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[Currently Day 3: Day] Time Skip (over classes) to Day 3: Night?

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Ryuu narrowed his eyes. He raised his hand and grabbed the katana by the blade, not caring that red, thick blood was now spilling out of his palm and down his arm, onto the ground. "Kill me if you want. I couldn't care less to be honest." He says, his voice low, Ryuuji lokos down, his hair covering his eyes. "My life has never meant anything, it's still worth absolutely nothing." He says, opening his eyes and looking down at Gen. His eyes widen, "Stay behind me, please." He says, letting the katana fall to the ground with a clank, as he stood in front of Gen, protecting her with his body. Just as he planted his feet firmly on the ground, a man came out of the ground. The man adjusts his glasses, and blinks his blood red eyes. "Father." Ryuu says, in disgust. "Nice to see you too, son." He says, smirking. Ryuuji narrows his eyes. "What's with the special occasion? You haven't visited me in 17 years, why now?" He asks, tilting his head slightly. Ryuu's father had black hair, about the same length as his, crimson red eyes just like his own, and he was about a half a foot taller than Ryuu was, making him almost seven feet. "Curiosity, Ryuuji." His father, Joshua, says simply. "Who's that girl behind you? Your girlfriend? Perhaps your wife?" Joshua asks, letting out a crazy laugh. "None of your business, you creepy old fart." Ryuuji replies, chuckling. Ryuu turns around to look at Gen, giving a small smile. "Genesis, I'd appreciate if you'd just leave. This is someone I don't want you to get involved with." He ruffles her hair and turns back around. "So, why are you really here?" He asks, tilting his head. "To finally claim you as my son, and to take you under my wing." Joshua says, giving a triumphant smile. Ryuu's eyes widen, but then he starts laughing. "You're a ******** joke." Ryuu says, pulling out a gun from its strapped position on his thigh. He pulls the trigger, and shoots. The bullet shoots his Father in the shoulder. His father clutches his shoulder, but just laughs. Joshua changes into his incubus form, his eyes turning ice blue, his dark blue wings expanding, and his nails growing longer. He rips out the bullet from his shoulder with his nails, and throws it into the bushes. The wound heals immediately. Ryuu winces, noticing this his hand had also healed completely. "I'm exactly like you....how disgusting." Ryuu says. His father just laughs. He grabs Ryuu's katana of the floor from when he threw it. "This is nice." He says, cleaning the blood from it. "Too bad I'll have to kill you with it." He says, laughing. He disappears, then reappears in front of Ryuu. He feels a sickening, thick, hot liquid spurt out of his stomach, and onto his shirt, and the ground. He finds that he had been stabbed by the katana, the katana going through him completely. Joshua smirks, and twists the blade around, causing Ryuu to lose a lot more blood. His eyes grow wide, his face turns pale, and blood even starts to come out of the corners of his mouth.

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              xxxxx Keeping a steady gaze up at the teen he’s with, Ari took a single step forward; him now being in the doorway with Pond directly in front of him and both of them being inches apart. ”I don’t think it’s rude,” he had a curious voice as to why Pond thought that; his head sharply slanted, spewing locks of jet black hair a long with it. ”I think it’s rather sweet wanting to know who I am and not what.” He gave a shy smile, being somewhat embarrassed to admit something new. He never really thought about it that way, asking someone what they are as soon as he meets them. Sure, it’s a good conversation starter but it seems quite rude. It would make him look bad, like he only cares what they are and not who, like the person they are doesn’t matter.
              xxxxx Ari twisted his body so the side of his slim figure leaned against the middle railing as he peaked inside. Bringing his head back up, he thought about him changing into a person and not an animal. The only things he’s ever shifted into was a Sphynx cat, mouse, and once in a Doberman for the hell of it. ”I dunno, I’ll have to try it out… ” His voice fade staring into the restaurant, he walked into the building slowly with baby steps taking in the sight with awe. The place was really empty – a thank you to whoever for the amount of good students in their classes, it wasn’t his fault that he was skipping. He had no idea what his classes were and what time school actually started, so, blame the system. With searching eyes, he spotted the table he sat in yesterday a ways from everything else and by a huge bay window; perfect. ”How about we sit over there?” He lifted a slender finger to point at the table he previously sat at; his eyes looked up at Pond with his head turning to fully look at the boy.

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                    Umii wasn't sure how to respond to Ari's compliment. He knew his cheeks were burning with the ferocity of a blush. Did his friend think he was hitting on him? Well, the first question he had to be asking himself was if he really was hitting on him. A first response would instantly be shouted that he wasn't, not ever would he EVER feel so attracted to another male. Though - when he closely took more of a serious approach, it did seem as though all signs were pointing in the opposite direction of his previous thoughts. "Well, I wouldn't say sweet...." His left hand rose to shuffle it through his messy plum-coloured bangs for a moment, giving them something to do other than just lying idle.

                    The shadow found himself cursing his irresponsible eyes. Why couldn't he keep them off of Ari? This wasn't right! "God...er..yeah. That looks really nice." Umii knew that he probably sounded a lot like a freak, shouting random words that were directed more towards himself than anyone else. Despite all his weirdness, he followed the shapeshifter to the two person table located by a large window. The view was beautiful, and the table- well, there wasn't much else to say about that other than that it was totally intimate. Oh no..Umii just wouldn't think about that, and he wouldn't think about the way Ari's hips swayed when he walked. Though, saying that meant that he was thinking that which seemed to piss him off even more. "This is totally ridiculous..." He sighed, pressing the palm of his hand to his forehead almost dramatically.

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            The vampire simpered quickly as her eyes met with the other. Was something on my face? It was a brief stare, but still odd enough to question. The cracks in Marceline's smile died down as she part her lips, drawing a few breaths before speaking calmly again. "I share a dorm, so it's most likely on this floor." Her eyes shifted about as her legs followed beside the girl, though not too closely. Eyes avert from the others she found them trailing back toward the girl as she mentioned something about her name. "A TV show? Really...?" From the sound of Marceline's voice she was clueless as to what Aislinn was talking about. Her red beaded eyes slowly looked elsewhere, did she expect Marceline to know what she was talking about? She surely did not. Her brows raised and again looked at the girl, "If it bothers you that much you could always write it down before ya sleep." Marceline found herself throwing the pink-haired girl a wink, though it came as a natural instinct. Maybe it came off as creepy or maybe not, but what the hell who cares; she didn't. Slowing her pace to match Aislinn's she huffed a breath with slight annoyance. Somehow she was still quite sleepy and a bit cold seeing that she was only wear a tank top. A sweater would be nice. Frowning, she remained quiet for the time being as they both walked through the hallway in search of the girls dorm. Her thought process ran empty as her eyes fell low, only listening to their shoes resonating against the polished floor. It was almost as if she was waiting for Lynn to speak or start up another conversation, she sure as hell wasn't good at starting them. Inhaling deeply she shut her eyes before suddenly sneezing, it was rather feminine sounding, but that was obviously involuntarily. Feminine was nothing like Marceline, she was more of a tomboy, hang with guys, do guy things. The usual. Anyway she hated sneezing, it was always so random and she sounded so retarded at the same time. Good thing she didn't sneeze all over the girls things... gross.

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Hope's thoughts bouced around his head, much more rapidly than a majority of the time. One silly thought led to the rest. His cousin. His teacher. His food. His friends. Each one popped as unexpectedly as the next. He gave out a small sigh, mentally scolding himself. He forgot to take his dose today. Damn it. Quickly he felt around his back pocket and front for hopefully one measly little drug. He had no idea why he had to take these stupid things, but they did calm him down when his mind was racing.
He stretched out his fingers, little sparks flying from their tips. He made sure to hold it away from Jace. His hunger was gone right now but still, this feeling bugged the crap out of him. He sighed and held his breath, and immediately the repetition of the sparks eventually began to fade. He gave Jace a reassuring grin. "Sorry, man. I'm a freak." he laughed, and shrugged it off. His hand instinctively went to his front pocket. Forgot his inhaler too.
He prayed he wouldn't have an attack for poor Jace to deal with. The kid probably couldn't deal with him as it is.
As he felt thin arms link with his, hope couldn't help but look down, musing at the image. "My, I was just joking. But if you would like to, my dear~" he teased, and locked the boy's arm in between his and his side. Chocolate eyes glanced at the darker-haired boy once in a while as they walked. "So how do you like this school so far, Jace?" he asked, making small talk. This was also to kind of warn Hope himself, of who to protect himself, Alois and any of his other friends... If he ever made anymore. He would consider Jace a friend.

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Any other dorm on the campus might have had some horrible catastrophe occuring on it at any given moment, and Nathan McPherson would give an amount of ******** equaling no more or less than zero. Most people didn't even know that the reclusive vampire was attending, and for the sake of most everybody else on campus, this was a very good thing.

Snoring loudly, one boot dangling out of the side of his coffin and the other, naked foot resting on the head rest, the bundle of wool blankets and beer bottles that had collected in the bottom of the coffin stirred angrily and stood up, glaring blearily at the alarm clock. Nathan's matted mop of black hair had more of an afro feel to it, and his sunglasses, perfectly round and silver, dangled precariously off one slightly pointed, pierced ear as he unceremoniously ripped his alarm clock off of the dresser and chucked it as hard as he could at the wall, where it smashed into it's component parts and joined a small mountain of it's fellows.

"Feckin; stupid piece o' plastice shite..." He muttered as he tripped over to his dresser, seeking a pair of underwear and pants to wear so he could go out. Nathan's dorm was a filthy cesspool of laziness. Nearly every surface was covered with papers and clothes. The computer desk in the corner was propped up against the wall and had one of it's legs replaced with a stack of old beer cans. Grumbling, Nathan pulled his gaments on, swearing as he pulled the torn work jeans over his pale skin. With a small stumble, he hopped over his coffin and, after kicking open the door to his room and shoving a threadbare old trench coat over his bare chest, staggered intot he main hallway, pushing his sunglasses farther up his nose and swearing loudly as he realized he was awake.
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"The Clock is ticking...


Genesis's eyes widened for a split second at his response. 'How disappointing' she thought as the katana dropped to the floor. Sensing huge power coming from the earth she followed his request quietly. Her hair bells jingling more than usual. Just as she faced Ryuu's back she saw a man appear from the ground. Tilting her head a bit she listened into their conversation quietly. Looking up towards Ryuu when he turned around she frowned when he told her to leave with a ruffle of her hair. Not exactly wanting to get into personal family business she turned around walking away slowly with her geta sandals making soft taps. Remembering, she turned towards the 'father&son' pair with her hand and kimono sleeve hiding the lower part of her face. "Ryuuji. I shall punish you later, if you end up dying, I'll bring you back to life, only to kill you again." she said blatantly, though her voice held a bit of worry, Her eyes stayed on his broad back a bit longer than intended, Ripping her eyes away from him she turned towards his 'father' "I'll kindly ask you sir to not assume anything about the relationship between your son and I. He is merely kept around for my entertainment. Now if you please excuse me." turning back around she walked a few steps before disappearing in a gust of wind and snowflakes.

She appeared on a roof not to far away from the pair, close enough to see them but not close enough to eavesdrop. Her kimono ruffled in the wind a bit, and at the angle of the sun it would be hard to spot her if trying to look for her on ground level. She looked intently as Ryuu charged in, as she nibbled on her thumbnail.


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