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"Feeling a warm temperature in the hands we hold...
If ever comes a day they gently unfold...
A dry bell will sound echoing on its own...
From that moment on, you'll go alone..."

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_________________. Danika Jay Hughes .

Dani sighed in relief when she finally found herself standing outside her dorm room. She usually had a horrible sense of direction and would get lost even with the simplest of directions, but today she'd made it to her room fairly easily. She could only hope that her luck would last though. Her sense of direction was one of the only complaints she'd had when Anna had told her that she was transferring to this new school... along with how she didn't really want to find her 'soulmate'.

Shaking her head, she opened the door to her room and walked inside, immediately noting that she didn't have a roommate yet. That or they hadn't arrived yet. Tossing her duffel onto one of the empty beds, she rolled her shoulder a bit to loosen it up before walking back outside. She could unpack later, but right now she was hungry.


Łocation wandering the halls _____________ ωith No one ______________________

"And I am one of a kind; when I walk, I am alone...
I've grown weary of lying to the bone...
Now I bow my head in this golden room...
I was here with you, and now, it's gone too soon."
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Carson Blake♫ Maximillan♪

♫Location: in his dorm
♥Company: none
♪OOC: sorry if it's a confusing read, intro posts
are always the hardest for me.

Carson walked off the tour bus onto the cool pavement. He looked back at his parents who had not even noticed he got off, he grimaced. He looked back to what was ahead of him, Heart Song Academy, the school to help you find your "soul mate". He had to admit he hadn't been in really any relationships like his siblings that were going out nightly having one night stands. Maybe his parent thought he wanted relationships of deeper meaning. No...they probably just had wanted to get rid of him. He listened to the tour bus bump away playing it's immensely loud disgusting noise called rock n' roll.

Carson picked up his bags and walked into the school. His eyes darted around looking for people, seeing none he walked on. He wandered for a short while trying to find where the boys dorm rooms were. Upon finding them he went to the list where dorms were posted and saw he had dorm four.

He made his way down the corridor to the dorms. Which wasn't a long walk seeing as he had a one of the first dorms. He opened the dorm and saw on one else in it and it looked like no else had been in it. He picked a side of the dorm and began to unpack his stuff quickly, so he could explore and attempt to find another shred of life.
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| | Ƞєoκɑ κɩєτɑʀєɩ

Im falling even more in love with youxxxx
letting go of all Ive held on toxxxx

xxxNeoka followed the girl into their dorm. It was lacking personality, and Neoka made a mental note to bring up redecorating, sometime in the future. Oh of course! So.. Uh... Well this is embarrassing. I cant seem to remember your name. She blushed, and couldnt manage to recal the girl telling her her name.

xxxxIm living for the only thing I know
xxxxIm running and not quite sure where to go
xxxxxxxxx/ / /Quinn______________

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                                        Terren nodded slightly, stopping with the other before following. They stopped at the doors and Terren looked at the sign, his eyes moving to Ezekial when he said he knew that it was the cafeteria. "Uh-huh, sure, whatever helps you sleep at night." he mumbled, more to himself, but he didn't care if Ezekial heard it.

                                        He entered the cafeteria with the other, frowning a tad at the line. It was indeed a huge line. Terren stared at Ezekial when he asked him to think of a bright side. "A bright side? What, do I not count? You could always be here alone, then you'd have no one to talk to in line." He smirked a bit, chuckling slightly, "You're not alone, that's the brightside, now let's go get in line, shall we?" He smiled happily at the other, moving to the end of the line.



                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxx When your only friends are hotel rooms
                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hands are distant lullabies
                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx If I could turn around I would tonight
                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx These roads never seemed so long
                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Since your paper heart stopped beating leaving me suddenly alone
                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Will daybreak ever come?
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Єяικ " Иσιƨɛ " Ĵσниƨσи

"Always remember you're unique,"

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Erik was practically trying enjoying his morning with his mother. He did have to leave to school and it's his last year in the school. He actually remember being a freshmen in the school. He wasn't so sure about having a soul mate. He doesn't think he would find one anyway, after his older brother the family has been having a bad time getting a soul mate. He really didn't mind being alone and it would help him for looking out for his career. He was kinda of curious what kind of events are going to be in the school. Every year events was a different from before.

His older brother dropped him off by car and he had his stuff on him. He was also has electric guitar on the back. He usually never carries it on his back, but he had his bags to carry. He smiles slightly as he saw his school from afar. He walks inside looking around for his dorm. Though he was taking his sweet time to get there.
"Maybe I should go check out if anyone I know is here yet," he thought. Though he opened his dorm room just to throw in his stuff. He nicely puts his electric guitar down. He didn't wanted to brake it since it's old.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


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(( OOC: finally posted :3 ))

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⋰⋮Ai Ito⋮⋱
Things are not as they seem

Ai smiled and giggeld "Silly, i just told you my name, but its okay, my name is Ai"
She unzipped her suite case and started to place stuffed animals on her bed and along the window sill.
they were various sanrio characters, and all of them were adorable.
Ai smiled and picked her favorite one up. "I love cute things...i collect plushies that catch my eye. some thing about them makes me feel happy."
She put the stuffed animal down, and focused her attention back to Neoka.
"So, would you like to go explore the place? It could be fun."

-The plushies-
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{ { OOC:: Would anyone mind summarizing what has happened so far? My computer hasn't been working for a couple days. Also if there are any characters free for interaction, I wouldn't mind introducing my RPC to them immediately. sweatdrop
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//my character has been open for interaction for like five days
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//my character has been open for interaction for like five days
> v < ;//

(( OCC: I can interact with you :3 ))
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The sun beated down radiantly on the small house of purple and luscious green grass. However, this was only the simple yet beautiful appearance from the outside. Inside lies a tragic life of a teenage boy with his mother as a crack addict and his father is strict being in the army. Worst branch you could possibly go to in the military.
"Mikoru, get your a** down here before I get up the stairs right now!" his mother's voice boomed through the house, and Mikoru swore he could smell the mix of cocaine and cigarettes mixed together from the wind of her voice being carried across the house. Disgusting. So glad he was leaving. For some reason though, he never has actually picked up this unbearable stench.
"I'm coming mommy." stumbling down the stairs and finally putting his glasses on at the bottom, he stood beside his mom. It was very awkward at this moment. His mom took her hand and pushes some of his hair back and smiled at him, "Sweetie, you'll have a nice time, okay?"
"Yes mommy."
"You stupid, I'd probably have a better life not talking to anyone than just you guys."
Walking out into the taxi, he settled down for a little. Now his hair had a tint of that scent in his hair. Guess he had to take a shower early. It seemed the driver could smell it too, hence him taking his hand and plugging his nose. Kind of felt bad for him. After they stopped, he passed his money, and ran out of the car, forgetting to close the door. Busting through the doorway, he was already lost just standing there. His stomach grumbled and he held it and looked down. He was in such a hurry to get out of the house that he forgot to eat. Walking into there, it was completely ridiculous. The line curled around to corner. Whatever, he could deal. setting his stuff down at the table farthest from everyone, he faced away from everyone and started talking to himself, which was a normal habit since he didn't exactly talk to anyone.

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ooc:// My character is free for interaction if anyone else is :3
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▬▬▬▬▬ «« ᎢᎻᎬᏒᎬᏕᎪ »» ▬▬▬▬▬

SPACE "Achoo..!" Theresa belted before plugging her nose tightly. "Can't we close the window, Sis?" She said beggingly. "It's hot! No way! We're almost there anyway. Hang in there, Terri," Replied her elder sister with a bright smile. Seeing such a cheerful face soothed Theresa, it almost made her forget about her allergies. As their vehicle came to a stop behind a line of cars entering the school, Theresa's gaze focused on the building. It was almost illuminating to her eyes. "Excited?" Her sister nudged her shoulder. Without turning, Theresa nodded slowly. "Mmm..!"

SPACETime flew by quickly, and the two siblings entered the school grounds in a matter of minutes. The girl's heart skipped a beat. They sat in silence for a few minutes, looking at the other students saying their farewells to loved ones, some to taxi drivers. "Looks like.. This is it, Terri." The brunette quickly faced toward her sister, wrapping her arms around her body. She had almost forgotten that the sister that she has been with for so long would be leaving for college outside of the city. "I'll.. See you around..!" Theresa mumbled in a hushed tone. It wasn't completely goodbye. But they would not face each other again for at least a year. The girl released herself, quickly picking up her guitar case and other bags and exiting the vehicle. Before she could say anything, her sister quickly said "Don't go sleeping around with just ANY guy, you hear me?!" Theresa's face turned beat red. "S.. SHUT UP! I-I wouldn't---" "I know." Her sister interrupted again. "Take care. Alright?" The girl looked at the ground, unable to look her sibling in the eye. "I know, I know.." Moments later, the car sped away from the school.

SPACE"A.. ACHOOO!!" The girl sneezed violently. The pollen count must've been high today, considering how badly her reactions were. Other students were staring at her. This is probably the only time you could see Theresa being 'unglamorous'. She rubbed her nose harshly, the irritation caused it to turn into a pink shade. "Guuh.. Where am I supposed to go? I don't know who to ask.." The girl mumbled to herself. Being new, and also fairly quiet in personality, who was she to turn to? Her eyes scanned the area, looking for someone, perhaps someone who has authority in this school.

{ { {O O C:: First post! Free for interaction. Not sure if you'd consider my post 'decorated'. I kept it very simple, if you'd like me to add more, I can.
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Ezekial only chuckled softly. It was good that he found someone so soon that was easy to get along with. "Here I was worried I would have a roommate who clashed with me." Ezekial merely grinned and followed Terren, and took this moment to loose himself, his mind wandering the theme of Beethoven's Symphony No.9 playing in his mind. However, once he came too, he blinked and noticed the line had moved up some, and he followed it, granted, his mind was kind of blank at the moment, it finally unclogged and he looked at Terren, "Sorry, if you were talking...I sort of...zoned out. It happens sometimes." He gave a smile and shrugged, "At least we are closer tho..."

True enough they had moved somewhat closer. Ezekial stretched and looked around the large cafeteria, "Hm..,I wonder if they let us go outside to eat?" He preferred being outside as much as possible, he enjoyed the beauty of nature, it inspired his music, and his peace. More then anything he enjoyed being at peace. "It would be nice outside..."

Let the wind guide your heart...
and your heart, will guide the wind...

I play my music to the wind, in hopes that the one I love shall hear it, and follow it.

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O.o.c.: sorry I havent been posting. I have cheerleading competitions this weekend, so I dont have a lot of free time. Whoever Im talking to can continue on without me, if they wish. I should be able to post on Sunday. Sorry!

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