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Okay, fans of Inuyasha, how do you define Rin and Sesshomaru's relationship? It seems obvious that Sesshomaru loves her, but what kind of love do they have? Do you think that their love is more parent-child or budding romance? Both? Neither?
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i think its more parent-child but all these fanfics about them have me thinking otherwise
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I feel like it's more of a parent/child love than a romance. :3
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I always was under the impression that he kept Rin around so they would become lovers when she was older. Or so that's what I've been told by a few people.
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Sesshomaru is more like a guardian or a big brother for little Rin.
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Platonic Father-Child/Companion sort of thing. Honestly, I saw it as him keeping her around as a bubbly pet at first out of some misplaced obligation to keep an eye on her. Then developing into a platonic companionship.

I don't always feel comfortable with shippers of SessRin but I bid them no ill will either. Interpretation can go a long way in instances like this.
I always thought it was more parent/child, but he also seems like an older brother to her, someone she looks up to.
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I dont even think romance came across Rin's mind.
As for Sesshomaru I think originally he had her around because the Tensegia told him to save her. But he grew attached to her, and wanted to protect her like... a father or a brother. It's a family love, but not a romance love. But I dont think he sees her "like a daughter".
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I'm fine for any relationship of theirs really. Father/daughter, sister/brother, or in a romantic relationship. I can't really see Seshomaru falling in love with anybody, and that Rin will be one of the few people he has any real feelings for, and after a while I think (if the show went that far) that their relationship would develop more
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Skye River
Sesshomaru is more like a guardian or a big brother for little Rin.
Guardian/child relationship, but it could possibly develop into romance when Rin grows up. I think she'd definitely crush on him at least once, and he may or may not reject her. Who knows? C:
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I hope its love! They are so cute together and they both care for each other so much. I believe that Rin will grow up and become Sesshomaru's girlfriend, just like Inuyasha and Kagome.

Sesshomaru even buys Rin cute kimonos/presents! How is that not enough love hints! Of course this is just how i feel, no one needs to agree. =D
From what I read online that Sesshomaru is more of a father figure towards Rin. He protects her like she protects him when he was wounded. I don't think Sesshomaru doesn't want to be in any sort of relationship with anyone especially with a human, and he doesn't want to be weak when his loved ones are in danger
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User Imageยป I see it as a parent-child relationship. I hate seeing people categorise it otherwise, it's just wrong.
I cant see them as anything other the Father/Daughter or Brother/Sister. Especially because how much he claimed how much he hated half demons. After that I cant imagine he would want some of his own.

Anyway to me he actually expressed interest in Kagura. Not Rin. Surely if you loved someone, you wouldnt put their fate in hands of incapable humans.

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