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Zero looks out a window and saw Loralay out there he opens the window and jumps out when he lands he walks over to her "hey how are you feeling" he asked
Loralay looks over her shoulder sadly at him then looks back down at the water hitting the cliff side
Zero was over to her "loralay what are you doing over there" he asked
Loralay sighed"....i want to see my death...before i jump"she said sadly
"what" Zero holds her hamd "why would you jump" he asked worried
Loralay kept looking down"because if i stay alive i'll just keep thinking about Yoko and it will hurt more then dying and im not being fair on you thinking about some one else"she said sadly as she took a few steps to the edge
Zero pulls her to him and hugs her "please dont how do you think i will feel if you die" he says he was about to cry
Loralay kept her head down"....your better off without me because i can't stop thinking about Yoko...because she was my first love"she said as she started crying
"But Loralay your my first love" Zero said he started to cry
Loralay looked up at him she then kissed him deeply"....your right if i do this you'll just feel how i feel now...and i can't do that to you"she said softly
Zero smiles at her "thank you" he kisses her
Loralay rests her head on his chest"...i love you i really do..but i can't just stop loving Yoko right away"she said softly
Zero holds her close "its ok you dont have to stop loving Yoko" he said "but his is Yoko" he asked
Loralay sighed"...Yoko is my first love and she was the other Etoile my partner that why i have a lot to do for one person...if only she didn't die"she said softly
"why dont i be the other Etoile" Zero said

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