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                                          Pressing her lips together she nodded toward Sors, turning to Artemis and Ai.

                                          "Yeah, I have....I have no one to take though, so I'll probably end up going hunting with Artemis"

                                          At this comment Artemis purred, pulling away from Ai and wrapping herself around Arethusa's legs. She nosed at her feet, looking up with knowing eyes. Arethusa glared back, shaking her head subtly as though to say shut up. The kei let out a hefty sigh through her nose, stretching against the cold floor before making it her bed and lounging--head resting softly against her paws.

                                          "What about you Sors?"
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                                          Where am I? Hallway
                                          Who am I with? Artemis, Ai, and Sors.
                                          My mood? Beginning to feel better, though a bit irritated.
                                          Soundtrack? Rikku’s theme.

                                          It's fine, right now there isn't much for any of us to go off of. I'm sure creating some action should speed things up ;o

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"…I want to hide the truth
I want to shelter you
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There’s nowhere we can hide…"

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xxxxxHe stiffened at the mention of dance. He didn't do social scenes unless he had to. "Not a fan of socialising. 'Sides. Nobody to take, nobody who would take me." His face masked his little lapse in guarding his thoughts with a blank look, and he had at least managed to keep his voice flat.

xxxxxHe flipped his hair out of his face, frowning when it fell back due to the brim of his hat. He settled for brushing it behind an ear. He played with his tie, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. He mentally cursed himself. He was supposed to keep mum about that. People tended to drag you into things if you had nothing to do. His fingers twitched rapidly, before settling against his thigh. He was suddenly disliking his choice of clothes. He would change at break. In the meantime, he began fiddling with his pocket watch.



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Ai sighed as she heard their responses. She herself didn't have anyone to go with. "Me either." she said. Then the most obvious thing came to her. "I know! Since we all don't have anyone to go with, why don't we all just go together?" she asked. Ai was nearly bouncing at the thought. Oh they could have so much fun!

"Oh please of please!" she begged. Her dirty-blonde hair rolled of her shoulder at her bouncing and begging. "It would be so much fun!" she said. She really hoped the two would agree. They could go as a group, and just have fun. Besides it was the welcome back dance! It was there so they could get to know people. Right?

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Where:The classroom
I'm with: Arethusa, Sors, kids in the hall
Mood: Happy, excited, hoeful
Thoughts: Oh please say yes! It would so much fun!

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                                          Arethusa immediately began to grip at the bottom of her skirt at Ai's request, biting her lip and looking down toward Artemis. The suggestion sounded appealing, but the thought of even going set her anxiety on edge. She kicked at the floor, closing her eyes and shaking the feeling. No, she had promised herself that she would try harder--even if it was just for today, even if it was just to rid herself of that dream.

                                          "That sounds like a pretty....good....idea..."

                                          It was obvious the strain that she held in her voice at the word good, and she coughed before biting even harder on her lips. Looking over at Sors she smiled, his discomfort just as obvious as her own.

                                          "I'm cool with it if he is"

                                          A part of her hoped he wasn't, and yet a part of her hoped he was.
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                                          Where am I? Classroom
                                          Who am I with? Artemis, Ai, and Sors.
                                          My mood? A wee bit nervous, yet still on the path of feeling better.
                                          Soundtrack? Rikku’s theme.


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