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Somewhere in a mid-size town....
... Near a city, there's a combined campus. By 'combined', it is meant that both a highschool and a college reside on the large plot of land, where high schoolers and college students can both attend and mingle. The schools themselves are slightly separate-- though owned by the same board-- but the buildings are close, and many of the resources are shared. Most are associated with the college-- but the highschool has some own facilities of their own, many of which are overshadowed by the same-but-better structures in the college. Such as the gym-- each school has a gym.

The reason for this condensed learning center is simply a matter of space and cost-- it worked better to put the two on the same available land in the town with the most sensible place. It had a good atmosphere, a good micro-economy, plenty of housing for college students, was near a city for other resources, and, coincidentally enough... in desperate need of a highschool. It worked perfectly!

The highschool was built first with the college beginning a little later and taking much longer. The two have been running side by side for decades now, though, and the coexistence has created a smooth and unique experience. In order to maximize students' learning and experiences, college students sometimes assist in teaching and instructing highschool students-- in fact, they run a lot of the classes. A teacher sits in every period, but students are left to work amongst themselves to learn the day's lesson, with one or more college students majoring in the field helping them and addressing any class-wide questions or issues. They introduce material and work with the students-- usually in groups, though individual help is common-- and hand out any assignments or homework that's due. The teacher is there for supervision, and any questions the student is unable to answer. In some classes the teacher plays a bigger role than others depending on the students' capabilities, but overall, it's a very social-oriented learning environment.

While unconventional, it seems to have worked so far.

The highschool's rules are loose, but something about its methods have maintained consistent graduations and relatively high scores, enough so that they've been able to keep things running in this way for years. Because of the scheduling problems, many of the college classes are online, or at night, and don't demand a lot of time. Still, its enough to keep the college kids pretty busy, especially if they take up outside-class tutoring for the highschoolers. Having a college so close also allows the younger kids to specialize and explore their interests, as well as giving them some resources that would usually extend beyond the typical highschool budget.

Some of the professors work at both the college and highschool, some of them only teach their college lessons and spend the rest of their time on their individual work. Many of the highschool instructors are regular highschool teachers.

Given the highly integrated level of society, the school accepts all races. Social stigmas may still float through cultures, but that's bound to happen even decades after all have learned to live together relatively peacefully, as is the case here.
The Facilities....
.... Are, for the most part, shared. There are some duplications, though-- there are two gyms, one for the highschool, one for the college, the latter being noticeably more high-end and reminiscent of a community gym. Highschoolers are allowed to use either during their free time-- college students are restricted to their own gym. The college has primary use of the football field, which is decked out for games, and the swimming pool, which is also made for professional level competitions. An enormous library is shared between the two, though owned by the college, and sits between the cluster of college buildings and the major highschool one (which does not include the gym). There is a track for any one to use, which is frequently visited by town citizens when the highschool is not in progress. Dorms exist for both students, but they are separate, and the college students' residence is off campus, in order to allow more room for the highschool living space, and other resources. Due to the concerns of parents, it should be noticed that each level of the highschool dorms (which are entirely optional) has an adult-- usually one of the teachers from the school-- to act as a chaperone and guard. The dorms are also separated by gender, and carefully monitored to assure it stays that way.
The Rules
We all know these, but.... just in case

1 ) No godmodding/auto-hitting/what have you's. Also, please no mary sues or overpowered characters.

2 ) Keep it PG-13/17-- NO CYBERING.

3 ) Fighting is fine, killing is fine (though just transferring your student might be a slightly less dramatic way if the desire is to remove someone) but you gotta have permission. Fighting, obviously, is kind of decided by the characters, but if someone is clearly trying to steer their character away from a fight, please don't try and force it, alright? And don't make your character super awesome and dodge every attack while making all of their own strikes. That's not fun.

4 ) If I poof, ll Princess Velvet ll is in charge. If she and I both poof... Fight amongst yourselves to decide for our later amusement =w= Use rock paper scissors. Or a quoting Invader Zim contest. Or a riddle contest. Those could be fun.

5 ) This does not have to be a lit rp, but no one liners; please write at least a paragraph (3-5 sentences), and make sure you give the person enough to go off of. Don't write a ton, without actually saying anything. Inner dialogue and character development is great, but if you're just repeating yourself or going off about so-and-so's deep dark past without giving anything to go off of, then your literacy won't be appreciated. Also, proper grammar and spelling will be wanted-- we need to be able to understand what you're saying. Use italics for thoughts, "quotations" for talking, and (( parenthesis )) or [[ brackets ]] for ooc. Also, third person perspective, please. Thank you~

6 ) This is, technically, a sort of regrouping rp; a lot of us already know each other. This doesn't mean we'll exclude you! It just means that we've talked about this a bit before, and some of our characters might already know each other. Feel free to just join in and make your characters at home, though! We're all usually pretty friendly and welcoming!

7 ) Put 'pudding' in your PM title so I know you read the rules

8 ) Since this rp started as a conversation between people, and we've basically continued using that original planning thread to just talk about whatever, THIS is the OOC thread. Feel free to skip to the current page.

My own special rule: If you have a disagreement with someone, if you need to say something that might cause a disagreement, please either move it to PMs, or create your own little argument thread. It's fun to debate, but sometimes it gets out of hand, and I've seen it kill many, many rps. I don't want that to happen here. People conflict. They disagree over things. Please don't let it ruin the enjoyment of others.

I.... think that's about it! Onwards, minions!
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Profile skeleton

Appearance: (anime only, in link form please)
Dorm: (Yes or no, boys, girls, or co-ed for college students)
Major: (for college students)
Job: (optional)
Bio: (optional)
Other: (Anything extra you want to add)


Appearance: Oh, your hands are quite warm
Name: Snow Fairway
Age: 17
Gender: male
Race: Arctic Fox
Grade: 12th
Dorm: Yes
Major: N/A
Job: Gigs at a 4-star restaurant as a piano player
Personality: Very laid-back, caring, passive, quiet, polite, and optimistic.
Bio: Previously living further to the north, Snow had to move further south to a warmer climate due to his brother. His parents both had the recessive genes of a fire fox and his brother ended up with those genes as well as an almost prodigal talent for fire magic. This talent came from some kind of inherent affinity for fire, which made him rather ill during his time in the cold climate of the north at such a young age. A decision was made to head further south for the sake of a warmer climate. Snow does miss his home up north, but his brother's well-being was definitely worth it.
- Anyone who treats snow to ice cream is automatically his best friend. He absolutely loves ice cream.
- Though he's no prodigy like his 6-year-old brother, Snow still possesses skill in aquakinesis and the changing of water's temperature.
- Snow collects snow globes, and is particularly fond of his Santa Clause snow globe. He also has a thing for Christmas in general.
Username: iDeViLPsYcHo

Appearance: Yasu
Name: Yasu Yoshirou
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Neko/wind elementalist
Grade: Junior
Dorm: Yes and no. He has a room, but he sometimes just stays with his parents.
Major: ----
Job: -----
Personality: Yasu's a ready fighter, but he doesn't start fights. He's always up for a spar, but most of the time, he's fairly laid back. He has a serious weakness for adorableness, and he's generally kind and compassionate, though he does have a temper at times. He tries to be open-minded and understanding, though when he gets annoyed, he doesn't hide it that well. He tries, though.
Bio: (optional)
Other: Aside from being able to play the Biwa (instrument in the pic), as well as many other instruments, he's practiced in martial arts. He doesn't have anyone in particular that he works with, and kinda developed his own style. He wants to master as many as he can, though, and incorporate aspects to improve himself. Though he's always aspired to be one of the best fighters ever, he's lately become content with simply improving, and enjoying highschool life. He's determined to focus on school this year, though, and has even worked his schedule to have more time to focus on it.
Username: Loonamist

Appearance: Fjora
Name: Fjora (Fuh-Jur-Uh) Biengia
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Illusionist
Grade: 12th
Dorm: Yes
Major: N/A
Job: Job-hopping
Personality: Fjora has been accused of being 'gothic', but that's just because she has a sarcastic and morbid sense of humor. She makes jokes some people find too dark to be funny, but she's usually a good judge of who can tolerate what-- it's just that sometimes she doesn't really care. She's willing to talk and can keep up a conversation about nearly any topic, but she's not someone who goes on and on. She's comfortable with silence, but will strike up a topic if the need strikes her. Especially if she senses the other person is uncomfortable with the quiet. She's usually pretty good at reading people, but she's not one to sugar coat things, and she'll sometimes come off as a bit blunt. She usually tries to at least warn people, though, because she knows not everyone can take it. Moody at times, she occasionally breaks her own rules, but in general, she's a pretty amicable person.
Other: Being an illusionist in her family means mastering different levels of skills. Currently, Fjora is able to create a visual illusion around her, as well as some auditory ones to go along with it. The vision can only extend so far from where she stands, though, but she's quite capable at adding detail and making it seem real. Not only that, but she's started getting pretty good at a skill her cousins were masters at-- self dis-assembly. Basically, she's able to pull herself off, from her hands, to her head, to anything else. Of course, she has to be ready for it, so it's not like just anyone can walk over and tug off her arm, but it is a little handy for creeping people out and playing pranks. She's not that good yet, though, so she doesn't use it very often.
Username: Loonamist

Appearance: Esten
Name: Esten Forswarden
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Librias
Grade: 10th
Dorm: Yes
Major: N/A
Job: N/A
Personality: Esten is.... odd. He's flamboyant and showy, not to mention arrogant and a little mean. His way of greeting people seems to be to scare them, and he doesn't do much in the way of trying to stand up for others. He'll stop a bullying if they're bothering him, but not someone else. Of course, what he considers annoying enough to put a stop to seems completely random. Some people are pretty sure he's a little crazy, and that's entirely possible... but sometimes he has such lucid moments that it's also entirely possible that a lot of what he does is an act, to see how others react, or to keep life interesting.
Other: Esten is a part of a race called 'Librias', which are winged creatures with an incredibly diverse nature. They are burn with translucent wings, made of glass, with slight tints of color that hint at what they may become. As they grow and develop, influenced by what they see, experience, and the choices they make, color fills their wings, either black, or white. While it does not necessarily define who they are, Librias with white wings feed off and encourage peace, happiness, and coexistence, while Librias with black wings are the opposite, thriving where there is chaos, confusion, and upset. This doesn't necessarily make all black-winged creatures evil, nor all white-winged angels, so to speak, but they tend to behave towards that nature in order to increase their food source. It is possible for a Libria to change their wing color, but the process is painful and drawn out, and not necessary, as it does not define how a Libria must actually behave. Each Libria also tends to associate with a certain bird, which they can morph into, typically one that shares the color of their wings. The bird they choose depends on the Libria, and can be chosen for any reason, from something as simple as a childhood encounter, to a feeling of kinship and understanding. They are gifted with a single element, Esten's being control and connection with plants.
Username: Loonamist

Appearance: Four eyes!!
Name: Allison Sohma
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human?
Grade: 12
Dorm: Yes
Major: N/A
Job: N/A
Quiet and Blunt
Allison has always been a quiet person. She was never the type to spend her day talking to others unless it was needed. There was times where she would talk but those times weren't exactly graceful; She was rather awkward. Allison would always tell others what she felt about them truthfully. Unfortunately, most of the things she said were both true and rude so it was only normal for things to be awkward, especially with a nonchalant smile on her face.

Intelligent and Caring
Unlike some people would spend their day having fun, Allison would spend her day researching or reading books in the library. It was one of the reason why she was smarter than most people. She had always cared for knowledge since it was much more useful than strength. Without knowledge, strength was useless. At least to her it was. Though she is quiet and awkward, those that she get to know are cared for, and she will usually cherish and lavish them with both gifts and love. Definitely the type of person to sit and listen to your problems....Just so long as they don't involve spiders...she hates those.

Other: Allison possesses both Telepathy and Psychokinesis - The combined extent of Psionic energy this power allows the user to have unseen affects on the mind while physically affecting the surrounding environment. The Telepathy itself allows the user to not only enter the minds of unprotected people around them and read their thoughts, but infiltrate their mind. With this the user may do many things to their target including inducing a coma, knocking the person out, causing severe mental anguish, freeze their voluntary movements and even involuntary ones. Able to Manipulate anything that is activated from the brain. It is an incredibly invasive power, but in the case of Allison, it is not absolutely powerful in her Telepathy, mostly preferring Telekinesis. This is the ability to use your mind to push, pull or grab a hold of pretty much everything. Allison is able to use her mind to pick up tons of weight at once with great concentration. Though she is able to lift multiple objects at once. She is also able to levitate herself, and in advanced levels, flight... but has not quite learned how to do so. Telepaths can also focus Psionic energy into a Telekinetic blade precise enough to cut things at a molecular level, and even an atomic level, but Allison isn't nearly that adept in her abilities.

Username: ll Princess Velvet ll

Appearance: TOMO
Name: Tomoko Sakurai
Age: 14 (Stopped aging at 8 )
Gender: Female
Race: Neko
Grade: 9
Dorm: Yes
Major: N/A
Job: N/A
Personality: Tomo-chan is pretty much your usual kid. She's hyper, really curious, innocent, and very gullible. Though sometimes she can have an attitude or throw a tantrum, she's actually really nice. She's kind, generous, and caring.

Anyways, Tomoko can also be a pain. She'll wake you up in the middle of the nigth because she might want to play, had a nightmare, or etc. She can also be a bit whiny and a crybaby, if she really wants something. Tomoko is also veeeerrry clumsy. She's probably the only being on Earth that can trip on a flat surface. Besides all that, Tomo is also a very curious kitten. Whenever she's not tripping over her own feet, whining, being taken advantage of, or taking a nap, she's asking questions. She'll ask just about anything, so be prepared for some awkward questions.

Though Tomo doesn't seem that serious, she is, at times. She's someone you can rely on, but not too much. Tomo will also surprise you in many ways. Don't judge her on her appearance, Tomo is actually a very skilled person. Tomo is a skilled fighter and is very fluent in languages. She can also play multiple instruments. Tomo doesn't like showing this side of herself since it reminds her of her parents. Besides, she finds that being herself is a lot more fun.

Other: Tomoko is a very skilled fighter, and accept any challenge from any fighter, big or small. Though she is only 14 years old, she has mastered Chu Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, and could easily be considered a Grand Master of the art. Coupled with Super strength, (capable of lifting tons), as well as geokinesis, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with, so don't underestimate her by her size!

Tomoko is the last remaining Earth bender, to her knowledge, though there may be others out there, she hopes to find someone who may know more about her kind, at this school.

Username: ll Princess Velvet ll

Appearance: A carrot.
Name: Phobe Vornyov
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Beast-kin
Grade: High School Senior
Dorm: Yes
Major: Not College
Job: None
Personality: Phobe is eccentric, an oddball of a highly quirky nature. She is easily distracted and tends to daydream. Unable to stick to things that do not maintain an interest, Phobe can be considered rude for simply leaving in the middle of a conversation, or becoming too distracted to answer. She is honest, to the point of embarrassing others, or sounding blunt and mean. She seems capable of performing many strange feats, though none at all useful or special, such as eating her food upside down, reading mirrored words and speaking fluently in reverse. She is clever and seems to understand many other languages. Her interests are strange and diverse, none of which are truly focused or very useful. Her personality is too odd to be completely described. Suffice to say she is utterly strange, but very friendly. A girl who plays at her own whims and rules, but abides by common kindness and moral.
Bio: Phobe will hint and speak of her history when prompted correctly. Otherwise it doesn't seem to have had any true bearing. Perhaps she was this odd from birth.
Other: A being both rabbit and human, Phobe is capable of leaping high and far, hearing extraordinarily well, and dashing short distances at a high speed. She is prone to hyperventilating though. Phobe seems capable walking into mirrors, and exiting from others. She has a light russian accent, which may sound strange given her high pitched voice.
Username: Erravi

ppearance: Vivian, or Vivi
Name: Vivian
Age: Appears in early twenties.
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon-kin
Grade: Sophmore
Dorm: Dorm with Catherine
Major: Music and Arts
Job: Plays during the weekends, at local clubs.
Personality: Overly blunt and honest, to the point of appearing rude and barbaric. She is very proud, aggressive, and short-tempered. Soft towards her friends, and cruel towards strangers, it is not easy to get to know Vivian. Her abrasive nature is paired ironically with a extreme loyalty and dedication to friends. Vivian often makes it her personal business to solve her comrades problems, or cheer them up.
Bio: Vivian's physical body was a dragon, that fought viciously against Gaidel family, but fell due to its hubris. Of ancient blood, death was impossible for the dragon, which would merely reform endlessly and begin its rampage again. Because of this, the Gaidel family sealed the dragon, and reformed it into a human body. While the power and abilities of a dragon still linger, Vivian was not aware of her previous nature, or identity. As her personality developed, Vivian showed to inherit traits of her previous existence, being rebellious and rude, though the ideals of her company were imprinted. Vivian became friends with Catherine, and eventually requested to be her personal guardian.
Other: She cannot assume a dragon form. She merely breathes fire, and is incredibly strong and carnivorousness.
Username: Erravi

Appearance: Spira
Name: Spiratea "Spira"
Age: 27, appears in late teens.
Gender: Female
Race: Red Dragon
Grade: 10
Dorm: Yes
Major: -
Job: Local welding service.
Personality: Spira is a timid, yet playful creature. She has an open heart and mind, and is very accepting of others. Spira can be overly shy and tends to hide behind her friends in social situations. She is a heavy sleeper, and a bit rough without meaning to when it comes to sports, and friendly play. Spira is a bit of a bookworm and tends to read, or pack a book around for any chance to bury her head in it. Despite being a dragon, her eyes are bad, and she often wears glasses. Spira is easy to scare. She tends to spit fire or sneeze without meaning to, or when startled.
Bio: Spira is a red dragon, born and domesticated by typical means. She hatched from an egg, but instead of being raised by her kin, Spira grew up in the company of humans. Her inhuman nature made her stand out more and more as she grew, and her nature made her hard to control. Spira was sent to the academy by her adopted parents to gather an education and find a place fitting for her. She is acquainted with several students at the academy,and followed their progress through school, previously personal friends with Tomo. Like her friend, Spira ages differently, and has stopped aging since her body reached a matured state. She is physically a dragon, but has adapted to live in human form instead. She is more comfortable as a human, and is actually quite clumsy in her original form.
Other: Spira is capable of flight. She doesn't take her true form, pretty much ever.
Username: Erravi

Appearance: Aren't I a button!
Name: Rise 'Risette' Kujikawa
Age: 16
Gender: female
Race: Human with a persona
Grade: 11th
Dorm: No
Job: A famous idol
Personality: bubbly, quirky, energetic, fun
Bio: Rise(pronounced Reesay) is a fun and energetic girl, but it wasn't like that until a few years prior. In elementary and middle school she was constantly teased, so one day there was a contest for a modeling and singing contract in which she won. She had become famous, and she finally thought she had real friends, but people only were nice because they wished to go to parties. Rise had begun to feel lonely again, she had been a fake smile on tv in which Risette was born. When she went on hiatus she tended to her grandma's tofu shop in a small town, where she was thrown into a real world inside a tv! In her fantasy she was just an image of lust in a strip club, watching her inner self exposé her true feelings. She finally realized with the help of her friends that she has no real self, that she is Rise and Risette. She then obtained a special being called a persona. Her persona gave her the power of foresight, analysis, tactics and telepathy. Now she is back into her star career and due to where she is located she is in this school.
Other: Nope
Username:Sin City Hime of Darkness

Appearance: [x] [x]
Name: Ruku Hajime
Age: Looks 16 (real age unknown)
Gender: Male
Race: Kyuubi
Grade: 10
Dorm: yes
Major: N/A
Job: N/A
Personality: Childish at times, Ruku doesn't seem to act his age at all. He is fun-loving and loves to make friends. He tries to be friendly to everyone he meets, though sometimes he can come off as over the top. Over all, Ruku is just straight up adorable.
Bio: Ruku was born to a small community of kyuubi, set far away from busy cities and nestled in a thick forest. His parents sent him away to keep him safe, and the little kyuubi seems to have no recollection of his home or his family. Instead, this lovable ball of fluff goes to school to make friends and learn.
Other: Height: 5' 5" Weight: 110lbs Ruku generally wears kimonos most of the time, but he can be seen wearing baggy shirts/sweaters and loose pants. Due to the magic within his 9 tails, he is able to use a range of different magics. However, manipulating the element of air/wind is the only one he specializes in. The other magics he uses are either for small effects or even just mess up on him.
Username: Vigilia

Appearance: Oh um, I-I do hope that we will be able to get along.
Name: Catherine Gaidel
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race: Unknown
Grade: High School Freshman
Dorm: Yes
Job: Princess
Personality: Catherine’s personality developed very much in the shadow of her overbearing and controlling mother, Elizabeth and, as a result, she is the very opposite of the elder sorceress in a number of ways. In particular, she is exceptionally polite, timid, and humble, always interested in making sure that others wishes and desires are seen to first. Many find this to be quite unexpected from a girl who was raised in the lap of luxury as the heir apparent to an entire dimension. In addition to this, she is quite clever and intelligent, having inherited such traits from both of her parents and been tutored by her mother in great detail. The result of her lessons and sheltered upbringing is that she is very intelligent as far as academics are concerned (especially magic), but she remains rather untested in the realms of modern social interaction, especially with those that are understood to be her equals. After all, she has been perpetually surrounded by her mother (the undisputed matriarch of an entire dimension) on the one hand and servants that catered to her every whim on the other for most of her life.

Bio: Catherine is the latest member of the illustrious Gaidel family, a clan whose influence has spanned through an incredibly vast array of fields from business to politics, to academia and, more recently, sorcery. Catherine’s mother Elizabeth was, among various other things, one of the most powerful sorceresses in the planet’s history , and her mastery of dimension magic in particular culminated in the formation of an entire dimension of her own. It was Elizabeth’s crowning achievement, something that she never really stood a chance of topping, and thus the very proud and egocentric woman was rather at a loss for how to carry on with her life beyond simply administrating the dimension that she had built. It occurred to her that, in her pursuit of knowledge and power, she had somewhat cheated herself out of something that came so naturally to others: motherhood.

The Gaidel family had held partial ownership of the combined campus school for quite some time, making Elizabeth a member of it Board of Directors and, in the course of her duties as such a figure, she had come to meet a man by the name of Sabeth McKai, the school’s principal. The two developed a very unusual relationship: unusually long sections of time without contact punctuated every now and again with a legitimately enjoyable time of working together that occasionally ended in incidents of rather intense passion. It was one of those nights that Elizabeth decided would give her the progeny she sought.

Unfortunately, on account of any potential qualms he might have had, Elizabeth left him in the dark about her plan until after the child was born, only then explaining that their most recent tryst had resulted in a beautiful baby girl. Sabeth, who feared that he might fall short as a father was content to allow Elizabeth to raise their daughter in the safety of her realm.

Elizabeth’s performance as a sorceress and teacher are often undeniable. Her performance as a mother was…not. She had a tendency to see her daughter like one of her students when she was a professor of magic. She had little tolerance for any opposition, and Catherine was quickly bereaved of any rebellious tendencies that might have taken root. Elizabeth also kept her tucked away in the palace away from other children her age, insisting that she should strive to skip past childhood as quickly as possible and seek to emulate her forebears in the Gaidel family (especially herself) with all haste. However, despite her shortcomings, Elizabeth is no monster. As she began to mature as a mother, she also began to see where she was failing her young daughter.

By the time she was of high school age, Elizabeth decided that it was time for Catherine to be put in her father’s care in the hopes that staying at his school might give her a chance to branch out a bit and remove the temptation she consistently faced to excessively plan her baby’s future.

With all of this in mind, this is really Catherine’s first chance to freely seek out who she is, and what better place could there be for such self discovery than a multifaceted school like her father’s?

Other: Catherine is the result of such an unusual union that it is very likely that she is the only one of her kind. Her mother was human but ascended to the status of a dimensional avatar upon the creation of her research into dimension creating magics, while her father is of an unknown species that devours the souls of others and absorbs them into themselves. While she seems to have taken after her mother for the most part as far as capabilities are concerned, no one, not even Elizabeth, is fully aware of what she is and isn’t capable of.

Username: Lord Urizen

]Appearance: Let us jump on board, and cut them to pieces.
Name: Samuel Wickers
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Grade: Senior
Dorm: Yes
Major: N/A
Job: N/A
Personality: Samuel is quite charming. He's mostly quiet, but only because he loves to observe his surroundings.
Bio: Samuel spent most of his life on a ship with his father. They made their living being fishermen. He was mostly home schooled by his father, but after the accident causing him to lose an eye, he was sent back to his mother. His mother currently lived a little ways from the school he attended.
Other: Samuel sounds like he should be, would be, a pirate. It's ironic, with the eye patch and the fishing business, but he sounds this way because his parents were both born and raised in Cornwall, England. He also has a terrible gambling problem.
Username: Frosty the Pink Bunny

Appearance:what I see in my mirror every morning...
Name: Damien Kaleo Dawkins
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Animal Shapeshifter - Only 3 though: Lion,Hawk, Shark
Grade: 11th
Dorm: N/A
Major: N/A
Job: A helping hand at parent's lawfirm
Personality: Damien is very shy and very quiet. Tends to keep to himself. Opens up greatly after slowly meeting people.
Bio: Not many people are aware of Damien's shapeshifting abilities. At a very young age, he realized he had this talent, but never really tried to use it - assuming that he would be humiliated - until about middle school age when he tried in a private place. Now, he likes to only shift in privacy when he wants to be alone or if someone does ask nicely. In the meantime, he goes to school - gets good grades -go work out, and then works with his parents at their co-owned law firm. On his free time, he works on his already athletic ability just to try and look good. His main concern is trying to socialize more. He's never really had a true friend to talk to, to hang out with, or to even vent their problems to. It is just him and his own Journal that he had his own train of thoughts.
~has a major fear of clowns, mimes, pretty much anyone who wears face paint or stage makeup
~hides the fact that he is rich
~very athletic but loves to play competitive soccer and swim competitively
Username: NaInOa13

College Students

Appearance: Miza
Name: Mizaradazi Asgadden
Age: ~~
Gender: Male
Race: Ande Hineh-- Not from here
Grade: Second year college student
Dorm: Yes, co-ed
Major: Magical Theory, with a minor in Botany.
Job: Part-time at a flower shop in town
Personality: Miza, or any of the other array of nicknames he has, is a very laid back, very calm person. Or... being. He seems to have a Buddhist-like view on things, and he can often be seen meditating when he's not in class, teaching a class, working, or doing school work. He's curious-- very curious-- and this seems to cloud some of his capabilities to judge when other people are feeling awkward, or want him to leave. He's incredibly polite, though; if he realizes he's been intruding, he'll apologize, bow out, and be sure not to bother the person again.
Bio: Miza came into this world years ago, but he's not really sure when. He took on a physical form about three years prior to now, once he was fairly accustomed to his surroundings. Curious, and a bit bewildered by the things around him, he enrolled himself into a nearby college, and used what knowledge he'd gathered to best fit into society. Miza's original race is not one with a solid form, but is instead of a different matter. Shifting into this world, however, allowed him to take on a physical presence, after several years of adapting. Given how long he's been present-- years, probably, but not quite decades-- one would think that he should know more, and not seem quite as foreign as he does, but the change was like a metaphorical blow to the head, and left him dazed and lost for a very long time.

As time has passed, and he's learned more, he seems to have become slightly more adjusted. Thanks to anatomy classes, he's better mastered his form, though there's still something... different about it. He skates by with the fact that this planet hosts a variety of species. Though he's always been quite open that he's not from here. Some people think he's crazy, some believe him; after all, just look at what else is walking the Earth.
Other: Miza's appearance is pale, almost like a ghost. His hair is, indeed, white, but his skin has some color; faintly pink, but still on the border of looking like it should be translucent in some way. His eyes are incredibly expressive, but changes in his overall facial features are subtle. It's still readable, he doesn't mask his feelings, but he never looks truly perturbed because his brows are pulled together; he looks bothered because of his eyes, and the faint downward turn of his lips.
It should also be noticed that Mizaradazi has something of an accent. He seems almost incapable of pronouncing "Oh" sounds, and often replaces them with "Ah". Similarly, he'll occasionally replace "W" sounds, particularly like those in words like "Why", or "Where", with 'v' sounds, like many European accents. It seems that his accent follows along with the movement of lips, because occasionally he can come close, or replicate the sounds, but for the most part, he seems to almost have a lazy way of speaking, so that his tongue does all the pronunciation work.
The language he speaks, the language he claims is his own, also lacks a lot of these sounds. He's specifically stated, on several occasions, that his race doesn't actually speak, but that what he says in his own tongue is the best representation of it. It's possible he's made it up, a way to best pull his own world into this one, but if he did, then he created an entire language, because he's taught at least some of it to several people.
Username: Loonamist

Appearance: Soul-fire, Baby!
Name: Justan
Age: ID says 22
Gender: ID says Male
Race: Essence-Flame
Grade: College Freshman
Dorm: Co-ed.
Major: Culinary Arts
Job: Chef
Personality: A very loud, energetic person. Justan is very male, sporting a healthy appetite and drive to excel, topped off with a determined and unshakable will. Justan is known for being unrelenting, struggling endlessly to get whatever he wants. Justan has an insatiable curiosity, that is usually directed towards the opposite gender. Perverted and bold, Justan is usually watched after several attempts to sneak into bath-houses, locker rooms, dorm rooms, and many other private areas. He seems to be antsy, and has trouble sitting still for long. He is competitive, and enjoys the spotlight, though he can be a bit too obnoxious for many.
Bio: Justan has been through council, and they can't see anything wrong with his past. He appears to have foster parents of a very normal, if a bit outgoing caliber. Justan appears to take after his foster father, has as quite a record. Nothing much else to add.
Other: Justan may appear to be on fire at times. Blue flames often sprout up and vanish here and there on his clothing, but they do not seem to burn anyone. His race allows him to change into a flame, and then reform. He can't change his form unless he has something to burn while in flame form. He often tries to hide on candles, but his flame is blue, making him easily pointed out when spying and peeping. He also is capable of possession, but he is far to weak to force it on anyone. Justan can only take willing hosts, and for only a short time. If he remains in another persons body for long, he starts to meld with their soul, causing dangerous effects.
Username: Erravi

Appearance: So scandalous!
Name: Mei Akato Matoka
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Grade: College Freshman
Dorm: Co-ed
Major: Martial Artistry
Job: Dojo owner.
Personality: Mei, is a bit of a tomboy. She is a bit narcissistic, but easily embarrassed or teased. She has a tough will, and can resist many things. She has quirks, like all others. She acts tough and puts up a sturdy front. She has a keen eye and a bit of a sharp tongue, eager to retort to anything thrown at her. She loves to compete and wants to come out on top every time. Deep down, she is girlish, and though she doesn't let her emotions show very often, Mei is easier to hurt than she may appear. She carries a soft spot for weaker things, and loves relaxation, though she works hard enough to avoid being called lazy.
Bio: Mei once fell asleep, a strange force putting her in another land. Strangely enough, at the conclusion of her adventure, Mei did not return to her own world. Instead, she continued to fight and grow, learning to harness and focus her powers. She matured, enjoying her time with friends until she was separated by the curse that brought her to that land. When she awoke, she was here, left with few options. She enrolled to learn her new habitat better, and grant herself time to figure out her next steps.
Other: Mei is incredibly strong, able to destroy rock and stone with mere punches, and move along surfaces humans normally could not. Her eyes can view people in many ways, able to see through armors and clothing, or see in infrared spectrum. Mei is weak against magics, and has no way of contending with ranged weaponry. She has adopted skills from a close friend, and can create a single duplicate of herself. This duplicate is useless, however, as it has an entirely different personality, completely lazy and casual. Her duplicate rarely fights, though it shares her strength and power. Its a bit erratic and strange, and doesn't seem to last long.
Username: Erravi

Appearance: Rai
Name: Rai
Age: In Twenties.
Gender: Male
Race: Kitsune
Grade: Junior
Dorm: Co-ed
Major: Literature
Job: Writer, Journalist.
Personality: Rai is a tad quirky, off in his own little world, so much so that he often confuses it with reality. Unusually lucky, Rai tends to be a bit reckless, but has so far survived many fatal decisions in the past. He is easily an awkward creature, but social, kind, and playful. His quirky nature will be elaborated upon in action.
Bio: Rai was a fox, ever since he could remember. His clan's stories often spun myths that the kitsune were once human, and had to strive to attain a power strong enough to return them to their humanity. Others stories said they were once human, but became enlightened. Rai grew up with many stories like this, and often records what he hears, while spinning tales of his own. His life has been, to him, a grand adventure, without dull moments. When times become silent, Rai has always undid the silence. His reasoning for enrolling in school was simply to educate his writing style, and put forth stronger and longer passages.
Other: Rai can shapeshift, and use a variety of strong magic.
Username: Erravi
I put the first one up, but I'm not really sure I understand Rai's profile. From the description, he doesn't actually have bipolar disorder. His bio is confusing too. Age took his life... Does taht mean he's already died? But he persisted through will... and then just managed to merge with a fox, an animal who has an even shorter life span than a human? I definitely don't follow what's being explained, or why that allows him to shapeshift.

Appearance: Jasp/Eli
Name: Jasper Rose/Eli Rose Gavel
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Jekyll
Grade: College Freshman
Dorm: Girls
Major: ASL Interpreting
Job: Diner Waitress
Personality: Jasper is mostly shy. She tends not to get to close to people, and when she does she is still stand off-ish. She has a harder time trusting herself than other people. Eli is the life of the party, able to speak to anyone and everyone. Not everyone likes Eli, but she could give two .....
Bio: Jasper was raised by her father, her mother died after Jasper's worldly arrival. According to her father, it was a miracle she was alive long enough to give birth. The Gavel family isn't very big. Reason being, they are cursed. She is known as a Jekyll, being female. Her father however is known as a Hyde. They both transform into a different person, or monster, about every four days. This curse can never be broken, because it isn't an actual curse. Eventually their other parts will try to take over, and this is why Jekyll's/Hyde's don't live very long. They would do anything to stop the full transformation.
Other: Jasper, herself, is actually quite small. She's about 5'4", weighs close to nothing, and always wears clothes three sizes too big. She's a sugar addict, loves to bake, and is always reading a different book. Eli, however, is about 5'8", is quite curvy, and always wears clothes two sizes too small. She hates anything sweet, including people, likes to party, and is always eyeing a new victim.

There is no memory of what she did in her Eli state, only weird dreams of what might have happened.
Username: Frosty the Pink Bunny

Appearance: Fireballs bitches!
Name: Anna Gates
Age: 19
Gender: female
Race: Human
Grade: College
Dorm: girls
Major: Arcane Theory
Job: none
Personality: Straightforward, nerdy at times, self-conscious, slow to open up.
Bio: Anna was born with absolutely no talent for magic, as many humans are. The skill that she has was earned through hard work, something that she's rather proud of. She can't create blizzards or summon gargantuan monsters, but her ability isn't something to shake a stick at either. Her fascination with magic began in high school. She studied independently, but despite many failures, she was eventually able to perform small feats of telekinesis and wind magic. Six years of dedication later, she grew into a mage well-versed for her race and age. Unfortunately, that's not as impressive as it sounds. Failures only inspire her to keep trying though, and since she fails so much, she tries very hard, practically living in the library with her nose always buried in a book. It's unfortunate that this keeps her from making as many friends as she'd like to have.
Other: - While telekinesis is all well and good, Anna likes to practice more complicated spells. In order to do so, she uses various items to give her ability a boost including her robes, her staff, a grimoire, and a pair of catalyst rings that she almost always wears.
- Standing at about 23cm tall is Sammy the Imp, a mischievous little bugger and faithful companion to Anna. The two are almost inseparable except for exam days.
Username: iDeViLPsYcHo

Appearance: Nyx the Gargoyle
Name: Nyx Halloway
Age: Can't remember, somewhere in her late 500's.
Gender: Female
Race: Gargoyle
Grade: College Junior
Dorm: Girls
Major: Environmental Geoscience
Job: Works weekends and holidays at a local nature park
Bio: ----
Personality: Gargoyles are extremely protective and loyal creatures by nature. On top of that Nyx enjoys the outdoors and nature, is opinionated, social, and relaxed. So long as you don't threaten her or anything/anyone she cares about you generally won't have to worry about her.
Other: In human mythology gargoyle statues were used to protect churches and ward off evil; in a similar vein, living gargoyles are able to sense magic, spirits, and negative energy/'impurity'. They are made of living stone making them difficult to fight or injure. It is not nessacary for them to breath though most mimick the action to make humans and other beings more comfortable around them. While incapable of flight due to their sheer mass, Gargoyles are excellent climbers and can use their wings to deflect attacks. Also have sharp teeth and claws. Nyx has a medallion that gives the illusion of her being human, but it is just that: an illusion. For all intents and purposes she looks and seems like a human, but the medallion was a powerful gift to only help her blend in at school and have a better life, so if it breaks there is no way to get another one.
Username: Arazamatazza

Appearance: This shall do.
Name: Darrell Thomas
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: African American
Grade: College Freshman
Dorm: Yes, co-ed
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Job: Usually volunteer work, part time doing security for a nearby movie theatre
Personality: Very funny, sometimes his sarcasm and comebacks go a bit too far. Very social, very talkative, wears his emotions on his sleeve. Loves smacktalk when it's appropriate.
Bio: Darrell is the middle child in a family of six, four brothers, two sisters. His father was always away, then one day a divorce was filed when Darrell was seven. His older siblings were troublemakers and druggies once they got into middle school. Darrell, luckily not following in his siblings footsteps, saw no good in that type of life. His gym coach told him he should go into sports, and he did. He was very good at all the sports he played, but the ones he truly enjoyed were football and baseball. Everyone feared his speed, strength, and versatility on the football field. On the diamond, his bat was the most explosive, bombing home runs seemingly every game. He played and excelled at both sports up to highschool, sports becoming his whole life, when he felt he needed to choose which sport to play. He decided to choose football, excelling at the sport so that he would be a starter through all his years in high school. Athletics wasn't the only thing he was great at, he was a top student as well. When it came time for college, he decided to stay with the same combined campus, feeling that home was the place to stay, getting a full ride in athletics.
Other: Very very fast and strong. Starting runningback for the football team.
Username: theunownone

Appearance: Luke Fallen
Name: Luke Fallen
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Elf/Human
Grade: College student (Junior year)
Dorm: Yes for the Boy section
Major: Animal Science
Job: Doesn’t have one usually goes off loans to pay his college bill
Personality: He is quiet and reserved, interested in how and why things work. Excellent skills with mechanical things. He is a risk-taker who lives for the moment. Usually interested in and talented at extreme sports. Uncomplicated in his desires. Loyal to his peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if he gets in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, he excel at finding solutions to practical problems.
Bio: Long story....
Other: He isn’t much of a talker....
Username: Leo_Baskerville010

Appearance: Your pain will lay the foundations for unparallelled freedom in the future
Name: Klaus Brandt
Age: 4 Years (Although acts older in just about every imaginable way)
Gender: Technically none, although he presents himself as a male for his disguise
Race: He says he’s human, and while no one can tell one way or another under his suit, he most definitely is not
Grade: College Senior
Dorm: No
Major: Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Personality: When people first encounter Klaus, they tend to find him either imposing on account of his armor or pitiable on account of his being constrained to a wheelchair. He lives up to neither of these descriptions once one starts a dialogue with him. In fact, he is remarkably personable and comfortable in his own “skin” when conversing with just about anyone and it is nearly impossible to make him visibly angry or agitated. In public he is found to be very helpful, kind, and easygoing. He also appears to be quite wise and non-judgmental in the advice that he gives.

It would not be entirely true to say that his pleasant nature is all an act or façade, but it is this in part. There is much more to Klaus’s personality that he goes to considerable lengths to keep tucked away from anyone else he encounters. When he is alone, he tends to be quite brooding and philosophical, although if one began to learn even some of the secrets of his nature it wouldn’t be hard at all to see why.

Klaus is particularly good at seeing things from others’ perspectives and finding what motivates them, and this has two primary results. On the one hand, it makes him an excellent teacher when he is tasked with helping with the High School classes. On the other it makes him exceedingly skilled at manipulating people to get what he may require from them. This has often been something of a necessity given his general lack of mobility.

The scientist’s philosophical nature has one result in particular that can have dire consequences. In particular, while he will do nothing of a questionable nature if he cannot justify it to himself, he has developed justifications for even the most heinous of acts in the pursuit of his goals. In addition to giving him considerable conviction that he is right to kidnap, probe, and experiment on his fellow students, this has the unnerving potential of convincing others that he is right to do so as well. And, of course, if that doesn’t work, Klaus’s philosophy certainly justifies using other methods of manipulation and coercion in order to see his work through to its completion.
Bio: The creature known to his fellows as Klaus Brandt came from the one of the humblest beginnings one could imagine. Or perhaps humbling would be the more correct term.

He was, quite simply, a mistake.

A renowned biological research institute had taken it upon themselves to replicate the primordial soup that had given rise to the planet’s organic life and had invested considerable time and effort to see what circumstances would similarly give rise to life and what others might cause life to develop in a very different direction. One of these tests created something altogether different from the others. Rather than germinating microorganism within the swirling liquid, a much larger and more complex organism was born, one that took all of the mixture into itself. This resulted in the creation of a sort of protoplasmic liquid organism. This miraculous event quickly became a tragedy, however, as the researchers attempted to contain their accidental creation and the creature lashed out at them.

The creature’s attack was not a simple matter of breaking bones and tearing sinews. The liquid monstrosity flooded through the scientists in its overbearing effort to incapacitate its supposed assailants. This obviously killed them all quite quickly. But that wasn’t all it did. Before they expired, the creature had managed to absorb considerable amounts of knowledge and personality from the staff. Thus, within that day, another unsettlingly miraculous thing occurred. The liquid monster gained sentience and a great deal of intelligence along with it. The labs nevertheless laid dark for several months as the creature took time to collect its newfound thoughts and personal sentience into coherent consciousness.

Upon awakening the creature became aware of its rather unfortunate position. While it possessed a number of unusual abilities that stemmed from its liquid form, it was otherwise a very frail and unstable organism. It was for this reason that the creature used its knowledge to bring about the (somewhat hodgepodge) construction of an armored suit to contain itself and a mechanical chair to provide propulsion. It was limited in what it was able to accomplish, but its lot in life was vastly improved. Still, the creature remained profoundly bothered by the many limitations that his physical nature imposed upon him, and it began to turn its attention towards the ever lofty goal of surpassing such restraints. Taking the name Klaus that he had found within the mind of a fallen researcher, the creature set out on its goal to truly master molecular biology and, in a sense the very fabric of life itself.

With that in mind, Klaus has recently “transferred” to this school, seeing it as the perfect collection of potential test subjects in pursuit of his cause…

Other: Curiously, Klaus’s consciousness is able to function in multiple places at once, allowing him to essentially control every droplet of himself at once. This is one of the few perks of his liquid nature.

Username: Lord Urizen

Appearance: I Tell Myself That I Will Be Strong...
Name: Alicia Rose Baker
Age: Twenty-One
Gender: Female
Race: Kitsune
Grade: College Sophomore
Dorm: Yes, co-ed
Major: Landscape Design
Job: ---
Personality: Alicia is quiet, but not anti-social or shy. She is polite and is more than willing to become friends with anyone, of course if they are willing as well. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and is also honest about a lot of things.
Bio: ---
Other: ---
Username: p a p e r C O N D O M S

Name: Joseph Law
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Grade: Second Year College Student
Dorm: Co-ed
Major: Criminal Justice, minor in philosophy
Job: Part time job in the library.
Personality: Ever the student, he actively observes and seeks out new information. Observant and calm, he rarely breaks from his cool nature.
Bio: No forceful entry into her home meant the killer knew her. Either by tricking her into letting him in, or by owning a key. As his sister had no relationship ties of a romantic nature, only family members could have a key. The lack of motive family wise lead to removing them as suspects. Respected yes, but the Law family was hardly wealthy, and his sister lived in modesty. Ruling out both burglary and family feud....

As the clues came together in his adolescent mind, the killer was obvious. Joseph's sister, Helena Law, murdered at the age of 24 by her own employer. A man later discovered to be responsibly for the serial killings of other young women. Locked away forever because of what he had accomplished.

Now, at the age of 20, Joseph studies to strengthen his abilities at the college so that when he becomes a detective, he'll be able to help others who have been suffered an injustice.
Other: Due to a protein diffiency he suffered as a child, Joseph is incredibly thin and isn't nearly as strong as most of his male colleagues.
Username: xSanitariumx

Appearance: [ x ]
Name: Travis. (Yes...just Travis )
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human (?)
Grade: College Freshman
Dorm: Co-ed, of course
Major: Undecided
Job: Fisherman
Personality: There isn't really one single category to which you can throw Travis into. His personality is much like a Pollock painting, with colors strewn every which way, and no real order or sense in sight. Though he tends to stay rather cheerful, face mask outlining a large welcoming smile (Or in someone's particular case, a sly, flirty smile). He has the ability to care about others, laugh and even go so far as to flirt playfully, especially with one girl in particular he'd grown so very fond of. Sometimes it can be hard to take the guy seriously, or even like him for that matter. He's the type of person to make you laugh when you're pissed off, and you don't really want to laugh. When around the people he knows, he's always in a joker type of mood, teasing and taunting playfully. It's just the way he is.

Bio: Travis was a mess after falling into what seemed to be a coma. He had fallen asleep and found himself in another realm, what a completely different reality than the real world. That was fine and all...everyone had dreams, right? Except he didn't wake from it. In fact, he spent a few years in this dream, meeting new people and making new bonds, actually growing very fond to one green haired girl in particular. He had come to like the new place so much that he hardly wanted to leave it, despite being his goal the entire time there. After a few years, and many events that had taken place, he had finally awoken in his own bed. For months he had been upset about the whole ordeal, trying to grasp the whole concept, and determine if it were real, or if he were just crazy. Perhaps some big wizard of OZ kind of deal. He hoped that were the case, so he could someday run into his good friend again in the real world.

Other: Flip-flop ninja. Swift. Lazy. Cunning. Strategic. Usually won't start a fight unless he has to. Travis has a strange way of fighting, and will usual evade and dodge attacks in a very lazy manner, frustrating his enemy greatly. His mask is something that is never removed, so most people don't know what his face looks like, save for family members, and one green haired girl in particular, but even she has only seen it a few times in some years.
Username: ll Princess Velvet ll

Appearance: The Witch
Name: Bianca Sinclair
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Witch
Grade: Freshman in college
Dorm: Girls dorm
Major: History
Job: Works at local flower shop
Personality: Bianca is fairly quiet and doesn't talk too much but, she is not a weak or kind person by any means. She is not afraid to speak her mind which results in her as coming off a little mean. More than often, she fails to realize that she is very blunt resulting in other's feelings getting hurt. Bianca hates to show weakness so she tries her best not to appear weak in front of others; she is proud so she will never admit her faults; not out loud at least. She is an independent girl who can take care of herself, but she does appear lonely at times. Accordingly, she also tends to be a little antisocial since she is a misanthropic person... Putting her bluntness and sarcasm, one will find that Bianca is an interesting individual, who is very intelligent and sharp. Bianca is one of those people who opens up to those who make the effort to get to know her; they will find that she has a blunt and maybe morbid sense of humor. One has to appreciate her sarcastic remarks and straightforward attitude to see that she isn’t as quiet and introverted.
Bio: Bianca Sinclair was born in Salem, Massachusetts and is a descendant of witches. Well, that was the name they were given by the locals, but her family is a type of sorcerer. The inheritance of magic is random since it skipped her mother and her dad was a normal human. They all believed that Bianca would be normal, but when she was born, they knew that she had indeed inherited the magical ability. They knew because when she was born, her eyes had been green. They were not the hazy blue color like most babies have when the were first born; Bianca's eyes had been a vibrant shade of green. They eventually darkened as she matured, becoming the dark brown color it is today; but Bianca did not grow out of her aptitude for magic. Because she was to be a magic user, her parents took her to be trained by a powerful sorceror.

She was about five years old when she began the training. She still lived with her parents, but it seemed like she was away from home, training so it felt like she lived somewhere else entirely. Because of this, Bianca matured faster than the other kids her age. This was also when her introverted personality developed. Bianca did not have much interaction with kids her age so she ended being a little awkward and estranged from her own peers. Her studies in magic took away from this key interaction phase, resulting in how her personality had developed.

One day, Bianca had decided to take a break from magic in order to sneak off and play. She was still living in Salem, where there was plenty of wildlife to get lost or hurt in. Bianca was playing near the edge of a cliff where some other children were. Rumors were spread about the Sinclair family and they were not very nice rumors. Even in the modern day, the persecution of witches still continued. The other kids picked on Bianca and she tried her best to be the better person, but they soon got physical. Bianca fought back, but she was unaware of her own position when one of the kids pushed her back. Little Bianca had been standing at the edge of the cliff so when the other kid pushed her, she fell off the edge. The kids immediately ran away since they did not want to get in trouble. Bianca had fallen quite a ways and thankfully, she survived but not unscathed. When she had fallen, there had been a jagged branch that she had landed on. It cut into the back of her shoulder, creating a serious injury. A child with a guilty conscious informed Bianca's parents of the events that took place so they were able to find her and take the girl to the hospital.

Bianca eventually healed, but she now had a permanent, ugly scar on the back of her left shoulder. After this incident, Bianca grew wary of other people resulting in her secluded behavior. Because of the bad memories, Bianca's parents decided to move to another town where they started fresh. Bianca graduated high school at the top of her class and so she headed straight to college. She left home and began attending a college where others, that were a little unique like herself attend; both normal people and the unique.

Other: Always has a teddy bear in her possession, at all times. Bianca is very self conscious of her scar so if it is revealed, she will freak out. Plus, her style has always centered around Victorian-esque fashion.
Other fun facts! Bianca is immune to most poisons, and is still scared of the dark, HATES needles, Adores anything cute, knowledgeable in botany and can mix up any kind of medicine for small illnesses and such (cure for cancer is still in the works ;D)
Username: cHesHiRe_CaT_0013

Appearance: Positively Scottish
Name: Clay Shaften
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human Technomancer
Grade: Junior
Dorm: Off Campus Apartment
Major: Technical Science and Advancement
Job: Lab Assisstant
Personality: Calm, supportive, and outgoing.
Username: Jaxter23









Time: Early/mid morning. Classes for highschoolers will be starting soon.

Weather: Blue sky with a few clouds; foercast calls for heavier cloud coverage as the day progresses


















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