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This is gonna be a High School RPG, you can make it wierd if you want. The more the drama the better smile . If you want your character to be diffrent than usual humans, like murderers, demons, vampires, or even A worker for the Pie delivery guy(Random). Please don't cyber here, when the clothes come off please go to the PMs. Have lots of fun, and just post your profile on the forum. And also, I don't care about the rules, only that you don't cyber. That's the one important rule.


Race: ((Anything you want))
Weapons: ((I know, you must be thinking WEAPONS!?))
Appearance: ((You can either use any picture, your gaia appearance, a anime picture, yada yada.))

Have fun!
Name: Hakashi Masame.
Age: 17
Race: Human
Bio: Lives with no one, just himself, parents died a while ago when he was about 15.
Personality: A real nice guy, sometimes violent.
Weapons: Doesn't use weapons, just his fists.
Appearance: User Image
Hakashi was on the couch at his house. He was staring out the window. Tomorrow was going to be the next day of school, he didn't know what could happen, but he didn't care, sort of. He closed his eyes, hoping that tomorrow would be a good day of school, and he wondered what would happen. He opened his eyes and looked at his sketch book that laid on the ground. He picked it up and took a pencil out from his pocket. He drew an idea about his classmates and what would happen. When he finished, he set the objects down and closed his eyes.
Name: Celeste Darkfire
Age: 17
Race: Human-Spirit hybrid
Bio: Celeste was born into a family of scientists who were searching for the way to make 'super-humans' as they called them. When Celeste was born, her parents inserted spirited genes into her DNA and thought that she could be the perfect child... but it all went wrong...
She couldn't control her power... and they almost lost her for good one time... so they sent her to a scientific lab for mutants. God knows they couldn't fix her, so she was sent to an employee's household to live.
They enrolled her in the school here... where she can learn to be a normal girl with 'super' powers.
Personality: Celeste is playful and energetic and loves to have company.
Her spirit side is the exact opposite... but no-one can tell the difference.
Weapons: User Image
User Image
Appearance: Human: User Image
Spirit: User Image
Name: Lily Carson
Age: 17
Race: Human/Demon
Bio: Lily was refrained from going to school due to the fact she was partially a demon. After her father died recently, her mother could no longer handle Lily on her own and sent her to her father's aunt. Lily's Aunt loved Lily since she was a child and decided that Lily deserves to go to school instead of being home schooled all the time.
Personality: She keeps to herself, is sweet but can turn nasty in a second.
Weapons: Martial Arts, Kendo (currently learning at school)
Appearance: User Image
Demon: User Image
Name:Naomi Matatsuwa
Age: 18
Race: Human
Bio: Will be revealed during the RP
Personality: She can be a bit cold at times, but once you get close to her she's a very loyal friend. She will also try to act very tough, but is actually quite a softy.
Weapons: Karate and blades of almost all sorts
Appearance: Naomi
Naomi walked down the street, sucking lightly on a cigarette. Her dark eyes scanned out ahead of her as she meandered down the sidewalk past houses that seemed as cliche as the cookie cutter houses that you might see in movies. Her lips were drawn into a slight frown at the thought of being trapped in this town for yet another year.
"This year is going to suck," she mumbled to herself spitefully as she dropped the butt onto the ground and stamped it out with her toe.
Hakashi sat up, "Oh god! I forgot, my favourite show is on!" he became silent and lied back down, "Eh, it'll be on tomorrow, oh wait, I can't watch it, School. Aww." He scratched his head. he put his arm over his eyes. After a while of silence, he put his hand onto his stomach and looked out the window and sighed.
Lily grumbled under her breath as she stared at her ceiling. She coulnd't believe it was already sunday, the week had gone by so fast and she wasn't really willing to go to school tomorrow. Sitting up on her bed she sighed, before standing and leaving her house trying to get her mind off of things. Perhpas a walk around town would help.
Naomi glanced over just in time to see the younger boy's face in the window. Her eyes met with his for just a moment and then she looked away indifferently.
"Tch," she grunted as she pushed a lock of bangs from her face, "I bet he'll be one of the rich kids this year."
She began to walk away at her slow lope that she always had. She would stop by the coffee shop for one last time before school.
Celeste looked wearily out of the window, rain pattering the windows...
Why does it only rain on this house... she thought, watching the rain fall. The sound of it hitting the hard tin roof always made her jump.
"Komara. Why does it always rain here and no-where else?"
"I don't know, Celeste! This is a science house. They can do what they wish to it!" Komara called back from the kitchen. Celeste could hear her rushing around, trying to make the state-of-the-art microwave oven work. Her mother always was having trouble with flimsy technology like that.
"Don't see why you had to be a scientist in the first place..." Celeste muttered angrily to herself, folding her arms and muttering into them.
"I don't see why she poses to be your mother..." said anther voice, just like Celeste's...
"This is no concern of yours, Kisala." Celeste said to the window.
Anyone looking at her would have thought she was insane, talking to her reflection... But they couldn't see what she saw...
Kisala stared back at her from her place in the window, as Celeste's reflection. The long-dead battle warrior stared blankly at her, blood still clinging to the gashes to her arm and slid down her long, sword. Her blonde hair clammed limply clung to her face.
"Anything that concerns you concerns me. You are my host. Anyone hurts you, i hurt them..." She swung her sword in a giant arc and stopped in dead-center in the middle of her face, almost slicing it in half. "get it?"
With a solemn nod, Celeste went into silent agreement.
She kept watching the rain.
When Hakashi saw the older girl's face through the window, he got curious and wondered who she was. He kept staring at the window, but didn't think he'd see anyone else. He picked up his book again and stared drawing something else, it took him some time until he finished.
Noami walked into the cafe, the bell on the door tinkling as she entered. Her eyes finally lifted to glance at the man behind the counter. "Hey Vincent," she said flatly, "I'll take my regular."
The man nodded and began getting her things together. Naomi took a seat at the back booth and pulled a laptop out of her messanger bag.
OOC: Is this RP already dead??
Walking with her hands stuff in her jacket pockets, she continued to wander the street's aimlessly. A sigh of bordem escaped her soft lips as her orbs shifted to the dusking sky. A gentle smile gently preserved on her lips as she couldn't wait for night to fall upon the town. It was her favorite time of day and she loved to admire the moon. Looking back to the sidewalk she blinked in confusion. Stopping in mid-stride she looked around her, while deep in thought she had gone down the wrong street and gotten herself lot.

" Great...Exactly what i need...more frustration.." She growled lowly as she just continued to walk, the street had to go somewhere right?
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