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This is a place where all those that are in limbo go to find the love they did not have during their lives. Students may travel here while alive but they must be in a coma or sleeping. This is the place to start again and find your soulmate.

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This University may seem normal but i assure you that it is not, this is a place where many strange creatures cross from other dimensions and sometimes breaks up the love making process. The leader of these creatures is named Sameal.


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Students come from many worlds and many places with abilities to fight creatures from the fade that try to break up the process of them finding their soulmates.





Hello everyone i have these current factions coming up and i need people to sign up for each if your a student and want to switch sides just tell me. please tell me the faction you want with your username next to it.

Students: Progress as a student in the world trying to find your soul mate.

Black Milita: Join Riddick in the student Milita and help to organize attacks against the fade and to realize why you are in the world of Broken Hearts.

Fade: Become part of the evil fade and try to make students of the Broken University into your next wife or husband or play thing or lover.






The rules of this game are simple.

No Godmodding.
No killing players unless they let you because they are reborn.
No Bashing on people
Players can be explicit when interacting but when it gets to soft porn level message it out
Send me a PM to join and then ill tell you when you can post.


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A larger map with more areas will be added soon!
Luna Mooncrest

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Clutching the acceptance letting in her right hand, and her suitcase in the left. Luna carefully scanned the letter for the relevant information she needed to proceed to get checked into the university. She mumbled the words she was reading back to herself, held her head up, and looked around at her surroundings.

Once she had pin pointed the building she needed to be in, Luna nodded and continued to walk in the direction of the reception building. Once there, she pushed the door open, and shifted towards the reception desk. Good morning. Luna spoke with a smile, and handed over her acceptance letter to the women behind the desk.

If you would like to take a seat, someone will be with you shortly. The women smiled back at Luna. Okay, thank you.
Sebastian was sitting there waiting where the receptionist told him to be but he did not understand where he was. He could not remember anything. All he knew was that he had awoken in this strange place with a letter of acceptance in his hand and a heavy heart. A beautiful girl sat next to him, his heart skipped a beat.

"Hello, looks like you an me are new here huh. My name is Sebastian what is your name?"

He looked at the pretty girl and smiled, he loved her eyes.

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Luna Mooncrest

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Luna was sitting with her legs crossed [Picture] when she heard the young man next to her speak. She turned his head and smiled simply Hello, my name Is Luna Mooncrest, Nice to meet you. [OOC: Writers block]
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The wind push pass her as she stood on top the school roof top edge looking up into the sky while bare footed.
The sensation of freedom between her fingers and toes made her feel alive as extended her arms wide.
Rose accepted everything that had happen to her and felt a sense of peace which she never had back in her world. She dint even remembered how she even die or was she even death, it all seem illusive to her, just like her arrival to her new school.
A strange and beautiful place.
He looked up at the girl and smiled 'You know i wonder why we are all here, dont you think this place seems too good to be true'?

He looked up at the sky from within the school and wondered, then he noticed the sky turning considerably darker, shrouding the school in clouds of blackness and from it came lightning stuck upon the roof above and he heard a girl scream.

'Something is happening lets go to the roof!' He grabbed the girls hand and they ran to the roof. 'What is that!' A tall demon stood before them with a sinister smile and a calm demeanor.

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Just as all seem peaceful and quiet, the sky turn dark all of sudden. Rose dint think to much of it but it all change when lighting almost hit her as she dodge it. "What was that about?" She thought just as a tall demon appear and two people. She turn to look at the girl and the boy then the demon expecting something to happen.
A tall demon in the form of a man appeared. He smiled with almost chaotic twisting lips and sharp teeth. He held a cup of what appeared to be coffee in one of his hands.

"HAHAH welcome to the land of broken hearts! My...my i see that you are the new prospects for my newly improved experiments. HAHA. This year will be so entertaining!"

The Demon Lord took a look at the Taller man up and down and smiled, he could see two young ladies and sniffed the air.

"Well a young man with a noble heart, and two beautiful succulent ladies. He stared at the ladies with hunger and sipped his coffee loudly. "I wanted to see what the creatures of the fade were murmuring about and now i know what it is. So many prospects for a wife, yes last years died after only a few days in my chambers. HAHA!. I was beginning to become lonely!"

He walked closer to the girls and sniffed them, first he licking the air only inches before the barefooted girl, smiling wildly and fiddling with his fingers.

"You are so precious i could just eat you from head to toe!"

He walked towards the other girl and grabbed her hair smelling it with an intense sniff.

"I could see you in my chambers, i would spread you wide like a sacred flower."

He moved to the man. and looked at his crouch.

"You on the other hand might be suitable for my daughter, yes...."

"Who the hell are you!" Asked the Taller man?

"I am king of the Fade and i am going to destroy your chances of finding your soul-mates in this world because like me there are many in the Fade seeking...suitable partners."

The lord of Demons began to laugh obnoxiously once more as a veil of smoke embraced his body from his legs to his face. He revealed a large wrist watch in the shape of a heart and moved it from side to side.

"My name is Samael and i will come again in due time."

His laughter echoed throughout the land.

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Wheezing Fatcat

Promise Night
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Promise sighed holding her letter as she made her way to the office. She read the letter again and mumbled to herself. Promise quietly slipped into the office seeing a few people sitting down she wondered if she had to wait. She sighed again and plopped down in a seat anyways. Promise's eyes scanned the room and saw a few people staring at her eyes. She always hated it when people stared at her eyes because she had more than two colors. Seeing there was nothing to do she looked back down at her letter and sighed. Sometimes she still couldn't believe she was dead .
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xFreya of the Desert Walkers
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.It wasn't until she started to wake that Freya realized she was asleep. It had been a good sleep, one full of a now too distant dream and deep enough to drown out the rest of the world. Now though... what was the commotion? Something was happening; waking her up. Why could the world not quiet itself and let her sleep just a few more blissful minutes?

As Freya's eyes fluttered open an artificially bright light burned them. She was barely adjusting before a female voice met her ears. "Ah, there you are Freya. I was beginning to think we'd have to send you to the hospital. You'll have a right smart bump on your head for a few days I'd wager." The voice seemed vaguely familiar, yet she couldn't place it.

"...where am I?" She asked, her voice groggy and dry from lack of use.

"Now don't be playing those games with me, Freya. You know very well you're in the infirmary. You took a nasty tumble down the stairs in front of campus again. I don't know how you'd ever survive without a nurse within shouting distance. You'd lose your head if it weren't attached to your shoulders." The old nurse sure had a mouth on her. Freya lost interest in keeping up with the chatter.

That was right, though... campus. Freya was a student. The details were fuzzy but they were coming back to her. Her dream must have been a good one for her to take so long to wake up.

The nurse ushered her out of bed and toward the door, almost as if anxious to be rid of Freya. "Off you go now, dearie. Wouldn't want to miss anything, today."

"I'll be on my way then." Freya gave the nurse a quizzical look and on second thought added, "Thank you."
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Rose stood looking at the creature as it spoke. It send shivers threw her body when the demon move close to them and told them how interest he was on each one of them. Just those words made her remember back at that time she met her ex fiancé, it was something she rather not remberer.
The creature then announced he was going to stop them from finding their soul mate, Rose became perplex.
"Soul mate."
Luna pushed the demons hand away from her, and glared at him with silence. Rooted to the spot, Luna felt her fear increasing, triggering her hidden telekinesis with in her, although she is still oblivious to her power to move objects with her mind.

A wave of energy was pushed from Lunas body, and towards everyone on the roof, like a ripple from a raindrop hitting a puddle.
(OOC: I am currently using my phone. Sorry there is no picture)
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Rose felt something happening to her as she felt something strange coming from the girl.
She gasp while trying to figure what was going on.
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Arisu slowly opened her eyes as she lay on the ground in front of one of the buildings and sat up, brushing a lock of hair from her face and looked around, noticing the letter clutched in her hand and heard a commotion on the roof of the building she was in front of and ran up to see what was going on but froze in her tracks at the sight of the demon
Sebastian turned and witnesses a burst of wind come at him from the direction of one of the girls. He was knocked back a bit. 'What is happening here'? he looked at the other girls on the roof and began to wonder if this was just a conscience or if maybe in the course of fate and time he was ment to be here with these girls in university of broken hearts.

'I cant remember who i am, i have no memories,' he thought.

'Hello my name is Sebastian',
he looked at the girls and thought how beautiful each looked and knew that like him there hearts needed mending. He searched his pockets and his old habit proved useful, to his surprise he found a lighter and some cigs. He lit one.

Suddenly the com opened from the principles office:

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Hinata Norisu

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