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He froze up slightly upon the woman catching his gaze. On the outside, however, he was calm and cool. The only cause for him to be surprised is that she had caught him. He was startled at what she was nor that he had already predicted that she wasn't human. The world was full of people who could do the extraordinary. None the less, Joseph zoned in on the topic of what she might be.His curiosity only grew when another bumped into the relatively tall woman, knocking her to the floor.

Deciding that he's linger, Joseph continued to observe the two. Watching the other girl he took note of her abilities as well. He'd been here for two years and yet, more and more he started to feel a sense of inability. He didn't even compare to the normal human boys. Let alone the ones that could magic, or belonged to an entirely new species altogether.

Suddenly afraid to talk to women am I? He realized that, they seemed nice enough to talk to. And, he wasn't weird or creepy or anything of the nature. Not to mention a lack of friends. Mine as well try to make some this year. Slowly he made his way over to them as they talked.

"Pardon the interruption, and forgive me if I'm intruding on a private conversation but, are you alright miss?" He said first to the young woman who had taken the tumble. Then, turning his attention to the taller, non human woman. "..and forgive my gaze. Curiosity peaked and I recognize it must have been rude. My apologies." He said with a slight smile. "My name is Joseph, and it would be a pleasure to make both of your acquaintance.
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Fjora Biengia

                                    "Mhm, yup," Fjora confirmed, giving a nod of her head, even though the question wasn't really meant to be answered. She was, after all, fairly proud of her heritage, especially since she was considered fairly skilled for her age. Not a protege, and not nearly as clever and hilarious as her cousins, but she was.... creative, at least, and relatively high up on her training. Coming to this school would only help, perhaps even more than she thought. After all, meeting Nyx was already giving her a good idea of her skill level, in comparison to the real world; she could sort of see through the illusion, when she used her own abilities to obscure and smear it, but she couldn't quite completely clear it up for herself. And it wasn't like she was dispelling it, either, but then again, she wasn't even trying to do that. She figured that if Nyx was trying to keep her appearance hidden, then she had every right to do so. Just... not from Fjora.

                                    She blinked, her mouth opening and her eyes widening when Nyx repeated the monster description, and, quite suddenly, she realized what she'd said. Fjora had a rather dark sense of humor, and she'd really mostly been joking with her earlier comment, though part of it had been simply what had gone through her mind-- but she hadn't meant any insult, and when the phrase was repeated back to her, she seemed to recognize just how rude it had been. But the look of ashamed horror was replaced by a smile when Nyx returned the introduction, and explained what, exactly, she was, as well as why she was keeping her appearance hidden in the first place.

                                    "It's nice to meet you, Nyx," she returned, smiling with her free hand on her hip, "Sorry if I made a bad first impression. I didn't mean to actually call you a monster or anything. I kind of have a big mouth." She grinned, giving a wink. "Besides, you're pretty good lookin' for a gargoyle. Most of the ones I've seen look like they're about to bite your head off." Maybe not the smoothest compliment, but she really did mean it in a positive way! And this time, she at least realized it, a very sheepish expression sliding over her face with a nervous laugh escaping her at the recognition of the blunder. "N-not... not to say anything negative about them, or anything..." she corrected, chuckling again in embarrassment.

                                    "And yeah, I'm fine. Wish I could blame the rambling on running into you, but unfortunately, that's how I always am," she admitted, grinning apologetically with a shrug, while reaching up to place the cigarette between her lips again. She blinked when another joined them, her hand dropping to her side, but leaving the smoke between her lips, her blueish eyes turning to the male with a curious look. Her lips parted into an "O" of surprise at his question, but she smiled, cigarette held between her teeth to keep it from falling. "I'm fine, thanks," she returned, crossing her arms over her chest for a moment. Pretty nice of him to come all that distance just to see if she was alright, and apologize to Nyx... "Nice to meet you, Joseph. Pretty nice manners you've got there. I'm Fjora, Fjora Bienmagia," she returned, uncrossing her arms to hold out her hand. She nearly introduced Nyx, as well, but she'd at least learned not to speak for others. Or... at least, not to introduce them when they could easily do it themselves.
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tomoko sakurai - - The Earth Bender
It's too far, that signpost to love
I won't let the love grow, no no
Inside my dreams it's like another world
I end up wearing my favorite outfits every day
Just so that I can catch his eye

        Tomoko was beginning to get frustrated, having walked around the same hallway in circles for the past ten minutes. What if her friends thought she was ditching them to do something else? Her cheeks were puffed into a pout, being so distracted that she didn't even hear, or smell the familiar scent of the Blue Kyubi. Weighing a mere 49 pounds, Tomo was easily swept off her feet, "Nyaaaahhh!!!" She cried out in fear and confusion, before being greeted by a very cozy, and distinct warmth. She shifted and squirmed her little body to turn around and face him, her eyes growing wider than they probably should be able to.

        "Ruku-san!!" She exclaimed, nuzzling her head against him affectionately, seeing as it was all she could do, with her arms pinned to her sides by his tight hug. As his tails swayed, they brushed along her, causing her to fall into a fit of giggles, thrashing and squirming about happily. "Nya~! R..Ruku-san! T..That tickles..! " She cried out before feeling his hug loosen a bit. She still seemed to be giggling every now and then, but no longer hysterical. Leaning in, she delivered a few small licks to the boy's cheek. "Ruku-san really sneaky for someone with nine tails!" She stated, nodding and finally addressing his question.

        "Yeah! They put the map in another language! Tomo can't figure out what is where!" She explained, showing him the upside down map. "Are you lost, too? Have you heard anything from Neko Boy? " Tomoko still seemed distracted by his tails, having grabbed onto one while she was explaining her dilemma, nuzzling her head into it. She thought it was rare to have two tails, let alone nine...Ruku was the most special creature she had met thus far.

Just one thing I wish for
When I'm asleep, I just want you by my side
I just want to be wrapped up in your heart
If it's the words "I like you" I can say it
I just can't say "I love you"
Nyx Halloway

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If it were coming from any other person, one might describe the taller woman's sudden laughter as malicious in that it was obviously directed at the other girl. However, the clear amusement etched across her face belied any sort of spiteful reasoning for the laughter. A small shake of her head and smile confirmed that as she laughingly said, "No offense taken. I knew you didn't mean anything by it. Besides, you don't live as long as I have if you're easily insulted."

For a moment she contemplated just taking the medallion off. After all, she wore it mostly for other people's sakes. Nyx wasn't ashamed of what she was, not at all in fact, but knew her appearance bothered others and was respectful enough to understand that. But then she remembered they weren't exactly in a private setting and the last thing she needed was for someone to run off screaming at her suddenly 'shapeshifting' or something. "That, and you're not exactly wrong either. Most gargoyles are made to look scary and, well, monstrous. I just got really lucky when being crafted I guess."

Rambling? Fjora? Another snorted laugh was subdued by sheer willpower alone. Not that it was a bad thing mind, it had gotten the stoney (pun intended!) creature to laugh. It was just that she was the one who didn't want to come off as being rude now, what with laughing at the other all the time.

This time the cigarette caught her attention, but before she could actually ask about it their conversaton was interupted by another. The man she had seen before. Oops. She'd nearly forgotten about him after the collision. At least he wasn't as creepy as she had first thought, what with coming to apologize to her and all and even check on Fjora. "Don't worry about it, no harm done. Besides, I've been this tall for a long time, you get used to it," confident he surely couldn't see through her illusion as well. After allowing the smalelr girl her oppurtunity at introductions she added, "And I'm Nyx. Pleasure to meet you too Joseph."
Elizabeth and Catherine Gaidel
Queen and Princess of Another World

“Mummy, I hope this doesn’t trouble you, but may I ask what Daddy is like?”
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Elizabeth recalled the first time that her dear daughter had asked the question. It had also probably been the first time that she realized that she was, at least to some degree, failing. She was a sorceress who had been hailed as one of the greatest minds in sorcery on Earth. She had mastered numerous schools and was nevertheless proficient in all the others. She had contacts all throughout her family’s various assets that would make her the envy of any politician in the world. If all that weren’t enough, she had composed an entire dimension from scratch and could bend every facet of it to her will with a simple thought. She had done all of this, but since that moment she had had the sneaking, gnawing suspicion that she was failing at something that even the simplest of women managed every day with nothing close to her intellect or resources. Motherhood. It came so naturally to other women she’d seen, but there was something about it that the sorceress simply could not grasp properly.

That particular moment was what signaled Elizabeth that her efforts were wrong-headed, but the more she thought about it, the more she knew that it wasn’t her only mistake. She had never really told Catherine anything about her own father. What’s more, the girl was worried to even ask the question! If there was anything that the girl was due, it was a simple explanation on her part. Still, it wasn’t an easy question to answer. How could one describe Sabeth succinctly? It wasn’t something that she felt could be done in a way that did him justice. As a result, she settled on a rather evasive and incomplete answer:

“You’ll have to see for yourself when you meet him. All you need to know for now is that he loves you.”

And so here they were a few short years later, she and her daughter, moments away from a sojourn back to the dimension where Elizabeth had been born and proverbially made her fortune. The hope was that this world would give Catherine the same chance, and give Elizabeth herself a chance to reevaluate her methods of raising the girl for when she got back during summer break. After all, while she had been an imperfect mother, Elizabeth would staunchly state that much of her approach had been right, and would continue to be so once she made the appropriate adjustments where she wasn’t doing quite so well.

Elizabeth looked over to Catherine as the spell opened the gateway between worlds. She was so visibly nervous as she fidgeted in the next chair over. The sorceress could only imagine all of the questions and concerns that must be flitting through her daughter’s mind right then. The sorceress reached over and put her hand on Catherine’s shulder, prompting the girl to look up hurriedly to meet Eliabeth’s gaze. She said nothing, but gave her daughter a reassuring smile as the great door opened before them, before letting go and turning her attention forward again.

Any students who were out in the commons who were particularly perceptive might come to notice an unusual mystic light that was forming patterns in the sky a little ways away from where the principal was facing. Students might initially presume that it was something that the principal was doing, but any f the professors that had been on the staff for long enough would know what this was immediately. Elizabeth Gaidel hadn’t been at the school for about 15 years, but for any who had ever witnessed one of her arrivals, they were generally quite hard to forget.

The light continued to form into a number of ornate patterns in the air until one could eventually make out the shape of a door with a large seal on it. The energy remained suspended there for a few moments before any onlookers would be able to see a solid door fade into existence over the patterns. The gigantic door appeared to be made of well polished wood, and one could now see the crest as being none other than the Gaidel family crest. The great aperture crackled with energy as it slowly swung open to reveal an entire procession of armored soldiers, several of whom were carrying a large dais into the commons area that bore once again bore the crest of its owner. This kind of fanfare was curiously less absurd than the show Elizabeth had put on in previous years, but anyone who might have remembered her past visits would note that the dais was different this time. In particular, it had room for two occupants rather than the usual one.
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The soldiers carried the dais up to Sabeth before coming to a stop. There was a short pause before the curtain around the seats at the top was drawn back and Elizabeth stepped out, looking as young and beautiful as ever. “Oh Sabeth, you always did know how to make a girl feel special.” She cooed as she stepped down toward him. “Coming all the way down from that delightful office of yours just to see me in; and they say that chivalry is dead in this world.” she teased. On any other occasion, it would have been circumstantial whether or not Sabeth had come to greet her in this manner, but it this case, there was obviously another variable in play; one that would have had Sabeth standing here regardless of the circumstances. “Although in this case, I suspect I’m not the only girl that you’re here to floor with your good manners.” She continued, turning to the side. “Catherine dear, come on out and meet your father.” She called.

For her part, Catherine had been just about as nervous as her father was. In fact, she was probably more so. In addition to the uncertainties about her father, she had all the worries that would be natural for a young teen about to go to her first day of high school after having been home schooled for all of her life. Her mind was reeling with questions. Was her father nice? Where was she going to stay while at school? What would the other students be like? Would the teachers be as grueling in their lessons as her mother had been? The list carried on as such. She winced as her mother finally called her to come out.

The young girl peeked her head out from behind the curtain, and her red eyes locked with Sabeth’s for a mere moment before her head quickly shot back behind the curtain. She stopped to take a deep breath before spinning about and dramatically throwing the curtain aside in the sort of manner she could imagine her mother doing. Be confident, she tried willing herself. It didn’t really work. It only took a moment for her to realize that almost every single eye in the courtyard was on her now, and she immediately let out a little squeak. She tried to retreat back behind her chair but, sadly, her foot got caught in the curtain itself and she ended up tripping down the dais’s stairs. Instinctively, she flicked her scepter in an attempt to right herself with gravity magic, but she only managed to flip herself over. She was still careening toward the ground in front of her father at disconcerting speeds. Oh why did it have to work out like this? She thought to herself. In a mere moment, though, she felt herself slowing down substantially, her royal cape flowing behind her quite regally as she touched down in front of Sabeth. She knew that this wasn’t her own handiwork; she had frozen up like a deer in headlights. She gave her mother a thankful smile before turning back and meeting Sabeth’s eyes again, red as a firetruck with embarassment.

“H-hello father.”
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Timid Genius

"More and more, I start to wonder if I'm one of the only humans left on this campus." Keeping his smile, Joseph moved towards Fjora and shook her hand. His grip soft, and Fjora would be able to tell that he was not very strong. She could probably overpower him if she wanted. In fact, his entire frame would be noticeably small as compared to other boys. Joseph was a bully's greatest victim, small and frail. In fact, to Nyx, he was but a twig. Albeit tall, he stood nowhere near her height. His gaze shifting from Fjora to Nyx as he released his grip and smiled at the Gargoyle. His eyes a pleasant emerald green. Not too vibrant, not necessarily dull either. "Fjora and.. Nyx." He repeated their names.

"Neither common to this area. Yet both lovely." He complimented, without trying to sound like a flirt. "I don't think we've met before, are you new to the school?" He asked. With Nyx's physical stature, he would hardly be able to tell her real age to a specific. And with the ability to create illusions, Fjora's age would also be relatively difficult. Not to mention the other factors that account into one's academic rank.
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ρhσbє Vσrηyσv

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"Hee hee."

Phobe continued to lead on, goaded on by Risa's excitement. As the bunny continued along, not at all bothered by the morning sun's lights pouring in through the windows, in slanted squares that illuminated the halls in a calm and warm glow. Phobe always loved this side of the building, where the sun hit and the worlds shadows became cut by a soft golden light. Passing down the hall was the most fun, her skin touched by the warm sun, and then cooled when they passed between windows. Each shadow brought a cool air, only to be pushed away by brief waves of light and warmth. The basement lacked this, completely cold and without the suns gaze. Phobe bravely lead on, resisting the urge to stop and bask in the warm light. She made a few rights and lefts, leading them away from the walls and windows and into corridors lit by brighter lights that offed no warmth. As she kept going, relying on memory, Phobe stopped at a strange door, imposing like a janitors closet. She paused, staring at it for just a moment, before tugging Risa further along.
"Just a closet." She noted, heading for the stairs. By the stairs was a door that led further down instead of up. While up was open and free for anyone to use, the downstairs door was closed and placed with signs that offered warnings. Content in ignoring this warnings, Phobe tested and fiddled with the door for a moment before it swayed lightly open for them, the cool and foreboding darkness light by smaller lights as the stairs trailed down. "Ready?" The bunny asked, as she began descending the steps.


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~Snow Fairway~

User ImageSnow allowed himself to be forced around to come face to face with Justan once more. Had he really acted so offensively? Snow looked down and rubbed the back of his head. He didn’t mean to be so “insufferable” as Justan had called it. ”I’m sorry,” he said quietly, interlocking his fingers in front of him, ”I mean, of course whatever it is you do certainly wouldn’t stop me from being your... Bud. It’s just that I kind of thought that my views would stop you from being mine.” He could only shrug in his defense. He felt as if he shouldn’t have walked away like he did, but Snow had an obviously reserved nature. It took a while for him to open up and act like his real self around people, which was why he always seemed so quiet and polite. Because of this, it was difficult for him to make and keep his friends, heck, meeting Justan was only an accident. He almost envied the fiery being, who was able to outright shout to every girl in the cafeteria that he wanted to steal their panties. Snow may have been too shy to do something like that, but that didn’t mean he didn’t think it would be fun. ”I’m sorry I acted like that. It wasn’t right of me,” Snow replied, ”You certainly haven’t upset me at all, not in the slightest.”

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Fjora Biengia

                                    Fjora grinned at Nyx's laid back attitude to her comments, glad the woman didn't take any offense. She had her hands on her hips, head tilted to the side. "Cool. Y'know, you're a pretty awesome lady, Nyx," she remarked. Not a lot of people were that cool with being called 'monstrous', and Nyx even seemed to agree to some extent. That decided it! Fjora liked this girl. She figured Nyx was probably in college, though she may have been making that conclusion based solely on the other's height, but there was also the matter of Nyx's maturity to play in, too. Besides, it was better than assuming Nyx was in highschool, when she was actually older.

                                    Fjora could tell, even without touching him, that Joseph wasn't the strongest person; she didn't think much of that, though. She had decent strength, but compared to Nyx, she was probably a gnat. Physical abilities didn't mean much; everyone had their skills and their weaknesses, and she didn't judge anyone based off their race, or what they were capable of. Though she did tend to make assumptions at times. She was just... open minded on her assumptions, ready to change them, and be corrected, as long as the person wasn't a total jerk about it. And currently, neither of the people she was in the company of seemed jerkish in the slightest, which was a rather nice beginning to the day.

                                    "Don't worry, I know at least, like... two other humans here or something," she reassured the other, giving a friendly, lopsided grin. She blinked as he commented on their names, looking at Nyx out of the corner of her eye with a growing smile. "Well, aren't you the flatterer!" she teased, looking back at Joseph. It was clear the boy wasn't trying to be a player, but she couldn't help being playful in response. "I think I might just start to blush now." She chuckled a bit, crossing her arms over her chest with her cigarette hanging from between her lips again, or, more accurately, between her teeth.

                                    She glanced at Nyx, raising an eyebrow at Joseph's question, then raised her gaze up to the ceiling. "This is my... second year here. But I got to the highschool. Are you guys college students?" she asked, bringing her sight back down to the two of them. It would be pretty cool to befriend to of the college kids so early; she was pretty eager to learn what it was like, so many levels up. She'd be there soon, but... still. It was pretty exciting. "Do they still have dances in college?" she asked, not even waiting for an answer, and lowering her voice as she looked between the two with clear interest, "Or is it, like... all raves and dorm parties and stuff? Are there co-ed dorms? Man, I bet those get crazy..." Her furtive, interested expression turned into a grin as she straightened up, looking between the two still. She could probably ask them a hundred questions, but really, she didn't want to over run the conversation.

                                    (( Sorry this took so long Dx ))
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Jasper Rose Gavel

It took a moment to understand the..man. Jasp was never good with accents, especially Italian ones. She was born and raised in Alabama, where most of the accents sounded like her own, except most of those people were proud. Gahd Bless 'Murica. She always wanted to travel out of the states, but with her condition, it wasn't and isn't safe. While she stared at the... man, she couldn't help but wonder what he really looked like. Was he some sort of civilized monster? Or was he just in some terrible accident? This whole time she had been trying to understand him, and the only thing she got was 'black coffee'. "I wail get that right away for'ya, umm... sir." For some reason, after she grabbed the menus, she bowed before rolling away to the kitchen.

A few of the other servers came to Jasper asking questions about the newcomer, but she mostly ignored them. It wasn't right to gossip, especially about someone in a wheelchair. She made a fresh pot, poured some in a cup, and rolled out. She made it to the Italian in record time, placing his cup in front of him. "One black coffee. She forces out the sweet smile she practiced in the mirror at home, "Anythan else I can do for'ya?"
Klaus Brandt
The Seeker of Evolution

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There was a momentary pause before the girl responded to his request, but before long, she had affirmed his order and left, even exhibiting a bow before taking her leave. He replied. Klaus found himself wondering for a moment as to why she might have done that last part. He had done nothing to suggest that he possessed some kind of exalted rank, so that didn’t appear to be the answer, and this left two other sensible possibilities in Klaus’ mind. She could have done so in an attempt to appease him out of fear. It could have been the exact opposite, a sign of additional respect in acknowledgement of his hardship as a wheelchair-bound individual. His carrying module could cause either response, which made guessing which was the case rather difficult. H quickly dismissed the question and tapped a button on his chair that started a reaction in his chair that once again caught the eye of the numerous diner patrons that were continuing to eye him suspiciously. A section of the chair behind his seat opened up and a laptop computer emerged, held by two small metallic arms that placed the computer on the table in front of him. In truth, this computer was somewhat superfluous, as his suit already had a fully integrated computer. He primarily used them to delineate between his work for the school (which was in the laptop) and his work towards his ultimate goal (which was in his armor). The computer booted up quite quickly and Klaus brought up his school schedule.

It was about this time that the girl came back with his coffee, and in very good time as well. “Sank you very much.” He replied. She then asked if he needed anything, which he imagined was obligatory. He turned slightly to look at her and took note of her relatively young age. “Zere is vone sing, perhaps.” He noted. “Vould you happen to attend ze college in town?” he paused for a moment as he tapped a button on his suit which caused a small straw to extend out from his suit’s mouthpiece. With that, he lifted up the coffee and began sipping the drink through his strange little straw device. “Because, you see, I am a transfer student, and I had a question about ze tutoring program zat I signed up for.” He continued sounding somewhat absentminded as he checked through his . “Ze papervork I vas looking into was quite vague as to what my role in ze classes vill be, and I thought that perhaps a student who has already attended, eizer as a high school or college student, might be able to give me a better picture of vat it is commonly like.” He explained before taking another sip of coffee. “Of course, if you have no experience vis ze matter zen please forget zat I said anysing. You have already been most helpful.” He finished pleasantly. He was quite curious about this, but it was always possible that she a) was also a transfer student or b) wasn’t even a student. Still, it didn’t hurt to ask.
Nyx Halloway

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If she could blush, the bronzed woman would have. Alas, her medallion was not that advanced and as such left her to duck her head in embaressment as each companion complimented her, one on her physique and one on her personality. "Ah, yes, well, thank you," she spluttered to them both, not sure how else to respond to that. If she were still in a conversation with just Fjora she would have returned the compliment, but with Joesph around she wasn't sure what the convention was for that. Should she compliment him back? Would that be considered flirting? Actually, why wasn't it considered flirting if she complimented Fjora back?

Gargoyles don't reproduce. As beings created through magic, like a more advanced and free thinking golemn, they had no need for flirting or anything like that. At least in most other ways they had something similar to what humans had: they'd dress themselves up with gems or pretty stones to look or feel good so clothes weren't that hard to understand, though the modesty aspect of it had been hard to get used to especially since she needed to wear them for a more accurate illusion. But flirting and mating and all that still confused the heck out of her even after al lthsi time, especially since social norms about it changed so rapidly.

Shaking her head from such distracting thoughts Nyx just decided not to say anything back besides the thanks. What with how the conversation had already seemed to move on it wasn't needed anyway. Though she did smirk and chuckle at Joseph's observation and decided to answer both questions at once, "I'm a junior here at the college and I will admit I've met very few humans. Many witches and wizards and what have you that look human, but you might not be off the mark."

The news that Fjora was actually a high school student left Nyx a bit stunned. See? This was what she meant about never beingable to guess someones age. The girl looked like she could definately be in college and anyway, shouldn't she have been in class by now then? A small frown creased her face, but she said nothing of it. If Fjora was skipping that was her perogative; she wasn't the other girls mother.

Deciding not to let the negative thoughts bother her she shrugged about the question on dances, "A few, yes. They're not actually much different from high school dances since they're put on by student organizations. But private parties, from what I heard could be intense." She shrugged at this. She wasn't exactly a party goer herself. "I actually live in a co-ed dorm. In fact, I'm pretty sure my roommates a boy." Which she knew was weird even from other colleges perspectives but since she, technically, had no gender and only identified as female, the college hadn't seen much of a problem putting her wit ha boy.
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Sabeth McKai

XFlashy as always, it was virtually impossible to miss Elizabeth's entrance. Sabeth shook from his thoughts and straightened up a bit, his faraway gaze focusing sharply on the opening portal. His stomach knotted even further when he saw the dais come into view, and his eyelids lowered as an ill feeling overcame him. He couldn't believe he was this nervous, this anxious. He knew so very little about this girl, his daughter, and if anything, that only made it worse! Though he'd probably feel like this regardless... it was probably normal. Meeting your daughter for the first time? Certain to wrack some nerves for most people.

He swallowed and lifted his head as stillness fell, but when the curtain pulled away, and Elizabeth came into view, and odd calmness came over the Principal. He felt his muscles relax a bit, and a smile slipped onto his features. She looked the exact same. So did he, for that matter. It was actually odd, the fact that neither of them aged; he wondered whether it would pass on to Catherine as well, and how it would work. Both of them remained how they were because of some sort of magic, but when would it take effect for her? Or would she need to activate it herself? It occurred to Sabeth that he really had no idea how informed she was on what he was, and, by extension, what that made her. That would just have to be a part of them... getting to know each other better.

"I considered bringing my chair down with me since I know you're so fond of it, but thought it better to leave it where it is," he quipped back playfully, eyes following her as she came down. His gaze shifted to the dias once she was down, his hands still behind his back. He felt that flicker of nerves act up again, twisting and darting about in his stomach. It wasn't quite as bad now, with Elizabeth present, but he was, without a doubt, anxious to see his... his daughter. "No, I'm afraid you're not..." he murmured faintly, already lost in the wait for Catherine's appearance. As such, he was just barely listening to what Elizabeth actually said.

The wait seemed to take forever, but when that young face, surprisingly similar to her mother's, appeared, he managed to force a smile to his face. He raised an eyebrow when she disappeared, and turned his head just slightly to look sideways at Elizabeth in a questioning manner, clearly perplexed by the flickering behavior. He turned back when the girl decided to make her final appearance, but smiled softly when she failed quite majestically at performing the same kind of grand entrances her mother was so famous for. He didn't seem concerned as she entangled herself and tripped up; he knew that Elizabeth could catch her with magic, and if not, he was already ready to quickly sweep foreword and catch her. Obviously, that wasn't needed, and he offered another, warmer smile as the girl landed safely on the ground.

"Hello Catherine," he returned, and gave a brief glance at Elizabeth, as if to see if he was doing this right, "You have your mother's elegance." His remark was clearly a playful joke, given away by dry amusement. He meant no harm, and he hoped she knew that, but he kept his expression very friendly, and very receiving just in case. "I'm not sure if you have an agenda, but... I can show you around the school if you like. Or... I can provide you with a map, if you like," he added, once again stealing a look at the girl's mother. He wasn't sure whether she wanted to talk, or if she wanted him by the girl's side during her first venture into the school. He knew she had some sort of protection about, but he just wasn't sure what Elizabeth's plans were... and he knew better than to think she didn't have plans.
Elizabeth and Catherine Gaidel
Queen and Princess of Another World

A small smile made its way onto Catherine’s features at her father’s joke. With that one response and his inviting demeanor he had already put her worst fears to rest. She had worried that he would be cold and harsh, criticizing her every mistake starting with this very first one. Instead he was warm, inviting, funny even.
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And that was exactly what she needed.

Tears welled up in the girl’s eyes as her father offered to give her a tour of the campus and, although she tried very hard to remain composed and hold back her sniffles, it was clearly in vain. In no time at all, she could hold herself back no longer and simply catapulted herself at the father she had never met and wrapping him up in a hug that she had been saving for fourteen years. After a minute or so of crying into the fabric of his shirt she paused and looked up at him. “I-I’m so happy to finally meet you.” She managed amid her ears of joy, putting words to the overwhelming sentiment behind her actions.

Catherine and her father stood in their embrace for several minutes before Catherinestarted to become cognizant of her surroundings once again. With that her eyes widened and she quickly stepped back from Sabeth. “Oh I’m terribly sorry. I probably should have waited on that until we were in private.” She noted apologetically to both of her parents as she drew out a handkerchief and began dabbing at her eyes, all the while blushing madly. “And it seems hat I’ve gotten your shirt so very wet. I do hope that you can forgive me.” She found herself hoping that the various bystanders in the courtyard didn’t find her outburst too odd, although given the nature of what they were witnessing just about everyone found the display endearing even if they weren’t sure of what was going on. After a momentary pause, Catherine turned her attention to her father’s offer. “I would very much like to accept your offer, but I’m not sure I should.” She began, mostly returning to her usual manner of speaking. “I know that both you and mother are very important and have many people relying on you. I fear that it might be very selfish of me to keep either of you away from the others when I could presumably manage on my own.” She finished looking at her mother to make sure that her response met with the matriarch’s expectations.

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For once, Elizabeth remained silent throughout all of this as she simply smiled sadly at the scene before her. The beauty of the moment affirmed to her that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this was clearly a step in the right direction. The only sour note to the whole affair was how long it had taken her to realize how badly Catherine needed her father. It was funny, though, both Sabeth and Catherine were occasionally stealing looks in her direction as if to confirm that they were doing things right when the very reason she had elected to bring Catherine here was because of a sense of iniquity in her own parenting. Oh what a well adjusted little family they were. Elizabeth’s smile became more pronounced as Catherine demonstrated what a polite young lady she was. Nevertheless, she would have spoken up to assure Catherine that she needn’t be inconveniencing anyone (after all, she actually controlled various elements of time in the dimension she ruled), but she decided to let Sabeth speak first. It was their moment after all.

After a short pause Catherine’s eyes widened once again. “Oh dear, I’m being so very rude!” she said suddenly. “I’ve forgotten to say hello to Mister Anton, Mr. Michaelo, and Mr. Den if he’s about. I’m very pleased to meet all of you as well.” She said pleasantly with a curtsy toward her father and the other occupants of his body. She had always wondered how there came to be more than one consciousness living within her father’s body with him but, like most conversations that concerned her father, her mother had mostly been evasive when Catherine inquired on the matter. She had been told of these other individuals in a basic sense, though, and it seemed only polite to address them.

((Well it isn't quite as good as the original version, but it should roughly cover all of the same ground.))
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Joseph Law

True, to both Fjora and Joseph himself, he could tell that Nyx possessed strength that could probably crush the two with ease. The first word that came to Joseph's mind was Amazon. A big and strong woman. He refrained from saying anything, about it however. As he did not want to misconstrue his meaning. For he meant it in a positive way, but not knowing how Nyx might take it nor how he might word his meaning left him speechless on the matter. Even though Joseph wasn't a mind reader, his physical strength usually became the thought topic of someone he just met. He could tell that since Fjora didn't ask him any questions about it, she either didn't care, or would judge him in her own mind. Neither of which would bother him. He was used to the fact that he'd never be a star athlete or be viewed positively on his physical stature.

"I don't really know many people here." He replied to both Fjora's and Nyx's reply to his previous comment on the number of humans at the school. Human or otherwise, Joseph recalled the term introvert, yes. He was mostly one to keep to himself. However, since he had been so rude as to stare, it wouldn't have been fair to not make up for that in some way.

In the most awkward of ways, he had no meant to flirt but when Fjora teased he couldn't help but blush. The feeling that he was being teased brought the red color to his otherwise pale complexion. "I..um.." Well, this was...not what he had intended. Joseph was always made to believe that he should make a good first impression and use a compliment. It was obvious he wasn't very good with talking to the opposite gender judging by how he reacted.

Trying to get away from the embarrassing topic, Fjora's question would be his escape. "You're only in highschool? That's a bit of a surprise." He remarked, though too busy trying to cool his cheeks to show any real surprise. "Yes, I am a college student. Second year." He explained, letting Nyx answer Fjora's question about the dances. He wouldn't have been much help answering Fjora's question either, since being an introvert and a college student didn't take him to many dances or parties. "I also live on campus, but right now I don't have a roommate." Not that he particularly minded his privacy. He simply didn't have one yet.

Joseph didn't mind answering Fjora's questions, although it wasn't usually in his nature to be this talkative, he wasn't about to stop now. "If you two aren't busy, might you both be interested in having this conversation over coffee or tea?" He asked. After all, the three were still standing outside around the rest of the school. A cafe might be much more comfortable.

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