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                                              How quickly the mood of the Winter Ball had become startled Akane.

                                              "At school I may be your fellow student and friend, but we aren't at school anymore."

                                              It almost made her forget that a robotic spider had torn off her panties and ran away with them. Despite how angry and confused she was with what had happened at the Ball . She was heartbroken as well, of course, but it only motivated her more to return to the Sumiyaka Estate during the break like she had originally planned.

                                              "For the next couple of weeks I'm going to be your teacher, so when you're under my wing, don't expect me to be nice! I'm not going to hold back! I'm going to make sure you absorb each and every little word and by the time I'm done with you, you'll be allowed to walk the forest with the respect of the Shichikuma and Kuma-kun!"

                                              In the forest that nearly surrounds the Sumiyaka Estate there live seven bears, each one a colour of the rainbow. The leader of these bears is a large panda named Kuma-kun. The names of the other bears are simply their colour. Aka-kun, Aoi-kun, so on and so forth. These bears played a very important role during the break and if it were not for their cooperation, Akane would have admittedly had a much harder time training her students. Yes, plural, because joining her on her trip back home was her dearly beloved student, the manager of the Guardians, and one adorable little girl who the redhead was absolutely flattered to teach.

                                              "The three of you will go through different training regiments and so, you must follow these three rules."

                                              Yes; during the break, Akane spent her days teaching Shinjiro the way of the sword.

                                              "Number one! I don't care how impossible you think it is; you'll do what I tell you to do, because everything will be done for a reason!"

                                              She trained Tomoko to grow stronger and more athletically capable.

                                              "Number two! This estate is a sacred place. You have to earn the respect of my family - especially Otou-sama - to walk freely around here! Debby-chan, you're not allowed in the estate until told otherwise."

                                              She threw Deborah into the forest with the Shichikuma and Kuma-kun.

                                              "And finally, rule number three! I'm going to be your worst nightmare for the next couple of weeks, but I still love all of you will all my heart so you're not allowed to hold anything against me once we're done!"

                                              It was a long break full of shouting and sweating and bleeding and bruising, but it was without a doubt all worth it in the end. Of course, with her inhuman stamina, Akane managed to heighten her skills while she wasn't teaching her three students during the break and along the way, a new trick or two has been gained.

                                              "あなたのおじいさんはこの研修であなたを助けるためにここではないかもしれないが、私は少なくとも起動方法を伝えることができます。" Akane's father spoke in a regretful tone as he and Akane sat on two opposing rocks in the zen garden. "私はこの研修でずっとあなたを助けることができないために私は、父親として失敗している。しかし、私はあなたが自分でこの技術を習得することができると信じています。あなたはすべての後、私の最愛の娘である。"

                                              Akane had bowed her head deeply to her father before grasping her katana in her hands once more. It would take much more than just the next couple of weeks to get a steady hold of this technique, but she was confident that she would be capable of doing so.

                                              Your grandfather may not be here to help you with this training, but I can at least tell you how to start.

                                              "Otou-sama..." The syllables came out as a whisper, but her grip tightened around her precious Naishinju and with determined eyes, she looked right into the eyes of her father and matched the intensity of his stare.

                                              I have failed as a father, for I cannot help you much with this training. however, I believe that you will be able to master this technique on your own. You are my beloved daughter, after all.


                                              Of course, the break was not full of none-stop training and heavy breathing. Although they were Akane's students, they were also guests of the Sumiyaka Estate. During Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, a few hours were spent to celebrate and enjoy the festivities. Akane even received a box, and inside the box…was cake. Just. Cake. So much cake that the box is deceptive because she never thought it was possible to have so much cake in a single box. Although she didn't really want to try eating it, she expressed her gratitude to Deborah for the gift nevertheless. She had also received candy from Red, who sent it to her by mail. After what had happened during the Winter Ball, however, she was very hesitant to eat those as well because the chances of the candies actually being robots that would activate during the night and steal all her panties was very high.

                                              The students received gifts from their beloved sensei as well. For Shinjiro and Tomoko, Akane blessed them with copies of the The Great Sumiyaka Handbook of Wisdom. Since Deborah has already received a copy of this book, Akane instead supplied her with a strip of cloth that's meant to be tied around the forehead like a headband. Sewn into the middle of the red cloth in with white thread was the character for strength. This headband is a representation of the balance between physical and mental strength that one needs in order to achieve greatness. The cloth of this headband is actually wrapped around very dense and very heavy material that in total, weighs around sixty pounds. But yes, one can still tie it in a knot. Do not question the items of the Sumiyaka Estate.

                                              Eventually, the end of the break came around and by then, Akane was confident that she could be able to make her Head Guardian proud. Her students had improved drastically and she had taken on the task of mastering a new technique with Naishinju. Now all that was left was to return to Raishon Academy and show the student body that if they still had any doubt about the strength of the Guardians, there were about to be proven absolutely wrong.

                                              She had returned to Raishon Academy ready to show the Guardians how much she had improved. Coming back to a death threat by her very own Yukina was the last thing she was expecting. For a long while, Akane stood their in silence as she started into the direction Yukina and Eli had got towards. Finally, she managed to gulp and gradually stopped her arms from shaking. She unclenched her jaw and refused to speak until she knew she'd be able to utter proper words and not frustrated yells.

                                              "Nan ya kore...?" She muttered to herself, her stomach twisting in knots as she finally managed to dear her eyes away from the empty space before her. "What...What happened to Yuyu...? Did somebody reprogram her?!" Confused and without answers, she was tempted to stab the ground with her katana, but her father had taught her better than that. She had spent a lot of the break meditating, too, so her patience was significantly better than before. With a deep breath, Akane calmed herself before turning away from the gates. Another sharp sigh escaped her lips and with her hand resting on the hilt of her katana, she started on her way back to the academy. "...I need to rest." With that, she steadily began her trek back to her new dorm room.

                                              ✖ ✖ ✖

                                              Oh? Who's that blond kid with three sprites flying about him? Certainly not anybody Akane planned on taking notice of. No, not at all. Now was definitely not the time to deal with him. She wanted to hug the sprites, though, but she didn't want to risk any interaction with that person at all. It was dreadful enough when she discovered that they were in the same dorm, anyway. For once, the redhead silently and briskly made her way past the blond and although she kept herself from grinning at the sprites, couldn't resist catching a glimpse of them in all their adorableness.

                                              Although she knew she was full of energy, Akane felt exhausted and drained of all life. Although she knew she wouldn't be able to fall asleep, she figured laying in her bed would do her some good. Maybe she could meditate and work on her new technique a little. She decided that seemed like a good idea and opened the door, only to have her small plans escape her mind completely.

                                              "Eh? Who are you?" She asked immediately before something clicked in her mind. There was an unfamiliar name in her dorm registry this semester. Although she was stuck with that person, there was another name listed as well; a student named Chane Nakai. Since Akane had never head of this student before, she immediately assumed he was a transfer student and as these pieces of information came back to her, her upsetting expression suddenly changed into a bright smile. "Oh, you must be Nakai-kun! I'm Sumiyaka Akane, fellow Guardian and ultimate swordsman of Raishon!" She's been meaning to find some new titles for herself lately. She'd work on it later.

                                              Completely oblivious to the fact that Chane wanted nothing to do with Akane, the redhead happily jumped up to the taller male and threw her hand out for a handshake. "No need to be shy; it's part of my job to get new students accustomed to Raishon!" But Chane isn't a new student. "Oh, but I guess you came at a pretty weird time, huh...Well, don't worry about it! We the Guardians will deal with it, so you just focus on making some new friends." With a bright grin, Akane gave Chane a strong pat on the shoulder. She had originally wanted to go and rest for a while, but after seeing that there was a new student who isn't actually new in need of assistance that is most definitely actually not wanted, the redhead found herself regaining her usual overwhelming stamina. Plus, if he was going to be her new roommate, they ought to get to know each other as soon as possible. "In fact, let me show you around first! Raishon's pretty big so you might get lost, and there's a whole bunch of people to meet, so you better start now!"

                                              Without waiting for any consent from Chane - probably because he's a mute - Akane grabbed her new roommate by the wrist and proceeded to bring her along with him for a tour of the academy that he's already very familiar with.

                                              "First stop; the cafeteria! The caf food is great and I bet you haven't had breakfast yet, so it's only natural that we start there!" She announced happily and pulled the dark-haired male along with her. As usual, upon her arrival, Akane would load her tray with piles of food and give Chane advice on which items he should pick for maximum energy and vitamins. "Hmm...We need to find you some friends..." Once food was obtained, the redhead would scan the cafeteria in search of any familiar faces that ight serve as good friends for the new student who isn't actually new. God damn it Akane.

                                              Location: Gates > Dorm 310 > CafeteriaInteraction: Chane

                                              BEWARE , FOR MY BLADE WILL GIVE YOU NASTY CUTSkiri
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My words are out drifting somewhere, and no one has found them, I fear.
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I know these wounds can still bleed, and I know that's hard to believe. I know, but...
This is the future we made. This is the world that awaits. This is, it's the kind of person I'll be.

How many more times? How many more times? How many already, now? (Oh, how many times?)

When you were here, you really were here. (And when you were here, I also was here)

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                          "Road Show"


                          "To be a Sumiyaka, one must know their limits! Surely you will discover them when you are one breath away from dying!”

                          So basically, she’s trying to kill us.

                          “Basically. I’m not allowed to use powers, either, so.”




                          “Well.” Deborah said, marking a nearby tree, “At least we’re not going in circles…”

                          Were you even prepared for this? I- I mean…a voice asked? We never really gave me a name outside of “Sylph,” but…

                          I guess I’ll go with that then.

                          “…I’m not entirely sure. Maybe. We’ll see.” She puts the rock she used back into her pocket, and continues moving forward, snow and twig crushed underfoot. “Still, I have to give Akane-sensei some credit: dumping me out into the forest without any slightest indication as to what I need to do was an extremely intelligent thing to do on her part. I wish all teachers would do that.”

                          Sarcasm? I- The Sylph suggested.

                          “Dunno. I’m not really feeling the mood for it. Its kinda too cold to be rude and distasteful, and also, far too late.” She kept walking, looking up overhead into the dead trees of winter, unable to hide from view the falling sun. “The most convenient thing I see is that we have a sun. If it were any other season, there would have been far too many leaves to see anything. So there’s a bright spot in this, I guess.”


                          “You don’t have to laugh if you don’t think my puns are funny. Just something to pass the time thinking about.” She stopped to mark another tree, a sharp sound of scraping drilling into her ears, “You’re welcome to try.”

                          …I can’t.

                          “Why not? They aren’t that hard.” She says aloud, putting the rock away again.

                          Okay, now I just won’t.

                          “But…why? I mean-“

                          We’re not having a 179 line discussion about why I won’t make ******** puns, so, skipping to the end: You end up pissing me off so badly that I stop talking to you and you feel all cold and insensitive.


                          Nor are we having a 187 line discussion about how I know all this information-


                          ”Ah. Okay.”

                          What the absolute ******** you totally didn’t give me that answer when I told you that.

                          ”…Did? Do you mean ‘would have,’ or have I already been told this?”

                          She’s actually referring to the script, which is now rewriting itself because of broken sequence. Lol good going.

                          ”So did she just break sequence?”

                          Actually my fault. Her plowing through over three-hundred lines of talking was something the script totally saw coming, but somehow didn’t see me giving enough shits to actually pipe up and is basically jizzing all over itself because of my awesome presence this early on.

                          ”…Oh, okay.”


                          “I can see that you two have an antagonistic relationship.”

                          Actually I totally love my super cute kawaii desu older onee-chan whom I support with all her weird fetishes which are **r*** * *, *** p**y, * *** **x, * *** p**** (*****), * *** p**** (**r**), * *** p*** (p*****, * ***r ** *t***), * ***** r ****, *r* & *** ****v** (*r*** ***r*), *r ****, **p*yx**t* * *, ***t* * *** * *r ***r*ty, **** *tr*t*** **, **t*r * ** *** * * *tr **, ***t****ty, ***t* ** (* **t), ***t* ** (**r*), *** *** ****, *** ** **rv**** (**x***), *** ** **tt* *, *r***t/****t * * *****, *r**t* * * *tr **, *r* *** **, * * *t w *r***p, * * ***** (****t), * * ***** (***vy), * * ***** (***t*-**y), * * ***** (p*****, * ***r ** *t** **)-“

                          -when will you take the hint to shut your mouth?

                          “Wait, is she lying? Because if she is I can totally rearrange my daily schedule accommodate your urges-



                          ”…What did you do?”

                          Does it matter? Let’s kill it. biggrin


                          “You’ve become a nuisance.”

                          It’s a bit late to say things like that, isn’t it? You only have maybe a few minutes to live before the bear finally catches up to that blood trail you’re leaving behind. biggrin

                          “I need to get rid of you first.”

                          Me? Or…That bear? biggrin

                          “No, you. Only you. The bear is fine.”

                          Me > Bear that’s going to kill you. Wow, harsh.

                          “It’s nothing personal, it’s just that you’re too dangerous to leave be. In the long term, it would be unwise for me to hold someone who is content with endangering my life and perhaps even the lives of others-“

                          So Me = Bear?

                          “You’re worse than the bear. You drove it completely mad.”

                          You make it sound like it’s my fault it’s all prissy. I’ll have you know that I can’t claim responsibility for its actions or dictate its responses. And that is exactly what you would say if the shoe was on your foot, word for word.

                          “Hypothetically, if I was behaving dumb enough to set off a one-hundred and fifty pound bear, I shouldn’t pretend my hallucinations wouldn’t through hissy fits. I assume that is why the Sylph-”

                          Whoa whoa whoa…Suddenly, we’re hallucinations?


                          We’re not a hallucination. We’re real.

                          “No you aren’t. You’re figments of my overactive imagination. There is simply no possible way you’re real.”

                          There’s no possible way you’re real either, but here you are, doing everything you’re capable of and flouncing around.

                          “You can’t do what I do-“

                          What, like eat and breathe and talk and dance and everything else you can do? We can do it too. I just did. Twice.

                          ”And I’m telling you, there is some other explanation for it. Perhaps I had some severe hallucinations that I do not recall happening because they were a trauma point, or--“-You don’t remember being me? ”—something I do not wish to… What do you mean, I don’t remember being you?”

                          Like, sitting in a spinny chair and watching me in all my amazing glory from a pristine-white room with an oversized TV screen with and your laptop being your tower?


                          …No? I kinda figured that was the case with you, too, since you can’t even figure out the difference between a computer chassis and an optical disk drive Which is proof enough that I’m not a hallucination. I mean if I can figure out how to get sixty extra inches of screen and you can’t find your way out of a spreadsheet, then either a hallucination knows more about computers than you, which believe me, isn’t that ******** hard, or I’m most definitely a real person with the capacity to STORE KNOWLEDGE IN YOUR BRAINS. #OWNED b***h #THATSWHATSUP #YOUJUSTGOTPOOPEDON

                          “…So, you’re like, a multiple personality. Which would make sense; identities formed via dissociative mental disorder tend to be aggressive, active, and/or hostile, with more complete memories than the primary identity. But that does not change the fact that you are still a construct of my mind, and thus, technically not real.”

                          Your personality is a construct of your mind too. So technically you aren’t real either.

                          “The difference between me and you is that I was formed through a multitude of self-concepts, where as you are only two dimensional. You do not behave differently towards anybody-

                          You’re saying you do?

                          “My feelings vary between people, and I do feel inclined to behave differently around certain people. I am capable of having varying degrees of respect towards varying people, capable of housing affection or contempt, capable of expressing the varying degrees of the wide assortment of emotions that I choose not to, because it’s not only a waste of energy on my part, but also inefficient and unhelpful towards the expectations I or the people I choose to befriend hold for me. I do not believe that smiling at a bear, who, by the way, is de-clawed and also trained, which means that I can manipulate him to respond a certain way without necessarily resorting to violence, which is probably what you did now that I think about it…

                          But, as I was saying, I do not believe smiling at a bear will help me at all.

                          Nor am I foolish enough to honestly believe trying to rely on ‘conditioning’ that perhaps taken place years ago. It is a 150 pound bear, and bears possess a frightening amount of strength, claws or not. I’ve already dislocated my shoulder, and I’m pretty sure it can do much more damage than just that. I’m not entirely confident enough to gamble my chances on my ability to just pop it back in and face severe repercussions like tearing more muscles and such. So I am simply suffering through the pain and the bleeding. I’m suffering from the other wounds I’ve received. I am in a lot of pain that I simply choose to subdue because I am attempting to actually converse with you and explain why it is you suck.

                          And it is because my biggest problem in spite of all this, manages to be you.

                          You’re distracting. You don’t care. You assume control of my own body and wreak havoc, leaving a mess that I must clean up in your stead. You’ve thrown me into a potentially life threatening situation, and in doing so, wounded me. Above all else you choose to see nothing but what I can view from my own pair of eyes. You don’t feel anything. And if you express any emotion at all, it’s because my mind tells you so. Your intelligence most definitely comes from my brain: my best guess as an explanation for your ‘computer knowledge’ is that you simply choose words I’ve heard in the past. Or perhaps, I have memories of this information passed onto me, which I have, for some unknown reason, chosen to suppress.

                          But I don’t think any of this proves I’m real.

                          Maybe I’m not real and just some fictional character.

                          But I know that is within my power to suppress you, and ultimately, kill you.

                          Whether it is through medication, or sheer will power, or whatever, I can make you go away and disappear. I will find a way to do it. It’s not that hard.

                          You can’t kill me. Not directly.

                          …I’m not sure if, then, that makes me a monster. Because even though you are a figment of my imagination, you’re still entitled to the ability to grow and develop and become your own person, rather be trapped to the confines of my own mind. Not only that, but I find it extremely uncomfortable to even mention death, because logically, if you are a construct of my own mind, then you must, at least subconsciously, also fear death as I do. Even if you are not, I am not-

                          Do hallucinations die? That would also be something I should consider. Perhaps you would merge with me, but to what effect would that have on my mind? Will my perception of myself be altered by the inclusion of you? Or will it be altered by experience alone? I, too, have not killed something directly. Would my perception of reality be altered with your death? Or will it only affect me stubbly, if any effect at all? These are questions I should consider before I have a hand in your death.

                          Actually, thinking about this, what if my mind made you so that I would kill you? What if you were meant to die by my own hand? You know, like in Highlander, except it’s a delusion of the main character-

                          Wait a minute. What if it is a delusion-

                          You realize you can shut up now, right? You managed to get all of the bears all worried about you, because you’ve been talking to yourself for the past 10 ******** minutes. Yes, even the one that dislocated your shoulder.

                          Good going Crazy.

                          “But why? The cat will be fine...”

                          Oh god now I think one of them is going to get Akane.



                          “She gave me a sixty-pound headband for Christmas.”

                          Wait, so I don’t get anything?

                          …Why WOULD you get anything?

                          “She gave me a sixty-pound headband for Christmas.”

                          Why wouldn’t she?

                          Because you tried to get Deborah to kill her ******** pets.

                          “She gave me a sixty-pound headband for Christmas.”

                          She doesn’t know that.

                          She also doesn’t even know we exist, technically.

                          “She gave me a sixty-pound headband for Christmas.”

                          Maybe she does know and just doesn’t want to acknowledge we exist.

                          “She gave me a sixty-pound headband for Christmas.”

                          I wouldn’t put it past Sumiyaka to ignore the blazing problems in her student in an attempt to keep her hidden intelligence and wisdom in line.

                          …Before we get into that, there is something wrong here.

                          “She gave me a sixty-pound headband for Christmas.”

                          That’s the sixth time Deborah’s said that.

                          I wouldn’t worry about it. It probably just struck her that her sensei might be out for her blood.

                          “She gave me a sixty-pound headband for Christmas.”

                          Why would she be out for her blood?

                          No reason. :3


                          Deborah side-stepped as the bear swung its left paw down, leaving a hole in the ground as snow flew into the air from the spot. Quickly, it swung its right paw; Deborah awkwardly attempted to move out of the way, and as a result, fell over. The bear gave a loud, ferocious roar, echoing throughout the forest and scaring away the birds that perched themselves on nearby trees. Deborah took the opportunity to scramble to her feet and run to a further distance, fumbling her steps and moving awkwardly on the frozen snow, only to stop short after taking the time to process that there was a river between herself and the other, more safer side.

                          The bear was coming, and there would be no stopping it short.

                          Deborah turned, her face reflecting the inner-sense of dread and imminent doom. The distance was growing shorter, time speeding and churching forward, the insistent ringing in her ears and pounding heart heralding for Death to come.

                          It was now, or it was never.

                          …What did Sumiyaka teach, exactly?

                          Technique. Strength. Ultimately, confidence in one’s abilities, as all teachers did. But she also tried to teach things like compassion, and courage, and determination, and just plain old common sense, with that little red book she gave her.

                          But these were not things that could not be taught; in fact, they could only be learned.

                          She realized, as fear began to melt into sheer and utter terror, what Sumiyaka meant by ‘limit.’

                          And, as time felt so quick yet endless, she realized that she would not stand to have one.

                          She stood her ground, muscles relaxing, arms moving and taking position as she imagined in but a split second how exactly she wanted this to go. Of course it hurt; her wounds reopened during the scuffle, and fear would give her no greater ache than make everything seven times as bad as her perception would make everything out to be.

                          The bear came so, so close to tackling her into the water, when one hand reached out and took snug hold of the bear’s fur and pulled the bear upward into the air, another hand joining it as the bear arched well-over her head and into the water.

                          She tried getting her breathe together as she watched the bear be dragged away, struggling in a fit of fury to swim against the flow of the river-

                          ”-That wasn’t at all what happened, though. In fact I don’t understand what you’re trying to-”

                          I’m telling the story here, not you.

                          Anyways, She tried getting her breathe together as she watched the bear be dragged away, struggling in a fit of fury to swim against the flow of the river-

                          What the hell are you doing.

                          Trying to tell an awesome retelling as to how Deborah fell off a 1,250 foot waterfall while riding on a ******** bear. How it actually happened was too lame, so hopefully the level of bullshittiery within this already crummy story will make it more memorable to MB than the original.

                          ”All I did was ask the bear what I actually had to do to actually win. It’s not just about defeating it in battle; it’s about the experience. I mean really, isn’t it all it boils down to? It doesn’t matter if your version is true or not; it’s just not going to portray the actual experience itself, because ‘staring at the face of death’ is entirely different from the actual feelings I went through and undergone. Not only that, but the fact that if I choose to remember-

                          Guys, we’ve spent this entire trip literally mocking each other. We have literally only a few days to re-find the 6 remaining bears and a panda. Drop the bullshit and lets go already.

                          ”…Now that I think about it. I don’t remember ever going to the bathroom, or eating, and receiving the head band itself is kinda fuzzy…

                          …I can’t even really remember anything but talking this entire trip.”

                          Scrolling back, it looks like the script trimmed the fat and cut out any parts that it deemed unnecessary, like when you built your first fire, or when you got b***h slapped by that huge a** fish when you tried catching it, or when that blizzard sent the house flying and you spent the entire day stuck in a cave with some of Violet Bear’s cubs and learned the importance of family and all that.

                          ”…And that means?”

                          It means that your brain thought the entire thing was bullshit-

                          Actually what happened was that she went back and deleted it because she went completely emotional.

                          I will never forget the day my onee-chan was screaming to the top of her lungs ‘THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY, THIS IS A DICTATORSHIP’ as she impaled every fish she could with her bare hands and ended up crying like an emotional school girl about all the blood and bodies that she left in her wake. Which was like, only one or two fish in the end, really.

                          Never will I forget when she was screaming after the house in a blizzard at like two in the morning and ended up doing that character thing where the person screams at God at whatever after entirely losing their marbles. Oh, and before that when she got hit in the face by a ******** tree branch. That pretty much made her a little cray cray.

                          I also won’t forget what she did to-

                          ”Wait a minute, why DON’T I remember any of this again?”

                          Because it totally didn’t happen, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight Sylphie?

                          [******** this, I am totally done. Have fun killing bears off screen, because you ain’t ever going to remember this-

                          ”Wait a minute, you can’t do that. Wait. Wait a minute. What is happening I don’t. I….







                          Wait a minute, I do remember this-”


                          “-….Yeah. Good Afternoon, ETA.”


                          Too long, didn’t read: stuff happened.

                          Anyways, the trip was eventful, as was the journey home. Deborah found her backpack with at least one souvenir, which she too the time to… stuff… and…Oh my god, you didn’t.

                          ”It is to my understanding that you, like me, share some discomfort with Death. However, you have managed to kill something. Therefore, to commemorate your success and inspire the same for myself, I have purchased and hung one of those famous talking fishes. You know, the ones who move?”

                          Deborah pushed the button—

                          “Whooooooa! Cαᶤᶤiὅpe ǝuɐظ! Put Ὀn your boᾕᾕet and bᶅσόp agaiᵰ~ For when you go ’B⁞•○p! dooᶤq!’ I’m happy the ᶅiveᶤong day~ You’re the talk of the towᾗ! Calliope Jᶏɲe! Put on your boⁿἧet and dȱʘןq agaiП~ For when you go ’ ΒlooÞ! Βlooƿ!’ you bⱢ◌◦p aΊῚ my cares away~!”

                          The fish flipped and flopped about, mouth opening and closing automatously, a corrupted sound wave resembling…something, playing from the built in speakers. It was like a cat was dy- … chok- … I mean… It sounded just plain awful. Its eyes were creepy as hell, too.

                          ”This is a perfectly normal replication fish made in China. I can check out a fish book in the library to com-“ Five minutes later, the fish was in literal pieces, disposed of in the waste basket. ”…You realize that I could just go out and buy another one in my spare time, yes?”

                          More like never, because you wouldn’t take the time out of any day to go into the city to find a defunct singing fish.

                          ”A sketch is fine, too. I believe I have my sketchbook in my desk. However reluctant I am to deviate from its purposes, I do not mind-“

                          If you pull it out I will not hesitate to boot you from the spot.

                          …There was a pause in movement. She was staring at the ground in thought, frozen, for a few sec--

                          ”This isn’t going to work.”

                          Yes I know, so drop the fish thing-

                          ”No. Not that. I mean, this.” She said, ”This being, the fact that you can do those things without my consent. I don’t think you should be able to do that, because that otherwise creates an unbalanced system of control. I mean, what stops you from assuming control always, other than your Other Counterpart? But that is irrelevant; I am still within the weaker state. I may as well not exist, with you two swapping out control.”

                          Well, it only happens –

                          ”Sometimes, but eventually. Always.”


                          ”What do you mean, ‘nope?’

                          This is how its going to happen. I can tell you because even I know this will happen.”
                          Deborah pulls her desk a note pad and a pen. ”I’ll show you, if it’s not too much.” She begins writing—

                          No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

                          Just stop.

                          ”Am I wrong?”

                          Does it matter?


                          You are DEAD WRONG.


                          If I told you—

                          ”It would save a ton of research and having to look for the answer myself? Or perhaps I’ll inevitably find some other answers.”

                          LET ME FINISH, GOD.

                          …Anyways. I’m just not going to tell you anything. It’s a personal decision that you should have some RESPECT for, even it has something to do with you.

                          ”…You remind me of those people who tell you to go and do something, and you go do it, but then you have to go back because they forgot to give you ‘key item x,’ and when you bring it up, they give it to you. So you go back and do it, but then you need ‘key item y,’ so then you go back to them and they give it to you. Eventually they give you everything you need to continue, but by then you’d have wasted hours going back and forth to accomplish the one thing they told you to in the very beginning.

                          Except they do it because they lack the proper memory and foresight for it.

                          And you do it because… For some reason X. As of now, it’ll be noted as ‘because you simply have no desire to do so.’ So, based on this and what I already know, I have set up my objectives for the course of my duration for the day.”

                          I say those kinds of things for you, you know. You don’t have to tell me—

                          ”I do, because of regardless of what I want you to do, you still have to do your….

                          …can I-“

                          NO. NO MORE QUESTIONS. NO MORE TALKING. WE’RE DONE.

                          GO EAT BREAKFAST.

                          DEBORAH GOES AND EATS BREAKFAST.

                          TUT TUT.

                          MOVE IT LADY MOVE IT.

                          I DON’T SEE THOSE LEGS MOVING.


                          YOU HEARD ME.

                          NOW GO TO YOU ROOM-

                          ”But I’m already. I mean. Technically. In my sleeping quarters.”


                          ”What are you talking about. This has always been. My tone of voice.”

                          NOW YOU’RE LYING.

                          ”I don’t lie.”

                          STOP LYING TO YOUR-

                          ”Narrator. Yes. I know who you are.


                          Can you please calm down?

                          I have this uncomfortable feeling settling. In my stomach. I don’t know if it is hunger. Or perhaps. Actual feelings of shame. Either or, I just. Really want them to go away right about now. Because either or. May or not give me. An ulcer.”




                          In the cafeteria, Deborah was eating…fish.

                          ”It’s technically a miso-soup variant. This is what they were serving here; you were there, too. We agreed on miso soup. Agreed as in, ‘Eat that right now, young lady, or—“

                          I told you not to address me in public!

                          People can actually hear you talking to yourself.

                          ”But there’s so much still to—“

                          SHUT UP, THEY’RE EVEN WHISPERING!


                          …Um. Hey. They’re….whispering about something that happened earlier.

                          Apparently at the gate today, Yukina showed up. Deborah blinked, still eating her rice. The Guardian’s leader had gone missing after the ball after being jeered at by the crowd, and was not heard from since. There was some confusion amongst the-


                          Goddamn it let me finish.



                          Nobody remembered what happened, other than the hazing thing.

                          People said that the memory was sort of fuzzy upon inquiry…


                          Oh hey, Akane.

                          Deborah froze. Then she started looking around and about, spotting the red-head at last, with some weird kid. She made eye-contact with Akane, then started to look around, looking for somebody else that she may have been looking for. It then occurred to her that maybe she was just looking for someone familiar, but.


                          Yeah that seemed about as likely as shooting a….

                          ”You’re very bad at this, aren’t you?“

                          I said shut up!!!!

i. 'So Sumiyaka basically wants to kill us.'
ii. 'Sequence Breaking.'
iii. A brief summary of the relationship between Sylph and Bard
iv. In which the Bard screws Deborah over, big time.
v. A long discussion later, the Sylph cheerfully rejects being a delusion of a delusion of an immortal scottsman.
vi. Suddenly, Akane's murderous plot has been discovered.
vii. 'We're off to finally beat up some damn bears- oh hey wat.'

- Deborah hangs up a fish, which is later destroyed.
- She then begins to point out the flaws in continuing
- Eventually irritates the Sylph enough to have her push her out of the room
- Gets Miso Soup and some rice.
- Is eating the rice as Yukina briefly comes to mind.
- Sylph points out Akane, Deborah makes brief eye contact.
Mood: Somewhat Annoyed, Somewhat Eh
Location: Cafeteria
OOC: Highlighting Mandatory.
Key: Deborah
Also Deborah, but Underlined is ETA
Deborah too
Jokes aside, Brown is Deborah (Main)
Green is Bard!Deb
Black is Sylph!Deb
and White is...

- - - - - - - - - -

~ ▐ Kaoru Segawa ▌~

User Image

                            Kaoru chuckled.

                            What was this? Yukina of the Head Guardians had finally returned? Of course, her return had sparked quite the interest. She had, after all, been missing since the events of the Winter Ball. That had been quite the interesting scene. He had picked the right decision of attending the ball after all. Where else would he have seen such an interesting moment of normal students reacting in such a learning institute as Raishon Academy. Leaning against the bridge's railing, Kaoru observed the commotion involving Yukina of the Guardians, as well as the chase that Helios of the Guardians gave after her into the forest. He chuckled. The first sighting since she disappeared and this was how she acted? Why, it was just li-

                            Kaoru smiled.

                            Oh dear, it would be unfair of him to compare such contrasting situations. They were a far cry from one another, were they not? Listening to the murmurs of the students around him as they listened to Shinjiro of the Guardians and trickled back into the school, Kaoru chuckled. Students here truly did love to follow those in command whenever they were unsure of the situation. Then again, was it different in other normal schools? No, of course it wasn't. That was the normal reaction for people of this age group. It was rather fascinating. Was being submissive a natural behaviour for humans? That certainly seemed to be the case. Kaoru smiled pleasantly as he continued to watch the coming and going of students wearing a scarf, which helped in keeping him warm as usual.

                            He had stayed on the school campus over the holidays. Of course, the Sato family had contacted him. Sent him a Christmas Card and nice present as well, containing a more recent picture of the family as well as a new scarf to wear. They seemed to have the impression that he liked scarves. Of course, he had replied. That was what a normal student was suppose to do with their family and guardian, was it not? Kaoru chuckled. He did not regret staying at the campus. It had been a rather interesting experience, being able to see the halls of Raishon Academy without the usual hustle and bustle and being able to take his daily walks in peace and serenity. How very wonderful this place was to have such an atmosphere when nobody was around. Even without their physical presence, signs of life could be found all over the school. It was a far cry from other places. Kaoru smiled as he watched the ash-like snow fall from the sky. It was a great blessing to be able to stand here as he was, simply thinking to himself. There was no need for anything of great importance to be done. How often could a person simply stand and watch time pass? How many people were blessed with the ability to do such a thing? How many people were blessed to be allowed to do such a thing? Kaoru believed that Raishon Academy was a tranquil school where each and every student were blessed for peace that they had been given. Was that wrong? He did not think so.

                            Over the break, he had seen students party. That had been amusing. He watched students hurt themselves trying to better themselves. That had been interesting. He had watched students waiting for others to return. That had been rather fascinating. He had watched students simply go about their daily lives. That had been engrossing. He had watched students fall to temptations and attempt things they would never have done before others. That had been pleasing. He had watched students become overcome by loneliness and leave the school campus to see their friends. That had been entertaining.

                            He had watched teachers go about their duties while unable to leave the school campus. That had been amusing. He had watched teachers go about tutoring the students who required extra help. That had been interesting. He had watched teachers trying to catch up on late assignments. That had been rather fascinating. He had watched teachers trying to find something to do with their time. That had been engrossing. He had watched teachers trying to keep an eye on students who were acting a bit out of control. That had been pleasing. He had watched teachers acting in a manner that was clearly different from how they normally carried themselves during school hours. That had been entertaining.

                            Kaoru smiled to himself as he continued to watch the ash-like snow fall, and attempt to survive in its strange new world before finally failing and melting into water. Raishon Academy was quite a wonderful place with all sorts of new things for him to see. This institute truly was a peaceful place to be. Was that wrong? Kaoru did not think so. So he smiled as he continued to let time pass him by. This sort of inactivity was a very nice experience for him. How very wonderful.

                            Raishon Academy... What a blessed place to be.

                            And so Kaoru chuckled. Today was once again, very serene and peaceful.

- - - - - - - - - -

                  - Kaoru sees the situation with Yukina and the Guardians, but remains out of it
                  - Kaoru is simply leaning against the rail in the courtyard's bridge, watching everyone go by
                  - He thinks to himself, and of the things he experienced over the break
                  - Raishon Academy is truly peaceful and serene as usual
    - - - - - - - - - -
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                                                  "Hey Haruma, can you translate this for me?" Yuuta asked, shoving a piece of paper with foreign language text on it, specifically Russian, under Haruma's nose.

                                                  At the moment, they were both studying in the library together. For this semester, most of Haruma's classes were in the late afternoons to evenings, meaning that he had mornings free. And because of his change in school schedule, that meant that his work times for his office assistant job at Raishon Academy changed as well. Whereas he worked in the late afternoons the previous semester, now his work was set for mornings and afternoons from 10am to 3pm. Right now, though, it wasn't time for Haruma to depart for his job yet. Plus, he needed to get his homework done before doing anything else.

                                                  Glancing up from his studies, Haruma stared at the paper shoved under his nose. There was a brief moment of silence as his eyes skimmed the Russian text, then looked up at Yuuta with a deadpan look. "It says, 'hello. My name is Ishiyuki Haruma. You are disrupting my studies. Don't bother me right now.'" And with that, he gently pushed the paper away and returned his attention on his studies.

                                                  "Aww, Ha-ru-maaaaaa!!" wailed Yuuta. "Don't troll me, man!"

                                                  Haruma gave a wry semi-smile in return, but did not look up from his studies. Occasionally every now and then, he would check the time on his cell phone to see if it was close to time for him to leave for his job.

                                                                                                                                                ██➽ location: Raishon University library
                                                                                                                                                ██➽ company: Yuuta (NPC)
                                                                                                                                                ██➽ mood:
                                                                                                                                                ██➽ thoughts:
                                                                                                                                                ██➽ oufit:

                                                            User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
xx ɪ'ʟʟ xx ʙᴇ xx ʙʀᴀᴠᴇʀ xx ɪ'ʟʟ xx ʙᴇ xx ᴍʏ xx ᴏᴡɴ xx sᴀᴠɪᴏʀ
- - - - ♡ - - - - - - - - ♡ - - - - - - - - ♡ - - - - - - - - ♡ - - - - ❤ ❤
xx location: dorm 360 -> dr. hallows's xxx companion: no one xxx emotion: calm xxx fashion: it's cold = A=
S T A N D I N G x O N x M Y x O W N x T W O x F E ET

                                                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                                xxxxx It was so unfair how the universe just had to be so fair to Harumi. The fortunes just had to be perfectly balanced by misfortunes. You were adopted into a wealthy family? The money should help you evade the cops at all times. Gifted with amazing superpowers? Good luck controlling them! Have the opportunity to communicate with an Artifical Intelligence? Surely, you'll love the sound of "FAAAAAAABULOUS" being screamed in your mind! How about something simple like having fun at a school dance? Let's end it with a party pooper of a plot twist. Maybe going to Italy for winter break will make it better? And "coincidentally" run into your nemesis to top it off! Going back to school should restore a little bit of sanity... oh wait. You go to Raishon Academy.

                                                xxxxx And like sick sadists this school is full of, they've managed to force Harumi to live with said nemesis. "WOW! We're soooo so lucky, aren't we, Mimi? Just think, whenever I want -- I mean, WE want to see dear Mitri, he'll only be a few steps away! This new year will be absolutely FAAAAAAABULOUS!" This was Phi, the said Artificial Intelligence. The label "Intelligence" was questionable. Althought Phi was still technically a machine, his programming should have allowed him to comprehend human emotion, his host's emotion at the very least. Given that 149 centimeters topped with a red mess evoked hatred, Phi should logically think that the letters "D-i-m-i-t-r-i-V-a-s-s-i-l-i-a-d-i-s" right under "H-a-r-u-m-i-A.-E-v-a-n-s" on the plaque next to the dorm's entrance would make Harumi kick the door down, storm to the office, and demand a reassignment of dorm--

                                                xxxxx Wait.

                                                xxxxx Is that a... grin?

                                                xxxxx It seems Phi's logic works after all.

                                                xxxxx 'Lucky we are. There's no way Vassiliadis will get away now!' This "Y-a-s-u-n-o-r-i-M-a-e-y-a-m-a" wasn't going to last a day here. Harumi felt bad for the other dormmate but figured that he'd get away when he needed. She looked at the door while reaching for the knob. A piece of paper with the school's insignia was hanging on the door, perfectly centered. With a quick glance, Harumi saw that she was scheduled for her biannual appointment with Dr. Hallows and then proceeded inside. Empty. Good. It was perfect for an ambush. She claimed the bedroom closest to the exit. It was good for making the quickest escape in the case of "surprise emergencies." 'This new year is going to be absolutely fabulous.'

                                                xxxxx Before getting settled or even unpacking, Harumi decided to see Dr. Hallows right away. She didn't want that appointment hanging over her head for a while. She'd heard of the incessant notices and reminders from other students that kept putting off their meetings with the guidance counselor. It sounded annoying and distracting. It was best to get it over with soon. On her way down to Dr. Hallows's office, Harumi saw a large group of students crowded together and whispering. She could feel that they were shaking a little, but she couldn't hear the juicy gossip. She's probably hear about it sooner or later. Word spreads like wildfire.

                                                xxxxx She arrived at the counselor's office and knocked on the door.
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say goodbye.


axlxl xxx txhxaxt xxx i xxx hxaxvxe xxx ixs xxx oxn xxx txhxe xxx fxlxoxoxr xxx gxoxd xxx oxnxlxy xxx kxnxoxwxs xxx wxhxaxt xxx ix'xm xxx fxixgxhxtxixnxg xxx fxoxr
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User ImageUser Image
            ᴅʀowɴιɴɢ ιɴ ᴀ ( sea ) ɴᴀᴍᴇᴅ α м в ι ɢ u ι т ч

            ███████████████████████████████████ ι`ᴍ s ᴜ ғ ғ ᴇ ʀ ι ɴ ɢ ʙᴇcᴀusᴇ ι cᴀɴ ɴo ( ʟoɴɢᴇʀ ) ʙʀᴇᴀᴛʜᴇ
            location )) classroom halls xx company )) no one xx
            User Image

                                                          indent So much has happened in the past few days, that Azure nearly feared that it was all nothing but a sweet dream. That, at any minute, she was going to wake up back in a cot in a dimly lit room with—

                                                          indent It was probably better to not remember those nightmare-filled days.

                                                          indent The cool breeze that pressed against her pale cheek was enough proof to the ice fairy that this was no passing dream. The fresh air felt and even smelled much more wonderful - having been previously holed up in stuffy rooms for weeks on end. Even though no one was there to see it, the exhilaration and ecstasy welled up so much inside Azure, it caused her to beam and giggle a few times. Since the dorm window did not give her a view of the school gates, she had completely missed what had happened among the Raishon Guardians.

                                                          indent The albino had been cleared and released from the hospital only yesterday morning. It was only after stubbornly wishing that she wanted to come to school did the Ashdowns relent – although they had to pick up quite a bit of items for their newly adopted daughter before she could arrive. Having owned nothing but a few simple, white shift dresses – courtesy of her previous so-called "adoptive father" – they had went out to buy Azu a few sets of clothes from a nearby thrift store. Not to mention a badly needed hair cut, since her hair had previously been tangled and unkempt from neglect. Now her long white locks easily reached past her knees and bangs framed her heart shaped face.

                                                          indent Turning back to the room, Azure slipped her two duffle bags into the corner of the closet before sliding the door shut. Unpacking didn't take her long at all, since Azu didn't have many belongings to call her own. Since she couldn't bring herself to get rid of them, she had even kept those worn old shift dresses. Azure had nothing against white, yet she was very grateful to actually wear something that wasn't white or considered nightwear. Today she had went with blue, bell bottom jeans and a black knitted turtleneck. Originally, due to her wings, she couldn't wear anything that wasn't cut to free the thin, feathery appendages, but after... well....

                                                          indent Azu had plenty of time to not worry about making clothing modifications.

                                                          indent Slipping the dorm key was in her pocket, Azu exited 390, deciding to stop by the cafeteria to maybe snag a little something to eat. As she made her way down the third floor, she became increasingly aware of the curious stares that people kept giving her. The albino ice fairy stood at approximately four feet and seven inches; and probably looked like she was a twelve year old, middle school student – not a high schooler attending Raishon Academy.

                                                          indent The stares made her fidgety and nervous, crimson eyes darting back and forth in its paranoia as slim fingers lightly gripped on the hem of her turtleneck. Gone were the feelings of happiness that Azu had been manifesting merely minutes ago. Uneasiness took over and she quickly scurried down the halls, remaining as close to the walls as possible. As she stepped onto the first floor, where the classrooms were located, the stares became all the more prominent to Azu. The fact that there were more people down here didn't help her much either. She tried to remain as inconspicuous as she was able, standing so close to the walls it was almost as if it could magically cast some form of invisibility spell on her.

                                                          indent In an attempt to think of better things, Azu's thoughts immediately trailed towards her elder brother; the only person who had given her a sense of security and happiness in her socially deprived life. What would he think if he saw her now? Although it didn't help her nervousness, but it did help Azu calm down a little, just a little. If only she knew where would he be at this time in the morning....

                                                          indent 'Alistair...'

                                                          It's x scattering x & x falling x but x this x hand x is x here xx
                                                          I'm ( c a r r y i n g ) painfulSECRETS for you while I sing xxxx
                                                          ʙᴜᴛ ιғ ιᴛ ᴀʟʟ ᴇɴᴅs ɴow ⇢ ι wιʟʟ ( ʜ ᴀ v ᴇ ) ɴ ᴏ ʀ ᴇ ɢ ʀ ᴇ ᴛ s x
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                        sakura⊱⊱ LET'S 『 SING 』EVERY DAY WITH ALL OUR HEARTS
                        sakurasakurasakusaOur song echoing to the skies and beyond ▬ ♦
                        sakurasakurasAnd if it should ever reach you ☁ again somewhere

                        sakuraparfT H Ex( D A Y S )x W Ex S P E N TxxW I T Hx G L O W I N Gx S M I L E S

                        ____________01)xx█┋ Azure______02)xx█┋ hallway ______03)xx█┋ shy ______04)xx█┋ outfit
                                User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                I wonder what they have in the cafeteria? Momoko wondered as she walked down the hallway. Her mind had shifted from the incident earlier to thoughts about food now. She felt a bit of hunger coming on and wanted to grab a small bite to eat there. Hopefully there was something good in there.

                                Upon seeing a petite girl much shorter than her standing close to the hallway walls, Momoko blinked. The girl looked a bit young to be in high school. But then again, she was pretty short herself at 4'10". The girl looked rather nervous and scared--emotions that the junior was all too familiar with. After all, she had experienced them on her first day of school as well. Judging by her behavior, Momoko assumed that the girl must be new to the school. Twiddling her thumbs and pursing her lips, Momoko wondered if she should go over to the girl and ask if something was wrong. Being the first to approach strangers and talk to them was still something she struggled with. Yet this girl seemed to be just as shy as her, so maybe it would be easier for her to talk to someone with a similar personality trait?

                                Momoko slowly approached the wall where the girl stood, but kept a good distance so that she wasn't so close, yet not too far that she couldn't communicate with her. She was still twiddling with her finger as she kept her gaze towards the ground. For a long time, Momoko fumbled through her mind searching for the right words to say. What should she say? 'Hi, are you lost'? No... Ugh, why was this so hard? "U-u-u-um h-h-hi, uh..." She slowly looked up from the ground to look at the ivory-haired girl. Well, at least she managed to say "hi". Also, so much for her thinking that she was improving on eliminating her stutter. "A-Are y-you looking for someone? O-or something?" Ugh, that was horrible, she thought. Can I bury myself in a hole now?

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User ImageUser Image
            ᴅʀowɴιɴɢ ιɴ ᴀ ( sea ) ɴᴀᴍᴇᴅ α м в ι ɢ u ι т ч

            ███████████████████████████████████ ι`ᴍ s ᴜ ғ ғ ᴇ ʀ ι ɴ ɢ ʙᴇcᴀusᴇ ι cᴀɴ ɴo ( ʟoɴɢᴇʀ ) ʙʀᴇᴀᴛʜᴇ
            location )) classroom halls xx company )) Momoko xx
            User Image

                                                          indent A dark haired girl with a really cute outfit walked up to her. Compared to the others, she wasn't very tall at all, and stood about three inches taller then Azu. All of the sudden it then felt like it was Azure's turn to stare in what seemed to be from curiosity or confusion. Her fingers continued to play with the hem of her turtleneck. The dark fabric seemed to make her pale skin all the more anemic, since Azure had spent the past years of her life holed up in a dimly lit room. It took a while, but eventually, the girl spoke up, and her speech pattern surprised Azure, eyes widening a little. Was she... stuttering?!

                                                          indent The ice fairy meant no ill will, but once she heard the stranger's greeting, Azu's lips immediately curled up into a happy smile. She sounded almost — almost! — like her brother. That and, well, the brunette seemed to be a really nice sort of person!

                                                          indent "A-Are y-you looking for someone? O-or something?"

                                                          indent Timidity decided that right now was a good time to barge right back in, and then it was Azure's turn to look down towards the floor. Crimson eyes hesitantly looked up towards the nice brunette before darting back down. Smiling was one thing, but making her request known — or just conversing, in general — to someone she spent less then two minutes with was an entirely different matter to Azu. Slowly lifting her head, she gave a shy nod, looking up through her lashes to make sure that her current company had noticed. Seconds later, her attention quickly decided that the hall floor of Raishon was, indeed, the most fascinating thing she had ever seen in her entire life.

                                                          indent "I..." Azu started, her voice just a level above from being inaudible, before nibbling on her lower lip, hands pulling a little harder on her hem of her sweater, "my brother..."

                                                          indent She looked up again at the brunette, wondering if she had heard her. The idea of repeating it again, even though it was two — barely three — words, was dauntingly intimidating for Azure. Then again, would she even know who her brother was? Or where he would be? Raishon Academy seemed to be a very big place and it undoubtedly had many people in it. indent indent indent indent

                                                          It's x scattering x & x falling x but x this x hand x is x here xx
                                                          I'm ( c a r r y i n g ) painfulSECRETS for you while I sing xxxx
                                                          ʙᴜᴛ ιғ ιᴛ ᴀʟʟ ᴇɴᴅs ɴow ⇢ ι wιʟʟ ( ʜ ᴀ v ᴇ ) ɴ ᴏ ʀ ᴇ ɢ ʀ ᴇ ᴛ s x
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                        sakura⊱⊱ LET'S 『 SING 』EVERY DAY WITH ALL OUR HEARTS
                        sakurasakurasakusaOur song echoing to the skies and beyond ▬ ♦
                        sakurasakurasAnd if it should ever reach you ☁ again somewhere

                        sakuraparfT H Ex( D A Y S )x W Ex S P E N TxxW I T Hx G L O W I N Gx S M I L E S

                        ____________01)xx█┋ with______02)xx█┋ location ______03)xx█┋ mood ______04)xx█┋ outfit

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                                As Momoko had suspected, this smaller girl was shy as well. It was obvious from her mannerism and body language. There was another brief moment of silence between them as Momoko waited for the girl's answer. This is so awkward, she thought. Maybe using a notebook to communicate would have been easier. When the girl finally spoke, Momoko blinked. Her voice was a little inaudible (she wondered if her own voice was like that around others), but Momoko was still able to catch her words just barely. "Your brother?" She looked the girl over again. That white hair and those red eyes...could she be? "Oh, is your brother Xanthias Elkrone?"

                                There was a strong possibility that she was totally and completely wrong, but she tried. Plus, that person was the only one in the entire school she knew of who had that hair and eye color combination. However, she didn't know that he had a sister. Then again, there was a lot of things about that person she didn't know. All she knew was that she was intimidated by him for reasons she didn't know. There was also another person who had similar features, too, but she wasn't familiar with him nor knew his name.

                                Deciding to introduce herself since it was the polite thing to do upon meeting someone, she said, "Oh yeah, um...I-I'm Ishiko Momoyuki." Suddenly realizing that she just said her name completely wrong, she attempted to correct herself. "I-I-I-I mean, Ishimomo Mochiyuki--" No, that was wrong, too. "--IshiyukiMomoko!" Well, at least she got her name right on the third try, though perhaps she said it a little too fast for the girl to comprehend. Also, it sort of sounded like she said it as one name instead of two. "I-It's Ishiyuki Momoko. Not the other...two. I'm a junior. Um...shall we go find your brother?"

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                            Securing an empty table, Kanami set her food tray down on the table and pulled out a chair. Then sitting down, she scooted herself in a little before picking up a spoon and starting on her meal. As she did so, her eyes scanned the cafeteria in an observant manner. She watched as people come in and out of the cafeteria. There were a lot of familiar and unfamiliar faces as they intermingled with each other. Some seemed to be new since Kanami didn't recall seeing them around campus ever in the previous semester.

                            And speaking of new people, there was one standing next to Akane. He had dark hair and eyes, and looked to be of average height, if not taller. Judging by his appearance, Kanami assumed him to be in his late mid-teen years, which meant that he was probably a junior or senior newbie. Both him and Akane carried trays of food in their hands. With a warm and friendly smile, Kanami raised her hand to wave at them in an attempt to call them over.

                            "Hey Akane!" she greeted the redhead Guardian. "Wanna come join me? There's some seats available here. But if you guys would rather sit somewhere else, that's okay. You, too!" The last two words were directed at the boy. As she waited to see if they would come over or not, Kanami took her cup of Earl Grey tea and sipped it. Since it was still pretty hot, she took care not to drink it too fast and accidentally burn her tongue.

                            xxxxxx Oufit xxxxx cafeteria xxxxxWith: no one
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                                        Don’t ask Laurel Blackwood how her break went. If it was up to her, she would have rather stayed at the Academy if she had known what was going to transpire would’ve transpired. Long story short, her brother Levi was a giant douchebag, only surpassed by very few people in the living world. Her brother, who she had a very short-lived hiatus from, had decided it would be the greatest plan in the world to book their flight back to New Zealand on the same exact flight some annoying mechanic (whom she didn’t know whatsoever) was taking.

                                        Levi had laughed it off and told her it was a big coincidence, and that fate was trying to tell her something. “Oh REALLY, Levi,” Laurel remembered saying, “If that’s the ******** case, then why in Odin's name are we sitting NEXT to each other!!!” The whole plane ride must have been amusing for the passengers to watch – if it was possible to get kicked out of a plane, they would’ve been thrown overboard. The entire plane ride, some crazy girl with dreads was chasing her. All over the plane. Above passengers heads, into the first class section of the plane, HELL, Laurel even hid in the cockpit! But this crazy psycho stalker kept chasing her. As Laurel got more agitated and paranoid, she kept making herself sharp accidentally. People were starting to get hurt without her meaning to. (She sent a card – more like, her brother sent a card and had her sign it, to the poor person whose face she used as a vault to do a flip) The plane was getting wrecked.

                                        And then her brother decided to join in on the chase to stop her accidental destruction. Unfortunately, his power had switched and he no longer could teleport conveniently to where she was. So, the chase continued, and eventually Laurel accidentally tore through the plane. Panic ripped through the crowd of people, and by the time the valkryian cheerleader realized what she had done … it was too late. The plane was going to crash, and there was nothing no one could do to stop it.

                                        Thus, where did Laurel spend a good portion of her vacation? On some deserted island, sort of helping this weird dreadlocks girl fix the plane. It was a miserable few days, to be sure. She really didn’t want to talk about the details. Or about how, upon finally arriving at New Zealand, she was taken in to be interrogated. The destruction of an airplane, though it was done in a comical and accidental manner, had been considered an act of terrorism. She was lucky she was a minor, or else things would’ve gotten off worse than they did. (Though her screaming and making a fuss about it really did not help the ‘innocent little girl’ façade her brother tried to put forth for her) But, she really didn’t want to talk about that, either. Except how it was all Jae’s fault, and how if they had never taken the same flight or sat together (which they didn’t, really, because the chase had been occupying the majority of the flight time) or she wasn’t such a stalker then her break would’ve went swimmingly but no. All Jae’s fault, clearly. Even global warming was her fault. So was the fact that white tigers weren’t seen in the wild anymore. Maybe Laurel forgave her a little bit for getting them out of the situation… Haha, ******** that.

                                        But now she was back at Raishon, both glad and mad to be back. Glad because she could finally exact some revenge she had been waiting to unleash (and see friends too, she guessed); mad because of that very same reason. Now, getting on Laurel’s hate list wasn’t entirely too difficult, but … As if her break wasn’t horrible enough with the plane crash, it had gotten off to a bad start during the ball.

                                        She had just been called up to dance with Xan, who she thought was a loser and a weiner. But after urging from Yukina, whom she admired, and a few other sources, like the jeering of the crowd and her brother, she had decided to grin and bear it – sans grinning. So, the royal court had their dance. Until, of course, a large tear was heard, and she saw a robotic little spider running away with her stockings. It was very clearly the culprit. Laurel was mad. Very, very mad. Xan probably let go of her at that time, because she was probably too sharp to hold onto.

                                        The area burst into noise, and she was looking for a culprit. There was a redhead who was also in a flurry of what was probably rage. She was a victim, and the two girls teamed up to wreck serious chase havoc. Looking back on it, they made a damn good duo. Regardless, Laurel’s primary target was the person who had sic’d the robo spider on them in the first place. Since people were yelling different things to her as she weeded her way around the crowd, she didn’t know where to look. Until, she found the culprit. The spider bot scurrying past and addressing a male underneath a table as ‘boss’ was what really did him in.

                                        Laurel, of course, cut the table in half with one fell swoop. She had grabbed onto the boy’s collar, only for her sharpened fingers to completely rip through it. Even more frustrated, Laurel was just about settled on beating the s**t out of him, public crowd or no. Or at least drag him outside of the ballroom and punch him a few times. But, of course, her brother appeared in the nick of time. Holding her back from her flailing fury, he explained to her that Mr. Kodoux was a teacher, and that beating up a teacher really would not look all too well on a resumé. Laurel was more upset by this revelation that a teacher would act in that way – and even more confused by the fact that he looked like a ******** Pokémon character!

                                        But now it was time to exact her revenge. Sure, enough time had passed that she didn’t want to rip out his heart and squish it in front of him or anything, but Levi had once again been the biggest douche in the world and prevented her from feeling satisfied at Red’s revenge. He wasn’t very teacher-like at all, and thus merited no respect from her. Laurel prayed that he taught one of her classes this semester, really.

                                        Regardless, time and a new dummy helped assuage her anger. Someone, as a Christmas present, had left a very well constructed dummy for her. It was designed with her power in mind, it seemed, as it did not completely fall apart at the seams whenever she cut it – which was what always happened. She was able to tape a picture of Red’s face on it and pretend it was him – let me tell you, Google was the greatest source at finding incriminating pictures of that man. Seriously, what the ********? Why the hell did he look like a Pokémon character?

                                        Beating up a dummy that looked like the very person she hated was cathartic, but still not enough. With perhaps a bit too much stalking than the average Facebook stalker would do, she had found his room. Roommates, of course, with the psychiatrist. Laurel had waited around the woman’s office, until she took a break, and had snuck into her office and perused through her files. She found a few interesting pieces of data involving Red, and took them to heart. Apparently, he didn’t like water very much. What a dumbass. Wasn’t Squirtle a ******** water type? So, Laurel had come up with a prank based on that information. Going back to her room, she had managed to rope Tomoko into her schemes. It all started with a, “Hey, Tomoko, here’s what we’re gonna do today…”

                                        Poor Tomoko never had a chance to agree or disagree with her plan. Which was probably why she was going along with Laurel’s plan, costume and all. Oh yes, both girls were wearing wigs and uniforms from Sleepy’s, accompanied by fake mustaches. If anyone asked, they were here on a special delivery – they had even perfected accents – of course, Tomoko’s was better. The two delivery boys were currently lugging up a heavy waterbed – Laurel was careful to not make herself sharp. That would be a disaster. The plan was --

                                        “Excuse me, what are you doing outside my room?” It was Ms. Hallows, the psychiatrist. Though, she looked like she was in a hurry. Maybe she wouldn't linger for too long.

                                        “Uhhh …. Uhh … I’m Bear Grylls,” Laurel said, making her voice go as deep as it could, “…and this is my assistant, Bobby. Special delivery service.” There was absolutely no way Ms. Hallows bought it. There was no way she bought it, not at all –

                                        “I do suppose I am in a hurry…If there are any customer service issues with this delivery, you can be sure that I will be contacting your employer, Mr. Grylls,” The psychiatrist threatened, hurrying off without locking the door behind her. She left murmuring about how she was going to be late for a certain appointment with two angry miniature-sized children.

                                        “Holy ********, that was close!” Laurel grinned and then opened the door to Red and Lucy’s room. “Okay, here’s what we’re going to do…you still have that backpack I gave you?” She had stuffed inside the backpack various paraphernalia that was vital to the success of her revenge. “Alright, I’m gonna go inside and tear his old bed to pieces and shove it out the window. You put the water bed on after I’m done, okay?” Tomoko was much stronger than she looked, and thus Laurel left the girl to hold up the waterbed by herself. Snickering at the sudden power of being able to go through all of Red’s personal things (she had her eye out for a diary of some sort that she could snag), she decided to wait until their nefarious scheme was complete. Laurel sliced and diced his bed until it was chopped up into small enough chunks to throw out the window. As she opened the window and started chucking chunks out the window, she said to Tomoko, “The hell are you waiting for? Go, go, go, Tomo—Bobby!”

                                        location: room 440 xx company: tomoko & luserina > tomoko
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                                                  LOCATION ( ) Inside; Hallways near entrance. xxx COMPANY ( ) Aurora. xxx MOOD ( ) Cheerful.

                                                  Aurora Kaname. That name sounded familiar, but it was probably just her imagination. Leif of all people definitely wasn't the best with remembering names. Usually she had to mark names to people with features like eyes, hairstyles, and fashion. Since fashion was one of Leif's strong talent, clothes were always the easiest for names. Then again, she was Leif after all. Perhaps she was acting a little too odd after all, but she was crossing her fingers that Aurora would be kind enough to company the green-haired girl while she waits for her sister to return to Raishon. Perhaps it was a better idea to warn the Headmaster about such a scene, but she was unsure of the outcome that may happen.

                                                  "Ah, are you talking about the guy who was yelling at the other students to go inside or something?" Leif bobbed her head into a simple nod. "Yep! He got suckered in to being a manager for the Guardians by the Headmaster and the Head Guardian~ It's nice to have him around, but all those purple hairs will turn gray if he keeps it up. He's already old as it is!" Piping out a giggle at the end, she then gave a simple shrug.

                                                  "That'd be nice, thanks. Aladdin, nice choice." Aurora commented on both showing her around the Raishon grounds and the song previously sung by Leif. This brightened the senior's face. Then taking a moment to herself, she thought carefully. Folding her arms over her chest just as her twin would, her foot started to drum quietly against the ground as she wondered where she could show Aurora first. What would Yukina do on a tour first? That decision would be a little difficult considering she didn't do such things...not often, anyways. It wasn't even in her job description at least. The short-haired brunette came in to save the day.

                                                  "So, tell me Leif, what are the different clubs or sports offered at this school? Like, is there a dance club or anything?" Leif blinked and tilted her head for a moment as if she had left the planet Earth. Thinking this hard wasn't in her job description either, but for some reason she couldn't remember if they had some kind of dance club or not. Breaking the odd silence, she glanced at Aurora unfolding her arms. "Hmm, well what kind of dancing? If you mean something along the lines of ballet or cheer? I don't think we have any kind of ballet or break dancing kind of dancing, but if you want to do something like that we could always fill out a form and see if we can get anyone to join! As for cheer club, I know someone who's really good at moving! It's new too~" Grinning and throwing her right hand in the air as if she knew the answer to a question she laughed happily and spun once. "Let's go find her!"

                                                  Since finding where Aurora had and hadn't been would prove to be a difficult task for the twin-haired senior, she decided to look for one person that could not only help show the new classmate around, but to talk about cheer. Leif had thought about doing the same club as well, but her strength could prove to be a serious problem. Grabbing Aurora's arm gently, Leif started to walk at an extremely fast pace. Pulling the girl along was like dragging a small doll; barely even noticeable. Leif started to shout while she headed for the entrance of the academy once more. "SUZY~!" It wasn't hard to notice Leif. She was always loud. Hopefully Aurora wouldn't mind the atmosphere. Everyone was crazy at Raishon. Everyone. "SUZY, SUZY, SUZY~!!" Leif chanted with a laughter after as if they were playing a game of 'Marco-Polo'. Welcome to Raishon, Aurora.
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                        During the Winter Break...
                        On a Certain Christmas Morning
                        "It's a box."

                        Yes, it's a box, Takeshi. How very observant of you. To be more specific, it's a metal box. I bet you didn't notice that. It also has a funny smell, but I suppose you already noticed that.

                        "This is sketchy."

                        Really!? No! It's sitting right in front of your bed room door!

                        'Here. Have a Merry Christmas.
                        Is it the asterisk?'

                        Is what it says.

                        "Ah..." said Takeshi after reading the message taped to the top of it. "Well, to begin with," Takeshi pulled a little black notebook out of his pocket and flipped to a well worn page. "Mhmm... Mhmm... and up it goes" murmured Takeshi as he made a hand motion with his hand that looked like he was rolling a ball on the ground into his hand and lifting it up before replacing the little black notebook into his shirt pocket. Immediately, the box lifted off the ground in response to his motions. Walking down the dorm room and into the bathroom, Takeshi let the big box slowly descend into the bathtub.

                        "And open."

                        Though the lid popped open, it did not fall over into the bathtub. Instead, it just moved over to the side and as if there was an invisible wall, was leaning against mid-air. With the lid removed, a collection of manga books and various textbooks were revealed new and pre-packaged. One by one, they all floated up and like the water escaping a whale's waterspout, jumped upwards and in an arc reached Takeshi who calmly caught them one by one and placed them in a pile by his side. There was more to the box than just the books.

                        Because there was a box inside the box!

                        "Ingenious. A box within a box. This must be the smartest thing I've seen... Apart from the moment where Dimitri and Harumi leapt over that fake Nargacuga to get to the exit despite it being right behind them." stated Takeshi blandly. "I'm not sure what could top that."

                        And off the lid went, falling against an invisible wall like the first lid. By doing this, Takeshi revealed a sticky, thick, unappetizing-to-all blackish-brown substance. Now that he had the origin in front of him, Takeshi recalled the smell he smelled earlier to be slightly of barbeque sauce...

                        He then noted that on the back of the second lid was taped a second note.

                        We've met.
                        This is for you.
                        I hate you.
                        Don't have a Merry Christmas.
                        You'll only ruin mine.'

                        Takeshi glanced at his watch. He didn't have much time to deal with something like this right now. However, it seemed rather toxic to him. It even seemed to be eating through the box. Well, that was a problem. Grabbing a piece of toilet paper and tossing it into the sludge, Takeshi watched as the white was quickly contaminated by the dark substance.

                        This will really have to be dealt with later, Takeshi.

                        Indeed, Takeshi had reached that conclusion. So, leaving the room and going back to his room, he picked out a couple of different objects. "Well, I guess I can just seal it and look at it later... Don't want environmentalist on my back again..." murmured Takeshi as he placed containers of different size and variations into the bathtub with the box. Making sure they were opened, Takeshi sat back and began to make motions with his hands.

                        In response, the black substance slowly lifted from the second box and poured itself into the different types of containers. It ate through this box. What else could it eat through? Glass? Plastic? Tupperware? Metal? What about in different quantities? Temperatures? All these variables... Well. He had time to test it over the break while everyone was gone. For now, he would seal, contain, and label them. Later, he would have the chance to test it more. Perhaps he would find some use for it in the process.

                        Making sure the window was locked, and placing the spare keys inside the bathroom, Takeshi grabbed left-over duct-tape from his little prank on Shinji and Dimitri. He then sealed the edges of the windows. He then sealed the air ducts and sealed the bathroom drain. Leaving the bathroom and locking the bathroom door, he then sealed the door with duct tape to make sure the smell wouldn't leave the bathroom. Of course, the bathroom would probably stink of something awful later, but he could deal with that.

                        Hanging up an 'Out of Order - Leave it.' sign on the door, Takeshi turned and made his preparations for Christmas.

                        On a Certain Day After Christmas
                        "... Cherries and Beavers..." murmured Takeshi as he glanced at the map and message he held in his hands, received from his good and wonderful friend Dimitri. Looking up at the sketchy building in front of him, the young man looked and thought to himself and rubbed his chin.

                        "Well, step one is complete. Time for step two, right?"

                        No, just skip to step 10, Takeshi, because it's obviously the next number in numerical order.

                        "I guess I'll go to step two. 'Enter the building..." murmured Takeshi as he did as he said. Finding a red-haired middle-aged woman with a black streak and wearing neon pink lipstick behind the counter, Takeshi nodded to her and walked into the DVD aisles. Amusing himself by reading the interesting titles such as, Hot and Heavy, Tall, Blonde, and Sexy, or perhaps even, HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS GET DOWN AND DIRTY #23 -UNCENSORED REMASTERED WITH EXTRA CONTENT AND NEW SCENES-,

                        Eventually walking over to the toys section, he glanced at everything before finally picking up a leopard-print collar.

                        Remind you of something?

                        Takeshi smiled sadly to himself.

                        "The collar? It has many memories for me, Sakamoto-senpai. That's why I made the decision to always keep it with me... Does it bother you? ... Ahahaha, Sakamoto-senpai, nobody around here worries about stuff like that!"

                        Takeshi then returned to the DVD aisle and pulled out Golden Orgies. After a moment, he returned it. He then walked back over to the toys, as if indecisive what he wanted to pick up. Picking up a leather d***o, he tested its strength and flexibility before frowning and putting it down. As he passed the counter, the woman suddenly spoke up. "Hey, you need any help?" Turning to her, Takeshi put his hands on his hip and said, "Yeah, I'm looking for something that'll really heat things up."

                        "So... you want somethin' rough, eh?" and the woman grinned.

                        So Takeshi grinned back. "Nothing more than a few bruises."

                        "Follow me, we've got somethin' in the back for ya," and jerked her chin towards the back of the store.

                        Yes, follow the strange and creepy lady, Takeshi. Good idea! ... Is what I should say.

                        "By the way, you'll be needing this." and the woman flipped a token over at Takeshi. Catching it in his left hand, Takeshi briefly glanced at it, seeing a shield backed with wings printed on it. Putting it in his pocket, and making sure there was no hole inside it, Takeshi followed the woman into the backroom, closing the door behind him. The woman grinned once more at Takeshi and slowly knelt down on the floor in front of Takeshi. "If you're everythin' I've heard about... You'll love this." And she slowly reached her hand forward.

                        Grabbing a hold of a hidden panel in the flooring, she suddenly stood up, pulling up a trapdoor as well. Grinning once more at Takeshi, she entered the staircase leading underground. Following her, they descended into the earth. After a walking down stairs for what seemed like ten minutes-

                        Only two, actually.

                        - they finally reached a door. The woman passed a key to Takeshi, allowing him to unlock the door. Walking into a pitch black room, the woman said, "Lights are to your left."

                        "Gotcha." and he flipped the switch.

                        Immediately, there was light.

                        Taking in the sight he found, Takeshi grinned. "This is... Ufufufufuu.... hehe...hehehe....hehehehe.... haha.... hahAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Takeshi turned towards the woman. "Hehehehe... This is great. Absolutely amazing. It's like I'm in a goddamn anime!"

                        Well, well, well, Dimitri... This is most certainly a wonderful Christmas gift.

                        On a Certain Day of the Winter Break
                        "On the right!!"

                        "Over your back!"

                        "Behind you!"

                        Three boys stood within the center circle of the school gym. Watching them were five other students. However, what was also within that center were the movement of six or seven different objects. Moving so quickly that they were almost blurs to the naked eye, they were seemingly bouncing off invisible walls marked by the circle on the floor, and even accelerating after every bounce. Naturally, the three boys inside the circle were at the mercy of these objects.

                        "Uhh... The baseballs are now moving at 70mph..."

                        "Level 7!!"


                        Forced to evade quickly and dodge within the small space while keeping track of where the other two students were, Takeshi was gasping for breath as he had to keep his body constantly on the move. There was no time to rest, or he would receive a rather painful impact somewhere on his body. Already, his cheek, his arm, his hand, his calves... Everything hurt. He was not the only one. All eight of them had been doing this exercise all day.

                        Dodging baseballs.

                        Watching one another.

                        Figuring out how they as an individual naturally moved.

                        Figuring out how they moved with a partner.

                        Figuring out the best way they could work together as a group.







                        "Ow! ********]

                        And the day continued.

                        On a Certain Day of the Winter Break

                        "Burning Pendulum!"

                        And a flaming fireball flew through the air. However, it suddenly made a turn and spun around someone a few times before returning in the direction it came from.


                        "... Heh... That's right, this is how it should be, Takeshi!! I finally have someone who can put up some sort of resistance! This shot is definitely going to get past you! BURNING PENDULUM!!"

                        "Actually, it's technically already going past me... But you're not going to get it past the line!! And before you get close to getting there, I'll definitely get to the point of preventing your shot from going past me at all! CIRCULAR GUIDANCE!"

                        "Rrrrrrgh! BURNING PENDULUM!"

                        "CIRCULAR GUIDANCE!!"


                        On a Certain Day of the Winter Break
                        '-Beep- Happy Forest's Defender 2 has been eliminated.'

                        "Our Leader has been discovered! Defenders! Regroup at point D3!!"

                        "Understood, regrouping at point D3! Move it everyone! Scouts! Keep an eye out for their Leader!"

                        "Gotcha! We'll split the Attackers into two groups, and divide them between our two parties!"

                        "Alright, the score is split 13-24 so we absolutely can not lose anyone from this point on!"

                        "Dammit. How the hell did we even get into this situation with the creator of this match on our side?"

                        "Are you kidding? It's because I'm on your team that we're losing."

                        "How the ******** does that work?"

                        "Because I've got more weaknesses than all of you combined!"

                        "Deal with it later! We've got incoming enemies from behind us! Probably two or more!"

                        "Dammit! They got behind us!?"

                        "How'd that happen!?"

                        "We'll figure it out as we run so let's MOVE!"

                        On a Certain Day of the Winter Break
                        "That comes up to 582yen... Thanks. Here's your receipt."

                        "I can't sell cigarettes to minors. No, it doesn't matter how much you try to glare at me, because I seriously can't. I'm deathly allergic to selling cigarettes to minors. No, I really am. Do you know what I think you need instead? ... Well, if you think you need to quit, then sure, but I was going to say a carton of milk. Would you like that instead? It costs 100ye- No? Well, okay then. It's really your loss."

                        On a Certain Day of the Winter Break
                        "... ********]

                        "Takeshi? What's wrong Takesh- Are you crying?"

                        "MANLY TEARS DAMMIT! MANLY TEARS!"

                        "You're crying."

                        "NO I'M NOT. YES I AM. I DON'T ******** KNOW IT'S JUST THAT- .... that.... ********. I can't explain it, you gotta see and read this scene and listen to that emotion yourself."

                        "...... Oh ******** my eyes. Everything's suddenly blurry."

                        "You see!?"

                        "It's.... Just... That... Damn... Damn..."

                        On a Certain New Years Eve
                        Takeshi sat alone in his dorm room as he looked out the window. The school was near empty, as the majority of the students returned to their respective homes to visit their families. Dimitri and Shinjiro had left as well, leaving Takeshi to do as he pleased within their shared dorms. Though, shared as they were, it wasn't long before they all had to switch dorms. Takeshi gave a little chuckle. "It's pretty cold, isn't it Genzou?"

                        Indeed. After all, the snow was still falling outside the window.

                        But at the same time, there was also the loneliness of being alone here. There were other students that Takeshi could have spent the evening with, but there was something else he wanted- no, had to do tonight. There were friends to meet tonight within this very room.

                        Picking up one of the black little notebooks that sat on his bedside table, Takeshi glanced at the date in the corner. It read: 'December 31, 2012. 10:30:00pm'

                        The time was 10:29pm.

                        Sitting on the bed and leaning against a pillow set up against the wall to make himself comfortable, Takeshi tapped the notebook against his forehead and with closed eyes, said, "G.Transmitter. Can you hear me? <Was granme ga pagure yora dsier>"

                        In this great loneliness, I desire to speak with you all.

                        Two seconds later, a line appeared an arm's length away from Takeshi's face. It slowly drew itself to either side until it suddenly pulled itself apart, creating a square. However, the interior of that square was a transparent black. After a few moments, what looked like a comet began to spin clockwise on that transparent area. Underneath the circling comet was the grey text, 'Now Connecting...'. The space within the square had turned into 800x600 flat screen floating in the air before Takeshi.

                                    'Searching for Server... Connection 48 Compromised. Searching... Connection 49 Unavailable. Searching... Connection 50 Compromised. Searching... Connection 51 Compromised. Searching... Connection 52 Missing. Searching... Connection 53 Compromised. Searching...'

                        This is going to take a while, isn't it Takeshi.

                        Takeshi nodded to himself. "This is going to take a while..." However, he did not leave to find something else to do while waiting. As the clock continued to tick-tock in the deafening silence of the room, Takeshi continued to stare at the circling comets. In the distance, he could hear the sound of a few students partying down the hall. There was another group outside. It was New Years Eve, after all. Takeshi, however, remained motionless, simply staring at the screen.

                                  'Connection found. Now Connecting...'
                                  Welcome to G.Transmitter's Correspondence Server

                                  -> Please input your <Name>
                                  -> User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                        Takeshi stared at the blinking cursor box. He raised his hands forward and as if he were typing on a keyboard, began moving his fingers. Slowly, words began to appear beside the cursor.

                                  -> R.ProUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                        And then he paused.

                        Not yet Takeshi? You're still going to wait a bit longer?

                        ... No. Not yet. That was what Takeshi believed. Moving a finger, the text slowly disappeared and was soon replaced. He pressed enter.

                        -> I.Battler
                        -> Welcome back, I.Battler.
                        -> It has been approximately... 93days:20hours:03minutes:43seconds since you last logged in.
                        -> Now Connecting


                        -> I.Battler has connected to the server
                        r.pain: and then u jadf ti-
                        r.pain: ********! ketybotrd chjnaged
                        G.Point: Oh hery! Imitastion@!
                        r.pain: lolololololololololololololol 'i.battler' fnly shws ui[
                        G.Transmitter: battler! wbwbwbwbwb!!!
                        d.Sphere: transmiter, like, cant u do smthin about the keyboard? this is like, ttly annying whnever sme1 joins the chat
                        R.Impulse: Battler, it is good to see you once more.
                        r.pain: yo been awhile
                        S.Decoder: Dear I.Battler, I hope you are doing well.
                        L.Entry: Oh my, Battler-kun! has it really been that long?
                        R.AUTHORITY: i hope thou has received mine greetings. but dost thou persist upon the use of thy temporal name?
                        G.Transmitter: ^
                        I.Battler: hey there guys. it's been a while. and no, I still haven't chosen a <name> yet
                        r.pain: indecisive bstard, lol. just use copycat shitface
                        G.Point: copycat accelerator?
                        I.Battler: aren't those the same <names> you two suggested last time?
                        R.Impulse: Well, we can leave Battler's <Name> till another time. Have you been taking care of yourself?
                        I.Battler: the usual~
                        r.pain: so ur fkng up ur body lke usyal?
                        S.Decoder: Dear I.Battler. I hope you are keeping yourself in good health.
                        D.might: ○(●・ω・)ノ
                        I.Battler: Oh hey, Might's here too?
                        R.AUTHORITY: battler, if they speakest true, i do insist that thou not continue in your harmful methods
                        I.Battler: it's not that bad
                        d.Sphere: he can still type, so at least he still has all his fingers attached lololol
                        d.might: hi.every1 types too fast...
                        G.Transmitter: ahahahahaha thats tru, sphere
                        -> T.Lockdown has connected to the server
                        G.Transmitter: EVERYONE HIDE LOCKDOWN HAS ARRIVEDLOLOLLOLL
                        T.Lockdown: ...
                        I.Battler: yo, kaichou
                        T.Lockdown: Battler-kun? You haven't shown up recently. I trust that you're working hard at your new school?
                        r.pain: lol, pbbly faiolkin ******** keyboasrdfd
                        d.Sphere: it rly is annying
                        G.Point: Lol, might can only type emoticons fast
                        L.Entry: You shouldn't make fun of other people, Point.
                        T.Lockdown: Speaking of which, Entry, where are you right now?
                        L.Entry: I wonder... I seem to be hearing monkeys nearby? Oh dear...
                        d.Sphere: lolol, lost again?
                        -> D.Submerge has connected to the server
                        S.Decoder: Dear T.Lockdown. I am sure that L.Entry will return within the month
                        dsubmerge: hiiiiiii!!!
                        R.Impulse: Submerge! I do believe that this is the first time we have been here at the same time!
                        dsubmerge: ...
                        dsubmerge: how is impulse able to get on here? and isn't decoder not able to type?
                        S.Decoder: Dear T.Lockdown. Would you like to know how?
                        G.Transmitter: impulse's version is special so he doesn't have to read
                        D.might: i hope you are well battl (o*´∇`)osubmege-chan!!!
                        dsubmerge: miiiiight i miss youuuu!!!
                        dsubmerge: nononono dont tell me its probably disgusting and gross!
                        R.AUTHORITY: thou art all faring well, i trust? it is good that we may speak with one another once more
                        I.Battler: it really is. Missed you guys
                        r.pain: lool you shitty b***h
                        d.might: (〃゚∇゚〃)
                        G.Point: you all should come on more often
                        d.Sphere: yea, stop going irl and come on more
                        T.Lockdown: It is you who should go out more often, Sphere-chan. You're probably keeping yourself hidden in your room all day, correct?
                        d.Sphere: home security guard lol
                        T.Lockdown: ...
                        G.Point: ...
                        r.pain: ur an idiot.
                        d.Sphere: ... sry
                        d.might: i missed you tooooo submerge-chan!!!!
                        R.AUTHORITY: thou shouldst chose thy words more carefully, sphere.
                        I.Battler: wow, that's a really bad choice
                        d.might: !!!!!!
                        dsubmerge: don't mind.might! it's okay
                        r.pain: lool, slow typer
                        G.Point: btw, has anyone seen G.Purificator? he wouldn't have missed telling us about his special meal for the eve, right?
                        dsubmerge: no, i haven't... how's F.Immunity doing though?
                        T.Lockdown: My dear brother is doing well, but he is currently a bit too occupied with his studies to contact you. There's no need to worry about him. He is quite safe.
                        dsubmerge: oh! okay! thaaaanks~~
                        T.Lockdown: Well, we have time before the new year passes. How about you tell us about your new school, Battler? I believe you have had more than enough time to adjust by now. You are the one who has the biggest chance of success, after all.
                        I.Battler: sure. on the first day at this school i turned into a monkey, caused a stampede, threatened to drop one of the students with the most authority here off the roof and ran around the school naked after i got changed back
                        dsubmerge: ... senpai? that's not a joke, right?
                        T.Lockdown: Oh... Well. That's certainly interesting...
                        R.AUTHORITY: hahaha thy actions are certainly as amusing as usual, battler!
                        R.Impulse: At least you weren't almost eaten by a gigantic centipede this time.
                        I.Battler: small miracles
                        r.pain: loool, i remember that. battler was a fking panbsy
                        G.Point: i have to admit that Battler was quite amusing on the first day
                        G.Transmitter: I think I still have footage from that day somewhere, lolol
                        dsubmerge: eeeeh? i wasn't there! i wasn't there! what happened?
                        L.Entry: Oh my, you turned into a monkey? Were you as big as this big black monkey?
                        I.Battler: entry, if you're trying to show me with your hands, i can't see it
                        L.Entry: Oh...
                        L.Entry: But he really is big and muscular.
                        R.Impulse: Does it have a tail?
                        L.Entry: No, but Monkey-san is quite big and fluffy.
                        T.Lockdown: Entry, that's probably an ape.
                        L.Entry: Oh dear, he looks a bit angry...
                        T.Lockdown: WHAT DID YOU DO
                        L.Entry: Well, he looked comfortable so I wanted to rest on Monkey-san...
                        T.Lockdown: PLEASE GET OFF HIM NOW.
                        L.Entry: If Lockdown-chan says so...
                        S.Decoder: Dear I.Battler. I am interested in what happened next. Please feel free to share.
                        I.Battler: what about entry?
                        r.pain: she'll be fine. just get lost like usual and lose the big shitty ape
                        I.Battler: .... i suppose you're right. anyways, I also managed to round up some people to help out the school. called it the battler club.
                        G.Transmitter: looooooooooooooooooooooooooool
                        d.Sphere: lolololol
                        G.Point: SERIOUS!?
                        R.AUTHORITY: thy choice is commendable, battler. thy subjects must surely bear thy temporal name with pride
                        dsubmerge: you named it after yourself?! that's soooo cooooool!!
                        I.Battler: no, i just couldn't think of anything else so i just threw that out there and they liked it
                        r.pain: llolololollllloollo ya ******** piece of s**t!!!
                        S.Decoder: Dear I.Battler. That does amuse me.
                        G.Point: actually, Subby-chan, it really has nothing to do with battler at all.
                        dsubmerge: ???
                        G.Transmitter: it's really all because of that letter, lololol
                        S.Decoder: Indeed, that was quite the interesting letter.
                        r.pain: ******** thart ;lkettre! that was ******** stipoid!
                        G.Transmitter: i suppose you can also blame m.guidance...
                        T.Lockdown: Transmitter-lun. Please. Don't.
                        G.Transmitter: ah right. sorry.
                        L.Entry: Submerge-chan, you should ask Might-chan to explain it to you someday.
                        dsubmerge: uuuuuuh... okai then!!
                        I.Battler: it'll really just be their name once i decide on my own though
                        R.Impulse: So, what have you been doing with them?
                        I.Battler: well...

                        And so Takeshi spent the last night of 2012 conversing on this floating monitor.

                        - I -

                        Leaning against the fence of the school rooftop, Takeshi overlooked the school as a 800x600 transparent black screen hung beside him in mid air with lines of grey text written on it line after line. Sure, it was great having people back at the school, but with what had transpired on the day of the Winter Ball and the Disappearance of Hatsune Mik-

                        Yukina Pernilla

                        - things weren't going as great as they could be. He had managed to get more students to practice the use of their abilities and try to understand what they were actually doing with their abilities, and with the space that Dimitri had provided him in Raishon City, it had really given him a lot of help. As he continued to look out over the school grounds, he spotted a small figure exiting the forest. That way of walking, and the way she carried herself was quite familiar, though not in a way he would have liked. It was easy for him to note that it was the missing Head Guardian, Yukina. Glancing at the floating screen next to him with lines of grey text on a transparent black background, Takeshi began to move his fingers as if typing on an invisible keyboard.

                        R.Impulse: And that's what I believe the latest piece evokes in me.
                        I.Battler: sounds good. i'd love to listen to you play again sometime
                        R.Impulse: Yes, that would be nice. It really is too bad we could not meet during the break.
                        I.Battler: well, we both have our own situations to deal with.
                        R.Impulse: And here I was hoping to make sure you haven't become rusty from lack of practice
                        I.Battler: don't worry, I'm still practicing those techniques.
                        R.Impulse: Well, I'm sure there's no need for me to tell you this, but you're someone who'll benefit the most from the basics.
                        I.Battler: yea.
                        I.Battler: brb, something's happening over here
                        R.Impulse: Take your time.

                        Though he was quite distant, Takeshi could still hear shouts, murmurs and voices being mixed together. Takeshi then began to speak to himself, as if dubbing over the voices he could not hear and guessing what was being said.

                        "I am Evil Yukina, and I am not happy... To be happy, I must kill those who matter the most to me and will do so with glee because I am now a midboss for you to fight..." And then Yukina turned around to head back into the forest. Adding more to his dubbing, Takeshi continued to say, "Now, instead of attacking you all like a sensible villain while you're all shocked and stunned, I will give you some time to prepare yourselves for DOOM but I know you're just going to ignore everything I just said after a bit of crying and whining and then train to defeat me anyways, so I'll see you later."

                        Seeing Eli chase after Yukina, Takeshi raised an eye and added to his dubbing in what he perceived to be an 'Eli' voice, "Wait! Yukina, my love! I don't understand what you're saying! Can't you be more specific and tell us what's going on!?"

                        By the way, the 'Eli' voice is basically a flamboyant male voice. Because that's how everyone imagines his voice, right?

                        "I was already specific Eli. Now, come. Drop all your responsibilities as Second-in-Command and chase after the love of your life, probably leaving Raishon to fall apart if nobody tries to do anything about it."

                        "Of course, my love! Anything for you! I'm not afraid of anything like big scary chimeras as I run into this forest that was explicitly said to be forbidden to all students all alone without any backup!"

                        Watching the pair disappear into the forest as he gripped the fence tightly, Takeshi sighed. He then whispered under his breath, "Bye bye and see you later... Ms. Plot Penguin. Mr. Helicopter. Hehe.... Because everything will be fine here."

                        I hope so too.

                        Sighing, Takeshi watched the purple ponytail swing back and forth on the ground floor. There Shinji went, with his commanding voice. Even if Takeshi couldn't hear, it was pretty easy to guess what he was saying.

                        "What's happened to our beloved leader?!" cried a voice, clearly Suzy, not so much seeking an answer, but simply trying to express her thoughts.

                        Scratching his head, Takeshi let out another sigh. "Plot and drama happened, Suzy. Plot and drama."

                        But... 'beloved leader?'

                        "I know right? So melodramatic." a little chuckle escaped Takeshi's lips as he turned back to the transparent black screen beside him and moved his fingers once more as if typing on an invisible keyboard.

                        R.Impulse: Well, I'm sure there's no need for me to tell you this, but you're someone who'll benefit the most from the basics.
                        I.Battler: yea.
                        I.Battler: brb, something's happening over here
                        R.Impulse: Take your time.
                        I.Battler: well, things have started up here again.
                        R.Impulse: I assume it will be some time before we may speak once more?
                        I.Battler: most likely. if anything happens, i'll get in contact with you guys again.
                        R.Impulse: Take care of yourself, Battler.
                        I.Battler: yourself as well.
                        -> Closing Connection

                        And then the floating monitor disappeared like a TV being switched off.

                        Well, I suppose it's time to start things up again, Takeshi.

                        "Aaah... And here I was enjoying myself without having to do anything important... " sighed Takeshi as he checked his watch. Walking down the stairs like a normal human being instead of jumping off the roof like certain other insane students, Takeshi quickly made his way down to the first floor. At the bottom, he checked his watch, glanced briefly up the stairs to muse upon how it had taken him less time than expected and headed over to the entrance. Passing by a few other students who were returning into the school after being told by Shinji, Takeshi spotted the tall purple eggplant swinging back and forth and called out, "Yo."

                        Showing Shinji his usual energetic and confident look despite the latest event, Takeshi gave Shinji a friendly, but still somewhat painful nudge in the ribs as he fell into step beside him as they both walked down the hallways together. "Lookin' sour there, Shinji-kun. Then again, feeling like s**t is normal if a close friend suddenly performed a Face Heel Turn."

                        Quite true, Takeshi.

                        Glancing at Shinji a bit longer, if not pensively, Takeshi suddenly let out a little chuckle and said, "Hey, let's grab somethin' to eat. I feel like I haven't eaten anythin' since the sun rose!"

                        Which was true.

                        Poking Shinji in the stomach, if only to try and give Shinji an outlet to speak to and at least give him some time to clear his mind on the latest events, Takeshi continued, "And I bet you haven't been eating too well ether, eh?" Grinning and poking Shinji in the side, "Look at that flat stomach o' yours! There's like nothin' in there!"

                        And then bringing his arm around Shinji's shoulder, Takeshi then whispered into his ear, "But seriously, don't keep it to yourself. That only works if you're the hot-blooded and determined type of character in anime and last time I checked, you were more the Long-Haired Pretty Boy type... And when those types got into BSOD mode all alone, it usually gets worse and they leave the team by justifying that they'll keep everyone safe and do it all alone."

                        And then they usually get badly injured and die. Causing the main character's party to get angry and win the battle.

                        "So, let's just avoid all that right of the bat!" exclaimed Takeshi out loud. "After all, it's not like you're on a diet or anythin' right? Don't be such a girl!" Smoothly following up his words by attaching it to the previous topic like he so often did, Takeshi helped, or even forced, Shinji to head on towards the lunchroom. Of course, his last comment led to a few female glares in his direction, but that was never something that stopped this young man.

                        Making their way towards the cafeteria and passing through the doors, Takeshi suddenly came to a stop and waved his hand as if revealing a grand spectacle. "Behold! The cafeteria! Food, drinks, and teenagers loitering and getting in the way of other people who need the tables to eat!" Removing his arm from Shinji's shoulder, Takeshi put a grin on his face and his hands on his hips. "Is this not a wonderful sight of school life?"

                        Pulling Shinji along at his pace, Takeshi wasn't planning on letting Shinji sit and stew on his own thoughts just yet. Seventy five percent was out of consideration, thirty three because he considered Shinji to be a good friend, and seven percent was because was trying to understand as much about the happenings around Raishon as possible.

                        In case you didn't notice, that's more than one hundred percent.

                        "Come on, let's grab a bite and sit down and catch up." a glint seem to spark to life in Takeshi's eyes as he gave Shinji a dangerous looking grin. "After all, I was, for the most part, left unattended on school campus. Aren'tcha interested in what I did over the break?"

- - - - - - - - - -

                  - Lots of stuff happened during Takeshi's Winter Break while he stayed on campus.
                  - Stuff like receiving special presents, dodging baseballs, handling fire balls, testing a new training method, going to work, crying like a wuss manly tears, and chatting on a floating monitor
                  - Takeshi is on the rooftop of Raishon watching the events between the Guardians
                  - He dubs over what he thinks that Yukina and Eli are essentially saying, since he's too far to actually hear their words
                  - He heads downstairs to speak with Shinji
                  - And then pulls him over to the cafeteria to talk

    - - - - - - - - - -
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                                    Now it was just her, Xan, and Dio standing outside near the gates. All the other students had already gone inside, and Shinjiro and Akane had left to go in as well. Since there wasn't any reason for her to stay outside longer, Suzy announced, "I'm going inside as well. You guys should probably, too." She turned on her heels and walked back inside the school. Glancing back over her shoulder, she gazed solemnly at the spot where Yukina and Eli had stood previously a few minutes ago. She really hoped that what Yukina just said wasn't true, because she refused to believe that the Head Guardian would say something like that. After all, weren't they, the Guardians, supposed to protect and defend the students from chimera attacks? For the Head Guardian to suddenly make a death threat just didn't make a lot of sense.

                                    And just as she was about to head inside the school, she heard a familiar, cheerful voice call her name. Turning her head, the blonde Canadian noticed Leif coming towards her. Behind her was some girl she had never met before. The girl looked pretty young for her age; she couldn't have been any more than 15 or 16 years old. Suzy's lips curved into a bright smile as she ran up to her old roommate. "Hey Leif!" she greeted cheerfully. Was Leif aware of what just went on earlier? If she was and yet she was still smiling and being cheerful, then perhaps she, Suzy, should put what just happened behind her as well. "What's shaking?"

                                    Turning towards the girl, Suzy held out a hand towards her. "Hello, I'm Suzy! I'm one of the Guardians here at this school. You're new here, right? If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I'll be happy to help you out! You can also ask those two over there---" She pointed to Dio and Xan. "--although Dio's kind of a prude, but don't tell him I said that. There's three more of us, but two of them ran off into the forest--speaking of forest, don't go in there. It's dangerous. There's ROUS aka Rats of Unusual Size roaming about in there--and I'm not sure where Akane went after she went inside." Okay, maybe the ROUS part was exaggerated and she was using a movie reference, but it was good to inform students, especially new ones, about the forest.

                                    Location: outside
                                    With: Leif, Aurora (Dio, Xan??)
                                    Mood: welcoming
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                                Tomoko's body surged in a state of shock almost falling back over the teacher's desk chair. Jojo had made quick work of the white board. How was the little piece of the board still up there? Her hands were in fists in front of her face looking nervously between the board and Jojo for a moment. Not scared of him, just completely shocked at his reaction and maybe slightly worried about the fact she was technically involved in her first school vandalism. Maybe if she tried to fix it, it'd be okay? Tomoko picked up the biggest piece of the board off of the ground and tried to jigsaw it back onto the wall. It didn't work...

                                The piece smashed back against the ground after its failed attempt of sticking back on the wall. A large sigh escaped her lips as her head limped forward. There goes the Ball and showing off the dress that her mom got her!


                                Yukina disappears and Shinji still thinks of Tomoko as a child. The same old protective brother wants to get Tomoko away from thinking about anything having to do with the whole situation. Little did the protective brother know that Tomoko put in paperwork to start a newsletter so she'd have to think more about it. There had been some knock offs at school, people just putting up random info. Nothing ever legitimate, that's where Tomoko came in with her Newsletter club idea. She used her charm on the Headmaster and it was looking good for the club starting up. She'd just have to find some people to get it together. Maybe she could get someone like Takeshi to help her out. He seemed like someone that could really help seeing as how he knew about everything going on around school. As if he were the secret king of an underground society at Raishon. The thought just made her want to giggle, it was silly like an anime.

                                "Tomoko, pay attention!"

                                If this was Shinji's way of trying to keep her mind off of things it was working...Akane was a slave driver. It was like she completely disregarded that she had unlimited stamina and they didn't! Tomoko nodded quickly at Akane's demand and continued on with her training. Waiting for the day that she was back in Raishon and hoping she'd never have to sweat or be this sore ever again.


                                Back from break, if you could even really call it a break, and already was she getting into more trouble than she could put a handle on. Deep down she loved it, what was Laurel doing to Tomoko! Rooming with her didn't help the matter. Regardless, Tomoko was dressed as a delivery boy with a mustache hiding her purple locks under a wig going towards a teachers dormitory getting ready to prank them! It all started with a simple...

                                “Hey, Tomoko, here’s what we’re gonna do today…”

                                So Tomoko told herself that she was going along to make sure Laurel didn't get in to much trouble, but really she wanted to see what would happen. Tomoko, you should know better. Curiosity got the cat Tomoko! ’Must suck to be Karma.’ Lugging the heavy water bed up the stairs was the hardest part about this whole situation. And really, where the hell did Laurel get this water bed anyway? Tomoko looked confused to herself as she walked closer to their destination.

                                “Excuse me, what are you doing outside my room?” The school councilor asked walking out of her room. Wasn't that where they were suppose to be going? Tomoko froze trying not to let the nervous excited rush of adrenaline show in her face. Miss Luserina did look like she was in a hurry. Maybe she wouldn't notice? Tomoko's hands started to shake and this damn mustache started to itch! She wasn't going to fall for it. Miss Luserina looked between the two for a moment. When her eyes veered towards Tomoko, Tomoko looked over at Laurel swallowing silently.

                                “Uhhh …. Uhh … I’m Bear Grylls,” ...That survival guy? “…and this is my assistant, Bobby. Special delivery service.” They were so dead.

                                “I do suppose I am in a hurry…If there are any customer service issues with this delivery, you can be sure that I will be contacting your employer, Mr. Grylls,” Tomoko was completely speechless. ’What in the...’ Well, more speechless than normal.

                                “Holy ********, that was close!” You're damn right that was close! There is no way this is real life! Tomoko would have pinched herself by this point if she weren't holding on to this heavy freaking water bed. “Okay, here’s what we’re going to do…you still have that backpack I gave you?” Tomoko nodded half looking back to see if Miss Luserina was standing behind her leering down at the two. At the same time rolling the bag off of her shoulder flopping it forward where Bear Grylls could get into it if need be. “Alright, I’m gonna go inside and tear his old bed to pieces and shove it out the window. You put the water bed on after I’m done, okay?” Nope, too busy running in to murder that man's bed. What was her problem with beds? Laurel would be forever branded in Tomoko's mind as a serial killer of beds.

                                “The hell are you waiting for? Go, go, go, Tomo—Bobby!” Well that was quick work. And what the hell?! The bed was heavy for good reason! Laurel wasn't even holding on to it the entire time, she was just pretending! Tomoko pursed her lips for a moment as her eyebrows moved downwards in an aggravated way. Of course it was understandable because she was afraid of messing up the water bed with her sharpness, ’But still!’ Resituating the bag back onto her back she huffed bringing the bed back up enough for her to twist it through the doorway in to the dorm. Rushing in almost tripping over her own feet. The bed that was there before...well lets just say it didn't look like there was ever a bed there before. Laurel was a bed serial killer! She was far too proficient at dealing with the take down and the clean up.

                                Tomoko flopped the bed down on the frame and plopped the bag down on the ground. Her muscles were still sore from all of the 'break' she had to endure. Made her sore just thinking about it. Looking over at Laurel she motioned towards the bed as if saying, 'There's your damn bed.' Letting out a long breath Tomoko looked back down the little hall between the rooms inside the dorm still with that feeling that Miss Luserina was going to be behind her. Quickly looking back to Laurel she pulled out a notepad from her shirt pocket and scribbled furiously. Pushing out the pad towards Laurel it read; 'Now what Mr. Grylls'

                                'This. Damn. Mustache. Still ITCHES!'


                                XXXXXXXXX LAST TOUCHED Edgar xxCURRENT POWER Hostility Awareness xx LOCATION With Laurel pranking a teacher? ...what am I doing -___-''

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