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The NEW and Improved Official Naruto thread. Better known as the ONT. <3


Okay okay, me, as well as a few other regulars of the Official Naruto thread feel we now need change after 2+ years in an old, somewhat dead thread now-a-days. We wanted to create this new and improved thread so that we can get more new faces to join in with our intense Naruto discussions and debates. And we'd like to spice up the thread, so that it seems more interesting for here on out. The old ONT's owner is a good person, but is rarely online. And nothing gets monitored and or changed around there. Same old boring stuff over and over. So we'll be sure to make everything accommodating to most, and be as fun as possible. Hope you enjoy the new ONT, and we hope to see a lot of new faces around more often. :3



First post: Introduction to the thread.
Second post: Introduction to Naruto
Third post: Regulars and Mods/ANBU & Rules.
Fourth post: Black list
Fifth post: Banners
Sixth post: Freebe Icon's made by members to be displayed.
Seventh post: Contests, try and earn some items and gold once in a while!
Eighth post: Current event's going on in the latest Manga chapters and Anime episodes. Spoiler alert!
Ninth post: Affiliates
Tenth post: Information on Akatsuki!

Side note: You can go ahead and post now! We're still setting up, but it wont harm us if you post! Go ahead and introduce yourself, let's talk about NARUTO! <3

wahmbulance SPOILER ALERT wahmbulance
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Naruto, the plot!

What is Naruto?

"Naruto is a Shonen (teen male oriented) animated series and manga (Japanese comic) created by Masashi Kishimoto. Both the anime and the manga are ongoing in Japan at the moment. The series has been licensed abroad in various countries. You can find Naruto manga on American shelves and the animated series airing in the Philippines.

The show takes place in a world populated by ninja villages. The ninja in the series serve as the armies for the countries that inhabit the world. Most of the countries have their own Hidden Village, which serves to train and manage the ninja of the country. Also the ninja in the series are able to utilize jutsu techniques, which are the secrecy, body and illusion arts of the ninja. These allow the ninja to perform many amazing skills such as the manipulation of the surrounding elements.

The main character of the series is Uzumaki Naruto, a young boy who dreams of becoming the leader of his Hidden Village. It will be difficult though for Naruto, because when he was a baby an evil demon was placed inside him to stop its rampage. As Naruto grew the townspeople saw Naruto himself as the demon, even though he was merely its container. When the series begins the reader and viewer will begin their journey with Naruto on his path to become respected by the village
." -Leafninja.com

Who creates and or created Naruto?

"The Naruto manga is drawn by Masashi Kishimoto. Kishimoto was born in the Okayama Prefecture, Japan in 1974. He gained early acclaim with his work Karakuri. Later in 1997 he would develop an early incarnation of Naruto for Akamaru Jump. The manga would formally begin in 1999 in Weekly Shonen Jump, gaining a large fan following. Kishimoto is not alone in drawing the series, he has assistants who share various drawing duties. These individuals are:

Kazuhiro Takuhashi - Focuses on solid blacks in hair and clothing, fills in the half-tone areas and completes the background art.

Osamu Kazisa - Works similar to Takuhashi, also good at creating speedlines, special effects and plant-life.

Mikio Ikemoto - Works on crowds and background figures, also adds white to speed lines, characters eyes and highlights. Also cleans up the page by whiting out any art which goes out of the panel. Also adds in half-tones.

Takemi Kawahara - Has a hand in most everything in the drawing process
."- Leafninja.com
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The COOL kids of the thread. Regulars, and the Mod's (a.k.a. ANBU)



None yet, but i'm hoping it'll fill up fast. ;D


Mod's/ANBU- The one's who'll watch over the thread!

1. Me, myself, and I.
2. `J i r a i y a, or Gap.
3. E m o c o r n e r, or Dys.
4. Key

More may be added; if you reach the top.

The Rules

- Keep to the Gaia TOS
- No Spaming
- No Bashing
- Try to be nice to everyone.
- Absolutely no "OMG so and so is like my favorite character"
- No chat speak
- Be intelligent
- Have Fun!

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Black List.

No one yet, lets keep it that way.
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The Freebie Icon + art Section!

We'll display some of the regulars icons + graphics + art work here. Take as you please, unless specified to ask before used. Crediting the users for their work would be amazing, but not essential unless said other wise.

So check them out!

Gap/`J i r a i y a:

User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image User Image
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None right now, but they are coming...be ware!
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Current Events!
((In the Anime and Manga))



Will add later


Will add later
And we're open ;D
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What a sexy new thread we have here. x3
LOL... we did good... I will say that even if you did most of the work... anways... can't see what tomorrow brings with this.
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Now, this feels like home. Its so pretty ;D like we always are xD!
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The old ONT is full of fond memories. Bad and good. But this new thread, will foster even better and more memories. <3

Let's get the show on the road! x3.

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