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kikuo reached out as she as her little arm could to the old mans head she chanted some words " there your grandfather is fine now " she peeped as she glacned out at the little boy she hid behind the scene out of sight she nocticed the boy was around her age maybe alittle older ( notes kikuo is only 4 years old ! ) " your knees " she peeped she reached out to heal the boys knees unitl she popped through the small openings thorugh the wooden cage kikuo fell down the steps to the boys feet
two others were watching back to thier camp site " oi kyo ! " bona yelled , bona was a shameless general doing unilt his honor was ripped away fromm him hes a big man with broad shoulders and mid length aged gray hair he carried a wooden sword on his shoulder, a smaller teenge boy name aiuri probably around 13 or so skater boy white styled hair and his eyes were closed becuase he was blind he carried around a part of twinns sowrds on his lower back waist area " come on bonasan leave kyosama alone ! " he wondered another blonde boy with two braids " so youre whining aiura " hotaru sighed as he played with a passing inch worm with a stick hoartu was alittle older then aiuri he carried a sword and a dagger bona laughed big, " such brats i could never understand why kyo would pick up ulsess bras like you z' he gleeded " oi wheres akirachan " he asked kyo opened his eyes from relaxing he set his katana aside and sat up he grabbed a nearly empty sake gug to drink " you know thats not good for your health " aiuri whined " want a sip " kyo laughed as he offered the bitter sake to aiuri
The boy knelt down next to Kikuo " Maiden sama Daijoubu?" he asked in a worried tone as he got a goog look at her face . ' she's pretty.' he thought as a blush dusted on his face as he stared at her red eyes. "Hotaka dont get into the girls face to much" his grandfather said with a kind voice. The boy named Hotaka blushed a deep red in embarrasment as he bowed his head " gomen gomen maiden sama I didnt mean to stare like that please forgive me". Akira got distractd by Bona's yell that she slipped and fell from the tree and landed on her rear " gahhH!!!" " DAMN IT I ALMOST HAD HIM!"
kikuo blushed madly at hokama comment " arigto " she peeped as she realized that she was outside the safety of the shrine ' oh no ! ' she cried as she ran back up the stairs while she did she cried " please dont take my abilitiy !" as kikuo squeezed back through the spaces between the wooden bars she hid under she fundet she peaked out at the entrance to see the little boy " does hokama want to stole my purity ! " she questioned from under the fundet
bona laughed his rear off as akira fell out of the tree " stupid dog thinking shes a bird ! ahahaha ! " he cried from laughing so hard hotaru and auiri just stared at akira while she rubbed her rump " youre an idoit akirachan !" hotaru boredly said as he yawned auiri sighed " what were you thinking sitting up there ? ..." he thought about it " oh! right " he hit his hand in his other hand kyo grined as he glanced back at akira with his red crimson eyes " better luck next time " he poked his uncut cheek to tease akira he flapped his long hair over his shoulder as he kneeled down to grab his sword " now slaves what is for dinner " he laughed bona got up in kyos face " whi are you calling slave you red tailed rat " " oh ? you shamless dog " kyo smirked bigger bona gripped his wooden sword kyo pushed his finger to open his swords while his back was turned akira had a sparkle in her eyes when she was going to attack again while kyo wasnt looking hotaru stared then went back to playing with the passing inch worm while auiri readied dinner for everyone ' why is it that im the only one doing stuff around here ' he whined as he cooked the recently caught fish over the open fire
Hotaka lifted his head " steal your purity? why would I do that.?" he asked curiously " I mean no no No! I would never do that to maiden sama you have to believe me. Grandfather has always told me to respect everyone even the holy beings so I will. I will never try to take away your purity Maiden sama" he said all too fast but said it slow enough she was able to understand . ' Oh man I must look like a fool right now' he thought. Hotaka's grandfather patted his grandson's head " you must forgive him maiden sama Hotaka is a good boy and only has the best intention. I know your young and dont understand much about the outside world and all. But all I must say is that there are good people in the world like Hotaka here. why he was the one that helped me an old man and Im proud of him" his grandfather said proudly as he bowed towards Kikuo ." Hotaka we better be going back we have chores to finish I will give you time though with the maiden sama" Hotaka glanced up at his grandfather then bowed " h hai" he peeped as he walked a little closer towards Kikuo and left her a small gift ' a red comb' " I I I made that fo for m maiden sama as as a tha thank you present.." he stuttered madly. Akira grabed Bona by the arm and slammed him against the ground with all her strength " teme! dont even think about hurting Kyo san like that!" she snapped at him then glanced up at Kyo with crystal eyes of admiration.
kikuo slowly appeared out from under the fonden she kneeled down and picked up the small gift she untied the ribbon from around it " but mommy says that the outside world people just want to sell my purity and abuse it " she peeped as she finished unwrappeing it her big eyes sparkled as kikuo held up the red comb " arigto hokamakun " she accedntaly peeped she blushed becuase she called him by his name she quick guved in the dirt bowwing to hokama for forgiven " please forgive me " she begged
bona groaned " damn it you witched dog ! " he cussed as he got to his feet and swung his wooden blade at akira but since bona has a large boned figure he was slow to attack and akira was easliy able to attack bona
before she could kyo stepped in and instead of bona getting cut kyos side was stabbed by akiras saff " so you want to de dont you dog face " he chuckled as a teased as he helld his bleeding side " damn it you red haired rat ! " he held kyo up
Hotaka bowed his head again " No no Madien Sama there is no need for you to bow down to someone like me. Im the one who should be bowing to you " he said as he kept bowing over and over in apology but was starting to feel light headed from allt he bowing. Hotaka's grandfather had to poke his forehead " easy Hotaka I think she gets the point any way we must be going" one more time the grandfather bowed at Kikuo. Hotaka bowed again " arigato Maiden sama will wil it it be ok if I visit maiden sama again?" he asked blushing madly. Akira was seeing red as she stormed up and sent a good punch at Bona and watched as he flew off anime style at a tree " teme! dont you even think about or next time I kick your a** all the way to the other side of the world!"
kikuo watched as hokama walked away with his grandfather she glanced down at the red comb in her hands ' hokama made this for kikuo, i have to make hokama soething " she glanced around her tiny cage to find old medal scraps and some old stuff she collected over the years " kiuos knows " kikuo happily peeped as she worked on making a hair clip to hwlp the hair stay out of hokama face she blushed thinking of the shy boy day after day when he didnt come see her she worked in the day time and hid it when her mother came to check up on her precios child " mommy when is hokama coming to see kikou " she asked " oh dear that boy doesnt like you hes only greatful for your powers of healing his elderly grandfather dont waste your focus on a low life like him " she sccolded kikuo snapped " hakama is a nice person unlike momy! " kikuo got a slap across the face becuae of what she said " listen my dearest im the best mother there is for prtoecting her ofspring from the cruel world! " she threw kikuo against the floor and locked the wooden door behind her kikuo layed there holding her stinging cheek while tears tolled down her cheek
bona grabbed akira robes and slammed her against a tree " listen you b***h its only thanks to kyo that im not making you my b***h ! now behave since your new ill let you off with a warning !" he pushed off akira as he heaved kyo over his shoulder " damn you old bor why are you treating me like a onna ! " kyo demanded " shut your trap you red haired rat " he threw the injured kyo against the ground andd ripped open his kimono to show the not so serious wounded side " now dog do what you were brought here lfor " bona ordered as he pointed to kyos wound
hotaru and aiuri were eating the cooked fish auiri kindly brought kyo one " here " he offerd it to kyo when kyo grabbed more sake and cracked it open to chugg it down as if nothing aiuri just watched hotaru borely watcheed akira walk over " are you really a woman cause your very flat : he pointed out with a mouth full
Hotaka was running really fast but was making sure to be careful with the basket in his hand ' I sure maiden sama forgives me for not visiting yesterday' he thought as he reached the shrine but didn't see no sign of Kikuo ' is she here.? b But she is always here?' he walked in further inside the shrine grounds not before ringing the bell and clapping his hands three times as he made a prayer. Once done he looked again trying to find Kikuo when he was stopped by a woman " u umm an anoo is maiden sama in I I jus just wanted to give her some dangos my mo mother made for her for healing my grandfather" he asked stuttering. A vein popped on her forehead as Akira bonked Hotaru's head hard " urasai! " she was a little insecure about her lack of breast
the woman glanecd dwn at the basket of dangos, the mother slaped them out of hokamas hands " the godess doenst wish to eat peasnat food only high class treats are allow" she growled a sshe put the key into her kimono and walked away, kikuo quickly got up and rushed to the door " hokama please save kikuo from this offel place " she cried between the bars " kikuo doesnt want to be the godess anymore ! " she begged hokama her big red eyes stared up at hokama
hotaru held his bump, kyo laughed " dog face is holding her own i like " he teased as he bandaged his side " oi look down there " kyo pointed down at the village across the river bona scratched his chin " a village ? you sure red haired rat " " when theres a village theres food and a place to sleep cmon " he demnaded
Hotaka glanced up with wide eyes " maiden sama...?" he asked still slightly confused ' should I ... I dont want to get in trouble... still' he gulped slightly as he glanced around " I I will help maiden sama" he said bravely as he slowly follwed the lady with the keys ' first I have to get those keys from that lady' he thought as he crawled below the ground. Akira twitched her nose as she glanced at the village "It looks like a small village to me " she folded her arms across her chest glancing down.
The mother walked to her house " that girl is so ungreatful for i her very own mother have done and safriced for her ! " she yelled as her eldely husband. she set the keys down as she went to go soak in the river for a bit " ill be back later dinner will be done when i return " she said sweetly once she was goone. the old man sitting in the corner glanced up with droppe eyes" you ccan come out shes gone " he said in a shake voice kkikuos father struggled out of his bed over to the fireplace to shift the burning wood " going to save my little kikuo now are you boy ? " he asked as he stared at the dancing fire while poking the wood to keep the fire alive. bona heaved akira over his shoulder like a sack of poatos " shut your yap dog " he laughed as he follawed kyo into the village kyo glanced around " see if theres anyhhing " he ordered auira nodded and ran off into the village as bona threw akira flopeddown andleft her there as he went off with hotaru kyo sat down on a set of steps leading up to kikuos shrine
Hotaka peeped as he glanced further in looking at the old man ' he looks sad' " Hhai .. mmaiden sama wishes to be freee so I want to help her. She has done so much that I will do anything as her friend. Thats why I must " he clentched his fist spotting the keys by the table " why is her okassan like that? How can she be cruel to madien sama" he said with a little bit of anger in his small voice. Akira hmped ' that egostocital boar!!!' she yelled in her head as she jumped up to her feet " AND HE SHOULDNT BE THROWING WOMEN LIKE THA T 'JERK!!" she screamed in anger.' thanks to him Im left behind Imu sama ' " wait for me !" she chased after Imu into the village.
kikuos father glanced at the fire " shes always been like this since we lost our first babys shes changed into what she is " he stroked back his silver hair " its been ages since ive had a quest " he mumbled " my only daughter huh she is a specail girl when she was younger she grew these fangs my wife pullled them oout becuase she ate on me mostly thats why im as old as i am " he mumbled " but she cant be caged up she need to be free" he threw the keys at hokama " take care of her show her theworld " his last words before he took his last breath. kyo was leaned againsgt the stairs when he heard a small peep" whos there x" he demanded he went up the stairs to kikuo he stared at hher gaint red eyes kikuo blushed as she stared up at kyos crismon eyees kyo glanced back at akira " oh its dog face " he smirked big " ive found a little mouse " he pointed at kikuo behind the wooden cage
hotaka's eyes widened seeing the old man die in front of him ' fangs.. no it cant be.. there is no way maiden sama could have fangs.. grandfather says only monsters have fangs'' he quickly shook the thought as he ran back towards Kikuo's cage " maiden sama maiden sama I have the keys but we have to hurry and a.." he skidded to a stop as he saw Kyo by Kikuo's cage ' who is this man ./ who are they?' he thought shaking a bit in fear " a are you here to see maiden sama?" he asked slowly
kyo smiled at hokama as he glanced back at kikuo " maidensama ho ?" he kneeled down to her level " what makes you speical big eyes " he asked rudely kikuo mumbled softly as she looked aside kyo grabed her kimono and brought her closer to him " say again " he asked kikuo was scared she just stared into his red eyes ' this mans eyes are like kikuos " " healing .." she repeated as she nocitced the bandage inside kyos open collar she reached out " what are you doing " he gorwled kikuo glanced up at kyo and yank him back so she could heal him kyo watched "shes a healer like dog face' he mumbled " boy what are you planning on doing runaway with this girl ? ahahaha ! : he laughed " young love " he harshly teased as he walked down the stairs as he did so he messed up hokama hair " good luck kid " he said kyo threw a small dagger at hokama feet " youll need it " he turned and vanished in the mist with akira by his side
kikuo blushed " that samurai had eyes like kikuo " she mumbled " that samurai hokamakun we can go with mister samurai ! " she yelled from up the stairs
near by the small village two large rivaling armys one from the east the other from the west ready to clash in the farm feilds of the village bona hotaru and auiri stood by " we need to tell kyo " hotaru subjected bona glared becuae one of the aries were his back in the day he ran down into the feild before the armies come " bona ! " AUIRI YELLED

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