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"Well I used to just sing, but now I just get paid to sing. Its not as fun, but people do actually listen to me." And before the burgandy haired girl realized it Phobe had become talkative and bombarded Rise with questions after calling her tricky and asking about her singing career. Although this made Rise a little uncomfortable, she knew the girl wasn't doing it to go to hot parties or anything, she seemed genuinely curious about the career. "Oh sorry, I don't have a room here on campus, due to my manager's special requests he is keeping me at the penthouse at the Palazzo. Its just due to fans and all that he doesn't want perverts going through my stuff, but if I get permission I could have slumber parties most likely with people in their room." Rise ended her statement with a smile and a chuckle.

Phobe seemed to loosen up around Rise, this cheered the girl up, knowing that made Rise warm herself up too. Phobe had begun to tug on Rise's uniform sleeve, beckoning her to go to the school's basement. "Aw why not! Sure, lets go Phobe! Phobe was in fact like a child, wanting a playmate. Rise didn't really know anyone over here, so it wouldn't kill her to have fun. Not like she wanted to go to class anytime soon. When did class start anyways?

Rise stood up grabbing her newly made friend's hand and walked out of the cafeteria smiling. When she was exiting she was blinded by the glare of the sun, it had caught her completely off guard. "So where is this monster infested basement? You lead the way Miss GPS!"


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~Snow Fairway~

User ImageSnow didn't really resist being pulled up to his feet, but only because he had no idea what was going on. He couldn't help but listen to Justan's speech due to its loud volume. It all seemed so adventurous, so glorious, so... Overrated... Snow's face flushed red as he looked around to see the girls of the cafeteria giving odd looks to both Justan and him. He didn't want them thinking that he was going to be part of some scandalous plot! What was Justan thinking anyways? It was underwear. Snow was wearing underwear and he certainly hoped that Justan was wearing some too. Girls' underwear didn't really have any value other than... Well, to take off of what was...

Snow blinked a few times, clearing his head of rather immoral thoughts that he didn't want to think about; not when he was standing up so straight. He removed himself from Justan's grip, cleared his throat, and took a deep breath. "Ummm... No... You can't... Sorry..." He looked down, put his hands in his pockets, and allowed his ears to droop slightly. He felt bad that he had disappointed his new friend who seemed so passionate in his endeavors. "There are other ways of unlocking such treasures... I'm sorry..." Unsure of what else to say, Snow turned around and started walking off, his head still down. So much for making a new friend.
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As with most students. The day was just starting and he had to prepare himself for it as his alarm soundly woke him. As he fought the sleep from his eyes, Joseph reached for his glasses for without them, everything blurred and he'd be lucky to make it out of bed without having to crawl. None the less, with everything crystal clear and his glasses tucked neatly under his long, stray bangs, Joseph made his way about the room to prepare for the day. This started with collecting his laptop plus accessories such as charger, and packing a mouse. Never know when the local gamer community wanted to hang out. Being that Joseph was starting his second year, he knew a few faces. Most of them friendly, although the high school students had a tendency to be somewhat cruel to him. Especially at his job in the library. On more than one occasion he had caught several of the students defacing a book or two.

Once he had stepped out of the shower, returned to his dorm to collect his belongings and head for class, he couldn't help but linger around the dorm to take in the new faces of all the first years settling in. Finished with introducing himself and being introduced to, Joseph make for a quick lunch at the cafeteria where he ate alone near the corner of the room. He'd no real friends, just acquaintances and occasional former classmates. Yet, it never bothered him. He took the time to study and observe others. Particularly those that weren't of a human variety. Since human society had integrated with the cultures of other species, he found that his job as a detective would become a lot more difficult. The world was full of people with powers that he could not comprehend and it would take a special kind of genius to solve mysteries of an unworldly nature.

With his study time and or lunch over, Joseph made his way out to the commons for a quick walk before class. As he did, he couldn't help but notice the relatively larger woman seemingly patrolling the area. With her height, and her posture, Joseph couldn't help but to note that she was most assuredly unique. His gaze lingered, never once did his mind reach the conclusion that she may find him to be staring. The way she moved seem to be accommodating for something he himself could not see. As if something invisible was on her back.

((Well, hello everyone. New to the roleplay and looking forward to integrating with you all. Wanted to submit a real post before I get too technical with my coding and whatnot. Hope you don't mind.))
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Fjora Biengia

                                    Fjora was never one for punctuality, but somehow, she still managed to wake up with time to spare before classes. She hadn't even set her alarm clock-- she just opened her eyes and woke up. It was one of those times where you just slide right out of sleep and into reality without hardly noticing, and he went about her usual morning routine, taking a quick shower, brushing her teeth, getting dressed, and gathering her things. It wasn't until she was walking out of her dorm room that, quite abruptly, she realized she was awake and heading to class. There was a moment of muted, dumbfounded disbelief at how far she had got without noticing this, before she shrugged it off, closed her door, and lit up a cigarette on her way out.

                                    Smoking was a habit for Fjora, but whether she was actually smoking or not, not even she knew. She had the ability to create elaborate illusions, to trick the senses, to appear to bend reality... but sometimes she did it without meaning to. Whenever she was around other people, at the very least, it didn't smell like she was smoking, and she never seemed to show any of the signs of long-term nicotine usage. Not only that, but sometimes her cigarettes would just... disappear, and other times she would give other people a smoke if they asked, and it would do absolutely nothing for them... but plenty for her. More than likely, it was a reflexive illusion she conjured completely by accident, but there was always the possibility that the opposite was true, and she was simply covering up for herself with illusions.

                                    Trooping off to the cafeteria, Fjora decided to grab her food to go, and simply swept through the line to get some toast, and promptly head back out. People were crowding for seats and grub, and she didn't like being among so many people when they were all pushing and shoving and talking at such loud levels. So she decided to head outside, maybe enjoy some free time before classes started, and the inevitable homework began to pile up.

                                    Luckily, the weather was agreeable enough that she decided it would be safe to lounge around in the grass, even if it was still a little damp from morning due. Unfortunately, she wasn't paying enough attention to where she was going, and so, while she was staring at the ground, munching her toast, her trajectory managed to send her right into, quite possibly, the worst person to run into-- the human equivalent of a a concrete wall. She had just been looking up, too, but lucky for her she wasn't moving fast, so while she got a sharp pain to the face, and dropped her toast, all that really happened was she ended up looking like an idiot and falling back on her butt, one hand jumping up to clutch her nose as her eyes widened.

                                    "Holy crap! I think I broke my nose!" she exclaimed, a bit over dramatically, before her eyes widened and she looked up to see a very, very tall, pretty woman standing in front of her. Her vision was a little blurred from the faint tears of pain in her eyes, but the look on her face gave away that she wasn't really in any extreme agony; she seemed more shocked than anything. "Where the... Where the hell do you work out, lady?" she asked, and by now, just the slightest bit of playfulness was beginning to slip into her voice. She withdrew her hand, but tore her gaze from Nyx to look at her hand, searching for any possible blood.

                                    And that was when it hit her. She did a double take and looked back up at Nyx, eyes wide again as if she were seeing her for the first time. She stood up, letting her backpack, which had fallen off her shoulder, remain on the ground, while her head tilted to the side curiously. Her hand reached foreword, as if to touch Nyx's shoulder, but stopped, and she leaned back with a smile. "I don't need a broken nose to tell you're using an illusion. What are you?" she asked in a friendly manner, not meaning to seem rude, but... she was curious. It wasn't every day you nearly got a concussion from running into a person, rather than from the fall that usually followed.
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Jυsταn δ ғуrє

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"What!?" The fiery boy snarled, rushing forward and attempting to take hold of Snow by the shoulder, and whirl him around to speak face to face. "So you aren't going to join my cause! Big deal, but don't act like that because of my views! Its insufferable, mate!" He growled, flames licking harmlessly off of his clothing. Justan almost looked to set himself ablaze. Assuming he had taken hold of Snow, Justan would release him. Otherwise he would make no further move to slow the boy down. "I'll do the things I enjoy, dude. Will that stop you from being my bud?" He asked, or called if Snow was still heading away. He wasn't angry. How could he be, with that little gem that Snow had left for him. Other ways of unlocking such things? Snow was probably referring to the typical human mating ceremonies. One person for one person, and that nonsense. Some unbreakable bond that held two people with love. That love forsaken if another was introduced. Justan didn't believe that even true love was so strict, but he didn't impose his thoughts on Snow. Instead, he stared at the other, shrugging his shoulders, still flustered from the ordeal, a little.

"Do whatever, bro. Sorry I upset you, jeez." He shrugged, still wondering. Snow might have meant a faster way, easier even! Nah, no way. The fyre didn't care for that method. No flame enjoyed being limited, or controlled. It liked to spread, feeding on what it could, and sending sparks in as many directions as possible. The aim of a fire was always to spread. "Feh. Too quick. I need to slow down next time." The boy chided himself, turning and sitting back down. He mused as he resisted the urge to chew on the plate, instead letting his fires smolder and burn away the wood from the chopsticks. Burn to fast, and you end up burning out.

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                                          Mizara tilted his head when Darrell made some comment about someone going off somewhere, and curiosity slipped into his eyes as he looked at the other. He had no idea who he was talking to... but he seemed to have been observing another group or something. Shrugging it off after a puzzled look around, he went back to his own meal, finishing it before Darrell had even started talking again, so that he could put all of his attention into listening. And once again, he found himself curious how long Darrell had been teaching these 'kids', how long he had been around, but this time he had a reason not to ask, instead of simply trying to be polite in not inquiring too many times-- Darrell had mentioned dorms.

                                          Looking up at the other as he stood, Miza smiled, almost in a lazy way, and shook his head ever so slightly from side to side. "Like I said, I already have my dorm, my things are already there. But feel free tuh go ahead. I think I'm going tuh wander a bit before classes start... maybe see if I can learn anything new before playing my hand at teaching others," he said, bowing his head a bit, "It was interesting talking tuh you, though, Darrell." Still smiling, he shifted to stand up as well, but instead of following the others to 'check on' the dorm situation, he moved to throw his things away, and meander off. He didn't know a lot of people at the school, but it was possible he could run into someone he was familiar with, and at the very least, he might meet someone else new.
Nyx Halloway

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While her sixth sense only alerted her to malicious emotions and things of the like, even gargoyles got what humans would call the 'heebie jeebies.' A small prickling sensation ran down her back, as if she were being watched, which caused her to first slow then stop in the middle of the commons as she tried to pinpoint the source of discomfort. Her head moved back and forth as she scanned the usually crowded area, made nearly empty by the early hour.

Finally her gaze landed on what, to her, was an exceptionally small male though most people could be considered small in her book. A small frown played across her plush lips, a bit unnerved at being observed with such a singular focus. But before she could say or do anything to address the offender a small bump and startled cry alerted her to a more immediate problem.

To her, the collision felt like being hit with a throw pillow. Gargoyles were designed to take severely nasty hits, even things normal rock would typically crumble beneath, though not without consequence. Being made of stone meant they lacked the systems needed to heal and a single crack in their frame could spell death. There were ways to cover wounds, like hte nifty human invention grout or grout repair gels, but it would never be the same or as strong again.

Still, that didn't make her completely unfeeling to sensation, and her wings splayed wide in surprise when she turned back around and...saw nothing. Though the vehenement cursing gave her a clue as to where the person was and she quickly glanced down. "Oh! I'm so sorry, are you ok?" one hand going out to offer the other girl assistance even though she hadn't even been moving to cause the accident.

The question as to where she worked out had the bronze woman frowning in confusion once more. She had heard of the human 'gym' before but had never bothered going to one, not even the one on campus. So she wasn't exactly sure what 'working out' meant. "Ah, I work at the local nature park?" she said uncertainly, withdrawing her hand when it wasn't taken within an appropriate time frame.

Humans were definately confusing. This was the second one she had met within less than an hour that was having a strange reaction to her, if the sudden bug eyed look she was getting was any indication. Though it was her turn to look at the other girl in surprise, her own eyes going wide as she suddenly whipped her head around to look behind her back, her confusion growing she she couldn't see ehr own wings. "How do you know that?" she asked in return, looking back to this other girl who had so quickly deduced her disguise, not ignoring the others question but pushing it off to the side for now in her own curiosity.
Klaus Brandt
The Seeker of Evolution

The creature that called itself Klaus Brandt had no need for sleep. And it was a good thing, too, as he had very little time to waste on such inactivity. Every now and again, though, he did enjoy a pensive moment to mull over what had transpired in his short life. What he had done and what he was going to do. He happened to be engaging in just such a moment as he appraised the status of his somewhat unwilling benefactor. The gentleman was a biological researcher and a colleague of the unfortunate pioneers who had unwittingly brought Klaus into this world, and now because of that connection he had partially come to share in their misfortune.

Upon fully constituting himself, Klaus had almost immediately turned his attention to the acquisition of test subjects with varied biological structures, and this man had instantly come to mind. His name was Dr. Ackerman, and he just so happened to have a biological research lab right near one of the most diverse and out of the way schools in the world. It was almost a bit too perfect. As such, while it had taken quite some time amidst his continuing research on his own structure, he had found a way to travel to the good Doctor’s home and incapacitate him. Now Dr. Ackerman was left floating in a rather large containment tube until Klaus was finished using his facilities. Klaus had actually not worked out the specifics of how he would release the doctor when that time came, but then again, he had had quite enough to occupy his thoughts in the short term. As if to prove this point, a small device began beeping in the darkness of the lab at that moment. What appeared to be a gloved hand reached over and silenced the noise with the touch of a button.
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Now it was time for his work to begin in earnest.

The metallic figure keyed a few commands into his mechanized wheelchair and it quickly began whirring towards the elevator that would take him up to Dr. Ackerman’s mansion (that Klaus was currently using as his own). Much was exactly as the doctor had left it before the wayward science experiment had accosted him, though. As he exited the elevator, Klaus reached once again to key in a command to his mechanical apparatus, although this time the command was directly to the mechanized suit that housed him. The change was almost unnoticeable, but it was there. Where before there had been no sound at all, now one could hear the sound of regular, albeit slightly belabored, breathing. It was all a part of his disguise. No one would understand what he was if he went to the trouble of explaining it, so he settled for simply posing as a human who suffered from a debilitating illness, one that required him to be encased in this armor and carried along by this chair. It might have been somewhat difficult to keep up such a disguise if he were to share a dormitory room with another student, but his current living arrangement combined with his doctoring of several electronic records nipped any such problems in the bud.

Klaus’s chair whirred down the pathway from the mansion taking him by similarly lavish abodes as he checked the various systems in his armor and chair one last time. He was equipped with a number of useful devices that he could come to rely on if unpleasant circumstances arose. For example, he had a psionic jammer installed in his armor that would cause great discomfort to any who might try to enter his mind for any reason. He couldn’t have anyone having a look in there now could he? Klaus had prepared meticulously for his task. While the school was a golden opportunity to learn about the varying biologies of sentient beings, it was also an exceedingly dangerous place. There were mind readers, pyromancers, werewolves, super-strong martial artists, and endless other permutations of potential threats, all of whom Klaus had to be ready for. Nevertheless he remained confident that his gadgetry and cleverness would be sufficient to see his efforts through to their end.

As he continued to whir along toward the sprawling combined campus, he took note of an eating establishment just off to the side of the road. Now Klaus generally didn’t eat in the traditional sense, but he was capable of drinking. In fact, he found that one beverage that actually seemed to improve his liquid form’s cohesiveness was one that many students seemed addicted to: namely coffee. As such, he made a point of getting the drink whenever he could, and a diner like the on he was just about to pass was pretty much bound to serve some. Noting that he had a fair bit of time before anything of significance got underway, the strange looking figure made up his mind and turned in toward the diner’s entrance. It was just as he reached the door that Klaus got a vision of the first supernatural thing that he’d ever seen in his (admittedly short) life. It appeared to be a moving, fully sentient gargoyle; a great creature of moving stone. Klaus had heard of this sort of thing, but he had never seen anything like it. He stopped for a moment as she simply sauntered by, looking rather like anyone would when going on a walk. It had just so happened that all of the researchers that had accidentally created him were human (their being one of the most populous sentient races on the planet), so Klaus was struck by how commonplace such a thing was in the outside world and this school in particular. It wasn’t as though he was average by any stretch of the imagination, though, so he imagined he’d become accustomed to it quickly enough.

As he rolled into the Diner, he quickly began to notice that there wasn’t much in the way of wheelchair accessible seating. He caught sight of a service staff member, a girl with brown hair on roller skates and lifted a metallic gloved hand to catch her attention. “Excuse me miss, vould you happen to have any specialized seating available for someone in my…disadvantaged position?” he asked. In addition to sounding a bit tinny on account of his voice coming through a speaker, he spoke with a rather obvious German accent that his suit had been set to exhibit to go with his name.
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Jasper Rose Gavel

So far Jasper enjoyed her job. She didn't like getting close to people, but here you meet new people everyday without commitment. Nyx had mentioned she was a regular, and it didn't worry her at all. Despite the fact that Eli went on some weird frenzy near her, Jasper had taken a liking to the gargoyle. Note to self: Google Gargoyles... She places plates of food in front of people seated in a booth. "Y'all need anythan else?" she asked and was replied to with the shaking of heads. She noticed a lot of people did that here, like they were uncomfortable talking to her. She would do the same, if she ever went out to eat. Jasper made her way back to the kitchen and put in her new orders. She had come to work with wet hair and now it was officially dry. She combs her hair with her fingers and brings it up to a wavy ponytail high on her head. She looked ridiculous, but she felt comfortable.

With the ding of a bell, she was out of the kitchen with new orders. It was eerily quiet in the diner; it was usually noisy with chatter and clinging of silverware. The whole diner was looking towards the entrance, which Jasper's eyes followed. In a wheelchair, there was a... well, suited being. It was like nothing Jasper has ever seen before, and as far as she could tell, everyone else in the establishment felt the same way. She continued to the table waiting, and deposited their breakfast. Rolling towards another table, she's stopped by a German... or was it a weird form of Italian accent? She couldn't really tell. At the sound of 'Excuse me miss' she swiftly turned to face... him.

At first, she was speechless. He sounded like Darth Vader the way he was breathing; Jasper was a big fan of Star Wars. This man was frightening. He had so many pieces to him, she couldn't really tell where his eyes were, if he had any. She eyes the wheelchair and is snapped out of her gaze. "Wail of course we have a place for'ya. Follow me." Jasper leads him to a small round table on her side of the diner, placing a variety of menus on top of it. "Is this fine?" The table was quite small, but the man seemed to fit it fine. She didn't want him to be uncomfortable though, so if he wanted a bigger table she wouldn't hesitate to move him to one.
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Ruku Hajime

          Surely, no one suspected anything strange about a fluffy, blue bush in the courtyard, sitting amongst it's lush, green brethren. No one could even tell that there was a cute, round face peeking through the soft branches of the bush every now and then to survey the yard. Nope. No one could tell that that blue bush was really just the high school’s very own Ruku Hajime, a cute kyuubi boy that attended the 10th grade.

          Despite Ruku’s attempts at camouflage, there was no way anyone would really believe that there just happened to be a fluffy blue bush in the courtyard. It was a good thing that the Kyuubi wasn’t actually hiding, though. He was waiting to see if he’d meet those two nekos again, keeping his bright blue eyes on the surrounding yard. Unfortunately, it seemed like they weren’t around. Maybe it was too early? Ruku sighed, uncurling his tails to reveal the rest of himself. The kyuubi boy used to wear a lot of kimonos, but today he was wearing a pair of soft, white shorts that went to his knees and an over-sized maroon turtleneck sweater.

          Getting up from the ground, the blue kyuubi brushed himself off and started walking towards the school, humming a soft tune. "Gonna find my tomodachi~ " he smiled, singing to himself along the way. His nine fluffy tails swayed happily behind him, keeping up off of the ground so they wouldn't be stepped on. As he got closer to the school, his nose caught a familiar scent. "Nyan~ Tomodachi is near!" he exclaimed to himself, looking around. His big blue ears perked up and twitched slightly as he tried to find a familiar voice. The fluffy boy followed the scent through the high school, sniffing about before he caught sight of her. Yes, it was her! Tomodachi! Ruku couldn't contain his excitement, running up to the small, green haired neko and snatching her up in a hug. "TOMODACHI!!!" he exclaimed, his tails tickling at the neko girl. After snuggling the lost neko girl, Ruku allowed his arms to loosen, though his tails kept brushing against her. "Nyan~ Is Tomodachi lost?" he asked, smiling. As always, the kyuubi boy was quite ecstatic, especially in the presence of someone familiar.

          [[ooc: lol *dies* sorry it took me so long, and I hope my post isn't too crappy. = w=; I haven't played Ruku in a very long time. ]]
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Samuel Wickers

Samuel had been wandering around the school since before the sun came up. He was used to early risings, living on a boat for so long. He missed the boat, it was his true home. He missed his dad, the man who taught him everything he knew. The boy was raised to always be polite and to always dress the part, outside of the boat. He and his father both wore only suits and ties when on land. It was what he was wearing now, nice fitting black dress pants that hung low on his hips, an un-tucked well ironed white collared dress shirt, and a bright red tie. It was a little sloppy, but he felt the need to be comfortable in all that he wore. His eye-patch was new to his wardrobe. He didn't like talking or thinking about his accident, it being the reason why he had to come back to the real world. There was nothing real about this world, everything was set up so that people made decisions based on what they thought other people would appreciate, not what they actually wanted.

This school was the most unbelievable place he had ever been to. The people here were so different. They had ears of any type of animal you could think of! They were magical, casting spells and what not. It was like nothing Samuel had ever dreamed of witnessing. The boy missed the boat but loved watching everything that went on in this new place. He observed all that was around him. Currently he was in the cafeteria, watching the students interact. He wasn't one to make moves and speak to others, but would love to have a conversation with one of these people. They were all so incredibly odd, even in the sense that they were like movie teenagers. He had never been that way; checking out girls, playing football, going out to party. Nothing like that had ever been an option for him, and now he was so used to not being a teenager, he loved watching others live it.

All sorts of strange things went on in this place. For instance, the boy who seemed to be on fire, blue flames. They just popped up in random parts of the guy's body, it was awesome. Samuel kind of wanting to see if he could be burned by them, but decided against attempting it. He studied him and the boy with white hair for awhile, until the white haired boy left in a rush. Samuel heard the ruckus about lady underwear and laughed to himself. Lady underwear was indeed magical, but he would never voice it. When it came to women, he was a bit shy. He was so used to not seeing them right in front of him, that he never knew how to interact with them. All he had going for him was his mannerisms and his accent, other than that girls really paid no mind to him. At least, that's what he thought.
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Fjora Biengia

                                    Fjora grinned when the girl asked how she knew that she was using an illusion, and promptly placed her fists on her hips and raised her chin. "I'm an illusionist. Illusions are kind of my thing, whether it's seeing through them, or creating them," she told the other, dropping her hands back to her sides. She lifted one back up, though, and waved it a little, between her and Nyx, still smiling lightly, until a curious look crossed her face. Her head tilted to the side, short hair falling into her face a bit, and shading her as she bowed her head as well, eyes still looking the good distance up to Nyx's face. "I still don't get it," she muttered lowly, almost to herself, "What are you?"

                                    The question didn't sound like she was trying to be rude, but like she was honestly perplexed. And she was. "You're... You're made of stone, aren't you? I mean... I can kind of see through it now. I just... I can't tell what you are..." She stared at Nyx a moment, her mouth open as she clearly tried to process this, before she straightened up, and smiled. "You look like you could be some kind of crazy monster killer," she commented, perhaps a little too honestly, "But you seem pretty nice. I mean, you apologized when I ran into you." Yes, that's right, Fjora had actually been conscious enough to notice that, even through the pain and shock of running into a solid stone object.

                                    "Plus, I mean... a nature park? Unless that's where you bury the bodies, that's not exactly a killer's work place. My name is Fjora Biengia, by the way," she added, holding her hand out to shake. Suddenly, there was a cigarette in her other hand, and she lifted it up to place it between her lips, the smoke wafting up, but carrying absolutely no smell. She didn't seem to even acknowledge the suddenness of its appearance-- to her, it seemed like it had been in her hand the whole time. But to anyone else, it's appearance would be completely out of the blue.
Klaus Brandt
The Seeker of Evolution

The entire diner had fallen silent when they had taken notice of Klaus’s arrival. It was clear that, while there were a vast array of unusual creatures that lived here, took classes at the school and worked at various nearby businesses, he was still rather a strange sight. That was worth noting for the future, although there was very little that he could do about it. After all, his condition placed very specific stipulations on how any transportation modules that carried him would be required to function. Most of his information suggested that the easiest way to blend in, even when one naturally stands out, is to act as though one belongs and that nothing is out of place. Would such methods work perfectly? Probably not. Nevertheless, anything else would only draw more negative attention. Another curiosity his current situation suggested was that the vast majority of creatures that attended the school took on a human appearance unless their species already appeared human anyway. He did find himself wondering if the Diner’s occupants had given the gargoyle that had only just left similar looks, though.
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The server girl took a moment to respond, as if she was taking a moment to appraise her newest charge. That was quite understandable. He merely sat and awaited a response, which did not take too long. He tapped a button and the chair followed the waitress to the small table in the corner that had been provided for him. It was painfully obvious that the entire room was watching him as he moved, but he paid it no mind. People had their opinions, and he really didn’t have the time to concern himself with them unless they somehow affected his goal. His chair pulled up to the table, which was ever so slightly too tall, but almost before anyone could notice this discrepancy the seat of his chair extended up to rectify this circumstance. “Zis vill suit me perfectly, sank you.” He replied, taping a few buttons to recalibrate his accent for a bit of additional clarity. “Alzough, I feel I must apologize for rendering some of your efforts unnecessary as far as ze menus are concerned. I vould simply like a cup of black coffee if zat vould be possible.” Any other substances in the coffee merely diluted its positive effects for him, so he generally ordered the beverage in its simplest form.

He calmly awaited the waitress’s response as the rest of the diner mostly returned to minding their own business, it seemed that they had perhaps expected him to summon a legion of Stormtroopers or order a Death Star strike, and they became much less interested when all the strange armored figure wanted was a simple “cuppa jo” as it were. Not that many of them weren’t sneaking a peek over at him every now and again when they thought he wouldn’t notice. That was the benefit of viewing everything through a computer visualization system. Klaus really didn’t miss much that was in his line of sight, and the computer in his armor was recording everything he saw for future reference. A meticulous attention to research detail was one of the more useful traits he had “inherited” from his creators.
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Sabeth McKai

XSabeth couldn't remember very many times in his long life span when he had been nervous. The first time he ate a soul, perhaps, when he didn't know what would happen; when he had to await judgement after being caught for eating said souls, though he hid that with cocky arrogance and anger; and another time, with Elizabeth where he lost himself in the moment, and briefly worried over it, before completely letting go to get swept up in being with her. Surely, there were more times than that.... but if there were, they weren't significant, and they had been even more fleeting than those short lived times. In all, Sabeth was not a person prone to being anxious or nervous...

But right now, he was feeling both. He stood outside, his hands behind his back, his eyes closed, and waited. As the principal of the highschool, he had to keep up an appearance, and so he didn't let it show on his face that his insides were squirming unpleasantly, his stomach was flip-flopping so much he felt ill, or that his heart was beating fast and his chest felt tight, like there was a weight pressing down on it. He was good at acting, because he'd had ages to practice, but that didn't make it any easier to actually ignore how he felt. He was nervous, incredibly so, and he disliked the feeling.

Sabeth was a creature that held a lot of power. His original form had been small, meek... insignificant. He had started to evolve when he ate the soul of another, larger, dying creature.. and continued to do so. It wasn't long before he stopped waiting for the animal to be in a weakened state; once he had claws, and teeth, he just took what he want. And eventually, that became human souls. Very easily, and with surprising speed, he took on a more human appearance, and as he devoured more anthropos souls. Not just humans, though.... creatures of humanoid appearance, but with abilities, and as he consumed their very essence, he noticed that he consumed their skills, too.

He became powerful, dangerous... a threat. It wasn't long before a group of very powerful people noticed his existence, and while he was slyly sneaking around the streets, searching for another victim, scheming for more power... they grabbed him. Of course he fought back, but a group of such incredible individuals held their own very well, and skillfully minimized damage, and maximized the speed with which they subdued him. When he came back to consciousness, his powers were gone, and he was in a cage.

That group of people was the same that built the school, and then the university. As a trade, they decided to make him principal, and would reward him for good behavior by slowly giving him some of his abilities back. An odd offer... but Sabeth obviously took it, more than eager to get his powers back, with the clear plot to take revenge the moment he was strong enough, and possibly steal more abilities while he worked.

But the group's plan worked, and over many, many years.... he lost his ambition. It faded slowly, and he didn't really notice it, but he soon became so engrossed in work that the thought of taking over and growing strong simply got pushed into the back of his mind, and then... seemed to disappear. After a while, he was a completely different person. And there were at least two people who took notice.

Not all the souls Sabeth consumed just disappeared. Some, a very, very few, somehow managed to stay, to remain inside of him. He didn't know what it was about these people-- three, in fact-- that made them more resilient than others, but he now had to deal with their constant bickering, and once in a while, their ability to take over his physical form. It was very much like a mixed case of schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder, except that the personalities were not at all creations of his own mind. Luckily for him, only two of them were really present... and he'd become a lot better at repressing them, even as he continued to grow more tired with the work he had to do.

Which was why they were silent, for the moment, or perhaps that was because they could feel how anxious he was. Or perhaps they, themselves, were nervous, but either way, as Sabeth stood there, waiting, he could feel a growing tension around him. Behind his back, his fingers fidgeted together, and his foot was moving in a very subtle, tapping gesture. Oh yes, he was nervous. And for good cause, too.

After all, he was about to meet his daughter.
Nyx Halloway

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"An illusionist?" was asked, though it was more of a rhetorical question. Nyx knew what a human illusionist was like. They were like magicians, pulling quarters from behind ears and making rabbits come out of hats. Things like that. But she wasn't so ignorant as to think a real illusionist couldn't exist. After all, it was exceptionally powerful illusion magic that hid her true identity.

Except, perhaps, for this girl whose words and mannerisms were implying that she could see right through the medallions magic. Again her wings twitched at the near insult. A serial killer? Her? Considering what she was and what she had been created for, it almost made her burst out in laughter. Finally she just scratched the tip of her nose, which to Fjora would be her beak, and chuckled in embaressment.

"Well...I guess you could call me a monster in that I'm not human. But it's kind of my job to stop killers, not be one." The hand, claw, scratching her nose paused long enough to take the offered hand, any question of what she was made of disappearing at their touch. "I'm Nyx. And I'm a gargoyle...you're not freaking out like most" Amusement lit the taller womans voice as she finally pulled her hand back, head tilted in curiosity, almost like a birds...

"I mean, I wear this medallion for a reason. Having a seven foot tall rock monster coming at you tends to put most people off. Or, you know, running into one." Which was sort of the point. Best way to end a fight was to make sure you didn't start one and most tended to back off when you had a raging gargoyle barrelling towards them. Speaking of which, "You sure you're ok?"

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