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Maxim and Angel Hunter
The Reluctant Demon Siblings

Angel smiled slightly. She always enjoyed talking to new people. Yeah. Me too. My idiot brother was supposed to show me but he hasn't showed up so I have no clue where I'm going. But it's okay cause I can totally blackmail him for this." Angel giggled a bit at her upcoming mischief. She'd feel bad, but her brother deserved it. Before she could say anything to the other girl, she started walking off. Not wanting to lose her, mostly because she still hadn't learned her name, Angel followed after her while she grabbed Sayir's hand and dragged her along. "Wait up!"


Maxim chuckled a bit to himself. This girl was nervous and it was kinda cute."I was much the same when I first got here. It gets much easier to find your way around the longer you stay here. I know where the dorm you're looking for is, but one request first. I'd like to know your name. I'm sure a beauty such as yourself has an equally beautiful name and I'd like to be able to say I'm privileged enough to know it." Some might say he was putting it on a bit thick, but it always seemed to work for him. Why fix something that's not broken?
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Guess, the teenage pixie, stared out her window at the looming building. Of course everything seemed to 'loom' when you were only five two, as she was. She had been coming here for... What was it, two years now? In any case, that didn't make it any less scary for the girl. There were always new face, and she found it hard to make friends. Who wanted to be friends with the short girl who always seemed to be PMSing?

Guess smirked as the building grew ever near. She remember her parents telling her this year should be different, that she should try to make friends. It wasn't that she didn't try to make friends, it was that people didn't try to be friend back. The pixie shrugged her small shoulders and leaned back in her seat as the school disappeared behind a mass of oak trees.

The drive had been uneventful, other than a call from her youngest sister telling her she had forgotten her toothbrush. Of all the things to forget, why that? Her parents said she'd just have to buy a new one. There was a town near by wasn't there?

Guess hadn't really ever wandered the town. She was too scared that some evil lord was going to jump her. But that was a silly fear. They didn't know where she was, and if worst came to worst she could just turn them told gold.

She looked down at her gloved hands and sighed. Stupid Golden Touch, she could never take the gloves off.

The car came to a stop in front of the familiar, but still daunting, school. Guess stepped out and rolled her shoulders, hoping to get the kinks out. Her small blueish silver wings were folded over her white shirt- making them look like an interesting vest and nothing like wings at all- and her pointed ears were hidden under her mess of brown hair.

She again looked up at the school. Maybe this year would be different. Maybe?
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Şαџіг Fгєα

The girl had started walking off to go to the dorms from how it looked. Before Sayir could say what dorm she was in, Angel had already taken her by the hand to follow after her. She was a bit surprised to say the least, but didn't make an attempt to pull her hand away. Though she was curious about what she meant by blackmailing her brother. It was obvious in a little way, probably one of their parents told him to show her around. It wasn't her business so she wasn't going to ask.

"I'm in dorm G1-A...If you don't mind my asking, what's your name?" She asked looking to her. She hadn't introduced herself quite yet. With how it appeared maybe she already went to the school.
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Maye Jack

She slowed down as she neared the girls' dorm rooms. "Maye." It was on her dorm door anyway, there wasn't anyway to stop them finding out here name. "Maye Jack, but if a human from outside of town comes here asking for me please say you don't know who I am." It was a small plea, but she felt that it had to be said, her mother was still alive, and she had no idea how to contact her father. "Gee, one. Want any help unpacking?"

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Professor Deja Jean
She almost laughed, she smiled at the girl and said, "I work here." Deja made her way up the stairs to her classroom. She smiled as Chester flew out of the cat door meowing. He paused for a moment and sniffed in Yuma's direction before her darted to her and rubbed against her legs before going into the classroom and then into Deja's office where a little bell chimed as he got his food.
She lead Yuma into the classroom, "You can put the suitcase by my desk, I have to do some sorting before classes start." The room was white, with a dark wood floor, and colored couches, arm chairs, and the more traditional desks put together. Along the wall were bookcases with battle maps wallpapered onto the sides, organised by race sects, and topics related to those sects, like super humans in government. Someone had too much time on her hands. All in all it was a very comfortable room, or at least Deja thought so, and tried to make it so. "I teach history, and do not tolerate sleeping in class, mind you. This isn't a session, sit down and relax. What brings you to this school? Where are my manners, I'm Deja, more commonly called Professor Jean." Deja sat in a dark purple armchair.

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