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Saya had been simply hiding because of this other boy and the girl. She did her best not to listen to the conversations that were going on, not wanting to be rude and seem as if she were eavesdropping. She lifted her head though then this boy addressed the other boy, her eyes widening when she felt the slight tug on her hair. she looked down and watched as the hair drifted to the floor and she shrank away from all of them, feeling terrified. she had been attacked and she had done nothing wrong. She knew that it was a bad idea to come into a dead building like this. The boy's bot said more words before she was dragged away from her spot by the one that brought her in there and she was pushed out the door. she stood in the middle of the hall, having no idea what to do now. She didn't know where to go or what to do, so she turned and looked back, seeing the boy with the white hair passed the one that had called her his familiar. She did not know why he had done it since they didn't really know one another and this boy actually seemed rather mean, but he had.

As she stood there, bare feet on the cold lifeless floor, she watched the two of them. They were aggressive and mean from what she could see. they were saying mean things to each other and one had attacked her. She thought it was the one that was not taking her in, but she could not be sure. she had not seen the attack, so either one could have done it. Either way, she didn't want to be there anymore.
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                          The girl scratched the back of her neck, unsure of how to really explain what she meant by that. That was probably why she never said it out loud. "Well its kinda.." Alexis paused, her words seemed to befuddle her for the moment. Gathering up the right explanation, she brought a hand up to her lips. Tapping at the soft skin with her fingertips, she thought about what to say. "Well.. Pisces is originated from the constellation. You know..Pisces?" she questioned not really convinced that it was the right definition. "Pisces means fishes.. water manipulation." she lastly said, dropping her fingers from her mouth. A light blush crossed over the bridge of her nose, she probably seemed oddly pathetic at this particular moment. "Um.. lemme show you." she smiled briefly reaching into her shoulder purse. It wasn't until then had her demonstration been cut off by the entrance of the new comers. Pushing herself in the chair was something she did out of worry. The atmosphere had gotten tense; chilling, odd. She had never seen two people so vile towards each other; and it was quite clear this other girl felt the same way. Especially after being so frightened by Nevada. At least, she seemed as frightened as Alexis had been.

                          Scanning over the newcomers she found a fondness towards the white haired man. He seemed plenty nice, until a cold spew of words seemed to quickly change his appearance. What had happened between the two boys? She wondered. It didn't click in the back of her mind that they had spent a long while together. Nevada didn't look any different than he had before, but she could tell that he seemed more vile and less than kind. Alexis didn't speak until the second party was already gone. "Is everything alright...?" she questioned, standing to her feet and approaching Nevada. She then reached out to place a hand on his shoulder, but paused as she remembered his previous threat. She retracted her hand and returned it to the strap across her chest. "Oh.. uh..." she smirked, raising her fingers a bit from their usual position. Scanning the room she could see small bits of melted ice. She didn't usually use her powers, but maybe she could lighten the mood. Flicking her fingers a bit, the droplets turned into spheres and floated across the room towards her and Nevada. Stopping them in front of the boys face she wiggled her fingers and smiled a bit as the droplets turned into miniature fish. It wasn't anything special, or even close to being significant. She found it rather relaxing though.

                          "It's kind of.. well.. useless." she confessed, taking hold of her strap again. The droplets fell heavy to the floor, causing hardly the slightest sound to echo through the room. Dipping her head down she looked to the receptionist, she still needed to get her schedule. "You know.. we could still skip the killing and go for dinner and a show." she spoke again, her voice light; but still shy.


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