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Chapter 29: Robin Williams greeting us is a thing. So... Dragons?

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Dietra Roseborn

I am here: Platform
With: Students
Thoughts: What am I going to do now?

⇝"We are the daughters of darkness and time."⇜

Dietra had been watching the action closely from the sidelines. She and Discord were still inside the shadows, but they could see everything clearly. Discord had barely stopped hissing since the action began to pick up. She didn't know who was friend or who was foe.

Suddenly, something on the edge of the platform caught Dietra's attention. She materialized into her human form and raced through the shadows until she was kneeling on the platform right next to the object that had caught her attention. It was her suitcase she had packed for the trip, and there was a big bite out of it!

With her jaw agape, Dieta slowly reached in through the bite-shaped opening of her suitcase. Chaos was raining down behind her, but it didn't seem to faze her. She slowly pulled out a handful of clothes and gasped in horror at what she saw. Her cashmere sweater and silk skirts were ruined! They were shredded! Her Pashmina scarves were destroyed!

Then, she saw the most horrific thing. She reached into the suitcase with a shaky hand and pulled out a mangled pure-white sarong. It had been placed as an offering in one of the few Fury temples that were still in the world by a small group that still worshipped the Furies. The fabric had been soaked in virgin blood for a month and then bleached white. Then small golden threads were weaved into small sections.

Dietra gripped the sarong in her hand tightly and then shoved the rest of the suitcase and tattered clothing off of the edge of the platform. She was seething. She got up and glared at the dragons, who were paying her no attention. She didn't care. She'd yell at them anyway! She mistakenly assumed it was the dragons' fault that her clothing was ruined. She started to storm over to them.

"You overgrown, bumbling idiots! Look what your fight has done to my clothes! They were priceless! And this!!"

She held out her scarf to the dragons that were still ignoring her and continued to walk over to them. Her hair was starting to pulse a dark, bloody red. She barely felt the shaking of the platform.

"You can't replace this! This can't be replicated! Do you know how long it took for this to be made?! I will never have another article of clothing like this again! You infantile monsters are..."

Suddenly the fire dragon swooped his large fiery tail along the platform and Dietra was hit. She was flung backward. She hit the ground hard on her back and just stayed there for a few moments. The air had been knocked out of her, she saw stars in her eyes, and there was a loud ringing in her ears.

After a few moments, she turned to her side and went to push herself up. Before she could even sit up, though, a few drops of blood fell onto the white sarong she was still gripping in her right hand. What in Tartarus?

Dietra reached a hand up to her face, touched it, and then brought it back down to look at. She had blood on her hand! It was her blood! If she could see herself, she'd see that a cut was now on her cheek and her nose was bleeding. How could this be happening? She didn't get hurt! She didn't bleed! The only time she had was when she had first come to school and that big evil guy was attacking the school. He had sent so much dark shadows and energy surging through the place that it had sliced her badly. But this hadn't been an attack with shadows. Why was she bleeding?!

She started to suspect something horrible, and to test out her suspicion, she tried to teleport to Tartarus. When nothing happened, her heart began to race. She tried teleporting to Olympus, but once again she didn't move! She was trapped in this dimension! She was cut off from the source of her power! She could get hurt like any mortal!

Dietra's breathing began to get shallow and ragged, which just made the blood flow faster.

⇝"We follow the guilty, we punish the crime."⇜

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((Raise the Dead))

⇝"Blood has to flow and that blood will be yours."⇜

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Skye Rose Arklight


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I know that I may not be perfect.
I know that there are some things wrong with me,
But I still keep on going, regardless of what they say.

Skye had been trying to injure the ice dragon at least, but her fireballs were not doing as much damage as she thought they would. Still, the fireballs weredoing something to the dragon, which was somewhat of a relief to the female fire demon-vampire hybrid. She noticed that Kiaku, no longer in human form but in a dragon form, slammed the ice dragon down near the bus, causing her to kneel down and hold onto the metal so she wouldn't fall off. The ice dragon, unfortunately, got up and was getting ready to attack again. She bit her lip almost hard enough to draw blood, but at the last second, stopped and glared at the ice dragon again. She suddenly felt her stamina increase and glanced over at Gwen, who now had a wand and was shooting harmful energy at the dragon. Heh...you never cease to amaze me, Gwen. She was given an order by Terra to keep shooting the ice dragon with her fireballs, which put a somewhat evil smile on her face. She formed two separate fireballs in each hand and threw them at the ice dragon. She kept shooting fireballs at the dragon while somehow avoiding her comrades.

She suddenly felt the platform shake and nearly lost her balance because of it. She was somehow able to keep it by crouching down and grabbing onto the bus with some degree of strength. She glanced over and realized that it was the multi-colored dragon that had caused the ground to shake. She would have helped the other students over there, but she needed to do her part in taking down the ice dragon. She gritted her teeth and formed two fireballs again, throwing them at the ice dragon faster than before, taking her anger out on it. She did not care if she died here, and she no longer cared about the damned scientists chasing her. She would take down this accursed dragon if it was the last thing she ever did!

I have suffered much in my past.
I have faced many challeges, and I know more are coming,
But I soldier on, knowing that my life has a purpose.

Location: Battlefield
Who I'm with: Gwen, Terra, other students
What I'm doing: Shooting the ice dragon with fireballs
Thoughts: Damn ice dragon!

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Fredrick "Fuuenken" Mercury
"If you have something to say, say it. Just don't say the wrong thing."

I am here: Battlefield
I am with: Starlite and company
I feel: Oh crap! Where's Hi- screw it!

Fuuenken had been enjoying his bus trip so far, that was until a boss battle showed up. With the bus spinning out of control and it turning into a freaking battlefield, he was just about done with everyone's s**t. Fuuenken had been on the ground slowly gaining his balance again. With an angry growl he got on his feet and let out a mighty roar, letting flames spew out from his mouth. After getting that out of his system, Fuuenken grumbled and shouted "Where do these sons of bitches even come from?!" While Fuuenken was upset, he did not charge into the battle blindly, that was Hikaru's job. He sighed at the grouping of children and hurt people nearby Starlite and the others, taking mental notes of who was where. Fuuenken noticed someone in particular, someone by the name of Kaelyn. Fuuenken thought to himself She has control over the weather? I might have found #7 He waved to Starlite and said "Hey are you gonna be alright if I leave? Who am I kidding you have Emily and Rolverk you'll be fine." Fuuenken made his way towards Kaelyn and said "Hey! Look this is all out of no where but boy do I have a proposition for you!"

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Meala stayed iwth Aurita and Kalng, healing him. Using her power, she check him over to loook for wounds and break, healing all she can without the help of another healer. When she was done, she got up again and looked around. That's when she saw the fire dragon land, watching carefully, she reacted, when his tail started to spin around. Moving her hands quickly, she lifted Klang and Aurita up with her, narrowly avoiding the tail. Runa smiled lightly at Emmett even though it was sterned because of the situation. When he kissed her and promised her he would return safely, she nodded "You better.." watching him take over with Kyle to help the snake girl, Kaelyn with her storm. Looking where Meala was watching, seeing the fire dragon, she raised her hands up quickly, lifting the barrier box with the babes in it. Getting high enough that it is missed. Starlite jumped over the tail feeling it singe her hair, she huffed "That will take forever to repair..." Starlite started to fire her guns (Emily and Rolverk), and the earth bullets started to fly at the fire dragon. Meala set Aurita and Klang down and looked around for injured, seeing Dietra, she went to get her when she saw Saylea getting to her first. Saylea landed next to Dietra, water gathering quickly as she started to heal her minor wounds first. "Hold still." she examined where she could before she looked at Meala who was watching. Moving her head to call her over, Meala nodded "Runa! I'm going to help Saylea. Making sure these two don't get knocked off the paltform." with that, she flew over to Dietra and Saylea. Meala looked at Dietra "Dietra, lay down. We can heal you. Don't move, you took quite a hit." she poke in a calm face, though inside shew as anything but. Hoping it would work, she started to use her power to search for injuries.

Kaelyn didn't expect the help as she worked on ehr storm. When she heard someone talk to her, turning to look at Emmett and Kyle, she blinked confused. "Boost my storm" she looked very confused until she felt her storm moving and she knew she wasn't doing it. Looking up at it seeing the moisture being added to it then seeing lightning shoot into it. Blinking before she gasped and closing her eyes a little, she felt their power in the storm but she never worked with people to make a storm so it felt strange. Hearing them talk, she nodded "The storm just needs to remain stable to keep control." she opened her eyes, she could do this. Even with their power, she would keep the storm stable. Then suddenly she felt herself lifted into the air, which made her stumble a little. Seeing a tail swing under them, her eyes widened, then there was a very loud thunder clap. Regaining herself, she needed to keep control of the storm. Touching the cloud once again, she gasped, so much power. Glancing at the other two, she nodded "It's almost ready." Then seeing Fuuenken walking over, blinking 'What is going on? This is getting weird' "Proposition? That would be great I'm sure but as you can see we're in the middle of fight and making something rather big. So let me be blunt. What in the world are you proposing in the middle of a fight for our lives?"


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Saylea: Shatter Me
Meala Hope of Morning
Runa: Drive
Starlite: Up In Flames

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Zephyr Saidren
Possessed Sword Caomni The Spelldrinker

Zephyr stood in amazement as everything the students through at Dragon only managed to make the Fire Dragon come crashing down to the platform. The whole platform shook violently from the impact of the giant creature. Zephyr reeled and just about fell over before managing to regain his balance. What was followed by that immediately made the young man's eyes widen as he seen a tail flying his direction. This is gonna hurt! Flinching a moment before opening his eyes he noticed the attack was halted. Glancing over he noticed a golem like being managed to hold the Dragon's tail. Whew man, I don't think I can get much luckier than that...now this battle is within my range. His idea was soon cut short as he seen someone's fierce attack come up to nothing against the Dragon's flesh.

Pacing in place for a moment Zephyr tried to think of a possible way around this. Even though the Dragon's skin was a grand defense it still left points open where it was vulnerable. Although with no energy in Caomni he was little more than just an ordinary swordsman. "Caomni I don't think we can do anything here, unless we can get someone to fling some spells our way."
"Then we need to ask some of our classmates! I'm sure from what they seen of us already they'll know why." Laughing nervously to himself Zephyr looked over the platform he seen multiple people using different forms of magic but they all looked busy. "We can't interrupt those that are healing the wounded, but all the rest seem kinda caught up in launching their attacks." Scratching his head for a moment Zephyr sat down and thought about something they could do to improve their situation. Their were plenty of spells being launched but all either at the enemy or used to help allies.

It was then Zephyr remembered faintly something he heard from a group of merchants he watched over for a few trips. "Caomni, didn't someone tell us once whenever magic is used small traces of energy are left over in it's wake? The sword was quiet for a moment before exclaiming a confused answer.
"Yeah that's a common theory, but what's that got to do with anything Zeppy!?" Thinking deeply the young man glanced around once again before speaking. "With as many spells and attacks that are being launched here, do you think you could gather the leftovers of everyone's attacks for a small amount of reserve energy?" "Well...yeah I guess I could try that. It's going to take some time though and we won't get much from it." Nodding his head Zephyr rested the blade on his lap and awaited for his idea's results. I may be useless for the moment, but I should be able to at least open our enemy up for someone else to finish the job when this is done.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"I've been fading away, I've just been waiting on a call to reach my veins! Ready or not no attention to waste!"

Zephyr talks like this
Caomni talks like this
Location: Bus
Company: Multiple students, teachers, and the Headmaster
Condition: Healthy

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Dietra Roseborn

I am here: Platform
With: Students
Thoughts: What am I going to do now?

⇝"We are the daughters of darkness and time."⇜

Discord was about to go help her owner, but then she saw two other people step in. She decided to just watch closely from the shadows and stay away from the dragon fire.

Dietra jumped slightly when two girls were suddenly by her side. She recognized one as Meala.


She couldn't say anything else because Meala was asking her to lay down so that she and the other girl could heal her injuries. Heal her injuries? That was new. How would her injuries be healed? Could they be healed? She'd never been in this position before. Normally her body would be healing itself by now if it got hurt at all.

Dietra managed to lay down on her back but winced at the tug of pain in her back from where she had hit the floor moments ago. She wished she could have some of Meala's calming energy right about now, like the one she had given off in the cafeteria.

"Shouldn't you two be worried about the dragons?"

⇝"We follow the guilty, we punish the crime."⇜

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((Raise the Dead))

⇝"Blood has to flow and that blood will be yours."⇜

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