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Which Team are you on?

Jacob! 0.34158953080115 34.2% [ 10702 ]
Edward! 0.21694861155442 21.7% [ 6797 ]
Other!! 0.096425151611874 9.6% [ 3021 ]
I hate them all, Twilight sucks! 0.17255027130546 17.3% [ 5406 ]
idk, I just want gold 0.1724864347271 17.2% [ 5404 ]
Total Votes:[ 31330 ]
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I am on team Jacob all the way Werewolves are the best
brysen prettyboy
Which "Team" are you on? Team Edward
- Who is your favourite Twilight character and why? Edward Cullen, because he is romantic, sweet and protective. Also, he is a vegatarian vampire.
- Who is you least favourite character and why? Jane, because she is a b*****. She hurt Edward and tried to hurt Bella.
- Which character is the hottest/sexiest? Edward Cullen
- Which character is the least sexy? Rosalie Hale
- What's your favourite/least favourite character pairing? Bella and Edward are my favorite and my least favorite would be Emmett and Rosalie.
i ike the way u think how ab we tal sometime
sure. we can talk any time smile

I love Renesmee and Alice, but i half to say Esme is the best.
Least favourit carecter .... um ..... Can you not have one ???? i would half to say James. and as for the hottest, sorry Edward but i like Jasper *sigh*. Least sexy, Laurant. Favroit paring, Carlisle and Esme. least, i dont have a least favroit paring.

(sorry about spelling)
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my favorite is team jacob
I'm Team Edward.
i just love Jacob he is super hot.So im with team Jacob.
team jacob heart heart heart heart heart smile
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team alice,jacob heart ,emmet heart ,seth heart
my least fav people is the Voultri.
my fav people are the cullens &the wolf pack
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Their both really good, but 4 me its Edward hes sooo sexy I canht help it, in Ecliose his eye colr is changed. Ohhhhhhh... boyy does he look good, im a Twi Hard soorry =] lol heart heart heart heart heart
- Which "Team" are you on? To be honest I don't get this whole "Team" Thing but if I had to pick one it would be Edward.

- Who is your favourite Twilight character and why? My favourite character would have to be Bella/Edward, Bella becuase she looks so clueless in most of the films but shes a pretty sweet character and Edward because the simple fact of him picking a fight with a wolf and becuase he is rather sexy XD

- Who is you least favourite character and why? Uhm I would say Jacod because hes sort of getting all of the attention now form all of the girls because of a stupid haircut to be honest I prefered him with the long hair he looked better.

- Which character is the hottest/sexiest? Edward/ Robert Pattinson.

- Which character is the least sexy?Jasper, at the start of the twilight Saga I will admit he looks "OK" But now he went and made a mess of himself with the bushy hair he looks like Albert Einstein <_>

- What's your favourite/least favourite character pairing? My favourite would be Rosalie and Emment becuase of the simple fact one minute they're fighting and the next there saying "Thats my monkey man" XD

- anything else you want to say about your favourite or least favourite characters. Nope thats really just all (:
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team jacob all the way!!!!!! biggrin
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team edward and edward is hot and my fave is edward sooo everything edward except un hot is jacob
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Thank you so much for making a sticky about this! Hopefully, this will cut down the amount of "OMG TEEM EDWURD OR TEEM JAYKUB???" threads.

I am on Team Cliff, by the way.
-I am on Team Jacob cool
-Alice is my favorite character in Twilight, bc shes kind and sweet razz
-my least favorite character is edward bc hes ugly dramallama
-the hottest/sexiest character is Emmet heart
-Edward is the least sexiest evil
- my favorite character pairing is Alice and jasper rolleyes
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