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Chapter 32: Who would you rather fight...?

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      Aɾιɳα Fυʅɱιɳҽ

⇝"With great power comes great possibilities"⇜

I am here: The Beach
With: Tiona

============ ============

While Arina was building her balloon trap she noticed that Tiona was trying her best to mimic her. The spider girl held back a giggle at the effort because she knew there was no way that anyone would be able to copy her ability let alone the graceful weaving that only a spider could produce. However as the little dragon girl tried her fingers seemed to react as if they were becoming heated. Maybe Tiona was trying a bit too hard that she was actually causing so much friction it was building up heat. Arina wondered if that was normal of the young girl and returned back to her weaving.

Watching Tiona's excitement for the fresh gull for food was heartwarming at first, but quickly turned to a little stomach turning as she unfortunately got a look into the hole the dragon dug to eat her food. The savage way of tearing and ripping the bird apart almost made her want to bring up her own food. It was completely opposite to the elegant way Arina grew up eating. It was probably just a spider thing to be very precise and proper, but she had to turn away from the munching and squishing sound. It was kind of scary to imagine the little dragon to look this savage when she was eating almost like she was reverting to a more primal state. She didn't want to even imagine if Tiona was like that on a regular basis. Once the the noises of the young dragon's meal stopped is when Arina finally turned around to face the now smiling child-like Tiona she had met before except this time her face was littered with blood and feathers."You're very welcome, Tiona" she replied with a smile, 'At least she still has her manners.' It took Arina all she had to not be disgusted by the blood covered face of her friend, but she managed in the end. As they were about to head to the hotel, Tiona rushed ahead for a moment but quickly returned to the spider girl's side. "Don't worry I'm coming with you."

Suddenly without warning the ground began to shake and the clouds above grew dark as lighting danced across them. "What is going on?!" Arina exclaimed as she steadied herself with the shaking terrain as the ocean began to get rougher and splash as a structure rose out of the sea. She didn't even know what was going on as the temple that was rising from the depths came to a stop and a crowd from the hotel started to gather on the beach no doubt attracted by the massive structure that appeared out of the blue. Some people were literally throwing themselves at the building while others flew over to investigate. "They're all crazy, we don't even know what that place is." she muttered as she watched everyone jump into the temple.

A woman approaching them with a wave caught Arina's attention, she had a tail like Tiona's but had feathers on it instead of scales which made her wonder if they were different species of dragon. Then again she didn't know much about dragons to begin with to even make such an assumption. After all, you would never be able to tell she was related to her father with looks alone. "Yeah we are fine as far as I can tell. No injuries here." Arina replied with a friendly smile when asked about their well-being. She looked down at Tiona with a bloodied face and stifled giggled when the woman couldn't decide if she was hurt or not. It did look like the young dragon had been through hell due to the way she ate her food.

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(( ooc: I lost what I had earlier and it made me mad. This isnt nearly as good as the previous one. :/ ))



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Dragon child

                The little dragon stood close to Arina as the sandy terrain beneath her feet quivered. She looked about with a widen gaze as she sniffed the air for answers until she noticed unusual movement in the sea from the corner of her gaze. She stared in awe as she watched as something huge, to the little dragon it looked like a weird cave. The end of her tail flicked the air as she curiously examined the structure; she wondered how it got there, and why. She noticed something small in the distance moving fast towards the strange cave. She narrowed her gaze, squinted her eyelids tightly to help improve her sight, it was for a split second but she thought she saw her friends, “K..kiaku? Gao?” Before she could wonder further, a strange scent danced past her sensitive nose. Just after one sniff the little hatchlings body grew as still as stone. There something about the scent that made her grow cautious if her surroundings, this was a scent that a little hatchling who was far from her nest should fear, it was a scent she could never forget. An older dragon was drawing closer. Tiona looked at the dragon’s tail, there was something weird and fluffy protruding from the end; Feathers?

                The little dragon looked at the new stranger; she lowered down onto all fours and shuffled behind Arina. Her long red scale tail was raised high behind her, as she released a faint warning grown from beneath her throat, “B…Big …e..eat…l..litt…le ” Tiona mumbled as she peeked at the female dragon. Though after a moment of hiding behind her friend she realized the potential danger her new friend was in and quickly scurried in front of Arina. The scales on her tail loosened, briskly rattling in the passing current of the cool ocean breeze. She tried to give a tough and fierce “Grrr, I bite!” look on her filthy little face. Though her fierce gaze wavered as she grew anguishes, the female did not appear hostile or hungry. And she was not all the big either, “G-gao?” She mumbled in confused beneath her breath as her bottom gradually lowered down and planted on the sand beneath her. It looked as though she were relaxed but she eyes the female’s movements carefully, the muscles in her small body squeezed whenever she breathing, “N…no…e..eat..fri..end” Tiona slowly sounded own her words in a wearying voice as she dug her fingers within the sand.

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(( better than nothing ))

Sgt Gearex


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My past is in the past, and trust me; it's worse than Mondays

I am here: on the beach, near the temple
I am with: Dietra and Titania
I feel: Let's get this temple business over with

As soon as Dietra was up for it, Titania said. Hopefully that would be soon. It was taking an awful long time for something Ambrose had assumed was just a headache. He didn't want to drain his energy too much by healing her all day. Though, she suddenly began screaming, and holding the sides of her head. He nearly stopped, wondering if the stone was having an adverse affect on her. It was an angelic item, and Furies were creatures of darkness. But he could feel some other energy interacting with her. He honestly had no clue what it was, but there was a lot of it. It didn't seem lethal to her though, not that he believed Furies could be killed through any conventional means. Ambrose sighed and continued, hoping the healing energy would eventually fix her.

Eventually she stopped screaming though. Dietra was recovered, and was thanking him. She was also curious about the stone. He would be too. Something that allowed a demon to use healing magic had to be some sort of magic wonder. "You're welcome. I'm glad this thing worked. It's a stone enchanted by a nephilim who attends the school. It allows you to convert your magical energy into a healing energy." But yeah, enough with the magic lesson, Dietra was fine and they needed to go investigate that energy source. Ambrose dropped the item back into his shadow and said, "Anyways, if you are feeling better, we're going to see what is happening outside." With that, Ambrose turned and led the two outside and to the beach, where there was a large temple out on the water. "Huh, I heard some of the other teachers tell stories about field trips ending up in exploring a dangerous temple. I thought that Clear would have learned his lesson by now." Ambrose unfurled his wings, and prepared to take flight, intending to fly over the ocean. But, he wasn't exactly alone. He turned to his companions and thought for a moment. "Titania, you can get yourself and Dietra get across easily enough, right?" He didn't think she'd have any problems, as it was water keeping them away from the temple, and Titania was an ice fae. She could surf across on some ice or something. If not, he could carry them with his telekinesis, but that would be wasting energy, and he'd already spent of a fair bit of power healing Dietra with that stone.

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The End Is Where We Begin
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Hikaru Seiker
You have to live and die by your own rules, not for anybody else.

I am here: Resort
I am with: Myself (temporarily)
I feel: Now I gotta get across using this!

Hikaru stood up straight and looked over at Jun'ko. His gaze darted from her to the sky then to his arm. He chuckled and said "I'm assuming you won't be tossing me?" Alex crossed his arms and said "Hey enough chatting we gotta get over there. What's your plan anyways?" Hikaru lifted his hand as small sparks darted alongside it. He asked "So I can recreate devices I've built by hand right?" Alex said in a confused tone "Yes? Why?" Hikaru began theorizing aloud, saying "So anything that I've ever created in my life, even something originally from Alteria?" Alex answered with "Yeah. Wait what do you have in mind?" Hikaru laughed and held his hands in the air, electricity discharging from his body. However nothing appeared in his hands, that was odd. All of a sudden Hikaru began sprinting. With a leap into the air, Hikaru was swiftly taken by what appeared to be a small flying machine hitting his back. Turns out the Nasod had conjured some mechanical wings and a propulsion device along with it, making him airborne. "Really? This is what you had in mind?" Hikaru laughed and said "Yeah! Just keep our power in mind!" Power however was an issue. This model of flying machine was a prototype of a scrapped military project. The main reason being its power source was separate from Hikaru's and the extreme speed of it quickly drained its own battery. Alex sighed and said "Power will deplete before we have a chance to get close. Purging in-" Hikaru interrupted with "Just a little longer!" Hikaru was giving no attention to the limited power issue, instead pushing out every ounce of potential this thing had. Unfortunately his recklessness cause the flying machine to explode on itself, sending the Nasod and his AI into a downward spiral. While Kiaku was gathering his bearings, a loud cry could be heard above him. The dragon's curiosity had to be postponed to bring attention to the mechanical man crash landing nearby. In true Hikaru fashion all that was heard after the crash was a loud cry of pain, excitement and a dropping of the F-Bomb.

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Kiaku and Jun'koxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chaosura xGi'fuxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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xxxxxI'll be there for you Don't cry

                                                        Laying still for a moment as he listened to the waves around the temple, Kiaku stared blankly away from the main entrance opened up. Feeling something grab at his shoulder, he turned his head up as he found himself being lifted up. Staring at Terra as she told him there was no time to lay down, he found himself grinning a bit. "Yeah yeah! I know what needs to be done," He said as he began to stretch. Remembering the temple runs from before, he could recall how fast and agile he needed to be in order to stay alive. Returning to his human form, Ky stood beside Terra and just watched his partner, his arms crossed.

                                                        Hearing the possible jurogumo was fine, a smile crossed Jun'ko's lips. "That's good, but what about the little one?" She asked as she locked eyes with the jurogumo, mere seconds before something else popped up. Hearing a small explosion from a bit of a ways away, she glanced over at where Hikaru once stood. Seeing him take off like a rocket, her eyes narrowed as she watched the fool leave. A rattling sound catching her attention, she quickly turned her head and looked down at the little one. As the little one began to growl, the dragoness found herself intrigued. It was then that the little one ended up speaking up, though slowly and awkwardly. "I get it now..." She said to herself as her eyes locked with the child.

                                                        Turning to face the entrance, he crouched down. Placing his hands against the wet floor of the temple grounds, his tail rose into the air as he could hear the mental countdown going off. Getting interrupted at the point he'd take off, a loud scream echoed from above. Glancing over at the source, he quickly jumped back as the Nasod crashed before him. His eyes growing wide as he stared blankly at his friend, he slowly looked over at Terra and the man she brought with her. "Hikaru, are you okay?" He asked as he slowly began to approach the crashed Nasod. Crouching down next to him, he stared at his friend with worried eyes, but he knew the Nasod was far stronger than that.

                                                        Glancing over at the older girl for a second, Jun'ko began to move closer towards the little one. Her own tail rising into the air, the emerald green scales began to shine in the light of the sun. Coughing as she cleared her throat, she kept her eyes on the child. "[I don't mean any harm to anyone little one]," She told her in dragnotic as she looked her over. Staring at her ruby red tail, she could tell there was a drastic difference between the two species. "[My name is Jun'ko. What is yours?]" She asked her, hoping that she could understand her and possibly speak more clearly.

You're not alone anymorexxxxxxxxx
Everything's gonna be alright

Location : : The temple's entrance! At the beach.
With : : Hikaru, Ky, Terra, and this guy. Jurogumo and the little one.
Thoughts : : "Let's go!!!" "That's why..."
Theme : :

OOC : :

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[][][] Flynn Stonewall [][][]

Who needs a map?: Temple Entrance
With me?: Lucina, Emlyn, Rest of the group outside the temple
Whats on my mind:

It seemed that out of everyone's eagerness to get to the temple his offer fell on deaf ears to be ferried across with the golem. Flynn instead hopped up onto the hand of his hulking sand guardian, climbing up to the shoulder and sitting down as the amalgamation began to slowly walk towards the temple, shaking off loose sand with each step as it reached to sea. The golem trudged into the water, the rough waters pushing against the giant's steps. It made Flynn a little concerned for how well the golem would be able to withstand the currents considering it was made of mostly sand. It should survive the trip considering it wasn't too far from the shore.

Eventually the golem arrived at the temple entrance and Flynn hopped down from the sand golem's shoulder just in time too as the golem started to fall apart and disappear into the waters below. Flynn looked back at his ferry as it slowly fell under the surface. 'Thank you, my friend.' he thanked the golem silently. Even though the golems were simple creations he still felt the need to thank them for the services they provide. It felt wrong to not be grateful for their assistance even if they would never understand it.

Looking around at the group that had already showed up at the entrance of the temple, he noticed two familiar faces already there. A smile grew on his face as he gave a nod and slight wave towards Lucina and Emlyn. "Hey long time no see. Its good to see you two are alright." he said as he looked over the two. He wondered what they have been up to this whole trip. Ever since the bus explosion he didn't have any trace or knowledge of them so he dreaded the worse but thankful that it was the complete opposite. Turning his attention back towards the entrance of the temple, his itch to go explore this ancient place was starting to get to him, his legs getting twitchy and ready to just run off and get lost in this place.




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Yoka Namizou: The One of True Secrets that hold Total Darkness
Divamore Namizou ~ The One that Time can not tell, but tell itself.
Scarlet Oniyania = The One that holds Spirits that completes millions of Lifetimes.

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Just a way...


Yoka was in front of the group, as he blindly leads them through a uncertain path. He was only going through what he was feeling. By that, he means the Aura he was following. He wasn't sure if it was Nato's, but it was powerful enough. "This way!" He shouted, as he turned down a even darker hallway. "I feel like this is the right wa-OOOF" ...Smacked right into a wall. Yoka picked himself up, and rubbed his face, "...Okay it's dark! So you guys know!" he shouted, as he turned another direction into the darkness.

"Wait Yoka! Dammit!" Divamore shouted, as she pulled out a small flashlight from her bag. She aimed it towards Yoka, and when she turned it on, Yoka was nowhere to be seen. "YOKA!" She shouted, getting more and more pissed off at his random antics at this moment, "HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW YOU IF YOU ARE WAY AHEAD OF US IN THE DARKNESS!?"

Scarlet chuckled a little bit, as she continued to move with Diva and it seems like Dirge was now behind them as well. She smiled at him, even though it was getting too dark for him to see that smile. Good thing it was dark, because now he can't see her face. After hearing what he told her outside, before coming into the temple with Yoka, she automatically felt safe. "...It's good..." She spoke, hoping that Dirge hears her, "...It's good to see that you are back. Dirge..." She smiled again, and thanks to that, she felt like her body was fully powered up. She was ready to take on anything with him. "...Let's fight together!"

"WELL MAYBE IF YOU WAS FASTER DIVA!" Yoka shouted, while laughing. "But I can definably use that light... Diva come here"

"Okay... Finally jeez.." Divamore walked up to him, while trying to catch her breath. "Fast little hedgehog are you? Here's the damn light... shine it around so we can see.."

"Alright!" Right as Yoka grabbed the light, he suddenly hears a noise right beside him. He instantly shines the light at it, and his eyes widen from the sight.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

"Oh" Yoka spoke quietly.
"Ah.." Divamore spoke even more quietly.


Clear was already deep inside the ruins, but he took a entirely different path from Yoka. He knew where he was going, because he knew exactly what Vince's Aura felt like. "VINCEE!" He shouted, overcoming all the traps that was in his way. He jumped over the spike pits, got through the water eels, slide under the temple logs, and dashed through the closing walls. That's when he suddenly came to a stop, and looked at a wall. It was a dead end. "...s**t.." He cursed, as he stared at the wall. "Where do I go now..."


...with our words

User Image

Clear Marrona
Nato Oniyania
Akyo Gorezen

[[Out. Of. Crap: Wee! ]]

The Trio Theme:Welcome to NHK

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' Science Teacher 'Saltatio Herba

It took me a long time to find purpose, especially after that...change..

I left behind my home to find purpose as an adventurer, but I just wound up with more questions.

Magic is an art, similar to science. Its not all about blowing stuff up, but how to use it to progress.

Maybe I'll never find my answers, but regardless, I could use just five more minutes of sleep.

Running away, Saltatio dashed into every room he could. He didn't want to have to deal with this woman yet, he had just arrived, and he did not wish for this kind of attention, at least not now! An empty room, good. Running in front of a treasure chest, Ixius put his hands on it and took a deep breath. "Glenexius! He shouted, flipping the chest open. Instead of seeing a wooden bottom like most would see in a wooden chest, there was naught but a black emptiness. Leaping in and putting his hands in front of his head, Saltatio dived into the chest, feeling something grip at his leg and follow him. "Wherever this takes me, let it be somewhere where I can be at peace" Saltatio thought to himself. He enjoyed his peace and quiet, and wanted nothing more than just a little bit more of it. Feeling an exit drawing near, Saltatio reached out his arms, and began to push. However, this feeling similar to a wall would not budge. "Come on, dammit." He muttered, pushing again and again. "Must be locked. Saltatio thought, "It looks like this will require some elbow grease." He finished, holding out his hand. "Inirn!!" Saltatio shouted, an spearheaded arrow of pure arcane power shooting forth from his hand. The thing was about as wide as his head, and the stream that followed behind it (an illusion from the light) was about the length of his arm. Destroying whatever concealed him, Saltatio reached out, hoping to finally escape.

Inside the temple, a chest shook. Clear Marrona, who was on the other side of the room from the chest, would hear a rather desperate rattle, and some unintelligible mumbling. However, one word became clear, seperated from the rest. "Inirn!!" The voice shouted, echoing down the halls. The rusted lock on the chest burst open, and crawling out of it came the white-clad wizard, Saltatio. "So...where did I end up this time?" He groaned to himself, lifting himself out of the chest spotting Clear, he leaned his arms on the chest, as though a table, and waved with a smile. "Hello Headmaster Clear! Glad to report that Dirge, Impermissus, and even Sapientia have returned from their...meeting. I, of course, was always here with the students, and not sleeping in my office." He stated with the natural flow of the sentence. Looking at the area around him, Saltatio's smile turned into a frown. He was a rather playful person, but this place seemed rather dull. "So, where are we? And is this hostile feeling in the air what I should expect to be another enemy? By the gods, Clear, you have a nasty habit of making tough foes." He spoke, feeling something crawl up his leg, reminding Saltatio that he was originally escaping. Pulling himself out of the chest, he stood up and watched behind him as Sapientia followed after Saltatio, bringing her own greeting. "Hmm...it doesn't seem like you're accompanied...what say you we work together on this? Us mentors need to set a proper example, after all." Saltatio stated, reaching into his magic satchel and bringing out his spear/staff. It was just as bright and white as the rest of Saltatio, though even though it was clear that it was made a spear as to not give him away as a wizard, the elaborate design was still more than enough to give him away.

((OOC: Too tired...will post Sapientia, Impermissus, then Dirge tomorrow.))
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' Librarian/History Teacher 'Sapientia Lux

I was once thought to be a witch, a woman who seeks to cause chaos.

Ah, but that's so silly, isn't it? But they still chased me...a lot.

That was when I was saved by my hero! But he had to leave...

I'm happy, though, I have friends now, and I get to have fun. Care to join me?

Sapientia had ensured that the students she disciplined were being taken care of by other authorities, however, for now, she was focused on something, rather, someone else at this moment. Walking in a hasty yet steady pace, she continued to chase her white knight. The knight in shining armor that saved her all that time ago. "Saltatio~ Oh where for art thou~?" She called, following the man as he fled. It had been a while since she last saw him, and she desired to see him once more greatly. Catching up to the tired man, she followed him into a room, and saw him flip open a chest. She knew that spell all too well. How dare he try to escape! When he dove into the chest, she dove in right after him, gripping on his leg to prevent her from winding up on the other side of the world somehow. Hearing Saltatio struggle to reach his destination, she began to try crawling up so she can actually see the exit, too. Hearing Saltatio speak, it was clear that he had run into Clear. "Oh bother...why does he have to bother our alone time?" She thought, trying to climb up, but when Saltatio felt her climbing up, he scrambled out of the chest, hardly giving her time to grab on for herself.

Sapientia had grown an admiration or Satatio since she was but a young girl, when Saltatio saved her from being burned alive under title of "witch". At the time, she had accepted her fate, and that she'd be burned alive like her mother was. However, Saltatio came in and saved her, but not through any violent act, but through words. Quelling the anger and the fear of the townspeople, Saltatio took her under his wing for a time, and Sapientia soon fell in love with the wizard. He taught her how to properly control her magic, but he told her that spells are something she'll have to learn on her own, as he had no intention of taking on an apprentice at the present time. However, eventually he had left Sapientia. And all alone again, she eventually found EMHS and was at peace. She was more than happy when she saw Saltatio was already here. Since then, she's been trying to keep his attention for at least more than a few minutes.

Poking her head out of the chest she was exiting from, Sapientia waved at Clear, lifting her toros out, and raising her lithe legs over the chest so she was in a sitting position. "Hello Clear. What a lovely place we've found ourselves in, no?" She asked, standing up, and walking towards Clear, her footsteps echoed through the temple. Hearing Saltatio mention the powerful aura's, Sapientia put a hand to her cheek. This was worrisome indeed...but she was happy to see Saltatio wanting to take quick action, until he volunteered the two to help. She didn't exactly enjoy helping people in matters of crisis, but if Saltatio asked her to, then maybe. "Ask me nicely before you speak for me." Sapientia asked, narrowing her eyes and sweetening her voice. It was like a dangerous honey, sweet and tempting, but you knew it had a fatal end to it. Looking at Clear again, Sapientia shrugged, raising her hands in the air before grabbing her whip from her hip. "Well, it would seem we'll need to discipline the one causing trouble, after all. Do you know who it is we're going to be fighting? I don't really want to put my life at risk here." She spoke. The whip, as she said this, changed form to a much more violent look, rather than the tame one she used to whip recreational, this one seemed like it was meant to flay flesh, to induce bleeding.

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