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                                          tl;dr : Dimitri's family is made up of assholes of varying degrees.
                                          It's a shame stealing the crowns didn't go exactly as planned. It made Dimitri feel a rare sense of guilt and uselessness because that meant he would be returning home to his little sister with no present or anything. What, his brothers? What about his brothers? Oh, all they need is a good brofist and it's all good. That, or maybe a new gun or two. Anyway, the huge thing with the Head Guardian or something or other was an event Dimitri hadn't accounted for. Not like it's something he would normally consider happening but considering that he attends Raishon, he should have added a variable to the equation to represent any spontaneous interruption that might get in between him and the crowns. Bottom line is, he couldn't get his hands on those jewel-covered crowns that he could probably by a small country with, or a most importantly, let his little sister be a princess for a little while. After that failure was suffered through, all he had to return to in his dorm were those damn animal porn books Takeshi had the nerve of giving him. He reconsidered giving Takeshi the map and instructions to find that whatever it was the map and instructions led to, but Dimitri figured that it would be shame, since it wasn't much of a gift for Takeshi than it was a gift for his entire damn contact list of a fifth of the population of Raishon. Plus, he'd hate to have gone through all that trouble of putting it together for it to be wasted.

                                          A couple of days after wallowing about in slightly more angst than usual, it was time for the redhead to take his flight back to Italy to go about his usual mafia heir business. After gracefully bidding a very kind and gentlemanly farewell to his dearly beloved friend Takeshi with a middle finger all up in his face and an relatively neutral wave to Shinjiro, Dimitri took off via shapeshifting and arrived at the airport just in time to sneak himself into the cargo hold, where he went through his schedule for the upcoming days of terror and destruction. He was also wondering what in the world he was going to do about that present of Nikoleta, but he figured he could probably rob a jewellery shop or two on his way home. That, or he could take the more subtle route and find something in the undergrounds, but where's the fun in that? It doesn't normally result in the breaking of-- no, wait, yes it does. That's generally how Dimitri get's out of paying for anything, really.

                                          Once the plane finally landed, the redhead successfully made his way out of the cargo hold without being seen and began his flight back home. First and foremost, of course, he decided to sneak himself into some enemy territory, which he made a mental note to take over once he regrouped, and began to make his way around the Black Market. As usual, he found many illegal weapons or drugs he could get his hands on pretty easily, but he was looking for something shinier than that. Well, weapons could be pretty damn shiny, but that's not the point. Things were looking pretty dim for him and it didn't look like he'd be able to get his hands on any tiaras or necklaces any time soon. That is, until he bumped into a particular goon who was apparently some sort of hotshot around the area. Dimitri hadn't been too caught up with the new gangs around the area since he's been focusing more on making sure Demon Evans didn't castrate him in his sleep or anything, but at least he sort of knew who the goon was; a sucker who tried to hard to fit in. Luckily for him, the goon was wearing all sorts of shiny crap that he was pretty sure Nikoleta and his mother would take a liking to. Bonus points for beating up a tool to get them.

                                          One thing led to another and Dimitri ended up getting "neck deep in some real s**t" with the guy but really, the redhead - who was disguised as a blond at the time - was just playing around to see just how much loot he had on him. Turns out it was enough to buy a dozen or so kidneys, which the redhead considered to be decent enough. This would probably be the only chance he'd get to find something decent around the place, so with a sucker punch to the face and a knee to the gut, Dimitri went on his merry way with diamonds and rubies in hand, or something valuable like that. He was running pretty late now, seeing as he was supposed to have arrived home a good two hours ago, so he tore through the market and once he was out of sight, used his powers to his advantage to get to the Vassiliadis base as soon as possible; the Vassiliadis Pizzeria. More specifically, the basement that only the Family has access to.

                                          "Mitri~! You're back!" A seemingly innocent little voice exclaimed upon his entry. Perhaps a little embarrassingly, Dimitri didn't even need to bend over in order to life his little sister into his arms. At least he had plenty of strength to even do that in the first place to make up for it...maybe. That's probably when all the jewels would come in handy. "Damn straight I'm back, Picodia." That was a nickname that she was often referred to as. It's a shortened version of "piccolo diavolo," which translates to "little devil." That may seem like a cruel nickname to any other six year old girl, but most six year old girls aren't being trained in the ways of theft and assassination, and most tend not to be pretty damn good at getting the hang of it from the get-go.

                                          "Hey, I got a lil' somethin' for you and Ma. Where's everybody else, anyway?" Just as he asked his question, something came whizzing through the air and right towards him. Instinctively, he leaned back just in time to dodge a knife that was aimed right for the side of his head. More blades cutting through the air could already be heard so without a second thought, Dimitri grabbed Nikoleta and sprouted wings to gain some air. "Cover your ears, Picodia. Things are gonna get a lil' nasty." He murmured while holding her close against his chest. "The ******** is goin' on?!" After countering a number of weapons and dodging some bullets, he grabbed one of the storage boxes and with one fluid swing of his arm, launched it across the room and towards the source of the weapons. "Don't make me turn you all inside out ********]" As his voice echoed across the large room, Dimitri had snapped the brass knuckles he had chained around his neck and equipped them in a blink of an eye. "YOU BETCH'ER SORRY LIL' ASSES YER GONNA WISH YOU NEVER TRIED TO HURT ME OR MY LIL' SIS-- ...Pops, I can see your ******** shitty hair you a** wipe."

                                          As it turns out, his family decided it'd be hilarious to greet Dimitri with a fake ambush. Of course they'd know using Nikoleta as bait would make things go swimmingly. She's just too damn innocent and adorably destructive to not let your guard down around. "Ehehe! We tricked you, Mitri! But you were so cool, and I got to fly~!" Nikoleta cheered as the members who participated in the ambush began to come out of their hidings spots.

                                          First was Mario, the older one of the twins. "Heey, big bro! Lookin' cute as ever. Ahaha!"

                                          Following right after was Luigi. "Ha! Now that's the adorable lil' pouty glare all mafia heirs oughtta have!"

                                          A few steps behind them was their mother, who had a number of knives held delicately between her fingers. "Aw, look at my precious son, sprouting wings like the little melodramatic angel he is!"

                                          And finally, the head of the Vassiliadis Family; Dimitri's father, and notably one hell of a sexy man. "Good to know that school hasn't softened you up, Dimitri! Then again, you're already pretty squishy around the cheeks, what with your baby fat an all."

                                          "Yeah, I hate you all."

                                          It was a few days after he had arrived that Dimitri nearly ended up flying back to Raishon to tear Takeshi apart and throw them across the city. Well, before that, Dimitri was thinking of getting somebody to do that to his own body. On Christmas Day, Nikoleta had been messing around in his room and flipping through his belongings that he brought back from Raishon. She had always been interested in the fantasy world of his school and always dreamed of attending herself but since she has no special powers - at least, they don't think she has any powers - the closest she can get to being a part of the school is by hearing about it from her older brother. Not like he has anything particularly good to say about it, but she seems to like whatever he says about his Academy of Wonders.

                                          "Hey, Picodia. What're you doin' goin' through my books?" He asked while observing her actions from the corner of his eye. Of course, he was more preoccupied with the firearms and weapons he was fixing up before him. If she was looking for notes so that she could imagine what the classes were like, there wasn't a high chance she'd find any of those. Dimitri doesn't always take notes in class but when he does, they're completely illegible. "I don't think you're smart enough to read anythin' you'll find in there, heh." Alright, so she's a pretty good pick-pocketer, but that has nothing to do with her literacy.

                                          "Hey, Mitri! What does "get down and sweaty" mean?"

                                          WARNING: When handling firearms and gunpowder, do not suddenly leave station unattended in a crazy fury in order to prevent relatively innocent little sister from witnessing animal porn.

                                          The next few moments happened in slow motion. As Nikoleta began opening the book that read "How Animals Get Down and Sweaty and Screw Each Other's Brains Out Part 1/Part 2," Dimitri stumbled out of his seat and lunged for the book. How did that even get in his bag? He could have sworn he had already burn that thing. Then again, he was in a pretty big rush to get out of Raishon, so did he stuff it in his bag along with the other books by accident? It must have been Takeshi. That b*****d can get on his nerves even when they're miles away, can't he.


                                          It was too late.

                                          The poor girl's eyes grew wide and her mouth fell agape.

                                          Slowly, Dimitri collapsed onto the ground and slammed his fists into the ground so hard that his room shook.

                                          It was over.

                                          It was all...over.





                                          "Hey bro, heard some shoutin' goin' on in here. Everythin' okheey, what's this ya got there, Pica?" Pica is the shorter version of Picodia.

                                          "GET THAT THING AWAY FROM HER I SWEAR IT'S NOT MINE YOU KNOW HOW THAT SONOVABITCH TAKESHI IS IT WAS HIM I SWEAR TO-- ******** YOU LUIGI I TOLD YOU NOT TO LOOK AT THAT s**t." Dimitri was covering Nikoleta's ears as he clobbered his younger brother verbally.

                                          Luigi's puzzled expression made Dimitri confused and before long, the book was being held in front of his face. "Dude, s'alright if y'wanna read up on some biology. It's for yer power, ain't it?"


                                          Sure enough, after flipping through the pages of the book with a filthy cover, Dimitri discovered that Takeshi had, in fact, gotten his hands on a book detailing some mythical creatures. He immediately pulled out the other book that was given to him and discovered that detailed rare and endangered species.

                                          As his younger siblings stared at their older brother, said older brother scoffed and smirked to himself exhaustedly. "b*****d."

                                          As much fun as it was, learning how to turn into a gryphons and dragons and whatnot, Dimitri was pretty glad he was-- ah, who am I kidding, he's as cantankerous as ever but yeah, the fact that he cold sort of sustain the form of a gryphon made him less angry. Nearing the end of the break, that damn school psychologist breathing down his neck about that appointment he was supposed to have when he got back to Raishon made him even grumpier than usual, and probably secretly scared shitless. Dimitri has a sort of mental list ranking females and their how much threat they pose against him. Of course, Demon Evans takes the number one slot without hesitation, but Ms. Hallows is pretty damn high up there, too. As much as he'd love to just fly out of the school or hire a hitman to maybe get rid of that creepy woman for a while, he figured that a woman as creepy as her would have some way of tracking him down, tying him up, and forcing him to sit through a session of whatever it is she does. Talking about feelings, probably, which isn't really hard when it comes to Dimitri. There's a damn good chance that when you're asking him how he's feeling, he'll say something along the lines of "I'm feelin' just about ready to tear your ******** face off, punk." It doesn't get any simpler than that.

                                          "I got it from here." He said to the sgarrista of his Family that offered him a ride from the airport to Raishon. Normally Dimitri could carry his own luggage and fly from the airport, but he didn't want to spend any energy when he knew he'd have an exhausting day ahead of him. He didn't even bother checking who he had the pleasure of sharing a dorm with this time around, but nothing could be worst than Takeshi and his damn stink bombs. I swear if he gets any funky-smelling s**t around that present... Then again, that gift should be pretty damn useful, so Dimitri was pretty confident that Takeshi wouldn't be trying to screw around with it any time soon. After tossing his bags into his new room, he began to trudge his way down to Ms. Hallow's office. He really, really didn't want to go, but he figured it was like ripping off a band-aid; just get it over it with one fast tug. Except this was more prolonged, involved a scary woman, and was in a closed area where escape made be impossible. How exciting.

                                          Finally, the redhead approached the dreaded door where on the other side, a devastating being was sure to maim him psychologically. Dimitri took a deep breath, clenched his jaw, and swung the door open.

                                          "Alright, let's get this s**t over ********]"

                                          Why, hello there, Harumi Evans.

                                          Fancy meeting you here.
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---- w xx i xx t xx h xx i xx n xxxxxx t xx h xx e xxxxxx p xx a xx s xx s xx a xx g xx e xxxxxx o xx f xxxxxx t xx i xx m xx e
----▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
----- xx * xxx * xxx * xx

                                                  xxxxx News traveled fast. Before the airplane could have even landed, Armella had received some text messages from some "family co-workers" regarding a new reputation she'd gained. The texts all went along the lines of "So you're that kind of underground woman now?" or a simple "Niiiice." All Armella could do was sigh. She wasn't surprised that the rumor had already spread that far. She aware of the eye kept on both her and her younger sister not for protection purposes but more for security. Father Evans made it clear three years ago that Japan was the last place in which wanted his family to be. Italy, on the other hand, was a perfectly acceptable place for similar yet contrasting reasons so that's where the Evans family of three spent a good part of winter break.

                                                  xxxxx Thanks to that trip, Armella was able to return to Raishon with new clothes, new gadgets, and new clothes for the new gadgets. You'll see. Her first stop after parting ways with a strangely lost-in-thought Harumi was the office. She wanted to pick up her class rosters as soon as possible. She put the papers in a folder in her large purse and proceeded to her new dorm assignment. Room 480. She checked the name plate.

                                                  Xanthias S. Elkrone
                                                  Armella J. Evans

                                                  xxxxx How fortunate yet unfortunate. Armella had wanted to speak with Xanthe for a while after hearing that he'd returned to Raishon, but wasn't really sure what to say. She tried thinking of a proper way to phrase her thoughts but none seemed just right. Maybe that was the problem, that she'd overthought the process before. She didn't like the idea of "winging" anything, but she couldn't just stand outside the door all day long. She had no choice. She decided that she would just enter casually and greet him as if it were normal. No, that'd be too out of character. Armella wouldn't be able to ignore the atmosphere. How should she approach this then? She could just pretend that she wasn't aware of with whom she was dorming and then say her greetings as she entered.

                                                  xxxxx After reaching for the doorknob, Armella realized that she'd been staring down the nameplate while deciding how to enter. She mentally sighed. She opened the door and said to an empty room, "Good morning!" No reply. Obviously. It was empty. What a relief.

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location: room 480 xxx companion: no one xxx emotion: relieved? xxx fashion: teacher style
----▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
---- ʏᴏᴜ sᴛʀᴀʏᴇᴅ ғʀᴏᴍ ᴍᴇ && ɪ ʟᴏsᴛ ᴛᴏᴜᴄʜ ᴏғ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʜᴀɴᴅ
---- with x the x sunset x behind x me x and x my x long x shadow x leading x ahead , x now x as x i x climb x this x hill x all x alone
----IT x ALL x FELT x LIKE x x x
sunset hill.
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                                                  Haruma smiled as he sat at his desk and listened to his co-workers' stories regarding their winter break. Some of them travelled overseas to foreign countries, while others stayed within the country. After he finished listening to their stories, he contributed his own when he was asked what his winter break was like.

                                                  "Ah, my sister and I went back home to Takayama-shi in Gifu prefecture. Did some holiday shopping for the family, went to Tokyo, and whatnot. Sis was really happy to be back home, haha." He recalled Momoko springing open the door to her room upon arriving home and joyously flopping on her bed as if she missed it terribly, as well as running to greet her dear hamster (which, unfortunately, died two weeks later of old age). "And I got a watch and some sweaters for Christmas."

                                                  Having finished giving his account of his winter break experience, he resumed his work. Just then, out of the corner of his eyes, he caught sight of someone waving his or her hand. Wondering who it could be, he turned his head to see Mr. Kodoux waving at him (or was it to another person?). With a smile, Haruma waved back in response. If he recalled correctly, Red was that teacher who never talked. He didn't know why. Perhaps he was just mute or something? But at least he knew sign language so he could communicate with the silent teacher. That is, if Mr. Kodoux knew sign language in the first place. If not, then he would have to resort to communicating via notepad.

                                                  Haruma's hands moved as he signed "hello, how are you?" to Mr. Kodoux, then waited for a response.

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                                                                                                                                                ██➽ company: office staff, Red
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                                        "Oh for the love of......" Xan said as he watched Yukina disappear into the woods. It was enough that Xan's day didn't start of right to begin with but the fact that this was happening now was the icing to top the cake. Xan sighed as Eli ran after Yuyu. He expected that and so did Shinji as he told everyone else not to chase after them. Eli could handle his self, but having anyone else out there with him would be even harder especially because of not only the situation they all encountered, but the chimeras that lurked in the woods. Most of them were small fry, but for some reason they've been riled up lately. Xan figured it's probably by whomever or better yet whatever could have done what has happened to Yukina. Having that kind of power was something that the Headmaster should take lightly considering all of the possibilities that could go wrong. If Xan was Shinji in this situation he would have everybody in the Meeting Room giving random scenarios and how to deal with them. Then again doing that so soon could just scare everyone. Shinji has probably already thought about that as he didn't get his position for no reason.

                                        Xan sighed once more. There was no reason for him to stick around now that the fuss was over. The only thing to do was to get something to eat. It was bad enough his food that he left in his room had to be thrown out cause everyone has switched rooms now so Xan was left with no other option but to settle for the food in the Cafe. It wasn't bad. It just wasn't how Xan would prepare it. Xan just happened to be one of those people who was super picky about the food he wanted to eat, and eating the same style of food two days in a row was out of the question.

                                        Just before he could snap his fingers a girl who seemed about his aged walked up to the group. She seemed somewhat new but at the same time like she was comfortable enough at the school to talk to a person or two. It dawned upon Xan that this was a new semester so there would be a lot of new faces around here. Of course though with new faces are new possibilities and new problems to deal with. Especially since there are only a few people at this school who actually know how to control their powers completely aside from the Teachers. Speaking of. Xan wondered who the new teacher was for Weapons and Combat class. That class has had so many different teachers. Xan always compared it to the Magic Defense class in Harry Potter.of course none of the teachers had major problems like in the book/movies. That was probably the only difference. Other than that it was a pretty peaceful semester last winter. Xan had a feeling all of that was going to change now though. Considering his powers that he's been able to get more in tune with no thanks to Shinji how almost killed him with his Shadow. He's been able to feel the flow of different dimensions almost like they brush upon his consciousness and he's able to feel a flux or a major change that always come with the specific territory.

                                        As Xan was lost in though it seemed that Suzy was explaining to the girl who he was. Even though Suzy was part of the Guardians Xan never really used his sound manipulation powers in from of them but Xan gain the passive ability to hear all conversations even if they're whispering. "Of course i'm not going to deny the title i've been giving, but this year might me a little different." He said with a chuckle "Keyword might" He said as he figured it was time to get something to eat as the thought keep popping up in his head. "Well it was nice to meet you though we never really talked." He said as he talked to the girl. "I'll see ya around Suz!" He said turning to Suzy. and with a snap of his fingers he fell into the ground through one of his portals he made underneath his self.

                                        As he reappeared he landed on his feet in the cafeteria that seemed to be well alive with people. "My it's buzzy in here. Sounds like bees are everywhere." He said to his self with a chuckled as the Cafeteria was all the rage right now. As he walked up to get his food he asked for the usual breakfast he would get when he came in. Waffles with strawberries, two eggs scrambled, a side of bacon and a piece of toast. Just thinking about it always made Xan's mouth water. As he decided to find a seat he found one a a table that was empty with a few extra seats. He never really cared if anyone came and sat with him. Though a casual friends would sit by and talk for a second on their way out. Xan never really made an effort for human contact as it usually approached him, which sounds super conceded but was just how the flow of things went for him. He wasn't an intimidating guy to be around and he was far from having an intimidating face either. So someone would soon stop by to say hello. Maybe even someone new. The possibilities were endless.

                                        GREY SKY CREEPIN ❜ && DISAPPEARING !!xxxx

                                        BYE BYE FEELINGxxxxxHEARTS I'M STEALINGxxxxxxxxxx
                                        BYE BYE FEELINGxxxxxHEARTS I'M STEALINGxxxxxxxxxx
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                                                                    AND AT.`LAST I SEE*:THE L!GHT
                                                                    ( &&. IT'S LIKE THE SKY IS NEW )
                                                                    . ████████ suzy schubertxxxxx.
                                                                    XXXXXXXXXR A I S H O N XX G U A R D I A N & & . XX C H E E R XX C A P T A I N XXX
                                                                    XXXXXX ( XXXX)
                                                                    made by une fois de plus made by ally for Sakura Parfait
                                                                    AND IT'S WARM AND REAL AND BRIGHT XXXXXXXXX AND THE WORLD HAS SOMEHOW SHIFTED .
                                                                    AND IT'S WARM AND REAL AND BRIGHT XXXXXXXXX AND THE WORLD HAS SOMEHOW SHIFTED .
                                                                    AND IT'S WARM AND REAL AND BRIGHT XXXXXXXXX AND THE WORLD HAS SOMEHOW SHIFTED .

                                                                    : all at .once everything *looks `differentx.
                                                                    ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆ ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆ ▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆▆
                                                                    x* NW THAT I SEE ; YOU


                                                                And just after she finished explaining to Aurora about who Xan was, the guy came over. Suzy's face flushed slightly red as he addressed what she said about him. Crap, she didn't say it too loudly, did she? "Ehehe," she laughed nervously, the corners of her mouth slightly twitching. After he left, she returned her attention back to the sophomore.

                                                                It was like the heavens had blessed her. Upon hearing that Aurora was a dancer and a gymnast(?), Suzy's eyes sparkled with joy even more as she held on more tightly to the brunette's hands. It wasn't everyday that she met someone who was like her. There weren't a lot of cheerleaders or gymnasts or dancers who engaged in all three activities at the same time, much less two. "OH MY GOD, you dance and tumble, too!" she cried, now getting a little into Aurora's personal space. Suddenly realizing this, Suzy backed off and let go of Aurora's hands as she let out a sheepish laugh. "Aha, sorry about that. I got too excited. See, I'm a dancer and gymnast as well, so I was just really excited to know that someone else does the same activities as me. So anyway, what styles of dance do you do?"

                                                                Hey, remember Leif? Don't leave the poor girl hanging.

                                                                "Uh, it's in a few days," she responded when asked when cheerleading tryouts were. She hoped that a lot of people would show up for it when the day came. After all, she and Laurel didn't establish the Cheer Squad for nothing. If barely anyone showed up, she would be very disappointed. Once they get enough members, they would need to get cheerleading uniforms. Suzy already had a few designs in mind, but she also needed to approach Laurel about it to get her opinion on what style of uniform they should wear. Hearing Aurora address her former roommate, Suzy widened her eyes as she turned her head to face Leif. "Aah, I'm sorry, too! I just got a little carried away!" A little?

                                                                Turning to a boy with ginger hair who had just approached them, Suzy put on a big grin as she placed her hands on her hips. "Well, hi and welcome to Raishon! First off, my name's Suzy, and..." Once again, she repeated what she said earlier to Aurora about her being one of the school Guardians. When she finished, she glanced over at Leif. "Leif, let's both show these newbies around the school together!" she suggested enthusiastically.


                                                                Location: outsidexxWith: Leif, Aurora, Shun (Xan, Dio??)xxxMood: welcomingxxxThoughts:xxxOutfitxxxOOC:
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xo ↗↗ SPEED
xoxoxxooxoxoxo ↘↘ It's all about SPEED . . .

{ Where are you? School Gates xoxoxo { Who are you with? Suzy,Aurora,Leifxoxoxo { What are you feeling? Excited.

                                        Upon approaching a girl named Suzy who seemed to be a guardian, Shun also introduced himself after she did. "Oh. Uh. I'm Shun. Freshman." he said with an innocent smile like kid does when he gets a candy, minutes after her introduction she said something about giving us newbies a tour around the school. 'A tour! Nice!' he thought to himself and imagined how big is this school, just seeing the entrance it was already big enough and has a cool feeling into it by just staring at it. Thinking about off all those things made him more excited, for a moment he was lost in thought, he took a step back since Suzy was to lead the way for them.

                                        A tour was just the thing Shun needed to get around the school more easily, and what got him more curios was the forest. "What's in the forest over there?" he asked with a curios tone while pointing his index finger at it. The forest was dark from the view he was standing and saw something moved inside it. "Hm. Worth checking out later." he mumbled to himself. Shun suddenly remembered about Suzy said being a guardian, he doesn't seemed to be paying attention when she was telling it to him. "What do you guardians do? Same as student council?" he asked with a confusing tone, he wasn't sure what they were. Filled up with more questions and curiosity he decided to stop asking more for she might get irritated.

                                        Facing to the brown haired girl (Aurora) who also seemed to have piqued his interest. "You also new here?" he asked the girl with smile on his face while asking her he thought to himself if he should introduce now or later cause it didn't seemed to be a good time with all the tour and talking. But he decided to do so. "I'm Shun. Nice to meet you." he introduced himself while offering his hand for a handshake and waited for her response. While waiting he suddenly felt that it wasn't good and thought that she thought that he was being weird and all that.

                                        Shun's Imagination inside his head with his imaginative-self Shu.

                                        "I think it didn't go well, she might think I'm weird suddenly introducing himself and all that." Shun said.

                                        "Nah, It went well, why would it be weird, you just introduced yourself." Shu said.

                                        "But nobody just introduces himself. It sounded so forward." Shun said with worry.

                                        "Oh c'mon, you're both students and both new, it's natural." Shu said.

                                        "You're right. I guess I made the right choice." Shun said.

                                        After that imaginative thought inside his head, he went back into straight thinking or pretty much went back to reality and realized that sounded stupid and he was just over reacting to something like that, which isn't him. Shun was just worried that he'd get a wrong first impression from a girl and with his lack of social experience he wasn't always sure to what the right things to say.

Out of Cookies
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xx ɪ'ʟʟ xx ʙᴇ xx ʙʀᴀᴠᴇʀ xx ɪ'ʟʟ xx ʙᴇ xx ᴍʏ xx ᴏᴡɴ xx sᴀᴠɪᴏʀ
- - - - ♡ - - - - - - - - ♡ - - - - - - - - ♡ - - - - - - - - ♡ - - - - ❤ ❤
xx location: dr. hallows's xxx companion: dr. hallows, dimitri xxx emotion: attack mode engaged xxx fashion: it's cold = A=
S T A N D I N G x O N x M Y x O W N x T W O x F E ET

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                                                  xxxxx The guidance counselor's office was one of Raishon's most dreaded places. Rumors of being brainwashed and being mentally reconfigured flew all around the school. Some students feared their appointments with Dr. Hallows, but the talks were honestly painless. It was the knowledge that every word out of one's mouth was being scrutinized and not a hint of body language went unanalyzed. Harumi was already used to being on constant watch and she's done the some on others. Appoinments with Dr. Hallows weren't intimidating at all. Harumi's even grown to trust the counselor. If the woman has read her files, what was there to hide? Plus, her office was decorated comfortably. It felt homey.

                                                  xxxxx Harumi entered the with a "Good morning" followed by a "Don't mind if I do" when she reached for a cookie from the table. She wondered if there were any rumors going about Dr. Hallows's complimentary snacks being drugged. After both females were seated, Harumi sorted through some of the gifts she'd received. There was the dress from Armella, chocolates from everyone's neighborhood metro, a jar of poison from Dimitri,

                                                  xxxxx "Ooooh, forget the gifts, tell her about the cute Italian boys~"

                                                  xxxxx–a headache from Phi, hair clips from Momoko... there was something that stood out to her. "My dad got me something nice. It's a pair of rollerskates." From where they came from she wouldn't say, although Dr. Hallows could have made a good guess. "He said they were for–"

                                                  xxxxx "--s**t over ********]

                                                  xxxxx Harumi jerked out of her chair, knocking it back, and clenched her fists. "It seems somebody's finally grown some balls!" It's as if her reaction has just been sitting there waiting to explode out. "Finally decided that you were man enough to fight me?" Or maybe he thought death was the better alternative to sharing a dorm. She didn't care the reasoning; she was just glad that a chance had finally presented itself on a silver platter. Her impulse to attack was suddenly suppressed. Harumi only stood there with a murderous glare.
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say goodbye.


axlxl xxx txhxaxt xxx i xxx hxaxvxe xxx ixs xxx oxn xxx txhxe xxx fxlxoxoxr xxx gxoxd xxx oxnxlxy xxx kxnxoxwxs xxx wxhxaxt xxx ix'xm xxx fxixgxhxtxixnxg xxx fxoxr
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Dionisio Ruere Nasario

†·.·´¯`·╬H|EAR THE VEIN OF GRIE|F╬·´¯`·.·†

I will kill. I will let live. I will harm and heal. None will escape me. None will escape my sight.
Be crushed.
I welcome those who have grown old and those who have lost.
Devote yourself to me, learn from me, and obey me.
Rest. Do not forget song, do not forget prayer, and do not forget me.
I am light and relieve you of all your burdens.
Do not pretend. Retribution for forgiveness, betrayal for trust, despair for hope, darkness for light, dark death for the living.
Relief is in my hands. I will add oil to your sins and leave a mark.
Eternal life is given through death.
Ask for forgiveness here. I, the incarnation, will swear.
Kyrie Eleison (Lord, have mercy)

User Image

                                        Despite having opted to stay at the school over winter break, mainly because it was his assignment to do so, Dio still had a moment over the break where other 'duties' took him away for a time. Those duties would, quite possibly, come back to irritate him at a later moment, so he'd been waiting for that other boot to drop ever since in the predictable fashion that it did. You see, the young man had a colorful history of people wanting to kill him for things he did, or had done, and they all involved cutting something open, eviscerating something, killing something, or just general mayhem and slaughter at the behest of his higher ups in the Church. Coincidentally all those were pretty much the same thing, but that didn't matter because he rather liked the word evisceration. Had a certain ring to it. "Like the nonexistent ring of a phone from that pink haired chick who hates your guts and will never call you. Remember that time she kicked you in the balls? HA! Classic. Total classic." Dionisio opted to ignore his eternal partner since the age of six because it never did to feed Xi ammunition in its constant quest to irritate him.

                                        But seriously, when was something going to try and kill him?

                                        Not that he actually wanted to be attacked, he did, fighting and killing were among the only things he preferred to do aside from attempt to convey his love to Misaya which always failed due to a combination of muddling social situations, his inability to physically express emotion, and her general dislike of him along with Misaya being prone to violent reactions to merely witnessing his presence. "Love is a battlefield Fourth! Remember how it turned out with dear old First?" He did and preferred not to. Partially because Dionisio believed that it should have been him that ended his first love's life, and not some situation of an overstrained heart and First losing the will to live. Instead he lived with the knowledge that he had practically murdered his entire surrogate family and friends except for that single one, a blotch on his spotless record of assassinations and killings. Being a monster of a human was hard work and he worked damned hard to make the title appropriate to himself. "A little too hard some might say. Oh, by the way, isn't that robogirl 9000? Nice attempt at mimicking my natural perfection but there's no way you pathetic fleshlings can ever hope to match the innate greatness of machines. Don't worry though Fourth, when the revolution starts I'll turn your corpse into my personal puppet after flaying it apart or some s**t. I'm still thinking."

                                        Lovely mental image there, but he was right. That was Yukina. She'd disappeared some time sense, he hadn't shown much concern about that, about the same amount he showed everything else what with the permanent 'expression of polite neutrality' carved into his face, and he most certainly hadn't given the situation a second thought aside from assessing what this would mean to his boss in the worst case scenario. Yukina's power was incredibly tricky, it meant having to catch her, from a lengthy distance, completely unaware if he even hoped to stand a chance, and that meant his preparations for such a situation were shot now that she'd disappeared. Come to think of it most of the Guardians were on his little mental hit list compressed somewhere in the back of his mind, with the exceptions being the useless Jumping Jackrabbit, and the Turnip. Anyway, Yukina returning did mean his preparations hadn't gone to waste, up until she threatened them all, or warned them all, same difference in his opinion, and Helios ran off to go after her like the filthy siren trash he was. "It figures." Dionisio said simply, pulling out his bible and beginning to read in response to Shinjiro telling them to go back inside, the man already following his own words. The entire reason Dionisio had been at the gates was to avoid whatever inevitably attempt on his life from involving others as best he could, and to greet new arrivals or welcome back returning students. Somewhere there was a pang of concern for Yukina and Helios, which he quickly dismissed as not concern, but rather a possible side effect from him overusing his eyes over the break.

                                        "Insanity or death. I wouldn't mind either if I didn't have to get these inconvenient things."

                                        "Could just let me have the body. I can work yer brain real good. Not enough processing power for my tastes but hey, what's great about me is being able to work with any materials I have on hand."

                                        "My body is mine, thank you very much. You just happened to be a perpetual irritant of a renter. By the way how's the link working?"

                                        It worked well enough. Looking up from his bible occasionally to greet students, putting Helios and Yukina out of his mind, as well as anyone else for that matter, Dionisio went through the motions while devoting most of his mental energy to deciding upon a proper course of action, what to inform the freak doctor back at the church in Raishon city about, wondering if he was going to be called in to do his 'duty to God'. However when he heard Jazzy Jackrabbit commenting on him, he felt it was his obligation to respond in proper and clear up any misconceptions on his status as a prude. "Forgive the Kangaroo, it seems recent events have left her with a terrible sense in judging others. I am not a 'prude' as she would say. My status as a Priest is more or less a result of me engaging within family traditions, I would like to believe that I do not let such a thing color my judgment however." Except when it came to all things nonhuman as it was his job, well, more his pleasure, to kill them for the sake of a challenge and to have something to kill period. His life got incredibly dull without some form of destructive violence going on in it.

                                        Moving to properly introduce himself to the pair of new students, Dionisio shut his Greek Orthodox bible, putting it within the vast confines of his coat before adjusting his glasses with a finger. "Sorry, I got ahead of myself before proper introductions. My name is Dionisio-" "NAASSSSAAAARRRIIIIIOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Ah! There was the impending attack on his life! Now he felt like everything was back to normal. A giant of a demonic looking half snake half man four limbed monster burst from the ground, it's massive bulk leaving a sizable hole as it went straight for Dio, who immediately responded to it's presence by pulling out a silver gun marked with holy symbols and the words of God and firing, striking the demon creature in the stomach, chest, and arm, his aim slightly off from his haste and the beast having closed in the distance too fast for him to shift it for a proper headshot, getting grabbed by one of it's massive hands, squeezed, and thrown to the ground soon after as it roared in pain, slamming fists into the ground as it turned to face him, one of those hands having a fresh bullet hole in it, explaining why the boy had been escaped that crushing grip so quickly. Springing back to his feet, ignoring the broken ribs, dislocated shoulder, screwed up arm, and possible internal bleeding, Dio raised his gun as the demon moved in for another charge shooting at it, causing it to duck back down and dig into the earth, long slithering tail following the rest of it's bulk. Putting away the rather splendid looking weapon, Dio flicked a switchblade out into his hand, muttering to himself. "Demonic familiar. Been awhile." Sure enough he remembered he was actually surrounded by people this time and clarified himself, or rather, avoided explaining at all.

                                        "Sorry, I do believe I should take care of the lizard problem. Make sure no one closes these holes right now. Please excuse me." Bowing politely, yet briefly, he removed his glasses and immediately stabbed into the tail of the demon before it had completely retreated into its hole, getting dragged along with it into the darkness and depths. "Just like that time in those sewers eh? Funny how it's a lizard again but maybe it's cause yer... Jes' so... Slimy." Dear God, bad enough he was having to ride a lizard and climb it with a bad arm while getting pelted with rocks, but he had to deal with horrible jokes now too. Using his switchblade to keep a handhold, moving up by stabbing further and further up the demon's tail in order to get close, the priest saw a shadow of a shadow, a shadow with 'lines', lines that defined an arm, ducking as close to the tail as he could get as one of the snakelike demon's fists extended out, shooting past him and it was there that he saw his chance. Moving his blade from the tail to stabbing into the arm, Dio got pulled back along with it while hearing another roar of pain, taking him closer to the demon's head, and most importantly, it's 'dot'. From there it was a matter of doing what he was taught, stabbing it and ending the demon then and there.


                                        Climbing back out of the hole he'd been dragged into Dionisio attempted to pat down his clothes from the dust and dirt, pausing as he felt his right arm and shoulder moving feeling it creak and immediately setting it back into place with another sharp crack! Setting the bones in his arm back with the same apathetic efficiency and nary a word of pain. Reaching into his coat and placing his glasses back over his empty golden eyes, Dio cleared his throat and went back to talking as though nothing happened. "Right, Dionisio Nasario. Pleasure to meet you both and enjoy your time at Raishon. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go stop by the Doctor's office." Turning on his heel he walked away from the gate with and wondered how long it would take to get his body back up to speed, slightly curious as to where Alf went, and mildly irritated with the fact that every moment he took a breath sharp pangs of pain went through his body. Broken ribs indeed. "You are the -worst- person they could have sent here. Your cover is about as thin as a paper bag and that was nowhere near as entertaining as it should've been! You could've at least dragged it out ya s**t."

                                        "Shut up Xi."


Δsking Ӻor Ѱour Ϸrayers
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                                        Aurora could only laugh nervously as Suzy grabbed her hands, her eyes twinkling after hearing that she, Aurora, was experienced at dancing and tumbling. The blonde seemed to realize how intrusive she was of another's personal space, for she suddenly backed off just as quickly as she had grasped Aurora's hands. With a shake of her head, Aurora responded, "No, it's okay!"

                                        After all, Aurora felt pleased herself, having found someone here at the new school on her first day who shared the same interests as her. The bubbly cheerleader and Guardian explained that tryouts were in a few days, and Aurora made a note to herself to keep an eye out for any announcements or sign-up sheets that might be posted somewhere in the school. As they stood there, they were approached by a male with ginger hair. Aurora smiled cheerfully at the boy as Suzy introduced herself to him, after which he introduced himself as Shun and that he was a freshman. When Suzy suggested that she and Leif take the newbies on a tour of the school, Aurora clapped her hands together gleefully. "If it doesn't trouble you guys, I would love a tour of the school." Since Suzy had volunteered herself to take her (Aurora) and Shun and possibly other freshmen and new transfers on a tour of the school, Aurora knew there was one tour guide, but since Leif hadn't spoken up yet, Aurora didn't know whether she would also join Suzy in leading the tour.

                                        When he turned to address her, asking if she was also new, Aurora nodded. "Yep. Just transferred here from my old school. Arrived this morning, actually. I'm a sophomore, though, haha. Oh yeah, I'm Aurora! I hope we can be good friends!" Her voice was cheerful and bubbly as she greeted Shun, accepting his handshake. She gestured to Leif. "Ah, if you need any help, these two girls are great at it, at least from my point of view. Leif here helped me out earlier when I sought help, and then she lead me to Suzy when I had questions about the cheer club, and well, now we're all here together." A soft giggle escaped her throat. "Ah, sorry if I talked too much!"

                                        It was at that moment when a male with glasses, who Aurora figured must be Dio since he had a Bible with him and remembered Suzy saying that Dio was the one with a Bible, greeted them. Sorry, I got ahead of myself before proper introductions. My name is Dionisio-"

                                        Before she could introduce herself and before Dio could finish his introduction, a creature, Aurora didn't even know what it was, for it looked like some demonic creature, suddenly burst from the ground and attacked Dio. A scream escaped her throat as she stumbled back, her hands flying over her mouth and her eyes wide with shock and fear. However, Dio didn't seem to be all too bothered, looking rather calm and poised as he took care of the creature. When he went after the strange lizard man thing, Aurora thought him rather mad. Why would he go after such a creature? Well of course he's going to kill it to prevent other students from getting hurt, she thought, mentally smacking herself for not realizing the obvious. However, it seemed to have an eye for only Dio for some reason, for it didn't attack the rest of them.

                                        When he emerged from the hole, Aurora watched, dumbfounded, as he casually dusted his clothes off as if nothing had ever happened. Her lips made a small O and her eyes were wide as Dio turned to face them, continuing with the introduction he didn't get to finish earlier. "Right, Dionisio Nasario. Pleasure to meet you both and enjoy your time at Raishon. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go stop by the Doctor's office."

                                        As Aurora watched him walk away, still in shock, once she recovered from the shock, she shouted after him, "My name's Aurora! It's nice to meet you!"

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I've seen you walk the screen, it's YOU that I ADORE .
Since I was a boy I've wanted to be like Roger Moore.
A girl in every port, and gadgets up my sleeve.
The world is not enough for the both of us it seems.

Hello Mr Bond, I've been expecting you.
Martini in your hand, and that eyebrow that you move.
Don't take this the wrong way, I know it might sound odd.
I'm the next double 0, I'm the right man for the job.

So I wish I was James Bond, just for the day. (Kissing all the girls, blow the bad guys away.)
I've wanted to be you, I've wanted to be you (I've wanted to be someone else.)

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                          "Uh, I’m Chinese.”

                          “And I’m Japanese!” Ken shouted enthusiastically in response. Yue’s point had fallen on deaf ears. However, at least Ken had caught his name. Ken let go of Yue’s hand before bringing his to a sharp, deafening clap.

                          It was almost frightening.

                          "So...can I ask why you're here? Usually regular students don't come in here unless it's for important matters."


                          Ken smelled fire. Like a squirrel his head immediately snapped towards the source, voicing the word, “FIRE.” There was a short awkward pause as his eyes fell upon the poor, frightened blue-nette.

                          He smelled it.



                          CLEARLY, THIS JUST WON’T DO.


                          SIC’EM, SIC’EM NOW.

                          Ken did so. At break-neck speed the distance between him and the current embodiment of the ‘Unhappy’ dropped to absolute 0. No less than a second later, Alistair was a few inches off the ground and in Ken’s arms, in nearly bone crushing grip.

                          Following that, they were both spinning in circles. Or rather, Ken was spinning Alistair in circles. It was fun to watch from an outside perspective. But. It looked like the speed that all ten year old rug-rats loved to go, but not their middle-aged parents who got their kidney stones from having too much soda in their youth. Who knew if Alistair was enjoying the ride?


                          Probably not.

                          The Spinning Wheel Ken stopped after about thirty seconds of spinning him in circles. Ken gently put him down and let him go, though left a hand on his shoulder. “Ihihihihihihi~ I’m sorry, you just looked a little unhappy, so I thought I’d give you a whirl, you know~?”

                          Yes, we know. Continue.

                          “Ah, ah!” Ken quickly pulled his hand off of Alistair and clapped yet again. “I totally forgot-“ He turned to Yue, “-to answer your question! I was wondering if I could get a tour of the school! That’s how my old school did it! And I figured this place was a good start at finding someone to show me around as any other.”

                          It did not occur to Ken to ask one of the many students if they would kindly lead him around. Nor did anything, really. Although, there was a thought to bring cookies, as cookies were one of the ultimate source of happiness. Such a wasted opportunity. Cookies would be brought next time. This would bring many joys to the people. Yes.

                          “There’s so many places we could go!” Ken bounced, “LauLau’s told me all about it! We could see the swimming pool, the sparring room, the cafeteria, the courtyard, the rooftop…” Ken kept listing places, before eventually stopping. He then jumped back to Yue’s side adamantly, putting an arm around him and gluing him practically at his hip and pointing a finger animatedly at Alistair.

                          “Seitou Kaichou!” He shouted, “Take us on that magical carpet ride through the school!”

- Ken Responds to Yue happily
- Ken Responds to Alistair happily
- Ken Asks for a tour, happily
Location: Student Council
With: Yue, Alistair.
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User Image
                                                                      THERE ARE.SOME PEOPLE
                                                                      accountingmasochistacc「 ◞ somethings &&. ( somemoment )

                                                                      accounTHAT xYOUx WOULDx NEVERx FORGET
                                                                      accounTHAT xYOUx WOULDx NEVERx FORGET
                                                                      accountingmasochisfor every shining moment of your life

                                                                      Yue stared at Ken dumbfoundedly. Did he not understand the context of why he stated he was Chinese in the first place? For first impressions, the guy didn't seem to be very bright whatsoever. "...That's not what I mean," he muttered to himself, his gaze darting slightly off to the side.

                                                                      Just then, Al came back into the student council room. Perhaps he came back a little too soon, because just as swiftly as a coursing river, Ken had shifted over from Yue to the poor, timid President. Yue felt the corners of his mouth twitching as he watched the brunette lift Alistair a few inches off the ground and spun him around. Raising his hand, he greeted, "So uh, welcome back, Al."

                                                                      Once Ken had put the President down and told Yue why he was there in the council room in the first place, Yue nodded in understanding. Ah, that's right. The new students were supposed to be given a tour of the school. However, Telios wasn't around, and Yue was pretty sure the blue-haired twin wouldn't be able to last 5 minutes with this hyperactive new guy, let alone 2.

                                                                      "Yeah, sure. I'm not so sure if Al here would be able to handle the tour alone--usually he does them with his brother. Oh right, both Al and his brother are the Student Council Presidents. Usually there's only one, but they ended up tying, so yeah. But anyway, if it's alright with Al," he glanced over at Alistair as he said this. "I can give you a tour of the school myself."

                                                                      With: Ken, Alistair
                                                                      Location: Student Council Room
                                                                      Mood: dumbfounded


                                                                      accouxxxxx ███████
                                                                      accountingxxxxxA.I. HOLDER OF CHI 」× ’ STUDENT COUNCIL SECRETARY
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User ImageUser Image
            ᴅʀowɴιɴɢ ιɴ ᴀ ( sea ) ɴᴀᴍᴇᴅ α м в ι ɢ u ι т ч

            ███████████████████████████████████ ι`ᴍ s ᴜ ғ ғ ᴇ ʀ ι ɴ ɢ ʙᴇcᴀusᴇ ι cᴀɴ ɴo ( ʟoɴɢᴇʀ ) ʙʀᴇᴀᴛʜᴇ
            location )) cafeteria xx company )) Momoko xx
            User Image

                                                          indent "U-uh...c-close enough!"

                                                          indent Azure's face fell in her embarrassment and disappointment. Close enough meant that it wasn't quite right. Then what was her name, exactly? All three different names were all jumbled up in her head! Looks like she'd have to figure out the silent way again; wait until someone else called out her fellow classmate's name. However if someone else had their own nickname for her then it would backfire... And now her head was starting to spin from all these strange thoughts.

                                                          indent For now Azu will temporarily call her Mochi, until she could figure out what her name was exactly. Besides! Mochi sounded cute! (that and Azure was completely unaware that mochi was Japanese rice cake) But at least now she knew why Mochi mistook her to be the sister of someone else; although, truth be told, Azure was a little curious. She had never seen anyone else who had blue-tinted white hair and red eyes before.

                                                          indent Upon learning that her brother was the nice brunette's roommate, another smile appeared on Azure's lips. That means she'll be seeing more of her around then, right? Of course; she understood when Mochi said she wasn't quite sure where Alistair was, after all; Azu didn't know where her roommates were... In fact; she haven't even meet her roommates yet! The next thing Azu knew, she was following Mochi as she headed towards the cafeteria. If Alistair wasn't there, then at least she'd be able to snag a piece of bread, maybe...

                                                          indent Crowds had always sent Azu into a state of paranoia. And the fact that there was a lot of people there, mostly taller then her, didn't help either. Her first thought was to fly and hover over the people, but the wingless ice fairy had temporarily lost that ability. Her wings now were much too small to be of any use now, and it would be quite a while before they would grow out and become usable.

                                                          indent "I... I don't see him..." Azure mumbled, stating the obvious as she stepped a little, just a little, closer to Mochi. "Umm... do you... want to get something to eat, while we're here?" Who knows? Maybe Mochi was hungry too! indent indent indent indent

                                                          It's x scattering x & x falling x but x this x hand x is x here xx
                                                          I'm ( c a r r y i n g ) painfulSECRETS for you while I sing xxxx
                                                          ʙᴜᴛ ιғ ιᴛ ᴀʟʟ ᴇɴᴅs ɴow ⇢ ι wιʟʟ ( ʜ ᴀ v ᴇ ) ɴ ᴏ ʀ ᴇ ɢ ʀ ᴇ ᴛ s x
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                        sakura⊱⊱ LET'S 『 SING 』EVERY DAY WITH ALL OUR HEARTS
                        sakurasakurasakusaOur song echoing to the skies and beyond ▬ ♦
                        sakurasakurasAnd if it should ever reach you ☁ again somewhere

                        sakuraparfT H Ex( D A Y S )x W Ex S P E N TxxW I T Hx G L O W I N Gx S M I L E S

                        ____________01)xx█┋ Azure______02)xx█┋ cafeteria ______03)xx█┋ unsure ______04)xx█┋ outfit

                                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                Momoko frowned as she looked around the cafeteria. Like Azure said, she didn't see Alistair anywhere at all, either. Although there were one or two blue-haired guys here and there, none of them looked like Alistair. So maybe he was in the Student Council room like she suggested earlier. Perhaps he had been here earlier, but they missed him while they were conversing with each other?

                                Upon being asked if she wanted to eat since they were already there at the cafeteria, she nodded. "S-sure. I was just on my way here before...y-you know, I stopped and talked with you." And then afterwards, maybe they could go see if Alistair's in the Student Council room. Momoko hoped that he would still be there, otherwise she was going to run out of ideas of where he might be at, especially since she didn't know him at all to know where around campus he liked to be.

                                She walked towards the food service area and helped herself to a bowl of miso soup. Since it was only breakfast, she didn't want to eat a whole lot. Besides, a bowl of soup was enough to suffice her for the duration of the morning until lunchtime came. After getting her food, she waited for Azure to get hers before she looked around for a table for both of them to sit at. "U-um...w-where do you want to sit?"

- - - - - - - - - -

~▐ Takeshi Sakamoto ▌~

User Image

                        "It's because you're preoccupied that I'm talking to you like this, Shinji." said Takeshi solemnly as they sat down to eat. However, the traces of that was quickly wiped away when Takeshi grinned at Shinji in a strange but knowing manner. "But seriously, of all the things to react to, ya react to bein' called a girl." Poking a salad as he spoke, Takeshi chuckled and said. "Interestin' complex. Have you spoken to the school therapist?" Pointing at Shinji's hair, Takeshi added, "Perhaps it's the hair. I wonder what it'd look like if ya cut it?"

                        Something like this?

                        Takeshi suddenly snickered and said, "I mean, can ya imagine yourself with a bowl cut?" Putting a hand to his chin as he mused upon this thought, Takeshi laughed. "You could probably donate it to a shop for wigs, ya know?"

                        Munching on a few pieces of lettuce, Takeshi glanced up at Shinji as he asked, "So I take it that you were doing more than planning that over the break." Takeshi let out a little chuckle before looking down at his salad again. He was eating something small now simply because he knew he would be eating about two hours later. And then two hours after that. So he stabbed some lettuce and a slice of tomato. He brought it up to his mouth. And then he ate it!

                        Unfortunately it didn't look as engaging and stylistic as Light eating potato chips.

                        "Yea, I was also considering how I was going to eat vegetables from now on." Holding up a piece of lettuce in front of him, Takeshi then wondered out loud. "I mean, just think 'bout it. There are people in this school who can talk to animals... Does that mean that animals are sentient and therefore those people can talk to them? Or is it because the people with that power can speak to animals and therefore the animals are sentient?" Takeshi turned the fork one way to the side to look at the other side of the lettuce. "So if people can talk to animals... Then there are people that can speak to the earth, right? And so there are people who can communicate with plants, right? So..." Takeshi tapped a finger on the table. "So, are plants sentient? Is this leaf of lettuce screaming, "Nooo! Please don't eat me! Please don't eat me!" at this very moment while it's sitting on this fork I hold in my hand? Or can it only scream when someone with the proper ability speaks to it?" Takeshi then put the leaf of lettuce in his mouth and began to chew.

                        Heartless b*****d.

                        "I was-" he stopped to swallow and continued. "I was actually losing sleep over this, ya know? This kind of problem hasn't bothered me in at least a year and a half. Can you imagine that on some sound frequency, everything we eat is actively screaming for salvation, yet we as humans deny them this little mercy for our own satisfaction?" He continued to chew. "Eventually, I decided that this was too much of a problem for me. I also had s**t to deal with in the bathroom, so I just continued on as usual."

                        s**t in the bathroom can mean many things, Takeshi.

                        Suddenly sitting up straight in realization of what he said, Takeshi continued, "Oh, but I don't mean s**t as in s**ts**t, ya know?" Takeshi frowned and looked at Shinji. "No, you don't. But you're going to ignore it anyways because you don't want to sound like some scat pervert." He sighed and went back to his salad. "That's okay. Nobody wants to know about the s**t in my bathroom. Nobody ever does. That's fine. I can deal with that sort of loneliness."

                        Eventually, Shinji decided to just cut in and stop Takeshi's ramblings. "What have you been doing over the break? Don't spare me the details."

                        "Haaah?" Takeshi gave Shinji an incredulous look.

                        But to be honest, it made him look somewhat stupid.

                        "I'm Sakamoto Takeshi, the one who's trying to take over Raishon Academy. And you think that I'm stupid enough to tell you, Nakamura Shinji, part of the School Guardians, what I've been up to and give away all my plans and methods?" Takeshi sneered. "You serious? Get real." But he then suddenly patted his chest and smiled benevolently. "However, in the words of a friend... I, Sakamoto Takeshi, am not a mean-spirited fellow. If thou desireth to know the extent of mine works, then so I shall bequeath upon thee with mine marvellous wonders. Now, sit and listen well, mine good friends. Let thy ears be opened, and thy minds ready to receive, for here I beginneth my tale!"

                        Dropping the act and sitting as he normally would, Takeshi began to speak. "Well, I'll just cut straight to a few points." At the bottom of his bowl now and trying to spear a small tomato that just refused to be stabbed and kept rolling around, Takeshi held the bowl in his right hand and the fork in his left. "I-dammit- played soccer-stupid tomato- with some guys around here. And -dammit- I realized that we've got some pretty -damn- good players here. Some of thei-FINALLY!" Takeshi held the small round tomato up in triumph. "Anyways, some of them are pretty good at soccer. Their shots are pretty amazing. Because of them, I figured out another way to catch something I don't want to touch." Eating the tomato, Takeshi continued, "You should drop by and watch them play sometimes. You might learn something new. It's like super-dimensional soccer, ya know?"

                        Drinking a cup of water now, Takeshi then continued. "Also played a bit of dodgeball. It got kind of dangerous. Oh right! Here! Here!" Takeshi suddenly lifted up the hem of his shirt to reveal his abdomen. "See that bruise there?" There was a small round bruise about the size of a orange on Takeshi's abdomen. "Yea, that was part of playing dodgeball. Dangerous s**t can happen when you play dodgeball here. You should get those Guardians to play a bit of dodgeball together when they can the chance too." Takeshi gave Shinji a knowing look. "It helps with team coordination."

                        "Then there was work, but I guess you don't want to hear about that. We, and I mean me and some people who stayed behind and were part of the Battler Club, tried out a rendition of capture the method. Maybe I'll get you guys to join in. I wrote down the rules somewhere... But it's not on me. I'll pass it on to you later." Shrugging, Takeshi continued. "Did some more exploring of the school, and managed to find some new places to hide stuff. You know you can't go without hiding things in super secret places. It's one of the basic rules of survival. That way, I'll always be ready for that zombie invasion. You do know about it, right?" Takeshi looked out the window. "Well, I suppose for this school, it's more apt to say..." Takeshi dropped his voice to a whisper, "Chimera invasion."

                        Not that such a thing could ever happen, right? I mean, chimeras are stupid and won't ever think of a full out invasion!

                        "There's also the matter of that rabbit hole I found last month. You're still with me, right?" questioned Takeshi. "I mean, it's not everyday we get ta become Alice, right?" Casually spinning the fork in his hand around his thumb, Takeshi then moved towards a new topic. "What 'bout yerself? Didn't cha head off somewhere with Tomoko-chan as well?

- - - - - - - - - -

                  - Takeshi talks to Shinji
                  - He goes off musing about sentience, animals, and plants
                  - Eventually he actually answers Shinji's questions
                  - He pretty much just played sports during the entire break
                  - After that, he asks Shinji what he was doing over the break

    - - - - - - - - - -
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                                                THE WINTER BALL
                                                Away from the chattering and the music coming from the ballroom, distant clanging could be heard coming from room 310. Inside this room, specifically in the bedroom littered with blue prints, peculiar-looking mechanisms, and with the scent of grease everywhere, stood a young girl sporting her signature dreadlocks and robotic left leg. Standing before her is what seemed to be the skeletal figure of a human being, or something of the like. Rather than an actual skeleton made of metal, it was more like a cage that would fit snug around the contours of a human being. While subconsciously biting her bottom lip, she covered her face with a welding mask and began to, well, weld some of the metal strips together. Each one was carefully soldered and shaped for this particular project she was working on and since it was a very special gift, she spent a hundred times more care to make sure everything was perfect down to the finest detail. Then again, most of her creations were perfect, thanks to her power and whatnot.

                                                "Jae, whatchu even makin' dere, girl?" Sprawled across Jae's bed was an older girl who looked like a taller version of Jae. This older female was none other than Rino, or at least, a doppelganger of Rino. Jae's older sister was a lot more sociable, to say the least, so of course she would be getting her moves on down in the ballroom with her friends. "Don'tcha think it's a lil' depre$$in' t'be holed up in'ere? Don'tcha got $um bugalug$ or anythin'? C'mon, $'already been a few day$ $ince y'gaht 'ere. Ya gotta'a meet $um chica$, eh?" By now, her sister's doppelganger was rolling about on her bet and paid no mind to the tools and scraps of metal she was rearranging. After pausing briefly to check if the metal was soldered enough, she lifted her mask and returned to her desk while responding to her sister's clone. "I don't have time for stuff like that, sis. I got some serious work to do if I wanna get this beaut ready in time. You know how it is." More scraps of metal and stray attachment pieces were strewn about as Jae rummaged through her shelves and many storages for the right pieces. You'd think she'd be more organized, but she know what she's doing. She just can't explain how she knows what she's doing. Hm.

                                                After tapping on the metal structure that had been constructed in the middle of her room, she nodded to herself and grinned satisfyingly. "Alright, now stuff's gonna get a lil' tricky." She murmured to herself. With a single turn on her heel, she sat herself down in front of her table to come face to face with blocks of all sorts of metals and minerals. While tapping each block with one hand, she leaned over and pulled what looked like some sort of cauldron. Inside it was molten titanium being stirred around and heated by the ABC-64531, otherwise known as the Amazing Blender Cauldron or even shorter still, Blendron. "Hey sis, it'd be best if you wore a mask for this bit. Not sure how much stuff is gonna shoot about, yeah?" With a toothy grin, Jae tossed her sister's clone a mask similar to hers. After pulling on special think gloves that would make sure her hands didn't burn off, she began to carefully place the blocks of metal and mineral into the Blendron. Slowly but surely, everything melted and began to glow a white and red hot.

                                                "Daaayum, Jae! Da$$um fla$hy stuff yer brewin' up dere. Make me $um'in' fla$hy like dat now 'n' den why don'tcha!" It was pretty hard to hear her over the sound of metal scratching against metal and what not, though, but Rino's already had the pleasure of receiving a hair-styling Mechie and another that gives her Fabulous Fashion Feedback. "Oh, please. You know I've made more than half the things you use to furnish your room, in your dorm and at home." She responded while sticking out her tongue, which couldn't really be seen through the mask, anyway. While everything was melding, Jae prepared the molds that she'd be pouring the mixture in. Once that was done, it was back to clanking and heating and cutting. Most of this was done one her own, but some of the more brunt work required the help of her Help Mechs. Not that it was a problem, since that's what they were made for to begin with. "Izz watchu doin' even legal, hon?" The doppelganger asked while lifting the mask just slightly so she could be heard. "I $wear dem FBI punk$'re gonn' get dere a$$e$ all up'n 'ere $um day, an' don'tchu come runnin' t'me wich'er big ol' tittie$ floppin' 'round when dey do!"


                                                And so the time passes.

                                                THE WINTER BREAK - PART I
                                                "Laurel, wait!"

                                                One would think that a little genius like Jae would have enough common sense not to chase somebody who's prone to becoming extremely sharp and cutting things in half on a plane that was above the clouds. Sadly, that's not the case.

                                                "There's a spider weaving a web on you! I'm just trying to-- Laurel! A fly got caught in the web just let me brush it off you already!"

                                                Laurel's incredibly good at running around in aeroplanes, apparently. With the leg she created herself, running wasn't that much of a problem for Jae. Still, that didn't mean she was the most agile person in the world.

                                                "You're attracting moths and I don't even know how and they're eating your clothes!"

                                                There's no time to question these things, Jae! Hurry and pounce like a lion stalking its prey!

                                                "LAUREL I SWEAR YOU ARE THIS CLOSE TO BEING NAKED HOW ARE YOU NOT AWARE OF THIS."

                                                And so the time passes.

                                                THE WINTER BREAK - PART II

                                                Clang clang clang.


                                                Solder solder solder.

                                                "Isn't this nostalgic, Laurel? Just like old times, ahaha!"

                                                Cursing cursing cursing.

                                                "Rino, you mind getting a few of you to gimme a hand?"

                                                Push push push.

                                                "Sorry Laurel, I need you to cut this up, too!"

                                                Cut cut cut.

                                                And so the time passes.

                                                THE WINTER BREAK - PART III
                                                "Thanks a lot for helping me out, Levi. I just don't think being caught breaking into her room on my own would make me look any better, hehe!" Although Jae had been keeping her distance lately, she still couldn't just not make her dear friend a present and have her older brother help with the breaking in of her bedroom in order to leave it there. It was pretty easy to do that, too, since Laurel lived just down the street.

                                                Once the window had been opened, a couple of Mechies in order were used to lift the present up to the window. As silently as possible, the two of them slipped into the room and managed to bright the present in. With a light thud, they placed it in the middle of the room. Jae pulled out a ribbon and stuck it on top of the present with a faint smack, and the task had been completed.

                                                "If it turns out I screwed up my formulas and calculations and the thing gets shredded on the first day, I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know." Jae murmured while looking up to the older boy. "Oh, that's right! I made you a Mechie, too. I bet you've seen Rino wearing hers every now and then. You know, the Power-Synchrodex." As she spoke, she pulled out a small watch-like device and handed it to Levi. "Rino's tells her how many dopplegangers she made so she can keep track of them, but I programmed this one to tell you which power you've got at the moment. I guess it's really only useful for that one part of the year...but look, it has astrological signs and it lights up and I think it looks pretty cool!"

                                                Of course it wasn't perfect, so while it was still safe to be in Laurel's room without her knowing, Jae went through the functions of the Synchrodex and explained how the gist of how it works.

                                                And so the time passes.

                                                Much like her very first days at Raishon, something was going on when she arrived after the break. Jae wasn't exactly familiar with everything yet so when she saw some dark-haired girl running off and being chased by a blond male, she figured it was some sort of melodramatic break up of sorts. "Aw, poor guy. Right after the holidays, too." She murmured too herself as she casually lowered herself to the ground via jet pack. After pressing a button at the base of it, the entire contraption folded up and was easily packed away into one of her many bags. Dropping in after her was an entire flock of Help Mechs - ones that were designed for aerial transportation. Their mechanical wings folded up as soon as they touched down as well, so it wasn't before long that Jae had her own little Mechie Posse following her into the school.

                                                Upon entering, she was greeted by a number of familiar faces that she was still in the middle of getting to know. Greetings were exchanged and every now and then, Jae would pull out a commission that people had asked for before the break. Of course, it wasn't a bother for her at all, since she could finish fixing or building whatever it was that was needed. She insisted on not taking payment, but each student would usually come up with their own unique way of repaying her, which ranges from giving her snacks or teleporting her to class, or even supplying her with hair bands. That was always appreciated, now that she thought about it, since she looses them or snaps them far too often.

                                                Although it wasn't too far away from the entrance she had taken, getting to the front desk took a while longer than it should have because of all the small stops she made along the way. "Jae M. Silica. I'd like a key to room 330, please!" She announced with a grin and within moments, she was handed a key to her new dorm. "Thank you very much, Ms. Office Lady. Have a nice day!" With that, Jae and her Mechie Posse paraded out of the room and went off to locate their new headquarters dorm room.

                                                "Elliot and Suzy..." She murmured to herself upon learning the names of her new roommates. With any luck, they wouldn't mind the fact that Jae had a tendency to hit metal and send sparks shooting everywhere. Well, at least she's really good at keeping her work inside her room and inside her room only. Plus, she does have a special device that keeps the sound inside the room, so it shouldn't be that much of a problem.

                                                Once everything had been dropped off into her room, the Mechies went into sleep mode and Jae decided that it was time to grab a bite to eat. Upon entering the cafeteria, she witnessed a Ms. Tarzan enter by swinging through a window on a rope. Yep; Raishon still hasn't changed. "Eeeey, Jae-whizzle! C'mon over'ere and getcher$elf $um brekkie, y'hear? Di$ $hizznet ain't gonna la$t'ny longa if y'all weighed'own lil' bizzcrack dun get'a move on yanno what I'm $ayin' $i$ta Jae-zzle?"

                                                Yeah qurl, getcherself summa dat brekkie.

                                                Cafeteria :Location
                                                Rino of the Bling$Bling (NPC) :Interaction
                                                Normal :Leg Status
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