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Snow Donahue

"Hey, wanna see a trick?
"Wait, on second thought, that'd be a bad idea."

I am here: The halls
With: Eve

Snow watched as Eve and Kyle bantered back and forth. She and Kirby didn't really do that, but it looked kind of like fun. Maybe she could try and initiate it at the dance or something? Then Eve came back to her side, and the two of them began to walk in the halls. "Destroy?" Snow wondered. "Does that mean that she's going to kill him?" Knowing Eve, that could always be a possibility. But then she blushed, and told Snow not to repeat a word. "O-okie dokie!"
She said to Eve, giving the fellow girl a big smile. If Eve was going to kill Kyle, then Snow did not want to get mixed up in that.

Snow jumped a little when Eve's voice became higher pitched. Since when did she talk like that?
"Th-that sounds like a-a lot of fun!" Snow said, in her best imitation of Eve's pitch. As soon as she said that however, she felt a stabbing pain in her chest. It was the feeling from before, only now it had gotten more intense. Snow gave a small scream, and collapsed to her knees. The intensity in her chest had increased so much that Snow felt as though she could barely breath. What was coming closer? And why did it hurt so much?

((ooc: Sorry about the laziness there Outlaw. Thought the dance would start sooner.))
((Everything at Once))

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Yoka Namizou: The One of True Secrets that hold Total Darkness
Divamore Namizou ~ The One that Time can not tell, but tell itself.
Scarlet Oniyania = The One that holds Spirits that completes millions of Lifetimes.

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Just a way...


"It seems that I've peaked some of your interest... Alexander" Nato turned his head towards him for a quick moment, then turned his head back to Akyo. She was looking up at him with a confusing gaze. It wasn't that surprising to him, considering that she probably doesn't know anything about Aura or what he does. Based on how she fights and moves from what he seen, she is using her instincts and her emotions to channel her aura to be usable in combat. "The Aura Outrage and the Aura Inrage. Something that spread all over the world, and many races of people call it by different names. Energy... Sol... Mana... Chakra... Or by just calling it Aura. Hikaru is the only one that I know who calls it closer to its original name...along with Akira... Bless his poor soul..." Nato explained, "...but I'm not here to explain a lesson to you..I'm here specifically for you to join me... Akyo Gorezen..."

Before Akyo could say anything, the Bells ending the day of school was heard all around. Nato looked around, and noticed that all students was now leaving school to head back to their homes, or to their dorms. Nato was way too out in the open for another crazy encounter like the last few times he was here a few years ago. "...I'll come visit you later...to give you a reason in joining us..." With that being said, Nato dispersed into air.

Akyo was still silent, as she watched him leave. "...."


A few hours has passed, and Clear has already mentioned the dance to everyone in the school. It was now night time, where everyone was just now eating dinner and moving on towards their rooms, so they can all sleep and be prepped for tomorrows activities. Clear was inside the gym, wondering around and dealing with set up. It was already looking like a ball, but for some reason, Clear felt like there was something missing...

"...God this is going to take me all night.." He mumbled to himself.


Yoka, Divamore, and Scarlet was all in their rooms.

"Dude.." Yoka spoke to Diva.
"Yes?" Diva mumbled. She turned to him, as she sat down, holding a graham cracker in her mouth.
"There's a dance tomorrow..." Yoka stopped for a moment, "...And I don't have a date..."
"Speak for both of us.." Divamore nods, "...I don't have one either..."
"Well of course you. You are a b***h!" Yoka laughed at his remark to Diva.
"Screw you... I have the looks to at least get ten guys all on my butt.."
"Yeah right.. Don't have me.. so that's nine.."
"Grr shut the hell up!" That comment sorta hurt Diva's feelings a little bit.

Yoka picked himself up from the floor, after pausing the game he was playing. He stretched a little bit, before heading towards the small kitchen inside the room. "But if you was more than my best friend..." He mentioned to her as he walked towards the fridge, "...I would take you out to the dance..."

Divamore body jolted upwards as she turned around towards him, making sure she just heard him right. "..What?!"

"Oh it's nothing. Do you want something to eat? I'm sort of hungry..."


It is now 12AM, The Dance is all day tomorrow.
Do you wish to timeskip over the night?

>Yes <--


...with our words

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Clear Marrona
Nato Oniyania
Akyo Gorezen

[[Out. Of. Crap: I'm sorry you guys... I've been off and on for a LONG time. I kept coming in but I was ALWAYS in a WB or I just didn't feel like putting anything down. AND I've been caught up with Facebook, since I was added as a Admin in a Sonic group {That alone changed everything I do online}... With Work and College butting in it's ratchetness... So I've been a busy person for the past few weeks!

So I promise to get on with the dance and move on towards the Main Story again...]]

The Trio Theme:Welcome to NHK

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Emmett Richards
I fight for my friends; their lives are more precious than gold and silver

I am here: Infirmary
I am with: Runa
I feel: Well, this is awkward

Emmett turned red when she replied. He probably should have realized that. "Oh. Er, y-yeah. I knew that." Well, they did have a child, so it obviously wasn't anything he hadn't seen before. Well, more than just seen it really. But it really wasn't the time to be thinking about that. And still, this was kind of embarrassing. "Um, well, I could uh, you know, heal you, uh, d-directly." And then, something seemed like it could potentially be an even better idea popped up. "Or um, if you're feeling stressed, we could put you in a pool or tub, and I could have the water heal all of you. It feels really relaxing, and would uh, help . . . er, d-down there." Emmett liked to do that when he was stressed. Which recently, was pretty much everyday. He was sure Runa could use it just as much as him.

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Water - Outfit
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Skye Rose Arklight


♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

I know that I may not be perfect.
I know that there are some things wrong with me,
But I still keep on going, regardless of what they say.

Skye noticed, as she was thinking to herself, that Gwen was starting to walk out of the library and called to her. She heard what was said and immediately began to fast walk until she was caught up with her. Once they had gotten to the dorm area, Gwen had placed her hand on the knob and somehow it unlocked, since the door was opened without the use of a key. This fascinated her a bit, but pushed the thought into the back of her head and walked into the room. She was slightly intimidated by the several tables covered in different weapons and pieces of armor, but made sure that it did not show on her face. When Gwen told her that she was an enchanter. the chair being made from the wall of the school and her unlocking the door without a key suddenly made sense to her. She stood off to the side a little as Gwen went over to her closet and pulled out what looked like an outfit as the assorted pieces were laid out on the bed. When Gwen asked her if it was good for the dance, there was only one answer in Skye's mind. "It looks fantastic! It's definitely good for the dance." She smiled lightly as she finished the last part of her answer.

I have suffered much in my past.
I have faced many challeges, and I know more are coming,
But I soldier on, knowing that my life has a purpose.

Location: Study Hall, Gwen's Dorm
Who I'm with: Gwen
What I'm doing: Talking to Gwen
Thoughts: Her outfit is awesome!

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Hikaru Seiker, Alexander Seiker, Fuuenken/Fredrick Mercury, Eve, Tomix Gal, Sarin Kirk
"Gallantry entails great risks, but what's bravery without a bit of recklessness?"
"I am an AI. I am knowledgeable. I am advanced. But am I human or machine?"
"If you have something to say, then say it. Just don't say the wrong thing."
"Everyone deserves one second chance."
"Don't go and die over nothing."
"I'm a Pyromancer, NOT a Pyromaniac."

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Alexander frowned and said "When it concerns Hikaru of course you'd spark my interest." Alexander's hands rolled up into fists by his sides, just what was Nato on about? How could he know about Outrage? Alexander did his best to bottle up his emotions, Nato's words were honestly more interesting than aggravating, but Alexander could not help but become irritated at what Nato had to say. Alexander said "So you are telling me all these different magics, all are similar?" He thought to himself Do they have a common ancestor, or perhaps they are different variations of each other, maybe they are all just the same thing? Alexander said "Since you seem to know so much, what exactly is it's original name?" Alex became frustrated at Nato's complete disregard to him, add his last words to Akyo into the equation for even more frustration. Alexander crossed his arms and stomped his foot on the ground. "Akyo." Alex looked at the young girl he called her friend. "You know I can't just let you join him, but I can't physically stop you. If you do side with Nato I will have to consider you an enemy rather than a friend."

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Eve smiled at Snow and said "Not a word okay?" Eve looked ahead of her and thought to herself Snow's so innocent. Too innocent? How does she not...nevermind! Eve's happiness suddenly shattered at the sight of a collapsing Snow. She went down on one knee to be on even level with Snow. "Snow! Snow, are you alright!?" Eve's hands reached for Snow's head, holding it up and saying "Look at me, what's wrong?" Eve shook her head and spoke in a language unfamiliar to Snow, perhaps Nasodic? Eve's first language perhaps? It didn't really matter with an injured Snow in front of Eve. One of Eve's hands let go of Snow and pointed at her with two fingers, then pointed at Eve with the same two fingers. "Snow I'm right here don't you worry." Eve gave Snow a light hug, not accomplishing much in regards to healing her but rather giving off some moral support.

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Elemental Spirit, a creation of earth & her weapon partners
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Starlite, Emily & Rolverk Schedule
1st: Pyromancy
2nd: Math
3rd: Martial Arts
--Lunch Time--
4th: Music
5th: Study Hall
6th: Aura Control

Starlite heard the main door open and smiled. Walking out of the room, she looked toward the door. "Well I see you are back. Did you manage to get her asleep?" she walked over and kissed Hikaru on the cheek and looked at Miyaru "Did you have a fun adventure with your dad?" she chuckled lightly before she looked at Hikaru again "I do hope we are going to the dance. We've never really had a night out." walking away into the kitchen to get food ready for Miyaru "Then again, we'll likely need to bring the little one. I have managed to get her some dresses though they aren't formal, they should be fine." coming out of the kitchen "Let's get her fed. She'll be hungry and hopefully tired." she smiled brightly.

Location: Home
With: Hikaru, Miyaru
Feelings/Thoughts: Maybe some time with the man I love.
Theme: Starlite: Counting on Hearts Emily: None Rolverk: None

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Pirate/Half Outrage Weapon/Rolverk's Daughter

Aurita smiled when he kissed the back of her then mentioned his selection of formal wear. That works if you already have it. She made her suggestion about helping her shop and he told her sure. It was a little surprising to say the least but she liked the idea of a guy to tell her how she looked in different things. Feeling his kiss, her heart started to race a little and she blushed. It was definitely unexpected. Then he asked her why she came to the school if she wasn't a student. "Well... I've been out at sea for a long time... and I decided I was done with that and wanted to find my father. So I sought him out, finding him here. I decided to stick around because I found out that he had my siblings then the just my two aunts." she shrugged before she smiled "Though, old habits die hard." she chuckled and held out Klangs wallet to him "I didn't take anything out of it. But being who I was... well am... it's hard to break the habit." she smiled shyly "Sorry."

Location: Hallways
With: Klang
Feelings/Thoughts: Oh my I think I found myself an interesting one.
Cynics & Critics

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Kaelyn Levea
The Naga Princess
Kaelyn Levea Schedule:
1st: Study Hall
2nd: Science
3rd: Music
--Lunch Time--
4th: Blade Dancing
5th: Aura Control
6th: Math

Kaelyn nodded lightly "Neither am I really. I just know what my father has told me." she glanced at him for a long moment before she smiled lightly. Walking with him toward the place the dance would be, she glanced around a little, seeing his tail sway more serpent-like. It was interesting. Then she realized he stopped. He was looking at her, blushing then started again. It was like he was struggling with something. When he spoke, she stopped, going perfectly still at his words "Not answering?" she whispered as she started to prepare for the worst "Is that was this is about?" she finally turned her head and looked at him, her expression going blank as she did.]

Location: Hallways
With: Kiaku
Feelings/Thoughts: What is he going to say to me?
Theme: The Grey

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Assassin for hire & mother
User ImageUser ImageRuna and Emmett's Son
User ImageUser ImageRuna's pet & Vance's Familiar
User Image
Runa's partner and weapon
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Runa Fenix Schedule:
1st: History
2nd: Martial Arts
3rd: Aura Control
--Lunch Time--
4th: Science
5th: Blade Dancing
6th: Japanese

Zessen Schedule:
1st: History
2nd: Martial Arts
3rd: Aura Control
--Lunch Time--
4th: Science
5th: Blade Dancing
6th: Japanese

Runa noticed Emmett turned red and then his stutter about what she told him. When she started to talk about healing her directly, she blushed deeply but couldn't stop herself from giggling lightly. He was so cute and she had forgotten that, which was sad. Then he mentioned a pool or tub and using it to heal her and help her relax. Looking at him for a long moment she smiled lightly "That sounds like and amazing idea... can you carry me?" at that moment the nurse came back with a cleaned, blanket wrapped Vance in her arms. Taking the baby over to his parents she smiled telling them about a bath in the other room to clean patients. It should it help them with whatever they may need. Runa took Vance in her arms and looked at Emmett "Our son." she smiled lightly as Vance wiggled a little in her arms trying to free himself from the blanket is seemed. The nurse told them she was fill the tub for them.

Location: Infirmary
With: Emmett and Vance
Feelings/Thoughts: This feeling, it's feels like hope
Theme: Runa: Off With Her Head Zessen: None

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