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                                                      ( L.OCATION Hallway/Cafeteria xxx ( C.OMPANY Takeshi xxx ( T.OUGHTS Always a unique annoyance.

                                                            The scene was playing through in his minds eye. Shinji was going through it over and over again. What was it that was causing her to do what she was doing? Lost of memories wouldn't cause this. Would it really? It just didn't make sense. Maybe when she left in a huff she hurt herself somewhere along the lines. Got a bump on the head and turned into...this? Something had to pan out. That wasn't the only thing going on through his head. There was something else going on. He knew it since she disappeared. Students acting out in mass numbers against her in a very public setting then forgetting about it after doing it? It was way too convenient and obviously a ploy. Someone around here was up to something and not just that, but was working for someone. No one just does this as a prank. It something that had to have been premeditated for a legitimate reason. Well, to them at least. Takeshi most likely noticed the same mess Shinji had and was probably already doing something about it. That would be like him to go behind what Shinji told him (which was to keep his nose clean) to do what he wants. Yeah...that's Takeshi.

                                                            "Yo." Speak of the devil. “Hey.” Was said before a punch to the ribs. Gah, what was that about? Not now Takeshi. Rubbing his side Shinji looked critically over at Takeshi. "Lookin' sour there, Shinji-kun. Then again, feeling like s**t is normal if a close friend suddenly performed a Face Heel Turn." Well that's certainly an interesting way to put it. “I suppose...” Shinji let escape his lips quietly looking away from Takeshi continuing to walk forward. Not even really knowing where he was going. Just pacing the halls thinking. There was a chuckle following, "Hey, let's grab somethin' to eat. I feel like I haven't eaten anythin' since the sun rose!" Shinji looked back over at Takeshi quickly protesting, “I'm not--” Then there was a jab at his stomach with Takeshi's finger. "And I bet you haven't been eating too well ether, eh?" Pursing his lips Shinji opened his mouth to say, “Don't--” Now there was a poke at his side. Shinji promptly shooed Takeshi's hand away from him. "Look at that flat stomach o' yours! There's like nothin' in there!" Well yeah, Akane thinks everyone is super human like her! It wasn't anywhere near as bad as Tomoko or Deb had it, but that's a story for another day.

                                                            "But seriously, don't keep it to yourself. That only works if you're the hot-blooded and determined type of character in anime and last time I checked, you were more the Long-Haired Pretty Boy type... And when those types got into BSOD mode all alone, it usually gets worse and they leave the team by justifying that they'll keep everyone safe and do it all alone." Takeshi whispered as he flopped his arm around Shinji's shoulder. “You know, sometimes you don't make any sense at all.” Finally, Shinji got a word in edge wise. “And I'm not a pretty boy!” He added in there not wanting to listen to what Takeshi was having to say. There was nothing wrong with not wanting to endanger others if need be.

                                                            "So, let's just avoid all that right of the bat!" Shinji rolled his eyes. “Yeah yeah.” Then just as Takeshi loved to do he threw in a, "After all, it's not like you're on a diet or anythin' right? Don't be such a girl!" Shinji's eye twitched for a moment as he exclaimed, “I'm not a girl, damn it Takeshi!” If the girls weren't glaring at Takeshi they were surely glaring at Shinji at this point. What was with Takeshi loving to get Shinji in hot water? It was to the point of ridiculous sometimes, but in situations like this it was a nice way to get his mind off things.

                                                            "Behold!" That b*****d. He had been leading Shinji the entire time towards the cafeteria and he hadn't noticed because he was too busy being poked and prodded. "The cafeteria! Food, drinks, and teenagers loitering and getting in the way of other people who need the tables to eat!" Shinji was about to slap the s**t out of Takeshi. “Takeshi I said--"Is this not a wonderful sight of school life?" 'I hate my life.' Shinji had a defeated look on his face. “Yes...

                                                            At this point Shinji was allowing himself to be dragged around. "Come on, let's grab a bite and sit down and catch up." Catch up? "After all, I was, for the most part, left unattended on school campus. Aren'tcha interested in what I did over the break?" No. “No.” Sighing Shinji rubbed his eyes with his index and thumb. Rubbing up placing his palm against his forehead he rubbed his palm back down to his chin letting out a huff of a breath. “I'm sorry Takeshi, I'm just a bit preoccupied,” Motioning towards himself with his index finger circling around the side of his head as if making the crazy motion. “but sure.

                                                            After an eventful lunch line scene where Takeshi was gabbing it up with the cafeteria workers and Shinji almost tripped over a girl. Not paying attention because Takeshi called his name at the last second. So in the end blaming Takeshi for the whole thing. After apologies towards the girl and paying for her lunch to make up for the ordeal they were finally finding a table to sit down at. “So I take it that you were doing more than planning that over the break.” Yeah, either Takeshi was going to grin and say something smart or he was going to blather something that just didn't make sense. Nah, he'd probably say something to make Shinji sound the closet pervert in the situation. Yup, Shinji calls that one. “What have you been doing over the break? Don't spare me the details.” That would be something Shinji would probably hate himself for later, but making sure Takeshi was keeping his nose clean was important. However annoying he could be at times Shinji did care about Takeshi and he didn't like the idea of him getting himself in harms way. Not like he had room to talk, but it didn't stop him from worrying. On top of it all, maybe Takeshi could give some useful information. Something that could have happened while everyone was gone that he noticed that may answer some questions on the Yukina front.

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                                                  xx ' WANT TO BEBOUNDBY RESTRICTIONS
                                                  xx枠にはまりたくないわ 決めつけないでよx道なき道を行くのxそこにいたってx待っていたってx何も始まらないx引きとめないでx恋しくたって
                                                  xxSo don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me don't make decisions
                                                  xxxxlSo don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me So don't make decisions for me don't make decisions
                                                  xxxxlI'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down
                                                  xxxxla trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path ]I'm going down a trackless path I'm going down a trackless path

                                                  xxBecause if I ↘{stay}↙ here andwait NOTHING will ever ➸BE↷GIN
                                                  xxDON'T【HO¤LD】ME BACK▬♦ I'VE BEEN YEAR☄NING FOR THIS; I WON'T BE BENT AND DRAGGED ALONG

                                                (in a jungle somewhere in South America, with a buddy)


                                                "Hey Taketatsu, watch out for that--"





                                                "Here is your room key and class schedule," said the office secretary as she handed the two items to a girl with long auburn hair tied up into a ponytail. The girl's lips curved into a slight smirk as she took them. "Thaaank you," she drawled. Turning around, she started to stride out of the office with her suitcase in tow. As she did so, she looked at her key, which had a number written on it. "Three twenty," she muttered. Suddenly realizing that she had no absolute idea where the dorms were, she turned back around to look at the secretary. "Hey um, where's the dorms?"


                                                "Isabelle Meirwen...Takeshi Sakamoto...are these people supposed to be my roommates?"

                                                She stared at the names engraved on the name plate outside the door of room 320. Her name was among them at the front. Shifting her stance just slightly, she continued to stare at the names. Isabelle and Takeshi...who were these people and would she be able to stand living in the same room as them? She hoped that they wouldn't be a bother (as well as not boring), otherwise she'd be taking a nice trip to the dorm advisor's office (there was one, right? After all, aren't boarding schools supposed to have something like that?) and demanding a room change. Taking her key out, she inserted it into the lock and entered inside. Once she was inside, she went about checking the place out. Two of the bedrooms seemed to be already occupied, meaning that her roommates had already settled themselves in. After setting her suitcase in the last available bedroom, she set out of explore. She didn't even unpack.



                                                Hey, what's that sound?

                                                At the loud, piercing, Tarzan-like cry, a couple of heads turned towards one side of the cafeteria windows as a girl came swooping down on a long piece of rope with great velocity. There was an expression of excitement and exhiliration on her face. Upon seeing the WTF look on some of the onlookers' faces, the girl grinned as she let go of the rope with one hand to wave at them. Then upon seeing an open window, she brought her legs together and extended them forward with her toes pointed. Using as much strength as she could muster, she swung herself forward through the window.

                                                Upon swinging inside. she let go of the rope. She tumbled across the floor in a series of somersaults before stopping in front of one of the tables, her butt lightly hitting one of its legs. Leaping up to her feet, the girl ignored the stares of everyone as she calmly dusted herself off. Then turning around, she gazed at the class with a deadpan expression on her face as she greeted with a monotonous tone, "Good morning. How are you all." She made it sound like what just happened never happened.

                                                Raishon, meet Saya. Taketatsu Saya.
                                                OOC: relevant
                                                Location: cafeteria
                                                Company: other students
                                                What I'm feeling: alive

Taketatsu 『☆』 Saya

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                                          Considering the general pace of her life, Zyera didn't expect for anything else significant to happen for the rest of the winter break. Not after that whole Winter Ball drama, anyway. It was the first time she had even gone and she was pretty sure that wasn't supposed to be a common occurrence. Nevertheless, she did enjoy the other parts of the evening and had basically used up all her enthusiasm and energy on those two hours, which really isn't a lot as it is. Again, she really didn't think any other notable events would happen on her flight back to Chicago, or from her flight from Chicago back to Raishon.

                                          It's quite easy to see where this is going.

                                          Once she was finally packed, she got a ride to the airport and after going through all the lines and nearly falling asleep three dozen times over, she was at the terminal. However, only minutes after taking a seat, Zyera had dozed off and it wasn't long before she was fast asleep. She had to get up a little earlier than usual in order to catch her flight but clearly, that wasn't the best choice and ended up being rather counter-productive. When she had finally woken up, she completely lost track of time and only saw that people were starting to board the plane so of course, the lazyass got up and followed suit. What she didn't realize was that this plane was hours after her flight to Chicago had left and that the plane she was getting on was headed towards New Zealand.

                                          That wasn't what caused her slight distress, however. She didn't even realize she had gotten on the wrong flight until much later. What caused Zyera to grow worrisome and a little irritated was the fact that there was some sort of ruckus going on throughout the entire flight. She had heard of snakes on a plane before, but never did she think there would be Tasmanian devils on a plane. Well, whatever it was, one thing led to another and the plane ended up getting damaged to the point that it was on its way to crashing onto a deserted island. Thankfully the lazyass was actually awake at this point and managed to protect the people on the plane with her barrier as they plummeted to the ground and slid across the sandy beach of the island before finally coming to a violent stop, but that still didn't change the fact that the passengers were now stuck on a deserted island.

                                          What seemed to be the next stroke of luck in this disaster, however, was that there were other students from Raishon who had boarded the plane. Although Zyera wasn't much help - though she did manage to entertain people with her music whenever she had the energy to to so - a particularly skilled mechanic and a girl who was really good at cutting things managed to fix up the plane enough so that it could take all the passengers back home. The mechanic that bore dreadlocks mentioned a lack of custard quite often, which made Zyera a little worried for some reason, but the flight to New Zealand didn't have any problems, so it must have been nothing relevant.

                                          Upon arriving in New Zealand, the lazyass had nowhere to go and before anything else, she had managed to wander into the middle of whatever city she was in. All of her luggage had been lost except for her carry-ons, which consisted of an extra set of clothes and her saxophone - she had left her bass at school because she has another one back in Chicago - so really, her only way of getting money at this point was to play for it. After picking a rather busy corner of a small plaza-type area, she opened up her case and began to play. It didn't take long for her to get enough money to get a hotel room, but just before she was about to leave, a man in a suit and shades approached her and handed her a business card. As it turns out, he was a music producer and saw great potential in Zyera. With nowhere else to go, the lazyass decided to sign the contract and was taken under his wing. She only planned on staying until she had enough money for another plane ticket, or until her parents heard that she was beginning a professional music career in New Zealand.

                                          A couple of days had gone by and Zyera was already well-known throughout the city she was in, as well as the cities around it. Her popularity sky-rocketed from there and by the end of the week, she was getting ready for a tour in Europe. Written in bold letters across thousands of local newspapers were articles writing about her music career of a few days and how she also did disappearing acts as a hobby. Her fanbase multiplied like rats and letters flooded her room. By then she had more than enough money to take a flight to Chicago, but her manager wouldn't let her break off the contract. However, it wasn't that easy to get out of it. During her final concert in Europe, she had fallen asleep in the middle of her solo and managed to destroy a hefty amount of equipment and caused injuries to some of the audience members. She seems to have experience with falling asleep while playing her saxophone because she managed to shift it in a way that she wouldn't fall on it. Although just about everything and everybody around her was damaged, her beloved tenor saxophone got off scot-free. After that incident, she had to pay for all the damages and medical bills. Her contract was abolished and although her fame had ended just as soon as it had begun, at least now she had enough money for a plane ticket to Chicago.

                                          Once she arrived at home, her parents welcomed her with open arms and although one would normally be incredibly excited to be a world-renown musician for even a just a week, Zyera was absolutely exhausted and spent the remainder of her break sleeping and doing the necessities to live. To her parents, it was a wonderful nostalgic routine that brought them back to when their precious daughter still lived under their roof for the majority of the year. For Zyera, it was a well-deserved rest that still probably wouldn't be enough to prepare her for another semester of Raishon Academy.

                                          Quite frankly, she had experienced enough excitement to last her a life time. At least Beta seemed to enjoy himself, but nobody cares about what he thinks.

                                          After an exhausting break full of events she'd rather not have to relive or mention ever again, Zyera had finally returned to Raishon for another semester of antics.

                                          She had returned a couple of days early so as usual, she had been sleeping during that time. There was that one day, however, where she went around giving presents to a small number of people that she was familiar with. In front of Momoko's dorm, she left a set of floral cookie cutters. For Kanami, a deck of tarot cards seemed appropriate. Seung-Hyo was blessed with a few CDs, most of which features guitar solos for him to learn and get inspired for his own solos. Since she could never remember Shinjiro's name, Zyera got him a name tag which really, was more for her than it was for him. Left hanging on Eli's bedroom doorknob was a bizarre looking pink hat, if one could even call it that, since she saw that Eli likes pink and hats and over all bizarreness. She had already given Alistair some gifts, but had purchased another comforter. She made sure to leave a note that stated that it wasn't fire proof. Although she had only met them briefly, Zyera had also given Akane a glue stick disguised as vanilla lip balm, Lief a box of band-aids in case she ever got cut again and was lacking them, and Xanthias a large feathered hat, although she was quite certain his own hat was still far more extravagant than anything she could pick out.

                                          It was a tiring day full of spontaneous napping, but she had eventually managed to hand out all the gifts successfully and return to her leisure days of music and rest. Unfortunately, some students were still hung up on her week of fame and would often ask her to sign whatever it was they wanted her to sign, so even then her time wasn't as peaceful as they could have been. At least most of them seemed to remember the music room incident and knew that if Zyera was disturbed too much in her sleep, she could potentially lose it and bust down a wall or two. The unwanted attention died down after a while though, much to her liking, but as more student started to return, the louder and less peaceful the school became. It didn't help when she finally realized that Eli, of all people, was one of her roommates. It wasn't that she particularly disliked him; she just can't keep up with his pace. Then again, she can't really keep up with anybody's pace. There was also something about the name Misaya Tohno that made Zyera sigh to herself in defeat, though she couldn't quite remember what it was.

                                          Isn't she that pink-haired crazy that the blond idiot was groping or something? Beta piped up when Zyera had read the names of the occupants of dorm 240. The lazyass was pretty sure the A.I. had gotten many things wrong, but that seemed to be the gist of it. Hazy memories of her waking up in the nurse's office and seeing the two colourful individuals in the room as well came back to her. All she could remember was that it was louder than she liked, which had made her shudder a little as her mind began to conjure up thoughts of what sharing a dorm with those two would be like. There was also the fact that Eli was overly concerned about her lack of energy and enthusiasm, so Zyera found herself wondering if perhaps she needed to ask one of the geniuses of Raishon to make some sort of anti-Eli barrier. She couldn't bother always putting one up herself, after all. For the rest of the day, the lazyass found herself thinking up less relaxing lucid dreams than she normally did.

                                          Today, however, she felt the need to practice playing bass a little, since she spent over half the break without any chance to practice. She had managed to sleep enough for her to get the energy to get out of bed in the first place, so that was a pretty good sign that it was time to move like a human being normally should. After crawling her way down to the cafeteria and nibbling away at her breakfast, she was finally ready to head off to the music room with her bass slung over her shoulder. She wasn't aware that Seung-Hyo was being held hostage in the room, however, and that his escape depended on him playing whatever it was he was practising properly. As a result, her entrance interrupted his playing and before she realized it, it was too late.

                                          The lazyass stood there for a brief moment as the music room door closed behind her. She looked between Mr. Nguyen and Seung-Hyo, noticed how exhausted the poor student look, and heard his stomach growl. Was that a nasty stare her fellow Music Club member was giving her right now? Zyera couldn't really tell since she had just yawned and that caused her eyes to tear up a little. Nevertheless, an apology was in due. So, as she approached the two males and set down her instrument delicately, she turned to them and gave a slight nod to each of them. "Good morning Mr. Nguyen, Seung-Hyo. I hope you both enjoyed your break." As usual, her voice was bland and lacked of any hint of expression or life. "Sorry for disturbing your lesson. If it's alright, I'll be taking one of the practice rooms." That being said, the lazy a** made her way to the closest practice room as quietly as she could.

                                          Although it may have seemed intentional, she certainly didn't mean to accidentally stumble and use the piano keyboard to catch herself right when Seung-Hyo began to play again.

                                            User Image

                                                    LOCATION: Music room INTERACTION: Zane, Seung-Hyo STATUS: Oh. Whoops.
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            ᴅʀowɴιɴɢ ιɴ ᴀ ( sea ) ɴᴀᴍᴇᴅ α м в ι ɢ u ι т ч

            ███████████████████████████████████ ι`ᴍ s ᴜ ғ ғ ᴇ ʀ ι ɴ ɢ ʙᴇcᴀusᴇ ι cᴀɴ ɴo ( ʟoɴɢᴇʀ ) ʙʀᴇᴀᴛʜᴇ
            location )) classroom halls xx company )) Momoko xx
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                                                          indent "Your brother? Oh, is your brother Xanthias Elkrone?"

                                                          indent Wide eyes stared like a head-lit deer towards the brunette, her facial expression, albeit rather blank, clearly screamed 'Who?!' Azure had never heard of that name before; but on the other hand... there were many, many names out there that had never even passed her ears before. But before she was able to muster up the courage to say something in return, the junior had spoken up again, introducing herself as.... as..... errrm.....

                                                          indent "Mochi....ki?" Azure repeated, or at least tried to, completely baffled by how Mochiyuki — or was it Momoyuki? — introduced herself. All three sounded horribly incorrect. It didn't sound like what she had finally said in the end, and Azu could feel the blood rise in her face. Despite her embarrassed flush on her cheeks, Azure to tried again. "Momo.... mo...ko? Moko!" But even the wingless ice fairy knew that it wasn't right either, and could feel the beginnings of tears forming in the back of her eyes in her frustration. No, she was not going to cry. Not going to cry. Not. Going. To. Cry.

                                                          indent "Mo....Moko!" Azure boldly said, biting her lower lip, fingers digging into her palm as she looked up somewhat expectantly at Momoko. Azu was more then sure that the pause wasn't supposed to be there, but the brunette would let her off the hook.... right?

                                                          indent Momoko then suggested that the two went to find her older brother, and the shorter girl nodded in agreement. It was around this time when the albino figured it was her turn to introduce herself, and reveal who her brother was before they went to find Xankrone Elthias..... That didn't sound right either, but she really couldn't remember what his name was; especially after Momoko's mess up with her own name. What had caused Momoko to think that Azu's brother was that Xan, person, anyway? Did he look a lot like her or something?

                                                          indent Azu was unable to quite make eye contact with her schoolmate, but at least she managed to make herself a little more audible as she said, "My name... ...Azure ...Winterfell.... Brother's Alistair... I'm a junior too..." indent indent indent indent

                                                          It's x scattering x & x falling x but x this x hand x is x here xx
                                                          I'm ( c a r r y i n g ) painfulSECRETS for you while I sing xxxx
                                                          ʙᴜᴛ ιғ ιᴛ ᴀʟʟ ᴇɴᴅs ɴow ⇢ ι wιʟʟ ( ʜ ᴀ v ᴇ ) ɴ ᴏ ʀ ᴇ ɢ ʀ ᴇ ᴛ s x
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                        sakura⊱⊱ LET'S 『 SING 』EVERY DAY WITH ALL OUR HEARTS
                        sakurasakurasakusaOur song echoing to the skies and beyond ▬ ♦
                        sakurasakurasAnd if it should ever reach you ☁ again somewhere

                        sakuraparfT H Ex( D A Y S )x W Ex S P E N TxxW I T Hx G L O W I N Gx S M I L E S

                        ____________01)xx█┋ Azure______02)xx█┋ hallway > cafeteria entrance ______03)xx█┋ awkward ______04)xx█┋ outfit

                                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                It seemed that her constant corrections of her own name had confused the poor girl. Momoko felt incredibly sorry towards her as the girl tried to repeat her name, but in the end, made it come out to just "Moko." Well, that was close enough. Plus, it was the nickname that Alf had given her. "U-uh...c-close enough!"

                                Seeing the blank expression on the girl's face when she asked if her brother was Xanthias, Momoko began to panic. She knew that she had gotten it wrong! Waving her hands in front of her, she cried, "A-ah, I-I'm sorry if he's not your brother. I-It's just that you have white hair a-and r-red eyes like him, a-and he's the only person I know with those features---" At this point, she was envisioning herself in an OTL position. She thought it'd be easier to talk to someone who was like her, but it just ended up being more awkward.

                                When the girl introduced herself as Azure Winterfell and mentioned that her brother was Alistair, Momoko finally understood. "Ah! Alistair! H-He's one of my roommates..." Now that Azure mentioned it, they were a lot alike in personality, except that Alistair stuttered and Azure didn't. But was Alistair still in his room? She wasn't really sure. If he wasn't, the other place she could think of was the student council room. Other than those two places, she had absolutely no idea where he could be. Well, maybe he could be in the cafeteria right now as they were speaking.

                                "U-Um...I-I'm not sure where he is, but I think he might be in the cafeteria or student council room...o-or somewhere I don't know..." Her voice trailed off for just a few seconds before she began to speak again. "B-But l-let's check the cafeteria first!"

                                With that said, she began to lead the way towards the cafeteria. If Alistair wasn't in there, well, at least she could get herself something to eat.

                                Arriving at the cafeteria entrance, she tried to see if she could spot her roommate in there. But since she was so short and there were a lot of tall people around, it was pretty hard to. Okay, look for someone tall with blue hair! she thought.

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I've seen you walk the screen, it's YOU that I ADORE .
Since I was a boy I've wanted to be like Roger Moore.
A girl in every port, and gadgets up my sleeve.
The world is not enough for the both of us it seems.

Hello Mr Bond, I've been expecting you.
Martini in your hand, and that eyebrow that you move.
Don't take this the wrong way, I know it might sound odd.
I'm the next double 0, I'm the right man for the job.

So I wish I was James Bond, just for the day. (Kissing all the girls, blow the bad guys away.)
I've wanted to be you, I've wanted to be you (I've wanted to be someone else.)

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                          Sunshine. Rainfall. Hail. Or snow.

                          There was absolutely no weather in existence that would stop Ken Takagawa from flinging the window open to take in a breath of fresh air first thing in the morning. Nor there was any illness known to man that stopped Ken from getting dressed and heading outside and into the wide open hustle and bustle of the city that co-existed with him. There was no parent to wave him good-bye as he strapped his bags and began peddling-

                          Only to stop and turn around. Silly Ken, he left the door open! Running back towards his complex and jogging up the stairs up to the second floor, he rushed back to his front door. As soon as he turn the corner, he saw half of a familiar figure, that in turn saw him before disappearing back into the apartment, slamming the door behind them and locking the door. Ken stood there, eyes filled with confusion and hurt.

                          Though only for a moment.

                          It was always only a moment before a bright smile overcame him and happiness rekindled itself in his eyes. Thus, he hurried back down the stairs, skipping back to where his bike was –

                          Sorry Bro,
                          We’d already started pounding on your bike before we realized it was yours.

                          Here, use this one for now. We’ll fix this one right up and deliver it back to you.

                          Have a safe trip.

                          Here was a touring bike, shiny as the sun on a summer’s day, standing. It was impossibly new, straight out of construction and polishing, completely untouched by anything but a machine. It was quite simply arrestingly beautiful. And there was his bags, set atop of the back of the bike, as if it was entirely meant to be.

                          Ken simply blinked at it, recognizing it, and, carefully lifted his bags out of the bike. Priding himself in his success, he cheerfully calls out, to no one in particular, “Thanks you guys, but I don’t really need the bike!” His grin only grows as he continues, “I can take the bags myself~!”

                          Slinging his bags over his back, he began sprinting off in one direction, leaving the bike in the dust.

                          ”…Goddamn it Ken.” The bushes (or rather, the person in the bushes) said, rustling, ”Guys, it was a bust. We’re gonna have to do the party plan.”

                          ”What about the bike-“ ”We’re returning it.” ”But it doesn’t even have any breaks-“ ”Shhhhhhhhh. The cops are coming.”


                          Ken found himself at the Gates of Raishon Academy. Slowing to a halt, he grinned at the sight. It was so big. So pretty. So…So big AND pretty. Yes. He failed to notice the lack of students about, or the gloom and doom that hung over the academy, or… Well. Actually. ‘Failed to notice’ is entirely inaccurate. More like, didn’t really mind it.

                          If his smile could get any bigger, it’d be insane. And it did.

                          It didn’t matter if he didn’t have any powers; he had the mindset to be here. In the end, that’s what mattered, right?

                          Moving past the group of students talking about, he quickly made his way through the hallways and to the elevator, occasionally bumping into people and just as swiftly calling his apologies with a swift “I’M SORRY~!” in a sing-song voice. He elected to take the stares, and, jogging up them, steps thunderingly loud, several students stopped and turned and saw him briefly, looking at him weirdly before giving him an odd look. It was as if only the really weird ones deserved to be happy. Or perhaps it was the fact that they’ve never seen his face before. Either way didn’t seem to matter, because it did not deter him or even slow him down.

                          He was a rapid ball of excitement hopping around in an ecstatic manner, zipping through hallways and just oozing with this sort of happy aura. In retrospect, perhaps it was not the school that made him happy. Perhaps it was the fact that all of his friends had been there already. Though, technically, everybody was his friend. So his friends were everywhere, no matter where he went.

                          He read the nameplate briefly. Was he disappointed with the list? They were not people he knew, this ‘Kanami’ and this… ‘Kaoru.’ That was a nice girl’s name. If he had a daughter, that daughter’s name would definitely be Kaoru. As he thought of this, he entered the room. It reminded him of a small apartment in a way. Everything looked so new and fresh and…

                          Oh dear.

                          Which room was his room?

                          He peered into them briefly, before finding one that was entirely unoccupied. His stuff was placed easily on the empty desk, and in front of the apparent hole in the wall that linked his room to the room next to his, found in Room 220. He didn’t seem to have noticed it at all.

                          He inhaled the new room smell briefly before changing course to his schedule. The school gave him a list to do before classes officially began, as to get him more acquainted with the school- Well, actually, it wasn’t so much the school as it was pestering his Raishon friends on this and that. His check-list was pulled out of his pocket, and scanned briefly. The first thing! The very first thing that must be done!

                          1. Ask the Student Council for a good ol’ tour of the school!

                          He slipped it back into his pocket and jumped out of his door, out of that room, and into the hall way. The ground beneath him trembled, down below just seeing the ceiling quake—

                          --Stopping briefly, because Ken faced a new dilemma!!!!!!

                          He didn’t know where the student council room was!!!!!!

                          Can YOU help him find where the student council room is?!?!?!?!?!?!?




                          YES, YES IT’S NOT HERE!!!!!!

                          LET’S GO LOOK FOR THE STUDENT COUNCIL ROOM!!!!!!





                          Ken wandered around the building, reading the signs above, eventually slowing to a walking pace as his attention was focused on the signs. It didn’t occur to him to stop and ask for directions, really. Eventually, inevitably, he found the Council room. The door opened pretty easily, and he welcomed the sight.

                          “Hello?” He called, “Is anybody-“ He spots a young Asian man, sitting down and eating a bagel, using his laptop. “Konichiwa!” He practically bounces, “My name is Ken, nice to meet you!” He runs over and takes his bagel eating hand and begins to shake it wildly with vigor and strength. There is this impossibly big smile on his face.

                          It’s redundant to say that, but there is simply no other way to fully emphasize it.

                          Ken is always smiling.


-Ken gets up and gets ready to MOVE MOVE MOVE
- Forgets to close the door, so he runs back.
- When the door is closed, he runs back to his bike, only to find it *GASP* MISSING?!!?!?!
- Oh, but there is a pretty bike
- Ken refuses the bike and runs with his bags to school.
- Ken finds himself at the school entrance.
- Ken runs to his room, drops off his stuff.
- Ken runs around to find the student council room
- Ken finds the student council room and enters.
- Ken greets Yue.
Location: Student Council
With: Yue
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"There are some people, some things, and some moment
you would never forget, for every shining moment of your life."

Yue Zhou


                                            After reading through a few more online news article, Yue clicked the browser window close. Then turning off his laptop (by closing it), he placed it inside his laptop case and zipped it. As he stood up from his seat, he slung his laptop case straps across his shoulder and scooted his chair in towards the table. But just as he was about to leave the room to head on over to the library, the door suddenly burst open and some guy he didn't know came bursting in, asking if anyone was in there. Yue stared blankly at him as he wondered what business he had to come barging in here in the first place.

                                            Were his eyes deceiving him, or was the guy bouncing? He had met plenty of giddy and cheerful people in his life (such as Helios Kaikaris), but this guy took the cake. Or so he thought. Before he knew it, the guy ran up to him, grabbed his hand, and shook it, albeit a little too strongly. This guy was sure overly-friendly--probably even more than Eli, who, as of recently, seemed to have gone through a period of gloom following Yukina's brief disappearance after the Winter Ball before she returned again.

                                            "Uh, I'm Chinese," he said slowly upon being greeted with 'konnichiwa.' "And uh, nice to meet you, too. My name is Yue, Student Council Secretary." Pause. "So...can I ask why you're here? Usually regular students don't come in here unless it's for important matters."

                                            With: Ken
                                            Location: Student Council Room
                                            Mood: wtf
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                  She was going to be late. Luserina Hallows was never late. Sucking in a deep breath, she hurriedly fixed her hair into its’ habitual one braid, accompanied by a constant ribbon, and gathered her papers together. She had a very important meeting to go today; it was something she believed Rose (before the woman’s unfortunate retirement) had been dreading. And that was Harumi Evans and Dimitri Vassiliadis rooming together, along with a poor Freshman strung along into their destruction. Of course, there were some other people prodding her to make the two tolerate each other. Luserina brought it upon herself to, with her empathy at its’ sharpest, bring the two to a…perhaps peaceful term. So, she scheduled an appointment with Harumi and Dimitri. Unbeknownst to the two, it was scheduled at the same time. And she made sure, with many a email, post-it, and other reminders, that neither would forget.

                  Was she afraid of bloodshed breaking out? Not particularly. If things became too hostile for her to handle, she would control both of them and force them to calm down. It was a last resort Lucy was not looking forward to facing. Regardless! She hurried outside of her room, handy paperclip in hand. An odd sight caught her eyes; two decently disguised students carrying a waterbed up to her room. Lucy could tell it was a ruse merely by the emotions they were exhibiting. Very few people could conceal what they were feeling, or moreover, what they were up to, around her.

                  She decided to humor them, because she honestly was curious. “Excuse me, what are you doing outside my room?” As the obvious female voiced that she was ‘Bear Grylls’, along with her assistant Bobby, Luserina rose an eyebrow. Were they replacing her bed with a waterbed? Or maybe it was Red’s. Didn’t he dislike water – no, maybe that wasn’t it. Hm, but she had no time to check her notes on him right now. She had more pressing things to attend to. “I do suppose I am in a hurry..” Though she was smiling, there was a death glare on her face. Unfortunately, she couldn’t tell the identities of the two girls, but if this waterbed delivery turned out to be a problem, then she could certainly find out quickly. Maybe Red genuinely did want a waterbed. “If there are any customer service issues with this delivery, you can be sure that I will be contacting your employer, Mr. Grylls,” She threatened, in the case the waterbed was actually full of jellyfish or something ridiculous. If it was her waterbed, and if it was comfortable, then Luserina would let it slide.

                  She truly did have somewhere to be. Instead of apprehending the girls, she let curiosity and her rush to make it to her appointment on time become her leniency. Arriving to her office precisely on time, as soon as she sat down she heard a knock on her door. Standing up and setting her clipboard to the side, she walked over to the door and opened it. “Hello, Ms. Evans. Come in, make yourself comfortable. Have a cookie,” She gestured to the plate of cookies situated on the table. “How was your winter break? Did you receive anything special for Christmas?”

                  Though Luserina didn’t predict any unusual answers judging by the girl’s emotional status, she had her pen poised just in case she said something quirky. Besides, Luserina was sure she would have plenty to jot down when Dimitri came in…

                  ooc: location; counselor's office xx company; harumi

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                                            Aaaand just as Seung thought he was finally playing the music correctly without any mistakes or distractions whatsoever, the door suddenly opened, causing him to break his concentration. Man, he really needed to work on ignoring distractions. He felt a vein pop on the side of his head as he looked up irritably to see who it was. Oh, Zyera. His eyes relaxed a little. She probably didn't know that Mr. Nguyen had been keeping him in here since very early morning. Still though, he wished that she would have come in later, like maybe after he was let go?

                                            With a weak and tired grin, he raised his hand to slightly wave at her just before she disappeared into one of the practice rooms. "Morning, Zy. Yeah, my break was swell!" And then he had to come back to this. Life was just so unfair sometimes.

                                            Knowing that Mr. Nguyen was going to reprimand him for getting distracted yet again, Seung-Hyo groaned. "Lemme guess, again?" he asked rhetorically. Without even waiting for a response from the music advisor, he started over again from the beginning for the upteenth time. He tried to make sure not to make the same mistakes Mr. Nguyen pointed out to him again.

                                            Okay, no more getting distracted now, he thought. You need to focus and get it right so you can skiddadle on outta here and get some food to eat, you hear? Even if a typhoon hits, even if the Huns or chimeras attack, even if pigs can suddenly sprout wings and fly, even if the Barricades fall, no matter what, don't let yourself get distracted! Your stomach depends on you! That was better said than done.

                                            ░ location: music room xx░ mood/feeling: very hungry, irritatedxx░ with/speaking to: Zane, Zyera xx░ music: xx░ outfit status: pajamas xxx

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                  Winter break was hectic for Alistair and the Ashdowns. Though he loved and trusted Telios implicitly, there was some sort of barricade that prevented him from calling Mr. and Mrs. Ashdown from ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. Maybe it was because he felt like his father, no matter how terrible the courts deemed him to be, was still the only parental figure he loved. Mr. and Mrs. Ashdown were amazing – the best adoptive parents any kid in his situation would have dreamed of – but still. Some nights, he missed his father. And on those nights, he felt terrible for it, considering what his Papa had done to his sister, and another girl whom was as good as blood to him.

                  If it weren’t for Tel, he probably would have had a worse anxiety attack than what he had suffered through the tumultuous break. It was awful, just due to his already fragile emotional state. But now the break was over, and his sister was back – in one of the best hospitals in the area, like she deserved. After setting up his room – did he mention he was all too nervous about not being with his brother? – he had hurriedly run to the student council room. The ocean-eyed male had an intense fear of meeting Alf and Momoko; two students whom he knew. Alf petrified him! Always talking and yapping and probably devising evil schemes…! And Momoko; wasn’t there rumors she was an evil robot wanting to take over the world?!

                  To prevent any meeting with them, he had run off to the student council room. Upon arriving at the student council room, he saw Yue sitting at the computer, eating breakfast. Alistair had been working with a speech therapist over the break to stop his stuttering. Guess how much progress he made? “H-Hell-H-Hi, Yue…” None. Unless you count the fact that he was comfortable enough around Tel to not stutter at all. “H-Ho-How w-was…u-u-um…” He could do it. Just ask him how his break was. It was at this point that he realized they were alone, and Yue was armed… (don’t underestimate hot coffee and a bagel, okay!)

                  Okay, forget that. He was sure Yue would bring it up eventually. The bagels reminded him that he hadn’t yet had breakfast. “I-I’ll..u-um…bebacks-s-soon,” He muttered quickly, hurrying out of the student council room and to his room. He remembered that he could see Momoko or Alf there – but the cafeteria wasn’t safe either! Especially not at this time in the morning. There was no way he was going out to the city, either – and so, Alistair slinked back to the student council room, sans morning nourishment.

                  By the time he made it back to the student council office, there was a student whom he didn’t recognize shaking Yue’s hand vigorously. Alistair’s heart rate sped up as his anxiety kicked in full motion. Who was this new person – a new member of the council, a new student – Alistair walked in just in time for him to hear the student say his name. Oh! The President had a roster of all of the new incoming students, and it just happened Ken Takagawa was one of them. It was a President’s duties to give the new students tours, after all. And since Tel wasn’t here, that left the tour guide duty to…him.

                  Alistair gulped. Oh god. It wasn’t that he didn’t know his way around the school, on the contrary, but this fully energetic kid scared the fire out of him. Literally, actually! He patted his arm, which was set ablaze, and the fire eventually went down. Shopping for inflammable clothes was difficult, but he had received many over Christmas. Taking a deep breath in a futile attempt to calm his nerves, he stepped towards the two. He would’ve stuck his hand out for a handshake, but his hands were shaking so badly it was better to just keep them in his jacket pockets – which was actually quite amusing, as it looked like he had something alive in them.“U-Um…h-h-hi…I-I-I-I….um….um…u-um…” He looked down to his feet. Meeting new people was the absolute worst. So, instead of introducing himself, he lamely pointed to a name card he had on his desk that read Alistair Winterfell, President. Hopefully Ken would get the picture…he was never going to survive giving this guy the tour, was he?

                  ooc: location; student council office xx company; ken, yue
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                                              It was every bit what Chane had feared. As soon as Akane had burst through the door, she introduced herself as the "best swordsman in Raishon!" She stuck her hand out for him to shake. He hesitated at first, but then shook it, figuring that if he didn't immediately indulge her handshake, she would be even more invasive of his personal space. As an afterthought, he realized that was the first time he had had physical contact in seven semesters. It felt just as strange and unpleasant as he thought it would. He was also glad that Akane couldn't hear his thoughts, as most people who would have heard them would probably assume that he was rather creepy for reacting to the human touch to strangely.

                                              She didn't seem fully aware that he had been at Raishon ever since he was a freshman, as the first thing that she proposed was that they take a tour around the school; needless to say, he was perfectly familiar with the layout after having gone to the school for three and a half years. Then she grabbed his wrist and pulled him along, oblivious to the fact that he shuddered at the contact and was shaking his head. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, he kept thinking, abhorring the very thought that she was going to try to force him to make some friends.

                                              Once they reached the cafeteria, Akane announced cheerfully that they were, in fact, in the cafeteria. Thank you for stating what is obvious, Lady Exposition, Chane thought caustically. Akane fetched him a tray and piled on loads of nutritious food and then shoved the meal at him, then she started scanning for friends for him to talk to.

                                              This was just too much for him. Akane Sumiyaka was just a nightmare--it wasn't as though she was even unpleasant; in fact, he supposed that the average person would enjoy being friends with this sunshiny personality. But he was not normal, and her boundless energy was very quickly enervating him. He had gone from a peaceful life full of serene quiet, just the way he always thought he wanted, but in the matter of minutes it suddenly became cacophonous and chaotic--worse still, she was trying to introduce him to a social life. He couldn't take it anymore, so while she didn't have her eye on him, he took a step back, then another, and another--then he turned around and broke into a full sprint to escape this hell.
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                                        Ah, so her educated guess on who Leif had been talking about when she mentioned the purple-haired male had been right. Being new to the school though, as a recent transfer, she didn't know much about what Leif meant by Guardians, although she did know about the Headmaster. Must be this school's equivalent of Associsted Student Body members or something, she thought. In time, she believed she would come to learn more about this school, what makes it special and what makes it tick. With patience, the short haired girl watched as Leif contemplated her question about clubs and sports and whether there was a dance club or anything like that. A brief moment of silence passed between the two females as Aurora silently waited for the other girl's response. Finally, the odd silence was broken as Leif unfolded her arms.

                                        "Hmm, well what kind of dancing? If you mean something along the lines of ballet or cheer? I don't think we have any kind of ballet or break dancing kind of dancing, but if you want to do something like that we could always fill out a form and see if we can get anyone to join! As for cheer club, I know someone who's really good at moving!" was the other female's response.

                                        No dance clubs. No dance team. Well, that was slightly disappointing. However, she was cheered up by the fact that the school at least had a cheer team. She had always believed in the saying that cheerleaders couldn't be dancers, but that dancers could be cheerleaders, because while cheerleaders could do tumbling and high kicks and all that kind of stuff, they wouldn't be able to move with the grace and poise of a trained dancer, wouldn't be able to follow the complex choreography or do a Fouetté Rond de Jambe en Tournant. Aurora wondered whether any other persons on this cheer team that Leif mentioned was also like her--a dancer who joined cheer to keep moving, or whether they were all just cheerleaders. She wasn't undermining the cheerleaders' efforts, oh no--she knew how dangerous cheerleading could be, competitive cheerleading that is, not the silly waving pom-poms and screaming chants on the sidelines kind, but she could always pick out who knew dance.

                                        "Let's go find her," Leif finished, breaking Aurora out of her thoughts. Before she could even react, the other female had enclosed her hand around the auburn-haired girl's arm, pulling her along as they walked down the hallway towards the entranceway of the academy. Aurora couldn't help but smile and giggle as Leif began to shout for another female's name, her voice ricocheting off the walls. "SUZY, SUZY, SUZY!" Whoever this Suzy was, Aurora was sure she would meet her soon, as Leif's calling for the mysterious girl was rather loud. And sure enough, she did.

                                        Up ahead, she could see a girl, long blonde hair, back turned towards them. At the sound of her name being called, she turned, and Aurora thought this girl pretty. The girl, whom Aurora guessed was the Suzy Leif had been calling out for over and over, came up to meet them. She greeted Leif first like an old friend before turning her attention over to Aurora herself. After Suzy properly introduced herself, Aurora nodded.

                                        "Yep! Just got here this morning," she said brightly. A frown adorned her face when Suzy pointed to Xan and Dio. "Which one's Dio?" she asked innocently. She didn't know who was who yet, and therefore didn't know who Suzy was talking about. At the warning about not running off into the forest, Aurora smiled wryly. Students not allowed in the forest? What, was the forest Raishon's version of the famed Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter? With horror, Aurora realized that she had voiced her thoughts out loud and smiled sheepishly, slapping a hand over her mouth.

                                        "Sorry, didn't realize I was speaking my mind," she said. "Anyway, Leif here told me there was a cheer team, and to speak to you about it. I'm guessing you're on the team as well?"

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                                    "Ah, Dio's the one with brownish-red hair and glasses," Suzy explained when asked to point out which one of the two remaining fellow Guardians standing nearby was Dio. "He also carries around a Bible with him practically everywhere he goes, so if you see a guy with a Bible, you can always bet that it's Dio." Because who else in this entire school carries around a Bible with them on a day-to-day basis?

                                    "And that guy with black hair," she continued, "is Xan. He's the newest addition to our team." Lowering her voice, she spoke in a hushed whisper. "He's also a cockblocker, so if you find someone you like and you're trying to have your moment with that person, watch out for him." She ended her words with a wink of her eye.

                                    When Aurora asked if she was on the Cheer Squad as well, Suzy's eyes suddenly shone brightly. You could see the stars brimming in her eyes as she took ahold of Aurora's hands and grasped them tightly. "Why, yes!" she exclaimed enthusiastically. "I'm the captain of the team! Are you interested in joining?! We're always interested in having new members! Do you have any experience in cheerleading? If so, how long have you been cheering for?" She continued to fire questions at the poor brunette. Although she was probably scaring her away from possibly joining, she wanted to recruit more people, especially those with cheer experience, onto the team since the Cheer Squad was a new and recent addition to the school clubs. Both she and Laurel had worked hard in trying to persuade the Headmaster to allow them to form a Cheer Squad on campus since there weren't any previously.

                                    "Ah, it's alright," she replied, addressing Aurora's apologies in voicing her thoughts about the forest out loud. "Truthfully, I thought the same thing when I first came here. It wasn't until I joined the Guardians my sophomore year that I was able to venture in there for the first time. Not to explore it, but to patrol it and make sure there weren't any chimeras roaming about nearby. I have to do it with another Guardian, though. Can't go in there alone by myself in case something happens and no one's around, haha."

                                    Location: outside
                                    With: Leif, Aurora (Dio, Xan??)
                                    Mood: welcoming
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__________________. who : seung, zyera and zane . __

_____________________. where : music room . __

_____________________. thoughts : . . .



__________ █ █ █ █ █ █ xx █ █ █ █ █ █ xx █ █ █ █ █ █ xx █ █ █ █ █ █ xx █ █ █ █ █ █

                                          "How did your break go?"

                                          . . . .

                                          That was the answer given whenever she was asked by an unnamed student. Now, it wasn't that she was being rude, oh no, it was just she was being lazy. Very lazy. And she had a perfectly logical reasoning behind not answering. Her reason? This fair young lady was mute, she carried a note pad and pen with her wherever she went. And quite frankly, she didn't want to write out a paragraph of how her break went; when it was just uneventful. It was just an annoyance and unnecessary waste of her energy. Eclair Von Locke. Junior. Recently turned sixteen. Artificial Intelligence; Theta.

                                          Eclair stood in line to get her food at the cafeteria. She didn't eat very much, so she didn't want a full on breakfast like many of the students at Raishon seemed to be getting. All she really wanted was a melon pan...Or should she op for the meat bun instead? Eclair twisted her lips indecisively, debating which one she should get. In the end, she chose the meat bun and decided that the melon pan would be eaten at lunch instead of breakfast. As the line slowly moved up, Eclair's greenish yellow eyes scanned the area. As always, the cafeteria was lively, but today; it was just a bit more so than usually. It must've been because everyone was back from their break and the topic of the day was: "How was your break?" What was interesting was the two male students in line in front of her. She couldn't identify whether they were friends or not, since the conversation they were having seemed hostile. But then again, friendship was odd; especially between the male gender. As she observed the two students with one eyebrow raised, Eclair felt her lips tug into a smile as she watched the long purple haired male almost tripped over another girl while he grabbed his food. The small smile she had vanished as quickly as it came. The line moved up again, only this time it was her turn. Eclair stared at the meat buns that steamed behind a glass while on the other side the melon pans seemed to be calling out to her...In the end, she went against her decision and got the melon pan instead.

                                          Eclair was just about to leave the cafeteria to head towards the music room when all of a sudden her keen hearing picked up on...screaming? Her thoughts were answered when a crazy female student busted through the window. Eclair stared at the girl, seemingly unphased that she busted through the glass window but on the inside...Eclair was panicking on what to do. Logic finally calmed her panic, the knowledge that Raishon was just a special school filled with special people...that busted through windows calmed her down. But on the serious note, Raishon was extremely special, with extremely special students...Like the Tarzan girl before her eyes.

                                          After taking a deep breath and sighing, Eclair took her leave out the cafeteria, melon pan in hand. The cold winter wind brushed against her cheeks, flushing them red with heat. Eclair took a bite of her pastry before raising her scarf over her nose. Eclair was dressed for the cold, but despite her layers, she was still cold. Deathly cold. All she wanted to do was go to the music room to see if she could get a few minutes with the piano before she really went to class but of course the wind just had to try and stop her. Another gust of wind blew past her, the wind actually making a rebound to swirl around her. It wanted to play huh? Sadly, Eclair didn't have the time (Or the body heat) to stay and play with the wind. And so the wind felt it was a good idea to try and stall her away from her destination as much as possible? ...What clever winds the weather offered today.

                                          As much as the gust of wind tried, Eclair still managed to get through the doors of the arts building. Shaking the snow and cold off, Eclair took familiar steps down the hallway and towards the music room. Her (now) cold melon pan still delicious as she took small bites from the pastry. As Eclair approached the door to the music room, the familiar sound of the guitar playing grew louder. The brown haired girl peaked through the window of the classroom, wondering who was playing. It seemed like the student in pajamas; that she identified as Choi Seung Hyo; was concentrating on his instrument with a younger looking male...Eclair was conflicted between whether he was a teacher or a student but nevertheless, her impulse to open the door and walk into the room to listen to them play grew stronger with each second. But it was courtesy as a fellow musician to let them practice in peace...

                                          Impulse one, Eclair zero. Eclair found herself opening the door quietly and entering the room. She closed the door behind her as quietly as she could so that she didn't interrupt their practice. Her eyes observed the two musicians; taking in their appearance and playing styles. She took notice of another student who was by the piano...Her fingers twitched at the piano. Her delicate fingers yearned to dance across the keys, to feel the cold white and black keys...But she was too captivated by the two guitar players before her. Unknowingly, Eclair started to smile softly at the duo, although Seung didn't look like he was enjoying the practice at all...

                                          ooc/outfit: bleh.

__________(xxif every creature alive ih a t e s ( y o u ) - - - - - ` I will be there iiw a i t i n gi for your → s m i l e xx)

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