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Shiro closed his right eye trying to make it heal ' I wont give them the satisfaction of showing them Im in pain. ' he glared with hate ' wont give them the satisfaction at all speaking of which ' he glared at Sai ' another one I see.' his energy gave off a killing intent as a warning for no one not to touch him. " you all call lil hime weak yet the only weaklings I see is those fools down there fighting like a pack of hyenas" he insulted to the girl who scratched him. ' you have no idea just how strong lil hime really is you fools' Ming Ling was starting to wake up ' is that burned wood I smell and .blood..?' her vision was becoming less blurry as she was able to make out her surroundings ' what happened one moment I was able to catch Hasama kun and Kyo then the next I was shot with somthing..' she pushed forth her shadows trying to untie her bonds.
The woman did even flinch as shrio pathic insult " you know my dear child were all of the fallen angel depantables brother sai here is full fallen and hes willing to eat you whole with out any hesisations and these my sisters are fighting for the right to pass on to the next generation as it always have been for enos from when the fallens roled over this land ! " she proudly stated as she watchd the girls literally kill each other for the keys. sai appeard behind the weak mingling " my guest what are you doing with these shadows of yours " he asked as he traced his fingers along the edge of his dagger . mean while kikuo was advaning atttacks and grabbing the keys while kooku fought when she was busy another slutty dressed girl was going to stab kikuo she screamed as kikuo closed her eyes only to see a dagger in her hand going and the attacker with a missing head she dropped the bloody knife she stared at her blood coated hands she didnt moveas she screamed out loudly as she cried for killing that girl
Shiro snorted as he opened his healed right eye ' that took a bit for it to heal but no matter ' he saw Kikuo screaming ' Kikuo.! ' he connected with her through her mind ' cease the crying I know you dont want to kill. But now your in battle and the time comes to fight back and win everyone is counting on you lil hime!' he told her hoping it would encourage her. Ming Ling gasped as she surrounded herself with her shadow to protect herself. " stay away from me!' she warned Sai.
kikuo shook ' but shirosan ! dont wish to hurt people ! " she cried out as her tears turned into a tar like suspect it created a puddle of black liquad, hands formed out of the blck liquad kikuo couldnt open her eyes becuase of it ' why cant i open my eyes .. whats going on what is this wetten i feel ' she asked questions as she rubbed her eyes trying to open them " shirosan ! " she cried out the hands ludged forward grabbing the dead corpses of the girls laying in the arena they were dragged into the black liquad the flesh off the bone melted away kikuo continued to cry ' why why why .. why is kikuo bad ,, did kikuo do wrong ..' she held her head when she heard everyone voices scolding her ' kikuo sorry .. kikuo sorry ' she repeated the hands grabed the remaing living girls as well and started to drag them toward the puddle
sai eyes widened as he watched the horor " sister ! " " haii this girl.. stuch fulls the air of death .. this girl is a death lord " she stated " noo! kikuo isnt death kikuo is only kikuo ! " she cried out as the hands ludged at the woman but the woman jumped to safty " well sister kikuo you intend to rip of the compostion .. rip of eeryone becuase they dont love you .. they never have your brother only used you for your abiblties " she whispered in kikuos ear " no not niisama " " oh yes kyo was only a pon soon he will become part of you when you feat of his flesh " she continued " no kikuo .." " you what ..." she scolded the hands ripped apart the living girls " NOOOoooO! " kikuo yelled as she heard the screams and the ripping of flesh " no kooku get away before ! * rip * ..." the hands dragged the mingled piece to the puddle kikuo slapped the hand holding kooku severed head she held it in her arms " kikuo sorry very sorry kookuchan kikuo cant be forgiven .. everyone doesnt want kikuo just like master said " she peeped as the head melted the woman laughed " well it looks like we have a winner brother sai " "haii " he stated as he cut shiro down from his binds while leaving the other tied up as hungryeyes stared at them kikuo heard the low growls and rumbles " dont please take kikuo instead " " im sorry sister rules are law " the woamn added the hands reached p grabbed innocent bystanders kikuo tried stiopping the hands from ripping them apart she fall cring against the floor as the black puddle grew and grew fulling with corpse pieces kikuo desided to use her dagger she held it to her stomach ' stop it ! ' she cried out as she forced the dagger forward into her tummy hopping that will stop the evil black hands from hurting anyone else
Ming Ling smacked a demon away with her ribbon as they tried to make a grab for her and Hasama. " Hasama kun" she knelt down next to him She gasped seeing the black liquid 'I never saw this not even on Hotaru and she is a shinigami.. what on earth.' she thought worridly as she gripped on Hasama's arm in fear shaking. Shiro cused under his breathe as he flew down quickly behind Kikuo " lil hime you have to control yourself now!" he demanded. He saw the black liquid heading towards him but ignored ' Kikuo.. cease this now..' he told her through her mind. What he did next shocked everyone, using his wings he used as a barrier around him and Kikuo as he held her close to him "Kikuo dont hurt yourself like this.. your not a bad girl your a good girl. Don't let the darkness win and take over the good girl that you are lil hime " before she can talk he slammed his lips down on hers in calming her aura.
hasama slowly opened his eyes he felt sharp claws gripping his arm " minglingdono .. whats the matter why do you look so pale " he placed his hand on her cheek he watched her stunned eyes stuck in one direction he glanced the wa she was, his expression was shock becuase all he saw was the black liquad moving around the arena and blood thristy fallen angels hybindes ( mix breeds) ludged at them " hold on minglingdono " he commanded as he grabed her waist and jumped onto the over seeing palcony
the hands splashed to the ground as kikuo froze ' w-w-w-what ...!??' she blushed madly ' shirosan and kikuo are ...>///o///< ' she squealed as enjoyed the warm sansation of shiro " shirosan .." she peeped as she slowely opened her big red eyes she stared up at red with a deep blush then she hugged his waist tightly " shirosan save kikuo " she happily peeped
Ming Ling glanced below at the floor as she saw the black hands vanish " where did those black hands go.." she clinged tighter to Hasama not wanting to fall. " hasama kun.." she mumbled against his chest. Shiro fluttered his wings behind him as he held Kikuo close to him " Kikuo .. dont scare me like that, had me worried.." he mumbled against her bangs.
hasama held mingling close to him as he jumped away from the despetables " ill promse to protect you " he stroked her head to comfort mingling
kikuo snuggled into shiros chest " shiro was worried about me " she peeped the woman groweld " ceavis them! " she ordered as theguards surrounded them
Ming Ling nodded as she saw her dragon nero by the exit " nero! Hasama kun we have to get close to Nero hes right there" she pointed to the dragon that hid by the exit. Black wings fluttered as powerful winds knocked them over. " hang on tight lil hime" Shiro whispered before she can say anything he jumped up high holding her tightly to him. Sucking in breath he released a bright ray of red light towards them making them blind below. ' that should hold them off '
sweatdrop hasama nodded as he turned into a dragon he threwmingling onto the top of his head he glared at the arena making sure they didnt bother anyone ever again hasam blew in then blew out clear fire burnig doing the arena, " minglingdono please hang on " he asked as he flew toward nero
kikuo blushed " shirosan ! my niisama ! " she crieed as she squirmed in his arms trying to get away so she could go free kyo of his chain and cage the clear flames surrounded the cage " niisama ! " she cired as she reached down to him
Ming Ling held onto Hasama tightly. She saw her shadows moving towards her in fear of somthing ' what is wrong with them..' glancing behind she gasped ' Kyo san! wait Shiro and Kikuo are getting him.. I hope' she thought in worry. Shiro cussed as she flew towards Kyo " sensei I just dont know how you do it" he mumbled to himself as he cut him loose from the chains. He saw him fall to his knees as Kikuo helped Kyo up.
kikuo grabed kyos arm and yanked on him " come on niisama please niisama ! " she begged without kikuo knowing the woman incharge of the entire tournment appeared behind her " how dare you destory your own kind you little w-- " before the woman could find her sentance a chain was wrapped around her neck choking her " enough out of you you fake b***h " kyo was on his feet with the chain locked on his wirst extended to the womans neck " niisama ! " kikuo happily peeped " sis get out of here " he oreder her " but .." " NOW ! " kikuo shook as she stood up her bangs covered her face she threw a punch that hit kyo across the face he fell to the ground as kikuo stood over him " baka ! no niisama ! " she shouted as tears ran down her face as kyo stared up at kikuo holding his cheek " why does niisama alway send kikuo away when kikuo is trying to help niisama ! cant kikuo protect niisama too ! " she shouted at him kyo was speechless at he was getting hollared at ' sis ...' he thought the woman charged at kikuo while her back was turned " yet you say dont kill yourself kind " a voice said behind the woman as she was held back away from kikuo the flames were forcued back some kikuo turned " imusan ! " she peeped the woman turned toward imu " youre not a true fallen ! " she cut a neat hole through imus chest " youre right " imu slammed the woman against the arena snapping her neck imu sighed as he put his hand through the hole in his chest " and i just fixxed up this body " he whined kikkuo nearly passed out seeing imu there with a large hole in his chest " imu! " kyo yelled " uh " " your " " i know it doesnt hurt " kyo peeked his head through the head at kikuo , kikuo passed out there as kyo reached his arm through imus chest
Shiro had to catch Kikuo before she fainted ' honestly ' " as much I hate to break up this little renuion I suggest that we get our asses out of this place" he interupted the both of them. ' mataku' he thought to himself. Ming Ling and Hasama was sitting on Nero's back waiting for the other's inside. Ming Ling was laying down as Hasama was healing some of her wounds right there. " Hasama kun did you sense Imu went inside there.?" she questioned.
kyo sighed as he closed his eyes " fine lets go " he dusted off his wounds as he glanced at kikuo . shes fought to save me .. what a foolish lil sis you aer kikuo ' he smirked as he stroked the tears from her face " imu would you " " haii " imu grabbed hold of kyos arm and flew him up to nero and the others
hasama stared at the wound that imu recieved " imusama .." " im fine dragon pease take of them first " he asked, while kikuo was passed out she dreamt of her pasts with kyo in the mortal world
flash back :
as a young girl kikuo was born into a poor village when she was born thier was sometihng different about her msybe it was her piercing big red eyes of her deep black hair but whatever the case her parents loved her and thought of her speical, later inup coming months her mother nocticed small cuts on her finger from working in the fields whenever kikuo chewed on them the cuts would heal she told everyone about her speical healing abilities, later in get early life kikuo was worldship as a godess she was trapped in a shine from the outside world to protect her purity, many people old, sick, andd wounded went to her to heal their wounds , kikuo didnt have a choice in the matter " okusan when can kikuo go outisde " she asked " im sorry sweetie you must stay inside here, the world is a cruel place fulled with people who would try and abouse your speical gifts " the mother explained kikuo frowned becuase the only light from the outside she had was behind a wooden cage ddoor locked from the outside , one day a young boy and his grandfather went up to her shine " hello , oh shine god please help my dieing grandfather " the boy cried kikuo went to the screne the boy froze to see the outline of kikuos figure " please help him " he begged kikuo reached out her hand and offered it to the old man
the crying boy watched with amazement but a little fear ' please grandfather be well ' he sent a silent pray " please maiden please make him well thats all I want. My grandfather he is the only family I have.. I dont know what I would do if somthing ever happens to him. " he cried as big tears fell down his small cheek as he looked up with pleading watery eyes. Meanwhile a young woman was hiding behind a tree watching her pray. Her soft manicured hands climbed up the tree as she saw the male laying against the tree ' here I come my dear Kyo kunn you wont get away from me this time' Akira thought with glee in her head

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