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Emmett Richards
I fight for my friends; their lives are more precious than gold and silver

I am here: Infirmary
I am with: Runa
I feel: If only I could heal her heart

At the comment on a magical healer being needed, Emmett paused for a moment. Well, he was a healer. He held up his hands and wiggled his fingers a little, water forming on them and glowing with a healing aura. "Um, I can help with healing. I've got a pretty good handle on Aquais's powers now. Er, where do you need healing?" He was still a little nervous about it all, but he did want to go. And even if he didn't, he'd have sucked it up for Runa. He was a father now, so he would do anything for Runa and their child. They went above all else.

"I love you to-" Emmett was cut off when he saw Runa going to kiss him. It was something of a surprise. Even though he'd been around her as much as he could the past two months, they hadn't kissed or anything since before he left. He kissed her back, not wanting it to end. Besides the fact that kisses were nice, he was really happy that they'd gotten to this point. It was progress. But then he remembered that he was offering to heal her. So he pulled back, his face somewhat reddened. "Um, so, do you want he- um, me to to heal you?"

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