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Greetings from Emerald Academy, a place where students will be welcomed with open arms, far from the world that judges them for being... Different. Here children of all races come to learn in peace, and to maybe even make, a new home and family amongst the staff and other students.

So which one are you? A troubled student, seeking refuge from the cruel world outside? Or a teacher, come to help teach the newest generation? Or are you just here out of convenience? Either way you will be taken in, and introduced to a life who's happiness, shines brighter then polished Emeralds.

Either way you have done something to get this introduction letter. Whether it be your genetics, or merely a teaching opportunity, I will be glad to have you. However, before we can send your things in the mail, I must know... Do you truly wish to attend Emerald Academy for the Gifted? Check Yes [_] or No [_]

I hope you will considering our offer of a full scholarship, as well as room and board on us. I hope to see you come the start of the new year.

-Headmistress Kelly Iczer

Welcome to the thread. This is a semi-literate school style role play. Here at Emerald, we are always happy to welcome new members to the rp. So please, make yourself at home, dust off your character profiles, and get ready to post. Short or long I hope you will enjoy the time you spend here. Please don't be shy about joining. We don't bite!
~Ona Elric

Character Thread Ooc Thread
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1.This is a semi-literate thread people. That means posts of at least, four sentences. And not dinky little two words sentences either. It also means trying your hardest to add things like punctuation that grammar says we need. It also means using spell check. This is a bit of a pet peeve with me. I mean, I can understand writers block, but you gotta work through it!
2. HAVE FUN! For Pete's sake, that's what all of this is about, to create a place for people to have fun, and maybe even make new friends.
3. Let us at least try to keep things at a pg-16 level. To me, that means violence can happen, and blood can be there... Just don't make it too super detailed and overly gory. This isn't a horror movie. This also means that if things are getting a little hot and bothered, and shirts are gonna start coming off, then talk to me, and we can time skip the scene. This does not mean, however, that romance is banned. In fact, it is encouraged, highly. Just don't get too graphic. Same with violence. After all, we all know how much fun violence can be. just don't get outa hand.
4. This is my world, and I control everything that happens here. This means that I am the Goddess, and my word on something, is law. And that means no arguing with me if I tell you your doing something you shouldn't be. It also means if a person is violating one of these rules, that I reserve the right, to kill off their character with the death penalty. *gestures to a guillotine*
5. Don't bring real life drama into the rp. For example, if two friends are in a fight, but their characters are best friends, don't just suddenly throw water in your friends face and tell her shes a slut. This counts doubly so for romance issues in real life. Please don't let that affect the rp.
6. No god-modding! And no just generally being jerky.
7. When writing your bio's please keep to a good long paragraph worth. The bio is very important so please don't get lazy.
8. On the topic of character profiles... When you fill it out, send it to me in a pm, titled Emerald Academy, [X] Yes! This particular title for the subject line, helps me know that you read the rules.
9. Please remember that we are all mature here, and that we can act like it... When we are outside of the ooc anyways. And please act like I know you can. I don't want to have to babysit a bunch of children.
10. It was stated in the old character profiles but not the new ones... So I need to state it here. DO NOT use real life pictures in your character profiles or posts. Anime please.
11. I reserve the right to turn down any profile I deem un-fit.
12. You guys.... DO NOT talk about another player behind their back. If you have a problem with another member of the RP talk to them about it. Do not vent in the OOC. Do not drag other people in. This is a HUGE thing with me. We've already had an incident like this with one of our past members. I will NOT have a repeat of that.
13. From hence forth within the walls of this RP I declare that any and all severed limbs and or mutilated body parts including but not limited to arms, legs, heads, and chests that may crop up within the story be called Steve. These varying Steve's shall be kept within my Ampi-Trunk A.k.a. Steve World. Remember kiddies... Don't be a Steve.
14. If anyone does not post for two weeks or more without notice, your character will be removed automatically.
15. I reserve the right to add more rules here as I see fit.
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A small explanation...

This school is home to many mythical creatures most would think to see in fairy tales. From demi-gods to dragons, to werewolves, all reside here. That means when making your characters, you have free reign to make them how you want. Please do NOT abuse this, and make some ridiculously, omni-powerful thing. And no part human, part neko, part chicken, part part bat, part THING! If you must make a half-breed, don't keep splitting hairs. Two different parts is fine enough, you don't need to add three more.
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The school, look at it!~

Front view of the school - Purty, isn't she?
The dorms, and their layouts~ The basic floor plan for both dorms and The Sun and The Moon bedroom designs. The restroom for the Moon kids. And the restroom for the Sun kids.
And of course, let us not forget the Teachers Dorms. This is their bathroom. And this is how everything is Laid out. Very luxurious compared to the students if you ask me.
Allow me to welcome you to the Sun common room and the Moon common room.
Doesn't the Cafeteria just make you hungry?
This is the Auditorium This is where we hold performing arts.
This is the Grand Library~ In case you cant tell, the headmistress really likes books.
And allow me to be the first to welcome you to the Music Room!~ We use it for choir, and Dance too.
This room here, is the room we use for art. Excuse the mess.
These are out regular classrooms. We use these more for English and Math.
Careful in here, this is our Science Lab. You never know what experiment someones got going on in here.
Speaking of experiments gone wrong, this is our Infirmary, or Nurses Office, whatever you want to call it.
Thats it for the insides, how about the outsides? Thats some of our gardens, by the way. Pretty, right?
And this, is where we hold meditation classes, when its warm anyways.
This is something we had done a couple years ago. It's meant for our more... aquatically inclined students. It empties into an indoor swimming pool for during the colder months.
This is the Outdoor Arena Its for classes in Training and Power Control. As you can see, built just off the side of our lovely arena, is an Outdoor Riding Ring. We have an Indoor Riding Ring too.
During the colder months, we use the Gymnasium for Training. That and when we have a special event Headmistress Iczer, uses her magic, to turn into a Ballroom!~ Isn't it the most beautiful thing?
Oh, and have I mentioned the Stables yet? The inside is even cooler. The headmistress put it here for students with horses, as well as for the use of clubs. She's also had a few centaurs here that liked to hang around the place.
Well, that was Emerald Academy, hope you enjoyed the tour.
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The Profile Skeltons!~

[i][align=right][color=COLOR1][u][color=COLOR2]YOUR USERNAME HERE presents...[/color][/u][/color][/align][/i][imgleft]DIRECT LINK TO IMAGE HERE[/imgleft]
[size=20][b][align=center][color=COLOR1][u][color=COLOR2]FULL NAME HERE[/color][/u][/color][/align][/b][/size][align=center][color=COLOR1][u][color=COLOR2][b]GENDER[/b]x[b]AGE[/b]x[b]RACE[/b][/color][/u][/color][/align][align=center][color=COLOR1][u][color=COLOR2][b]DORM NAME, ROOM[/b][/color][/u][/color][/align]








[color=COLOR1][u][color=COLOR2]POSTING COLORS:[/color][/u][/color]

Alright, so these profile skeletons were made by our super-awesome newest member xxinsomnia.
We love her (mostly me, but not the mods, cuz they haven't seen this yet), because we love pretty things here. And these are some pretty profiles.
ALSO! A small word of advice. Gaia private messages, tend to be broken by messages with too much coding in them. These profiles, do just that. So if it looks a little buggy when you go to preview the message before sending it, thats because Gaia is (apparently) easy to break.
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This is our Class list, be it a core, mandatory class, or a more optional elective.
Choir ((Taught by Headmistress Kelly Iczer))
Art ((Taught by Headmistress Kelly Iczer))
Embroidery ((Taught by Professor Skuld Arian Erela De Russo))
Dance ((Taught by Headmistress Kelly Iczer))
Performing Arts (Drama) ((Taught by Professor Elizabeth Maia Rouge))
Martial Arts ((Taught by Professor Cedric Bales))
Computer Class
Spanish ((Taught by Senoir Vincent Pedicaro))
CSI ((Taught by Professor Latsi Amarie))
Creative Writing ((Taught by Professor Latsi Amarie))
Sociology ((Taught by Professor Kuro Tsubasa Karasu))
Strategy & Tactics

Power Control ((Taught by Professor Zias))
Training ((Taught by Professor Cedric Bales))
Meditation ((Taught by Professor Anian Y Ddraig Goch))
Math ((Taught by Professor Karine Serenesri))
English ((Taught by Professor Nowaki Ryokai))
Racial History ((Taught by Professor Agleca))
Science ((Taught by Professor Melani Harmony Iczer))

And this, is the schedule that employs these classes. This is what life will be like here at Emerald.

Breakfast/Official wake up call - Dawn-7:30am (Come seven thirty is when the official time to wake up now announcement goes out school wide. Students are welcome, of course, to wake up whenever they please, so long as they get to class on time.)

Period 1 - 7:30am-8:15am
Meditation, Math, Choir, Archery, Spanish, Photography

Period 2 - 8:15am-9am
Racial History, Training, Computer Class, Art, Sociology, Animation

Period 3 - 9am-9:45am
Science, Racial history, Art, Martial Arts, CSI, Strategy & Tactics

Period 4 - 9:45am-10:30am
Power Control, English, Dance, Embroidery, Creative Writing, Cooking

Period 5 - 10:30am-11:15am
Math, Science, Performing Arts, Martial Arts, Sociology, Animation

Period 6 - 11:15am-12pm
English, Meditation, Embroidery, Dance, Spanish, Photography

Lunch - 12pm-1pm

Period 7 - 1pm-1:45pm
Training, Math, Embroidery, Choir, CSI, Strategy & Tactics

Period 8 - 1:45pm-2:30pm
Meditation, Power Control, Archery, Dance, Creative Writing, Cooking

Period 9 - 2:30pm-3:15pm
Science, Training, Choir, Computer Class, Sociology, Animation

Period 10 - 3:15pm-4pm
Racial History, English, Martial Arts, Art, CSI, Strategy & Tactics

Period 11 - 4pm-4:45pm
Power Control, Science, Computer Class, Performing Arts, Spanish, Cooking

Period 12 - 4:45pm-5:30pm
English, Meditation, Performing Arts, Archery, Creative Writing, Photography

Assembly - 5:30pm-7pm

Dinner - 7pm-8:30pm

Study-Time/ Free-Time - 8:30pm-11:30pm

Curfew - 11:30pm (No on is allowed out of their dorms at this point in time.)

When you make your profile, you get to choose which one of the four classes you have that period when you make your schedule. Please note that all of the elective classes are optional.
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The Dorms~

Sun Dorm
Moon Dorm


1. Dahlia Rose/
1. Beke Keszito/ Isabelle Marie Watts

2. Rosalie "Rose" Collins/
2. Kora Mila Stern/ Victoria "Tori" Kamiko Ekstrom

3. / (Out of commission)
3. Melody/

4. /
4. Airi Eclipse/

5. / Viz Esik

1. Azazel Eclipse/
1. Lyonel Kingsly/ Ian "Vader" Valien
2. / Ailill Mac Lir
2. Key Quinn/ Finnikin Gale Coreson
3. Gabriel Vicieux/ Vladdmir "Vladd" Delacorte
3. /
4. Aoi Tamaki/ Joshua Riddick
4.Mihail Zanraven/ Nikolai Zabraven

1. Kaien Enigora/ Farica Galila Coreson
2. Cheska Namio/ Jaxon Eilriech
3. Ray Eistorm/ Eztil Tobias
4. /

1. / (Out of commission)
2. William Canis Tamaki/ Itami Canis Tamaki
3. Azera May Della/
4. Venia Amor Omorfia/ Alphonze Iczer
5. Noah Michael Ellis/ Jeice Marcus Calahan "Magnus"

Teachers Dorm

1. Kelly Iczer
2. Melani Harmony Iczer
3. Karine Serenesri
5. Cedric Bales
6. Latsi Amarie
7. Elizabth "Ellie" Maia Rouge
9. Kuro Tsubasa Karasu
11. Sonkei Sa Reru Gakusha
12. Anian Y Ddraig Goch
13. Artemis Hallows
14. Zias
15. Agleca
18. Skuld Arian Erela De Russo
19. Vincent Pedicaro
20. Nina Hathoway
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_^_^Current Events^_^_


Sunny, Cloudy, Partly Cloudy, Snowing, Raining, Overcast, Breezy, Windy, Stormy, Clear Skies, Chilly, Humid


January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December


Week - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Number - 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


6:55 P.M.

Permission to be off-campus:

Only when accompanied by a teacher.

Any other significant dates~

The First Day of School - August 24
Welcome Back Dance - August 24
The Infamous Club Riot - September 5
The Burning of the Dorms - September 5
Competition Day - September 17th
Darkling Attack - September 17th
Halloween Dance - October 31
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Charecter List
(Sorry if the color on a characters name is off.)
All full profiles can be found here.
Beke Keszito
2. Cheska Namio
3. Aoi Tamaki
4. Isabelle Marie Watts
5. Nowaki Ryokai
6. Mihail Zabraven
7. Nikolai Zabraven
8. Headmistress Kelly Iczer
9. Karine Serenesri
10. Alphonze Iczer
11. Cedric Bales
12. Melani Harmony Iczer
13. Vladdmir "Vladd" Delacorte
Azazel Eclipse
15. Airi Eclipse
16. Ailill Mac Lir
17. Kora Mila Stern
18. Jaxon Eilriech
19. Elizabeth "Ellie" Maia Rouge
20. Viz Esik
21. Venia Amor Omorfia
22. Kuro Tsubasa Karasu
23. Sonkei Sa Reru Gakusha
24. Noah Michael Ellis
25. Artemis Hallows
26. Jeice Marcus Calahan "Magnus"
27. Joshua Riddick
28. Ian "Vader" Valien
29. Agleca
30. Anian Y Ddraig Goch
31. Melody
32. Zias
33. Skuld Arian Erela De Russo
34. Eztil Tobias
35. Ray Eistorm
36. William Canis Tamaki
37. Nina Hathoway
38. Lyonel Kingsly
39. Key Quinn
40. Azera May Della
41. Kaien Enigora
42. Latsi Amarie
43. Itami Canis Tamaki
44. Gabriel Vicieux
45. Vincent Pedicaro
46. Dahlia Rose
47. Finnikin Gale Coreson
48. Farica Galilea Coreson
49. Rosalie "Rose" Collins
50. Victoria "Tori" Kamiko Ekstrom
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White List
x_Ultra_Panda_Luver_x - For just generally being awesome, and for being there with me through the long night as I pulled this rp together. There would be no Emerald Academy, without Ultra.
xxinsomnia - Because she is the one who made us our profile skeletons. And she volunteered for that s**t. She is also super awesome.
Unimaginable_cruelty - Because she helps me so much with profiles, which I really appreciate. Also because.... Well, she makes so many characters, I think she might even have more than me... Which is awesome.


Black List

No Anima - Because well... Because she wanted me to put her here.
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These are the people you must listen to, besides me. If you have any questions, and I'm not on, you can ask one of them. I feel like I'm forgetting a mod, so don't be surprised if I add one.
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In case I forget something. ^^;
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In case I forget something. ^^;
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User Image
Beke Keszito


With a heavy sigh Beke flopped backwards onto her bed. She was tired, but it felt good to do a good days work. Or rather, a couple hours worth of work. All around her the once impersonal room held bits and pieces of her own things. The drawers and closet were full with her clothes, her bag for school was settled near the door. The mp3 player that would usually rest on the bedside table was in her pocket, the headphones tucked carefully into her ears, and her art things were on the table. The music that played soothed her, and made a smile grow on her face. With a soft groan she looked down at herself. She had gone and gotten herself all dirty. Maybe she should have changed into older clothes. But it was too late now. The once nice white pants, with their stylish pinstripes, were covered in all sorts of dark colored smudges. Dust was all over her, standing out against the plain black t-shirt. The scarlet tie had been flung off long ago and laid near the end of the bed.
With a sigh she sat up. She had to blow a small strand of ruddy, reddish-brown hair out of her face. Hairs always seemed to straggle out of the waist length braid she kept her hair in. It was like they wanted to escape. What to do now? Eyes of a blue so dark they were nearly black scanned her new home. The headmistress had told her that they had until lunch to get settled, and get some food in her. But she wasn't hungry, and she was already settled so... What now? After a few minutes she settled for heading out, exploring, and maybe meting a new friend. She wouldn't let herself hope for a nice friend, after all, not enough people were nice anymore. Soon she was out of the room, the key in her pocket, and the door locked up tight. Another sigh escaped her as she settled for whistling along to the song, rather then singing like she wanted. Even the halls of this place were nice. It made her feel dirty.

And Harmony~

((THERE!~ The first post of Emerald Academy is done. You are all free to do your posts. Everyone is free to goof off until lunch is over. Hope you all have a good time here, its my pleasure to have you as a part of it. And now, with out further ado, I declare this thread... OPEN! *cuts giant red ribbon with giant scissors*))
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~Kitami Saori~

"Disturb bot the harmony of fire, ice or lightning. . ."

User ImageKitami looked at her empty room. She walked to her bed and sat down on the comfy mattress. This was her first day of school at this place. She wondered what it would be like. She hadn't been around people, regular people, in years. She was mostly alone all her life. The times she was with people were horrifying or extremely annoying. Having a family that was constantly fighting over you could get to be really annoying. At least she wasn't around them right now. She would endure these people. There was nothing to do in the dorm. She was already settled in. Kitami decided she would search the grounds and see what types of people came to this school. Kitami changed into her normal clothes. Normal for her meant a black shirt without sleeves, and stopped a couple inches below her breast's. She wore baggy black pants with sandals and fingerless gloves along with that. She also had a sword on her waist and a bag on her shoulder. She took the key of her room from her bed and walked out the door, locking it before she left. She really didn't want her stuff to be stolen. She kept the key in her bag and walked down the hall, eventually going outside. I wonder what lies in this school. . . .

". . .lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash."

[ObviouslyOriginalContortionist: Yay!!!]

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