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The new voices are scary! 0.42 42.0% [ 21 ]
the mangas better anyways 0.32 32.0% [ 16 ]
stupid dubbed anime 0.26 26.0% [ 13 ]
Total Votes:[ 50 ]
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So, I just turned on the Tv and One Piece was on, and all the voices are different, and its scary! Not that I really care that much anyways, but what happened? Did it get bought from a different company or something?

Either way its really scary.

And I am referring to the dubbed version on cartoon network.
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This is simply due to the fact that 4kids is no longer liscencing One Piece, that job now belongs to Funimation! ( Thank goodness! )
Its weird that they did that so far into the series though.
The weird english opening song freaked me out to!
The new voices are cool. Except luffy's I still dont like it. I guess ive been watching it in jappanese to much. sweatdrop
It got good is what happened.
I hate the new voices, they're too different from the old ones. I can't get used to it cry
I thank God Funimation took it. I've been wanting a good english dub for the past 3 years but hated 4kids so much I refused to watch and support their dub in any way. Because I never watched the 4kids version I didn't have to get used to the new voices at all. And it's so nice to get to actually hear the original soundtrack. It's so much more relaxing on the ears.
What happened to One Piece? It rose like a Phoenix from the ashes of a bad dub and now has a great one.

The New voices actually sound normal like they should. No more Ganster Barney Sanji, no more honky tonk Robin, No more Luffy the woodpecker, no more Ussop the super annoying.

Trust me if you ever saw the original there would be no way in hell you would ever prefer the 4kids dub over the FUNi dub. Everything about the FUNi dub is so much better that it's like comparing the world's juiciest appleto a rotten orange.

4kids One Piece was a hacked up dub with changed story lines, changed characters, changed music, crappy edits, merged episodes and characters who started off black and became white. FUNi's One Piece has a loyal translation, voices loyal to the original, the original music, no crappy rap song, no merged episodes, no pointless edits and no race changes.

FUNi One Piece blows 4kids one Piece away. Your not a One Piece fan if you liked 4kids one Piece as that was no longer One Piece. That was an empty shell of it's former glory.
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I guess you havn't been hearing the news at all... it's been the biggest news the past few months... then last week was the new dub... I love the new voices! I cna't wait for the next episode!
The show has gone down hill. This is one anime that shouldn't be watched unless it's the original.
the new voices suck
Please, the new FUNimation voices are SO much better then the old 4Kids ones! What the hell is wrong with some of you people?! stressed

At least they have voice actors that can ACT, now! Luffy's new voice shows emotion! His old one didn't, it was monotone yelling. And the voices fit the characters much better.

4Kids also edited things on a rediculous level. They left out two entire story arcs, and they pretty much destroyed the character development.

I'm supporting the FUNimation dub; for the sake of having DECENT dubs for anime!!!!
i find it exremely annoying scream
i find it exremely annoying scream

And you never found s**t like this annoying?


You should be happy you are getting a decent look at the show.

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