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Does anyone else know any other website that has the full episode of Yu-Gi-Oh GX season 4 Yugi vs Jaden. I want the full English version of the eposide not dibs or raps. Please tell me?
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Yugioh Duel Monsters is my favorite, but I honestly don't hate any of the series.
Yugioh Gx is My Favorite Because it had Everything (Duels,Friendship,Romance,etc.)

Yugioh Duel Monsters comes in second because it was AWESOME

Yugioh Zexal comes in 3rd But I still Like watching it (watching mainly to see if Yuma and Tori get together

Yugioh 5ds .............................................(I saw all the episodes , but I wish I hadn't)
LOL Yugioh Bonds Beyond Time Abridged


I love all of them and Season 0 was really awesome. BUT I'd have to say 5D's is my favorite. Not enough people give it credit. The d-wheels/ motorcycles add a new kind of excitement to the show.
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I like all of them, except Zexal... I think that from 5D's it was a big jump back. Okay, that motorcycles are silly sometimes... XD But that's it.
Maybe my fave is GX, I think it's because of characters. ^^
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Guess, right now, guess. xD
But seriously, I prefer the classic Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I'm willing to give the others a chance. I haven't seen much of the spin-offs, but I'm starting to check them out more.
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Yu-go-oh! Duel Monsters!
Classics are always the best!

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