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Best vampire series

House of Night 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 1 ]
Twilight Saga 0.22222222222222 22.2% [ 2 ]
Vampire Diaries 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 1 ]
True Blood 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 1 ]
Other? 0.44444444444444 44.4% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 9 ]
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Just wondering what your favorite gaia_diamond vampire series might be? (just for fun)
I love vampires and werewolves and anything else from fantasy. If there are any more series, please share?

I heart
gaia_nitemareleft vampires gaia_nitemareright
This kind of belongs in the supernatural forum or the book forum since this isn't primarily about the Twilight series.
I can't hear you over the sound of you're in the wrong forum.
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I honestly can't choose. I don't compare series'.
You misspelled "ultimate" in the title.
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Hellsing. for the fact that the romance is not a big part of it. I love Alucard and Integra's interactions and Pip and Seras are cute together. Other than that bring on the hunting down of vampires and ghouls alike!
Vampire diaries obviously, the characters are a lot more likeable.
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Umm...I say True Blood. It's interesting and I'm familiar with its setting, so yeah...I like it.

As for your thread, may wanna try the Books forum. biggrin

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