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Chapter 30: The Secret of Robin Williams is...?

This is actually a movie he is fliming. Whaat 0.35714285714286 35.7% [ 5 ]
He is on Vacation and he is dressing up as one of the workers for fun! Wha...wait what? 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 2 ]
He is stuck on that island too? Huh how? 0.21428571428571 21.4% [ 3 ]
Well is it that this isn't even the real Robin Williams? Come on he is...um...well you know. AWWW.. 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 1 ]
Robin is rich with gold so we have to be nice to him 0.21428571428571 21.4% [ 3 ]
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Dragon child

                After a few minutes of silently waiting, the little dragon glanced about her surroundings again with a dazed expression. Flakes of ash trickled down around her, she exhaled whatever flakes landed on the tip of her nose with a small huff of gray smoke. Strands of blue hair that had not stuck to the web dangled beneath her, swaying gently in the passing breeze. She was fighting the desire to sleep until she found a safer sleeping spot. She closed her eyes as she sniffed the air, her nose picked up Hikaru’s scent, and he was getting closer to her position, though the Earth girl’s scent had drifted further away. She hoped nothing bad happened to the girl, and she still needed to find Kiaku. She thought about making a loud noise to let Hikaru know where she was, but the thought of calling for help vanished from her mind. Tiona suddenly opened her eyes, half alert as her gaze shifted in a new direction. She detected another scent, this was yet another unfamiliar creature.

                As the creature revealed itself to the little dragon, Tiona’s pupils narrowed into paper-thin slits. She watched the female’s every move until she knew if the creature was harmful. The tip of her tail lightly flicked as she mustered up whatever energy she could spare incase she needed to defend herself. She raised her eyebrows as the girl spoke, the tip of her tail ceased to move, she did not detect any malice intentions in her voice. She focused on her words, she decoded a few words to help her understand what she needed to know, “H..hel..p?...Gao...” Tiona lightly mumbled with the tilt of her head.

                The little dragon’s eyes grew wide with awe the moment the little dragon noticed the spider legs protruding from the girl’s back. She could not help but be amazed as she watched the girl’s insect limbs gracefully step across the webs. Tiona had never seen a creature like her; Pretty... She thought to herself. The more she watched her insect limbs at work made her think of the tasty bugs she ate with her friends. Her stomach released a faint growl as she recalled the mouthwatering flavors of the cooked beetles. Looking at the girl, Tiona noticed that the girl kind of smelled like a bug, but she smelled like something else; Would she taste the same? Tiona wondered just before she remembered the promise she made with Grants, “Don’t eat anyone!” is what Grant’s said. Ah, but she could not eat her, this girl was nice, she helped out of the webs, besides she was not like the normal prey she eats. This land was full of strange smells, she was eager to learn more about them. Tiona kept quiet and still as stone as the spider girl as she carried her down to the ground. She enjoyed the ride, “N…name….Tiona” She softly mumbled to the girl.

                The little dragon wobbled for a moment after her feet were reunited with the ground. The end of her tail rested against the ground to help her remain on her feet. While she stared up to the female she realized something was missing. Tiona narrowed her gaze for a moment; there was a word she should be saying, a word that would express her gratitude for freeing her from the webs. The little dragon glanced around as she tried to remember the word; Wh…what was it?..OH! Tiona’s eyes grew wide the moment the word surfaced. She turned to the girl with a mildly determined stare, “Th…th…than..k yo..you!” Tiona said as she managed a small smile, sweet and beaming as she looked at the female. She hoped she said the right thing. She wondered what would happen next, she was without friends again and very tired. The thought of being alone frightened her; she stepped closer to the spider girl.

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(( We can time skip after outlaw's post? ))

Sgt Gearex


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Hikaru Seiker
You have to live and die by your own rules, not for anybody else.

I am here: Wilderness
I am with: Tiona and...Arina?
I feel: Hey when'd you get here?

Hikaru ran in the wilderness, desperately looking for Tiona. "Tiona! Tiona!" he shouted. Alex was shouting along with him. He slowed down to a slight jog and Alex said "Hey Hikaru, did Jun'ko say anything about large spiders on this island?" Hikaru looked around to see some stray webs. "No but she did say I get to shoot anything I want." Alex sighed and said "Is your answer to everything a bullet?" Hikaru replied with "I have yet to see someone outsmart a bullet." The male Nasod exercised extreme caution when continuing, his shield up to his torso and his rifle by his side. He kept walking and made his way through a low hanging group of branches to see Tiona perfectly fine with a familiar face. Arina! Hikaru knew her, even by name this time! Hikaru lowered his guard and said with confusion "Tiona? Arina? Hey Arina you got stuck here too?" Alex asked Arina "Hey Arina, we've been looking for two dragons and you found one. Did you see a male one by the name of Kiaku?" Hikaru added "Long story short someone hired me to go rescue some students. Wanna join along and have an adventure?"

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                Watching curiously as Kiaku descended back towards the ground, Lina saw a sparkle of light even as she stared at the sky. Barely able to make him out, but his figure was approaching fairly quick. "What's he up to...?" she muttered under her breath, raising a hand above her eyes to narrow her view. Soon enough, an orb rose to the sky and broke in to shards. Eyes growing wide as one of them hit the falling boy in an explosion, her gaze followed his new trajectory for a second before scowling as the remaining pieces of energy were headed quickly for the battle field.

                Jumping out of the way of one shard that would have landed right on top of her, Lina had to move quick if she wanted to avoid being hit by any others. Turning around, another landed directly in front of her. The explosion sent her flying several yards away. Rolling across the ground, sparks of electicity began covering her exposed skin on her arms and shoulders as her body tried to keep itself safe. When she stopped, Lina remained still for a few moments before slowing moving herself up off the ground. "Oh ho, he better be ready the next time... I'm not keeping the gloves on." she told herself with a wry grin. Her skin still danced with electricity as it repaired the damages dealt in that final blow. 'Ugh... I'm startin' to run a bit low after all of that...' Sighing, she stopped her body's process of repair to conserve enough for a few more attacks if needed.

                Once she was back up to a standing position, Lina walked over to the cliff face. Staring in to the water, she gave a frown and turned back. "Don't see any sign of him... Not like I'd do anything even if I did see 'im." she stated, being the hydrophobe she was along with knowing she wouldn't be able to touch the water without hurting herself in the process. Hearing a noise coming from the edge of the clearing, her eyes sharpened for a moment before softening as another figure emerged and addressed the girl that had followed after Kiaku across the cliffs.

                The new person asked if they had seen the kid, Lina approached with a grin. "Yeh, that kid had the guts to challenge me to a fight. He wasn't bad at all, but his last attack there kinda backfired on 'im." she explained then pointed a thumb behind her at the cliff. "He landed in the river down there. There wasn't much I could do after that." she added as her grin began to fade. Something felt off to Lina as she sensed the electromagnetic fields around her. She barely felt any, if anything at all of the sorts coming from this new girl. That worried her a bit for a reason or two, but kept her mouth shut for the moment.

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                    I'm here : : Wilderness
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Kyle awaited some moody response about how Kyle getting to drink wasn't fair, as well as the usual laughs he tended to get out of Dietra. Or something close to that. Anything that sort of just led to casual conversation over some drinks. So he was a little surprised when she ignored all of his little antics and hugged him. Still holding his drink in one hand, he only wrapped one arm around her in response. "Not exactly alive, but as close to it as I've ever been. Well, as close as I've ever been while not actually being it. Annoying vampire technicality jokes. Gotta love 'em. But I'm glad to see you alive and safe too."


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Agent of Calamity, Albert Yumemaru
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. With not much else to do, Albert decided to take a nap while leaning against a nearby tree, as going about on one's own was apparently out of the question. Dozing off, the young man began having the same dreams that happened off and on, they were mostly replays of his childhood memories
and times he ended up wandering in the street; if he had nothing to eat, he would end up stealing food or money to buy what he needed. Sometimes, he would get caught and then thrown into juvie,
but he simply did what he did again once he got out.

*sigh* Life sucked for me.... I lived no better than a sick dog... was the thoughts of Albert's musings as he swam through flickering images of his life.

Sgt Gearex

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