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Kikyo and Inuyasha cuz they look cute together 3nodding
kagome and inuyasha rofl 4laugh xd
Loveless Rainfox
Mihane Echo
Inuyasha and Kagome get married at the end. Besides which, Kikyou's dead. Been dead since day one. Sweet girl, but dead.

I like what Phineas said. ;3

they got married?!
is there an episode that shows this?
[if yes, would you be able to send me a link?]
Yes, they get married.
No, there is not an episode. It was at the end of the manga.

And they don't even show it. After Kagome graduates high school she returns to the Feudal Era to live with Inuyasha; in the present time, Kagome's friends wonder where she went and Souta mentions that she married her boyfriend and went to live with him.

We don't see ANYONE get married. We just see them together; in Miroku and Sango's case we see their children too. That's it.
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well isnt kagome the reborn kikyo ? but anyway i think it will b kagome cuz kikyos like a ghost
KAGOME AND INUYASHA! DUHH! kikyo needs to die or fall over another cliff stare
heart heart Inuyasha and Kikyo heart heart 3nodding
inuyasha and kagome
NO it is totally Kagome with Inuyasha they are so perfect with each other.

And besides Kikyo is the same as Kagome they have the same soul and share the same love fro him so it doesn't matter they are still together.
Princess_Kagome 66369
inuyasha and kagome ^^ KIKYO IS A b***h scream

I agree! I hate Kikyo! Inukag4ever! 3nodding heart heart
hey i say inu and kagome
obviously inuyasha and kagome
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It should be Inuyasha and Kikyou! ^-^ I hate Kahome.

kagome and inuyasha... smile
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It depends. Cuz I think yhat Kykyo and Inuyasha made a perfect couple in the past. But now, Kogome is better than kykyo because of her comprenhension...
Kykyo is a girl who has been hurt and she doesn't want to realize that It was all a Naraku's trap...
After all... Now Kagome and Inu.
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I don't watch Inuyasha anymore, but when I did, I was pretty sure I was for Kagome x Inuyasha, because Kikyo is dead.

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