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Chapter 30: The Secret of Robin Williams is...?

This is actually a movie he is fliming. Whaat 0.22222222222222 22.2% [ 2 ]
He is on Vacation and he is dressing up as one of the workers for fun! Wha...wait what? 0.22222222222222 22.2% [ 2 ]
He is stuck on that island too? Huh how? 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 3 ]
Well is it that this isn't even the real Robin Williams? Come on he is...um...well you know. AWWW.. 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Robin is rich with gold so we have to be nice to him 0.22222222222222 22.2% [ 2 ]
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Hikaru Seiker
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I am here: Resort
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Hikaru smirked, hiding his initial shock at the reveal of Jun'ko's daughter. He said "Terra? Oh I've met her. Yeah we go way back." He growled at Ella as she was telling the story of Terra's mechanical hand, this stupid flower was really annoying him. "Glad to see Terra tells you stories huh? She ever tell you the one about how I burnt down the forest? It's a classic." He gave off an intimidating look before turning to smile at Jun'ko. Hikaru followed Jun'ko outside, questioning in his head why she even went outside, it was hot as balls and Hikaru was sick of the beach after crashing into it. He listened to Jun'ko and shrugged, saying "You're really testing me, you didn't mention a third." Hikaru sighed and said "Fine fine, I'll get all three of them for one favor AND you correctly say my name." Hikaru was about to head off on his adventure before a similar annoying noise breached his eardrums again. He grumbled and then began to shout. "Listen you little flower!" Hikaru stomped his foot on the ground and looked down at Ella. "Jun'ko wants you to stay here and so do I. I know your father and he'd agree too." Hikaru turned around and started walking "I don't WANT your help, I don't NEED your help and if I catch you trying to help I won't hesitate to shoot you. SO DON'T FOLLOW." Hikaru clapped his hands together, summoning a shield and a rifle, holding one in each hand. Alex quietly asked "You weren't really going to shoot Ella were you?" Hikaru grunted and said "I said I would if she followed, now keep a look out."

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Suzuka did not expect Houkou to do what he did. As she tried to help him, he hugged her, hearing him praise someone that she was alright, she stood very still, almost stiff as her cheeks turned very red. All she could do after that was watch as he let her go and leaned against a tree. Her eyes were wide still from the surprise hug as she calm herself down. That has never happened to her before and she didn’t know how to react. Hearing him speak about being tired from being cast out of the other dimension, she finally started to calm. Frowning hard, she sighed heavy and let herself flop down right that to sit. She needed to rest after her body went through the shock of being hugged for randomly. When he asked about the others, she bit her lip ”I’m sure people got injured during the battle… but I wasn’t really watching… The bus exploded and I’ve figuring that everyone got tossed everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if lots of people ended up injured. But right now we’re trying to figure out how to get to the resort… we’re at the place we’re suppose to be going to, sort of.” she got back to her feet when she heard someone call out to them, turning toward the voice, she saw Dietra talking to another girl. She had seen her around so she was sure she was from the school. ”Come on, Houkou… let’s get to the others.” she offered him, her hand as she called out to Scarlet ”We’re fine but we could use some help!”




Location: Lui'lui Island
With: Houkou, Dietra and Scarlet
Feelings/Thoughts: Geez... I don't know if my heart will survive a surprise like that again.
Theme: Theatre

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Runa looked at Emmett and smiled lightly, her eyes weren’t completely focused. But she didn’t hear him earlier when he had told her about Vance, that is why she asked. Hearing his answer, she smiled again, their son was safe, thanks to Starlite. That woman was very resourceful, she almost wondered why she wasn’t a teacher. When he said he mentioned it before, she frowned a little. Did he? When he asked her if her head still hurt, she blinked ”A little… but I doubt it’s from hitting it.” she didn’t know that for sure but she figured his healing was working fine, she didn’t take into account that everyone was effected. Her mind didn’t really think they everyone could be weakened like her. Hearing Zessen speak to Emmett about her, she blinked. Why was he not feeling useful? His power was fine, right? He could fight without her, couldn’t he? Feeling herself move between the two, she felt her head throb and she let out a hiss of pain. ”That didn’t sound good… We need to find our way out of here, sooner rather then later. I don’t think she is as well as she trying to claim.” Zessen spoke to Emmett and looked at Zephyr and Yoka who were in the lead.

Sail silently watched the exchange between Emmett, Runa and Zessen. She also heard the others talking as well the tiger fight in the distance. She sighed heavily, snapping her wings out, causing a loud snap to echo out into the air before she took off into the sky. She was the only one that could do it at the moment. Getting high above the trees, she looked around. Alright they seemed to be going the right direction but she knew thing were bad for Runa, her other worry was her sister. Looking at the resort for a moment, she had never done it before, but she through about how long it would take her to get the resort if she was carrying Runa. Could she manage it? She wasn’t sure, shifting in the air, sh moved to land near Emmett and the group ”How much does she weigh?” it was all she asked and hoped that Emmett or Zessen understood what she was trying to do.

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Emmett, Lucina and Emlyn



Locations: Wild Jungle Of La'loa
With: Yoka, Zephyr, Emmett, Lucina & Emlyn
Saylea: I should do what I can
Runa: I'm fine, I swear
Zessen: This could be very bad.
Saylea: Shatter Me
Runa: Drive
Zessen: None

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{Houkou Okami}
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Where: Lui'lui Island
With: Suzuka, Dietra, and Scarlet.
Thoughts: Good she's alright.

Houkou watched as Suzuka suddenly sat down and had a red face. He tilted his head to the side as she told him that others were sure to be hurt, and that the buses exploded tossing everyone everywhere. Houkou looked up at the sky to think for a moment. ‘I don’t know how that time dimension place works…but I wouldn’t be surprised if some were blown through time…but that’s just a thought. For now I need to worry about finding all we can of the ones i can help right now.’ He thought then looked back to Suzuka. When she got back to her feet, he asked. “Are you ok? You look a little flushed.” He asked as she told him to come on and that there were others. ‘So she was in a group.’ He thought then looked in the direction Suzuka called out in and saw two people. He then noticed one was from his a few of his classes, but he doesn’t recognize the other though. ‘I think the one I know is named Dietra (Dee-tra) or something.’ He thought then looked to Suzuka. “I’m fine, I can walk on my own, thanks.” He told her with a kind smile as he leaned off the tree and gestured to join with the others. Seeing Suzuka was fine he felt like he had a bit more strength then what he had.

"...But what really is an illusion?"
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Aquais frowned slightly at the mention of Perrin and Meala. Hm, where could they be? Listening to Emily's lengthy explanation of who Perrin was, something Aquais already knew, she cut her off and said, "Emily, I know who they are. Emmett is dating Runa, so Perrin's on him a lot about that, and I know Meala because we're in the secret water society together." After her little little burst of sisterly sass, she did a quick double check with Emmett and the other familiars. Not seeing the two in question, Aquais reported, "I don't see them." And then, adding some optimism, she continued brightly, "But, I bet they're safe and with a group like this one! There are enough students missing from the groups the Emmett squad isn't connected to to make another group or two."

Ambrose looked blankly at Rolverk when he said he was welcome to join them. He thought he already had done that. Perhaps he was maintaining a bit too much personal space? "Er, yes. I'll be tagging along. Don't mind my penchant for keeping a bubble of personal space though. I like to be a bit cautious when my powers are messed with." He decided not to delve further into that with the students. "Actually I should probably be taking charge as a teacher. On that note, follow me and we'll see about trying out Aquais's idea." And then Ambrose led them into the resort. He approached a help desk and spoke to the man there. Not really wanting to drag this whole "interaction" thing out, Ambrose spoke briefly, "Hello. We are not supposed to be here. Do you know of a way down to the main island?"


Emmett frowned a bit as he listened to her response and watched her. "Hm, well, I'd reccomend getting some rest and trying to build some strength back up. I doubt anything too serious will happen. Just a walk to the beach. Hikaru is coming to help us out anyways." He stopped speaking when Runa hissed. She looked to be in pain, and Zessen stated that she probably was not as fine as she was saying she was. "We really need to get her to see someone who can help. I can heal, but my medical knowledge is pretty limited."

At that moment, Saylea dropped in, asking how much Runa weighed. Emmett paused for a moment, wondering if she meant she intended to carry Runa for Zessen? But then he realized that she probably meant to do what he'd just wanted to do. Get her to the resort as quickly as possible. "Er, probably light enough where you could still fly with her. And if she can still use even a fraction of her gravity of wind powers, it'd make the flight a lot easier."

Upon hearing the talk of flying members of the party back to the resort, Emlyn looked to Lucina and asked, "I can fly you back to the resort if you wish." Lucina looked at the people she was with, and then back to Emlyn, "I think we should stay, and help the others make it through the forest." Emlyn frowned and glanced over to Emmett momentarily, and then back to Lucina. "That sounds like it would be best for the group. A most proper choice for anyone concerned with the safety of others." And so, the two continued on, keeping an eye out for danger.


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