and added myself to roster. currently hunting down that student.

Character Pic: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/18000000/soul-soul-eater-18099300-800-1067.jpg

Extra info:
-Came from the darkest depths of hell
-eats souls
-fav weapon is scythe
-is a psycho and a trouble maker
- is very sneaky, creepy
-is very twisted, evil,
-likes to eat, sleep, hunt, fight
-hates: day time, when prey runs

Gaia name: MasterLynx1
Character name: Telzin of the White Wolf
Character powers: His Book contains the information, of every student, and Staff member in the school, he has a white wolf Companion named Silver Fang, and he has the power to produce extremely powerful Offensive, and Defensive Aura's
Race: Mystic
Position: Principal
How you were accepted to the school: I was the first and best choice to be the Principal, because I have the most experience with students, and im a good leader
Character Picture: http://i296.photobucket.com/albums/mm169/CountZonto/409844.jpg

Gaia name: inuka-sama
Character name: Alexandrea Black (the mad hatter)
Character power: power over shadows. able to control blood that has hit the ground and changeit any form she wishes
Race: 1/2 vampire and 1/2 witch
Student or teacher: V.P.
How you were accepted to the school: Alexandrea has always been considerd odd. she was abandond from her home and was raised by a nurse in a asylum. she found out about a school for kids like her. since the nurse showed no care for her after she got her powers (around 13) she hastaken care of herself. she figures this school can help her
Character Pic: http://i1213.photobucket.com/albums/cc461/inukasama/Dusk.jpg
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Vexus had escaped the straight jacket before the doctor even left the room. It was laying in his lap, and he was bored. "This is such a drag. I need that blood. I can't get through that door without seeing the lock though." He just sat there twirling shadows through his fingers, and needing to drink some blood badly, because he had not had any for a month.
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"The students will be coming in today." I love the first day of school."

A pair of twins stepped briskly through the halls of the school, each step perfectly in sync. One twin was garbed in white, her red eyes sparkling as she walked. The other twin was clothed in black, her dark blue eyes filled with mirth. The two held boxes in their hands, each filled with some last minute materials purchased for the first day of school. The two giggled as they stepped. It was always exciting. They loved their jobs, getting to teach the, other species, of the world how to express themselves in the artistic realm, it was wonderful. After all, all students needed to take at least one of their classes. Students needed balance in their studies.

"I think I'm going to start out just teaching them the stretches, and the do's and don't's of being magical creatures whilst in theater." "It does sometimes take away from the magic of the written word. I'm just going to have them sketch things for a class period." The twins smiled warmly at each other, before stepping into a pair of side by side classrooms. The light twin walked into a large room with a spacious stage, couches and comfortable chairs pressed against one of the walls. Against the second wall was her desk and a large book case filled with books and binders. The third wall held several closets. On the wall behind the stage was a whiteboard, on which the twin wrote 'Ms. Loreli.'. The dark twin walked into a room with four long tables, cubbies on two of the walls, closets on one, and her desk against the fourth. On the white board, which was behind her desk in this room, she wrote 'Ms. Lilac'.

The twin fae quickly set about arranging their first lessons. The first day of school was always chaotic, and that was just with humans. Hopefully their students would behave. Each twin sat on their desk, their legs crossed and their hands in their laps. They would sit there patiently, like statues, until every student that was supposed to be in there walked into their rooms. Then the fun would start.
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It was.... the start of school season? That explained why she was on campus. And in her office. It was nice in there. Not too hot. Not too cold. It just, the right temperature. She liked it. The woman yawned, running a hand through her snow right hair, careful to stand up without banging herself on the desk. She hadn't gotten enough sleep. Then again, she rarely did. She was up all night, and then the school day started, and things happened. So she would need coffee. Where was coffee. Oh right. Faculty Lounge. There was coffee in the faculty lounge. Was there food in the faculty lounge? She hoped so. She didn't want to go off and leave the campus to get food. She would probably crash. Or fall asleep in the middle of the street. The woman's dress flowed around her, loose, sheer layers. She should probably wear normal clothes... but she didn't really care. She was just a counselor, who cared what she wore. Besides, the art and theater teachers dressed strangely as well. oh, wall, no, walk around that.

She stumbled into the faculty lounge, grabbing a large mug and filling it with as much coffee as she could. She'd need it to think. She sipped it down as quickly as she could, before refilling it and taking a muffin with it. The woman stepped out of the faculty lounge, stepping with a bit more certainty. It felt better to get some sort of wake up. Even though she was still downright exhausted. If it weren't for coffee she'd run around and hit walls all the time. She sighed and walked back into her office, which held a desk, a couch, a pair of chairs and a coffee table. The door behind her closed, the phrase 'Genevieve Gray, Counselor' written on it. Genevieve sighed, finishing off her coffee and picking at the muffin. The first day of school was a toss up. Sometimes not a student went to see her. Other times there were dozens of students who had troubles over summer, or just ones that wanted to get ahead on their academic career. The latter confused her. There were two other counselors, the slightly strange and always sleepy one didn't seem like the best choice for planning what colleges one was going to apply to.

Genevieve sighed, rubbing her forehead. It was too early. Or too late. She wasn't sure. She sat behind her desk, poking at her muffin while starting up her computer load up. Maybe she could play some tetris. Or watch those funny videos with the ponies. Was it a tv show? Something. something. pony. Yeah.
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"Ugh ... What a horrible way to start the year." Elizabeth said as some students just found her drinking blood from a hand that has been ripped off a body. Elizabeth got up from her comfortable position. "So your not going to tell anyone right?" She said as she smiled evilly and ejected her claws. But by the time she got up they were already running away. Damn I hope everyone wont go runing away from me I mean damn I know I had a bad time in middle school but come on it's high school.... Elizabeth thought as she hid the arm and walked into the school.
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She walks slowly, but with grace and poise down the hallway. Her eyes down, and not meeting anyone else's or even talking to people. She is wearing a white summer dress with a sunflower on the chest, and a Ponytail holder with a rose. She wears a necklace with a small blue pendant that blinks every now and then silently. People don't seem to notice her, and she doesn't notice them. She walks the halls until she gets to the counselor's office. She walks in and sits down in front of the desk. "Miss Genevieve? I'm Marie. My father called you and told you that I was to be meeting with you today before school started and that we'd be having weekly therapy sessions. So we should start to get to know each other, I guess." Her voice is somewhat quiet, and lacks emotion, while also maintaining a single, unshifting tone. It sounds inhuman or robotic.
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The sun had risen after the blanket of darkness had slowly fallen and the sky grew light and brighter over Mystery High. A lone figure, climbs through an open window on the second floor. Tired from a long night of hunting and slashing, the boy closes the window and stumbles to his desk. he heads to the seat next to the back window, and lays his head on the desk. only seconds from slumber, the lights around the school burst on. Shocked from the sudden burst of light the boy jerks backward, falling onto the floor. "@#$% scream ....i could of sworn it was sunday". the boy rises up and fixes his seat, and lays his head down, as chatter of other students fills the halls.

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User Image Errin was once again early for her next class. Errin may have been a misfit in many ways and was incredibly antisocial, but her grades were high. She was in the process of working on a research paper that was truthfully due the following week but Errin wanted to get it done right away.
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Riven Shadowfist

Riven woke up and stretched out her arms with a loud yawn And looked around. Her room was surround with poisonous plants and flowers , so much so that the air in the room was poisonous itself. But that was the way she liked it as it energized her. So after a bit more of stretching Riven got herself washed and put on her nurse's uniform. It was the beginning of a new year and that meant she had to get ready for the students going to her office for the injuries they will get without fail." I wonder how many will show up this year? Last year there was a large amount maybe every year they are getting more violent?". She chuckled as she made her way to the nurse's office. Riven looked around as she was in the halls on the way to the nurse's office , this year's batch of students looked interesting but that was only through her judgement.Once she had arrive at the nurse's office she immediately began putting her stuff on her desk and organizing all the medicine and tools and medical equipment that was in the office. She did this while singing a happy tune to herself. Eventually she finished and said " Now time for the annoying part." She was referring to the large stack of folders on her desk which was a stack of medical records of all the new students."Might as well start now before I never get to it but Before that!" Riven took out an electric kettle and filled it with water. She then took out a tea set and got a cup ready with a teabag in it. "Nothing like hot tea at work!" Riven said with a smile.
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"But... but... ponies."

Genevieve blinked, slowly staring at at the student that had somehow appeared in her classroom. Why did she leave the door open again... oh yes. she was working. She shouldn't watch ponies when she was working. Or at least, she shouldn't watch it when the students were out and about. They would have to go to class eventually. Genevieve rubbed her eyes, yawning. It was too early to deal with a student though. They normally didn't show up on the first day. This student must be serious about getting help. She took a quick glimpse into the student's mind, searching for a name. Marie. Alright then... Genevieve typed the name into the computer, the memo about the appointments popping up. "Alright.... There are you.... Monday Mornings, before first period.... Until a better time can be adjusted... That means I can make you a night case. That's what that means... " She muttered.

Genevieve looked up and stared at the student. A Diclonius... This may take, a while. She sat there silently, just staring at the student, not saying or doing anything. The silence sat heavily in the room, uncomfortable and strange. Well, it was comfortable for Genevieve. She usually just stared at the students until they said something. This time though, she had just fallen asleep with her eyes open. She jumped awake, leaning back and staring at Marie. "Oh... That's right... a session... in the morning... yep.... hm... The notes say you have problems with your emotions... Medication helps, but... we want you to... be able to function without medication... So.... expressing yourself... Will be helpful..." She muttered, typing into the computer. She printed out a sheet and laid it on the table for Marie to examine.

"I'm gonna... hrm... change your schedule around... psychics, like yourself, have an easy time learning languages.... because of... how your brain works so... I'm removing your Spanish class, it'll be... summer learning... um.. I'm gonna... put you into an artistic class. We have a few. Some music classes... Orchestra, Band, Choir... A few that are genre specific... country... classical... then there's art... 3D art... Traditional Art.... Digital Art... and then, um, an All in one sort of class. It'll help if you don't know what type of art you want to do. Then there's Theater classes. Stage, Acting, that sort of thing. You need to pick at least one." She muttered, blinking and shaking her head, trying to wake herself up.

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The first day of school freaked her out. She wished that she could just go to Atlantis High, like everyone else. But the city said that she should go to this new school, and get to know other species. After all that time living in the city of the sun, she needed to mix and mingle with others. All are equal, all are the same. That was the mantra she had been taught, ever since she was first rescued by the Merpeople of Atlantis. She wasn't a freak, an undesirable, or trash. She was just different, and that was okay. She took a deep breath, clinging to the edge of the campus. Her friends, a few Atlantis High students who had came to get her acclimated, gave her a gentle push through the gates. " You'll be okay. We signed you up for the swim team and gymnastics. It'll be fun. Go on. Go meet others." They chimed, turning and climbing into the car, leaving her to face her problems head on.

Elowyn, or Riptide as the merpeople called her (and she preferred it), took a deep breath and nodded, walking onto the campus. "All are equal... all are the same... All are equal...all are the same." Riptide muttered to herself as she walked, holding her bookbag tightly to her chest as she walked. She wasn't a shy person, by any account, but the idea of being in a whole mix of species, and spending time amongst students that were probably more comfortable in their abilities than she was, freaked her out a bit. She knew she was skilled, manipulating fire and water was just natural to her, but she didn't like revealing to new people that she could manipulate water.

Then there was the whole "Phoenix are assholes" thing. Her species were horrible, egotistical people. They usually treated other species with disdain. Riptide could only hope that the shock of seeing a phoenix on the ground with others would hold the comments at bay long enough for her to acclimate to their presence and reveal her water powers. Either that, or she hoped that the phoenix were isolated enough that by this point most species had forgotten that they were such jerks. She took a glance at her schedule. Her first period class was theater. She had gotten emails from that teacher for a month now. Riptide was at first creeped out, but she understood it. The sooner she got used to the teacher, the easier class would be. Riptide stepped into the theater class room, spying the teacher sitting on the desk, not moving a muscle. She sat on a comfy chair close to the teacher's desk, staring at the white washed fae out of the corner of her eye.

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