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Chapter 29: Robin Williams greeting us is a thing. So... Dragons?

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"Future King and Sole heir of the Touzainanboku Ryuu-ken"
It doesn't matter now what happens
I will never give up the fight
Unleash your might roar! Chaosura Kiaku!

Remaining perfectly still as he took notice of the girl's attempts to pronounce his name, Kiaku found himself smiling. Though she was struggling, she was earnestly trying to do so. "I like the determination you have," He said with a pleasant grin, his tail swaying as her focus seemed to be else where after she finally got his name right. Looking away from her, he turned his head towards the ceiling above.

Hissing as he pulled his tail away, the dragon watched as the boy's body fell quickly. Smirking, there was a twisted look of satisfaction within the beast's eyes. Releasing a blood curdling howl, a sharp needle-like pains began to hit him again and again. Turning his head slowly, the shots began to hit him harder and harder. Shrieking out, the dragon landed on the bus and began to growl. Firing off a few shots towards the girls, he purposely hit the ground in front of them. As pillars of crystal-like ice rose out of the impact points, it roared once again and began to take off into the air again.

Blood tricking from the wounds they had inflicted, the dragon began to growl as it realized how badly it had been hurt. Raising its head up, it began to charge up for another attack. Spewing out a white mist onto the stage, the floor began to freeze instantly. Smirking as he shut his maw, the mist continued to leak out as he growled once again. Opening his maw up again, he began to fire shot after shot at the girls. Crystal pillars erupting from the impact point, they tore into the bus. Narrowly dodging the pillar of ice as it ruptured through his seat, Ky began to shiver as the boss began to fog up. "What the hell is going on out there?!" He shouted out as the ice dragon roared out again.

Staring blankly at Tiona as compared him to the apple, the whelp ignored the howls above and let out a sigh. "Are you calling me an apple?" He asked as she seemed to be consumed by thoughts of hunger and nothing else. This girl was easier to read than an open book and it was just horrifying. "You may as well just take i-," He began to say, barely able to finish what he was saying. As she snatched the apple from his hands with her claws, he recognized the hand motion. "Claws..."

Watching her devour the apple like a starved beast, he felt a little uneasy. It was like she was more animal than person and it was kind of sad to see. By the time she finally finished, a wide grin crossed her face and she seemed a lot better already. Caught off guard by her next choice of action, the whelp's cheeks returned to carrying the unusual pink tint from before. "Quite affectionate, aren't you?" He said rather calmly, reaching over and gently petting her on the head as she rubbed her cheeks against his shoulders. Listening to the sound she was making, he could have sworn he had heard it once before in his life, but had no idea why.

The moment ceasing as a booming roar echoed from above, Kiaku lifted his head up towards the ceiling once again. Gritting his teeth, he began to growl instinctively. Looking back down at Tiona, he pushed himself up and grinned. Cracking his knuckles, his tail made a loud crack as it whipped through the air. "Hey Tiona...Grab onto me, okay?" He said as multiple sets of runes began to emerge from each one of his limbs. His aura raging within the confines of the rune's rings, his body began to dissolve within the rings. "You're about the see a real king in the making," He said with a cocky grin as his head dissolved as well.

Glaring at the two as they continued to attack him, the ice dragon let out a booming roar. Spreading his wings wide as he tried to stay airborne, a mass of loud pings began to ring out behind him. Turning his head as a mass of rings floated in the air behind him, a mass of what looked to be bright white energy began to rise from within the bus. As it seemed to take form, what looked like an arm came from them and unrolled its fist. Dropping a young dragon from it, the older ice dragon began to hiss at the unknown being as it began to shine brightly.

Sparks exploding off of the being, green scales began to emerge all over its body. Spreading all across the body of the beast, it stopped at the maw of the newly formed dark green dragon. His emerald eyes opened, the dark blue spikes lining his head began to glow as he opened his maw up wide. Unleashing a booming roar, the dragon stomped forward and bared his jagged fangs towards the ice dragon. Without a second of hesitation, the newly formed dragon swung his claws forward and latched them onto the lower jaw of the ice dragon. Shrieking as he quickly turned on the heel of his foot, the dragon tossed the ice dragon over his shoulder and roared out as the ice dragon hit the pavement of the highway.

Watching it bounce off of the ground again and again, the dragon grinned as he turned to face those fighting the fire dragon. As the ice dragon caught himself mid-air, he began to take off towards the bus once again. Growling as he glared at the blond, the green dragon pointed at himself and let out a loud hiss. Moaning softly, he stared at his friend as he hoped for him to attack him. He knew he needed to mix things up in order to stop this one from attacking anyone else.

Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
It doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right

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>Rockin' this place:Amongst the luggage.
>Gotta support!:Tiona and everyone else once again!
>Song of the Soul: "Wild type"
>Not empty for once:Let's rock and roll! SHEEEROOOONKUUUNG!!!!!
>What do ya say big guy?:


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I am here:
With: Snow

"I exist for one reason and one reason only"

Namii felt like a major, useless idiot. She'd wrongly assumed that flying as a human would be exactly the same as flying as a bird. So when she tried to turn, she was quite surprised to find that no, flying as a human was not the same. For all the cuddling Snow seemed to like to do with him, Kirby was not a soft and comfortable target to run into while flying. She'd crashed into him, knocking both of them to the ground. She lay on top of him dazed for a few seconds, before finally coming to her senses. "s**t Kirby I'm so sorry! Are you okay? Is Snow okay?" She asked him, getting off of him and scanning the battleground.

Looking at the dragon, Snow didn't seem to be in its claws anymore. Namii worriedly began to search the ground, and was relieved to find an unhurt Snow heading their direction. Namii grabbed Kirby's wrist and hauled him to his feet, and then began to run full speed towards Snow, not letting go of his wrist. When she got to her friend, she wrapped her in a huge hug.
"Oh-my-god-I'm-so-glad-you're-safe" She burst at once, earning a smile from Snow. "I-I'm fine. I don't know about K-Klang though." She said, glancing back towards where Emmett was healing Klang. Looking through his eyes, it wasn't good, so Namii's face remained grim. "B-but anyways, what were you t-two doing?" Snow asked, probably referring to when the two of them had crashed into each other. "We're saving you." Kirby began "Isn't it obvious?" Namii finished. Snow giggled, before responding "Oh y-yes. My heroes." She then gave Namii a kiss on the cheek, and Kirby a kiss on the lips.

"B-but I have a really c-cool idea for defeating the ice d-dragon! We have to f-find my sister!" Snow said to the both of them. Namii nodded at her. "Okay Snow Bear, Let's go!"

"To protect her"

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I am here: battlefield
With: Rhoswen, Kirby, Aquais, and Namii

↬"Didn't I already tell you?"↫

Titania was contemplating the best way to jump up and hack at the dragon when she heard her sister's voice calling from the background. And Namii's? She turned around slightly to see that a trio was running towards her, Rhoswen leading with Namii and Kirby with a sword following close behind. "What's up Rhoswen?" Titania asked, making sure not to take her eyes off of the fire dragon. It was being attacked hard, and didn't seem to be doing much, but it was better safe then sorry. "I-I have an idea."

~Minor Time Skip~

Titania waited patiently as Snow explained her idea. And when she was done, Titania gave her a huge smile. "That sounds like a brilliant plan." Titania said to her sister. "Let's get started on that then." She said, turning on her heel and heading back towards where the ice dragon was.

↬"Get out of my face."↫

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Skye Rose Arklight


♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

I know that I may not be perfect.
I know that there are some things wrong with me,
But I still keep on going, regardless of what they say.

Skye observed the scene before her, carefully looking for those details that would help her do anything that she could to resolve the situation. She noticed that people were attacking the dragons not from long range, but from medium to short range, which was something that she would not have dared considered. I wouldn't attack them directly from short range. I would focus on long-range attacks so the dragons can't hurt us anymore than they are. She heard Gwen say something, but could not pinpoint it because she was swinging up onto the top of the bus. She was about to stand up from her crouching position when Gwen spoke to her, complimenting her on her looks, and also heard someone else speak up, a male's voice this time. The voice scolded Gwen of flirting with Skye and told her to tell her to help. The source of the voice, a boy named Emmett, apologized for his impoliteness and wanted this battle to be over as soon as possible. She could not blame him, since she was wishing for the same thing, especially when someone was hit with the ice dragon's tail. That, to her, was one of the most brutal things that she had seen in her life.

She grew very angry at the ice dragon, having nearly killed someone. She heard Gwen yelling orders, telling Emmett to heal someone named Klang and ordering Terra, Snow, and Skye to attack the dragon so it could not hurt anyone else. She noticed a new presence next to her soon after and noticed that it was Terra, someone that she did not know well, but well enough to know that she was friendly toward people.
I must do what I can to stop this dragon! Skye began to shoot small fireballs at the ice dragon, making sure not to hurt anyone else around her. Once she was confident enough to believe that she wasn't hurting anyone, the fireballs grew a bit bigger, those balls of fire hitting the dragon on its chest and near its eyes and forehead.

I have suffered much in my past.
I have faced many challeges, and I know more are coming,
But I soldier on, knowing that my life has a purpose.

Location: Battlefield
Who I'm with: Gwen, Terra
What I'm doing: Shooting fireballs at the ice dragon
Thoughts: I have to do what I can! I simply must!
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Meala quickly wrapped Nilin in her telekensis when the bus suddenly turned hard, seeing the dragons, her eyes widened "Oh great..." Trying to hopefully keep Nilin from crying that didn't seem to work out. Meala had to protect her and hopefully Perrin would help her. Watching as Emmett seemed to go help the fight as Runa held a now crying Vance, Sai flying over the two protectively. It was Starlite and Miyaru that came to her attention. "Mommy! I scared!" the young one cried. Starlite didn't have time to answer Fuuenken before the battle started. Two dragons and neither were freindly. "I know Miyaru. Do you trust me?' Starlite looked at the little girl in her arms "Yes!" Starlite smiled lightly and touched Miyaru's forehead which put the child to sleep. "The younger they are the easier that is." she spoke out loud. Looking at the other two mothers she smiled "Meala get the blanket out of my bag, Runa make a barrier for a ground. Place the blanket on it. I'll get the other two to calm down, then make a barrier box around them. Fuuenken, Perrin, Runa and myself we will protect the children. Meala... find your sister, I have a feeling healers are going to be needed." with that Meala used her power to pull the blanket out and Runa made the floor. In the middle of working, the bus changed form "That makes this a bit more difficult but the plan stays the same." The barrier was made and the blanket laid on it. Starlite set Miyaru down on the blanket before she went over and moved her finger over Vnaces and Nilins foreheads. The two instantly calmed and slept. Hesitantly, the two women put the babies next to Miyaru before Runa finished the box. "Go Meala!" With that, Starlite pulled out Rolverk and Emily, ready and waiting. Runa floated above the box, pulling Zessen out and being prepared. Meala flew off to grab her sister to hopefully help the best they could.

Saylea wasn't surprised by the dragons. It seemed normal for the school to call to dangerous things. The bus did surprise on the other hand, seeing it change into a platform like that. She was flying above looking around, watching the battle when Meala suddenly approached her. "We need to help the injured." Saylea stared at her little sister for a moment before she nodded lightly. That was when she saw Snow getting rescued then Klang taking that hit. "Meala take care of him." then she heard a scream, looking toward it she saw Aurita starting to fall over the edge of the platform. Flying quickly, grabbing the girls hand and pulling her back onto the platform. The girl thanked her swiftly, looking around. Aurita found what she was looking for, seeing Meala and Emmett trying to help him, she ran over to him. "Klang! Wake up! Klang!" "Aurita calm down! Emmett! Get him over to Fuuenken and the others. You help with the dragons. Saylea and I will handle the wounded, just bring them here." Aurita nodded lightly, tears starting to fall down her cheeks as she watching Meala and Emmett with Klang carefully moving herself to where Starlite and the others are. Aurita sat with him hoping he would be alright.




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~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Suzuka heard Houkou talk to Bandit and she shook her head lightly. Watching the sakura petals fly through the air, she didn't expect the turn of the bus. Squeaking in surprise as she was thrown into the window. "Ow!" she groaned and looked around. Bandit had come out of his spot, growling darkly. "What's going on?" then she saw the dragons, her eyes widened in fear. Then the bus seemed to shift and it threw her off balance. Falling to the floor of the platform, she looked around. What was going on? A fight was taking place and she felt useless. Bandit was standing protectively near her and she hoped they would be alright. "This is bad." she was scared and grabbed onto Bandit and looked around hoping she wasn't alone in her fear.


~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Kaelyn was giggling at Hikaru when everything happened. It shocked her but she had been training with her father, so that changed quickly. When the bus opened up, she realized fast that she was at a disadvantage. Dragons were not something she use to fighting. Seeing several, including Kiaku and Hikaru, fighting, she tried to think of a way to help. Moving her hand up and in a circle, a dark cloud started to form above her. But this was a different realm, she wasn't sure of the extent of her power there. She could only hope that it would be enough to help. The cloud started to have flashes into of lightning and thunder started to sound from it. "Come on... Let's get bigger...' she mumbled to herself as she tried to make the cloud bigger, hoping that she would be able to trap one of the dragons inside once it was big enough.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Hielet wasn't really surprised but the attack more the timing. Usually they have more time before they have to fight for their lives. Once the bus opened up, she started to float where she stood and watched Clear wit the rest. Moving herself higher, her eyes start to glow as she looks at the dragons hoping to maybe stop one long enough to turn the battle in the favor of the students but dragons were hard to get through. Closing her eyes tightly, her head starts to hurt a little. "Dammit..." she hisses under her breath before she moved her hand to nose and wipes away blood. The surprise of it had her stock still. This couldn't be happening.. she was becoming more human. She would have to talk to Clear about this. Something needed to happen soon or she might end up losing everything.


Saylea: Shatter Me
Meala Hope of Morning
Runa: Drive
Starlite: Up In Flames
Aurita: Cynics & Critics
Hielet: Fake It

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Emmett Richards - Kirby Richards - Aquais - Ella Richards - Terra Ironpriest
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Kirby, still a little dazed, was suddenly being dragged to his feet, and pulled along by Namii. As he cleared his head and followed along, still holding Aquais in his hand, he went over the events he'd missed in his head. Klang had saved Snow, thank goodness, though he was gravely injured. Emmett was healing him, and Meala and Saylea had shown up. Hopefully that would be enough.

Soon Kirby was over with Snow and Namii, and they both enveloped her in a hug. "I'm so glad you're okay." He told her this, while Namii said essentially the same thing as well. When the talking about Klang's condition started up, Kirby added, "I'm sure Emmett will be able to save him. He's got Meala and Saylea with him too, and he knows he can get more help with people using Gwen's healing rocks."

When Snow asked what they'd been doing, Kirby just kinda shrugged and said, "We're saving you.", and then, perfectly in sync, almost as if they could read each other's minds, Namii finished the sarcastic answer. It got a laugh out of Snow, and kisses for each of them, which was a relief to Kirby. He was glad to see her near death experience hadn't shaken her up too much.

When Snow mentioned going to find Titania, Kirby glanced back over at Gwen, who'd told Snow to attack the dragon. He just kind of gave Gwen a helpless shrug as he followed along with Snow and Namii. Kirby frowned a bit listening to Snow's plan. It seemed kind of risky, assuming that they could exert their power over the ice dragon's own attacks. "So uh, isn't it, k-kinda risky? Um, i-if it doesn't work, I mean?" He didn't mean to say that their plan was bad, but if they put all their marbles on their plan working, they'd be getting a direct hit from at least one attack. He was worried, and naturally a bit doubtful of these kinds of tactics. Either way, he did he follow them back to the ice dragon. Aquais piped up, "I bet they're immune to ice anyways!" "Well, immune to er, cold. But, ah, physical damage. Er, an icicle th-through the heart can't be um, ideal conditions." He winced a bit at his own example, not wanting to imagine Snow or her sister being impaled like that.


Gwen and Terra paused their relentless assault as the ice dragon began shooting at them. It's aim was . . . well, it was as bad a stormtrooper's, honestly. They hadn't been hit, though the ice spikes coming at them did cause Terra to move on the offensive, drawing the bullets she was using in closer to smash into the ice balls that were coming their way. She managed to block most of the ones that were heading towards any students, though she soon ran out bullets, as each one ended up encased in a very thick layer of ice. While Terra was on the defensive, and Skye on the offensive, Gwen decided to provide some useful support, enchanting both Terra and Skye directly, leaving a rune on each of their bodies. They would both feel an renewed surge of stamina, and would be able to fight better for longer.

Anyways, it ended up being a good thing that the bullets weren't still whizzing around, as a large green dragon soon showed up, attacking the ice dragon. Terra eyed the dragon, and recalled her brother's tail. The color matched up, so was this his dragon form/ "Is that . . . Kiaku?" "Ohh, the dragon runt? Damn he's not short anymore. Kick its a**, former shota boy!" Gwen cheered Kiaku on as he threw the ice dragon down onto the pavement near the bus. Terra wanted to trap it there, but it got up again quickly. Terra gave some orders this time, "Gwen, start shooting again, Skye, keep up the fire balls." Gwen pulled out Fenrir again, and shot at the ice dragon. Terra began bending the bullets that bounced off of it's scales again. Once she had as many bullets as she could easily handle at once, she said, "Now, switch weapons Gwen." Gwen nodded, and swapped Fenrir out for a wand. She pointed it at the dragon, and a beam of light purple magical energy shot from it, slamming into the dragon. The wand converted the user's magical energy into a harmful beam, making an effective weapon. And Gwen had plenty of magical energy to spare, having only used any of it up giving Terra and Skye their runes.


Emmett was still working on Klang when Meala and Saylea came over. Aquais's niece came over, having some attachment to Klang. She seemed pretty emotional, but luckily Meala calmed her down. And then also gave Emmett some orders. He wasn't much for following orders, but they made sense, he recalled Gwen's words about being a team player. So he lifted Klang up on the barrier stretcher again, and moved him with Meala, continuing the healing work as they went. Kyle, having been gaurding Emmett while he was healing Klang, followed them continuing his guard duty. They soon reached Fuuenken and some others, including Runa and Starlite. Emmett set Klang down gently, and said to Meala, "Alright, I'll leave him in your care." Emmett stood and turned to Runa. He glanced over at the box with the babies in it, glad to see that Vance was safe. He gave Runa a kiss on the lips and told her, "I promise I'll return safely." And then, creating barriers around his hands and feet, Emmett took off, flying back to the fight. Kyle tore off his shirt and followed after Emmett, bat wings sprouting from his back as he flew after the half elf.

Emmett and Kyle weren't quite sure where they were needed, but they saw Kaelyn they knew. "You do wind now, right?" "It seems we have the same idea in mind." Grinning, Kyle swooped down, landing beside Kaelyn, followed shortly after by Emmett. "Hey Kaelyn." With an eager look in his eye, and a mischievous grin, Kyle told her, "We're gonna give your storm a boost!"

Emmett began waving his hands in wide circles at the sky, as if he was stirring the sky with his hands. He drew more moisture into the cloud, making it bigger and more ready to rain. Meanwhile Kyle began shooting lighting into the cloud, making it overflow with static electricity. "I cannot wait to see this thing unleash some weather-y fury!" "It certainly looks like it'll make a difference in the battle. I hope you two can control the lightning though." "Oh, you know I can, Emmett. Every last bolt this thing can produce is going right down those dragon's throats." "Sounds like a plan."


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Ambrosius - Kyle Valji - Gwenyth Lithine - Lucina Hollingbery - Emlyn Wishart

Water - Outfit
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Be Somebody - Outfit
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Hikaru Seiker
You have to live and die by your own rules, not for anybody else.

I am here: Battlefield
I am with: Kiaku
I feel: Start fightin'

Hikaru frowned and said "Damn it, Alex we have to find a better vantage point." Alex shouted "Vantage point? It's a flat arena!" Hikaru began to run, man he was doing a lot of running today it seemed. He found Kiaku fighting the ice dragon and smiled. He said "Alex, what was that thing Kiaku told us about? His special ability?" Alex said "I don't remember the exact details, but something about inheriting key traits from other's attacks." Hikaru shouted "Hey Kiaku! Is it cool if I shoot ya? Come on let's trigger your ability!" Alex said "Wait I don't think that's how it works!" Hikaru said "Only one way to find out!" Hikaru held out his rifle again and aimed for Kiaku's foot. "This'll be non lethal!" With a quick fire of his weapon, a bullet grazed Kiaku's leg, hoping that Kiaku's ability would pick up some sort ability from it. Hikaru awaited some sort of reaction.

Hikaru's Theme
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"Future King and Sole heir of the Touzainanboku Ryuu-ken"
It doesn't matter now what happens
I will never give up the fight
Spread your wings! Chaosura Kiaku!

Catching himself, the ice dragon began to soar towards the bus once again. Roaring out, he began to fire shot after shot of his ice sphere out. Watching as they were hit by rounds of bullets, he began to roar out as fire balled collided with his body. Screaming out, he began to speed up as he got more and more enraged with each passing second. Spewing out more ice spheres at the two girls, his eyes narrowed as the green dragon quickly ducked down and reached forward. Smirking as the spheres hit the dragon's claws, he began to chuckle happily.

Growling as the caught the spheres that were heading towards his sister and the other girl, he shrieked out as they began to burn his hands. As they erupted into a crystal formation that began to encase his hands, Kiaku raised his head and began to lean forward. Chewing on the formations for a moment, he began to bite away at the ice. Feeling a sharp pain as he began to bleed from the corner of his maw, he winced out and began to moan. Was he still hurt from when he had bitten his lip earlier?

Hearing Hikaru's voice, he turned to him and found himself grinning. Forcibly clenching his fist, the ice shattered in an instant as he turned to face his friend. Roaring out as he seemed to be challenging him, he swung his tail down on the highway behind them. It was then the single shot was fired at his leg. Raising his head up, he lowered it roared out as a massive rune ring emerged before him. Taking in the shot, it began to glow orange as the letters "N-A-S-O-D" began to orbit in front of him. As it began to spin faster and faster, his grin grew wide as the ring went above him.

His aura raging once again, the dragon's scales began to dissolve as the aura changed color once again. Taking a orange hue to it, the body began to reform once again as the scales began to be replaced by a metallic looking tissue. The sound of what seemed to be gears rotating from the forming beast, its newly formed head was hunched over as the wings just formed. His yellow eyes opening up, the beast opened its maw and released a loud roar as it pumped its machine-like arms in unison. Lowering his arms, the dragon looked back at Terra and seemed to smile. "What'cha think sis? Pretty rad, right?" His normal voice echoed from the dragon carrying a strange static to his voice.

As the ice dragon witnessed the strange transformation, it drew closer and roared out. Turning to face the heavily injured dragon, Kiaku let out a soft chuckle. "Nice try!" He shouted out, before swinging his arm up as if to deliver an uppercut. Upon hitting the dragon in the jaw, a loud blast echoed from the dragon's knuckle.As a small explosion occurred from the impact point of his punch, the ice dragon was shot into the air spinning. "Hey Hikaru! I like becoming part Nasod a lot," He announced with a bit of a chuckle, his tail swaying in the air as the drill tip began to spin. As what looked to be a large shotgun shell fell out of the back of his arm, he turned his head and watched as it fell onto the highway. "I hope that's normal," He commented, turning back to face everyone.

Catching himself once again, the dragon spread his wings and began to pant heavily as he glared down at the bus. Spotting more ice fae, a bit of saliva began to trickle down his maw as hunger began to settle in. Without much thought in mind, the dragon began to take a nose dive towards the two fae. Opening his jaw wide, he let out a loud shriek as he descended quickly towards them, his tail swaying in the air as he sped up. If he was to take out one of these annoying pests, it would at least be one of these edible runts.

Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
It doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right

>Form of the moment:[DN-Energy Form goes here]
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>Rockin' this place:Top of the bus
>Gotta support!:Hikaru, Gwen, Terra, and Tiona.
>Song of the Soul: "Dragonic Evolution! DN-Time!"
>Not empty for once:Let's take this sucker down!
>What do ya say big guy?:Yeah! First real DN-Transformation!


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Rhoswen Devereux

I am here: Platform
With: Namii

Snow nodded morosely when Kirby said that Emmett should be able to save Klang. She would really hate it if someone had died to protect her. That wasn't very fair at all, especially to a boy she barely remembered. On their way to her sister, she nodded glumly to what Kirby said. "It'd b-be a huge risk, sure, but n-no more of a risk then a-actually fighting the d-dragon." She said to him, putting a peppy tone in her voice to convince herself of the plan as much as him. It was a huge risk, she knew, and they probably couldn't even negate all the dragons attacks. But she still had to try.

When Aqauis said that they were probably immune to ice, she smiled slightly.
"Y-yeah, we are. Makes us s-stronger, actually. I-It was really nice up th-there with the d-dragon. I-impaling not so m-much, though." She said that last part with a sad tone, just as they reached Titania. She told her sister her plan, and she seemed all for it, and then the group began to make it's way all the way back across the stage, towards the ice dragon. As Snow watched, there seemed to be another dragon fighting it as well? One that could transform?! "Who the hell is that?" Titania finally asked, speaking for all three girls. "I mean I'm all for allies or whatever, but what the hell would we do with another dragon? How do we know it won't just turn on us?" Titania continued. There wasn't much time for answer, however, before the second dragon shrieked and began to descend upon them.

"s**t!" Titania called, while Snow screamed in terror. She'd been grabbed once by that dragon, and she didn't want it to happen again. Especially with the way he was looking. "Move!" Namii shouted, pushing Snow out of the way of the dragon's looming maw. Titania, however, tried to remain more stoic. She danced out of the way of the dragon's attack at the last second, and stabbed her sword into the dragon's cheek. She left it hanging there, and began towards Namii and Snow.
"Go, you guys! Run!" She said, pushing the two away. Snow obliged, running away from the dragon with Namii at her shoulder. In the background, Titania formed another basic sword, and stood ready for the dragon's retaliation.

'I've gotten better with tricks! Want to see?

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                Tiona tightly shut her eyes as a bright light filled the compartment. She kept close to Kiaku as they exited the luggage compartment, it was not until she felt the comforting warmth of the sunlight and heard the passing breeze whistle past her small ears. She opened her eyes to discover she was outside of the bus. Tiona’s crimson eyes grew wide as she looked to the blue sky that hung over her head; she admired the scenery until the sounds of the dragon battle drown out the peaceful mood. A strong gust of wind washed over her small body, her long neon blue hair danced in the breeze as she looked up to see dragons flying. Her jaw began to slowly lower in awe, she could not remember the last time she had seen other dragons. As she watched the creatures fight she was instantly reminded of something important. She released a small gasp.

                Tiona began to frantically look around while she kept her body low to the ground. Her tried to look for Grans, she thought she would see him again when she got out of that dark placed filled with yucky flavored stuff. She closed her eyes shut and smelled the air in hopes to pick up his scent but she found nothing, “G-gao” She sadly whimpered; Was I bad? Tiona asked herself before her attention was drawn back to the dragon fight. Her gaze grew wide as her gaze traveled towards the dragons fight. Her pupils narrowed into thin slits as she watched. She watched the creature that called himself Kiaku, but now he took on a different form, a dragon form. This boy was very similar to what she was.

                Tiona tilted her head to the side; she sat up straight as she closely watched the battle from on top of the bus Her tail would wag whenever the battle was in Kiaku’s favor. A new current of wind trotted past her nose carrying a bouquet of different smells. Her tail stopped wagging as she looked to the side to see a group of people standing on the bus near her. Curious, the little dragon quickly tottered over to the people, quietly standing behind them as she watched them. She had no clue what they were saying but the scents their smelled very…tasty. Tiona’s small stomach released a hungry growl. She watched them with a hungry gaze though she remembered what Grans had told her; Don’t eat anybody! Tiona’s crimson gaze sparked with determination; she would do her best to do as Grans asked. Her stomach growled against and Tiona’s head immediately lowered, “G-gao…”
                (Hang in there Tiona~)

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