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What don't I like about the series is this:

1) Constant repetition of perfection of the vampires and how humans, to be blunt, are stupid.
2) Overly purple prose: the lengthy descriptions of everything that turns out to be nothing; the long list, or "laundry list", of what is going or, for an example, what's Bella making for dinner; and so forth.
3) Why Edward and Bella's love is better than everyone else on the planet Earth.
4) Bella can't make up her mind about...anything! (Whining, mostly)

I could go on but these are the main things I don't like about the series.

What would I change?

1) Take out the sparkling. I just don't see any use for it. Maybe to attract prey, but that's about it.
2) Insert some meaningful relationships that make sense and have a purpose.
3) Give Bella a spinal cord, brain, and some common sense all wrapped in a neat little package. (A Vampire/Werewolf Hunter, perhaps? That would be cool.)
4) Give more of a back story with each of the characters; give them some purpose in the story--why do they exist, how do they help the Cullens/Bella/Jacob--and such.
5) Improve the villainous part of the Volturi. MAKE THEM ACTUAL VILLAINS! Make them controlling, forceful, and whatever else makes a Villain!
6) Give the characters a personality. Some are just repetitious and/or really boring. Some don't do anything, and some do very little. I mean, very little.

And the list goes on...
i love this movie.
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I also like this movie.....
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i dont think twilght needs that much improving but in the movie longer fight scenes would have been more likable
twinks and bears
Not for what it is, but it's potential. Too bad it was wasted on a woman who can't write. So, I come to you TSF so that you may tell me what you find unwholesome about Twilight. So.

What do you not like about Twilight?
What would make it better?


how its all mushy mushy lovey dovey all the time. if emit tried to go 4 bella. whee
What is it about this book? It's horrendous and yet fascinating. I will never not love ranting about this book.

Anyway, I think the main problem with this book is the "romance." Too much focus on a stagnant (and creepy) relationship, not enough on some potentially amazing ideas. The Volturi, Carlisle, the wolf pack; just to name a few.

Bella should be scrapped and replaced with someone less self-centered and shallow. Being in her head is absolutely depressing.
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twinks and bears
Not for what it is, but it's potential. Too bad it was wasted on a woman who can't write. So, I come to you TSF so that you may tell me what you find unwholesome about Twilight. So.

What do you not like about Twilight?
What would make it better?


Hm, there are some bits of twilight that I don't mind. Like SM's writing style, which although can be a bit pompous at times, it alright and describes things quite nicely. Also, the book at least has an orientation, complication and resolution that's not too bad. Though, this is what I don't like (what what really put me off) :
1. Bella - It's hard to emphasize with her or understand her because she doesn't appear to have a personality. A personality is the combination of a character's weaknesses and strengths, that determine how that character reacts to certain events in the story. Bella doesn't have any strengths from what we're told (is she cool headed, calm, nice, generous, kind, etc), and she has absolutely no weaknesses (I'll give you a virtual cupcake if you can find one, and before you ask: no, being clumsy does not count in her case seeing as SM tells us that she is clumsy rather then showing us). Since Bella has no personality, she reacts to certain events in the book in a different manner each time, and it's really weird and off-putting to be reading it.
2. Edward - I can see what SM did there, and it's not very smart. She tried to portray him as some kind of 'perfect' being, he's always right - no matter what the situation is, he's handsome, he's inhumanly beautiful, he sparkles in the sunlight (where did that come from?), he's super strong, he's super speedy, he's got all the money he needs, he can live forever, he knows better then Bella, whatever he chooses to do is always the right decision.

Though, instead of actually creating that perfect man, she created an arrogant beast, who can do basically whatever he wants (and some things he did in the book would certainly not be tolerated in reality) and the consequences never come. Because he's always right. He's bossy, demanding, controlling, rude, pessimistic, creepy, disrespectful, and all these negatives are never met with consequences, why? Because he's perfect. And the reader, it's very sickening to watch Bella fall in love with someone like that.
3. Canon characters - All canon characters instantly bow down to the Perfect Edward and the Great Bella, and they all centre themselves around these two characters, despite the fact that neither appreciates that devotion. People are constantly admiring Edward and his family for no reason (or at least I can't see one), they never question his family, and they basically treat them like royalty. Boys fall in love with Bella for no reason, girls are either a) jealous of her "beauty" or b) jealous of the attention boys are giving her or c) befriending her for no reason. So pretty much what I'm saying here is that the canon characters have no life, and only exist to worship the two.
4. Logic - I think this one explains itself. Logic does not work the way it would in our world in the Twilight universe. The logic is all twisted, I don't see how the Cullen family would've kept their "secret" for so long the way they are living, logic tells me that sooner or later someone would've worked it out seeing as they're not trying to blend in, they're not eating, they're not attempting to even make themselves seem more human, etc.

There's more reasons but I honestly cannot be bothered to state each and every one.
It could have been better, yes. But I was totally smitten by the first book, bad writing and all. So, I can't hate on it too much.
I enjoyed certain concepts of the book, I can't lie.

But so many things about it were disappointing. Like, the fact in the end, Bella ends up with everything going perfectly. I personally felt she didn't learn anything throughout the series, nor gained any useful skills, or lessons. Just got it all. I hate how empty the characters are. I just can't relate to them, or get an actual sense of what's going on with them. Because it's ALL about love. I understand the books were genre'd romance, but, Meyer threw in other situations, regarding the wolves, etc; and it still revolved only around the love.

What could make it better? Add something I can relate to with the main character that didn't revolve around her boyfriends.
Fix the Renesmee and Jacob situation..
That's just my opinion.

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