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its tied for me with Season 0 and DM
Love the show, excluding GX. It just never grew on me, really.

Favorites are Abridged, Season 0, and Zexal, though.
And Duelist Kingdom - Battle City.

But I really do love the Abridged series above all. Especially the song and movie parodies.
Bonds Beyond Time Abridged might just be my favorite movie ever. And it's not even the actual movie. biggrin
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I'm still stuck on the Season 0 to Duel Monsters. Wish I re-watched them again, only in Japanese dub w/ English sub.

I haven't yet to watch the other seires still DX
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Never watched GX or 5Ds, but I loved the original and Zexal is not bad, actually. Plus, hearing Sean Schemmel anywhere is a plus for me xD

As you can tell by my sig, I'm a Nordic player. Would love to see the duels of Team Ragnarok in 5Ds, tbh.
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Season 0: I watched it like three years ago but from what I remember it was pretty awesome. Season 0 Yami!! xD

Duel Monsters: Love it. Love all the characters and most of the arcs :3

GX: Currently my favorite. The first season was a little.. eh, second was good, but season 3 and 4 were amazing. Plus, come on. Judai is just adorable.
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5D's: I'm only on episode 35 but I really like it so far. CARD GAMES ON MOTOR- /shot

Zexal: Not many people like it but it's actually really good xD The hair is even crazier. All the characters are pretty awesome. I like the story. Plus, it's uber colorful lol.

Also, YGO: abridged and GX: abridged are amazing. Of course.
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Duel Monsters all the way whee
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In order: Abridged Series, Season Zero, and Duel Monsters
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Season 0 for me
Gotta go with the original Duel Monsters. Its a classic and has great characters. Though I never turn down a showing of the Abridged wink
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Season 0: I love it for Cute Yugi and Yami Yugi 3nodding Also the other characters are more developed than in DM

DM: Was my favorite for half a decade, but it lacked of character development and I only cared about Yami Yugi there so ... (and why not, he was the main plot, and it took exactly 224 episodes for him to find his answer neutral )

GX: Im starting to watch it, I think its ok for now.

5D's: My favorite one I totally love it, screw that people think about card games on motorcycles as dumb, Synchro Summons and Riding duels are awesome, the characters aswell except Aki don't judge me, I just don't like her, and the story 3nodding

Zexal: I watch it once in a while when episodes look "interesting" although these newer episodes are better than what we got at first. I don't like the characters so much, and the colorful enviorment is making me go away from the show more than the characters already do xD
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Yugioh Duel Monsters all the way nothing else hold up in comparison everything else has stupid gimics to keep viewers interested, and there aren't as many cool things going on in season zero
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Duel Monsters!


I love the pharaoh!

heart heart heart

I wound up really liking 5Ds as well. I didn't think I would but I love Yusei.
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Duel Monsters!


I love the pharaoh!

heart heart heart

I wound up really liking 5Ds as well. I didn't think I would but I love Yusei.

I'm the same way..... you can't help but love Yusei he's the hot one that has a voice the make girls swoon
session 0 and DM i loved the most and i hates gx and zexel LAME!sorry but nothing beats the origanel and theres only 1 king of games and that's yugi / yami no one can be the king but them.so HA!
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Oh, let's see...

5D's is my absolute favorite. I love the characters and the setting and the ~card games on motorbikes~ and the Synchros and...everything. Seasons 1 & 2 will always be my favorites (the Dark Signers were just so awesome) but I pretty much love all of it.

Zexal comes in second. I actually only caught up on it recently (I didn't really like it when it first came out, mostly because it was so different from 5D's) and I didn't expect to love it so much but...omg. It's amazing. I still don't like the sillier episodes quite as much, but when there's plot oh my god is there plot.

GX is third, mostly because I haven't watched all of it whoops. I've pretty much only seen season 3 & 4, which were awesome...but overall there's fewer characters I really like and the setting isn't my favorite.

DM sadly comes in last because of pacing issues. And also there's only a handful of characters I really loved. I still love it! It's pretty much impossible for me to hate any YGO series. But I don't love it as much.

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