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My is orhime
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Momo, Matsumoto, Ulquiorra, Hitsugaya, and Yachiru.
It is impossible to decide between them. >.<
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For me there are more favourite guys, I think it is really hard to choose, but I think I like Kuchiki Byakuga the most. He is serious, but he can also be very funny.
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Distinct Gaian

All I must say is, take a look at the mere sexy shopkeeper that is my avatar. lol
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xd I like aizen,ichigo,ulquiorra,grimmjow,Szayel Aporro Grantz,Nnoitra,and nel.<3
Ulquiorra and Histugaya
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Chad, Uryuu, and Hanatarou

Me too, I love hana, in fact im cosplaying as him to a con..
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i guess is would have to be Ichigo for me
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Ulquiorra or Toshiro 4laugh
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I - Kiwix - I's Husband

Devoted Loiterer

I liked alot.
i'll name them:

Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Gin, Ichigo, All characters in Vizards, Karin , Shuuhei , Lilynette , Hollow ichigo, Katen Ky┼Źkotsu (Zanpaktou), Sode no Shirayuki (Zanpaktou), Tobiume, (Zanpaktou) Hyorinmaru (Zanpaktou), Narunosuke. (Zanpaktou)...alot more i think

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