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Welcome to Oasis Valley boarding school.


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OOC Thread

If you find any errors in information regarding your character, please send me a PM about it.
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{ + Rules

      • Yes, we're all magical and amazing, but you can't control other people's characters. No godmod/autohit please. Your character can't dodge an attack the blows up a building, and your character can't make an attack that blows up a building.
      TL;DR - No godmod.

      • One-liners are the only thing I don't stand for. I'm not asking for five paragraphs, I'm hardly asking for one. (Not to say five paragraphs aren't allowed.) Just no one liners, as they are close to impossible to reply to and cause writer's block in other players. Nothing else is especially strict, but you will be easier to understand using your best spelling and grammar.
      TL;DR - No one liners

      • This RP is semi-literate [ish]. Please use third person and past tense in posts. I see RPs as collaborative works of fiction, so write it like a book, please. c:

      • Posts don't need to be fancy, but it would be nice if you could identify your character with some colors and a picture. It's definitely not required, but you will be easier to respond to, and it will be easier for others to identify your character if you give them color.
      TL;DR - No strict decoration rules, but colors/picture are recommended.

      • As far as activity goes, it doesn't matter. There's no such thing as necromancy. I won't kick you out for being inactive. If the person you're roleplaying with is inactive, you are very much obliged to move on and find someone else to roleplay with. The only way you can leave is by your own request.
      TL;DR - No one will be kicked out for pentalized for inactivity.

      • Please use OOC flags. This is pretty much a given. (Such as [[ ]], (( )) )

      • Follow the Gaia TOS, also a given.

      • There's no character limit, but try not to make so many that it's hard to control them all.

      • Please don't post until your profile is accepted.

      • Fighting is allowed, but no killing unless they allow you to. (Going over battles with your "foe" over PMs is a pretty good idea so that the battle goes smoothly.)

      • If you decide to quit, I do request that you tell me how you wish your character to go. Ex. have them killed (but in this case you can't come back with the same character), or have someone send them off, or make a final post about them leaving.

      • If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

      • PM me with your profiles titled: Attending

      • And the most important rule of all: Have fun.

      • I may add more rules so make sure to check often.

      School Rules
      • Though this is a school for the gifted, we ask that you refrain from using any powers that will cause any permanent alteration or destruction to the campus. However, you are free to use powers such as shapeshifting, illusions or conjurations, and the like.

      • If you do not get along with your roommate, you are free to ask for a new one.

      • Get to class on time

      • The library is closed on Saturdays

      • No weapons. This includes some types of magic as well as physical weapons. We don't want fighting. Who knows what would happen?

      • Vampires, please refrain from hunting any animals on campus, as they may be shifted students. Take it to the forests surrounding the school. But still be aware that shifted students could wander there too.
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{ + Student Directory

Oswin Sawade - Human - Age 22
Lewcas Frèmerè - Demon - Age 24
Roi Ryans - Milletian - Age 27
Kyske Bonatatch - Timeless Elf - Age 143

Alexander William Sinclair - Timeless Human - Age 16
Lilium Knowledge - Witch - Age 17
Anita Dahli - Mermaid - Age 30/15
Charlotte De'agnes - Witch - Age 14
Eliza Hemington - "Human" - Age 16
Genesis Valentine - Yuuki Onna - Age 15
Shamory Kuro - Demon - Age 15
"Celeste" - Tiger-Neko - Age 17

Rodo Yohiko - Human - Age 15
Kisha Farlow - Human - Age 15
Jackie Deuste - Blood Demon - Age 17
Gabriel Bleu - Human - Age 15
Aiviaro Zaip - Snow Demon - Age 15
Iscariot King - Human - Age 17
Alois Wright - Human - Age 16
Kayla Noir - Nyx - Age 16
"Cael" - Human - Age 16
Lisanna Evans - Demon/Human - Age 15
Mina Katherine Castro - Vampire - Age 134
Leena Morrison - Human - Age 16
"Pierrot" - Deceased - Age 17
Umii Sasaki - Shadow - Age 18
Vanadia Plöski - Human - Age 17
Marceline Abadeer - Vampire - Age 17
Jace Chevalier - Dhamphyr - Age 15
Jude Rhyne - Human - Age 16
Natalie Marcel - Succubus - Age 15

Kiyoharu Rose - Angel - Age 16
Irene Chen - Human - Age 16
Rayne Lux - Dragon/Syren - Age 16
Lucie Osukura - Human - Age 17
Cassandra Nightshade - Vampire Tree - Age 17
Misaki Rei Elizabeth Matsumoto - Human/Elemental - Age 17
Alice Sato - Lamia - Age 17
Evelina Verity Solvei - ESPer - Age 16
Colin Hayes - Human - Age 16
Sophie Ann Roux - Human - Age 16
Julius De'Medias - Dream Wraith - Age 17
Axle Mason - Human/Elemental - Age 18
Ari Stephens - Shapeshifter - Age 16
Elizabeth Marie Daylie - Reincarnated Dragon - Age 17
Ryuji 'Ryuu' Kuro - Demon/Incubus - Age 17
Hope Domenica - Human - Age 17
Aislinn Dimitriou - Air Elemental - Age 17

Alice White - Witch - Age 18
Lilith Quinto - Demon/Siren - Age 17
Avalyn Vega - Werewolf - Age 18
Vincent Williams - Vampire - Age 250
Tyler Sako - Werewolf - Age 19
Isabelle Fae Bellucci - Genie - Age 18
Cain Ricardo Bellucci - Genie - Age 18
Casey Everwood - Succubus - Age 17
Fransiss Rainsworth - Air Elementalist - Age 18
Tàerin Carolanthè - Vampire - Age 18
Fujiko Makanama - Miko - Age 18
Nathan McPherson - Vampire - Age 24
Casper Drystan - Experiment - Age 18
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{ + Dorm Listing

When you go upstairs to the left or right in the lobby, you will be standing in front of the dorm hallway that splits into two more halls on the left and right. A is on the left side, B is on the right side. Down each individual hall are many rooms. Odd numbers are on the left, evens are on the right.
The dorms all have a single bathroom, so we trust in you not to fight over the shower in the morning!

, of course.

More dorms will be added as needed.

Names are clickable thanks to The musical Gerudo c:

Single Dorms (A)
A1. __
A2. Isabelle
A3. Lucie
A4. Cassandra
A5. Kyske
A6. Evelina
A7. __
A8. Colin
A9. __
A10. __
A11. Jackie
A12. __
A13. Alois
A14. Iscariot
A15. Charlotte
A16. Leena
A17. Mina
A18. Lisanna
A19. Cael
A20. __
A21. Genesis
A22. Hope
A23. Ari
A24. Shamory
A25. Jace
A26. Natalie
A27. Nathan
A28. Casper
A29. Jude
A30. Vanadia

Double Dorms (B)
B1. Elizabeth/__
B2. Cain/Casey
B3. Anita/Marceline
B4. Rayne/Fujiko
B5. Axle/Caela
B6. Alice/__
B7. Lilium/Ryuji
B8. Misaki/Sophie
B9. Aiviaro/Aislinn
B10. Rodo/Kiyoharu
B11. Pierrot/Tàerin
B12. Umii/Celeste
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{ + Bulletin Board

Here is where all thread updates and new members are posted. Plus a bunch of other things, of course!

-Roleplay is created.

-TheDevilsHaze joins, with Alice White.
-Katakami-sama joins, with Kiyoharu Rose.

-The musical Gerudo joins, with Kisha Farlow.
-Jaded_Fae_Witch joins, with Lilith Quinto.
-Saucy Diarrhea joins, with Irene Chen.
-Insanity_Amplified joins, with Avalyn Vega and Vincent Williams.
-SuperShinsei joins, with Tyler Sako.
-Katakami-sama adds Rayne Lux to her characters.
-TrustyPatches joins, with Alexander William Sinclair.
-_peccable_ joins, with Isabelle Fae Bellucci and Cain Ricardo Bellucci.

-Strangely Sunny joins, with Lucie Osukura.
-Alice Silvermaid joins, with Cassandra Nightshade.
-Summer_Lovett joins, with Misaki Rei Elizabeth Matsumoto.
-Gutterbox joins, with Alice Sato.
-Yaiyo_chan joins, with Evelina Verity Solvei.
-The Azure Maestro joins, with Colin Hayes.

-Little Blu Scout joins, with Sophie Ann Roux.
-Sofa Pirate joins, with Julius De'Medias.
-xX-WTFItsAlaina-Xx joins, with Casey Everwood.

-Gutterbox adds Jackie Deuste to her characters.
-Saucy Diarrhea adds Gabriel Bleu to her characters.

-Reisen Yuka Inaba joins, with Lilium Knowledge.
-Yaiyo_chan adds Aiviaro Zaip to her characters.

-Candid Anarchy joins, with Iscariot King.
-Bananazilly joins, with Alois Wright.
-The Bratty Prince joins, with Oswin Sawade.

-Orion_Uchiha joins, with Axle Mason.

-Sweet Baby Buddha joins, with Lewcas Frèmerè.

-Misery66 joins, with Anita Dahli.
-xXxIsammiXxX joins, with Charlotte De'agnes.
-The Bratty Prince adds Fransiss Rainsworth to his characters.

-Sweet Baby Buddha adds "Cael" to her characters.

-Sofa Pirate withdraws from the RP. (Julius De'Medias)
-Napkin_Hime joins, with Lisanna Evans.

-aimant joins, with Mina Katherine Castro.
-Dark_Mokuna joins, with Eliza Hemington.

-ZombieTifa18 joins, with Leena Morrison.

-The Bratty Prince adds "Pierrot" to his characters.
-Sweet Baby Buddha adds Tàerin Carolanthè to her characters.
-Jaded_Fae_Witch withdraws from the RP. (Lilith Quinto)

-theaveragepizza joins, with Ari Stephens.
-Little Miss Zy joins, with Elizabeth Marie Daylie.
-The musical Gerudo adds Roi Ryans to her characters.

-Napkin_Hime adds Genesis Valentine to her characters.
-Aimant adds Ryuji Kuro to her characters.
-SunshineChristy joins, with Shamory Kuro.

-Insanity_Amplified withdraws from the RP. (Avalyn Vega, Vincent Williams)
-SuperShinsei withdraws from the RP. (Tyler Sako)

-The Bratty Prince adds Umii Sasaki to his characters.

-Sweet Baby Buddha adds Vanadia Plöski to her characters.
-Gutterbox removes Alice Sato from the RP.
-Gutterbox adds Marceline Abadeer to her characters.
-theaveragepizza adds Jace Chevalier to her characters.

-The musical Gerudo withdraws from the RP. (Kisha Farlow, Roi Ryans)
-v-v joins, with Kyske Bonatatch.
-Dark_Mokuna removes Eliza Hemington from the RP.

-Bananazilly adds Hope Domenica to her characters.
-The Bratty Prince adds Jude Rhyne to his characters.
-The Bratty Prince removes Fransiss Rainsworth from the RP.
-princess fujiko joins, with Fujiko Makanama.
-Dark_Mokuna adds "Celeste" to her characters.

-Candid Anarchy withdraws from the RP. (Iscariot King)
-aimant adds Natalie Marcel to her characters.

-Nate Blackmist joins, with Nathan McPherson.
-apples g a l o r e joins, with Casper Drystan.

-TrustyPatches withdraws from the RP. (Alexander William Sinclair)

-Saucy Diarrhea withdraws from the RP. (Irene Chen)
-theaveragepizza adds Aislinn Dimitriou to her characters.
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{ + Setting

Upon exiting the quiet town that exists outside the school, you'll find yourself in a forest. You won't ever get lost, because once you're walking in that forest long enough, you'll come to what seems like a sudden clearing. In truth, once you set foot on the grass, you enter the school's campus, which is in an entirely different, but visible, dimension. The magic inside this dimension keeps the school looking young and alive, as well as the miles of flat grass around it. There are only a few buildings, but there is a large radius around the school that remains inside the dimension. There are more large grass fields than there are buildings. The only trees near are... that one tree... a single pine tree that the path through the courtyard leads to. Upon leaving the main entrance, you'd be shocked. The forest is gone. At least until you walk past that tree. As you get closer to this tree, the forest will slowly reappear. Within minutes, you'll find yourself back in the town, and no matter which directions you decided to head in, you'll always end back right where you started, also as if you were never gone.
The school on its own is quite the masterpiece. Inside is very decorative. The lobby is rather fascinating, and most students hang out there rather than the 'lounge'. Around back, the school has a nice, wide open garden. The classrooms were recently remade into simpler designs as not to distract the students' learning.
The library holds nearly any book imaginable, all in the services of a sole elf. She runs out of space to hold them all, and so keeps the older, more important books in the back in her office. She keeps the stories and educational books out on display, but the historical books require a special request.
The cafeteria is very spacious and offers plenty of room for the students to pick their comfy place. There are no scheduled lunch times. It is run 24/7 by a psychic who (supposedly) doesn't sleep. There is a buffet area offset from the general seating area where all the food sits warm or cool, constantly remade by the cook. For a small fee (either cash or some volunteer time), students can spend a fancy lunch or dinner in the restaurant. She also does catering. Two young mages work as waitresses in the restaurant.

When it's time for field trips, we have three means of very expensive transportation (we want what is in our students' best interest, if you couldn't tell.)
First off, for short distances, we have several our very own limo buses. The inside is pretty distracting. And a lot of the students forget they're on a bus!
Next we have two private planes for longer trips. The inside, like the bus, was designed to make the trip there and back just as enjoyable as the trip itself.
And of course, for long oversea trips, we have a cruise ship! Though rarely used it is kept in perfect condition so that when we take long trips we can enjoy it to it's fullest.

{ + Staff

There are absolutely no humans that hold a job on campus. Everyone who works here has mastered their power, and most of them use it to their advantage.

A wide variety of races. We have several elemental masters to teach certain elements, vampires to teach control, shifters to teach shifting, and so on. There's really no end to them.

She goes by Beatrix Dragonfly. She is a full vampire, and so fully affected by the sun. However, she has mastered the art of time, and has the power to stop it in any way. For one person, for a radius of people, or just for herself. She's not often seen at daytime, but she does explore the campus in her own timestream.

She is an elf, and one of the only staff members who doesn't use her power. She can talk to animals, and her book organization is done entirely by hand. She is extremely patient and spends nearly all her time in the library. Even for an elf, she looks rather old, but won't reveal her age. Most other elves say she's about 300.

Two vampires work the night shift, an angel and two elementalists work the day shifts. The vampires are brothers and are often seclusive. No one can really say why they ignore everyone, but no one has any complains since they do their job very well. The angel (♂) mostly works around the areas none of the others can get to, such as outside windows. The elemenalists (one female, one male) mostly use wind and water powers to do their job. They've very friendly and will often stop just to have conversations with students, and even offer training to young elementalists.

She is a psychic. She works the kitchen alone, able to multitask like no one believes. She seems to never sleep, but she actually gets 8 hours a day with the help of the headmistress' time powers. She doesn't talk much, but always offers a smile to each student who goes through the lunch line.

She is an elf who, like the librarian, doesn't use her magic-based powers. She learned early on that elf magic doesn't work well with other species, so only offers such special treatments to elves. For the other races, she tends to them with the greatest care she can offer.
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{ + Calendar

To keep better track of time.
The year is currently 2013.
Today is a class day. Time skips will likely happen quicker and perhaps spread out.

January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31

Weekends | Class days | Free days/Event days
Class days are scheduled on some days every week, depending on events and such. Schedules are subject to change.

Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday

Day | Night

3: Umii Sasaki's 18th birthday is today!

3: Umii Sasaki (18th)
11: Lewcas Frèmerè (25th)
18: Evelina Verity Solvei (17th)
19: Mina Katherine Castro (135th)
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{ + Profile Skeleton

Don't get intimidated by this because it's huge, it's mostly code.
All you need to edit is the parts in parenthesis and where it says YOURCHOICE, pick a color.
If you have any questions regarding the form, send me a PM about it. If you would like to make an exception somewhere or add something else, include it along with a message, and I'll handle the coding.
This should mostly be fun to fill out. I'm trying to keep it simple though, so don't fear the coding. C:

[imgright]Character Image URL, anime only please.[/imgright][color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]I was given the name ::[/b][/size][/color]
(Name. First and Last, please.)
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]But you can call me ::[/b][/size][/color]
(Nicknames, if any.)
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]I was born on ::[/b][/size][/color]
(Month/Day Please.)
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]People tell me that I act ::[/b][/size][/color]
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]Don't hate. ::[/b][/size][/color]
(Race. Angel, Demon, Human, whatever.)
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]The fanciness~ ::[/b][/size][/color]
(Power, if any.)
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]I don't have time for a life story, but ... ::[/b][/size][/color]
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]I'm this many years young ::[/b][/size][/color]
(Age. Sorry vampires, nothing over 1000 years old. Let's not get too cliche here.)
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]I think I like ::[/b][/size][/color]
(Crush. PM me to change it.)
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]I fell asleep in Dorm ::[/b][/size][/color]
(Dorm number. A for single, B for double. For B dorms, 1-10. Due to withdrawls, random A dorms are available, so please check the dorm listing for the available rooms. Just do not go over what is currently available, try to fill in any gaps instead.)
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]I just so happen to be a ::[/b][/size][/color]
(Grade. Not numbers, though. Freshman - Senior [High school])
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]Oh! I almost forgot! ::[/b][/size][/color]
(Anything else?)
[color=YOURCHOICE][size=15][b]I'm just a Puppet ::[/b][/size][/color]

Once you're done, PM this to me with the title 'Attending' for confirmation. After you're confirmed, you are free to post.
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{ + Reserved
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{ + Reserved
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{ + Reserved
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{ + Reserved
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{ + Reserved
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{ + Reserved
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