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~ Nanjo Jouichirou ~

                  Heading towards the busiest room in the school at this time in the morning, the cafeteria, Jouichirou kept his eye out for students who were unruly or generally being a nuisance to the school. Did it matter that other students often no longer cared nowadays and felt the strange actions to be normal and of little consequence? No. Proper ethics and behaviour should be upheld no matter the time and place. That was what he believed. There was even more reason to keep an eye out for trouble because it was just after Winter Break where students had returned from their vacation. Some students may have created new relationships with others. That could lead to unmoral behaviour. Other students may still be in a festive mood after their vacation. Jouichirou kept an eye out for any of this sort of behaviour.

                  Jouichirou cast an observing eye across the cafeteria. He had already eaten after waking up early for his daily exercise and meditation. It was a ritual that had been instilled in him by his traditional upbringing and one that he insisted on continuing. Such a ritual allowed him to organize his thoughts and continue his path towards understanding himself and his own beliefs and ideals. He stood off to the side in order not to block the incoming and outgoing wave of students to the cafeteria. He was not planning on standing there all day. It was just a temporary measure. He did not agree with how lax a good number of the Student Guardians were in their patrols and control over student behaviour. But they were his upperclassmen. He would respect their decisions.

                  He then heard a loud and piercing cry coming from the window. "AaaaaaAAAAAAHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Jouichirou approached the window to find the origin of the unruly noise. He discovered it when he saw a ponytailed girl swinging on a rope towards an open window. He frowned. This was exactly the sort of behaviour that he saw to be a nuisance to the student body. It was morning so he could afford to be a bit more easygoing. It would have been a major problem if it had been during class. Other students might have let it pass without notice. But Jouichirou tried his best to abide by school rules to the letter.

                  Walking a short distance away from the window just as the girl swung through the window. She seemed to be older than him. Perhaps his upperclassman. But he did not recognize her. She might be a new student. Jouichirou would respect his seniors. But that did not mean he would ignore their misdeeds. He followed her across the cafeteria as she rolled across the floor. She then stood up nonchalantly and began to dust himself off. Did she think that her actions would be simply let pass without reprimand? This was the current state of society. People often had little respect for others. This lack of respect disappointed Jouichirou. If they did not have respect in their youth, how would they have any respect for others as they grew up? A person's behaviour reflected their personal standards. Their personal standards reflected their upbringing. Their upbringing reflected their parents as well as their family. Therefore to act unruly was to disrespect themselves as well as their own family. Without reprimand or correction, this could lead to potential problems in the future.

                  As the ponytailed upperclassman turned and said, "Good morning. How are you all," Jouichirou was already standing right in her line of sight with his arms crossed. With a frown and disapproving look on his face which could only lead to what looked like a death glare as usual Jouichirou began by introducing himself. "My name is Nanjo Jouichirou. Freshman." Jouichirou then answered while looking straight at the girl in the eye as per proper manners. "It is a fine day, Senpai. I assume that you are a new student for I do not recall seeing you on this campus before. But even new students are not exempt from rules. I politely ask that you refrain from any more of this sort of behaviour that shows a lack of respect for other students and the school faculty."

                  Jouichirou then glanced at the rope that was now hanging uselessly outside the window. He then looked back at the upperclassman. "I also politely ask that you retrieve your rope and return it to wherever you retrieved it from." Jouichirou paused for a moment and thought that she may think that she would climb the rope just to retrieve it. So he added, "And I ask that you retrieve it in a manner that does not require reckless action. There is no need for such a long rope at this school. However experienced you may believe you are, using it for such reckless behaviour may incite less experienced students to copy your behaviour. This can lead to great personal injury. I do not believe that you would appreciate others who are injured to blame you as the cause of their actions." He waited a moment to allows the upperclassman to think about wat he said. "From now on I ask that you keep the school's rules and code of conduct in mind." Jouichirou then watched her and waited for her reply as he maintained eye contact as per manners dictated.

- - - - - - - - - -

                  - Jojo walks into the cafeteria as it is the busiest and most full of student activity during this time of the day
                  - Jojo watches Saya swing into the cafeteria. He is not impressed.
                  - Jojo introduces himself to Saya. He then reprimands her behaviour and asks her to retrieve her rope
                  - Jojo then asks that she behave respectfully towards other students and the school faculty

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                                                  xx ' WANT TO BEBOUNDBY RESTRICTIONS
                                                  xx枠にはまりたくないわ 決めつけないでよx道なき道を行くのxそこにいたってx待っていたってx何も始まらないx引きとめないでx恋しくたって
                                                  xxSo don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me don't make decisions
                                                  xxxxlSo don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me don't make decisions
                                                  xxxxlI'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down
                                                  xxxxla trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path ]I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path

                                                  xxBecause if I ↘{stay}↙ here andwait NOTHING will ever ➸BE↷GIN
                                                  xxDON'T【HO¤LD】ME BACK▬♦ I'VE BEEN YEAR☄NING FOR THIS; I WON'T BE BENT AND DRAGGED ALONG

                                                    Out of all the students who returned her nonchalant greeting, it just had to be some weird kid yapping about rules of conducts, respect for the student body and faculty, and such. Saya frowned in annoyance as she simply folded her arms across her chest and shifted her weight. Who exactly was this guy, and why was he such a bore? Had he never experienced a magic carpet ride thrill before? With a roll of her eyes, she dismissed all of what he said. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever, dude. Geez, you're such a prude. I don't see anything in the rules about Tarzan-swinging." It wasn't that she didn't care about respect, but she had heard stories about crazy stuff happening here all the time. "'Sides, I thought I heard crazier s**t than this happens here all the time."

                                                    As she went to go throw the remainder of the rope back outside, she tilted* her head at him and added, "And the name's Taketatsu, by the way. Taketatsu Saya. Incoming junior." She didn't expect him or anyone to recognize her family name, despite them owning a large business, because their business was conducted in the Japanese undergrounds. To address what he said about less experienced students copying her actions and possibly injuring themselves, she looked at the other students and said, "Kids, don't try this at home. Unless you're an expert." She knew she wasn't exactly an expert herself, but she had had training to know what she was doing so she wouldn't severely injure herself. "...or have had training."

                                                    Squatting down, she gathered the rope in her arms. then stood up and tossed it outside the window. After doing so, she turned around and walked past Jouichirou as she headed straight towards the food service area to get some grub to eat. Picking up a plate, she piled it up with a whole lot of food. And I mean a lot. After getting her food, she went to sit down at a table. Not just an empty table, but a preoccupied one where there was one kid sitting. Scooting a chair out, she sat down and picked up one of her fries, then popped it into her mouth.

                                                    OOC: *- imagine her doing the infamous Shaft Studio head tilt here
                                                    Location: cafeteria
                                                    Company: Nanjo, NPC
                                                    What I'm feeling: annoyed

    Taketatsu 『☆』 Saya

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                                        Well, at least now she knew who Dio was. She couldn't help but wonder whether Dio was one of those preachy type of religious people if he carried a Bible around with him everyday--she hoped he wasn't. Aurora didn't appreciate pushy Christians trying to force others to convert to their religion--she and her family were Shintoists and were fine with that. She paid particular attention to when Suzy pointed out who Xan was, taking note of his dark hair and appearance so that she would recognize him if she should happen to bump into either Dio or Xan later on. A nervous laugh escaped her lips as Suzy explained about how Xan was a "cockblocker", a term she had never heard of before, and was glad when Suzy explained what the word meant. So if she wanted to have a relationship with anyone, she should make sure he was not around, huh?

                                        Hearing Suzy's sudden enthusiasm when she asked about whether she wanted to join the team and whether she had any experience, Aurora smiled brightly. "Yes, I'm interested in joining. Hmm, I don't have much cheerleading experience, but I was the captain of the dance team at my old school, so I can help choreograph for the team…that is, if regular members are allowed to contribute. I can do tumbling tricks as well, if that helps."

                                        She nodded when Suzy explained about what Aurora now deemed the Forbidden Forest. Well, if there were dangerous creatures roaming around there, of course it would make sense why regular students wouldn't be allowed, and how only students with special privileges were allowed to venture there. However, her mind went back to the cheer team. "When are tryouts?" At that moment, she remembered Leif was still there and smiled apologetically. "Ah, sorry if I suddenly ignored you!"

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                                                LOCATION ( ) Room 290 xxx COMPANY ( ) None. xxx MOOD ( ) Exhausted.

                                                Karma disliked hearing Shinjiro upset and frustrated. It wasn't hard to hear him from her new dorm room; the window next to her bed was wide open. A bit chilly, but she could handle it. Her roommates would probably have a problem, but it wasn't like they couldn't shut the window. She wouldn't stop them. Stretching across the bed, she wondered where Yukina had ran off to after the scene with Helios. Sure they had always argued, but it was never that bad. During the winter break, Karma was sure to try and stay in touch with Helios, but he seemed to be barely together. It seemed everyone had lost all their nuts and bolts that held them together. Without any solid foundation to stand on, everything started to crumble underneath their feet. Rolling on her stomach, she propped her elbows on her pillows and placed her head in the palms of her hands. Her tail swayed in the air as she thought about her own frustrating winter break.

                                                While listening to Takei complain about Yukina and Helios ( yet again ), she had to take care of her father who had been going in and out of the hospital nearly every day. He was starting to feel better, but he always asked for Coletta instead of Karma. Coletta was Karma's biological name, and along with that biological name didn't include the nice touch of cat features. Normality was what her father was searching for in the blonde, but she didn't argue this time. When her father had to stay overnight in the hospital for therapy sessions and surgery, she took the time to organize and do his work. Takei would have done a better job, but he still did not feel comfortable doing it considering he still didn't feel like he was part of the family. Karma grabbed his royal highness and showed him the ropes little by little. It took longer than a day, but he started to understand over the days that she showed him. When her dad came home, he would thank the both of them, but Karma would be so out of it that she would immediately head to get some rest. Without the normal cat-physique it strained her power's limits. There was small amounts of time where she talked to the purple-haired-boy, but even he seemed busy as well.

                                                Between free time, traveling to see Leif at Raishon Academy was another strenuous task. Leif, as always, would act normal to try and keep everyone from worrying. That just made Karma work as hard to help and search for Yukina. Shape-shifting into every kind of animal to track down scents was pointless, but it was always worth a shot. Karma wasn't doing all of this just for Leif, Yukina, or Helios, but she was doing it for Shinjiro too. Still she tried her best even though she was still confused about how he felt toward her. Regardless she would still do her best to be there for the friends she had made. After the search party was over, Karma took Leif for ice cream and whoever wanted to tag along; a few others went who stayed behind to help keep an eye out for the Head Guardian. The neko had tried to see Takeshi a few times, but those plans didn't exactly work the way she wanted them to either. By the end of the day, Karma would sleep for a few hours until the same routine started with her dad heading into the hospital.

                                                Ever since she returned for this semester she had been locking herself in the dorm room laying in bed trying to get some well needed rest. It wasn't working as planned since she was excited to see a few friends she hadn't talked to in a while. Her tail flopped on the bed and her head dropped to the pillow. Rubbing her face along the soft fabric she took a deep breather. Before she knew it, she had fallen asleep with quiet snores that sounded to a similar sound of purring...

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                                                                          OH AND I'M SO PROUD X OF WHERE I AM
                                                                          x I'm learning where to stand or to tread lightly xxxxxxx so hold back steadfast you've
                                                                          x I'm learning where to stand or to tread lightly xxxxxxx so hold back steadfast you've
                                                                          xx GOTTA x BREATHE

                                                                                  IF I COULD CHOOSE MYx OWN NAME I'D CHOOSE
                                                                                  x something that's bold and fits like anger, aggression xxxxxx or cunningly brash by the skin of my teeth but
                                                                                  x something that's bold and fits like anger, aggression xxxxxx or cunningly brash by the skin of my teeth but
                                                                                  xx WITH x TIMING x AND x CLASS

                                                        LOCATION x ( The Scene / Hall / Cafeteria ) xxx COMPANY x ( No one / Suzy, Leif, and Aurora / Raishonettes in the Cafeteria ) xxx ACTIVATE x ( N/A ) xxx THOUGHTS x ( What a fool. / What now? / Trying not to. )

                                                        For the ball Artemis thought it would be a good idea to bring his mother. She hadn't been out of the house in a very long while and, the fact that he hate the most, she really missed Helios. She would constantly tell stories about when he was a baby, how great of a child he was. That was something Artemis could never wrap his head around. If he was really such a great child, why did he leave you all by yourself?

                                                        Then again, it wasn't like Artemis had much room to talk for himself. His mother insisted that he go 'get to know' his brother and stop worrying about her. Even after the ball when Helios had found out that she was sick and dying. She still persisted that Artemis stay at the school and 'get to know' his brother. Like as if she were trying to push them together in a last attempt before she died.

                                                        That push she was giving to the boys didn't help. Helios resented Artemis for being with 'his' mother and not telling him earlier about his mother's sickness. It wasn't like Helios could do anything about it. Another thing their mother had brought up was that Helios had the gift to heal people, but for some reason that 'gift' didn't work on her. Artemis didn't know why, but it was heartbreaking to watch Helios over the break try and try regardless. That brother of his wasn't very bright, he had no sense of what the world really had in store. Helios had obviously always had his head in the clouds, never truly seeing what was around him. That made Artemis grow to resent Helios.

                                                        The boys didn't like one another, and barely talked on break when they were with their mother. More sarcastic comments and fights than anything. The only time they would pretend to get along was in front of their sick mother in hopes that would some how make her better. That she would be able to get out of the bed. That she would some how survive the sickness she had. Artemis felt like a moron doing it, but he loved his mother. In his mind, more so than Helios ever did.

                                                        When the brothers were finally sent back 'home' to Raishon Academy after their mother demanded them to do so Helios seemed very different. Not as energetic and being around him was draining not only because he was obviously upset, but because it was doubled by his power actually draining you. Feeling the heavy weight of your body as if you were going to fall asleep or you were the most depressed you have ever been every time you were around him. It was severe. Artemis didn't care. If is brother was going to fall apart that meant that Artemis really couldn't. There had to be one person holding strong; keeping the faith, as some would like to refer. Again, that just added fuel to the fire of Artemis' dislike for his brother.

                                                        Why did it have to be him that had to be the 'strong' one? A question that would keep him up at night for weeks to come.

                                                        What a fool that brother of his was. Running off into the forest after a lost lover that obviously didn't know herself anymore. For his mother's sake he would have loved to have ran into the forest after them and pulled him out by his ear, but Artemis had higher hopes for this school. So in the end he had to do as the Guardians did and leave it be for now. Wanting to become a Guardian one day was probably going to turn out to be a lot more of a pain than it was worth, even if that would never be the case in his eyes. Proving himself better than his brother Helios would be the pride of his Guardian career. Just as it would be in life.

                                                        Uncrossing his arms and placing them at his sides in a resting manner he did nothing more than shake his head. "Fool." Artemis mumbled as he turned his back on the forest and started towards the school. What was it that students around here did when they were confronted with real life problems starring them in the face. It seemed to be that most of them would rather hide their heads in the sand. To be fair, they rely on the Guardians because they are told to. So whether out of fear of getting hurt or getting in trouble they are doing as they are told. Just as he will have to.

                                                        Letting out a slow quiet breath he opened the doorway and started down the hall. There were a few students lingering near the entrance of the building. One of the Guardians along with what seemed to be a new student and the sister of the head Guardian. Leif, that was her name right? Helios told his mother stories while they were visiting her. So from what Artemis gathered the other girl's name was Suzy. Had to be her, that was the only Blonde female Guardian. Apparently they had almost every flavor of the rainbow when it came to hair colors. Blonde was defiantly the most normal of the colors, other than maybe black or brown.

                                                        Regardless, Artemis only made slight eye contact with the small group. Picking up a hand for a small friendly wave greeting quietly, "Good morning." As he passed by continuing on his way. When he was past them he let out a breath in the form of a sigh. Everyone else seemed to be heading toward the cafeteria to get food.

                                                        Placing his right palm over his stomach he looked down at it for a moment. Maybe it was a good idea to go ahead and eat? He wasn't really very hungry, but breakfast was one of the most important meals of the day. Plus seeing as how the head Guardian is back with a screw loose it might be a good idea and eat while it is still calm. With a quick mental nod to himself he found himself in the cafeteria. There were plenty of other students around. It seemed as though most weren't phased by what happened. Either they were use to things of that sort happening and were staying calm, or they just didn't care. Both were very scary answers if you thought about it. So he didn't. Artemis got in line to get his food and continued to try and do as others did; focus on something else.

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                                xxxxxxxxxx ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████

                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx T.ORTURED && ( alone ) but not by нappєиsтaиcє
                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ● ● ● HAS HEAVEN SAVED A PLACE SETTING FOR HIM
                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RIDDLE.D w/ [ regret ] && s i n
                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HE'S IN DECENT SHAPE FOR THE SHAPE ( HE'S IN )
                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE ● W O R L D WON'T GET THE best of HIM AGAIN

                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx( you can remember me as NOEL. NOEL WULF. )
                                xxxxxxxxxx ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████

                                                              LOCATION ( Forbidden Forest ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx COMPANY ( Toi ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THOUGHTS ( This might just get interesting. )

                                                      The scene at the ball went according to plan. Noel and Toi stood there in utter shock with everyone else that was in their right mind as some of the student body was cracking at Yukina. It was really rather sad, but funny at the same time. For being a 'leader' this girl really did have a lot of issues with people. When some people piped up to defend her Noel could hear the faint snap of Toi's petite finger against her palm. More students yelled out against Yukina to drowned out the ones trying to defend her. Toi was certainly powerful, that was unless you hung around her a lot. In that case you could eventually build up some sort of resistance to whatever it is that she does to your body. Noel wasn't completely immune, but for the most part she couldn't ******** around and get him to be her personal slave.

                                                      Once Yukina disappeared in a huff, the faint sound of snapping was heard again by Noel. They were all in their right state of mind, not remembering a thing. Just as the plan was suppose to go. Closing his eyes he grabbed onto Toi's hand and focused on seeing her future. Of course she didn't disappoint. It looked like the near future was clear of them getting caught. Perfect. Time to prepare for Phase 2.

                                                      Somewhere along the lines when Noel was by himself walking down the hall. Leif caught him when there was no one else around and penned him against a wall. She could have crushed him, but she didn't. That was a shock. Then she began her tirade.

                                                      "I don't know what you did, but I know that you're the culprit!" Really now? You know it was Noel? Something must have happened when they played hot potato with Gamma in the forest. The only explanation for her dumb a** to know anything.

                                                      Now he was being lifted off the ground. "You're being used, Noel. Why can't you see it? Do you want Gamma that badly?" Noel literally laughed at that point. Just one prompt 'ha' to off set the mood that she was emitting. First off, being used? Pfft, Noel can see the future. There is no way he is walking into a trap. Secondly, Gamma...really? He couldn't take gamma back now if he tried.

                                                      As she went to let him down looking almost defeated his pinky grazed to top of her hand has he went to push back against her. He froze feeling the headache that was a Seer Sight. Noel felt pain and agony. Sadness as if you had gone through a death. There was the scene of a girl, it was Leif, she was crying in her room alone. She was mumbling something...why couldn't it have been me. She was asking herself; why couldn't it have been me?

                                                      When he returned from his flash of sight she was already walking away. "If you really want to try to get it again, then come get it. I will give Gamma to you willingly. If that's what it will take for you to follow your own right path, then so be it." Noel was glad she was leaving because he actually grasped his chest and started gasping for air. That was one of the more intense flashes he had in a while. She kept on about Gamma, willing to trade if he would 'do the right thing.' She had her sister to worry about, so why did she care so much about him? Especially considering. She was confusing and maybe not as dumb as he thought she was in the beginning.

                                                      Shortly after the scene had come and gone Noel had left the Academy to 'get some fresh air' for any inquiring minds. Really, he was going to through the warning towards the person he was helping that the Yukina girl was back. Not only was she back, but she was broken in someway. All he knew was that there was something was wrong with her. She shouldn't be a problem to them as long as they continue to stay in the shadows with their operation. Heck, there were some flashes of future foresights that hinted they could blame some of the things going on, on Yukina. That would actually solve some of their problems. Nevertheless, Noel had to report to let him know what was going.

                                                      Of course the annoyance herself had to tag along. She was suppose to be his 'keeper' of some kind. If he were to defect Noel guessed that she would be the tattle tail that would give him up. Not as if that bothered him, he could see the future ( of course only in flashes ), so even if he wanted to he wouldn't be afraid of some stupid manipulative rabbit and a guy too afraid to do is own dirty work. Seriously, don't make Noel laugh. Pushovers.

                                                      "So Toi," Speaking of the stupid rabbit. "Are we talking to a Chimera again or is he going to peek his head out of his hole in the ground this time?" The answer to that would probably be a Chimera. That guy was really connected when it came to what was going on. He probably knew Yukina was back before Noel and Toi did. Which would make him stay in his 'hole in the ground' for safety purposes. It was quite funny how these people that call themselves bad guys were such cowards in retrospect.

                                                      At the end of the day the only reason Noel was still helping the guy out was because he gave his word. That might not mean much to people these days, but to him it was fairly important. Of course if the guy decides to endanger Noel then Noel would be out, but so far that hasn't been the case. All except for that one slip up. That just went back to him being a coward and people, in that case Chimeras, defecting. Although, this all was getting to the point of boring. Especially since there was nothing in it for Noel anymore. That AI deal was a one way street after the last time. Deep down the only reason he wanted to continue was because Yukina was back. That would provide for good sport and interesting future sights down the road.
l e t _ m e _ h e a r _ y o u r _ v o i c e _ a n d _ t h e _ m u s i c _ t h a t _ i t _ m a k e s _ l e t _ i t _ r e s o u n d
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█████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ████████
《《● watch as i stand if front of that cold wall called ⋆fate ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ¤¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ ▬▬ FATE
_I ' L L _ F A C E _ I T _ H E A D _ O N _
o n e _ d a y _ i ' l l _ o v e r c o m e _ t h a t _ w a l l _ a n d _ f l y, _ h i g h e r _ t h a n _ a n y _ o t h e r _ i n _ t h e _ s k y.
ᴄᴀʟʟ ᴛʜᴇᴍ foolish ᴄᴀʟʟ ᴛʜᴇᴍ poison ᴛʜᴇɴ ᴛᴇᴀʀ ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴛᴏ shreds
location: music room ___ companion: seunghyo, zyera, eclair ___ emotion: calm ___ fashion: it feels a little dressy, lucy

User ImageUser Image

Egg and cheese on a croissant was a weird combination. Sweet cinnamon roll with sugar icing on the side was weird too. Green tea to compliment the meal? That was weird. But nothing was weirder than Zane's letting SeungHyo continue playing after being a little sharp on a note. Maybe he thought the student had enough practice for one morning. Was three hours a little much? Maybe Zane should just pretend this one last run through was perfect so that the boy could actually eat. Aw, Zane, you're not going a soft, are you?

The door opened.

"G'morning, Zy!" That overly happy tone give it all away. Yes, he heard Zyera approaching from down the hall. Yes, he knew she'd be interrupting SeungHyo. Yes, he purposely let SeungHyo continue playing until he was thrown off again. Yes, he knew that would make the guitarist a little more irritated than if Zane had just stopped him. Yes, he was now just toying with the poor kid. He chuckled when Zyera's clash with the piano also clashed with Seung's redo. As if he had anymore to give away. "Good to see that someone here takes initiative with music." A little initiative is all it took.

Zane took a guitar from its stand and sat in front of Seung. "Try to keep up." It was both a tease and an instruction. Zane couldn't play two chords when the door opened again. The person tried to be quiet -- how considerate, the music adviser noted -- but nothing could escape his ears. Zane stood and turned towards the door, stopping Seung's playing yet again. "Hello," he greeted. The person said nothing in response. Maybe it was shyness. "Did you come to join music club?" From the way the footsteps resounded, he could tell this person wasn't already a member.

Still no response heard. "Or maybe you just came to play? The room usually isn't open to nonmembers this early in the morning." Zane wished he could see the person's facial expressions at least, although he did hear in heart rate. That didn't tell him much though, except that there was definitely a communication barrier here.


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t h i s _ h e a v y _ t h i n g _ c a l l e d _ l i f e _ c a n ' t _ t i e _ m e _ d o w n
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                                                  "Okay, time for me to go to work," Haruma announced as he shut his cell phone closed after looking at the time. He still had a bit of homework left to do, but he could finish them later. Shutting his textbooks closed, he stacked them on top of each other. Then gathering his writing utensils and notecards, he placed them inside his bookbag. Next, he stuffed his books inside. Before leaving the library, he said his goodbyes to Yuuta, who continued to remain in the library for just a little longer.

                                                  While walking to the parking lot, he glanced down at his phone to look at the time. His shift didn't start until 15 minutes, but it was better to be early than late, especially if he was going to run into traffic along the way. Not to mention, it was about a couple minutes drive from the university to the high school. There was also the fact that he would need to find parking when he arrived there, which could take a bit of time if almost all the spaces were filled up.

                                                  Arriving in front of his car, he opened the door and climbed inside. Throwing his bookbag on the passenger seat next to him, he then pulled his keys out from his pocket and inserted his car key into the ignition slot. After making sure that the coast was clear (meaning there were no pedestrians walking behind him), he put the gear in reverse as he backed out of the parking space, then put it into forward as he drove out of the Raishon University parking lot.


                                                  "Good morning!" he exclaimed brightly upon entering the school office. The other office faculty members greeted back in response. Walking over to his usual desk, he sat down and set off to work as he turned on the computer. "How was everyone's Winter Break?"

                                                                                                                                                ██➽ location: office
                                                                                                                                                ██➽ company: school staff
                                                                                                                                                ██➽ mood: content
                                                                                                                                                ██➽ thoughts:
                                                                                                                                                ██➽ oufit: x

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There's a reason, there's a rhyme AND in the back of your mind
You know if you're in danger from the days you left behind
You can яυи and you can нι∂є and you can ℓσcк ץσυяsєℓғ ιиsι∂є
There's nothing you can do once you have been identified.

WATCH OUT, YOU'RE BEING WATCHED NOW as you skulk along the street
You are not in control of the end you're going to meet
SOMEBODY REMEMBERS your misdeeds of yesterday
Involuntary atonement is just forty seconds away

    You could try to win this game (Tell me, won't you, what's your name?)

    You won't get far -- it's far too late (Hey, why won't you show your face?)

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                          Red was fortunate to have survived that night.

                          There was really nothing more to say on the matter, really.


                          Yes there was.

                          Joltik did not make it.

                          Weeks of hard work tumbled downward into the drain as he collected shortly after the scene the scraps of his poor robot. The students who helped him build it crowded all around and watched as the scrap pile grew, patches of fabric found amongst the scattered remains. It was simply one huge mess.

                          And then.

                          “…So, uh, do we make a funeral pyre for it, or….”

                          ”There is this thing called recycling.”

                          There was really nothing more to say on the matter, really.


                          Red inspected the body once more, clipboard at hand. He was within a spare room that was not in use, as there was not enough space to hold his and his newest students latest project in his room or any of the dorm rooms. There was simply too much equipment needed to make it happen, and not enough space to accomplish it. There was some brief need of money, of course. It was taken care of, but in retrospect, it was almost as though he sold his own soul. It was done, though, and really, he was just being a pansy about it.

                          His PDA glowed.

                          Now was the time to begin.

                          With the push of a button, it did.

                          A familiar whirrrrr came, with more mechanical ‘beeps’ and birrrrs to the ring. Several lights flickered about the mechanical body- first at an orange hue, before setting dead on a lime green. There was jostling and jostling about as things propped up and slots opened, revealing a pair of blue orbs that resembled pearls on an expensive necklace. It was re-animated, and in its first act of reliving it propped itself up on its nine legs, swaying briefly before fully grasping a comprehension on stance and movement.

                          It stared up at the familiar face of its master.


                          JOLTIK has evolved into GALVANTULA


                          Red tapped a message into his PDA and pressed the SEND button. There was a sharp ping that startled GALVANTULA, and for a brief moment it looked around, eventually settling on following his giant, oversized badonkadonk that somehow appeared out of nowhere why would you do this to this poor machine why do you like big butts and cannot lie you horrible monster you-

                          It’s done overreacting now.

                          But what did the Master want?

                          It searched itself, and found an inbox. Apparently he had been built with a modem, and given his own BBS Board to which he could be left messages, that he in turn could respond to, and so forth. There was an automatic welcome message that it ignored, in favor of his Master’s words.


                          Can you respond?

                          If you can read this, I can explain why you don’t have a talking feature anymore…

                          Re: “Testing”

                          No need. I understand. I’ve done a bad thing. ._.

                          Red sighed. The robot quietly deactivated itself and crumpled on the table, becoming a lifeless figure once more.

                          There was really nothing more to say on the matter.

                          Taking the necessary precautions to secure the safety of the bot and the school, Red stepped out into the hallway and into the busy day. The Raishonettes were returning from the long holidays, which for him were actually just a few short moments. Memories of him building the AI’s new body floated about hazily, without much detail to them. They were almost assuredly his own, and he had no reason to place any doubt in them. But in not one memory did he feel entirely there.

                          He could recall Laurel’s fury just fine though.

                          Suddenly he was so, so grateful that she at least had three weeks to calm down. She wasn’t the sort to hold grudges. Of course not. She was really a polite young maiden who loved to frolic about like all girls did when they were like eight and oh god he is so DYING when he gets here. The haze brings up the Brown Box and he quietly remarked to himself that perhaps it was that crazy girl’s way of hinting that he was having a lynching in his future.

                          Or maybe a stoning, seeing as the girl was popular enough to score a Winter Ball Tiarra.

                          Though oddly enough, he did end up receiving many pats on the back and several messages congratulating him on his success and that his victory would aid the battlefront in their efforts to secure the right to view just exactly went on behind a girl’s cockteasing miniskirt and scandalous dress attire.

                          (Red quietly deleted those messages and renewed his faith that only a very tiny percentage of Raishonettes would ever go out with a girl, and perhaps only Helios would be the only man to be successful at receiving a kiss.)

                          As he made his way back to his room, he decided to look ahead at what was going-

                          water bed

                          -Red turned the ******** around towards the opposite direction. He suddenly didn’t want to go to his room just yet. You may ask why, but the answer was simple; there was water, and there was Laurel. What kind of crazy man would walk into that combination?

                          There was also the fact that he would be rooming with his worst enemy, Lucifer.


                          They may as well be synonymous to him anyways.

                          He decided that perhaps the office could help him, seeing as Rose, unfortunately, retired, leaving him to fend for himself in the wild wild wilderness that was Raishon Academy. He also had business there; he had yet to get his class roster, which he had been dreading.

                          Why would he dread such a thing?


                          The Junior and Freshman Classes were both completely off their rocker.

                          And he had to teach two classes.

                          He literally had a coinflip that would decide the chances that he would teach the less sane portions of the Academy, and that was troubling, to say the very least.

                          As he entered the office, he spotted Haruma. He who spoke all the languages. All of them. He waved, and beckoned for his attention. How was he doing on this fine day? Did vacation go swimmingly?

- RIP Joltik
- Joltik revived as Galvantula
- Red exits into the hallways
- Checks PDA only to discover Laurel's horrendous plot
- Flees to the comfort and safety of THE OFFICE.
Mood: (Please don't let Laurel be on a hunting spree, please don't let her be on a hunting spree....)
Location: Office
With: Haruma
Voices Present: -------
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                                                                trutrutru遠野 - 遠野 遠野 小林 - 遠野?

                                                                xx▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇xxxxDESTROY IT BEFORE YOU GET DESTROYED BY ITxxxxxxxxxixx

                                                                        I'LL PAY FOR THE PRICE FOR KARMAtrutrutrutrutrutruI'LL PAY FOR THE PRICE FOR KARMA
                                                                        I'LL PAY FOR THE PRICE FOR KARMAtrutrutrutrutrutruI'LL PAY FOR THE PRICE FOR KARMA

                                                    TOHNO xxxxxMISAYA ⋯⋯⋯
                                                    trutrutru ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ AND GO TOGETHER WITH YOU, MONSTER WITHOUT A NAME


                                  It was incredibly first-worldly of her, to sit there with a video game controller in hand as she devoted 70% of her mind's processes to figuring out the puzzle game that was displayed on her nearly-antique TV, and the remaining 30% to pondering the pros and cons of eating in comparison to sleeping. She could choose to eat, or choose to sleep, but it was difficult to decide which part of her felt more empty, sleeping or eating. Ironically, the sensation of being depleted of both nourishment and energy was caused by an even more significant feeling of destitution. It was entirely unrelated to fulfilling the basic requirements for functioning normally, but succeeded in interrupting that department of her life (if you wanted to look at a bigger scale, you could say it infringed upon her life at every angle). Misaya groaned and threw the controller to the side, falling back onto her bed and stared at the bleak, white ceiling. She'd spent most of her day holed up in her room, other than that time around 2:30 A.M., when she was rudely awakened, that she skulked around the hallways of the dorm and then froze herself in the snow outside while smoking, before she returned to her room and bundled in a blanket and committed the rest of her time to playing the rest of the ridiculous game that she just gave up on now. In other news, "It's time to leave this room," Misaya grumbled, and after a few moments of laying on her back, she rolled onto the floor and hauled herself up. She held the collar of her shirt and held it up to her nose, and then crinkled it. "Reeks of cigarettes." She commented, and changed into something that looked a little more presentable- even if Misaya's idea of presentable was just a cheap, black and white boatneck with jeans.

                                  Misaya briefly placed her ear against the door, and listened to the silence on the other side of it. Seems... safe. It doesn't sound like anything is there, anyway... She mused, before cracking the door open an inch to let her eyes scan the lounge area of the three-bedroom dorm that she was assigned. By some cruel move by fate, Misaya was paired up with the ultimately worst roommate(s?) humanly possible: Helios Kaikaris and Zyera au-Desse. Zyera, with no flair whatsoever and a seemingly small vocal vocabulary, seemed to be devoid of emotion and interest, which arguably made her less of a problem and more of an anomaly. Misaya didn't expect to have a problem with Zyera, only a mountain of questions in reply to how strange Zyera came off as. Then again, Zyera may have looked less annoying on first impression, because Misaya's other roommate was Helios Kaikaris; calling him annoying was the understatement of the year.

                                  In any case, it seemed Eli's presence was missing, and gladly so; with a sigh of relief, Misaya stepped out of the room and left the dorm entirely, closing the door behind her. Per usual, the dorms maintained a respectable, but not ghostly, silence and hallways lacked a significant number of human bodies; it seemed that the students of Raishon gathered more often at the city streets or the main building. Misaya rolled her eyes at that conclusion; being in crowds was never a favored past time for Misaya, but neither was spending all of her time in an enclosed space. She was a delinquent, but not a hikkikomori.

                                  The moment she stepped out of the dorm building and into the tundra of Raishon City, Misaya held her jacket closer to her and doubled her pace. It's so damn cold...! She grumbled in her mind, making her way to the main building without running as quick as possible. She'd never been a fan of the cold, maybe because she never took much of care of herself, therefore lacked any significant body mass; in low temperatures, Misaya had the unfortunate quality of becoming a popsicle faster than anyone around her. Considering the temperature, it's a good thing I came here...! If I was still in Japan, I'd be sleeping on the streets in the cold. I'd die of hypothermia in a heartbeat... Would I? Or would my vitakinesis keep me from dying? Huh. Something she'd never come to think about. For Misaya, her main offensive was, and would always be, her ability to manipulate vectors; she never came to use her vitakinesis that much. The difference in proficiency was great, and vitakinesis was more a method of healing than anything else (even then, it was more subconscious than the opposite). The chances of her finding out were near zero from lack of usage, let alone the fact that, like hell, she would test out if her vitakinesis would save her from hypothermia firsthand. It was information she didn't care to learn about.

                                  Besides, Misaya didn't want to use vitakinesis unless she had to. The roots of that power were unappreciated, in spite of the fact that her potential as a vitakinetic surpassed any sort of proficiency she could reach with vector manipulation.

                                  Heaving a relieved sigh, the main building drew closer as Misaya walked towards it. Warmth was within reach, and the moment she'd walked through the doors into the main building, she breathed in the higher temperatures with a satisfied look on her face. It felt good to feel the blood rushing back to your face after it withstood the wintry winds- although the only person who found it that cold was Misaya herself. It couldn't be helped that her body naturally had a poor disposition against the cold, after all. She let herself jacket fall loosely around her again, no longer needing to hold onto it with such vigor, now that she'd entered the heated main building. As expected, it was bustling with students, chattering away about today's events. Although she generally paid no particular to what Misaya classified as cheap gossip, what caught her attention was the names of the two top Guardians, Yukina and Helios. After the stunt pulled at the end of the Christmas Ball, Yukina had gone missing; according to the words of her fellow students, she returned today, only to disappear with Eli following after her tail. Huh. Guess that's why the fruit fly has been out. Whatever keeps him out of my hair, I guess. It's not like it's my problem. Misaya mused with an indifference. She never cared much for Yukina, and she found Eli to be a troublesome fellow who didn't understand basic english, so it didn't pose any sort of significance for her. While the students continued to chatter away about the "big news", Misaya casually headed into the cafeteria and grabbed her breakfast, apple juice and a bagel (she'd never been a big eater). With today's news no longer being "new" to Misaya, she tuned out all the sounds of speaking into white noise, and sat in a small, empty table on the side.
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                                                LOCATION ( ) Forbidden Forest xxx COMPANY ( ) Eh...Noel. xxx MOOD ( ) Annoyed.

                                                A gentle curve formed on her face as she watched the Head Guardian slip into the forbidden forest with her cyst behind her following. Really there was nothing so troublesome or scary in the forest. Just a bunch of lore. People were really the big problem here. It wasn't like any of them would understand. Most animals understood that humans and beings similar to that were only serious problems. Very serious problems. Why? Because they had pets. What was Toi? Well, obviously she was a Chimera, but she was still an animal. Perhaps with different abilities than a normal kind of pet.

                                                Gently combing over her right ear she twisted her body back and forth as if she was a little child following her parent. The parent in this situation is Noel, of course. Like the Head Guardian, Noel has a cyst of his own. Perhaps a parasite was a better term for this kind of situation. Placing her hands behind her head she followed the white-haired male with deep auburn eyes. Leaning back slightly, her eyes scaled to the tops of the trees. How droll this was just following this boy around. He was more of a nuisance to follow around but she had to do as she was told, right? Toi understood that she was being used just as much as this naive kid, but why he still had to stick around to watch the finale was beyond her. As long as he stayed she didn't have to worry about using her powers; not like it worked as much as it used it. It barely had any affect anymore as time went on.

                                                "So Toi," There was an obvious hint of annoyed, bored, and disconnected from engaging in deep conversation, but she would roll with it. Her head fell as he continued, "Are we talking to a Chimera again or is he going to peek his head out of his hole in the ground this time?" It wasn't hard for her to figure out what he was talking about. She simply rolled her eyes. As if he would want to pop his head out and talk to Noel. He wasn't the pet here, Toi was. "Let me answer your question with a question:" pausing, she tilted her head back to stare up at the sky. Taking a calm breath she continued her part, "Does a bear come up from hibernation to hunt food in the middle of the day?"

                                                Sighing, she placed her hands down to her sides; one slipped on to her hip. Halting she waved her free hand in the air. "You know you're just a pest with your questions. You should act more like me! It's a shame you couldn't look like this and have brains!" Toi smiled and batted her eyelashes. Of course she was just teasing to get under his skin. There was no rules saying she had to get along with him. Just as long as she continued to do her job. "Besides, we'll get word soon. It'll just take time until the next move is made. We just have to be on stand by until that time comes." Her voice stopped as she listened to the rustle of the forest floor. With her ears, she could pick up the sounds all around. After the sounds suddenly stopped, she lifted a brow. "You know it's a shame this isn't a permanent form. I could do so much with this body! Use it for so many things~ It would be fun! Too bad that green-haired girl has been keeping an eye out on you, otherwise I would just -- no, we look too related. You'd probably get mistaken for being my dad. Old fart." Her tongue slipped between her lips. Blowing a gentle raspberry, she started to walk along in the forest to wait for the right moment.
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                                                BATTLES WE CAN WIN, OUR STRUGGLE LIES WITHIN. WILL WE LIVE TO GREET THE DAWN?
                                                BATTLES WE CAN WIN, OUR STRUGGLE LIES WITHIN. WILL WE LIVE TO GREET THE DAWN?
                                                BATTLES WE CAN WIN, OUR STRUGGLE LIES WITHIN. WILL WE LIVE TO GREET THE DAWN?

                                                    EMBER LYN VALKYRIE ⊱⊱

                                                    LOCATION ( ) Staff Lounge. xxx COMPANY ( ) None. xxx MOOD ( ) Painful.


                                                                    Rooms this year was going to be interesting, but at the same time shew as relieved she didn't have to share the same room with either Laren or Fenrir. Or any male this semester. That meant the less she would accidentally cause fire to burst throughout the room. And this also meant she would be more sober. The Headmaster had been a little slow deciding the classes; she was relieved to know that classes wouldn't start for a little while longer, but she was excited to --


                                                                    "Jesus would you stop?"

                                                                    "This is all I can do though! Ember is out like a light and I want to go through her wardrobe and try on clothes!"

                                                                    "Will you at least give me a chance?"

                                                                    "Hehe, nope!

                                                                    "Ugh. When you get back in here I'm going to strangle you if not kill you."

                                                                    "That's okay! It's better than you setting everything on fire~! It's also better than letting Ember have any more alcohol in her system~ You know how she is on her hangovers! If Fen comes by and gives her some alcohol though, she's going to have more trouble."

                                                                    Valkyrie couldn't argue with Lyn. Everything she said was true, even if they were apart of Ember's 'conscious'. Lyn slipped Ember's body into some clothes. The night before, the woman had gotten a hold of some strong alcohol and drank more than she meant to. By the time she went to her room she passed out on the floor. At that point Valkyrie used the body to light up the fireplace ( nearly causing a wild outbreak of fire ) and placed the body to bed. Valkyrie and Lyn bickered of who would get to use the body in the morning because of the hangover. Valkyrie already called it, but Lyn decided to safeguard and cheat so it wouldn't happen.

                                                                    "This is a pretty dress! Why doesn't she ever wear this?"

                                                                    "Probably because she looks like a little girl." Valkyrie snorted while Lyn took a long good look in the mirror with a silence.

                                                                    "Huh, you're right." Lyn slipped the clothes off and dressed herself in something a little more hipster. Valkyrie couldn't refrain from laughing, especially since the glasses put a nice touch to 'hipster'. Both of them shared a laughter.

                                                                    "Ughh..." Ember started to form consciousness. Lyn started to fade back into...well Ember. The light-blonde female shook her head back and forth placing her hand to her head feeling the after-effect of a very strong hang over. "I told you two to stop taking control of my body when I'm like this. My head kills me ten times more than it normally does... Uggh..." Shifting the weight of feet she shook her head back and forth. Looking at herself in the mirror, she stared at her new ensemble. Lyn and Valkyrie laughed in harmony inside her head. Good thing no one was around to see how crazy this teacher was.

                                                                    "You shouldn't blame us! You are the one with the hangover, not us." Valkyrie slipped out with a low chuckle to engage an argument. Ember swayed over to her bed and sat down. The floor was already a mess with piles of clothes all over. The next person to step in the room would probably think a tornado hit. That when Ember will say, "It wasn't me."

                                                                    * * * * *

                                                                    "So you come into the Staff Lounge to drink coffee instead? Have you ever thought that other teachers might come in here?" Ember just took a sip of her steaming coffee and shook her head back and forth ignoring Valkyrie. It wasn't unusual that people talked to themselves, but in her case it would have seemed a little odd wouldn't it? Okay, maybe a lot more than a little. Sitting her coffee cup down on the hard table she tilted her head to the side and sighed heavily. Of course before she came to the Lounge she decided to change into her normal every day clothes; what she was wearing before was absolutely ridiculous. Lyn decided to play dress-up as a class and showed Ember what-not-to-wear. Fantastic timing because during Spring Cleaning those clothes would be tossed into donations.

                                                                    "You're so boring Ember~" Lyn teased. For a moment Ember wondered why she had bothered to ask their names. Considering they all shared the same name...in some odd sense. Rubbing her forehead with one hand, she lifted her cup with the other and took a longer sip of her coffee.

                                                                    "Oh man it's going to be a really long day," It wasn't a very comforting statement coming from someone with a strong headache. Continuing to rub her head, she continued to ignore the teasing from the two that spoke to her inside of her head. Ember was eased thinking that no one else could hear them but her. The only way someone else could hear them was if Lyn or Valkyrie decided to stroll around with Ember's body while she wasn't fully capable of handling her body. In other words, drunk.

                                                                                                  x Ember's Speech
                                                                                                  x Lyn's Speech
                                                                                                  x Valkyrie's Speech
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“Interesting. Very. Interesting.”

Laren was leaned on the railing of a second floor balcony, his pale blue eyes staring at the commotion below. He raised a brow and raised his head a bit when he saw the blonde haired boy get flattened by the back of Head Guardians hand.

So after a mysterious absence, the infamous Head Guardian returns. She seems to have brought a new attitude with her…

He was there to see the girl disappear, albeit he hung back, and while many seemed confused as to where she was, he found it surprising few saw the obvious. Admittedly, this was something that he felt often. A girl with the power of time manipulation disappears during a time of extreme stress—the situation seemed fairly straight-forward in terms of available hypothesis: She lost control of her powers and looped. The real question was how far did she go, and in what direction. He felt bad for the poor girl, but soon more pressing matters took over during the break and the question sat by the wayside.

Back in the present Laren had been fairly silent during the ordeal, just watching and letting the gears stir the thoughts around in his head. If there was one thing Laren was good at, it was thinking. Hearing the death threat from the girl broke his cold stare downward into the courtyard, resulting in a raised brow and a small scoff before he curled his lips into a grin.

Now that’s a surprise… she’s usually a cold one, is she not?” He examined the reactions of fellow students closely with renewed interest. He narrowed his eyes, leaning a bit more forward and tightening his jaw in a stare at the girl as he pondered more—‘Some may call that action cold but… Miss Yukina you have an unmistakable fire stirring in you… what happened to you?’ He let out a small sigh and relaxed his body, shaking his head slightly before sweeping the crowd again with his eyes.

He glanced over, and then rolled his head to fix his eyes on an upright, shady figure standing at attention next to him, seeming to be looking off at nothing in particular. The figure was a girl in a red silk ceremonial shirt that went down to her hips and was held togethor by thin ties at the front. At the top a bow was formed by the ties, and it rested upon the large bust of the girl. Resting on the hips that completed her hourglass figure was a cotton skirt with lace decoration. The girl had a brimmed hat which cast a shadow over her face, hiding it from view to anyone watching, and gave the girl a slightly scary appearance. The skin that could be seen on the girl—her arms, her thighs, and down—held a purple hue and seemed almost unnaturally smooth.

This is certain to cause some drama, but perhaps things will get better moving again now that the student is back. The headmaster has too much of a connection with her if you ask me.” Laren chided.

The shaded figure turned her head, still concealed but a soft voice flowed from between purple lips as a hand raised and she nibbled a finger, “Do you think this will cause many problems?

Laren shook his head slightly, scrunching his lips a bit with doubt and turning to face the girl. “No. It is a scary thing to say that she will kill them, considering who she is talking to, but… honestly it feels a bit flat.” He chuckled a bit and turned his palms up. “I mean, what’s she going to do? It is highly improbable she could take on all her peers. She’d have enough trouble taking you.” He stood up and straightened his jacket,

The girl seemed a bit surprised by this and touched a hand to her shaded cheek. "You are too kind, Hidei."

"If anyone deserves the praise it is you" He paused but then grinned a bit, looked at her "But if anything I am being immodest." He was referring to the fact that he created her, and so praising her is also in turn praising himself. Though nonetheless he had a great respect for how well she developed, as that came from alot of work that was all her own. His grin turned into a genuine smile as he reminisced. Closing his eyes and returning to matters at hand he lowered his lips into a calm stoicism again, glancing toward the door that led inside. He was losing interest. “No, in the end this is merely drama. Emotional roller coasters, but in the end no significant change… a bit disappointing, in a way.” The shaded girl kept her gaze on him for a second in response before turning back to look at the courtyard, suddenly stepping closer to the edge with interest. "Oh!"

Laren followed her gaze and saw both Helios and Yukina taking off into the forest, former after the latter.

What’s this?” He placed his hands on the railing and looked after them before standing up straight, revealing his inches of more height over the girl. “No one’s following them…?” He tilted his head in disbelief. “After she… in the forest… this school…” Was it really that big of a difference in observations he made and those the rest did?

Should I, Master?” The girl asked, looking toward Laren once again.

There was a long pause from Laren as the students shuffled in, and many thoughts ran through his head at the same time. His eyes caught sight of a purple haired boy who held himself like a teacher, but no guardian or teacher on file resembled him. ‘He holds quite the command over the students for just a peer if that is what he is… hmm, how quaint.’ He turns around and begins to walk back into the building. “That won’t be necessary, Kumiko.” As the girl turned to look after him the shading evened on her face, revealing a tag on her forehead drifting between bright eyes and dark purple hair. “I see no effect of any outcomes on us, and if the rest don’t feel it necessary to follow them then we should feel no need to. I will be speaking to the headmaster on this though. This seems to be a gross oversight.

Kumiko stands on the balcony and says a soft “Yes, Master Laren,” before stepping very poised and uniform after him into the building.
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Kumiko stood next to Laren on the balcony, the shade from her hat hiding the finer details of her face and also hiding the movement of her eyes as they half looked at the courtyard, and half remaining on Laren, himself. Slowly, her eyes were switching between only two people; Laren and Yukina.

The world is so unfair’, she thought. People are unfair, life… life is unfair. Even to someone like her… life. Life was unfair. Unlike Laren she had a connection to Yukina beyond mere interest, even though they had never really talked. They both didn’t socialize much, didn’t have much opportunity to show others the real them besides a select few. Her gaze drifted back to Laren as she thought about who she could be around him. He was thinking, and she could almost hear the gears turning. A small smile curled across her full lips as she decided not to bother him with her own thoughts. She would ponder things, too, instead.

They had another thing and common, Yukina and her. They had been betrayed by people they had done nothing to. She clenched her fist and stiffened her body, then relaxed when suddenly Laren looked at her, surprised at herself for getting worked up… something had touched a button she didn’t even know existed. She turned her shaded face to speak to Laren in order to continue a conversation.

Do you think this will cause many problems?” She had heard him talking, of course she had heard him talking, she always had an ear for him. And so she asked something on her mind that was relevant.

No. Not a problem, he said. Not for them anyway, and that meant it wasn’t something she needed to be concerned about. All that she needed—all that she WANTED—to care about were the things that affected them… but she couldn’t help but question what he spoke.

No significant change… besides emotional damage. Did that means emotions weren’t significant? Then why were they so powerful. Why could they cause so much chaos? Despite wondering and thinking heavily, she couldn’t help but smile a bit, hidden by the shading of her hat. She loved wondering why. Laren had taught her to question everything and she loved when she did on instinct. She did worry about something though… did that include questioning him?

She looked back down into the courtyard, expecting to be pulled away soon by the disinterested Laren and wanting to catch a couple more views of the beautiful sleeping trees. She saw something that made her lean foreward sharply. “Oh!” she let out a noise of surprise as Yukina turned and walked into the forest, the blonde haired boy getting up and running after her despite being abused a minute earlier.

Laren was beside her again when she did that, furrowing his brow in disbelief. She agreed with what he thought, it was strange that no one in this school was going after two students heading into the chimera infested forest during winter. It was true that guardians did it routinely, but one of those guardians had just threatened the life of the other. That changed things.

Looking after Laren as he walked, she pushed it out of her head. She was thankful that he was going to talk to a higher up about this. He did care, no matter how it might seem otherwise. He had his own sense of what was right. It was just, in many cases, different from others’. He told her what was happening and she only needed to say one thing.

Yes, Master Laren.
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xo ↗↗ SPEED
xoxoxxooxoxoxo ↘↘ It's all about SPEED . . .

{ Where are you? Outside/Gates/City xoxoxo { Who are you with? A group of students.xoxoxo { What are you feeling? Excited.

                                        Arriving in Raishon City, the young man suddenly woke up from his nap as the bus he was riding passed over a bump and hit his head in the window. "Ouch." he said while petting his head, while doing so he noticed he was already in the city. Seeing all the buildings and different scenery made him all jumpy and excited, few minutes later they reached the bus stop and the auburn/orange haired kid with his backpack disembarked from the bus and looked at his school pamphlet. "Hmm...this shouldn't be too hard to find." he said to himself as he stare at the buildings and such, filled with much more excitement Shun ran to the park where it was located somewhere far to the school. "Ohhh!" Shun said with excitement in his face as he saw the mountains. "Nice scenery." he mumbled to himself. Reaching for his backpack he got a camera and took a photo of the great scenery with him along, of course, a self shot.

                                        After staying at the park, there was much more to see around the city but he suddenly remembered that he needed to go to the school. "Hmm....Hmm..." the kid was thinking as he was sitting at a bench at the park, thinking that maybe he should go look around the city before going to the school or just go to school. "A little detour wouldn't be bad." he said to himself nodding. "Hm.Hm." As the kid made his decision, he stood up and ran towards the streets where different stores where located, he visited every shop but didn't bought anything, even though he had money, he learned how to be a wise spender. It was a necessary to save money, especially for emergencies.

                                        Looking around the streets, his stomach suddenly growled and saw a local restaurant. "Hmm..." with a smile on his face he entered the restaurant pushing both doors entering in a grand manner style that caught the attention of both the customers and staff. "Opps." After entering a waiter soon accompanied him.

                                        "How many, sir?" The waiter asked nicely with a smile at his face.

                                        "One only." Shun said in a formally manner trying to get his acts up.

                                        "Right this way sir." The waiter said leading the way to Shun's table.

                                        "Thank you." Shun politely replied to the waiter, he sat in his chair and took a look at the menu, he picked three different meals which shocked the waiter, for a kid like him to eat such many. Well, it's because of his power, even though he eats a lot he won't get fat, in fact three meals is not even enough to satisfy his stomach. Anyways, long story.

                                        As soon as the meal arrived Shun started eating, but in a formal manner of course, even though he's a glutton he needs to eat in a formal way, after 10 minutes have passed all three meals have been finished and not even a single crumb was left in the plate, it's like it was vacuumed. The plate was clean and not even a small bit of food was left. "Whew. I'm stuffed." he said patting him tummy while he asked for the bill. After paying up he left the restaurant and looked at the pamphlet which also showed the map. "Well, what a coincidence, I'm just near by." he said smiling and still filled with excitement. But his consciousness got in the way and decided to head to the school while it was still early. "I'll come back for you city!" he said in like he was leaving for good but he wasn't.

                                        Shun ran towards school where he finally reached the gates and saw the students inside. It was big and beautiful, as soon as he saw the school it made him more excited that he ran inside. Shun wasn't familiar with the school yet. 'I can't just run around here...I must behave myself. Stay cool.' he thought to himself as he was looking for something and saw a group of people who seemed to be teaching directions. "Maybe I should ask them." he said building up his confidence like he was going to boxing match then suddenly walked like normal human being and approached a blond haired girl (Suzy) talking to an another girl. (Aurora) "Uhh, Excuse me. I'm new at the school and I don't seem to know where to go? Would you mind helping me?" He asked the girl with nice soft voice then with a smile. If this goes well this would be like his first successful conversation in years.

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